At the end of the trip, I returned home alone with a handful of souvenirs.

We said our goodbyes at the airport. It’s clear on Muramasa-senpai and Shido-kun’s case, but why didn’t I return with Elf? Because she went back to her family with Chris-aniki. I heard that he returned partly because of something work-related too. Well, Elf didn’t go to school anyway, so summer break didn’t really matter to her.

—- If I go back with you, you will definitely force me to work on the plane!!

She was crying when people dragged her into the international plane.

Of course, none of it mattered to me at all.

“Uoooooooooooo……….! I have to hurry back home!”

Why did I run? Aside from hurrying to see my little sister – there was another reason. This morning, Sagiri sent me a mail:

—- Nii-san, today…when you will return?

“Oh! What a cute email!”

Could it be that she sent that email in order to meet me sooner?

I wasn’t sure if that was the case, but please understand that just a chance is enough to make me very happy. With my heart racing like a maiden, I rushed home immediately after getting off of the train.

Because I was hurrying, I was able to make it home sooner.

At the entrance, I glanced at the second floor —

Wearing an anime mask, Eromanga-sensei stood at window of the the locked room and stared down at me.


This scene was too unreal, so I just stood in place, my jaw opened wide.

Just when some question marks appeared over my head, the curtain closed and Eromanga-sensei disappeared.

“….What the heck was that?”

First, Sagiri should never open the window.

But she did. That by itself is strange. Not to mention that she was wearing Eromanga-sensei’s clothing. This sounded more and more suspicious. Enough to wipe my happiness away in one shot.

“…Let’s just go in first.”

It’s useless to stay here. I opened the door and put my luggage down. Then I called to the second floor.

“I’m home ~!”

—- Welcome back, Nii-san.

Regrettably, no one said that at all.

“……………..Well, that was about what I expected.” I shrugged.

My little sister never told me “Welcome home”. Not even once. This painful truth still burned in my mind.

But —

—- Be careful on your way, Nii-san

Before I left, she wished me a good trip….so I hoped that when I returned….

“I’m too naïve.”

I laughed at myself and went to her room, carefully knocked on the door of the locked room

“Sagiri. I’m home. Souvenirs —“

Before I could finish, suddenly the door in front of me slowly opened.


To avoid that, I quickly took a few steps backward.

And finally, the door was fully opened. Eromanga-sensei appeared in the same coat and mask that I saw earlier.


He – Eromanga-sensei’s aura pressed me so hard that I found myself unable to say anything.

Without using a voice changer, Eromanga-sensei said in an unpleasant tone:

“…You…what are you coming back for?”


It….it was so painful to hear…..

I almost cried. It’s true, I really wanted to cry.

Eromanga-sensei quickly waved his hand:

“I, I didn’t mean like that…I, I meant….”

Although stuttering, she managed to say:

“Why are you here so soon?! That was what I meant!”


Ah….So that is it…um…I did return sooner than expected….so that is what she was talking about.

“Why…because I wanted to see Sagiri sooner….”

I answered truthfully. Eromanga-sensei …


She squatted down, her shoulders trembling.

“Hm? Hey you?”

Since she had her mask, I couldn’t see her expression.

“Uh….ughh….how…could it be…..”

She muttered something.

“Eh? What did you say? Sorry I didn’t catch it.”

I positioned my ears toward Eromanga-sensei

Then —


Her whole body trembled and she showed a rather extreme reaction by pushing me:

“Don’t, don’t come near me!”


Ugh! That was the most painful hit I’ve received in my entire life! Not because she pushed me, but because my beloved little sister rejected me!

“….I….I….did I do something wrong?”


Eromanga-sensei stood dumbfounded for a second, then she shook her head back and forth.

“No…it’s not like that.”

“I see.”

This is good then.

“Then —“

“But, but don’t come near me for now! Now! Right now! Get out of the house right now!”

“Eh, eh? Why?”

Is there any reason for me to leave the house? What the heck? What does “it is not like that” mean? Or “You’re annoying. Although you haven’t pissed me off, don’t come close to me”?

“….It, it’s none of your business. Anyway, leave for at least thirty minutes.”

It didn’t look like I could argue with her anymore.

“…Got it.”

Thus, I meekly followed her order.

With a depressed expression, I took a walk around the area before returning home.


I had absolutely no idea what was my little sister was thinking. Is this the same problem any elder brother faces?

At the very least she didn’t hate me….but I was still curious about the real reason…

On the way, suddenly I noticed something.


There was steam coming out from the back of my house. From the bathroom, if I’m not mistaken.

With a suspicious-like pose, I secretly took a look from the entrance to the back. When I got to the bathroom, I found out that the light was on, and steam was coming out of a small gap in the window.

“…Sagiri is taking a bath?”

She wouldn’t come out of her room if there was anyone at home aside from her. So she chased me away in order to take a bath?

….Why did she have to take a bath?

“….She really should lock the window. How careless.”

To prevent anyone from peeking, I decided to stand guard here.


Of course I have to make myself clear that the thought “I should peek too” never crossed my mind. I didn’t even think about it.

About ten minutes later – when I decided that was long enough – Sagiri’s “you can come home now” mail arrived. Thank you modern technology.

“Alrigh alright.”

Scratching some places that was bitten by mosquitos, I returned to the house and walked to the second floor, once again, knocked on the locked room’s door.

“It’s me, Sagiri.”

With a *creakkk~~* the door opened. In front of me was Sagiri in her pajama.

“…..Sorry, sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“Um…you just took a bath didn’t you?”

Stream was still coming out of her body.

….My little sister just took a bath huh.

“Don’t, don’t stare.”

“Sorry. But seeing you allowed me to calm down.”

Feeling my face getting hotter, I quickly averted my eyes.

“I’m home, Sagiri.”

I repeated myself. She said “Um” and nodded, before glanced at me like she wanted to say something.

“Er —-“

Although I was wondering what she wanted to say – and if I should press her. But this atmosphere was too uncomfortable, so I began:

“You didn’t lock the window when you were taking a bath, did you? It’s not okay. You should check it beforehand, just in case someone — “

“…………….How could you know?”


“How could you know I didn’t lock the bathroom window?”

C, crap….!

“Eh, ah….that….ehe….”


She shot me a questioning glare.

Crap…! If I said the wrong thing now, all relationship improvement that I built up would be destroyed!

And shouldn’t this stuff happen in light novel during a trip with a female classmate? Why is this happening to me at home?

Cut off from my escape route, I anxiously answered:

“I didn’t mean to peep onyou. I just noticed the unlocked window. I absolutely do not have any intention of looking at your naked body.”

“I, I get it already, stop talking!”

Thankfully there was no misunderstanding, but she was clearly still mad.

“Sorry…but why…did you choose this time to take a bath?”

“…Because….I’ve been drawing….for the last few days…so…..”


“Don’t, don’t make me say it outloud! It’s normal for any illustrator! Totally normal! I’m not the only one!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Forget it! Don’t talk about it anymore!”

Okay fine. I will drop this subject.

Let’s take another look again. First, she had been drawing for a few days. Then she chased her brother (me) away.

Followed that, she took a bath.

In order to do that, she didn’t hesitate to use extreme words such as “Don’t come near me”.

Question – why?

Hint — based on what Sagiri said, it’s something all illustrators had in common.

Oh well, forget it. It’s unlikely that I could figure it out.

Sagiri coughed and said:

“Anyway….I have been drawing.”

“You meant….illustrations for the cutest little sister in the world?”

“Yes. Finished.”

She raised her chest in pride.

That meant those illustrations that she spoke of before I went on a trip were finished. But suddenly Sagiri dropped her shoulders in depression:

“…But I still can’t do it…Sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for? You’ve finished drawing, haven’t you? What do you mean you can’t do it?”

“Illustrations are all finished…but that wasn’t what I meant…that wasn’t everything…”

“What do you mean?”

What else needed to be “done”?

When I was asking myself that question, Sagiri said “Mwumwumwu” for a while then finally muttered:

“…I still…can’t tell you.”

“Is that so? Okay then.”

“Eh? You really aren’t going to ask?”

Sagiri sounded surprised. I nodded:

“I won’t. Although I’m still curious.”

But if she didn’t want to say it, I wouldn’t ask.

“I see….thank you.”

She let out a sigh of relief

“Alright, here is your souvenir.”


Her eyes brightened, she happily asked:

“Is it Elf-chan’s stocking?”

“No! A souvenir from that island!”

“Eh —?

“Don’t look at me like that. There was no souvenir shop there…it was pretty hard for me to get this!”

I shook the paper bag and urged her to take it. Sagiri hugged it into her chest:

“…Come in. I will let you see…my illustrations.”

I entered the locked room and sat down in front of my little sister. Just like always when she allowed me inside.


“Okay…this is!”

What she showed me was…

“Is this the cover page for the first volume?”

“Not only that…here…”

“There’s more?”

My eyes widened. With a sweep of her finger, she showed me more illustrations, both colored and colorless.

“Oh! Wow! Nice!”

I was jumping in joy.

That was how much an illustration meant for a novelist.

“Wow! But why there are so many of illustrations? And all of them are finished too…”

“This…I practiced another way of working.”

She shuttered. Normally, Eromanga-sensei would contact my editor (via mail) then discuss what an illustration would be, how it would be drawn, make the stretches, then talk with the author…

Only after that will she draw for real.

During this process, there were a lot of rejected illustrations.

But this time, she skipped over sketching and immediately drew the final results. In other words, while some of them couldn’t be used, most were finished.

“I thought…Nii-san would be surprised.”

“Of course I am!”

I have been wondering what my final illustrations would look like.

I knew that they would be good! But I never thought THAT good! It was a total surprise!

“Ehehe…success. I want to see that expression on your face.”

Sagiri giggled. She was so cute that I didn’t dare to look at her directly.

“Actually, although I drew a lot, I still have no idea what’s needed and what isn’t.”

“Is that so? Oh, right, there must be around twenty illustrations, we couldn’t use them all – such a waste!”

“…I still need to ask your editor and Izumi-sensei….and make adjustments… to the supervisor….”

“Wait a sec! That will take a lot of effort! Here, there is no way I couldn’t use the scene when the main female protagonist appears! I want to use one here too….oh how could I choose what to discard! All of them are so good! What should I do?!”

I will need to have a long discussion with my editor later.

Just when my spirit was high —

“Alright, now it’s your turn.”


“Everything that happened during the trip…tell me.”

Somehow I felt a chill in my snipe when she asked that.

“Er….but….didn’t I tell you everything via skype?”

“…Yes you did.”

Why does it felt like I was being interrogated?

Averting my eyes, I slowly added:

“Well, there must be some parts that I skipped. But I promise you that I didn’t hide anything —“


That word became a blade to slash me.

“You saw Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan’s erotic bikinis, didn’t you?”


I broke into a cold sweat.

Yes, I saw them! I got an eye full of both Elf and Muramasa-senpai’s bikinis!

Although I did want to answer honestly, but that was definitely the wrong response. What should I say then…

“Lying is useless. I got proof.”

Sagiri showed me the proof on the screen. On the beach, I was happily talking with Elf while Muramasa-senpai stood on the side, a lost expression on her face.

The picture also showed that Izumi Masamune-sensei was having a good look at Yamada Elf-sensei’s bikini.

“…Wh, wh, wh…where did you get this picture?”

“A special gift from Elf-chan.”

“What the heck has she done?! A picture taken automatically? Damn it! She dared to send a picture with people in bikinis?”

Does that mean she isn’t afraid of being seen in bikini?

Not to mention that there was a good chance she had mentioned that I’m her boyfriend. Now I bet some of her fans are crying for my blood.

Although my thoughts were in chaos, the big problem was lying right in front of me in the form of Sagiri.

“Hm ~ you looked like you had a great time watching Elf in a bikini….”

Damn it! I couldn’t say anything in the face of this evidence! I need to lie…lie….

“Yes! I had a great time watching Elf in a bikini! But what of it?” I blurted out without thinking: “Compared to her, Muramasa-senpai was much better!”


What the heck am I saying!?

A controller is going to hit me — was what I thought, but Sagiri’s reaction was —

“Wh, what? For real? Something was better than this erotic bikini? B..breasts? Bare breasts? I thought that bare breasts were impossible — ah, now I see.”

Hehehehehe…..Sagiri shook her head, breathing hard.

“Hm! Not only Nii-san saw Elf-chan, you also look Muramasa-chan’s breasts! Hmm!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!”

By the way, why is Sagiri getting angry for? Because I’m a perverted brother? Or —

“Are you…perhaps…jealous?”

“Ehhhh!? No, no, not that!”

Wahwah – Sagiri panicked. I probably hit a bull’s eye.

“Yes it is! So you were jealous of me because I saw「erotic stuff 」!”

“It’s not —- “ *Clank clank * “Not like that! Nii-san you idiot! “


It looked like that was the “wrong answer”. Sagiri flushed and roared.

“….Hm….hm…and then?”

“Then? What do you mean?”

“After that. In the King’s game, you saw Elf-chan undress and knew that Muramasa-chan doesn’twear panties, are you happy?”

“Wasn’t that because of YOUR order?”

Why are you getting mad at me? What kind of reasoning is that?

“That…this is not me…it’s me, but not me….”

Another side of her – Eromanga-sensei, huh? You’re just making excuses again.

“Anyway, Nii, Nii-san, you are not allowed to like other girls’ bikinis!”

“…Like? Er, I….”


This was my weak point: no matter what state I’m in, the moment someone mentioned this, I couldn’t do anything but accept whatever they said.

“Yes….you have to….refuse.”



A very uncomfortable silence surrounded us. Sagiri was probably as embarrassed as me.

Then finally….like a girl who just decided on wedding, she made her decision:

“….Want to see it?”


“My — “Even her cheeks were red “My bikini….”


Her eyes was trembling, her breathing was hard, like she had a fever.


Still not totally getting it, but I knew that now wasn’t the time to lie.

“I do want to see it”

There’s no man who could say that he doesn’t want to see the girl he likes in a bikini.

“I see….you want to see my bikini….Nii-san you pervert.”

“You aren’t in any position to call me that!”

The hell…my little sister is too unreasonable!

“But I couldn’t just bring you to the beach.”

There is a huge leap in difficulty from “not wanting to leave the room” to “going to the beach”.

But from the way Sagiri spoke, it did seem like she wanted to go the beach.

During the time when we talked about this trip, she also showed signs that she wanted to go.

Living like a normal girl, wearing a cute bikini, going to the beach – maybe she wanted a summer like that. But she asked me to go, while she stayed home to draw. As her brother, how should I thank her?

She wanted to enjoy summer, but she couldn’t come out of the room. What could I do?


Another silence fell before I finally said:

“….Sagiri, open my souvenir and take a look.”


“Just do it.”

Looking a bit uneasy, Sagiri followed what I said and opened the paper bag.

“Open the box.”

She did that without a word. Her small hands slowly opened the box. Inside is…

“….A straw hat?”

“…Yup….Hehe…does that give you a summer-like feeling?” I grinned.

“Although that is all I could do….frankly speaking, I’m worried that this might backfire…but when you can go outside….”

“Let’s go to the beach together.”


Sagiri just stood there, her eyes opened wide. Maybe she was just surprised with my suggestion.

Or rather, she didn’t know how to react with this kind of present?

I swallowed.




She slowly moved her hand towards the zipper —

And slowly….pulled it down….beneath the coat snow-white skin shone through…..


I screamed and put both of my hands forward:

“Sa, Sa, Sa, Sa Sagiri? You, you—-“

What are you doing? Am I dreaming? Yes, this must be a dream!

Why did you suddenly decide to undress —

I slammed my eyes shut, my body stunned. Then —-

“Don’t, don’t have that perverted misunderstanding. Ah..I mean….bikini….”



A very pleasant dream suddenly appeared in my mind…thus I slowly opened my eyes. In front of me was Sagiri in a white bikini.

White hair. Pure white skin. White bikini —-

Summer clothing, but at the same time it gave the pure impression like a celestial maiden.


I couldn’t even avert my eyes.

Because this is the girl I liked, in a bikini! The image of both Elf and Muramasa-senpai was immediately blown away.

“Why…did you….”

It took me a lot of effort to even say that.


She flushed and shuttered, the coat fell to her shoulder. Then she slowly put the straw hat on —

“….How, how was that?”

She asked. I could tell that she was already really embarrassed.


I was unable to say anything. I’m the one who was embarrassed to death here!


Before I could say something, suddenly Sagiri closed her zipper.

“Okay! Done!”


Could it be…just now….That was her way of thanking me for the present?

“Let’s go to the beach together –“ was that her answer?

“Don’t, don’t look at me with such perverted eyes! Hurry and get out!”

“Eh….wait, I still haven’t….”

“Later! Tell me later! When I’m ready to wear this!”

Seeing that my little sister was trying to push me out of the room, I laughed:

“Alright, I’m looking forward to it.”

Sunday. September 10th .

The publishing day of Izumi Masamune’s newest novel :The Cutest Little Sister in the World.

The day that will decide our fate. Today, I went to Akihabara JR.

Everywhere there were posters and advertisements for anime or game characters. Unlike the rest of Tokyo, this place truly seemed like “another world”.

“So this is Akihabara…exactly like the legend said….”

「Amazing…it’s just like anime. 」

Both Eromanga-Sensei and I sighed. Her voice came from the tablet that I held to my chest. Of course, she was speaking via skype from the locked room

Suddenly, I remembered something:

“Hey, can this be called a date between brother and sister?”

「I, I, idiot…..pervert…what are you talking about…」

She sounded embarrassed. Even with a voice changer, her character didn’t change.

「By the way, do you still have the mind to say that? 」

“Don’t make things too serious, Eromanga-sensei! I only said that to reduce tension!”

「I, I don’t know anyone with that name! 」

The sight of a guy standing alone in the middle of the station and talking with himself should be weird, but since this is Akihabara, maybe it’s considered normal?

Anyway, it’s not okay to stand in the middle of the street. Thus I began to walk.

And the reason I came to Akihabara this morning —

“Hey hey Mune-kun, why are you here so late? We are already closed. Your newest book will be sold tomorrow – eh? You are so worried that you decided to take a walk? Ahaha, really ~ it’s okay! Even masterpieces like volume twelve of Fantasy Blade won’t be sold the day before! Of course, although I couldn’t give you special treatment – but I will do anything else within my ability. I hope that this book meets my expectation! If we need more books, remember to call the publisher in our place!”

“Oh right oh right, there is good news! This is something only between bookstores but – tomorrow there will be a newly opened bookstore in Akihabara that will sell your book! It’s true! Ah, there is no need to be surprised! You are the winner of the World Light Novel Tournament after all! It’s normal for you to have one or two special shows! If you think that is a joke, how about going to see for yourself? I bet any bookstore will be happy if the author himself showed up! Okay?”

— Yesterday, that’s what the bookstore mascot girl Tomoe told me.

Thus I led Eromanga-sensei on a date between brother and sister – ah, no, a survey of “A show for Izumi Masamune”.

I walked towards a nearby café and turned back, waving my tablet back and forth so Eromanga-sensei could see Akihabara.

「Nii-san, the overpass with escalator over there! Go nearer! 」

“Ok, easy enough.”

「Over there! Turn back to Steins Gate! 」

“Got it.”

We were watching while on the way to the bookstore.

….The closer we came, the heavier my footsteps became.


I held the tablet with Eromanga-sensei in my hand harder.

“Crap ~ I’m getting nervous.”

「Eh? Even if you were rolling on the floor now nothing would change. 」

“Of course I know…but…I’m still nervous….”

I glanced at the screen. Eromanga-sensei titled her mask and showed her real face:

「Nii-san, too bad. 」

“….*Glup*….but thinking that maybe the bookstore had already opened….and someone might have already bought it…I have a stomachache.”

Just like seeing your child walk on stage. No matter how confident you feel, you’re still nervous.

Will people like it? Will they want to read more?

“In a bookstore that we just walked by, I didn’t see my book anywhere.”

「Those kind of bookstores that only sellto guests at the station, they probably only have one kind of book. It’s normal for them to not have ours, there’s no need to worry. 」

“Yeah….Izumi Masamune’s newest book…I’m afraid that they would think even if they bought them, no one would buy them.”

「Really…Izumi-sensei is so negative. Does this happen every time a new book is published? 」

“Yes it does.”

I think that happened to all authors too.

「Is that so…Nii-san, let’s take a quick look and return. 」

“Hm? I planned to watch for a bit.”

「You can’t do that considering how nervous you are. Let’s go back soon. 」

“You even said that….this is very important…do you have a reason to want to go back?”

「That’s a secret….you will know when you get home. 」

“….In that case…okay….”

When we were talking, we also looked around.

Suddenly a voice rang in my ear:

“Hey, look at this light novel, this is definitely a good one!”

“There’s only one volume out right now, and yet this bookstore was already making deals with it, and the illustrations are super, super, supererokawaii too! I think I can expect really great things from this one!”[14]

— Eh?

「!Nii–san, just now — 」

I immediately turned to the source of the voice.

In front of me was a group.

One of them, a girl was holding a newly published The Cutest Little Sister in the Worldvolume and boasting with her friends.

My eyes followed the book in her hands —


That was a chance encounter between us.

…Turning back to the tablet, I whispered:

“…Just now…that girl…she has a copy of our book.”

「….Really? 」

“Yes. My story. Eromanga-sensei’s illustrations – she bought it.”

「….I’m so glad. 」

“Um.” I agreed, my voice hoarse “Me too…my nervousness is gone.”

It was worth it.

Writing this book was worth it.

I could see others happily buying my book. Just this alone is worth 1.000.000 points.

「Let’s go, Nii-san. 」

“Um. Sure, but before that —“

Putting my chaotic thoughts to the side, I turned back.

The backs of those girls were getting further away.

I silently wished:

— May our story make you happy.

Today is a nice day, a good day to write.

Under the blinding light —

I entered the bookstore with my little sister together.

After (secretly) watcheing the situation at the Akihabara bookstore regarding Izumi Masamune’s newest novel, I returned home.

Let’s go back soon

Although she didn’t say why, my little sister asked me to go back soon.

I stopped at the front door and looked at the second floor.

Beneath the mask, Eromanga-sensei was staring down at me from the locked room’s window.

“……Again huh.”

Last time when I came back from the trip, when I asked why Sagiri had to conceal her face —

Her answer was “I’ll die if I meet other’s eyes.”

….Of course, my real question “So why do you look outside” remained unanswered.

Today, she wore a mask as usual. Noticing me, she quickly closed the curtains and disappeared.

“…What is she doing?”

Even I had seen it before, I still don’t know how to react to this unreal scene. I opened the door and entered the house as usual.

“I’m home ~”

I called to the second floor, even when I knew that no one would answer me.

But —

*Thud thud thud*


*Thud thud thud*

The sound of footsteps came from the stairs.


I stood here stunned. In front of me was —

My little sister, who had come down from the second floor.

For a year, she never left her room when I was still at home.

Until we spoke about our dream, on a rare chance sometimes she went outside.

When our dream was about to be destroyed, although she was trembling, she still forced herself to partly come down and yell at me, stopping me.

It had only happened two times.

*Thud thud thud*

Her hand on the stair rail, her legs looked like they might give out at any moment —

Sagiri slowly came closer —

Finally …


She stopped in front of me.


I was so surprised that I was unable to say anything.


Putting a hand on her chest, Sagiri breathed heavily.


After a while, both she and I managed to recover at the same time. I said:

“Sagiri…you can go out of your room now?”

She shook her head.

“….Just a bit. I barely managed to do that.”

The evidence to this was that her legs were still trembling, her forehead was covered in sweat, her face was pale.

I knew it…her condition isn’t going to be cured that easily.

The scene when she was forcefully taken outside of her room a year ago was still fresh in my mind. Everyone thought that she was incurable. That was why I need to be extra careful in our relationship. No matter how hard it is, I had promised to be her guardian.

I didn’t think that outsiders could understand this point. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I couldn’t either.

But I still, for once, decided —

“The little sister coming to the front door” is a very “normal” activity to others, but to me it’s a miracle. I wanted nothing more than to hug her.

“….So troublesome. What should I say?”

Should I cry? Or laugh?

“I, I, secretly trained. Although…before…I couldn’t….but today is …a valuable memory for us…so I have to….”

She put a hand over her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

“It feels really good.”


Ah…now I get it.

Since the moment I came back, Sagiri had been training.

But back then she couldn’t come downstairs…so she apologized for being unable to finish training by the time I came back.


Why were you apologizing? How could I…get angry?

“You’re an idiot.”

Don’t apologize. I’ll cry.

“You’re so mean. I tried really hard.” She pouted.

This moment, she looked like anormal little sister – a cute, meekly little sister.

Despite her trembling legs, her sweat covered forehead, her pale face – I didn’t care. We looked like a normal pair of siblings.

“You’re an idiot. No one will believe if you said so – but you’re amazing. Really really amazing.”

“Hm, don’t treat me like a child…ah, you almost made me forgot the main topic.”

My cute, innocent little sister raised a new book and smiled proudly:

“Welcome back, Nii-san. Congratulations about your new book.”

“I’m home, Sagiri. There were numerous illustrations made by Eromanga-sensei inside that bookstore.”

Today, we fulfilled two dreams.

“I, I don’t know —“

“Alright, I got it. Thank you very much.”

And then —

“Please take care of me from now on.”

Let’s us continue our dream together.

I knew that this road would be filled with hardship.

But we will walk it with a smile.

“That’s my line, please take care of me.”