[Now then, I’m off]

[Alright, I’ll also be leaving soon.]

Next morning.

For the sake of seeing her off, Reina and I exchanged that little conversation at the entrance.

Since we would be heading in the same direction, it would be more efficient for us to travel together. However, when she’s in that crisp suit, silky straight hair, and glasses (her teacher mode), I have to be vigilant about being around her.

As Reina-san opened the door, she looked all around.

Looks like there are no problems so far.

[Then, I’ll see you at school later.]

[Alright, see you!]

I nodded my head, and Reina left with silent steps.

[Alright, I’ll leave it about 10 minutes]

I decided to drink a cup of coffee in the living room by myself

[I’m off]

And after 10 minutes elapsed, I locked the entrance, and then I followed Reina-san’s route to school.

I guess the reason why there weren’t so many people at school was because I left my house so early, and it didn’t seem like there was going to be any problem, but–

— Whoosh


In front of the utility pole, there was a woman with a suit, hiding there like a ninja.

Uh, what is this person doing…?


— Whoosh

I stared at her, and it seemed like she was heavily aware of her surroundings while transferring from utility pole to utility pole.

Yeah, this person is really suspicious.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise that nobody was around to see this, but I seriously don’t know what she’s doing…

I guess she’s so focused on being vigilant that she hasn’t noticed how unnatural her actions are.

I guess I’ll stop her, because…

[Uh, Sensei]


Reina-san was frightened, looking all around her.

[Eh, Koutarou-kun…?]

Reina-san was looking at me with a strange face, even though this is the route to go to school.

And so, I tried telling Reina-san once more in a way that she could understand.

[Um, Sakurakouji Sensei. You don’t have to be so vigilant after leaving the house, you know?]

[Eh? Ah…]

It seems as if she’s finally understood my words.

Ahem,  said Reina-san, while crossing her arms and saying:

[I’m fully aware of that, Shirase-kun]

She’s still putting on airs.

[I’ll take that into consideration. Now then, you better not be late.]

[Alright, be careful, Sensei]

[Yes, thank you]

Reina-san nodded, the sound of her heels echoing, and started walking.

Seeing that brazen form of hers, I couldn’t help but think of that ninja thing she did before.

[And then you use the auxiliary verb here–]

It was in the middle of a lecture.

She had that cool expression at the podium as always, and I started thinking about all the things that happened between us yesterday.

 The most impressive thing was seeing her personality take a 180 when she was drunk. She was laughing a lot.

Reina-san told me to forget about it, but there’s no way I can…

By the way, I thought she was really cute, so there is no need to hide it any longer.

And then,

[Takahashi-kun, are you eating during class?]

[Hmfh!? What are you talking about? Mademoiselle]

Sensei started to get cautious of Takahashi from the cooking club

Most people get hungry before lunch time.

I can’t say I don’t understand him, but eating during Reina-san’s lectures is a big mistake.

With those echoing footsteps, she started getting closer to Takahashi with that strict face.

Reina-san approached the trembling, chihuahua-like Takahashi, and said with a cold tone:

[You really don’t want to listen to my lectures?]

And then–

— Thump


And then Reina-san tripped on something.

And then–


— Smack!


Reina-san stylishly recovered from the fall.

That movement matched the legs of a chinese wushu technique or something.

Takahashi had an explosive expression on his face.

Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do something like what Reina-san did.

She was able to cover up a common accident such as that one.

It reminded me of her ninja thing from this morning.

I didn’t think it was still necessary for Reina-san to retain such a serious face, yet she still kept up that “cool beauty” figure.

Like I said before, I thought Reina-san’s personality would be a big turn off for people, but I guess it might be the opposite now.

Maybe you could say that it’s the age gap that makes her amazing.

Unlike before, I see her in kind of a cute light.

She has a good reputation with the students, and she’s good at hiding her flaws…

It’s just —

[I want you to write a 50 page written apology by tomorrow morning (Glance)]


That’s impossible…

[So? How’s it like living with her?]

Hashibami Sensei, the nurse, was stuffing her face with the limited edition yakisoba bread (Looks like teachers have special privilege for getting them)

After Reina-san’s lecture, I went to the nurse’s office to visit Hashibami Sensei.

[Yeah, it somehow worked. Living together is one thing, but it’s kind of different with Reina-san around, since she can be cute and childish.]

[Indeed. She is quite different. I also think she is quite cute as well, especially when her IQ heavily drops after drinking sake.]

[That’s true.]

As I was thinking about Reina-san from yesterday, Hashibami Sensei pulled out her second yakisoba bread and said:

Wait, actually, she managed to get 2 of those yakisoba breads before lunch break?

[About that, did you know that you started calling her Reina? By the way, what’s with those finger rings? You guys are already on sex-term basis? Moppy feels like she’s been cheated on.]

Hah…wait, what’s Moppy?

This woman feels like she wouldn’t mind running me over with a car…

Also, sex?…

[By the way, “Moppy” is my nickname, you know? When I started eating lots of food in front of the students, they just called me that.]

 Moppy, who gnaws on Yakisoba bread.

[Yeah, I get that it’s a nickname, but what are you saying…? You’re a teacher just like my Sensei, so please be more careful about what you say…]

[Hahaha, sorry. However, it seems that you have forgotten that I am a medical practitioner. Yes, I’m just saying a bunch of scientific terms.]

[I don’t know how you’re able to make that kind of face after you just said “sex”]

Hashibami Sensei gave me a nihilistic [Fuu…]

I don’t know what that “Fuu” means, but I should probably stop interrogating her.

[Anyways, nothing is going on between Reina-san and I. I just think it’s good to call her a name that won’t get me exposed. The finger ring is the same deal.]

[Really? That’s pretty normal. Moppy is still watching you guys.]

You don’t have to keep watching over us, Moppy.

[However, I bet you’re expecting it, right? She’s just a bit too serious, though. I’m sure all men would take the opportunity to gather around her if they could…]

[What do you even make of the students?…]

As I glared at her, Hashibami Sensei gave a light laugh like always and said:

[Hahaha. I guess you really do want to get together with her, eh?]

[Yeah, but not like the way you’re imagining…]

[Yep, please do get along with her. I would be delighted if you guys could. I’ll give you some confectionaries every time you guys make some progress, so do your best.]

Wtf, why did she just pull candy from her chest?


I have the feeling that she’s still looking down on me, but I think I will cherish this conversation.

[The time you become her man is the time you can have the greatest dessert, you know?]

As she said that, Hashibami inched her chest closer to me

It’s so lewd that it’s troubling to me.

But I won’t play into her hands.

[Fu, you think you can tempt me like that?]

[Oh? You’re fine with not having any treats?]

[– !?]

She started to hide her chest. Yielding into a situation like this would be a man’s shame.

I clenched my fists, and declared to her:

[…I’ll go a different route.]

[Fufu, understood]


And then came the end of lunch break.

I feel like I have lost something important as a man.

As I was opening the Bentou that Reina-san prepared for me, Aoi said something to me in a weird voice:

[Eh? Bentou again today? Was it the housewife again?]

[Ah, yeah, I guess. She’s a great person who looks after me.]

By the way, I explained the heart shape to Reina-san before this.

And so, today is just a normal nori-covered meal.

[Hmm, ok. I’ll eat some Bentou too, then.]

Aoi opened the Bentou, and stuffed her face with Aburaage,

[Mm, delicious!]

I felt happy watching her eat it like it was really delicious.

[By the way, wasn’t there someone with you in the shopping mall behind the station yesterday?]


Hearing that question from her so suddenly, I spit out my tea without thinking.

[Eh, are you okay!?]


I wiped my mouth and nodded.

It surprised me because the question wasn’t related to Bentou at all.

[No, you’re mistaken! I was cleaning at my house.]

[Really? Then I guess I really saw it wrong…]

Aoi furrowed her brow, and I followed up:

[Did that guy really resemble me?]

[Yeah, he was wearing the same clothes that Koutarou always wears, or so it felt like that. There was also a pretty onee-san next to him. I guess you don’t know anyone like that, Koutarou.]

[T– That’s right.]

I raised my voice unintentionally.

We’re being watched more than I thought…

I’ll deal with those clothes when I get home…

[That onee-san was really beautiful, though. She reminded me of Sakurakouji Sensei.]

[Eh, really? I’m so jealous of that guy for being with someone so beautiful…]

[If only I had a chest size close to hers…]

As she said that, Aoi fondled her own chest.

I don’t think Aoi will ever catch up to Reina-san or Hashibami Sensei’s size, but it’s not something to be pessimistic over.

Plus, in Aoi’s scenario, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Her size isn’t bad, and the balance is fine.

And then:

[Don’t look at me so much…Koutarou, you perv]

Aoi shyly hid her chest.

I guess I was staring while not realizing it.

[Sorry!! I didn’t notice…]

[…I don’t mind. But are you really interested in it…?]


I staggered my words, and followed up:

[Well, you’re a girl, so I guess so…]

I diverted my gaze, and Aoi replied with [Is that so?], while smiling.

[Nishishi, then why don’t you try touching them?]

[What are you saying!?]

[Wah, you’re blushing. Koutarou is cute]


Don’t play with a man’s pure emotions…

I bit my lip in despair, and Aoi cleared her throat and said:

[If I did let you touch them though, wouldn’t you technically be my BF?]

[You keep teasing me…but it’s not like that.]


[There are ton of people who touch them even though they’re not in love.]

Moppy, for example.

[Yeah, but you’re not that kind of person. Be nicer to yourself.]

[Y– Yeah, ok…]

[Alright, let’s keep eating.]

As the conversation died out, we went back to eating.

[Hey, Koutarou]

And then, Aoi spoke once more.

[What’s up?]

[About earlier. You think it’s ok to let the person you like touch them, right…?]

[Well, if it’s okay with you. You have to make sure they’re the right person, though. Go out with them a lot, and then understand them more, right? I think that’s the least painful way to go about it.]

There are quite a few guys who just go after bodies, after all.

I don’t want Aoi to get caught up in a guy’s sinister tricks.

[Ehehe, that’s right. I got it. So if there’s a nice person I know everything about, there’s nothing wrong with being audacious, right…?]

[That’s right. These are just my words, but I’m sure you’ll go down a good path. Plus, there’s no guy who doesn’t like getting affection from a girl.]

As I gave that advice, Aoi laughed happily and said:

[Ehehe, really? Thank you! I’ll do my best!]


And then:

[Now then, I’ll eat this octopus sausage!]

— Chomp


Aoi suddenly took my octopus sausage and it shocked up.

[What the hell!? I even gave you that advice and this is how you repay me!?]

[Nishishi, it’s your fault for being careless, Koutarou!]

The octopus sausage popped in her mouth, never to be seen again.

She’s having the time of her life…

[Damn you…!]

[Don’t get so mad. Here, have an Aburaage. Open up]

[Ah, no…]

She waved an Aburaage in front of my eyes, and it baffled me.

It’s as if she’s feeding me…

[Hurry up– I’ll drop the Aburaage, you know?]

[Ah, ok…Then…]

I opened my mouth.

And then, she inserted the Aburaage into my mouth.


[How is it? Taste good?]

Aoi asked me that with blushed cheeks.

It is really good.

This is that woman’s…I mean, Aoi’s mom’s cooking.

[Yeah, it’s really good.]

[Ehehe, let’s trade again.]

Aoi was even more red than before, and I didn’t know how to respond other than a nod and a [Oh, alright.]



[It’s impossible! Uwaaa!]

Suddenly, Aoi yelled and started running away.

[O– Oi!? Where the hell are you going, Aoi!?]

I tried yelling after her in a flustered tone, but she ran as fast as the wind out of the classroom, with me having no hopes to catch up.


I was dumbfounded, but suddenly,

[Fu, youth is a beautiful thing.]


The chubby Takahashi from the cooking club approached me suddenly.

[By the way, may I have some of Mademoiselle’s Bentou?]

[What? Hell no…]

[– !?]

Why are you surprised?

By the way, I thought Aoi would come back before lunch break ended, but I just finished her Bentou for her.

In the end, I never figured out what she was flustered over.

After today’s lecture ended, I went home, finished cleaning the path, and Reina-san came home.

According to her, it’s best to clean it every day or every two days, and change out the bath water.

It’s best to prevent microorganisms from reproducing.

And for the path towels, you should let it dry after use, and then wash them properly.

[Good work. I’m heating up the bath right now.]

[Ah, thank you. I’ll prepare dinner.]

As she said that, she took off her suit, she put on an apron and went to the kitchen.

Reina-san was in charge of buying things today, so I don’t know what the menu for dinner is going to be yet. It seemed like maybe chicken, onions, and eggs, so perhaps an Omuraisu.

Boys love Omuraisu, so I couldn’t help but get excited while I prepared the cutlery and tsukemono.



In the midst of it, Reina-san started humming, and I unconsciously stopped my hands.

She had her hair in a twintail shape to not get in the way of cooking, eating the remaining food, and wearing that apron. Seeing that figure is just like she’s —

[Just like a wife.]

[– !?]

— Clatter clatter!

[Eh!? Are you all right!?]

 Reina-san was taken aback suddenly, and I rushed over to help her.

And then she replied with a red face, flustered with me.

[Won’t you stop with those misleading words!? I thought I already told you!]

[Eh? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say it. It just saw Reina-san cooking with that figure and I couldn’t help but mutter it…Ahaha, what am I saying?]

And then, with that awkward response, I tried to help Reina-san clean up everything, but–

— Pat


Our hands touched each other, and we flusteredly retraced our hands.

[S– Sorry…]

[Ah, me too…]

We remained in a very awkward atmosphere, and for a while, we didn’t say a word, and just remained there.

And then after having a blissful family-like meal (It was Omuraisu), Reina-san went ahead to the path.

Thanks to her, I can enter the bath every day, and get rid of my exhaustion.

I can get up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Thinking back, it feels strange to not have been experiencing this kind of feeling until now.

[All I had to do was try, eh?…]

My way of dealing with problems always just ended in destruction.

Thanks to Reina-san, I can live a more comfortable life. I feel grateful towards her.

I really wish she could become my actual housewife, but I don’t think that can actually happen.

I wonder just how long this kind of lifestyle will keep up.

By the way, I wonder if I would be able to maintain this lifestyle when she’s gone…?

[I’m anxious…]

I slumped my shoulders, and all I can think about was the exchange

[I can’t believe I said “Just like a wife”… Reminds of when I said “Newlywed”. I really need to watch my words better…]

And when I touched hands with Reina-san from earlier, that was excessively embarrassing.


I’m sure that she was very conscious of it as well.

Ever since we started living together, all I could think about was Reina-san.

And how cute she is…

She may be really pretty, but her childlike behavior is even more appealing sometimes…

And that wife-like style of hers…

Fu…I keep thinking about Reina-san standing there in the kitchen.

I have to say that the thing that left the most impression from her is her ponytail– And it exposes a small part of the nape of her neck.

That ponytail, along with her wife-like appearance was a full on blow to me.

[Wait, so do I actually have a neck nape fetish…?]

As I sighed, realizing that was the reality, I realized there was nothing I could do about that fetish.

I would like to live on without being ashamed of this neck nape fetish.

And so, I got out of the bath and headed to the living room, and say Reina-san sorting the laundry.


And then I saw the shape of my grandmother.

Yeah, I guess I do remember often seeing my grandmother doing the laundry like that, eh?

I remember her always saying this to me when I got home:

— “Welcome home, Kou-chan”, she would say.

[–!? Ah, I’ll help you out later.]

I unconsciously found myself on the verge of tears, so I wiped my eyes, and tried talking to Reina-san.

[Ah, really? Thank you.]

[Yeah, leave it to me–]

I gave her a big nod, but then…




Looks like I couldn’t get rid of those memories.

After a few tense seconds:

[…What did you just say?]


“Gogogogo” was the kind of atmosphere coming out of Reina-san, which made me yelp.

Instead of calling her a wife this time, I skipped calling her a mother and went straight to calling her a grandma.

I’m sure Reina-san never expected me to call her all those things.

I guess there are some people who might accidentally call their 20 year old homeroom teacher a parent, but I don’t think calling them one of their grandparents would ever happen.

Yeah, there isn’t anyone who would mess that up…

Anyways, I have to explain myself.

[N– No!! I just thought that seeing you do the laundry reminded me of my grandma, all right!?]

[Ehh, your grandma? I’m honored. But you do know that I’m 25, right?]


You don’t have to glare at me like that, okay!?

[Y– Yeah!! I can’t believe I said something like that. I guess it was the nape of your neck too, maybe?]

[…The nape of my neck?]


After realizing what I just said, I averted my gaze and tried to explain myself.

[It was the nape of your neck…Ahaha…]

[I see. That explains why your gaze was more lecherous than always.]

As she said that, she took off the ribbon that was securing her hair.



[Ah, sorry…]

It’s no surprise that Reina-san wanted to keep scolding me.

[Hey, I know that you’re a boy, and that you’re interested in girls. But I am a teacher…And I don’t think you should look at teachers with those kind of eyes, all right?!]

Reina-san covered her chest with both of her hands with a bright red face.

Looking at Reina-san in a lewd way was never my intention in the beginning, yet she kept continuing to scold me.

[And so, Koutarou-kun’s punishment is pre-studying the material for the 2nd day of the month!]


Why is she so illogical!? Reina-san quickly went to the 2nd floor, grabbed her favorite bag, and went back to the 1st floor.

And then she took an English textbook from her bag and said:

[This is how it’s going to be. I’ll do the laundry, and you focus on studying, all right?]

[Y– Yes. I understand…]

[Good. Then, I’ll grab a pencil case and notebook for you. You can’t sleep until you’re done with this.]


I slumped my shoulders, took my studying materials, and I just wanted to back to my room.

And just like Reina-san told me to, I tried my best to finish my English studies, but…

[In other words, this is the present progressive form, so you answer like this–]


I just can’t focus…I was sweating like a waterfall.

That is natural, though.

Reina-san had just taken a bath, and she was right next to me in an erotic manner.

I understand that she wants to take responsibility for me, but she’s wearing that Daru T-shirt again.

If I just looked a little bit to my side, I would’ve been able to see her breasts enveloped by her camisole.

I had to make sure to not get too flustered, and not too sweaty.

I know that she just wants to teach me, but with our bodies so close together, there’s no way I can focus.

She told me not to look at her in a lewd manner, too.

Therefore, I will continue to look forward, even if it kills me, just like a hard working student studying on the day before his college entrance exams.

— Two hours later.

[It’s over~…]

I rested on top of the table.

Reina-san cleaned up all the studying materials and said to me:

[Well done. You worked hard, eh?]

[No, thank you for your hard work. I feel like I gained a lot from that lecture.]

[I’m glad. Then I’ll call on Koutarou-kun during class, sound good?]


Really!? After regretting my words at that moment, Reina-san laughed at me:

[Fufu, it’s just a joke. I know that you’ve been studying the hardest, after all.]


I felt warmth in my chest while Reina-san stopped to look at the clock.

[It’s about time that you rest in your futon. We’re going to get up early again tomorrow, so no staying up all night playing games, all right?]

[Got it. Good night, Reina-san]

[Yes. Good night, Koutarou-kun]

After we exchanged that talk, I took my studying materials and went back to my room.]

[Wait, Reina-san isn’t going to get any sleep?]

I saw a bunch of documents on Reina-san’s desk, which made me stop in my tracks.

Reina-san responded with a [Yes].

[Don’t you know that exams are almost here? I have to prepare this for everyone.]

[Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry to trouble you at such a busy time…]

I felt bad and so I lowered my head, and Reina-san just shook her head back at me.

[No, I don’t mind. You are one of my precious students. You can always ask me for help. I’ll do whatever I can.]

[Alright, I understand.]

Reina-san really is a great teacher.

I wish that the nights would always feel like this.

[Then, good night. See you tomorrow.]

[Yes. Don’t overdo it, Reina-san.]

[Yes, thank you.]

As Reina-san smiled, I went back to my room.


[Hey, can I go to your house like old times, Koutarou-kun?]


Next day’s lunch break.

Aoi suddenly said that to me, and I unintentionally let out a questionable reply.

Obviously, it’s no surprise that her coming over would mean a high possibility of her finding out about Reina-san.

I had to do my best to reject her, even though I felt sorry about it.

[Ah, today’s not the best for me…]

[Really? Then, tomorrow?]

[Ah, I feel like tomorrow as well…]

[Hm, then 2 days later?]

[Uhh, 2 days later is…]

And then:

[C’mon! You’ve always been busy nowadays! When can I come over then!?]

Aoi said that to me in a rampant voice.

Even if you ask me that Aoi, I don’t know how long Reina-san will be staying in my house.

I had no choice but to try to make Aoi give up.

[C– Calm down…Also, why do you wanna come over?]

[Eh? Because I haven’t come over recently…]


Aoi was twiddling her fingers, and I just tilted my head at her in confusion.

And then, the plump Takahashi from the cooking club appeared, and said to me in an angry voice:

[Jeez, do you ever think about a girl’s feelings?!]


What the heck just happened?

[If a lady embarrassingly wants to go to a boy’s house, you can’t possibly be dumb enough to not know what that means!]

[T– Takahashi-kun!?]

The flustered Aoi tried to stop Takahashi, and I said:

[But there is no meaning…Aoi has been coming to my house since we were little…]

I was confused, and Takahashi answered as if he thought I were stupid:

[Anyways! You should let Miss Gunjou over to your house! Right, Miss Gunjou?!]

[Eh…Open those borders!]

Takahashi was urging Aoi, and raised his fist.

I don’t know why he’s making such a big deal out of it…As I was getting more and more confused, Aoi started to agree with Takahashi.

[That’s right! This guy is a blockhead! Everyone say it!]

[Open those borders!]

[Open those borders!]

[Reduce taxes!]

[Reduce taxes!]

[Make more of that limited bread!]

[Make more!]


What is happening?

Plus that tax part had nothing to do with me.

And that bread part…you guys know that it’s your beloved Moppy’s fault, right?

I suddenly remembered Moppy for that reason, and then turned to face the two and said:

[Anyways, it’s not the best time for me nowadays. Maybe some other time.]

[Eh~ Koutarou is mean~]

[No, it’s not mean…]

Aoi was obviously full of dissatisfaction, and Takahashi was flipping his hair at me.

[Yare yare, perhaps I’ll invite you to my house instead of Mister Shirase, Mademoiselle.]

[Ah, I’m fine.]


Hey, don’t cry.

After I went home, I told Reina-san about that incident during lunch break, and to be very careful.

And after our tea time after dinner, Reina-san proposed something:

[I’ve been thinking about my parents, and perhaps some things that might happen that we don’t expect. And so, we should think of some emergency countermeasures.]

[Emergency countermeasures?]

[Yes. We need to stay vigilant in order to keep people like Gunjou-san and anyone else in general away from here, and for any other emergencies.]

[I see. I guess you’re right, since your parents could come over at any time.]

[Yes, and so, let’s review our options.]

I nodded, and Reina-san placed teacups on the table.

And then:

[Hey, is there anyone you like?]

[Eh!? What’s this all of a sudden!?]

Suddenly, Reina-san hit me with that kind of question, and I raised my voice.


[See, you have to stay calm in those situations.]

[Ah– Ah, yeah…]

After realizing it was just practice, I eventually calmed down.

I see, I have to be able to suppress emotions when talking to her parents.

This is a form of practice.

And so, Reina-san asked me things that might get me nervous.

I thought that being asked these kinds of things from a girl was kind of weird, but I guess this is important practice.

[So, what cup is your chest, Reina-san?]

[H– Hah!? What the hell are you thinking!? This is sexual harassment!!]

She covered her chest with her arms, with a bright red face (again).

I tried to explain myself by saying [I thought we were practicing, though…]

[But there are some things you should and shouldn’t say!! Are you trying to be like that Reiko teacher!? Koutarou-kun, you’re a pervert!!]

[N– No, I didn’t mean it like that, okay!? Plus, why are you thinking of Reiko Sensei at this time!?]

*TL Note: I think this is a reference, but I’m not sure to what.

And so, I didn’t really get her meaning.

And so, we continued to practice like that. It was overwhelming at first, yet we got used to it over time, and we both gained more confidence.

With the problem regarding Aoi, and if she suddenly came over, we hid toothbrushes, hid shoes, made it so that you couldn’t see the laundry in the garden from the living room, and a bunch of other stuff.

We just planned it so that there would be no problem if any girl came over.

Surprisingly, Aoi didn’t ask to come over to my house, and she didn’t really say anything, it was a pretty calm day.

Even though I was being very vigilant, it was still a relatively calm day.

Maybe we were perhaps too overprotective.

If we can clear up all the doubts, and Reina-san’s parents successfully come over to my house, we can finally stop being vigilant, and things can return to the way they were before.

And then came the weekend.

[Good morning, Koutarou-kun.]

[Yes, good morning…eh…?]

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

And that’s because:

Reina-san wasn’t wearing her Daru T-shirt, but a Blazer– In other words, a “Uniform”.

Eh, what is she doing so early in the morning…?

[Um, what’s this? What’s with that look…]

[Looks like you’ve noticed it, eh?]

Reina-san was preparing my coffee while responding.

If I didn’t notice it, that would be even more strange.

[Didn’t I say it before? I said that it would be best if I looked like a girl your age.]

[Y– Yeah…You did say that, but…]

She’s still saying that, eh?

[Yes. But last time, my thoughts were kind of hazy, so I made sure to follow through this time.]

[So you’re wearing that…?]

[Eguzakutori. That’s right.]


What the hell does “Eguzakutori” (Exactly) mean…?

So she’s a teacher who cosplays as a JK on rest days…

[And so I’m wearing this blazer instead of a uniform for today. So think of me as someone your age.]


That’s impossible.

[You can call me the Senpai that you look up to.]

[The Senpai that I look up to…]

Wait, I didn’t mean to say “look up to”…

[Yes, that’s right. Think of me as your Senpai.]

[But even if you ask for that…]

I felt as if that was asking for the impossible.

Anyways, I’ll just do as she says.

[U– Um, good morning, Senpai.]

[Yes, good morning. Did you sleep well, Kouhai?]

[Y– Yeah, I guess.]

[That’s good. Drink some coffee so you don’t get cold.]

[Ah, ok…]

I nodded, and slurped the coffee down.


[So? Was it good?]

[Yes, as expected of Reina…I mean, Senpai.]

[Fufu, thank you. I’m glad I can make coffee for my Kouhai.]

[Thank you.]

Why am I so embarrassed!?

My face is bright red, isn’t it!?

As I wanted to just jump out and escape from here, Reina-san laughed and said:

[This is surprisingly not bad. When I went to an all girls school, there was never any male Kouhais like you.]

[Ah, I see. I guess this is fun for you, eh?]

[Well, it’s not exactly fun, but I think it’s good to play around a little so that we can get used to our lifestyle of living together.]

Reina-san’s face was bright red.

[Haha, that’s right. This may be fake, but it’s good to have a little fun with it.]

[That’s right. It might be as you say. Let’s keep having fun from now on.]

[Yes, I think that would be the best for both of us.]

[I’ll go prepare breakfast now.]

[Ah, but your uniform…]

It seems as if Reina-san didn’t hear me, because she just put on her apron, let her ponytail waver, and started cooking.

I wish I had something to say about that uniform, but I guess all I can say is that it’s cute, dammit.

And that amazing nape as always.

[Hey, Reina-san…I mean, Senpai…?]

[What is it?]

As she looked back with a tilted expression, she was gnawing on a wiener.

I thought that being greeted with this cute Senpai was probably not good for me.

And plus, if we were to be seen, I would have no idea what to do.

[It’s just, if your parents came over, I think it would spell bad news…]

[It’s fine. It’s true that they haven’t seen me recently, but if it was really that bad, they would’ve called me a couple days ago.]

[Yeah, I guess so…]

[Right? And so, just wait a little longer until breakfast. Actually, can you get the utensils?]

[Ah, sure…]

I did as she said, and I took out the utensils and bowls to line up on the table.

I actually really wanted her to stop that appearance, because it didn’t feel right to see her as the Senpai I look up to…

[Thank you for the meal.]

[Yes, hope you enjoyed it.]

While that thought was in my mind, I finished breakfast.


After I kept thinking about it, I went to dry the washed laundry in the garden.

I guess I should say my true feelings in front of her.

— Ding dong.

[Ara, who could it be? I’m coming]

Yeah, and so…What, what!?

[Someone rang the doorbell…Wait, Reina-san!?]

As I snapped back to my senses, Reina-san went to the door looking like that, and I tried to stop her with all my might.

— Open

[Who could it be?]

I was 1 step too late, and in front of me, Reina-san was opening the door.

I guess she realizes that she’s playing the role of the housekeeper.

Please let me be the mailman or something!


[Ah, Koutarou. I didn’t get the homework at all, so…Wait, a woman…?]

Instead of it being the mailman, it was the worst possible person, because it was Aoi at the door.

[ — ]

And Reina-san also realized that this was a grave situation.

She looked like she was on the verge of tears, and turned back at me and said:

[K– Koutarou-kun…]


And now I have found the reason why I thought it would be better for her not to wear that uniform.