Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance


The mysterious Spirit “Beast” that appeared in a world where Spirits should no longer exist. With an unknown goal and purpose, the girl appears to have a mysterious attachment to Shido Itsuka, as the boy risks his life to try and open a discussion. The former Spirit girls gather on the battlefield prepared to answer Shido’s determination. It doesn’t matter whether they have the power of the Spirits or not. Date and make her fall in love──that is the accumulation of everything so far.

“──I came to save you.”


And so, the war to meet once again on April 10th, the story’s beginning, the fated day. The conclusion of a new generation of boy meets girl!

Information of the Light Novel:

Information of the Translation:

  • Author: Tachibana Koushi
  • Artist: Tsunako
  • Status: Finished with 22 Volumes.
  • Translator: Vizard
  • Editor: Vizard
  • Volume 22 Complete

Date a Live Vol. 22