Saturday, 18:00 —

The fourth meeting began. The topic was “The series composition
plan – third meeting”.

*Clang clang clang ~~*

In front of me, Makina-san raised her finished plan above her

And then ~ she took a deep breath.

“Here! The series composition plan for the Sekaimo anime!”

“Good.” I said.

“…………..” The director said.

“Good ~ clap clap clap”. The chief editor said.

“…Can you stop acting like you finished something very
difficult?” The producer said.

“Wait a second! Your reactions were so cold!” Makina-san said,
her eyes widening in shock.

Producer Akasaka coldly countered:

“If you want a warm reception, then give it to us two week


“Also, Aoi-sensei…I heard that you and the original author

“We are living together! Just living together!”

“Cough cough, yes, so you are living together. Did you gain
anything useful?”

“Yes I did!”

Makina-san gave the plan to her, likely trying to prove

“Since I got some nice references, now I understand some parts
that I couldn’t before. The effect is super cool!”

Eh? Is that so?

I don’t exactly understand what she meant by that, though.

“Let’s talk about the details then.”

Producer Akasaka said, making the atmosphere serious again.

By her order, the series composition plan was distributed to
everyone in the room. The cover said “Sekaimo Anime’s series
composition plan”.

On the next page, there was a simple table of contents
(including things like: Imouto: The climax!). There were twelve
lines in total. There were related details under each line: like
what the part is about, where the part is in the original novel —
and a short summary.

This plan came from Makina-san, who had such a half-hearted work
attitude. I couldn’t believe she could make something like

After reading this, director Amamiya asked Makina-san in her
usual low tone:

“Twelve episodes in three months…but it only reaches volume

“That’s what I believe is best, based on the current situation
~~ in the end, we just need to find a way to spread the anime over
three months.

Twelve episodes in three months.

She put her hands on the table; then said:

“What do you think ~~? Original author, Izumi

“Well….based on this schedule, each volume will be covered in
three episodes. It will be the same from volume one till volume

“That’s right. The original novel ~~ is a romantic comedy novel
~~ I think this pace is the right choice ~~ three episodes per
volume is good enough ~~ If we cut it and spend two episodes per
volume, we might be able to finish the climax ~~ but spending four
episodes per volume is too much ~~”

Makina-san told us her reasoning.

“But it’s still hard to say if spending three episodes per every
volume is the best choice ~~”

Yeah. Some volumes are longer than others. We can’t just treat
them all the same.

“Next, I will present my opinions as the original author, would
you please listen?”

“Please.” Producer Akasaka said in everyone’s place.

Makina-san took her laptop out of her bag, then said “Go ahead

“First, about volume one – the climax —“

I told everyone my opinions.

Since volume one is pretty long, I hope it can be made into four

Since images can describe things better than words, it would be
boring if the anime showed everything that I wrote in my book, so I
suggested we change it a bit. Secondly, about the first impression
of the female protagonist, we need to add — etc etc —

Of course, I didn’t expect my suggestions to be used
immediately. In the end, I’m not as shameless as Elf.

‘These are all just my personal opinions: what will others
think?’ – that was what I thought.

I’m just an outsider in the anime-making industry. But I
understood the most basic rule when dealing with professional

Making-san listened to me while typing on her laptop.

“Okay, original author – are these all of your opinions?”


“Next, shall we listen to the director and producer’s opinions

“….I think that if we combine the series composition plan and
the original author’s suggestions, it would be the best.” Producer
Akasaka said.

“What do you think, director Amamiya?”


Like a Brachiosaurus, director Amamiya slowly put her hand under
her chin before answering:

“………I have read…..volume five….I like it….I want to make

Volume five, which is scheduled to be released next month, was
also sent to the anime-making team.

She didn’t say much, but I knew that she read my novel
carefully. I couldn’t help but feel happy when someone so amazing
praised it.

“Twelve episodes will be spent to make volumes one through four,
there is no way we can adapt volume five too.” Producer Akasaka cut
her off.

In response, director Amamiya dropped her head like a poor big
dog; then she looked at Makina-san with pleading eyes.

“..Can you…think of a way?”

“Well, we can: If we can afford to skip an entire volume.”

Hearing that, I had a vision of the world’s worst nightmare.

The original novel lover Muramasa-senpai yelled “Aggggggggggg”,
leapt into the meeting, drew a knife and then killed everyone.

It was rude of me, and I apologize. But that was my impression
of crazy fans.

I’m not sure how many crazy fans I have, but an anime adaption
of a famous novel will attract some crazy fans.

So, in order to protect the lives of everyone present, I

“Please, avoid cutting parts of the original novel as much as

“Nice ~~ I agree too.”

Thankfully Makina-san understood my meaning. She looked at
director Amamiya:

“However, I have heard the director’s opinions…Original author,
director, producer…everyone’s opinions…my job as the scenario
writer is trying to fulfill them all!”

Super cool! If that’s what she truly feels; then I think I could
work with her for the rest of my life.

“…How strange.” Director Amamiya muttered. “It has been a long
time since you listened to other’s thoughts.”

“Is that so?”


Director Amamiya tapped her finger on the table. While her
expression was still hard to read… I think I saw her smile.

“This is a good development.”

That’s how the fourth meeting went.

I didn’t fully understand everything that producer Akasaka said,
but hearing that Makina-san can keep working made me feel

However, she still has a lot to catch up on, considering that
many things were behind schedule because of her.

For example, before the next meeting, she has to finish the
second revision of the series composition plan based on what we
discussed today.

As the original author, I am really looking forward to seeing
her next plan.


And so, the anime-making team finally began to work.

Of course, there were still some problems remaining, like this

On a certain day, chief editor Kagurazaka-san angrily gave me a
call —

“Izumi-sensei! It’s the deadline for supervising the radio
show’s script!”

“Oh! I’m very sorry!”

Crap! Are you kidding me! I don’t remember her asking me at all!
Supervising the radio’s show??

I couldn’t believe that I haven’t begun writing it! This was the
first time something like this happened to me.

I firmly told myself to not make that mistake again and asked

“Eh, it’s not like I’m making an excuse or anything, but when
exactly did you tell me about this deadline?”


“Eh…? Today?”

“Yes! I sent you an email this morning!”

“Wait…you mean the email this morning…….so the deadline…when
is it…?”

“Today too! Didn’t I tell you to finish it before noon!? Really
– Izumi-sensei, what have you been doing this morning?”

“I went to school! Or rather, I’m still at school! I’m having my
lunch break!”

“Oh, right, you are still a student.”

“I have to go to school every day no matter what, so I can never
work during daytime. I do believe that I have told you that before.
You have to give me a notice at least 24 hours prior. No matter how
fast I can write, there is no way I can do what you just

“Even if you say that, making plans for an anime always happens
without notice.”

“…I understand. I will confirm it during my break.”

“Please do. Since I will be blamed for this ~~ please do it

…Thank god that summer break will arrive soon.

Another day: I was woken up by a phone call from

“Izumi-sensei! The deadline for the short story that I asked you
to write is here!”

“Crap! Sorry!”

Wah ah ah ah!! Are you kidding me? I don’t remember her asking
me at all!

I never thought that I would miss a deadline! This is the first
time I missed something like this.

I asked in order to avoid repeating this situation again:

“Sorry, it’s not like I’m trying to make an excuse….But…when did
you tell me about this short story?”


“Eh? Today!?”

“Yes! I sent you an email this morning!”

“What? But it’s still morning – It’s only 5 in the morning!”

“That’s right!”

“When…did you send that email?”

“Around 2:00 AM! Yesterday you cried and told me that you
couldn’t work at school — that I should think about your situation
– that I should give you a notice early in the morning! Really –
what were you doing during that time, Izumi-sensei!?”

“I was sleeping!”

“Eh? Izumi-sensei needs to sleep every night?”

“Because I’m human!”

Yesterday was a rare chance for me to get a good night’s

“So, when will the story be ready?”

“I will finish it today!”

“How about six o’clock?”

“Do you want me to write it right now?”

So she gave me just an hour? Is she trying to kill me! I will
write it, but don’t push me too hard!

I clearly told her to give me 24 hours notice ~~!

….I was exaggerating a bit, but that was basically it: My life
became much harder than expected:

Unlike “I can’t finish my work in time”: this situation is more
like “When I was completely unavailable, something super short and
urgent came up.”

This is a problem for a student – no, a problem for an author
who has to do anything other than writing!

I have a meeting with the anime-making team, have to write a
short story or make some advertising.

At the same time, I have to take part in supervising some other
work —

They are also making a game based on my story! And it is
scheduled to be released on two platforms.

I was very happy, but that meant I was buried neck deep in

During the same summer break last year, I remember that
Elf-senpai broke down and cried: Because two platforms meant double
the workload.

I feel lucky that it is currently the middle of July. As soon as
summer break begins, I can work all day!

Finally, summer break is here.

School, which was a hindrance for me until now, is gone, so I
can focus on working as an author.

“Freedom! Summer break is the best!”

It’s 3:00PM. I finished my current workload and stretched my

Right now, I’m in my room. It’s a bit unusual, but today I’m not
working with Makina-san in the living room. The reason? She went to
take part in an event. I think you guys all know about the Summer

It has been two weeks since production of my anime first
started, so I can participate in other activities – that was what I

“I can’t let this plan be negatively affected by me.”

That’s the basic politeness, so that day I said nothing.

“..Alright, let’s make a meal for Sagiri.”

When I was making a meal —

“I’m home —!”

Makina-san came back. I heard her footsteps; then the living
room door quickly opened.

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san! What good timing!”

“Yup? What do you need?”

Makina-san’s eyes shone:

“I have something that I need Masamune-san and Eromanga-sensei’s
opinions on immediately!”

“…Mine and Sagiri’s? Somehow I have a bad feeling….”

Makina-san kept attacking:

“No no no, this is something related to Sekaimo!”

“..Eh? Really?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Later, from the end result — yes, she was telling the truth.

Back then I didn’t know it yet… but, what she said actually was
related to Sekaimo.

By the way, my bad feeling was spot on too.

“So, please allow me to meet Imouto-sama!”

“…If you say so.”

Since she made a promise with Sagiri, Makina-san isn’t allowed
to go up to the second floor alone. If she wants to meet my sister,
she needs permission.

I sent a message to Sagiri then took Makina-san to her room.

…We lived under the same roof, but this scene is so unreal.

I knocked on the locked room’s door. It


I saw my little sister’s face.

“Makina-chan….said that…she has something to show me and

“I don’t know what it is myself – Makina-san?” I answered and
turned to her.

“Hi there! Allow me to say it again; there is something I want
to show you guys.”

“Is that something related to Sekaimo?”

“Yes! — Oh, right! Masamune-san, do you remember where I went

“You said something about a doujinshi trade shop?”

“Yes yes! It’s not a big event, but my favorite circle
participated in it.”

“…So what, Makina-chan?”

Facing our question, Makina-san just said:

“Clang clang! I have bought Sekaimo’s doujinshi!”

“Eh???” * 2

Both of us widened our eyes.

“Did you say Sekaimo’s doujinshi?”

“Did you buy it today?”


“I can’t believe it…the anime has not even aired yet…but people
already made doujinshi.”

“I was so surprised myself. I didn’t expect to see it so soon –
here, see?”

“Ohh ~”

I stared at the paper bag that Makina-san brought with her.

“Can I take a look?”

“Sure. That’s why I brought them.”

She gave me four thin books. I opened them and began to

My first impression…well…

“Isn’t this R18+??”

“Yes, 18+.”

She acknowledged it freely.

I felt a surge of embarrassment, seeing my child’s erotic

“…I knew it, erotic doujinshi is the majority.”

“Actually, only one of them is not…So, what do you think?”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to know what you – the original author – think when you
see your novel’s doujinshi!”

So that’s why she brought those doujinshi!

“Well….” I think for a moment “I feel happy. That’s the truth.
While the topic they chose is a bit questionable…. just seeing
other’s interpretations of my characters made me proud.”

“Even if those doujinshi are R18?”

“Even in that case.”

“I see.”

Makina-san happily noted it down.

….Even though I don’t think those preferences would be helpful
for Sekaimo’s scenario…

Ah, forget it. It’s none of my business.

She continued to ask me:

“Anything else? Aside from happiness?”

“Well, there is some frustration. And — um, my feelings are
mixed, I can’t really describe it.”

I don’t fully understand what I’m feeling at the moment.

If a manga artist told me “I will draw Izumi-sensei’s novel’s
doujinshi!” then gave it to me, I think I would be very troubled. I
don’t know what I would tell them.

I think I would be confused; then feel sad…

“This character’s breasts are not that big; please take a
good look at the original novel!”

I might say something so impolite.

Please, everyone. Go ask other novelists (aside from me). Ask
them what they would think if they were in my shoes.

“I see ~ so that’s what you think.”

“I think there is still room for improvement! There are many
differences in the main character’s voice and tone compared to my
novel! For example, on this page, this is a wonderful chance to
make the atmosphere better, but he missed it. If that was me, I
would —“

“Hey, are you going to supervise doujinshi too? Tone it

While we were having this stupid conversation, Eromanga-sensei’s
eyes flashed.

“Let me take a look!”

“Eh? No no! What are you talking about?”

I quickly moved the doujinshi away. But Sagiri happily came out
and rushed toward me.

“This is what Makina-chan bought! Let me see!”

“No means no! This is too soon for you, Sagiri!”

I pulled the book away from my little sister’s hands.

“But that’s R18+ doujinshi of my characters!”

“So what of it?”

“I think I have the right to read them!”

“I can’t believe you could actually say it with such a straight

How much did she want to see R18 doujinshi of her

But since I firmly refused, Sagiri’s eyes began to water.



She clenched her hands and blushed:

“Let me ~~~~~ see ~~~~~!!!!”

Then she threw a tantrum, jumping up and down on the floor.

“I want ~~~~ to see them too~~~!!! I want to see erotic
doujinshi ~~~~~~~~~~~~ too!!!!!!!”

“Ahh, damn it!!!” I facepalmed.

“Wait a second! Makina-san, you should help me out! Why are you
looking at my trouble and laughing?”

“No, no, I’m not laughing at you ~~” She broke into laughter
“Actually, I brought those doujinshi because I wanted to see this
conversation between you two.”

“You are so shameless that you even acknowledged it?”

“Every time I witness a conversation between you two, the
anime’s quality is improved. Don’t worry; I will repay your help in
that way.”


“Yup! When Masamune-san is angry, you don’t bother with being
polite. That makes me very happy.”


And so —

When I was distracted by Makina-san…

“An opening!”

With a speed that surpassed a normal hikikomori, Eromanga-sensei
quickly took the 18+ doujinshi from me,


“Ehehe…I got it.”

Sagiri happily raised the doujinshi high in the end.

All things considered, this is a very dangerous scene. If this
was a light novel, then no one would dare to draw an illustration
of this.


She began to try to return to her room.

“Wait! No!”

I rushed forward to take back that doujinshi. But…

“Grr —!”

“Ouch! That hurt! You scratched me!? You, I dare you to do that

I raised my hand again.

“Grr—! Ya!”

“That hurt! Are you a cat?”


She growled, like a mother cat trying to protect its kitten.

How much does she want to read that 18+ doujinshi….

She firmly held on to that doujinshi – My erotic daily life with
my little sister – with all her might.

“About…Nii-san….I need to say this beforehand…this…this
book…it’s not like I want to read those erotic parts or


“You, you don’t have to say it so bluntly!”

What about you then? You were holding onto it so

“Then what is your other reason?”

“…I only want to see how other people draw my characters as the
original illustrator.”

“Even if I could accept that ridiculous reason, I will not allow
Eromanga-sensei to read this erotic book!”

“I don’t know someone with that name!”

“But I know this perverted, erotic illustrator!”

“Anyway, I’m not trying to read it to see those erotic

“Fine fine, I got it already.”


With a loud *bang*, she slammed the door shut.

“…She was so embarrassed that it turned into anger.”

I had no choice but to turn away. In front of me was Makina-san,
who was rolling on the floor laughing.

“…Phew…ahahaha….you…are you two always like that?”

“Yeah, always.”

Phew. I took a deep breath.

Okay, now what? Sagiri had already taken the 18+ doujinshi from
me…While I was trying to think about how to act —

“Wah wah wah!!”

From her room came the yell of a pervert.

“Sagiri! Sagiri! Hey, are you okay?”

I banged on the door. On the other hand, Makina-san was laughing

It opened, revealing my sister.


She was blushing madly, breathing hard.

The girl I like was blushing because she read 18+ doujinshi.
What should I do in this case?

“Sa, Sagiri?”

“Nii-san!” She said: her voice full of motivation “I want to
draw an ero doujinshi too!”

“Where did that come from!?”

“If, if I did it, I could draw something much better than

“No, don’t go compete with doujinshi!”

“But I want to!”

Oh my…Well, I do understand her feelings though. Even I, after
reading the doujinshi, got a feeling that “I could do better than

For the perverted, erotic-lover Eromanga-sensei, an 18+
doujinshi is the same as a declaration of war. That’s why she wants
to draw doujinshi herself.

“Sagiri…aren’t you busy because of the anime’s work?”

“I am. But I still want to do this!” She said stubbornly. Her
eyes began to get moist.

“Just you wait; I will draw something that will make people
blush way more than this doujinshi.”

“….That was what happened yesterday.”

“Hm ~ you guys sure have interesting lives.”

The next day, at breakfast, I was drinking tea with Elf in the
living room. Since my workload for today was done, I was taking a

“After that, Sagiri holed up in her room and is seemingly trying
to draw a manga.”

“Eromanga-sensei will draw manga too?”

“Yes. You see, when we asked Army-sensei for the manga —“

“Ah, she practiced too huh?”


She once said that whoever wanted to draw Sekaimo manga has to
be able to draw something better than her – before Army-sensei beat
her too effortlessly.

I don’t know about their ability as illustrators, but as a manga
artist, there is no way Eromanga-sensei can beat Army-sensei.

After she was beaten, Eromanga-sensei asked Army-sensei to train
her in drawing manga. So it’s not like she couldn’t do it.

“But I have no idea how erotic the result will be.”

“Well, there is no choice but to wait – anyway, compared to that
—“ Suddenly, Elf pointed to the sofa in front of me and changed the
subject “What is that, Masamune?”

“That? Well….”

On that sofa was a girl sleeping soundly. She was none other
than Makina-san.

“My new hikikomori little sister.”

“How could you be so impure? Why is there a girl I don’t know in
this house?”

“Can you please stop saying that in such a misleading way?”

“How dare you bring a woman into the house without my – the
wife’s – permission!”

“Since when did I marry you?”

“Eh? We haven’t?”

“Of course not!”

“Okay, enough joking around.”

Elf went to the sofa and glanced at me.

“What the heck is this — damn, these breasts piss me off so

“Don’t poke her breasts!”

Do you know how much I have to restrain myself from doing
that – no, wait, that isn’t the point.

What are you doing to a sleeping girl?

“Do you like these kinds of breasts, Masamune1?”

“Actually yes, I do. But that is unrelated to the current

Because I answered truthfully, we shouldn’t continue this

“Masamune? Listen carefully, I will tell you the truth of this
world – big breasts are just lumps of fat.”

I think every girl with D-cups or larger would get mad at
you. Besides, that sounds like something all small breasted girls
would say.

Elf-sensei, there should be a limit to your lying.

“She is the scenario writer Aoi Makina-sensei, don’t be

“Aoi Makina…you mean the one that did Meruru?”


“Why is someone like her inside your house?”

“Well, it’s a long story —“

I told her what happened a few days earlier, the same
explanation I gave Kyouka-san.

How Makina-san came to my home.

How my aunt and Makina-san will live with me from now on.

And…I told her that I still take care of the house.

“…Hm…living together…huh ~~”

After hearing me out, somehow Elf looked displeased. And
then….an aura of anger slowly radiated from her.

She just sat there and listened to me…then suddenly, with a loud
bang, she slammed her hand on the table

“What the hell is that, how sly! I want to live together with
you too!”

“Hey, even if you say that….”

“Let me think…wait, now that I think about it, this might be
good. Alright, it’s decided!”

Elf’s expression suddenly brightened.

She was about to explode moment ago. What a girl.

“Masamune! Until your anime is finished, I will take care of the
meals for this house!”

“W.. what?”

This sudden development made me speechless.

“But….I’m the only one who can make Sagiri’s meals…”

“Don’t worry, I already know what that child likes to eat. But I
understand how much you want to cook for her ~ however, don’t try
to hide it…”

She drew closer to me:

“You don’t want to do nothing, do you?”


She saw through me.

It’s not like I did nothing at home now…but my previous work was
slowly taken away from me. I don’t know how it will end up.

“Don’t worry. Just leave it to your future wife Elf.”

“I really owe you big this time.”

Thus, I accepted her goodwill.

With a sigh, I dropped my shoulders.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

She smiled at me. Her face was so charming.

Really….this girl is so dependable.

We sat in silence for few minutes, suddenly, she said in a clear

“So starting today, I will live here.”


“Why are you so surprised? Didn’t I already say so?”

“…But your house is next to mine. What’s the difference?”

“There is a huge difference.” Elf said “A girl next door and a
girl living together with you are two completely different


She put a finger on my nose, and whispered:

“Living together with a beautiful girl – does that make you

“Face! Your face is so close!”

I hastily retreated away from her.

“Living together with me —“

But like a game of tag, she kept pushing forward.

“…If you are lucky, you might reach an ecchi event, you

“If the female protagonist is actively trying to push forward,
then there is no luck involved!”

“You are going to push yourself too hard anyway, so I will just
help you relax a bit with this act!”

“I’m really thankful, but didn’t I tell you that I already have
someone I like!”

“Ahaha, don’t worry, I know!”

What she said and the way she acted wasn’t suitable for others
…. but, really, for her it’s totally suitable

Everything she did was based on careful planning and
consideration for my feelings.

After what I did to her, to think Elf still cared for me that
much. I deeply understood her determination.

“Let’s flirt a bit, Masamune!”

At first glance, she was acting childish, but her voice and her
smile showed me that she cared about me.

I can tell that the wall surrounding my heart is slowly


I was taken aback, but suddenly -*Bang bang bang* the ceiling
shook furiously.


That temporarily brought me back…So dangerous.

“Kuh…she keeps getting in my way.”

Elf clicked her tongue, laughed and left my side, like
everything just now didn’t happen.

“Just now, even I understood what it meant.”


We looked above us.

“Eromanga-sensei’s ero manga is finished.”

At the second floor, waiting for us is…

“Ehehehe ….”

Eromanga-sensei, with a confident smile. She stood tall and
proud; one hand held the tablet against her chest.

“…I finished.”


My little sister told me that she finished an ero manga.
What should I say as her brother?

And what does she intend to do with it anyway? Crap, could
it be…


Sagiri said and gave me the tablet.

“Take a look ♪”

I knew it —


You guys understand my situation, right?

A girl – with an angelic pose – telling me to read her finished
ero manga. What should I do? Should I read it? What if she asked me
for my thoughts next? Eromanga-sensei, what kind of torture is

Elf muttered.

“…When Eromanga-sensei is in work mode, she doesn’t think very
far ahead.”

“..Yeah, after this, I bet she will be very embarrassed.”

Elf and I held a short conversation via our eyes. Seeing that,
Sagiri pouted:

“Nii-san, hurry!”

“Okay! I’m reading it!

I mentally prepared myself and took the tablet; then I began to
read Eromanga-sensei’s ero manga of Sekaimo.

The setting is very simple.

Those two siblings sat in the same room, then the atmosphere is
getting better — and then, and then —


I couldn’t stand it anymore, my hand began to shake. Then I
started to run back and forth in the corridor, slamming my head in
the wall a few times in the process.

“Ma, Masamune? Are you okay? Is your head okay?”

“Like hell I could be okay! There is no way I could be!”

Because Sekaimo’s siblings are based on me and Sagiri!

Sagiri used herself as a reference to draw those erotic

“Nii-san..! Looks like this manga can make the reader have an
intense reaction!”

“This reaction didn’t come from the manga! This came from


“You really are Eromanga-sensei! Today you truly are
Eromanga-sensei! You are the world’s most perverted little

You guys probably don’t understand what I am saying, because
even I didn’t.


Hearing me scream Eromanga-sensei so much, Sagiri finally got
out of her Eromanga-sensei mode. Then…she immediately blushed.

“That…that’s not it! I only like ecchi illustrations and manga!
I’m not a pervert! I told you before!”

“Don’t even think of using that useless reasoning today to drop
the subject.”

“Of course I can! This subject ends here! Anyway, tell me what
you think! What part of it do you think is the most…erotic!?”

“You still dare to forcefully change the subject!?? Listen,
you…!” I showed her the tablet “Eromanga-sensei’s ero manga! Of
course there are many strange things!”

“What? What part of it is weird?”

“I told you there are many things! For example, the first,
strangest —“

“The strangest?”


Crap, what should I do now? There is no way I could tell her
that the penis’s shape and position are wrong.

“Well ~~~ Actually…..”

I have a feeling that telling the truth would be suicide.

“…What? Hurry up and say it!”

Since I said her manga was strange, now Sagiri was looking at me
with anger in her eyes.

Okay, let me recap —

The girl I like just told me to read her erotic manga and tell
her what I think.

What should I do?

With a tone of a brother, of a man, should I tell her that

‘Sagiri…this penis…you drew it wrong.’

I can’t do it!!!

It’s impossible!!

“E..Elf…! Can I ask you to tell her in my stead?”

“Eh? Me?”

“Yes, please!”

I dropped all of my responsibility on Elf-sensei.

“Eh…well, if it’s just my opinions then….”

Elf took the tablet from me and began to operate it with her
delicate fingers.


Even thought she was blushing madly, Elf still carefully read
the ero manga of Eromanga-sensei.

…How should I put it…this somehow excited me even more.

“That hurt!”

Suddenly, Sagiri kicked me in the shin.

“…Nii-san is a pervert!”

“I, I’m not a pervert!”

I quickly denied the (rightful) guess; then changed the

“A..anyway, Elf, what do you think? Can you please, tell her the
strange part of this manga for me?

“Well, I just finished it.”

Elf put the tablet down and blinked.

“What part of it is strange? I can’t find it anywhere.”

So even you don’t know about a penis!!!

It should not be in that place….nor should its shape be that
thin and long….

“See!? Even Elf-chan said there is nothing strange!”

Yeah. Not only is Sagiri a weirdo, Elf is one too. With no other
choice, I dropped my head and sighed.

“Oh ~~ It’s useless ~~”

“Hey, what’s with your attitude? How about you say it? Why don’t
you tell me what’s strange with this ero manga?”

The situation is getting worse.

I was forced to point out to two beautiful girls that their
impression of a penis is wrong.

“It can’t be helped then…okay, you are the ones who are asking

“You are the ones who are asking?” *2

“No choice! Calling back up!”

Come on, girl who loves dick!

In front of the locked room, there was me, Elf, Sagiri
and —

“That’s why you…called me?”

Jinno Megumi.

Sagiri’s classmate and classrep: A super bitch that has many
male friends. A class higher than most students in her class.

(TL Note: The word  bitch, in Japan, is used to describe a
woman who is experienced with men in general. It does not imply any
negative meaning)

“That’s right!”

I put my hands together and begged:

“Megumi! Please! Please tell Sagiri the strange parts of this
ero manga!”

“This is the first time a boy called me for such a reason!?”

Megumi heard my request then blushed in anger.

“Really, I came so fast because you said you have something very
important to ask ~~”

“This is very important!”

To me at least! And since Sagiri is your friend, you should
treat it that way too!

“W, w, w, why do I have to do something so embarrassing!?”

“Because I couldn’t ask anyone else! Among people I know, only
you, the super bitch Megumi-san can talk to Sagiri normally and is
used to ero manga!”

I already knew that she is just a ‘fashion bitch’ who pretends
to be a bitch but hey, whatever. Close enough.

“Ohhhhhhhh ~~~~”

Megumi’s eyes turned into a >< shape.

“If this continues, those girls will strip me! They will take
off my trousers and my underwear! My life as a male student will
take a heavy blow!”

Save me please, Megumi-sama!!!

“I, I got it! This is for Sagiri too! I will lend you a

Megumi gave me her hand. I set the tablet down on it.

“…This is…Sagiri-chan’s…Eromanga-sensei’s…Ero manga….”

Megumi began to take a look.

“…Oh…Oh…I see….”

She had the same expression that Elf had minutes ago. This
reaction was unlike her usual image, she acted like a normal pure
girl. Then after she finished reading, she looked up and said

“Just like Onii-san said, this ero manga has many strange


Finally someone agreed with me…!

“Me..Megumi-chan…is my manga…that strange?”

The one who reacted the most was none other than
Eromanga-sensei, Sagiri.

Next to her, even Elf was surprised “Could it be….?”

Megumi said seriously:

“Sagiri-chan, Elf-chan…both of you have a very big
misunderstanding regarding a boy’s body.”

“What did you say?”

“Ugh…what is that?”

Even though both of them were a little afraid of the words
“boy’s body”, Elf and Sagiri still asked.

Like an elder teaching her children, Megumi raised a finger:

“Listen carefully….I think both of you probably don’t know….but
when a boy is trying his best to suppress his manly urges…”

“When a boy is trying his best to suppress?” *2

“His balls will not explode.”

“Will not?” *2

(TL Note: Yeah, it goes without saying)

“They won’t!”

Nice, Megumi! As expected of a girl who is used to penises.

“Eh? But….”

“But other manga said so…?”

Both Elf and Sagiri couldn’t accept this truth.

“It’s just an expression; you can treat it like a metaphor. It’s
their way of saying 『 I couldn’t take it anymore ~~ I’m at my limit
』; do you understand? But Sagiri-chan’s drawing made it into 『 His
balls exploded with such force that he has to do something 』 — this
is a strange part.”

“….I…I was wrong from the beginning?”

Megumi was calmly answering, while Eromanga-sensei was deadly

…Does that mean she is not actually a fashion

I planned this meeting…but what the heck is going on? Three
beautiful girls gathered around and are discussing “the truth about
men’s balls”?

This is so unreal.

Megumi said with conviction:

“There are still many strange places, so let’s go to somewhere
without Onii-san to discuss it.”

“…Megumi-chan…no, Megumi-onee-chan…please supervise my work.”
Sagiri said, her eyes full of admiration.

After that, under super bitch Megumi-onee-chan’s supervision,
Eromanga-sensei remade her ero manga. And I also had to read it

“…You, you guys…what is this?”

“Hm hm! This should be perfect now! Totally realistic!”

Sagiri said while trying to puff out her pitiful chest. Next to
her, Elf and Megumi looked the same.

Inside the locked room, they received their lesson from
Megumi-sensei. After that, it looked like their knowledge was

“Yes…compared to the first manga, this one is less strange.”

“I know, I know, right!?” Elf said.

“Not only the strange part Megumi just said…another
part…well…forgive me for not saying it aloud — its location was
changed too. Its shape is finally human-like, that I

“Yes yes, that’s right.” Megumi said.

“So, Megumi, may I ask something important?”

“? Go ahead?”

“Whose is it?”


“You know, it. If a girl who has never seen it…well.. she
couldn’t possibly know, right?”

“Ah — yes yes, that’s correct.”

When I was beating around the bush, Megumi understood what I
meant. She said happily:

“This is my ex-boyfriend’s.”

“Oh…ex-boyfriend huh….”

I finally understood everything and gave her a half-hearted
reply. Thus, Megumi pouted.

“Hey, what’s with your reaction? I think you should say 『 hah,
you had a boyfriend 』 or something?”

“Like hell I would! Then I ask, what the heck is this cute

Only after I said it out, I realized that I forgot to avoid that
word. But I couldn’t help it!!


Like a criminal who was cornered by a detective, Megumi

“He looks like a boy in middle school! It looks so weird that I
almost mistook it for a comedy manga!”

The difference is the same as difference between chalk and

“But..! I saw it! My younger brother….my ex-boyfriend’s …is that

“Is your ex-boyfriend a kid in kindergarten?”

I wondered what she said to that boy back then.


“Me, Megumi-chan!”

“Megumi…did you…trick us?”

Like they were betrayed, Sagiri and Elf gave Megumi a
questioning gaze. On the other hand, Megumi began to tremble and
broke into cold sweat.

“It…it’s not like that! I’m not a fashion bitch ~~~~~~~”

Megumi slammed her eyes shut and screamed. But I don’t think
anyone here would believe her anymore.

After Megumi went back home crying —

“Masamune-kun! What’s going on!?”

More trouble arrived at my home. It came in the form of a proud
beauty in a kimono

“Why are you here Muramasa-senpai…and what’s with your

“Stop asking! Masamune-kun! Are you going to live together with

She was so angry that she began to stomp on the floor.

I turned around toward the living room, yelled:

“Elf ~~~! Come and have a proper talk with senpai ~~~!”



Elf was probably waiting, since she was right behind me when I
turned back.

“During summer break, Muramasa-chan is staying at my home. When
I went back home just now, I put a paper that said 『 I am living
together with Izumi Masamune 』 on her back while she was focused on


Elf put her hands on her hip and laughed:

“Because tricking Muramasa-chan is not fair; I want to win
against her fair and square, got a problem with that?”


Elf’s aura scared me a bit.

Muramasa-senpai pointed at me and said:

“Not only Elf! That paper said you were living together with a
scenario writer! What’s the meaning of this? Are you going to
create a harem at home?”

“This is a very big misunderstanding!”

I tried my best to deny that.

“Elf ~~ she left out some important details in her note! She
said she wants to come here – that’s true. But Makina-san is the
scenario writer for Sekaimo’s anime; she came here to get

“Stop talking nonsense! Why does she have to come and live with
the original author to get references?”

“I don’t know myself! But she said this is the only way for her
to work, so I can’t do anything about it!”

“How could that be possible!? A young boy and girl live

Senpai was blushing in anger.

“Eh, senpai, what are you trying to say?”

“First, let me meet that scenario writer! As the first fan of
Izumi Masamune….also Masamune-kun’s…very close girl friend….I have
a few words to tell her.”

She said girl friend….

I knew that she was trying to put up a front, but senpai, you
were so obvious.

Seeing our conversation, Elf laughed and put a hand on my

“Masamune, forget it. If she is like this, she won’t change her

“Whose fault do you think this is?”

“Well, I want to talk with that girl too. Hurry and wake that
fat dragon up.”

They haven’t said a single word to each other, but Elf already
seemed to dislike Makina-san.


Elf is fine…but Makina-san and Muramasa-senpai…I think they
won’t get along.

I brought them to the living room. Makina-san was still sleeping
on the sofa with her coat as a blanket.

“This girl?”

Seeing Makina-san’s laziness, Muramasa-senpai knitted her

See? Already not getting along?

“Masamune-kun, wake her up.”

“…She is not that easy to wake up.”

I couldn’t make a Neo Tiger shoot myself. (TL Note: Neo Tiger is
a special skill shoot by Huyga Kojiro in the famous manga Captain
Tsubasa in the early 90)


Before I could do anything, Muramasa-senpai slowly pinched
Makina-san’s nose shut, while covering her mouth at the same

“Muramasa-senpai! Are you trying to kill her?”

“But I think I can wake her up this way.”

That’s not exactly wrong! But why did both producer Akasaka
and Muramasa-senpai pick such a scary way?

But her opponent is not a simple one. Ten seconds….Twenty
seconds…Makina-san was still not waking up. But…her face was


Ph….ew….Ph….ew…The only sound came from her nose, where she
could barely breathe.

“Still can endure it? Impossible….”

“Sen, senpai, you should stop! She won’t be able to breathe if
you keep going! It’s scary!”

After hearing me say that, Muramasa-senpai finally let go.


After released, Makina-san took a few seconds to regain her
normal breathing.


She kept sleeping. Seeing that, Muramasa-senpai said:

“…Ohhhh, her face really pisses me off.”

“Agreed.” Elf narrowed her eyes and looked at Makina-san “In
that case…..”

“How about we strip her naked?” She said after a moment of

“Stop it right there!”

“I think as long as we strip her naked, she will wake up.”

“Listen to yourselves!”

Besides, don’t grope a sleeping girl’s breasts! I don’t know
where I should look in this situation!


Makina-san was sleeping soundly, but because of Elf’s actions,
her face was slowly getting redder again —


Ah, she woke up.

“Wait! What’s going on? Why is an unknown beautiful blonde girl
groping me?”

Since she was being groped without knowing what is going on,
Makina-san kept blinking. Elf calmly introduced herself:

“Pleased to meet you, I’m the genius light novel author Yamada

“Ah, pleased to meet you too — No wait! Why are you still
groping me?”

Still groping her, Elf turned to me, then said:

“Masamune, let me tell you something — a big breasted girl will
wake up if you grope her.”

What the hell are you talking about?

“If I wake her up this way, my little sister will get angry, so

“…And I will get angry too.”

Makina-san said in embarrassment, covering her breasts with her


She yawned and rubbed her eyes before saying:

“I’m scenario writer Aoi Makina. Right now I’m living together
with Masamune-san ~~”

She said something that could be so easily misunderstood. Thank
god that I have already told Muramasa-senpai and Elf

“..So? Yamada Elf-chan and…you are..?”

“I’m Senjyu Muramasa, a fan of Izumi Masamune-sensei.”

Muramasa-senpai raised her well-endowed breasts and looked at

As usual, she didn’t introduce herself as a novelist. To her,
being my fan is probably more important.

“Senjyu Muramasa? You mean that Senjyu Muramasa?”

“Yes, Senjyu Muramasa-sensei.”

I answered Makina-san in her place.

“Muramasa-senpai has something to talk with Makina-san about
regarding the content of Sekaimo.”

“Oh ~~ Is that so? What is it?”

Makina-san whistled and returned to the sofa.

“As a fan of Izumi Masamune-sensei’s novel, a fan of

Muramasa-senpai said in a low tone before opening her eyes wide,
raising her tone:

“Aoi Makina! I will test you, to see if you truly have the
ability to be Sekaimo’s scenario writer!”

It was so hot-blooded, like a manga. In contrast, Makina-san
only said.

“Eh ~ no need.”

“What? Why do you reject it?”

” ‘Cuz it’s troublesome.”

What a half-hearted reply.

That should be expected, coming from two people with total
opposite personalities. Both were holding their view without any
intention of backing down.

Seeing that, Elf immediately began to break the situation

“Makina, it looks interesting, so you should accept Muramasa’s

“Oh, you called me by name in our first meeting?”

“Huh? Can’t I?”

“Sure you can. But the test is troublesome.”

“Well, compared with Muramasa, what Makina said made sense.


“Muramasa-chan, tell her what you said before.”

“Sure. If you don’t want to accept my test then it can’t be

Under Elf’s urging, senpai said with an honest expression:

“Use your death to apologize then.”

“Her eyes were serious!???”

Makina-san immediately turned as blue as a ghost and sent me a
pleading gaze.

I understood her feelings. I had faced Muramasa-senpai when she
was like this before.

“Makina-san, Muramasa-senpai is not joking. Please treat her as
a very dangerous fan.”

“Ugh….but I don’t want to….” She said with a frown.

“Makina, what Masamune meant is that we should solve Muramasa’s
problem once and for all. Otherwise, she will stick to you without
end. If the anime aired, she might come to your house

Muramasa-senpai’s image in Elf’s imagination was so scary. But
yes, that kind of scary fan does exist.

Hearing this, Makina-san had no choice but to sigh.

“Fine. Refusing is more trouble than it’s worth. I will do this

“You should” Muramasa-senpai nodded.

“So…let me see your plan.”

Makina-san’s plan — the same series composition plan — was shown
to Muramasa-senpai. She sat down in front of Makina-san and began
to read. I and Elf sat nearby and waited for her reaction.

After some time…. Muramasa-senpai looked up and said:

“Good writing.”


I couldn’t help but stare. Because …

“Even the original novel lover Muramasa said that, this is not
something simple.” Elf immediately said what was in my mind.

However, Muramasa-senpai continued: “But….”

“But that’s not enough. I can’t say for sure if you are the
right scenario writer for Sekaimo.”

“So what are you intending to do?”

Makina-san asked. Muramasa-senpai replied:

“Sekaimo volume five will be published next month…you must have
read it, right?”

“Yeah, it ends right after a big development.”

“Yes. A perfect development that made people long for the next
volume! Even I want to read the next part!”

If you need further explanation, it’s because Muramasa-senpai
stuck to me too much so I gave her my manuscript for the next
volume. Since she loves my books so much, I could do this for her.
She continued happily:

“So this is your next test. Next, please write the next part
after Sekaimo volume five…in other words, write the first part of
volume six.”


“You have to guess the next part then write it down! This is
your final test.”

“…Do you even know what you just said?”

“Of course. A scenario writer that the author depends on should
be able to do this.”

“No way!”

“No? Then you should die.”

“Wait, are you kidding me?”

Nope, she is not joking…!

As long as she meets something related to Izumi Masamune,
Muramasa-senpai will turn into this.

“By the way, I can do it. I can’t say for sure that I will get
it right 100%, but no one understands Izumi Masamune’s novel more
than me.”

Muramasa-senpai proudly raised her chest. Makina-san said in

“…Wow, Masamune-san. You’ve got yourself a very troublesome

“Yeah, pretty scary.”

“She is super scary. Everything she said was honest…but I think
she will kill me if I refuse to write, so I will give it a

“Eh? You can?”

“Who knows? I can’t know without trying.”

Now she was being arbitrary again.


Both Muramasa-senpai and Makina-san…as the original author, when
someone said that they can easily predict my next move, I felt a
bit annoyed.

If you can, give it a try. That was what I thought.

“If you say so, then do it. I will begin to write myself too. We
will compare our results.”

“Then I will write. Could you make me a cup of tea?”

Ten minutes later.


Makina-san guessed the opening of volume six and wrote it

She didn’t write a novel down; she wrote it as a scenario. Just
some conversations and basic settings. All of it was stored in the
tablet and was waiting for everyone to read.

Makina-san asked Muramasa-senpai:

“By the way Muramasa-senpai, what would happen if my guess is

“For every part you get wrong, I will break one of your fingers.
How about it?”

“I think you really did that to yourself! Scary!”

I think she actually did it….

Then — the result came.

“….It’s as expected.”

“Masamune, hurry up. How much of Makina’s guess is right?”


I paused for a few seconds before answering:

“It is… about…. 70%… correct.”

Damn it ~~~~ I can’t accept it!

It was the same when a reader sent me a letter that
correctly guessed what would happen next!

“So ~~ does that mean I passed?”

Makina-san sighed in relief. Muramasa-senpai told her:

“So three fingers, right?”

“Are you a demon!?”

“It’s a joke.”

With an honest expression, Muramasa-senpai looked at me with
eyes full of resentment.

“…Sometimes I joke too.”

“Don’t joke in such a way. It’s bad for my heart.”

You are so similar to your father.

“Anyway, forget it…”

She coughed once before turning to Makina-san.

“Test completed. I acknowledge — you are the right scenario
writer for Sekaimo.”

“That…well, at least I can keep all of my fingers intact.”

Maybe because she dodged a bullet, Makina-san yawned. Elf said
in excitement:

“Hah ~ so both Makina and Muramasa could guess about 70%

“Of course. That’s my love. I always think about what I would
write in the next part. And that’s how mine and Masamune-kun’s
novels are so similar.”

“Hahaha, that’s the result of living together! Still,
Masamune-san’s love comedy sometimes beats around the bush too
much. You can directly write 『 how it should be 』: let the first
girl win, with every volume ending with a short conversation to
conclude everything. That would be much easier to write.”

“I will let you write the next volume then! Idiot, idiot!”

Looks like I can leave this to her.

I said that, stood up and began to head over to a corner.

That’s how the first meeting between Elf, Muramasa-senpai and
Makina went.

But when I was trying to get a corner for myself, those girls
began to talk about something dangerous:

“So, Muramasa, do you want to live here together?”

“………….I do.”

She said in a small voice.

“Oh, both of you want to live here?”

“Yes. We decided when you were sleeping.”

“Oh ~~~ ….By the way, what are your relationships with

“Future wife.”

What are you talking about…!

“I… I’m his girl friend.”

Senpai seemed to like this title.

Hearing them, Makina-san’s eyes began to shine.

“Wait a second! Really? Both of you are having such a romantic
comedy in real life? Ohohoho, this is interesting ~~!”

Her mood was improved immediately.

“No no no, please don’t decide things by yourselves! I haven’t
given my consent yet, nor do I have spare room! Besides, Sagiri

Before I could finished, Elf cut in:

“Don’t worry, I already took that into my calculations.”

She said, like everything was expected:

“First, even if we lived here, it wouldn’t affect Sagiri too
much. This is a proven fact.”


Elf began to lecture me.

“Second. Even if I said living together, The Crystal Palace and
Izumi’s household are like the same building already, so we don’t
need a spare room in your house.”

“….Yeah sure….”

“Lastly. If we stay here, we can help you reach 『 your dream

“…….What do you mean?” *2

Both Muramasa-senpai and I were puzzled.

“Well, let’s say….for example: Izumi Masamune, since you have to
supervise your anime, game and other activities…you must be close
to your limit already.”


So experienced. She figured it out.

“…Still, Kyouka-san moved in with me, so my workload at home has
actually decreased…”

“But it’s still hard for you, right?”


I didn’t answer. Instead, I asked back:

“What’s your point? How does that relate to living

“Let me and Muramasa help you with your work.”

“Eh?” I blinked. “Re, really?”

“Yup.” Elf laughed and pointed at Muramasa-senpai “Having
someone who understands the original author so well would be a
godsend. She can help with supervising.”

Next, she pointed her herself:

“And I, who has taken part in all parts of an anime-making
project and got wonderful, amazing results.”

Finally, she gave me her hand:

“Let us both become Izumi Masamune-sensei’s helpers! Right,
Muramasa ♥?”

She glanced to the side.

“Of…of course! If I could help Masamune-kun…I could ask for
nothing more!”


It took me several seconds to recover.

I stood up and bowed deeply.

“..That….thank you, everyone…that…that…that’d be a huge

I almost cried. To think I have such wonderful friends…

And so —

My busy life was joined by the two most trusted helpers.

— In exchange, I allowed the seed of chaos to grow.

Me and my two most trusted helpers returned to my room.

Since Makina-san was busy with her job, she stayed back in the
living room to work. After her conversation with Elf and
Muramasa-senpai, she looked full of motivation. I think that she
could finish whatever she was doing by our meeting the day after

“First, Masamune, tell me your plans regarding your novel.”

“About that…you are right. Here, take a look.”

I pointed to the wall next to the table. On there, I had stuck
my work schedule.

Elf took a look at it. I could see her mouth twitch a

“Wow — it’s even harder than my schedule before.”

“You have to write a new manuscript nearly every single day.
What’s with you? Are you a masochist?”

Someone told me that before.

“I don’t think you can actually follow this schedule.”

“I can. I have to. At the very least I need to finish the work I
listed here – to tell the truth, I planned to increase my workload
during summer break. After school starts again, I will have even
less time to work.”

“I think your work attitude is disgusting. I like you, but I
don’t think I can accept this.”

Elf stuck her tongue out. Muramasa-senpai also knitted her

“…Do all original authors face the same problem when making an
anime? I only know about writing novels.”

“I can’t say for sure – but this is what I decided on my

For my dream. For Sagiri.

“Ah…is that so. Then there is no need for me to say any more.”
Muramasa-senpai forced a smile. “What do you need me to do,

“We can help with anything you like.”

~ Ah…I was so moved that I almost cried.

“Then please help me! I won’t hold back!”

I brought out my phonebook and notes and put them down…

*Thud thud thud thud thud*

“Elf! Muramasa-senpai! Can I ask you to help me supervise the
Sekaimo game?”

“Noooooooooooo!!!! I don’t want to supervise game

A year ago, Elf-senpai had the same problem. Thus, she screamed
in fear.

“This is 「 the work that I don’t want to do again the most 」in
the genius light novel author Yamada Elf’s book! You, you asked me
to do that again….What a devilish light novel author! You are so
shameless, kouhai!!!!!!!!”

Ah ~ thankfully I have someone with experience here to help.

While Elf-senpai didn’t understand my work as much as
Muramasa-senpai, but she had a lot of experience with supervising
game content. If I asked her to take a look at it before passing
the results to me, I think it would greatly cut down the time I
needed to spend on it

On the other hand, Muramasa-senpai didn’t look like she
understood anything.

“Um…what do you mean supervise?”

“All of this is content for the upcoming game. Because many
people write it instead of me, it would be problematic if I used
what they wrote directly. At best, there will be some differences
from the original novel. Fixing those differences is called 「
supervising 」.”

“So you mean I need to read it all then rewrite any part that I
don’t find satisfying?”

“Muramasa-senpai, you can do that too.”

As a novelist, Muramasa-senpai is even better than me. And since
she knows my story very well, I don’t think there would be any
problems with asking her to do this.

Of course, the one who has to make the final decision is still

“I see. In that case, leave it to me.”

Muramasa-senpai laughed and picked up the stack of papers.

“…..But you don’t need to rewrite all of this one more

“If I do that, be sure to write Senjyu Muramasa-sensei in the

I’d love to see such a game too! What a dependable helper!

And then —

Three light novel authors did their best to work.

I took care of writing the original novel. Muramasa-senpai and
Elf helped with supervising. Of course, both of these things can’t
be completed in a single day.

Elf-senpai said “I think it will take half a month.”

So when night came, both of them would return to Elf’s home —
that was what I thought…

Elf and Muramasa-senpai ate dinner at my house. Took a bath at
my house. Changed into pajamas at my house…

It’s 11 o’clock already, but they were still in my room.

“…Eh…you two…it’s pretty late…aren’t you going back?”

I had asked them this before: More than once.

In her pajamas, Elf jumped on my bed, pulled my blanket over her
then grinned at me:

“Eh ~ but there aren’t any more trains at this hour ~~”

“Your house is right next to mine!”

“Ahahaha, alright alright, I was joking. You should be more
welcoming to your guests, my cute kouhai.”

“That is not something someone already lying in my bed would

By the way, after dinner, Elf did nothing but play around.
Sometimes she chatted with me; sometimes she read manga or played
mobile games.

I was thankful for her delicious dinner, but she didn’t help
much with supervising the game…looks like she really doesn’t want
to do it.

Next to her, Muramasa-senpai in her blue pajamas was sitting at
a low table and working.

She had quickly given up on supervising everything – given up on
writing completely new content for the Sekaimo game.

What she said earlier wasn’t a joke.

“Senpai, I’m really thankful for your help…but it’s now 11

“…Uh…so late…*yawn* no wonder I felt so sleepy.”

“So, you should —“

“Yes….I should go to bed.”

Senpai slowly stood up, stretched her back.

Then she fell on my bed.

“Eh? Sen, senpai?”

She took after Elf and had already put my blanket over

“Wait a second…! Why are you here too! I prepared a room for you
at my house! Go back there!”

“…I, I want to sleep here tonight! Elf, you should go back to
your home!”

“Hah? What stupid thing are you talking about? Hurry and go

Two beautiful girls in pajamas began to argue on my bed.

I can’t watch it anymore.

“Hey, you are the one who suggested it! You said in order to
help Masamune-kun recover from his tiredness, we should sleep next
to him together…!”

“I want me alone to sleep with him!”

“What are you two talking about!?”

I tried to interrupt, but both of them glared at me.

“If we live together, then we should sleep together.”

What happened to “the two houses are next to each other so
there is no need for an extra room”?

But I don’t think either of them will listen to reason now.

“If I allow a girl to sleep in here, Kyouka-san will kill

“She didn’t return home today, so it’s not a problem.”

“My little sister will get angry!”

“Oh. Have you told her that we are going to help you with your

“But I never said anything about sleeping together!”

What the heck is happening?

I don’t even think there are any recent light novels that have
an event where the main character was forced to sleep together with
two beautiful girls!



“Who do you want to sleep with?” * 2

Any choice I made would ended in disaster, so I —

“I’m not going to sleep!” I yelled, adding “Right now, I ———–
don’t have time to sleep!”

I jumped on my chair and resumed working as fast as I could.

“Ah…Look, Muramasa. It’s great that we came, isn’t it?”

“Right…It’s rare to see something so heartwarming.”

I could faintly hear their conversation.

In the end —

Elf and Muramasa-senpai didn’t return home.

I didn’t go to bed.

Time passed in silence.

When I turned back, I saw that they were sleeping soundly side
by side.


Thank you, senpai.

I whispered in my heart and returned my eyes to the table.

My curtain was open. Through the windows, I saw the sky starting
to get lighter.

Time flied ….

“Hahhhhhhh ~~~~~~~”

I stretched my tired back.

When I closed my eyes, I could feel my heartbeat in my

I could tell that my concentration is getting worse, and I felt
tired too.

“I should wash my face.”

With shaking legs, I stood up and left the room, trying to go to
the bathroom.

Suddenly —


With a *creak*, the locked room opened.

“Sa, Sa….”

She came out of the room and stopped in front of me.


That’s right.

I saw it. The girl who came at me with terrifying eyes was my
little sister Sagiri.

Besides, her pajamas look cute.


Then, she pulled my hand.



Pull. Pull.

Her action meant that I shouldn’t try to resist. So I


Sagiri took my hand, opened the door to her room and led me

Then —


“…..Sa, Sagiri? Why did you lock the door?”


She didn’t reply to my terrified question. She just looked at
the floor with an ice-cold gaze like Kyouka-san.

“………..So….should I…sit down?”


She didn’t move: Just kept looking at the floor.

Her gaze was so cold that I was terrified. So I meekly sat down
in front of her, waiting for my lecture.

Finally, she said:

“…Nii-san….do you….understand why am I angry?”

She really is angry!

But I already prepared an answer. So I began to explain:

“…Because Elf…and Muramasa-senpai are sleeping in my room? But
there is a reason for it!”


“But I didn’t touch them – eh? Wait? No?”


Sagiri shook her head.

“I was very very very very very very very frustrated to see
Elf-chan stay here last night ~~~”

Just how angry she was…Sagiri-sama is so scary…

“…But what made me angry the most …was…”


I didn’t understand. I couldn’t think of anything else.

Looked at me, Sagiri said:

“You really don’t get it, do you?”

“W, what?”

“Kyouka-san, Elf-chan too. I believe many people told you…but
Nii-san…you really don’t get it!”

It has been a long time since my little sister got angry with

“Why didn’t you sleep last night?”


“Yesterday too! Even the day before that! When was the last time
you had a good night’s sleep?”


“I…have told you many times before! I begged you! Please get
some sleep!”

“That —”

I did have a good night’s sleep — I wanted to say it, but I

That’d be a lie. And I don’t think she would be fooled for a

“…Sorry, but –”

“No buts!”

She turned her head away.

“….Summer. During summer break…”


“I don’t want the work to be piled up so much that I can’t take
part in making the anime. In the next meeting, we are finally going
to talk about the scenario —”

“Stop talking.”

Her face was getting closer and closer. She was staring at

“If Nii-san turns into this…then I don’t need that dream

“Wait Sagiri! This –”

This is the only thing that you shouldn’t say!

When I was about to retort —


I couldn’t.

Sagiri was crying.

“…Nii-san…you…are….doing what I hate the most.”

Sagiri cried; then slowly pointed at her bed.

“Go to bed.”


“Right now, go to bed.”


“Next…I will watch over you… to see if you sleep or not.”

“Watch over me… and I sleep here?”

The news was so sudden that I thought my head was going to
explode. Just hearing that words 『 watch over 』 was enough for me
to be confused.

Me? Sleep in Sagiri’s — in the bed of the girl I like?

“Do you…know what you just said?”

“From now on, Nii-san is going to live with me.”

Sagiri concluded, without leaving room for argument.

“What are you talking about? You have been living with me since
the beginning!”

“No. Unless we live together, it is not enough.”

“But we already live under the same roof!”

Sagiri shook her head again.

“Here. Right here…

Starting today, I want you to live with me inside of this