Genres: slice of life, romance, comedy, drama, seinen, school life.


Under a single roof, a Sensei and a student secretly agree to live together!? Sakurakouji Reina, a beautiful woman, my teacher, and my fiancee!? And we’re going to be living together in secret!? And also, Sensei is surprisingly defenseless and shy, so it’s pretty cute! The story of a secret agreement to live together between Sensei and student begins here!

Information of the Light Novel

  • Author: Aki Kusanagi.
  • Illustration: Mappa Ninatta.
  • Status: Ongoing (first volume).

Information of the Translation:

  • Translator: Miko.
  • Editor:
  • Status: Volume 1 under translation…

Hi, I’m Miko, and I’m currently giving Chinese and Japanese lessons for those who are interested. Here’s the discord server link, so please enjoy this positive community!

Miko (Translator)

Volume 01