The next day.

After I was served a delicious breakfast, we began to clean the things that we didn’t clean yesterday.

We decided on how we should deal with the large amounts of trash bags in the living room, and then split up the work between the two of us.

At first, I wondered why spray cans and such went in with the other cans, but after Sensei explained it to me, and I understood, and started sorting the trash.

When I thought about it again, I realized that Sensei is really good at explaining things.

I always felt a dangerous atmosphere around her from her lectures, but when she explained the process to me, I felt a cute atmosphere form her, and my nervousness went away.

[All right, this is the last one.]

And so, we finished sorting the trash bags, and then we sealed them tight so the smell wouldn’t linger.

To make sure the garbage bags wouldn’t get in the way of the rest of the cleaning, we moved them to the garden’s warehouse.

[That went pretty well! You’re pretty good at cleaning, aren’t you?]

[Eh, I am?]

That was my first time hearing Sensei say something like that.

“Maybe I should work for a house cleaning business in the future…”, I thought to myself. Sensei then nodded to me and said,

[Yes, you are. That’s why you should get into the mindset of preserving a clean room. At the very least, use a vacuum machine once every 3 days. Got it?]

[Y— Yes!]

I nodded my head, and Sensei nodded back with satisfaction.

And then, something came to Sensei’s mind.

[That’s right. Why don’t we put it into practice?]


As she said that, she went upstairs, vacuum cleaner in hand, and stopped at the room to my door.

Is…Is she going to…!?

[And so, your room needs cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned it?]

[Eh, that’s…]

[I’m asking when was the last time you cleaned it. Hurry up and answer me.]

[Um, probably over a year ago…]

As I nervously answered, Sensei answered with an [I see.].


[Wait!? Sensei!?]

Before I knew it, Sensei opened the door to my room and barged in.

Calm down, Shirase Koutarou!!

There shouldn’t be anything in this room that would be bad for her to see. The poems I wrote when I was young, and anything else related to my dark history should be gone.

I— It’ll be alright…It’ll be alright…

[It’s quite dusty in here. How about we open the window?]

[Ah, sure…]

As Sensei said that, I opened the window.

The morning breeze spread throughout the room. Sensei gave me a mop and said:

[Alright, Shirase-kun, you start dusting, and I will air the futon.]

[G— Got it.]

[Also, I want you to look at how I’m using the vacuum cleaner. Then, you can use it yourself, right?]

[Y— Yeah, you’re right.]

Sensei proceeded with vigor, while all I could do was nod my head.

I’m a boy who is old enough to get married, so I didn’t wanna get teased for not knowing how to clean a room. She was teaching me with good intentions.

I think it’s best to follow her lead.

“Then you can use it yourself”, said Sensei earlier. I think she probably understood my feelings as well.

[Now, let’s start cleaning.]


I nodded, and Sensei started to carry the bed.

And I did as Sensei said earlier, and thoroughly dusted the area.


Of course, there was a lot of dust piled since I hadn’t cleaned my room in over a year. It made my eyes water.

Even though it’s been extremely dirty, I’ve been able to sleep in this room just fine.

But Sensei is right, I should frequently clean my room.

— Several minutes later.

[How’s this? We got rid of a lot of the dust, didn’t we?]

Said Sensei, after my futon was completely aired.

[Yeah, we may not have gotten the small bits, but we got most of the big parts cleaned up.]

[Yes. Now, we’ll use the vacuum cleaner. After that, we’ll wipe the floor with water. If we don’t have much time left, we can use a single-use wet sheet to clean the floor, but it’s preferable to avoid using a single-use one, because the way it cleans is different.]

[Understood, then I’ll fill up a bucket of water.]

As I said that, I went to the washroom to gather a bucket of water.

[Yes, please do.]

As I left the room, I heard the reverberating sound of the vacuum cleaner.

It’s not polite to make people wait, so I hurried up.

[Ah, I should probably get some detergent too. I think the one she used yesterday was…]

When I arrived at the washroom, I filled a bucket with water, and got the detergent from under the washstand.

I also brought along a dust cloth and a water wiping set, and returned to my room, but…


I saw Sensei sitting on the floor, with her back towards me.

When did she stop vacuuming?

Maybe she was still tired from yesterday…?  As I started to worry about Sensei, I called out to her.

[Um, Sensei…? Wait, what!?]

And then, I saw it.

Sensei, who was speechless, was tightly gripping on to magazines.

It was a magazine filled with a bunch of sexy women. Needless to say, it was a porn mag.

Oh yeah, I did buy these…

Wait, what am I supposed to do about this!?

The main problem was why Sensei was holding onto those porn mags.

I even tried to disguise the porn mag with a yearbook cover…

[Uh, um!! That’s something that my friend told me to hold on to!!]

And so I tried to defend myself…

No, I’m dead. I’m gonna die today…

And then:


[Y— Yes!?]

Sensei suddenly called my name, and I unconsciously yelped.

I was trembling in fear, awaiting the scolding that Sensei was going to give me. However, the words that came out of Sensei’s mouth were quite unexpected.

[You don’t have to lie. This kind of stuff is normal for your age, isn’t it? What are you so embarrassed about?]


I thought she would be more scornful towards me, but I guess she is a teacher, after all.

Sensei seemed like she understood, and so my chest felt looser.

[But, what is this?]


As Sensei said that, I looked at what she was holding in her hand.

[Big breasted teacher Reiko’s debaucherous teachings]


She was holding a magazine with a ridiculous name. I couldn’t bear it anymore, and yet out a shriek that sounded like a cry of agony.

The title, and the genre were the worst-case scenario. The girl pictured in the magazine was older than me, but it resembled a student + teacher scenario.

[I want you to explain these ones in detail as well].

— Shock.

[Big-breasted sensei’s special lewd lecture]

[Big-breasted teacher after school]

[I love Sensei’s breasts!]


Please stop! I wailed to myself, but Sensei’s attack wouldn’t end.

[So, why are all of these related to big-breasted teachers? (Glare)]

[Don’t get the wrong idea! These women just happen to all be teachers, it’s not like I was thinking about you, Sensei!]

[Eh, really? Then, “Big breasted teacher Reiko’s debaucherous teachings” has nothing to do with me? It’s awfully close to my name, Reina, isn’t it?]

[Well, yes, but! When I bought it, I did think it resembled Sensei just a little…but that’s not the point, alright!?]

I was flustered, and inadvertently revealed my true emotions.


But it was too late. Sensei looked as if she was fed up, and started to pout.

And then:

[So you were thinking of me!! I can’t believe you!! You sick boy!!]

Sensei was flailing her hands around the place, and I tried to calm her down, but she wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. Her emotions were all over the place.

[It obviously attracted your attention, so can you take this more seriously!? Don’t make any misunderstandings!!]

[But it can’t be helped, alright!? I can’t change what I’m attracted to!!]

[Hah…hah…enough…Anyways, you need some punishment.]

[P— punishment…?]

What is she gonna do with me…? As I worried about that , Sensei said:

[Of course! Because…it’ll make me have more sex appeal to you. It’s gonna get to your head, you know? All you’re gonna be doing is look at my chest.]

[N— No, that’s not…well, maybe just a little…]


And then, suddenly embarrassingly hid her chest.

[Sensei, aren’t you worrying about this too much!?]

[Sh— Shut up! Good grief, boys in puberty are just the worst…]

I dropped my shoulders, seeing Sensei, who was bright red.

Sensei cleared her throat, and said:

[Anyways, I’ll make it so that you don’t see me as a target anymore. Strictly speaking, I’m going to get you a girlfriend the same age as you.]

[A girlfriend the same age as me!?]

[Yes, that’s right. Please wait one moment.]

As she said that, Sensei went downstairs, took a cardboard box from the hall, and then headed towards the bathroom.


— Rustle rustle.

[Here it is. Will it fit, I wonder?]

— No, maybe I’m too big for it…? No, it’ll fit.]

[It’s kinda tight around the chest. Can’t be helped. I’ll just undo the top button…]

— Rustle rustle

[Ara, it’s surprisingly…Now I’ll look like I’m in my teens…]


I can hear her…

Sensei was rustling within the washroom, and she eventually finished preparing.

She opened the door, saying, […Sorry for the wait].


I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Which was a natural reaction—

— A uniform.

Yes, Sensei, who was looking embarrassed, was wearing a JK outfit.

I don’t know where she got that uniform from, but the blazer was legitimate.

Her chest was popping out, and I could see her cleavage.

“Eh, what the hell are you thinking!?” , I thought to myself. Sensei was pressing down on the hem of her skirt, and said:

[How do I look?]

[Eh…ah…it fits you! It’s really cute!]

Those were my true feelings.

Honestly, she looked very attractive.

[Really? Thanks…]

Dammit! She’s cute!

What the hell is happening!?

As I was trying to suppress the overflowing excitement within me, Sensei started to fidget, and said:

[So, how’s this? I thought I would try to pretend to be a girlfriend your age…]


What the hell is happening…

I was trying not to mind my cute Sensei, but it ended up bothering me after all…


But then I realized something.

The reason why Sensei turned into a cute JK is because she wasn’t satisfied with the situation from before.

In other words, she wanted to look like a JK because she wanted to try to pretend to be my partner.

I have come to the conclusion that Sensei wanted to try some Senpai x Kouhai play with me.

And so, I suggested her a few things:

[Excuse me, Sensei. I know you’re merely dressed up as a JK, but can you try to talk like a high school girl as well? Gestures would be nice, too. Imagine a situation where you are confessing to a boy.]

[That’s a lot of requests. But I’ll do them…]

Sensei cleared her throat. She looked up to me, and said:

[…Um, Shirase-kun. I love you…I really love you…]


In that instant, my heart clenched.

That was overkill.

[Eh, wait, Shirase-kun!?]

Sensei rushed up to me, but the damage I suffered was fatal. I plopped on the floor, breathing heavily.

Ah, that was amazing…

My curiosity is stupid enough to give birth to a demon lord…

I was thinking of dangerous things just now….

[Shirase-kun!? Get a hold of yourself!! What’s wrong!?]

As Sensei was worried about me, I regained my ability to breathe, and declared:

[S— Sensei, there’s something we need to promise.]

[What? Promise what?]

[That JK cosplay, please just wear it in front of the one you love.]


[And the confession from earlier, don’t ever do that to anyone else…]

[What do you mean by that? Explain your reasoning]

[Ah, it’s just…]

[Hurry up and spit it out! I have the right to know!]

Her tone was harsh. I had no choice but to overcome my embarrassment and spit it out.


[What? I can’t hear you. Say it again.]

[…Because Sensei is…]

[I can’t hear you!? Say it clearly!]

I’m fed up!

[Because Sensei is so cute that she was able to knock me out!]

[H— Hah!? What are you saying? Me? Cute?…Don’t be so ridiculous!]

I raised my voice for a counter argument towards Sensei, who was bright red with a flustered voice.

[No, it’s not ridiculous! Sensei was a beauty in the first place, and so that JK costume made you even cuter! And for Sensei to give a confession in such an embarrassed demeanor makes it even more cute! It’s enough to put me in a coma! I seriously thought of you as a goddess!]

[Wh wh wh wh wh…!?]

Steam emitted from Sensei’s head like an emoji.

I might’ve gotten too far ahead of myself with that response. Sensei started to go [U…U…]

[Uwah!? Shirase-kun, you’re an idiot!!]

[Eh, wait, Sensei!?]

She covered her face with both hands, and blasted off to the Japanese style room.

And then:

[Hey, wait, Sensei!? What are you doing? Sensei!?]


It sounded like her face was buried in a pillow, and thumping her feet against the futon. She probably wouldn’t come out for a while.

Even after that accident, we were able to finish cleaning the entire room by afternoon.

And of course, no more cardboard boxes were opened.

We both took a shower, and then went to eat lunch.

And then, Sensei suggested something.

[We got through pretty much everything, thanks to using all of those wet wipes.]

[Ah, it was pretty messy after all. Sorry about all this.]

Furthermore, since it was the same detergent container that my grandma used, we used up all of it.

I’m really not used to cleaning…

[Please don’t worry about it. Detergent is necessary for those tough spots. Let’s just stock up on new ones. Also, yesterday I got a call from my mother, asking me if she could check up with us to make sure that the moving is going well. Is that okay with you, Shirase-kun?]

[Yeah, it’s fine. We’ve come this far, so we shouldn’t do anything suspicious to get exposed.]

[Yes, you’re right. Then, how about we go shop at the mall near the station?]

[Roger that.]

After we finished lunch, we prepared to walk to the station.

Of course, Sensei wouldn’t go outside with her Daru T-shirt. She changed her clothes, similar to the outfit she was wearing when I bumped into her at the family restaurant. It was a nice, cool and refreshing outfit.

I don’t know much about fashion, but I guess those skinny pants are what’s in style.

She also wore a shirt that exposed her shoulders, and I couldn’t see her as anything but a model.

“People passing by are going to witness a woman like this…” Is what was going through my mind.

[C’mon, time is running out, so let’s go.]

[Eh, Sensei!?]

Sensei dragged me by the arm.

We grabbed a large cart, went to a store that sold miscellaneous items, and indecisively bought items.

[First, we need more detergent. If we can get out hands on a cheap one, that would be nice. Also, there are certain products that I recommend. How does that sound?]

[Sounds good. Sensei is a master at housework, so I’ll take her recommendation anytime.]

I nodded, and Sensei looked overjoyed.

[Thank you. I’d like to use products I’m familiar with. Now then, let’s buy this and this, and then, this and this, and finally, this and this. Ah, and at least 3 of each. Sounds good?]

[Eh, ah…sure…]


Isn’t something strange about this?

[C’mon, let’s not waste time. Let’s keep going.]

[Hold on!?]

I pushed the cart, and followed after the hurried Sensei.


And after Sensei finished buying things at a high pace, I sat down on a bench, and saw that the cart was filled.

It was piled up with kitchenware and toothbrushes; materials that would definitely trick her parents.

The only problem is that we have to somehow carry all this back to the house.

[Do your best, me…]

I lowered my shoulders, and saw the dazzling silver ring she was wearing around her neck.

It was the couple’s ring that we bought along the way.

I never thought there would be a day where I actually buy a couple’s ring.

And to make it seem like Sensei and I were actually lovers, the initials
“K & R” were carved.

If we get exposed, then everything will be over. This kind of thing is necessary in order to keep things running smoothly.

I have no choice but to resign and just accept things.

For some reason, I felt a strange happiness, even though this is my first couple’s ring ever.

When we were getting the carvings, Sensei said to the worker: [I— Initials, please…]. She said it as if she were on the verge of falling over. I thought that she shouldn’t force herself if she was that embarrassed.

Well, I guess that was cute of her, though.

By the way, I feel like wearing the necklace during class would make my classmates be suspicious of me and Sensei, because Sensei is known to scare men off.

Sensei kind of feels like a mother, but if I said that to her, I’d probably cause a misunderstanding.

But a couple’s ring, wow…

As my heart was smiling, Sensei held up a can and said:

[Good work. You want some cocoa?]

[Ah, thanks.]

Sensei gave me some cold cocoa, and I took it.

It’s very cold and delicious.

It’s as if the sugar was replenishing my tired body.

[I think we bought all the essentials.]

[You’re right. Shall we go back home?]

The evening glow was starting to darken outside.

[No, there’s still something I want to do before we go back.]

[Something you want to do?]

I tilted my head and Sensei replied with a [Yes] and a nod.

[I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but do you always wear the same types of clothes?]

[Eh? Well…yes. I don’t really have much interest towards clothing, so I just wear whatever I can.]


[That won’t do.]

[Eh? I guess it’s a bad habit, eh…?]

Sensei scolded me, saying that it was obviously a bad habit.

[Yes, it’s very bad. You won’t become popular with girls with that habit. You don’t want to end your student years feeling lonely, do you?]

[W— Well, I guess not…]

[Then, please pay more attention to your appearance. Take care of your clothes, style your eyebrows, straighten your hair, and change everything about yourself to become hygienic, all right?]

[I— I see.]

— Hygienic…

I know all the popular guys at school are super concerned about their hygiene, but I didn’t really know exactly how to be like them.

I guess I asked Aoi about it once, but all she said was: [Eh, hygiene? You mean that! Hygiene!], and made a meaningless infinite loop.

Now that I think about it, what exactly does it mean to be hygienic?…

Other than  with Sensei, I haven’t really had a chance to talk about hygiene.

I think I ought to ask her.

I’ve never had a girlfriend, after all…

[Then, what do you think I should do?]

[I’ll help you out with that. Luckily, the place here sells trendy clothes. I’ll help you find good ones.]

[Got it. Thank you very much.]

[Yes, just leave it to me.]

And then, we started walking again.

[Let’s enter this store.]


And the store that Sensei picked was a place that seemed like it had lots of fashionable clothes.

This is the kind of store that I would never enter on my own.


Even though I know that this is a fashion store, the employee still looked fashionable to me.

I can’t get used to this feeling, so I’m nervous…

[Oh yeah, Shirase-kun would look good in this one, don’t you think?]

[You think so?]

Sensei took a white shirt, and compared it with my body.

It was a ¾ sleeved shirt, but I wasn’t too sure about it, so we moved on to more.

[This is just my personal opinion, but I think simple is better than anything that’s overcomplicated.]

[I see.]

[That’s why I think these pants will go along with this T-shirt. Also, this business shirt along with a Haori— ]


As I saw Sensei choose out clothes for me as if we were close friends, I felt very thankful from the bottom of my heart.

— Maybe this situation could be called a date.

I’ve said this before, but I’ve never had a girlfriend before

Therefore, I’ve never had a date before either.

Of course, I’ve gone shopping with Aoi before, but it’s a different kind of feeling.

Aoi and I would go out to eat things, and stop by the arcade.

This is completely different.

Although she’s my homeroom teacher, we’re in the kind of relationship where she can comfortably pick out clothes for me and wear a couple’s rings.

No matter how you look at it, this is like a date. I was nervous, and my heart was pounding.

There is no doubt about it.

“A date with Sensei…”, I thought.

[What are you grinning about? Get a hold of yourself.]

[Ah, um…I was just thinking, that this is kind of like a date…]

[What!? What are you saying!? A date?…Don’t be foolish, just focus on the clothes.]

[Y— Yes, sorry…]

There was an awkward atmosphere around us after that, and Sensei’s cheeks were sakura colored. We diverted gazes, and it was kind of hard to talk…

I’d better change the subject, and also hurry up and pick out these clothes.

[Welcome! Ice cream is at half price today!]


A resounding voice suddenly came from somewhere, and it came my line of sight.


It was the person working part time.

The girl was wearing a big smile and an outfit at the ice cream shop.

And, we were merely 5 meters away from each other.

[W— Why is Gunjou-san here!?]

Seems like Sensei noticed Aoi.

She turned around quickly, with a pale face.

[By the way, I think I remember her saying that she works at the ice cream shops on Sundays…]

[Eh, really?]

[Yeah, but I never thought she’d be here…]


[How much is the ice cream again? Half price!…Hm?]

[Ah, shit!?] [!?]

In an instant, it felt like Aoi spotted us, and we started to panic.

Sensei grabbed my arm, said, [This way!], and started to drag me.


[Let’s just go! We can’t be soon!]

— Rustle rustle

[Huh? I feel like I just saw Koutaro…Koutaro? Are you here?]

As Aoi started to call out for me, she started approaching.

But it seems like she wasn’t able to track where we went.

All I could think about was how this could easily get out of hand.

(Hya!? Shi— Shirase-kun, where do you think you’re touching me!?)

(Ah, I’m sorry! But getting in a comfortable position is tough…)

We stuffed ourselves in a dressing room meant for one person, which meant that we were cramped.

Even though Sensei used the same shampoo as me, it still made me embarrassed by its scent.

But the most problematic thing is this entire situation.

Any wrong move, and it would cause Sensei tons of trouble. Plus, Aoi might find us.

So, in order to move as little as possible, I tried to maintain this position.

(Se— Sensei, I’m going to move just a little bit…)

(Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no room for you to…Hya!?)

— Squish


I understood what was happening, and Sensei started to panic and said:

(I’m begging you, don’t move anymore…)

(Even if you say that, I have to move…)

Sensei was holding my head in place, and we had to make sure that neither of us would move an inch.

[Hm, I guess it was my imagination…I thought I saw Koutaro, though…]

[Welcome, what are you looking for~?]

[Ah, excuse me. I thought I saw a popular looking boy around here, around the same age as me. Did you see one?]

Oi, who are you calling popular looking?

[Popular looking boy? Hm, I wonder if I did? There were 2 people that looked like a couple just now though…]

[Ah, then it was my imagination. Sorry.]

[Don’t worry about it~]

[How strange…] said the employee. We heard the footsteps get farther and farther away, and then we were finally able to relax.


Anyways, we were just happy that that was over.

[Um, you can let go of my head now…]

[Y— Yes, you’re right. Sorry.]

We both felt awkward, and distanced ourselves.

After that, we were anxious about whether or not Aoi was still around us, so we hurried up and bought our things, went back home, and carried the miscellaneous items to the living room.

And then, Sensei told me she would go out again to buy materials for dinner. I suggested something to her.

And that was to make a welcome party for Sensei.

She’s done a lot for me, and we’ve been through a lot, so I think it’s best if we get along.

Of course, we wanted our relationship to stay between the lines of how a student and teacher relationship should. She answered my suggestion with a: [If it’s fine with Shirase-kun…], and accepted.

After that, I also went to go help her gather materials for dinner.

— Pour.


It was raining.

Even though it was sunny before, I can’t believe it would start raining after buying things from the supermarket.

[Kuh, I miscalculated. I can’t believe that there would be rain…]

[Yeah…Now what? This rain is troublesome, isn’t it?]

[Yeah. It was even sunny earlier. Maybe if we wait a bit, it’ll stop—]

I was in the middle of speaking, but then Sensei looked at me and said:

[Oh no! The laundry was supposed to be drying outside!]

[Geh!? Oh yeah, they were!!]

We have to hurry and go back! Let’s run!]


After Sensei said that, we tried hurrying back to the house.

Gah, the ground is all wet.



I was wondering if Sensei sprained her ankle, because she just stopped.

[Are you okay?]

[Yes, I’m fine. It’s just that I ran too much, so don’t worry about me. Go home without me, please.]

[No, I could never do that. Um…Ah, let’s go over there for now. Please hold on to my shoulders.]

[Oh, thank you.]

Sensei nodded, grabbed onto my shoulders, and I took her under the eaves of a shop.

Now Sensei shouldn’t get any more wet. I put everything I was carrying off to the side.

[Please wait for a minute. I’ll go buy an umbrella.]

[But the laundry will be…]

[We can just do it again later. Right now, I’m worried about Sensei’s foot.]

I smiled at Sensei, and her cheeks puffed as if she was embarrassed, and said:

[…I see. Thank you.]

[No, don’t worry about it. Alright, I’m going now.]

[Alright, we’ve arrived]

[Thanks, you really saved me back there.]

[It wasn’t that big of a deal.]

After I bought an umbrella from the nearby convenience store, we somehow got home, put the shopping bags down, and sighed sighs of relief.

[By the way, is your foot okay?]

[Yes, thanks to you. I think if I cool it down, it’ll heal by tomorrow.]

[I’m glad. Then, I’m going to get the laundry, so Sensei, please rest a bit more.]

[Thank you, Shirase-kun. You really are nice.]

[Ahaha, not really, but thank you.]

After laughing embarrassedly, I took the shopping bags, took them to the living room, and got the laundry from the garden quickly.

The laundry was indeed in bad shape, but I guess it’s fine since Sensei was alright in the end.

[This is all of it.]

I dried all of the laundry and took them to the living room. I locked the sliding door, and closed the curtains.

[Good work. I reheated the bathwater, so to make sure you don’t catch a cold, please heat your body.]

[Th— Thanks.]

I was very thankful, but I thought it was kind of embarrassing.

Sensei was soaked too, after all.

[But, by that reasoning, Sensei should enter the bath too. I’ll prepare dinner.]

[Really? I wouldn’t mind that, but I feel a bit bad for letting Shirase-kun pamper me like that…]

[Don’t worry about it.]

[Got it. Apologies, but I’ll be entering the bath first.]

As she said that, she started to take off her coat.


The rain made a bigger mark than I thought.

I could see her skin through the camisole.

Not good, not good.

This was not good for a boy like me to see.

It’s not good for my heart.

Endure it, me…

As my heart was suffering, I regained my ability to breathe, and I went through the bag’s contents.

[My, my, I didn’t think I would get wet all the way to my underwear. Good grief…]


Just a bit is fine, right…?

The sweet temptation got the best of me, and in order for Sensei to not notice me, I moved as little as I could, and glanced inside.




And somehow, our eyes met.

Sensei, who was silent and wearing a straight face, looked in my direction for several seconds.

I was having trouble containing myself, and diverted my guess.

[Excuse me…]

[You’re welcome.]

Later, I entered the bath, and washed off my sweat.

A lot of things happened today, and I’m starving.

[Sorry for the wait. Now then, let’s eat.]

[Yes. Now then, we’re going to celebrate Sensei living with me from now on…actually, I don’t even know if this is appropriate. Anyways, this is kind of like cheers.]

[Yes, thank you.]

We clink our glasses together, and start Sensei’s welcome party.

Today’s menu is sushi with hors d’oeuvre, and a cake for after the meal.

Of course, there is also Sensei’s pickled vegetables prepared.

And in order for her to enjoy herself to the fullest, there is also the plum sake that she loves.

[Oh, this spring roll is pretty good.]

[Ara, it is. I’ve been able to make them fairly well recently. All this boiled food is pretty good too.]

[You’re right. It’s surprisingly delicious.]

The hors d’oeuvre were not freshly made, but still delicious because they were reheated. We both agreed that all the food was good.

And in the middle of eating, Sensei remembered something and suddenly said:

[Oh, right. Why don’t we establish some rules now that we’re living together?]


Is what she said, and then I thought she was going to suggest how we shouldn’t enter rooms without permission, but,

[Yes, that’s right. For example, “We must always eat together”, and stuff like that.]

[Ah, sounds good. Like newlyweds.]


I don’t know what the hell I was saying.

[Cough! Cough…What the hell are you saying!?]

Sensei was so alarmed that it seemed like she choked on her food.

[Sorry. I just said the first thing on my mind…Are you okay?]

[Yes. I’m fine. Good grief, don’t say such things.]

Said Sensei, who wiped her mouth with a red face.

I guess it really was embarrassing for her…

But we’ve done so many embarrassing things already…

What am I saying…

[A— Anyways, let’s go back to what we were talking about earlier. Obviously, we can’t enter rooms without permission, and you have to knock before entering the changing rooms and bathroom, got it?]

[Got it. Well, that’s pretty obvious.]

I nodded, but then…


— Stare.

[Is something wrong?]

Sensei was glaring at me, making me worried.

I knew that what she was saying was obvious, but I guess she didn’t believe me.


[No, it’s just that you didn’t knock yesterday and you walked in in me, so I was just thinking.]


She was right, that did happen.

[But that was before we started officially living together. That was just when we were cleaning the house…]

[Nonsense. Ever since I arrived at this house, it was considered living with you. You are officially guilty.]


[Yes. As punishment, you’re going to wash dishes with me after.]


That’s so cruel…wait, it’s just washing dishes, never mind.

[And so, you have to knock, alright? And then we’ll also exchange polite phrases, alright?]

[Yeah. Things like [Good morning] or [Good night], [Itadakimasu] or [Thank you for the meal], as well as [I’m off] and [I’m home]. We have to make sure to say those things.]

[That’s right. It’s just as you said. But we also have to think about the surroundings. I thought that maybe we should leave the house at the same time, but if someone sees us, it’ll be bad news.]

[You’re right…]

I wouldn’t want an accident like that one that happened during the day to happen again.

[I never thought we would run into Aoi…]

[Yeah. We have to be careful of the mall and school, and we can’t be careless. She works multiple part time jobs, after all.]

[That’s right. She really takes a lot of part time jobs. That means she’ll appear in a lot of places…]

One time when I went to my mother’s grave (100 kilo away from my house), I heard a [Hey, it’s Koutaro! Yahho!] from a nearby convenience store.

[I see. You’re quite close with Gunjou-san, eh?]

[Yeah. I’ve been friends with her since childhood. But now it’s like I’m treating her as an enemy,]

Ahaha, I bitterly laughed to myself. Sensei nodded her head, and gave me a docile look.

[I see. We really have to be careful of our surroundings, then. We don’t know who could be watching.]

[Yeah. Just in case, I’ve told some people that you’re a housekeeper. We wouldn’t want anyone to find out that we’re student and teacher, so we have to make countermeasures. I think we shouldn’t exit the house at the same time.]

As I suggested that, Sensei responded with a [Sounds good] and continued speaking.

[Then, I’ll call you “Koutarou-kun”. A housekeeper calling you Shirase-kun would just be strange.]

[You’re right. Then…]

I was troubled.

If I called her “Sakura-san” normally, and someone like Aoi heard me, we’d be found out for sure.

I had to think of a rare name for Sensei.

A name that wouldn’t get us exposed.

Maybe a nickname? Or perhaps a fake name is best.

But if I called her by a fake name, and her parents heard, that would spell bad news.

At times like these, I should call her by her real name, but throughout the day, I have to call her by something else.

I think a nickname is best.

For example, if I called her “Housewife”, it would risk getting found out by her parents. So I need a nickname.

“Rei-chan” would probably catch her off guard.

So then—

[Reina-san, how’s that?]

In the end, that’s what I ended up with.

Simple is the best, after all.

The nickname does have a possibility of Aoi exposing her, but using Sensei’s surname makes a big impact, and it’ll be easy to fool people.

[Well, I guess that is appropriate.]

Seems like Sensei…I mean, Reina-san, feels the same way,

I gave her a big nod and said:

[Understood. Then, Sensei will be called “Reina-san” from now on.]

[Yes, I understand.]

Reina-san nodded back to me, and then I tried to test it out.

Practice is necessary, after all.


[What is it? Koutarou-kun?]



What is this?

This feels really embarrassing.

I felt so embarrassed that I could die, and Sensei had a cold expression.

Her face was pretty red, but I think it was because of the plum sake.

I had to think deeply about her name in order to not mess it up in the future and overcome the embarrassment.


[So? Getting used to it?]

[Yeah, kinda…]

And then I said it while whispering.

[– Reina-san.]


— *Divert*.


For some reason…Sensei diverted her gaze from me.

I guess the number of times I said it must’ve disturbed her.

[Um, Reina-san?]

[…Phew, I feel kind of hot. Maybe it’s because it’s been so long since I’ve had such delicious sake?]

Reina-san fanned herself with her hands.

I guess she wasn’t that disturbed.

[Are you okay? Want me to bring you some water?]

[I’m fine, thank you.]

As she said that, she took the glass filled with plum sake and gulped it down.

She was drinking faster than usual. Must be because it’s really delicious.

[I see. If you need anything, let me know. I’ll bring it to you anytime.]

[Got it. But I am really fine. I’m very tolerant to sake, after all…]


[Huh? Reina-san?]

[What~ Koutaro-kun~…]


Ah, she’s drunk.

I looked over at the glass filled with plum wine.

Only 30% was remaining, which means she drank a lot.

[Eheheh, the pickled vegetables are delish~…]

Reina-san was completely slurring her words.

Also, her personality had completely changed.

Reina-san was chewing those pickled vegetables while having a big smile on her face.

[Eheh, Koutaro-kun, you have some too~…]

[Ah, thanks…]

Wait, what’s happening!?

Isn’t this an indirect kiss!?


Sensei was cutely tilting her head to the side. I responded with an [Ah, sure!], and prepared to eat.

This was my first time feeling like this while opening my mouth.

[…Nom nom]

This is delicious in more ways than one…

[Is it good…?]

[Ah, yes.]

What a cute girl.

She reminded me of one of those mascot characters,

Sensei loosened her face with smiles, and I couldn’t get over how cute she was.

[I hate washabi…]

She was eating sushi normally before, but now she’s refusing to eat the wasabi.

Oh yeah, she was weak to black coffee too.

I didn’t want to get too much into her personal matters, though. I didn’t know how much of herself she would reveal to me.

[Here, eat some washabi…]


What is happening?

You’re not supposed to eat wasabi like that.


The wasabi was really effective on my nose, and my eyes started to water.

[Eheheh, thank you~…]

Reina-san’s face lit up, and she thanked me with that cute face of hers.

[Y— You’re welcome. You can leave the wasabi to me.]

And so, I acted tough for her.

And just like that, the welcome party ended, and Reina-san fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

Her drunkenness must’ve caused her to get sleepy.

Every time she dropped her neck, I would say, [Don’t fall asleep, please!?] over and over.

The problem is:



She and I are sleeping on the same bed.

And her breasts are wrapped around my head.

Our distance has shrunk, but not in a good way.

I tried taking her to bed, but then she started holding me.

Of course, I tried to escape, but she would say [Piyopu~…], obviously mixing me with the Piyopu~ plushie, and I couldn’t get away.

What the hell do I do?…

It’s soft, warm, smells good, and her breathing sounds are super erotic…


I’m gonna get killed by Reina-san tomorrow…As I worried about that thought, I couldn’t get a wink of sleep.

The next morning, Reina-san remembered everything, and she shrieked, [U…u…uwaaaah!?]. She grabbed her piyopu— and thumped her legs.

I quietly left the area, and tried to pretend like nothing happened.