Masamune Izumi is a light novel author in high school. His artist, known only as “Eromanga Sensei” is reliable but Masamune has never met him and assumes he’s just a perverted otaku. Masamune’s little sister is Sagiri, a shut-in girl who hasn’t left her room for an entire year. She even forces her brother to make and bring her meals when she stomps the floor. Masamune wants his sister to leave her room, because the two of them are each other’s only family.

One day Masamune discovers that Eromanga Sensei and Sagiri are one in the same. Further chaos erupts between the siblings when a beautiful, female, best-selling shōjo manga creator becomes their rival.

Information of the Light Novel

  • Author: Tsukasa Fushimi.
  • Illustration: Hiro Kanzaki.
  • Status: Ongoing (11 volumes).

Information of the Translation:

  • Translator: Chaos0205.
  • Editor: KirashRanger.
  • Status: Volume 10 in translation…

Volume 01: My Little Sister and the Sealed Room

Volume 02: My Little Sister and the Most Interesting Novel in the World

Volume 03: My Little Sister and Fairy Island

Volume 04: Eromanga Sensei VS Eromanga Sensei G

Volume 05: Sagiri Izumi’s School Debut

Volume 06: Ten Reasons to be Married to Elf Yamada-chan

Volume 07: Cohabitation Starting with Anime

Volume 08: Masamune Izumi’s Holiday

Volume 09: Sagiri’s New Married Life

Volume 10: Muramasa Senju and the Cultural Festival of Love

Volume 11: My Little Sister’s Pajama Party

Volume 12: