[Nonetheless, we were able to take care of that situation…]

That day’s night

We were eating and enjoying watermelons in the living room, with Sensei replying with a [Yes, that’s right].

[That was nothing short of a miracle.]

By the way, her parents gave us watermelon as a gift.

It was quite small for a watermelon given that it was early summer, but it was still juicy and delicious.

[We somehow took care of Aoi and your parents, so what do we do now?]

As I said while gnawing on watermelon.

[Thanks to you, we were able to. Now we just have to maintain this, right?]

Reina-san was acting the same as always, also in a Darudaru T shirt again.

Even though the problem was the parents, I couldn’t help but pay attention to Reina-san’s looks again.

While living together, we’ve been trying to delay the marriage. I hope Reina-san finds someone good in the meantime.

That’s why I’m hoping she can someday say [I broke up with that man] to her parents.

Before I knew it, I was seen as someone whose sole purpose was to make a grandchild. Her family already accepted me completely.

This is pretty bad.

The more the parents come to like me, the closer the wedding gets, and the more things I’ll have to worry about.

As someone who was kind of used by her family, I don’t really want to welcome that future.

In order to solve this, I have to find Reina-san a good person. But it’s not easy…

Well, Reina-san is pretty, so it might not be too hard, but the lover has to be willing to marry, and they have to be approved by her parents…

Hah…I sighed, and only thought bad thoughts.

I have to find a way to solve this

[By the way, what kind of people do you like, Reina-san?]

[Ara, what’s this? Sexual harassment?]

[No way. It’s not sexual harassment. I was thinking how we should find your next partner.]

Reina-san stopped eating her watermelon and starting thinking about my question.

[Let’s see…First they should understand what I want, and support me, I guess?]

[I see. Like how you’re a teacher?]

[Yes, that’s right. I want them to support me as a teacher.]

[Hm, hm.]

[And then, I also want them to take care of housework somewhat. Doing housework and work are tough.]

[I see. It is definitely a struggle.]

[Yes, I would love someone who can understand those things. And also…they can get along with my parents, I guess?]

[Yeah, that’s right. If you guys had a kid, they should be able to get along with their grandfather and grandmother.]

[That’s right. If they didn’t get along with people who I loved, that would be quite the problem. Eh?]

Yeah, that’s true…

[I see…what about personality?]

[Of course, a nice person. They also should like children. I don’t like violent people, and also, I’m not only looking for kindness. I also want them to tell me their opinions often.]

[I– I see.]

She’s asking for quite a lot….

[And what else? What about an ikemen (handsome man)?]

[Ikemen would probably cheat on me in an instant]

[Sounds like you have some massive bias…]

[Did you say something?]


After she glared at me, Reina-san continued to say more conditions.

[Also, I want them to be younger than me. I want them to feel like I’m an Onee-san.]

[I see. Reina-san loves taking care of people, right?]

[Ara, your compliments will only get you my pickled vegetables, you know?]

[Ahaha, that’s enough for me. I really like them, after all.]

I laughed, and Reina-san embarrassingly responded with an [I see].

[In any case, they should also make a lot of money. A company employee worker would be great. They can make a lot of funds.]

[I see.]

It seems like she’s exhausted all of her conditions, but I have no idea if such a man exists.

Let’s look at all of them.

[So, based on what you said, they should cheer on your teacher job, be good at dividing housework with you, be younger, like kids, get along with your parents, and be an average looking company employee worker who can handle things when push comes to shove.]

[Yes, that’s pretty much it]

Reina-san nodded her head, but I don’t know if there’s anyone who fulfills those conditions…

And then

[Don’t you think that’s too many conditions?]


And then she let out a surprised face

“Shit”…is what I thought, but I’m glad I was able to be honest with Reina-san.

[S–Sorry. I just thought that there might not be anyone who fulfills all those requirements…]

[Well, you might be right.]

[Yeah. If you were lucky, you can maybe find someone who fulfills 3 or 4 at max. If it were me, I’m someone who supports your teacher job, can help divide housework, is younger, obviously, likes kids, and likes your parents–Wait a minute?]

Don’t I fit a lot of those?

Is it my imagination?

[But when it comes to handling things when push comes to shove…]

[Ara, is that so?]


Oh no, I said too much

But Reina-san said to me:

[This is my honest opinion, but I believe that my parents thought you were quite manly.]

[Is that so?]

[Yes. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have said those embarrassing things with such a serious face, right?]


I hid my face after remembering all those embarrassing moments.

I wonder if this can be considered as part of my dark history…

[Anyways, I’m glad to hear your opinion on that…what were the other requirements again?]

[A normal looking company employee.]

[Ah, that’s right. I think…I’m a normal looking guy, right?]

[That’s true.]

Even though she’s saying it so seriously, I can’t help but feel sad…

[But a company employee…might be pushing it. I’m still a student, right?]

[That’s right. Koutaro-kun seemed to land about 90% of my requirements, which is quite surprising, eh?]

[Yeah. I’m glad I could come so close to your ideal person, though.]

And then I continued:

[Maybe if I worked hard, I could fulfill those conditions…]

[Ara, you really want to make me your wife?]

As she said that, we looked at each other.

[Ah, please don’t tease me…Reina-san is way out of my league, anyway…]

Hah…I sighed deeply.

[Ara, I never said that, did I?]


Reina-san suddenly said that, which left me shocked.

[What do you mean by…]

[Now then, why don’t we reflect on past events? Today was a miracle stacked upon a miracle. I don’t know if it’ll continue to happen in the future.]

[That’s true.]

Good thing she stopped wearing that uniform.

It’s also a good thing Aoi things that she’s “Reinaru Sakurako”.

What kind of name even is that?

Sounds like some female pro wrestler.

[Yes. I would like to continue this peaceful life as much as I can. So let’s keep reflecting so we can live like this even more.]

[You’re right. I’ll do as much as I can, too.]

I nodded, and Reina-san continued.

[Then, let’s make a “promise”]



[Yeah, you said it before, didn’t you? You said we should have fun with this life]

[I guess I did.]

[Then let’s make a promise to have fun. For example, like how we were eating watermelons. We can also have fun by using a Shichirin to grill some saury in autumn or something. Let’s do our best to keep this promise. How does it sound?]

[Ahaha, sounds good. How about we go to the ocean someday?]

[Yes, that sounds good, too. A lot of fun awaits us, eh?]

[Yeah! And I can’t wait to see Reina-san in a swimsuit!]

I clenched my fist like a man, and Reina-san’s face turned red.

[What are you…!? Do you wish to take back what you said from earlier?]

Thinking that Reina-san was being cute again, I bitterly laughed and lowered my head.

[Ahaha, sorry. But I am truly looking forward to it. Let’s do all that we can.]

[You’re right. I don’t hate this life. I don’t know how much longer we can continue it, but it’s quite peaceful and I like it.]

[I see.]

[Yes, and so we should promise. There might be a lot of trouble in the future, but we can have fun and surpass those things.]

She finished saying that, and we did a pinky promise.

It was a pinky swear.

And so, she nodded as we tangled pinkies.

[Roger that. For our first promise, we’re going to the beach. I’m hoping you wear a bikini]

[Why, you…]

After Reina-san sighed at me, she responded:

[I got it. If you really intend on doing as you say, then I’ll think about it too. I might wear a school swimsuit, so prepare yourself.]


Did she not learn anything from wearing that uniform!?

But at the same time, I’m interested, aren’t I!?

[However, if you get first place on the English portion of your semester exams, I’ll wear a bikini.]

[Eh, really!? Wait, first place!?]

That’s impossible!?

My English scores are terrible, right!?

[Of course? It’s embarrassing for me, so…anyways, we promised. Let’s try to go to the beach together.]


I was so shocked, and then:



It sounded as if Reina-san was having the time of her life, which motivated me to not give up.

But, getting first place is just…