“Nice timing, Mune-kun, take a look at the light novel corner, it’s my pride and joy!”

December 10th, after school.

I came to the Takasago’s bookstore.

In front of me was the light novel corner. The novels that the poster girl – Tomoe – recommended were placed here in all their glory.

Takasago Tomoe – my classmate, someone who knew my identity “Izumi Masamune”, who is also my close friend. A girl with a beautiful black hair.

She likes light novels very much. Every month she has to read dozens of books.

All nearby light novel fans couldn’t hold a candle to her. She’s got quite an influence in the Adachi ward.

Tomoe’s recommendation corner is the crystallized of her efforts, a very helpful assistance for anyone who is looking for an interesting novel.

”Considering that we are friends, can you please put my book on that list?”

When I asked her that, she always replied:

”No, no. If you want me to put your book on my list, write a super good novel that can move the reader.”

And she refused me.

One day, I will make this friend of me say “It’s interesting”. One day, I will make her ask me “Please sign your book in our store.”

That was once my goal.

“This week’s recommended list has your newest novel.”


Now, right in front of me – I had reached that goal.

Three months ago, September 10th, Izumi Masamune’s The Cutest Little Sister in the World volume one had gone on sale.

Today, volume two was here, in the middle of the recommended list, in the most eye-catching place.

Noticing my surprise, Tomoe who was thrusting her finger at me a moment ago smiled wryly:

“Mune-kun, what’s with your expression?”

“It’s nothing…but I’m really surprised….Tomoe usually gave my novels a strict review.”

“Ahaha, because I’m a fan of Senjyu Muramasa-sensei. Seeing your novel with an almost similar writing style, I don’t really find it interesting.”


I knew it. That was the reason my novels couldn’t sell well enough.


Tomoe coughed twice then said:

“Izumi Masamune-sensei, your newest novel is very interesting.”

“Is that so….?”

Seeing my doubt, Tomoe smiled:

“Yes! In my evaluation, you could win against Senjyu-sensei in a romantic comedy genre novel.”

“Th-that much!?”

I never thought I would get such a high evaluation.

“Then please sign your book in our bookstore ♪”

“Right right…hahaha, sorry, it’s embarrassing.”

To let someone I know outside of my job read my novel – it’s embarrassing. Not to mention that I was told “It’s interesting” directly. I didn’t know how to react to that.

“Hey stop, don’t blush! You are making me even more embarrassed!”

Tomoe crossed her hands over her well-endowed breasts and shook herself from left to right.

“Right, right Mune-kun.” She tried to change the topic. “Over there, look over there.”

Tomoe pointed at the light novel corner.

There, among many new light novels, there was another magazine amidst them.

“Monthly Comic Magical”

A familiar little sister with a displeased expression on her face was printed on the cover.

The first chapter of The Cutest Little Sister in the World, manga version.

“Congratulation on a serial! It’s amazing, becoming the cover like that! I have read it carefully! What a wonderful adaption of a light novel!”

“Thank you. Still, the reason the manga’s successful is not because of me.”

“No no, the manga existed because of the original novel.”

That was how Tomoe the light novel lover saw things. Even though the manga was finished because someone put a lot of effort into it —

I shook my head.

“This is the effort of Eromanga-sensei and Army.”

“Mwu, you mean Army-chan – the current famous illustrator online huh.”

“Yes yes. She is super famous now.”

“If that is her drawing, then Sekaimo’s manga version will indeed attract attention, but her drawingsare good…As expected of Army-sensei.”

“I know, right?”

“But…what is with Eromanga-sensei? Isn’t she just your illustrator?”

“I will say it beforehand. During the process to make this manga, Eromanga-sensei was the one who drew more than anyone. To tell the truth, her drawings are even better than Army-sensei’s.”

“Eh? Hey, what is going on?”

“Well…Eromanga-sensei and Army-sensei took this manga adaption as another showdown.”

Just like you already know, while the one who wanted to have this showdown was Army, but Eromanga-sensei eagerly returned the favor and things turned out this way.

About the discussion regarding the manga adaption, she fully used Skype to contact others, and even held some meetings inside the locked room.

She raised objections about the manga’s character design, and made numerous solutions for each one.

She even drew a mountain of manga references. Even I was worried that she was doing that because she was angry.

— I hate manga!

Sagiri had said that before. That was her true feeling.

No…exactly because of that…she pushed herself to work hard on the manga adaption.

She competed against her “comrade” with the best of her ability.

“I will only say a short version…but the manga of The Cutest Little Sister in the World actually many of its pages came from Eromanga-sensei.”

“Eh? Eromanga-sensei draws manga too?”

“Yes. She said ”If you couldn’t make a drawing like that, then just let me take care of everything”. Her eyes were serious…she was serious…”

“Wow, the illustrator herself took care of the manga, what a perfect development!…Then what happened next?”

“She got a sound beating from a professional manga artist.”


Of course she would! While at first glance, an illustrator and manga artist aren’t really that different, but they are still two different works! Their skills and knowledge requirement are different, not to mention that Army-sensei is way more experienced….Of course she wouldn’t win.

Army-sensei said “Don’t look down on manga” and showed Eromanga-sensei what true skill is like. Then she said “Let me tell you why your manga sucks” and gave a three hours long lecture.

Still, because of that Eromanga-sensei gained valuable experience in manga drawing.

That was how Eromanga-sensei’s I-will-draw-everything-myself fight ended with total defeat.

“I see – I understand everything.”

Tomoe took the magazine and turned a few pages.

“Army-sensei used the penname Eromanga-sensei the Great in order to have a properly showdown.”

“Is that so? Eromanga-sensei truly fell for it, she was really angry.”

“In this magazine, they included Eromanga-sensei’s colored illustration too.”


“When it came to the manga, of course colored pages will use my drawings!”

“Hah! First volume and we’ve already became the magazine’s cover page! Okay, I want to draw this too!”

“Eh? Army-chan already drew it? I knew nothing about that! I want to draw!”

I thought…she was joking. Who could have thought she did draw.

Of course under the current circumstance, Eromanga-sensei’s illustration couldn’t become a manga’s cover page. But it was printed as a congratulations from the original artist.

“Idiot! How could I let my manga have a cover page drawn by the original artist! Are you an idiot!? Idiot!”

“But! But! This is my character! Ohhh ~~! I want to draw the cover page! I want to draw I want to draw!”

“Original author! Say something! Say something to your idiot little sister!”

Such a chaotic scene felt so familiar now.

“Seeing them treat my novel like it was theirs — as the original author, I’m very happy.”

“Ah, right.”

My feelings expressed itself with a smile on my face.

The best manga could only exist thanks to the two Eromanga-sensei.

Leaving the Takasago bookstore, I bought what I needed and returned, with two supermarket bags in my hands.

“Wahwah ~ it’s so cold.”

My body couldn’t help but tremble.

Every years, during autumn, Kantou’s area is always this cold.

On the street, I could see numerous decorated trees and cake advertisements.

In front of the station, there was a shop which was broadcasting a Christmas song…this is time for people to hold hands with their significant others and talk about what gift is better.

“…It has been a long time.”

I breathed out a white smoke.

“In the last few months…a lot has happened.”

September, my new novel was published.

Next was the challenge from Eromanga-sensei the Great.

During the unmask death match, Eromanga-sensei scored a nice victory against Great – because of that, our newest novel became a hot topic.

After that was my first mass printing since my debut.

“Haha…even I can’t believe it.”

There were a few reprints – now, after three months, it has been reprinted five more times – but saying that might not actually help anyone to understand.

In short, it sold very well. Worthy of a celebration.

In the last part of September, I had my first adaption – a manga. Although there was some troubles with trying to find a manga artist…but today, the first manga chapter is already printed in the magazine.

Beside, my second volume is also being sold!

“It is worthy of a celebration!”

I grinned and looked at the clear sky of winter.


Today – not only was today the publishing day of my manga and my novel. There’s something worth celebrating even more.

Today, December 10th….is Sagiri’s birthday.

— My little sister’s birthday.

“Alright…I should hurry up.”

I began to walk faster

Dad and mom are no longer with me…I only have her as my family.

The first time since the locked roomopened, my first little sister’s birthday

I will give it everything I got! Everything! I will not let my little sister have a cold, lonely birthday again!

Yes! I will give her a surprise!

— And so, while I had made up my mind, there was a problem with this plan.

That was the fact Sagiri is a hikikomori.

Thus, we could only celebrate inside the locked room. I had no way to decorate the place beforehand.

And while my little sister is a hikikomori, but when I went to school, she could freely go outside. Go to the first floor, check the refrigerator and other things.

Still, even if I wanted to prepare for a party, I couldn’t skip school. So after school I had to go get my pre-ordered cake, ingredients for food –and then brought them all back home.

“A birthday party between siblings! Sagiri! Your brother is coming home!”

Today is a cold day, but my heart was burning like a raging fire.

“I’m home!”

*Clang* I rushed into the home.

— Welcome back, Nii-san.

My wishful thinking didn’t come true.

When the first volume was published, Sagiri greeted me at the front door.

“….She didn’t come down this time huh.”

I-It’s not like I feel down or anything!

I put those ingredients into my refrigerator and prepared to decorate the living room.

“First is the classic!”

I used a scissor to cut paper into paper chain – then put it around the room.

“Fufufufu ~♪ Birthday ♪ A fun fun birthday ~♪ Decorate ♪ ( hey hey ~) Dress up ♪ ( hey hey ~) Make – a – cake ~ ♥( eh~) We’ll make a delicious fried burdock ~♪”

I happily sang my mother’s “Birthday song” while preparing.

And then:

“…………Er…you, what are you doing?”

A cold voice rang.

“Uyah —-!?”

I was scared shitless and turned around in panic:

“Eh? Elf?”

There was a girl who was laughing in a lolita outfit– Elf

“You, you….since when! Why did you entered my house without permission…?!”

“Hm, this house’s first floor is my territory already…Well, actually today I should have rang the bell…in order to avoid seeing my neighbor in such ridiculous state.”


Yes. Just now, from an outsider’s point of view, I did, indeed, look ridiculous.

“You were humming and singing a denpa song. Just now you looked like a girl who secretly watch moe anime at night.”

“You’re so damn annoying!”

Her word made me think of a certain character.

“Just now, did you sing the fried burdock theme song?”

“No! It’s a Izumi family secret passed from generations to generations – the birthday song.

“Ah, I see.”

Elf sighed in relief and asked again:

“So…what are you doing?”

“Don’t you see? I’m decorating for a birthday party.”

“No no, I already knew that…I also knew that today is Eromanga-sensei’s birthday.”

Eh? Did I tell her that today is Sagiri’s birthday?

A question mark popped up on top of Elf’s head, and she tilted her head in confusion:

“Then shouldn’t you do it in her room? She is a hikikomori after all – why are you decorating the living room?”

“Because this is a birthday party.”

I answered honestly:

“Today is the celebration for my little sister’s thirteenth birthday party. So it’s normal to decorate the entire house.”

“So you only want to satisfy yourself.”

“Can you please not make it sound like that?”

“Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean to insult your beliefs about your little sister. In someways, all religions are about being self-satisfied.”

“Don’t make my feelings about my little sister into a religion!”

“Religion religion – This is the moe little sister religion. Among numerous believer, you are considered the cardinal. Congratulations for the increase of believers.”

Elf took Izumi Masamune’s newest novel, volume two of The Cutest Little Sister in the World out of her bag:

“I bought this at the bookstore in front of the station.”

The cover page was a little sister in love, a drawing born out of Eromanga-sensei’s Eromanga Flash.

“This time, the cover page did not appear on the screen, yet it still had a cover page’s aura! Even if the viewers aren’t a moe lover, they still have to agree that this cover page is a high class show of little sister moe! Thousands of viewer bought this novel because they were taken captive just from looking at this cover page….And I have to say, it’s not like I’m exaggerating, okay?”

“Right right….”

But it’s true that just a look will make your heart race – truly a splendid little sister illustrator.

Still, I never thought even Elf would praise it like that. As expected of Eromanga-sensei.

“Kufufu…I wonder if your story inside is worthy of this cover page?”

“Ugh…you add insult to my injury.”

That was what I worried the most in the second volume – I feared that someone will say Izumi Masamune’s novel is not worthy of this cover page.

Because that illustration was perfect. What a strange problem.

“I bet that people on the Internet will compare your story with the illustration like I did and almost faint!”

“..Why the hell do you sound so happy?”

“Come! Izumi Masamune! Read those comments about your novel on blogs and endure it! Then you will become a true light novel author who can stand beside me!”

Come! Come at me!

The Great Yamada Elf-sensei broke into insane laughter.

“No! I will definitely not look them up! No means no!”

“It doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t look them up, someone close to you will and tell you what they say — just like the recent self-erotic rumorthat was slowly made about Muramasa-chan.”

“You are the culprit aren’t you?! Don’t let Muramasa-senpai see that kind of thing anymore! I feel sorry for her!”

Anyway, just like Elf said, no matter what happened, as long as a work is famous, its dark side will grow in number.

None of it has appeared in my life before.

Just like a manga adaption …It never happened before…many would probably show up later.

“In any case, what I have to do won’t change no matter what.”

“Ha ~?”

Elf chucked a bit. I pointed at the Sekaimo novel on her hand:

“This second volume – even I have to admit that this is the best I have ever written until now. If it doesn’t do well, that means God himself wants to kill me.”

I had said that before…after a novel’s manuscript was finished, there was still an editing period.

Both the editor and the author would be pushed to the absolutely limit. The irregular working order combined with the stress made it very, very hard for both of them. If some troubles occurred, there was a chance it could destroy everything.

Even after three years, I still couldn’t get used to it.

But even so, I had no choice but to do it.

— Not because I could endure more hard work.

“If even it doesn’t do well, that means God himself wants to kill me.” — I actually don’t have the right to say that.

I said that to declare my conviction. As long as I kept my conviction, even if I wanted to give up, even if I cried, I would stand up and keep going forward – crawling forward, if I must.

“I see.”

Elf looked like she understood what I meant.

“Then, I’m going to read it and have some fun – Izumi-sensei ♥.

She held my book on her chest in satisfaction.

“Since you made your conviction clear to me, as a token of good will I will remind you something. Masamune, now isn’t the time to leisurely decorate your house.”

“Hm? Yes? What’s wrong?”

“Why do you think I know that today is Eromanga-sensei’s birthday?”

Elf pointed at the ceiling:

“Today, since the morning, the video website has been broadcasting Eromanga-sensei’s live birthday party


I was shocked for a moment —

“For real!?”

And then my legs had already carried me out of the living room.

“Are you kidding me!? I tried to prepare for it but the party had already started? What is the meaning of that, Eromanga-sensei —–!?”


I rushed to the stairs – and stopped.

“Ugh….if it is showing live, then I shouldn’t interrupt.”

I gave up on going to the locked room and took Elf to my room instead.

I turned my computer on and opened a web browser. And then —

“Eromanga-sensei ! Happy birthday!”

“Happy ~” “Happy birthday!” “How old are you?”

“Happy birthday to you!” “I’ve always been watching~!” “I like you a lot!”

The comment section was filled with congratulations.

It looked like this “Birthday party” was planned by Army after knowing Sagiri’s birthday, then she asked Sagiri to join.

With Army taking the lead, many illustrators joined Sagiri in talking with their audience —

The birthday party was full of happiness.

“Ha…what the hell.”

Seeing the live video…I felt at ease.

“She…there are so many people celebrating her birthday with her.”

It looked like the birthday party for us siblings was not going to happen.

My little sister – is so famous.

Even as a hikimomori, even if she didn’t go to school, even if she couldn’t hold a proper conversation face to face… she had a wonderful birthday party.

I’m proud of my little sister…and a bit jealous too.

“Recently, her website’s ranking among video websites had slowly recovered. Everyone is still like Eromanga-sensei is the foundation.”

Elf put a hand on my shoulder to comfort me.

Then her cute face drew close to mine:

“Eromanga-sensei already has her fans to cheer her up, so…fufu, Masamune! Let us show our own Eromanga Flash!”

“Don’t make Eromanga Flash into something erotic!”

Really! What was she thinking!

“By the way, I’m not really sure myself, but what exactly is it?”

She must meant “what is needed to learn Eromanga Flash”.

“….Er….er….A hug?”

“Eh? Just that?”

I tried to ask too:

“Is there anything else?”

“Well, when I saw her during the secret training….I see…that was the incomplete version?”


Don’t make it so confusing.

Since Elf’s sharp, I thought she might have noticed something.

“Based on Army-chan’s information, you need something much more than that to train Eromanga Flash.”

“Now you mentioned it, Sagiri said something similar…”

She said about how it needed more…or something.

“I did asked Army-chan what “more than that” mean, but she acted embarrassed and refused to tell me. It looks like this girl hasn’t done it either.”

“Why didn’t you push! You want to know, didn’t you! Ask how erotic that Eromanga Flash can be!”

“Okay, Masamune, think back about what you just said.”

Crap! I was too excited and spoke without thinking…

“If this was romantic comedy then yes, it’d be worth it to ask, but we are living in real life. We aren’t living in light novel. So what a pity, The true Eromanga-senseiwon’t get you excited.”Excited how?

“Of course I know that!”

You don’t have to say so much….!

“Ha ~ ! Really…….alright, I will return to preparing the birthday party.”

I stood up with a *crack*.

“Isn’t Eromanga-sensei having a party with others right now?” Elf asked an oblivious question.

“People on the Internet can’t make cake or a meal, right?”

“And Kinpira?”

“Or Kinpira.”

Although everyone on the Internet took the first party… there was something only family can do.

Lots, and lots of thing.

“Just let her elder brother take care of that.”

“I see.”

Satisfied, Elf grinned.

“Here, for you.”

She took a beautiful box out of her bag.

“This is?”

“My birthday present. You — give it to her for me.”

A birthday present…from a friend.

Just like a congratulations from fans…this is something an elder brother couldn’t give her.

After that, I had my hands full with preparations. Not only the living room, I put decorations over the locked room’s door. I even made a small Happy birthday message board.

“Now I think about it, decorating the house is not a bad idea.”

Elf didn’t help, she just stood aside and gave me advice.

“Actually, I myself also like thesewishes from the heart

“Really? Don’t you think it’s troublesome?”

“If it is for this child then it should be fine.”

Normally, when it came to cooking and stuff, as long as it’s possible, Elf would do anything to show off her skills as a girl, but not today. While she brought a present, I couldn’t see her intentions to join in this party.

….I think it was her intention too.

“When my birthday comes, make sure to congratulate me with your heart.”

And so —

It was dark now. I sat in the locked room in front of my little sister.

There was cake and hand-made food.

Although Eromanga-sensei’s birthday party had ended…

Sagiri’s birthday had only just began.

“ — And then, there was someone who saw my video and began to practice drawing…That person…today…gave me a drawing. Although that person has only been drawing for a year, but he is really good…I was so amazed. He must practice a lot…Because of my live video…that drawing could exist…I felt, I felt…unbelievable…I think it’s amazing…Heheh.”

“I see.”

Is that so? Everything in the world is so amzing.

Anyone who is in love would agree with me.

“Also, Army-sensei drew some new characters from Sekaimo. There was some modifications compare to the original…But everyone said that they like it…But I was a bit troubled.”

“I’ve seen it too. I think it’s good.”

“That’s why I was troubled…Mwu…Nii-san, you don’t get it.”

“Ah is that so – sorry sorry. Of course, I prefer your drawings to hers.”

“Hm…I don’t need your flattery.”

“It’s not. I truly think that.”

“Forget it. Also, there’s —“

Sagiri was still talking with me about today.

About how everyone wished her a happy birthday…while she was talking, her expression changed from happiness, to anger, and then surprise —


One of my dreams had come true.

“Really, are you listening to me? …Nii-san?……Are you crying?”

I smiled and used my sleeves to wipe my eyes, and tried to hide my feelings.

“Because you are acting different, your elder brother was sad.”

This scene – a family eating at the same table – how long has it been?

When we ate the cotton candy before, I already wanted to cry…but today I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I really couldn’t.

Making a meal, eating together, talking about random stuff. Sometimes quarreling.

All of them were trivial stuff, but it was truly irreplaceable.

People only became aware of things after they lost them.

Family is nice. Just…just being close to each other made people happy….Without them, it’s so lonely.

“…So-sorry…I…I didn’t…”

“Idiot. I was joking.”

I put my hand on my little sister’s head.

“Eh? Eh?”

Sagiri’s eyes widened, and she blushed.

“A lot happened today with me as well.”

I took my smartphone out and showed an image to Sagiri.

“I want to show you some of my recent ones. Here is my friend at the bookstore which sells light novel, she even made a special corner to sell The Cutest Little Sister in the World. And since the manga has just started, our creativity is good, thus she found it interesting — that’s why…”


The image showed Tomoe in an apron, made a peace sign with her hand and holding a light novel in the other.

“This is Tomoe. Because she is a fan of Muramasa-senpai, she usually gives my novels a harsh review. Even when I asked her to move my novel into that recommendation corner, she never agreed. This time, Tomoe said ’it’s interesting’! Haha! I even made a victory pose!”

To defy the harsh reviews with one’s own power felt awesome!

If that was Elf-sensei, I bet she would have boasted a lot! Like kneel before me or something.

But while I wouldn’t say that, I still felt very happy.

“This bookstore girl…what big breast…what is her relationship to you?”

“My friend, my classmate! What else?”

“Hmmm ~~~~~~

“Ummm! Also —“

Then I gave her the present from her friend.

“This is from Elf.”


She was shooting me a suspicious gaze a moment ago, as if asking “What are you doing, changing the topic in a panic like that”, but then Sagiri’s eyes widened, and she was stunned.

“……….What’s wrong? You look surprised.”

“….Ah…Ah…I…never thought….”


“….I would receive…..a present from a friend….”


She didn’t think that she would get a gift from a friend, so she was surprised.

Even though she is a hikikomori – someone who never leaves her room.

That was what my translation skills told me. What do you guys think?

“…Really….I don’t know what kind of expression I should make.”

Sagiri looked down, and muttered.

“I think just do it normally – alright, open it.”


With a *crank*, Sagiri opened the small beautiful warped box.

Inside were colorful pens. All of them were covered in female characters from Elf’s novel The Expurgatory Flame of the Dark Elf.


“It really is something ~ I couldn’t understand what she was thinking.”

To give out a present covered in one’s own work…she was very confident.

But, well, this is expected of her….this is not a bad choice, right?

“That is a nice drawing tool, Sagiri.”

“Yes…I will treasure them.”

Sagiri ~ cherished those color pens.

It’s great…! She seemed to like it, Elf! I’m jealous of you!

“And this — is from Megumi.”

“From Megumi-chan?”

“Yes, yes. While she couldn’t attend your live birthday party, and couldn’t meet you directly… she said she will come tomorrow to wish you a happy birthday.”

“I see….but why there are two of them?”

A question mark appeared on top of Sagiri’s head, as she looked at the two presents.

One was something thinly warped, and one was a small square box.

“She said this smaller one came from your classmates.”

Sagiri opened it as I said. Inside was —


Simply put, there were messages from others.

“Izumi-san, happy birthday” “Come to school during the third term” “You definitely can get along with everyone” “Everyone is waiting for you” —-


With a loud *thud*, Sagiri immediately dropped down.

Hey Megumi! This one had the most destructive effect!

You…truly don’t understand the feelings of someone who doesn’t go to school.

“Ha…okay…how about look at the other presents? That was from Megumi herself – probably.”


With teary eyes, Sagiri looked at Megumi’s present.. Inside was a small….


It seemed like she got the perfect present for Sagiri.

“…So cute.”

Yup, her mood immediately recovered.

“Um ~ how could Megumi know what Sagiri likes?

“…Maybe…when she came to my room…she looked around and noticed….”

It seemed like it was the only explanation.

— Among the techniques to make friends, the most important things is you need to know about your target.

I take back what I said before. Megumi sure is amazing. As expected of someone with 500 friends.

After that, thanks to Elf and Megumi, Sagiri looked beaming with joy.

Thankfully —- giving her those presents first was the right choice.


“Ah, um.”

I was hiding “something” behind my back, desperately trying to think of some way to say it.

It’s useless….I can’t do it!

“Sagiri — this is from me.”

I gave her my present.

Due to my nervousness, I kept my head down so Sagiri couldn’t see my face. My hand felt the present disappear, meaning that Sagiri had taken it. Then the sound of tearing paper entered my ears.



I scratched my cheek, looked at Sagiri and answered:

“….A padded kimono.”

“…This is the first time I’ve ever seen one…there is cotton inside…fluffy.”

“Yes it is. When it’s cold, you could wear it as another layer outside…although I bought it instead of making it….and it isn’t good-looking…sorry.”


Sagiri put it on.

“ ——— “

“…What…is wrong? It doesn’t suit me?”

“No no, it suits you so much… But I don’t know whether or not I should feel happy.”

Because I don’t want my little sister to catch a cold, so I picked some clothes that could keep her warm.

The small Sagiri in big clothes…how should I put it…she looked bigger. Just like….a fat kitten.

I mean, she’s cute! A small animal-type cute!

But the design, even putting it politely, is too simple. I feared that Sagiri might not like it.


Wearing clothes I bought, Sagiri smiled.

“….I’m very, happy.”

“Congratulations on your thirteenth birthday, Sagiri.”

“….Um…you too, Izumi-sensei….congratulations on your new book.”

“Ah. Both my new book and my manga could only be completed thanks to you.”

“…Um….it is not…something worth mentioning….because since the beginning….I have caused a lot of trouble…for Army-chan and Izumi-sensei.”

“Haha, true, that was quite a mess.”


“Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Don’t mention the past.”


“And then! Sagiri —- Sagiri?”


My little sister’s whole body wobbled – then, like a switch had been turned off, she fell down.


I barely managed to catch her before she hit the ground and breathed a sigh of relief.

“…This time…It was truly….. hard for you…now it’s over….you can finally rest.”

Without waking my little sister, I picked her up.

She’s so light. With such a small body…she still pushed herself to work.

To draw a drawing that could move people.

Even when she hated the manga adaption.

Even when she is a hikikomori, someone who’s afraid of the outside world.

But she faced Army seriously without fear.

Even if Army is her adeneshi, they still don’t know each other that well. That must be hard for her.

After so many conversations, so many arguments, so many opinions —

It must have caused a lot of stress on her heart.

She used to be unable to talk to anyone directly, she could only communicate with me via the banging on the ceiling ….to think she could endure until now.

The accumulated stress was not easy to disappear.

That’s why I wanted to show her my appreciation.

She tried so hard just so her hikikomori self could finish her work.

“Really…you really are amazing.”

I put my little sister, who had fallen asleep from being tired in the bed and dropped a blanket on her, and then gently patted it;

“Thank you for your hard work, Eromanga-sensei.”