Coughing from forcibly gulping a large amount of seawater, Higoromo Hibiki vomited it back out in flustered state. After touching her protective headgear, she felt a sense of relief from still being okay. Hearing a scream come from behind, she hurriedly hid on the ground.

Due to the impact of the explosion, the Quasi-Spirit nearby her had dropped out.

“Major──! Major Higoromo──! This is impossible──! We can’t even move one step closer!”

As the Quasi-Spirit subordinate on her side screamed, Hibiki instructed her to approach from below. The Quasi-Spirits were being knocked down one after the other from this violent barrage. A huge playing card somehow crawled about to join up with Hibiki.

“Major Higoromo! What should I do──!”

“Sergeant Ace of Spades! There’s no other choice but to go over to that Czech hedgehog over there!”

Hibiki pointed to a white object that prevented a landing boat from docking. It was some sort of steel barricade shaped like a quadruped block.

“Don’t be absurd!”

“There’s no choice but to go forward! And pray to God that you won’t be hit by that MG42 machine gun!”

Aces of Spades nodded as she shouted at the trembling new recruits behind them.

“March forward! Follow after Major Higoromo’s ass! Let’s go!”

“Hey, you could have said it more elegantly! March!”

Soon Hibiki’s group will sink into the sea. They made a resolute march towards land.

Hibiki ran towards the barricade, her body feeling heavier the moment she left the water.

Gagagagaga, accompanied by that sound, her feet violently kicked up dust. Seeing the nearby Quasi-Spirits being gunned down one after the other, there wasn’t even time to breathe in trying to escape this dangerous place.

“Arrival! How many people were taken down!?”

Aces of Spade responded to Hibiki’s inquiry.

“Three people!”

“No, it’s four. I am dead.”

A Quasi-Spirit waved her hand as she toppled down.



“A dangerous word beginning with F! That girl is a little bit awkward!”

“So, what should I do now?”

Hibiki needed to sneak into the bunker through the gaps in the fence. 7.92mm bullets were being fired continuously without interruption. This would only continue to grow worse. They needed to break through the barbed wire.

“Prepare the Nitro Dress cylinder!”

Ace of Spades responded to Hibiki’s command.

“Yes, ma’am! Bring the Nitro Dress cylinder along!”

The Sergeant took the large clotheshorse tube that a Quasi-Spirit presented out and handed it over to Hibiki.

Hibiki gave a signal to the people who made it to reach the Czech hedgehog.

“Run over to that barbed wire and blow it up at once!”

“Okay──” “Roger that!”

She took in a deep breath, wiping away the sweat and mud on her face──


Once again they began to rush towards the depths of hell. The sound of gunshots was just like the stinger of a wasp buzzing close to her ear. The barbed wire was only ten meters away, but the distance still felt as far as a full marathon.

Somehow, they reached the bottom of the barbed wire. The bunker’s machine guns wouldn’t reach here so she was given a margin to breathe.

“Are you ready? As soon as this catches fire, run away immediately! If you stay too close, you’ll be blown away by the blast! You won’t even be able to scream! Eardrums will be blown up by the shockwaves! Sergeant, match!”

“Fire for a playing card is a little……”

“Fine, then someone else! If not, I’ll do it!”

Immediately after igniting the Nitro Dress explosive, they ran away. The cylindrical crystal explosive was thrown at the barbed wire.

For a moment, the world stood still.

A terrifying cloud of dust blew up from the blast. Screams coming from Quasi-Spirits erupted from everywhere. Inside, those that sustained injuries let out a sorrowful cry. 

Anyhow, the barbed wire was broken. Now they just need to get into the fortress.

“All members strike──”

Hibiki’s words came to a stop. Sitting on a 20mm cannon and drinking tea, there was one girl that looked out of place for this scene.

On a table beside her were a noble antique pistol and rifle.

Hibiki screamed so loud that she didn’t care if her helmet would fall off in the process.

“Gya──────! Kurumi────────────san!”

“Alright, I’m coming over now. Hibiki-san and the other rebels.”

Placing her black tea down, Kurumi reached for her short pistol.

She aimed at her former companion Higoromo Hibiki.

“Why is it like this……”

Then, she didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

The fired bullet extended out towards the head of a Quasi-Spirit right next to Hibiki.

The wet paper target on the helmet was smashed into pieces.

“She got me!”

Bang, she fell onto the ground.

“Now then everyone, the decisive battle has begun. To that end, I intend to make full use of <Zafkiel>. For the time being, I’ll accelerate with the First Bullet <Aleph>!”

“How despicable──────! Retreat ────────────!”

Hibiki’s scream echoed vacantly in the air.