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1LDK, Soshite 2JK.



“Ehh…Uhmm…long time no see, sir”

(…….No way)

Komamura, a bachelor salaryman, has been entrusted to take care of his cousin, Kanon, A Gal JK.

Just as he was wrapping his head around the sudden change in his life as he went on with his work—

“Can I stay with you overnight?”

“Hey, I really think it’s better for you to head back home……”

“That’s the last thing I would ever want to do.”


He was in the city when surprisingly, responsibility came rolling in—

When he met the Runaway JK, Himari, at a loss on what to do.

“Kazu-nii, Himari. I made sukiyaki tonight.”

“Komamura-san, I-I’ll be washing your back…..!”

“All of you just go to bed!”

Their abrupt cohabitation that came out of nowhere.

A heartwarming home love comedy that’s spun from living with two high-school girls

My Sensei is a Cute Fiancée After School

GENRES: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Seinen, School Life


Under a single roof, a Sensei and a student secretly agree to live together!? Sakurakouji Reina, a beautiful woman, my teacher, and my fiancée!? And we’re going to be living together in secret!? And also, Sensei is surprisingly denseless and shy, so it’s pretty cute! The story of a secret agreement to live together between Sensei and student begins here!

Vizard: Date A Live’s LN Translation

[Licensed] Date A Live 21

GENRES:Action, Fantasy Sci-Fi, Love Comedy, Drama, School Life, Harem


A girl who is killing the world has appeared in a world where Spirits should have vanished—

One day, one year after that Spirit disappeared; Itsuka Shidou encounters a single girl with a sense of loss.

“—You are…”

“……Name, huh? I have already forgotten such a thing……”

What is the indentity of the girl who denies the world……

[Licensed] Date A Live 22

GENRES:Action, Fantasy Sci-Fi, Love Comedy, Drama, School Life, Harem


The mysterious Spirit “Beast” that appeared in a world where Spirits should no longer exist. With an unknown goal and purpose, the girl appears to have a mysterious attachment to Shido Itsuka, as the boy risks his life to try and open a discussion. The former Spirit girls gather on the bettlefield prepared to answer Shido’s determination. It doesn’t matter wheter they habe the power of the Spirits or not. Date and make her fall in love—that is the accumulation of everything so far.

“—I came to save you.”


And so, the war to meet once again on April 10th, thhe story’s beginning, the fated day. The conclusion of a new generation of boy meets girl!