September the 12th .

My newest novel The Cutest Little Sister in the World has been sold for two days.

After two days – reader’s opinions began to appear on the Internet.

A newbie author would be nervous and try to look at a forum on the internet to listen to any information about his novel. But not for someone who had given up on the Internet like Izumi Masamune. There would be a while until I cared about them.

I asked my editor to pick some good opinions from the Internet, and I received mail from readers or someone told me – that was how I became aware of my reader’s opinions. Right now – it would be a lie if I said I don’t want to know what others think about my novel, but I can bear it.

Still, there are many types of people in the world. From the ones who crazily surf the Internet like Elf to the ones who don’t give a damn about the readers like Muramasa-senpai.

There are so many types of people.

Anyway, I’m getting off track.

Today, I’m not troubled because I don’t know what my readers thought. In fact, now isn’t the time for me to worry. Not when right now there was very troublesome problem in front of me.

Let me make it clear:

I’m sitting inside the locked room.

Together with two beautiful light novel authors, both are wearing erotic bikinis and playing Twister.

“No, no! It’s so embarrassing! What kind of pose is that…”

“Kukukuku….do you feel hopeless, Muramasa? Didn’t I say so – this is the condition Eromanga-sensei made to let Masamune take part in that trip! Don’t try to run away!”

“I never thought that I have to wear this shameless clothing to play Twister!”

“Of course you don’t. I hid the facts to make sure you would agree.”

“You! You dare…!”

“I’m wearing this too, so everyone is equal, alright?”

“No we aren’t…! Not that…You…you pervert!”

Muramasa-senpai was playing together with Elf.

On the side, Sagiri turned into Eromanga-sensei mode and was totally focused on drawing erotic illustrations. Normally, there was no way she would let three people inside. But when she turned into Eromanga-sensei… it didn’t become a problem anymore.

Or rather, when she turned into that mode, aside from the fact she couldn’t go out, she is like any other normal girl. To her, there is a big different between “letting someone inside my room” and “going outside”.

*Shuushshuush*Still drawing, Eromanga-sensei kept giving orders like a film director:

“Muramasa-chan, right hand to red! Elf-chan, left hand to yellow! Oh damn it – I can’t see anything!”

Pushing the mask to the side, her cute face was revealed.

Unlike normal games, you will make some erotic poses as long as you followed Eromanga-sensei.

Not to mention….

“Kuh….Ma, Masamune-kun! Why are you here? You looked like someone proudly sitting in the middle of girl’s changing room!”

“There is no need for you to say anything! It’s not like I like it! But I have to! If Eromanga-sensei turned berserk I’m the only one can stop her!”

“You’re just making an excuse! You want to look right? Why don’t you stop her now?”

“Don’t be mistaken! Look, I’ve been covering my eyes since the beginning!”

“Re, really? You didn’t secretly look?”

“No I didn’t! I’ve see nothing! A truthful description is “since I slammed my eyes shut I can’t see anything”.”

I turned to the general direction of that voice — to the one in the erotic bikini, Muramasa-senpai and answered.

“Ohhh….but…..even though….while I can still handle you looking at me….”

“Muramasa-chan, although you said that, you actually want to show your erotic side to the one you like, Masamune, don’t you?”

“Wh, what nonsense! I, I’m not such a shameless girl….!”

I knew it would turn out this way the moment I heard we would be gathering in our home.

“Alright Muramasa-chan, next left leg to blue.”


Eromanga-sensei coldly continued.

By the way, now the computer inside was broadcasting “live video”. Noticing this, Muramasa-senpai panicked:

“Ah! Could, could it be…that….people are seeing everything here on a live video?”

If that were the case, I bet someone had already banned us.

Eromanga-sensei kept drawing while answering:

“Don’t worry, it’s just showing a previous recording.”

Before she decided to show something, she needed to check it again and fix anything that didn’t meet her standard.

What a hardworking girl. But that is to be expected. After all, aside from drawing, live video streaming is something really important to Eromanga-sensei. This is a way for my hikikomori little sister to interact with her fans.

But seeing how focused she was, I doubt that she knew anything about the world right now…just like how I was whenever I had a new idea.

“Good good! Keep making that super embarrassed expression!”

With a bright smile, Eromanga-sensei wiped her forehead.

“Ehehe, what would people think if I showed them this?”

“Whatever.” “No nonono! I’m gonna die! Someone will be killed!”

When everyone were shouting —

Suddenly, the computer *brrr*.

“Eh?” “Is it broken?” “Is that a timed function?” “Did you install something strange?”

Everyone had their own ideas, so our eyes focused on the screen. For a few seconds, the screen still showed Eromanga-sensei —


Then the screen shook —

*Brr!* Finally, a strange person appeared on the screen.

“!” “…What the?” “This is…”

Our eyes were glued to “that person”.

Yes. That was a strange person — someone strange even among this strange situation.

If I had to describe them….

“That person” wore an anime mask, with a big coat covering their whole body. Although the other side was dark, the image’s resolution was low, but I could guess that I was bigger than they were.

Sound familiar? Yeah I know. But that can’t be helped.

“…This is….”

Because everyone here knew that person.

“Exactly like Eromanga-sensei!”

“No, it’s not me!”

Sagiri replied in a firm tone. If she was here then that person couldn’t be Eromanga-sensei. Even if it was a recording, I’m still sure of it.

The fake Eromanga-sensei on the screen — although looking similar to Eromanga-sensei, there were differences. From the coat to the anime mask, both were black.

「Hey, are you watching — 」

That person raised his voice in a mechanical tone. His mask had a smiling face like any proper antagonists. Not to mention his tone was suitable too.

He laughed like a spoiled kid, and said:

「Are you watching, fake? 」


I glanced at my little sister. This was clearly aimed at Eromanga-sensei. Sagiri’s eyes widened.

“Fake? Are you…talking about me?”

「Yes. You, who stole my name, you fake Eromanga-sensei. 」

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but that person looked at Sagiri:

「Listen carefully, fake! 」

He pointed his finger at himself:

「I’m the real Eromanga-sensei! 」