Afterword (※Includes spoilers for the main story. Please be careful for those having not read yet)

It’s been nine years since the first Date A Live volume was released on March 19, 2011.

The volume completing the original story, ‘Date A Live Volume 22 Tohka Good End Second Half’, has been delivered.

What did you think? If this series can leave the slightest aftertaste in your mind, then there is no better joy.

Long time no see, this is Tachibana Kōshi. Date A Live, which I have been working on for a long time, is also complete.

Thanks to everyone’s support, it has become a long-running series that has far surpassed the expectations at the beginning of the project. Also, I was able to have several developments in a few manga serializations, anime, game, theatrical release, spin-offs, and etc. It’s possible to say it’s an extraordinarily blessed series.

This is also thanks to the various people participating and the readers involved with ‘date’. On this occasion, thank you very much.

Tsunako-san. Thank you for the longest time. Without Tsunako-san’s illustrations, ‘date’ couldn’t have been completed. For Spirits, mecha, plain clothes, orders without moderation, we always received the best work. I ran through the original work feeling embarrassed by Tusnako’s illustrations. Really, thank you very much. Thank you for the feedback every time. It’s always encouraging.

Kusano-san. Impressions of the world of ‘date’ through the original work, anime, and advertisements, it’s no exaggeration to say that it was shaped from Kusano-san’s good taste. Every time I received a cool and stylish cover design, I was excited. Thank you for the best job.

Person in charge. Thinking about it, we’ve been socializing since winning the award, so it is about to be 12 years this year? The other author of date is you. Thank you very much. Sorry for always pulling along the manuscript. I’ll do my best for the next work, so I’ll be blessed if we can keep working together for a while now.

Higashide-san. NOCO-san. Cool writing style x Cool illustration = strongest. Thank you for the wonderful spin-off. I’m really looking forward to the anime.

And also to the many people involved in ‘date’ , manga artists, illustrators, animation staff, cast, game staff, figures and goods productions, editing, distribution, and bookstores, etc. And also you who are holding this book right now. Really, thank you very much.

Origami. You were initially a heroine with the role of the bad guy. For that reason, you may have suffered a lot early on. However, your point of view, which should be another leading role, was very helpful in writing the story. And above all, it was fun writing about you. And after passing the greatest hills in the first half, volume 10 and volume 11, you have become a great heroine. It was really nice to write about you. Thank you.

Nia. Although you were a late player in the Spirit group, surprisingly everyone got use to you in an instant. You are cheerful, active, nerd-savvy, and a meta-speaker. I can’t imagine a short story without you anymore. Sorry for using personal punchlines so often. I’m always being saved. Thank you.

Kurumi. You, summoned from my high school notebook, were in the some ways the oldest character. And above all else, you are a character that has surpassed my imagination. Now, I can’t talk about ‘Date A Live’ without you. Also, I’ve received a lot of care from your figurine and promotional goods. Thank you.

Yoshino. And also Yoshinon. You who appeared in the second volume were important characters who changed the ‘dot’ indicated by Tohka into a ‘line’. My oasis when I was in the dire distress of fumbling with a new series. And above all else, at the end of the story, I was surprised displaying your amazing growth and great efforts. It’s no exaggeration to say that you are the MVP of volume 20. Thank you.

Kotori. You are a meritorious person who has supported this series from the beginning to the end. Without you, this story wouldn’t have been completed. Often in the position of becoming the viewpoint character, it could be described as the character closest to the author. And that meant having to make various painful decisions. Sorry. You being here was a great help. Thank you.

Mukuro. Because you appeared last among the Spirits, you were less likely to appear than the other characters, but still a splendid presence was shown among them. A character with numerous attributes to compete with the existing characters, but the most impressive thing was your purity. Just from your presence, every scene became gentler. Thank you.

Natsumi. You feel like a character I love to make at my own selfishness. You don’t like your negative self, but let’s confess my pen was at its best when writing your point of view. The character that can easily play an active role in short stories along with Nia. She shined even more by gaining a friend name Yoshino and a natural enemy named Miku. I wish you all the happiness from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Kaguya. You were supposed to be a chunnibyou character, but before one knew it, that was tampered and you just became a character often toyed with. That was a nice miscalculation. It was really nice to be able to write about yours and Yuzuru’s past. Sorry for using you like Crocodine. But it was of great help. When hearing you say, “Somehow why are my comments different from everyone else!?” that facet is also very endearing. Thank you.

Yuzuru. If Kaguya was meant to be ‘dynamic’, then you were set up to be a ‘static’ character, but unexpectedly more natural than Kaguya, you ended being a carnivorous character. That was also a nice miscalculation. A good teacher was met. Finally, it was nice to be able to show off Kazamachi Yamai. I think the loveliness shown on your date with Shidou is your characteristic quality. Thank you.

Miku. Unexpected changes and growth are common. But among that, yours was surprising. At first hated, but before one noticed you became a beloved character. Incidentally, the person-in-charge likes you the most. Usually a monster, it was very cool how you also became a sempai character. I hope I can listen to your song again. Thank you.

Tohka. ‘Date A Live’ started with you. This story was born because you were there. I was on this long journey because you were there. Finally, to see your smile, I was able to write a 22 volume story. Not only fun times, there will surely be many difficulties waiting in the future. But I believe you’ll keep smiling till the very end. With Shidou, with everyone, may happiness be blessed for many years to come. Really, thank you.

Mayuri. The theatrical release was a lot of fun. Due to the length and setting, there were little interactions and dialogue with Shidou, but your last words still remain in my heart. Thank you.

Rinne. When talking about the game, you were born as an original heroine made with all my strength. I really think you became a memorable character. Thank you.

Maria. And also MARIA. You who came from the beginning of the story, I really didn’t think you be able to appear in this manner. Thank you.

Marina. At first you were a villain, but then played an unexpected role. Your ending in Rio Reincarnation was my hope. Thank you.

Rio. Many characters have been saved because of you. It’s difficult to get involved in the main setting. But I won’t forget. There was a certain world where you were born. Thank you.

Ren. Not much to talk about since your game isn’t released yet. But one thing. Thank you very much for a story that could only be possible because of you. Thank you.

Mio. In a sense, ‘Date A Live’ was the story of your love. In fact, at the beginning, the story was going to end at your story. But that wasn’t the case. Three volumes about the story of the Spirits were born. Your daughters have surpassed you. I was really happy to be able to depict your story. Please be happy with Shinji. Thank you.

Reine. I’ll count you separately from Mio. Your services were hidden in the story. Supporting Kotori, helping Shidou, and guiding everyone. Even if the root of it was your own desires, your presence was a source of trust for everyone. You may deny it yourself, but you were gentler than anyone else. Surely, until those last moments. Thank you.

Mana. Your presence had a very important role in adding depth to the story. I’m sorry you had a difficult life. But you’re also the leading handsome character in the story. Thank you.

Tenka. At first you should have been a ruthless character, but before one could noticed, you became an imoto-worried older sister character. Surely, thanks to you, Tohka was happy. Thank you.

Parallel World Tohka. You will surely be able to grasp the future that you want. Thank you.

Ellen, Westcott, Woodman, Karen. The story began thank to you all. The best villains and the reliable superiors respectively. Thank you.

Kannazuki, Shiizaki, Kawagoe, Nakatsugawa, Minowa, Mikimoto. Thanks to our support, Shidou was able to go on those dates. Sorry for letting you choose strange options. Thank you.

Tama-chan, Tonomachi, Ai, Mai, Mii. You all were a symbol of the everyday life. Thank you for constantly staying by with Tohka and the others.

Ryouko, Mikie, and Milly. Thank you for always protecting Tenguu City.

Shinji, Artemisia, <Nibelcole>, Tatsuo, Haruko, Jessica, Paddington, Andrew, Ashley, Cecil, Leonora, Minerva, Murdoch, Kanon, Hiyori, Nagisa, Asahi, Subaru, Ririko, Robo Origami. And to all the characters not written here, thank you very much.

And Shidou. At the beginning of this project, you were a colorless character. But while writing the story, and as the story progressed, you became more and more colored. Your presence is a must. You are my best friend I would admire. Surely, you will be able to firmly walk forward to in a future not depicted in this story. Many blessings to the destination of your future. Thank you very much.

Well, it’s been a lengthy but short postscript, but now its curtain time.

The main story is over, but ‘date’ isn’t over yet. ‘Encore’ continues and an animation for ‘Date A Bullet’ is also underway.

And the production of a sequel anime series for ‘Date A Live’ has also been decided! I’m looking forward to meeting again with the anime.

Once again, thank you very much! 

March 2020 Tachibana Kōshi

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