[So, I thought of buying a toothbrush, but since I’m going to be living with you, I’m going to get a pair of them. And so…Ah, these are cute! Just look at it! If you put the two of them together, it makes a heart shape! Let’s get these! We have to get these!]

[Eh, Sensei!? You’re seriously going to buy those!?]

Ignoring my surprised reaction, Sensei picked up the blue and pink toothbrushes.

[Of course I’m getting them?! It’ll really make us feel like we’re living together. And also, please don’t call me “Sensei” so loudly. Someone might hear it…Hey, look at that! This cup is also cute! The handle feels like it’s gripping your hand!]

The name of this woman, whose eyes sparkle when she sees cute things, is Sakurakouji Reina-san.

This beautiful woman has fluffy long hair and an especially voluptuous chest. However, like I suggested earlier by calling her “Sensei”, she is my homeroom teacher.

Furthermore, normally she has smooth and silky straight hair with thin glasses, while wearing a tight suit, but right now her leisurely mode is a 180 degree shift from her usual impression. 

You’re probably wondering why a Sensei and a mere student like me, are buying pairs of toothbrushes and a cup.

[C’mon, are you even listening? Keep that up and you won’t be able to maintain being my boyfriend, you know?]

Sensei puffed her cheeks in a cute manner.

That’s right, the two of us become lovers after certain circumstances, and now we must live together.

And so, today we came here to buy essential commodities.

[S—Sorry about that, I was just spacing out a bit…]

[C’mon, that shows me that not putting your heart into this. By the way, you looked really sleepy during my lecture earlier, you know? And also, since we’re going to be living together, I’m going to help you guide your lifestyle as well, okay?]

[Ehh!? Seriously!?]

[Yes, I’m totally serious. Just who do you think I am?]

[…My room teacher, Reina Sakurakouji Sensei.]

[I’m glad you understand. Now then, prepare yourself.]


I dejectedly dropped my shoulders, and Sensei smiled with a giggle. Seeing that side of Sensei made me unconsciously loosen my expression.

Just a few days ago I thought she was an extremely scary teacher, and so, getting along with her like this honestly makes me happy.

Seeing her smile like this is something I’ve never seen her do at school.

Sensei suddenly took an extensive view around the store, and said,

[Now then, I think we’ve got most of the miscellaneous items. Is there anything else here that you nee…Hm?]

The thing that caught Sensei’s eye was a jewelry shop across the street.

I tilted my head to the side, wondering what the fuss was about. Sensei said something that was like a murmur:



And then:

[C—Couple’s ring, we need a couple’s ring!]

[…Huh!? Wait, ehh!?]

C—Couple’s ring!?

C—Could she mean that!?

The thing that couples wear with each others’ initials carved on them!?

I didn’t think such a place would be related to my life at all. I’ve never thought about going to a place like that.

But Sensei was serious about this. She was blushing and embarrassed, but she had an expression as if she was anticipating for this to happen. She said,

[I—It’s because we’re lovers, you know!? Don’t you think it’s weird that we don’t have a ring or anything!?]

[W— Wait, hold on!?  A couple’s ring is a bit much, you know!? Sensei, are you really okay with this!? Getting a couple’s ring with someone like me!?]

[I—I don’t mind! I want to try buying it at least once!]


I wonder if this is really okay…

Well, she’s really enthusiastic about it, so I guess it’s fine…

[Now then, let’s go! And of course, we’ll be doing the carvings! Ah, can I decide on the carvings? It has to be cute!]

[Wait, we’re seriously doing this!?]

[Yeah! I’m totally serious!]

Sensei grabbed my arm, while I was in shock. This would be the first couple’s ring in my life, and furthermore, my partner would be Sensei, an extremely beautiful woman. Any boy would be looking forward to this.

Even though my mouth kept asking, “Seriously!?”, I couldn’t hide the excitement from deep down in my heart.