That night, after our conversation with Kyouka-san, we sat in Sagiri’s room.

“…A lot happened today, huh.”

“It sure did.”

I totally agree with Sagiri.

We managed to bring Kyouka-san back with us, but that was immediately followed by a short moment of chaos.

Sagiri fainted, like a vampire that walked into sunlight.

Kyouka-san was crying non-stop.

Anyway, the most important thing is: in the end Kyouka-san still didn’t give us her blessing regarding our marriage.

After she finally stopped crying, we had a talk that went like this.

“– For now, I can’t agree to give you my blessing.”

“For now?”

“Yes. You should — tell them first, shouldn’t you? Everything should be done in order.”

“Ah? You mean…”

“I will prepare…so let’s go meet them together. All three of us.”

I see. I understand what she means.

“In that case… We have to wait until Sagiri can go out… right?”

“Yes. Next summer should be fine, correct?”

“That is what I originally intended as well.”

Our dream – should become true next spring – April of next year.

“So, until you can leave the house, we are not getting married.”

But Kyouka-san did agree to us to going out.

“I will do my best.”

Sagiri clenched her fists. Of course, she only looked cuter that way.

“Well, just now was a miracle. I don’t think I can do that again anytime soon.”

“I know. I won’t force you.”

If you fainted again, that would trouble me a lot.



There was a moment of silence between us.

Actually, I have something I want to say. I was waiting for a chance.

— Perfect, Nii-san. Just do it.

Don’t you guys remember? The stuff I asked Tomoe about…

“…Eto, Sagiri?”

“Yes, Nii-san?”

“Ah, you called me that again.”

“Because I’m used to it.”

“I see. Well, that’s fine too, I guess.”

“Can I?”

“Sure you can.”

“Don’t you think….it feels like things are back to how they used to be?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. The evidence…well…er…crap, I forgot everything I prepared.”

“You are acting strange Nii-san.”

Sagiri tilted her head. It made me even more nervous.

“Ah, well ~ this is …ahhh!”

Oh damn, whatever!

I took something out from behind me and gave it to her.

“Sagiri, please take this!”

In my hand was a small box.

“Nii, nii-san, this… this is…”

“Wedding ring”

My girlfriend’s face was slowly getting redder.

She was embarrassed and nervous. I think my face was red, too.

“Will you accept it?”


Sagiri went “wah”. Then, she took the box from me.

“I accept.”

And so: Izumi Masamune and Izumi Sagiri were finally engaged.