The visitor was someone who made our blood curl.

And it was all while Reina-san was wearing a uniform.

A teacher and a student living together, and a teacher wearing a uniform cosplay. That was a situation bad enough to get on the news.

I’m sure people around the world would be talking about it too on BBS. “I’m so jealous!” or “It’s not causing any harm to anyone!”, and all sorts of that kind of stuff. As I was snapping back to reality,

[Y– You were the person who was with Koutarou earlier, right!? What’s your relationship with Koutarou!?]


For better or for worse, Aoi was indeed standing in front of us, but she didn’t realize it was Sakurakouji Sensei.

All I could do was nod and play along.

The always strict Sakurakouji Sensei, cosplaying as a JK in a student’s house. Nobody at school would ever believe it if I were to tell them.

Not even I can believe it.

Anyways, I had to stay calm and speak.

[Uh, this person is…the housekeeper that works for my dad. I talked about her before, right?]

[Housekeeper…? Eh, she’s this young!?]

As Aoi was surprised, Reina-san nodded and said:

[Yes, that’s right. Sorry for surprising you. I’m the housekeeper Sakurakou–]



[Y–Yes. Sakurako. I would be happy if you called me that name.]

That was close…

She almost revealed her real name…Goddammit. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, and she introduced herself to Reina-san

[Uh, I’m Koutaro’s classmate, Gunjou Aoi. Nice to meet you, Sakurako-san]

[Yes, nice to meet you, Gunjou-san]

[You can call me by my other name]

[I see. Then nice to meet you, Aoi-san]


They exchanged smiles, and I was relieved.

I guided Aoi from the entrance to the living room, and Reina-san prepared some tea


It became a soft atmosphere, but I still didn’t think this would end smoothly. Aoi pointed to Reina-san and said:

[By the way, what’s with that outfit?]


That’s right

Of course.

A housekeeper wearing such a thing is quite surprising.

But we had countermeasures for that.

We made sure to steady our breathing, and not respond with an unnatural response.

Right? Reina-san?

But then.

[Wwwwwhat do you mean? (Lots of sweat)]


She was shaking a lot with a pale face, and it was like her eyes were going to become white.

(Hey, Reina-san!? What about our emergency countermeasures!?)

(Our countermeasures…?)

(Yeah, the ones we practiced, right!?)

We were exchanging conversations via thoughts, and I tried to resolve the situation, but,

(I know, but my head is full of nothing but white…)


Reina-san’s head was spinning all over the place.

Dammit. What was that practice for!?

Wasn’t she putting on such a mature face that screamed, [I can be calm whenever I want] earlier!?

Now she has a pale face and is shaking all over the place.

But this isn’t the time to be complaining.

I have to take action!

I gathered courage, and I racked my brain to think of something to say.

[Haha, what are you saying? I guess Sakurako-san’s beauty just is too overwhelming, right?]

And then Reina-san finally was able to play along.

She regained her senses and returned to normal.

[Yes, that’s right. I’m affiliated with a theatrical company, while being a housekeeper at the same time. I also do acting, that’s why I’m wearing these clothes. I let Koutaro-kun see one of my characters, which is a JK. It is weird for my age, though.]

Reina-san gave a bitter smile, and Aoi tilted her head to the side.

[That’s not true! Sakurako-san, it fits you! You look so cute! Even me, a JK, can say so!]

[Ara, is that so? I’m happy]

Ufufu, laughed Reina-san. I was astonished.

Eh? Who is this?

I’ve never heard her laugh like that before.

Didn’t she act that out way too well?

Maybe she really does have that beauty I was referring to before…? Reina-san showed me a new talent, and continued:

[I am very thankful towards the Shirase family. It was hard for me to continue as an actress, but they helped me with my funds and other things. Koutaro-kun’s dad even let me have a room…]

Reina-san was pretending to cry with her handkerchief, and Aoi was believing it.

[Koutaro’s father is so nice! I always thought he was horrible for leaving Koutaro, but I guess he’s a kind person after all!]


What the heck?

Also, you really thought of my father that way?

Also, he didn’t really leave me, he’s just somewhere far away.

[And so, I’m serving as the Shirase family’s housekeeper. I’ve also gone to the shopping mall with him once. I wish I could repay them in some way]

[Is that so?…Sorry, I was so confused…]

[Don’t worry about it. Alright, I’ll go get changed. This is quite embarrassing for me, after all.]

[Ah, sure]

As Reina-san said that, she stood up

I wanted to get out of this uncomfortable situation as soon as possible, so I’m glad this is happening.

As Reina-san went to her room, Aoi puffed her cheeks and said:

[Why didn’t you tell me this earlier!? You shouldn’t have done that to Sakurako-san!]

[Ah, sorry. It’s quite a unique situation. I wouldn’t want rumors of me having a housekeeper going around, right? That’s why I didn’t say anything.]

[C’mon! Who do you think I am!?]

[I’m sorry. C’mon, I’ll give you some tea and cake to make you feel better.]

I broke open the packaging and gave her some candy, and Aoi ate it immediately.

[Guess it can’t be helped. I’ll forgive you with this candy.]

[Oh, thanks.]

As Aoi was chewing, I calmed down.

Thankfully, Reina-san, now called Sakurako-san, was able to resolve the situation and trick Aoi.

Reina-san with that outfit was quite surprising, though.

It was like she went back 10 years into the past.

I gave a sigh and then:

— Ding dong

[Ah, a visitor]

[So many visitors…Alright, I’ll go get it]


As the chime rung again, I went to the entrance.

Reina-san was changing her clothes, and Aoi was munching on snacks. Maybe it’s just someone from the post office.

[Alright, who is it?]

I was opening the door with a relaxed action, but…

[Hey, Koutaro-kun. It’s been a while]


It was her dad.

[Hey, Koutaro-san]


Her mom was also there.

Why are her parents here? Why at this time!?

And they didn’t even contact me!? I felt like I was gonna topple over, but I gave a fake smile and said:

[Please wait a moment]

I shut the door, and rushed up the stairs

And there was Reina-san.


(Reina-san! Woah!?)

[Kyaa!? What are you doing!?]

Reina-san was putting on her skirt, and was in attractive purple undergarments.

And there was a string for some reason.

Wait, this isn’t the time to be analyzing her!?

I whispered to her:

(Sorry! But this is an emergency!)


As she hid her lower half of her body, she raised her eyebrows.

I had to explain the situation to her. She can get mad later.

(Yes! It seems like your parents have arrived!?)

(Hah!? Why are my parents here!? I never knew about this!?)

Reina-san was astonished, but now wasn’t the time for that.

(Anyways, they’re waiting for you, so please change your clothes and greet them! And I’ll do something about Aoi!)

(I got it! I’ll try to resolve everything!)

(Thank you! Alright then!)

Reina-san nodded and I sprinted to the living room.

[Ah, welcome back. Who was it?]

[Ah, Sakurako-san’s friends, I think?]

I gave her a half-assed answer.

[Hey, Aoi. Why don’t we go somewhere else?]

[Eh, what do you mean?]

Aoi tilted her head to the side, and I could hear voices from the entrance.

[That’s why we have to talk with that kid now…]

[There’s no time. We’re coming in]


[Sounds quite noisy. Is Sakurako-san all right?]

I heard footsteps coming closer.

I have no choice!


I took Aoi’s hand tightly

[Sorry Aoi! I have something to talk about!]

[Eh, hey!? Koutaro!?]

I took Aoi, and took her to the Japanese-style room.

[So this is where you guys make love?]

[Eh, Papa!?]

Reina-san also entered the living room.

Ah, that was close…


I gave a sigh of relief, and Aoi said:

[Hey, Koutaro…]

[Hm? Ah, sorry]

I took my hands off her in a hurry.

And then, Aoi was blushing hard.

[So, what did you have to say…?]


Did this really just happen!?

That was my best excuse for taking her out of there!?

Hieeee!? My heart was beating rapidly, but I couldn’t let Aoi go back to the living room.

Anyways, I have to make sure she never meets Reina-san’s parents.

[Ah, about that, it was just hard to say…]

[I see. Then I’ll wait for you to tell me, okay? I’m waiting…]




The conversation is over!

What do I do…

I have nothing to do but wait with her…I was sweating bullets while hearing faint voices from the living room.

[So, how are you, Reina?]



[Re– Reinaru Sakurako, that’s her stage name! She’s quite popular, you know?]

[Ah, I see. Did the rest of her acting group come along?]

[That’s right! The director and his wife, that’s who they are!]

Ahahaha, was what my fake smile was saying.

[Ehh, they’re really expecting a lot from Sakurako-san. Amazing]

[I know, right? That’s why we need to support her!]

[Yeah, that’s right. I’ll support her with all I got!]

As she said that, Aoi clenched her hands with excitement.

It’s times like this where Aoi is liked by everyone.

My friend is quite the optimistic one.

And then:

[Sakurako-san is so pretty…I wonder if she has any secret motives?]

[Secret motives…?]

As Aoi gave a smile, I squinted my eyes.

Well, she obviously does have a secret motive, but I shouldn’t say anything.

Anyways, I had to continue the conversation.

But my lips continued to stay shut.


And then I realized

There’s a risk that comes along with being in this Japanese style room.  Maybe I should take her to my room.

Wait a minute. From the previous conversation I had with her parents, they think that I’m a coworker teacher, which works out sort of well in this situation.

I can pull this off with Aoi here.

It’s suspicious for me to be sneaking around the place, so I need to be brave.

I nodded, and said:

[Aoi, why don’t we go to my room?]

[Eh!? So sudden!?]

[I just don’t want to be a bother to Reina…ru, so why don’t we take it slow in my room?]

[Ah, sure…Sakurako-san is dealing with her own business, right?…]


Luckily I was able to get her to agree.

That was so close.

I gathered courage and said:

[All right, let’s go. We should just give a bow, and go.]

[Yeah, sure]

Aoi nodded, and we opened the Fusuma.


Of course, Reina-san noticed us, and I bowed.


And then Aoi lowered her head, and greeted the parents.

[Ah, hello]


That was the greeting.

Reina-san looked like she had no idea what was happening, but then she realized my plans.

We linked eyes, and she nodded slightly

And then I took her through the living room, and to my room.



And then it happened.

I can’t believe Aoi would start a conversation with them.

I thought we were only doing a bow! Aoi clenched her fists in excitement once again.

[I’m rooting for you guys!]


It’s over…I thought I was going to faint.

It’s definitely going to be revealed that they’re not part of any theatrical company.

It’s going to be revealed that Reinaru-san is actually Sakurakouji Sensei.

I’m not her coworker teacher, and the marriage plans are going down the drain, Reina-san might not be able to work at my school anymore.

And then she’ll be seen as a harlot teacher, and everything will end.

I tried to take Aoi to my room…and I was ready to apologize to Reina-san.

[Oh, thank you. What a nice student.]

[Yes. What is your name?]

[Ah, Gunjou Aoi. Nice to meet you]

[Ah, nice to meet you too. I’m glad someone supports this matter (marriage)]


Reina-san nodded while on the verge of death.

And then, the father said:

[That’s right. Why don’t we invite her (to the wedding)? I’m sure she would be happy to see it, right?]

[Yes. I agree.]

[Eh, can I? It’ll be my first time going to one (a stage)!]

[Of course. You should definitely come. It’ll be great.]

[Waa, thank you!]


Aoi was so happy in front of Reina-san’s parents, and I was just here thinking a miracle just happened.

But it wasn’t over yet. I gave Reina-san a signal, and she nodded.

It’ll still be tough from here.

I have no choice but to end this.

I have to take her away from this spot as fast as possible.

[I’m surprised I got to meet her (your student) for the first time. You really are working hard, eh?]

[Hm? The first time?]

(He means you coming to my house, you know?)

(Ah, I see. I just met your housekeeper, after all.)

[Yes. I really cherish this opportunity.]

[Anyways, Aoi-san, what do you think about her? Please tell me your honest opinion.]

[Ah, Sakurako-san is–]



[T–That’s the name I told her to call me by. It feels nice and light and friendly, right?]

[I see. That makes sense. Sorry, please continue]

[Ah, sure. I think Sakurako-san is nice and friendly, and amazing! That’s why her outfit really suits her!]

[Thank you for the compliments towards her]

Her mother was very happy about those compliments about her daughter.

[Haha, I see. I think it suits her too. Coincidentally, my wife is also the same way (older than her husband / lover).]

Is that so?

I can’t believe that she was older than him this entire time…

[Ah, I see. I also thought she was pretty.]

[Ara ara, what a nice thing.]

[Aoi-san is pretty cute herself, right? Why don’t you come visit us after you graduate?]

[Ahaha. Thank you. I don’t have much experience, though…]

[Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll fit in with us right away.]

[I see. Then I’ll think about it.]

[Thank you. I’m so glad we found someone like you.]

[Fufu, you’re right.]

Reina-san’s parents were talking in very high spirits with Aoi.

(What do I do!? Did they just recruit me!?)

(Ah, I think so…)

It’s not as simple as “Theatrical Concert”, but Reina-san actually becoming my potential “wife”.

I had to get Aoi out of here somehow.

I forcefully gripped her hand.

[Um…we’re going to go upstairs. Please call if you have anything you need.]

[Oh, sure. See you later.]

[Yes, excuse us.]

[Excuse us.]

I bowed my head, and took off from the living room.

I glanced at Reina-san, and she was exhausted, letting out a sigh.

I’m so tired…

Anyways, I took Aoi to my room

[Waa, how nostalgic]


Phew! I let out a sigh, and relaxed.

That was so freaking close…

What a miracle.

If it wasn’t Aoi, it really would’ve been THE END.

Thank god it was Aoi.


[Hm? What is it? Kya!?]

I couldn’t suppress my thoughts, and grabbed Aoi by the shoulders.

[It would’ve been over if it weren’t you.]

[Eh!? What are you talking about…?]

Hm? What am I doing?

Ah, that’s right. I have to do something about that “important topic” I mentioned earlier.

This is perfect

I’ll talk about the important topic.

[That’s right. I’m so happy that I could be by your side for so long. I’m very grateful.]

[Uh, you’re welcome…]

I took my hands away, and Aoi looked embarrassed.

Aoi is a girl, after all.

I really have to be careful from now on.

[Anyways, that’s what I wanted to convey.]

[I see. Hm…]

She looked away, and seemed as if she was ok with it.

But then she asked:

[So you want to be with me in the future, too…?]

[Of course!?]

We’ve done so many dumb things together.

Without her, life would be quite boring.

Aoi’s face turned red once again and said:

[Is that so~]


[It’s true.]



I thought it was natural for her to be so happy, but I still felt like something was off.

I tilted my head to the head, and Aoi kept looking back at me.

[C’mon! I can’t believe you!]

[Ow!? What’s wrong!?]

She started hitting my back.



And she was laughing.

Did it really make her that happy?

I don’t get her…Aoi said to me in a happy tone:

[Alright, then I’m going home!]

[Eh? Really? I feel bad somehow. I’m sorry you had to come while Reinaru-san and the others were here…]

[No, it’s fine! They’re very nice. And they recruited me!]

Aoi gave me a thumbs up, and it looked like she was gonna keep her mouth shut.

[Don’t worry, okay? Sakurako-san is so pretty, so I don’t blame you for feeling weird, okay?]

[Feeling weird!? I’m not!]

[Are you really being truthful?]

Aoi was in doubt and staring at me.

Aoi gave me a sudden smile and said [Just kidding!]

I feel very tense for some reason

Is it my imagination?

[See you at school! I wish the best for Sakurako-san and the others!]

As she said that, she went down the stairs to the door.

[Oh, careful on your way home.]

[Mmhm, bye!]

She waved her hand, and I waved back.


I don’t really get some of that, but it seems like I finally dealt with Aoi.

Fuu…I let out a sigh, and went to the living room.

I was able to talk smoothly up until now, surprisingly. I went to go meet up with the parents.

I opened the door to the living room with a sigh of relief.

[Oya? Did Aoi-san go home?]

[Yes. She said she was happy to talk with you guys.]

[That’s great. She’s a great kid, and I hope she sees you guys at the marriage.]

[Fufu, that’s right. I’m sure the townspeople will be happy to see it too]

[That’s right]

The parents laughed, and I was just relieved that I got Aoi to leave. I sat next to Reina-san.

[Nice work, Koutaro-kun]

[You too, Reina-san]

As we thanked each other for our efforts, the father brought up the main topic

[Alright, now we can finally calm down and relax. I have something I want to ask to Koutaro-kun]

[To ore…I mean, boku?]

I wonder what it could be? I asked as I tilted my head to the side. The father looked at the mother, and said:

[I’ll ask again– Do you really love Reina?]


[Hey, papa!?]

Reina-san was shocked, and the father continued

[Last time was a bit messy, and I couldn’t confirm your feelings for sure. So I want you to confirm it right now]


[We were thinking about getting Reina married as soon as possible. It’s our duty as parents to make sure she makes a happy family. Not everyone is fit to be her husband. I want you to tell us that you really love her.]

[I see…]

[Yes, that’s why I asked. I wanted to know what parts of her you are infatuated with. I want to ask you if you are really fit for her.]

[If I’m fit for Reina-san…]

[Yes. If you answer with a yes, it will be smooth sailing. Please be honest with your thoughts.]

[Be honest with my thoughts…]


Reina-san looked at me with a worried face.

I had to give a reason to show that I was the perfect fit for Reina-san.

But in the end, this relationship is “fake”.

I had to say something to make them agree with me.

How about I do something like before?

When it comes to a reason why I want to get married, obvious reasons would be because she’s nice and family oriented, and we can lead a calm life.

But when it comes to any other reason, I can’t think of anything. All I can say is that I’m in love with her.

I can’t really explain it well. If all I said was that I was attracted to her gentle traits, they probably would want more.

Hm, let’s do this–

I’ll be as honest as possible–


Honest, eh?…

What even are my honest feelings towards Reina-san, I wonder?

I’m trying my best to think about her.


I didn’t mean to say what I said

However, I made those words with utmost honest feelings.

Forgetting about my pronouns, I started to speak.

#TL Note# He started using “ore”, which is a masculine way of speaking, and probably something you shouldn’t use in a situation like this.

[…When I first met her, I thought she was frightening.]


[She would always glare at me, her tone was cold, and she would never laugh. All I could do was think badly of her.]


[But after getting the opportunity to talk with her, I noticed who she really was. I don’t know how, but started to think less badly of her]

What the hell am I saying?

This isn’t something that I should be saying in front of them.

[The more I know about her, the more fun I have with her. She’s always strict, but when she’s lazing about in her casual wear, and being deathly afraid of cockroaches, she’s no longer scary. She’s also pretty, and good at housework. She can make her own pickled vegetables, and can make some really good Niboshi. She reminds me of my grandmother.]

Oops, I accidentally compared her to my grandmother again.

[But at the same time, she’s always thinking of her students. Even when she’s exhausted, she’ll work late into the night for student materials. She sets up solid guidelines for her students, but she knows how to lighten up and talk with them as well.]

[T–That’s too much of a compliment.]

Reina-san was being surprisingly cute with a blushing face.


[Ahaha, I’m sure it’s embarrassing for me to say all this, but it seems she’s also pretty embarrassed when I’m being honest.]


Reina-san was painted bright red.

(I’ll make you remember this later) was pretty much what Reina-san’s glaring face was saying. I finished it off:

[And so, I don’t know if that’s a good enough answer as to if I really love her or not, but Reina-san is nicer and cuter than anyone I know. She’s amazing.]


At that moment, it’s like Reina-san’s face erupted, and pressed her hands against her face, as if she was saying [Please cut it out…]

Is this all right…?

I was nervous, and her father nodded and said:

[I see. I understand your feelings. I guess you really do love Reina]

[Eh? You do?]

She really is a cute one, that’s for sure.

[Yeah, after hearing what you said, I knew you felt Reina’s warmth. You also acknowledge her bad points, and so I think you’re worthy.]

[You think so…?]

I’m not sure it’s anything that grand…

And then:

[I’m sorry]


The father started to lower his head, and I was shocked.

[Um, please don’t lower your head. You don’t have to apologize or anything.]

[No, I’m sorry for doubting you. I was serious about this wedding, so I didn’t want Reina to have a bad partner. That’s why we wanted you guys to live together for a while. I also didn’t think you were going to show your true colors today. We weren’t being the best people.]



As we were both flushed with faces of blue and black, the father continued.

[It was all my fault. I now know that you truly love Reina, and you want her to be your wife. It’s like you guys really match.]

[Ahaha, thank you…]

I still think it was kind of a problem that they kind of set us up like this…

And then:

[Alright, now I understand. Koutaro-kun is a fitting man for Reina. We’ll be entrusting our beloved daughter to you.]

[Eh, ah, oh…]


Isn’t this bad…?

[But I feel like there are a lot better men out there…]

[No, you understand Reina better than anyone else, and there is no other man for her. We leave her in your care]


Reina-san was passed over to me with his serious (or rather, scary) face. I nodded.


The father was very satisfied

[Fufu, I’m glad. Reina was able to meet someone this great]

[Yeah, that’s right]

I’m sure Reina-san is having flashbacks of our dangerous moments together.

Her voice was also a bit shrilled.

[Now then, this took quite a while. We’re off to rest. We’ve gotten the confirmation we needed.]

The father raised up from his seat

[That’s right. Next time, we can talk about having a grandchild.]



[Mama, isn’t that a big quick!?]

[Ara, is that so? But I had Reina in my belly right after I married your father, you know?]

[That might be true, but…I still have to be a teacher and all…]

[Fufu, you’ll be fine. You can take maternity leave. Your father and I will help out. It’ll be our long-awaited grandchild, after all.]


Reina couldn’t find the words to refute to her smiling mother.

[Man, a grandchild~ I’m sure they will be cute~]

And then the father started to fantasize.

What should I do…?

I felt I was about to pass out, but then her father put his hand on my shoulder.

[I’m counting on you, son.]


He’s calling me son already!?

I felt like I was going through all sorts of emotions as the parents were on their way to the entrance.

[See you later]

[Sorry for intruding~]



And then after they left, we both had no emotion in our faces.

Reina-san started to mumble something:

[Hey, Koutaro-kun…I’m sorry, but can we live together a bit longer…?]

[Yeah, of course…]

Of course, the conversation ended just like that.