Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama, Ecchi


After escaping from Binah, Kurumi and Cistus found themselves in Hod, the Eighth region, that is dominated by ocean and blue sky, just like an eternal summer. They have been separated from Hibiki and Carte who had jumped into the gate earlier.

Hod is also a region with Quasi Spirits who find their meaning of life through battle. But just like the Eight Spirits, their fight is a competition between two factions in the form of a non-lethal war game. The Banouin faction, led by Dominion, Kareha Banouin, and the Rebel Army, led by Retsumi Jugasaki.

While Kurumi arrived in the Dominion’s palace, Hibiki arrived in the Rebel Army and got drafted as soldier.

Separated by fate into opposing sides, Hibiki encounters Kurumi standing for the enemy after dashing through hail of bullets, and the Third Spirit wielding water pistol Zaphkiel looks very pissed off.

Information of the Light Novel:

  • Author: Yuichiro Hideshige -Tachibana Koushi
  • Artist: NOCO
  • Status: In publication with 5 Volumes.

Information of the Translation:

  • Translator:
  • Editor:
  • Volume 4 in Translation…

Date a Bullet Vol. 4


Region of Competing Winds

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On the Other Side, at the Same Time……

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Blooming Fervently in Full Glory

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