I, Izumi Masamune is not someone who worry too much.

You might said that I’m an idiot or an optimistic, but no – both
are wrong.

It’s not like I did a lot of amazing thing and don’t care about
those little details anymore. It’s just that after meeting
something bad, I had a habit of stop thinking about it after some
time has passed.

Don’t care about the pass and focused on what is right in front
of me … I have that habit,

When my father passed away, I was still a kid. There were many
things that I had no choice but to practice. Maybe because I had to
interact with adults too soon that I turned out this way.

Anyway, I don’t care if you called it good or bad, but I’m a

I could easily give up on things that I deemed impossible, like
a kid who was trying to be an adult.

Those girls around me actually criticized me, calling me “a
light novel protagonist”. But I myself don’t think I have any
quality to be a protagonist.

I’m not a hot-blood, nor am I an optimistic. I’m not even a
normal high school student.

Really, I’m at the middle of everything.


Today, I had a rare problem. I was hiding inside my room,

It’s now July. Outside of the windows, the rain had stopped, the
sky was clear. It was a good chance to clear my mind.

— I like you.

— Masamune, I like you the most.

— I refuse.

— Because I already have someone I like

Those word kept repeating itself inside my head.


I have someone I like.

I was rejected, but my feeling didn’t chance. It was still

That’s why I didn’t go out with anyone. Even if I will never got
a chance for such a cute girl to like me again.

But my answer will not change.

“Still —“

— I have someone I like.

People said that “love confession” is the climax of a story, is
the turning point where victory and defeat was decided.

I thought it was true too. But no, reality wasn’t like that.

That was a lesson Elf and Muramasa-senpai taught me.

Confess your love then goes out with them or get rejected —

“….But this is not the end.”

Even if the dream come true and love blooms or the dream
shattered and get rejected, life continued.

As long as you are alive, then life will continue no matter
what. Happy and sadness. Laughing and crying. Meeting and separate.
All will continue.

Even if life was full of irreversible thing.

“But even if they want to try again….it’s fine.”

In the past, I’d have never though of it this way.

— Before the Izumi’s sibling’s dream came true, I will
become victorious

— This is not a reason for not challenging.

They confessed and lost. Just like me, they were rejected.

But they will do it again.

They will kept saying that they like me.

One still think that she can win. Still trying her best to find
a way to victory.

One announced fiercely, saying that a weak opponent is too

Both of them showed their courage —

“And me?”

When I was rejected by the one I like —

I think this is enough.

Because we are siblings.

I decided to be just her family – I think it’s enough.

“What a big lie.”

My chest hurt is the evidence.

I want family. I want Sagiri to be my family. I don’t want to be
alone again – what I said earlier wasn’t a lie.

But that didn’t mean I’m happy with just that.

I didn’t satisfied with my choice.

I don’t have the courage of Elf or Muramasa-senpai, I just use a
convenience lie.

That was what I finally realized:


I have to act.

I went to the locked room in the second floor, knocked
on its door.

*Knock. Knock*

How many times I have done this after meeting with Sagiri

In the past, nothing happened no matter how hard I tried. But

“Nii-san, what is it?”

She will answer me. This simple fact made me happy.

I told Sagiri:

“Well, Sagiri. A year ago….you said…you have someone you like,
haven’t you?”


The sudden topic made Sagiri puzzled.

“…What kind of person is he? Do I know him?”



“….Why….are you…..asking me this now…..?”

“Because an elder brother is the little sister’s — no, that
isn’t right.”

Asking her this way won’t work. I coughed, tried to hide my

“Of course I would like to know about him. Since I like


Sagiri looked down, blushed in embarrassment.

“Wh, what are you talking about!?”

“I got a change of heart, so I will not lying anymore.”

I put my hand on my chest. My heart was beating like it was
about to burst.


“….Yes?”  She answered, a bit nervous.

“It will take a lot of time…but after our dream become
true, I have something to tell you – that’s all for now. Sorry for
worry you.”


She looked up at me, eyes filled with excitement.

Just seeing her face made me want to spoil her even more. I
don’t want to give her to anyone

I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted to become a normal pair of
sibling with Saigir.

Deep down, it’s true that I wanted family.

It wasn’t a lie, but there was more. There was a relationship I
wanted even more.

Elf already told me more than once that I only want small thing.
To me, fixing all of my trouble mean happiness.

After my dream come true, I wanted to tell this to the
person I like
. I need to try harder, so she can accept me.

“….Wait, Nii-san.”

Before I could left, she called me. I turned back and saw that
she was looking at me through the gap in the door.



“I…the one I like….”


I stared at her, waiting for the next word.

“When our dream come true…………I will introduce him to

“!…I see.”

That’s why I have to try even harder.

I have decided. Even if I’m the underdog, that didn’t mean I
could gave up on challenging.

Someone couldn’t say his true feeling out have no right to be a
winner in love.


“Y, yes?”

“I will win against that guy.”

Still —

I though that our dream would only be true in the far

But just a few days later and the publishing company already
called me. The meeting room is the highest floor, where normal
meeting would never be held.

“They asked me to come here….why?”

I didn’t have any idea. Today is Saturday, so I didn’t meet
anyone on the way here. I walked to the end of the corridor and
stopped at the hall’s entrance. This was the right place.

…There were people inside already. That must be

“It’s Izumi.”

I knocked on the door. Someone answered:

“Please enter, Izumi-sensei.”


I turned the door knob.

“ —Eh?”

There was a long, white table inside. There were someone else
nearby, not just Kagurazaka-san. They all looked at me

“Ka, Kagurazaka-san…this is?”

I was frozen on the spot. I did asked my editor, but she just
sat immobile and looked at me in silence.

A woman with round glassess in front me smiled and answered in
Kagurazaka-san’s place. She looked even younger than me. Among
those adults here, she alone had an unique light.

“Please to meet you, Izumi Masamune-sensei.”

“Congraturation, your novel The cutest little sister in
the world
will be made into anime.”

“After our story is made into anime.”

“I will bring my little sister to the living room and
watched it together with her.”

I will fulfilled this dream.

And after that —

I will ask the one I like for marrige.