“So it turned out to be like this.”

The White Queen examined Bishop’s records and giggled a little.

“That girl was thinking those sorts of sentiments. I feel like my own child has betrayed me.”

Meanwhile, the White Queen began to forget that Sagakure Yuri was Bishop. It was information that was no longer needed and trying to understand her would only place unnecessary pressure on her brain. Therefore, she didn’t hesitate to forget about this.

Compared to that, there were also several pieces of important information. First of all──


She spoke to a nearby Empty. The White Queen pointed her gun at the nervous girl who approached her.

“Become Bishop from now on. The Scorpio Bullet <Akrab>.”

The sound of gunfire──the venom from the scorpion flowed into the Empty’s body, transforming her.

“……Please accept my sincere service.”

The other Empties looked on in envy at the girl who became Bishop.

Becoming one of the Three Executives was the ultimate promotion for the Empties that served the White Queen. To be able to offer advice to the Queen, listen to the Queen’s orders, and send orders down to them.

“That’ll be the end of the infiltration operation. I understand Tokisaki Kurumi’s weakness now, so let’s clean up that rebellious element in the Fifth Region Gevurah.”

“You mean──”


The White Queen smiled as she spoke.

“Let’s proceed to the Fifth Region Gevurah. The decisive battle will be on that barren land. Upon arrival, my personality will switch to the real one.”