“Until the anime is finished, please take care of me ♡.”

The one who said that right in front of my house was none other
than the glasses wearing scenario writer, Aoi Makina.

She only carried a small backpack with her, just like in an

“You..wh…what are you…talking about…here…”

“I mean we are going to live together ♡.”

Just her moe tone and body language is enough to insta-kill any
hot blooded male, not to mention the meaning of what she just said.
Even I was taken aback for a moment.


A cute girl came to my home and told me that she is going to
live with me.

This is something like a dream, but in reality, all I felt was

Eh? What? What is she talking about? — that was what I

However, this girl is someone I absolutely can’t ignore for now.
So I can’t just shut the door and pretend like I didn’t see

A lot of thoughts ran through my mind — but in the end, all I
could do was stare at Makina-san.


She tilted her head in confusion.

“Strange? You don’t think that line is funny?”

“…Nah, not really. I don’t mean it wasn’t funny, but rather I
still don’t have any idea what is going on…”

“Well…I will tell you later…hmmmmmmmmmm how should I put

Makina-san put a hand to her chin and muttered to herself for a

“Didn’t I say 『 I will give it my all 』 yesterday?”


“So here I am!”

“I still don’t get it.”

“That means as long as I live together with you siblings, I can
give it my all!”

“Nope, still don’t get it.”

What the heck is she talking about?

“Er…really? You don’t understand me? But….”

She paused for a moment before continuing:

“After hearing what Producer Akasaka said, I understood.” She
spit her tongue out “I will never get anything done if I try to do
it by myself.”


I already guessed that, but seeing her face, hearing her talk
made me angry.

Since I didn’t know how to reply, I said nothing. She kept

“You liked Meruru — didn’t you?”

“Yes…I, my little sister, Eromanga-sensei…we all watched it, and
we are your fans.”

“Thanks ♪, but you probably know already….That anime is 『 The
only anime I worked on until the end 』. I have worked on more than
that, but Meruru is the only one I could say『I helped make this
anime 』.”

What she said sounded a bit strange.

— in the end, you are just someone who used the luck of

The one in the recording said that.

So it was true.

The famous anime Stardust ☆ Witch Meruru, and this job.

There must be something different for her in these two cases.
Why she only managed to work on Meruru till the end. Why did she
fail to properly do anything the rest of the time — why couldn’t
she do her damn job?

The answer to my unspoken question quickly came. She said in a
bright tone:

“When I made Meruru, I didn’t live alone. There was someone….who
cared for my life every day. That person talked with me every day
about everything from my anime to my scenario. Back then, everyday
was so happy.”

Maybe that’s why she could make the super famous anime Stardust
☆ Witch Meruru.

“So while everyone said Meruru was made by Aoi Makina — I myself
don’t think that way. The one who wrote the scenario was me — but I
think both of us are the author.”


“Do you understand? This feeling?”

“I do.” I answered immediately “Because I am the same.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. My Sekaimo was written by me, true…But I myself don’t
think I alone could do it.”

This was the work of the novelist Izumi Masamune and illustrator

The work of Izumi Masamune and Izumi Sagiri.

And I had to ask for the help of my editor, Kagurazaka-san and
Army, who made the manga.

If I went into details, then I have to thank Kyouka-san who took
us in, my senpai, Elf-sensei, my classmates, Tomoe and Sagiri’s
friend Megumi.

And I have to thank my readers: their support also helped me to
get this far.

All of them have had a very large effect. Without any of them,
this novel would have never made it this far.

That is what I truly believe.

“The cutest little sister in the world.”

This novel does not belong to me alone.

This is also not something that belongs to us siblings.

This belongs to everyone: All of us that helped in making

“Is that so?” Makina grinned “Is that novel also created by your


When I came to convince her, I told her our dream and part of
our sibling situation.

I think it was a good choice, but it was still a sudden

“That was our sibling’s — and everyone’s, readers included,

“And starting today, it is also my effort – the scenario
writer’s effort – right?”

“That is what I hope.”

“Then I will have to live with you!”


Where the heck does that come from?

“I have to say this beforehand, everything I say is

Makina-san said with an honest expression.

“There are three conditions for me to give it my all.”

She raised a finger:

“First, I have to have a fully motivated coworker! This is you

“Hm…well, yeah, I’m pretty motivated!”

“Second, I need someone to take care of me! That means you, too

“Take care of you?”

Your choice of wording is horrible, don’t say something like a
hikikomori. You made me imagine Sagiri!

“Third, I need something to fuel my will to work! That means you
two siblings!”


To think she had such awful-sounding reasons…

“The first original character is the basis for the main heroine!
The non-blood related little sister! The one living with you in the
same house! So that means this girl’s real identity is

“How could you know!?”

I made sure not to tell anyone that I like Sagiri nor that she
is Eromanga-sensei!

“Well, in the second meeting you told me about that?”

“But I removed the most important detail!”

“I saw through it immediately!”


“Besides, after so many volumes, I don’t think I’m the only one
who noticed.”

My eyes widened: I looked very surprised.

“…For real…How could this happen….”

I was so embarrassed that I covered my face with my hands. To
think that my love story was completely revealed….

On the other hand, Makina-san….

“It has been a long time since I last encountered something so
interesting…! This…This !!!”

She clenched her hand; her whole body trembled.

“I have to live together with you! That’s how I can let my soul
experience this feeling! It’s wonderful!”


I was so taken aback that I took two steps backwards. She
immediately pushed up.

“Feed me! Masamune-Onii-chan! Please take good care of me!”

“One hikikomori little sister is more than enough for me!”

“Pet! Let me be your pet then!”

“Shut up! Don’t say that! If my neighbor heard it, it would not
be a laughing matter!”

Could it be that this woman said it on purpose!?

“I have to give it my all, so you haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to help


I slammed my eyes shut.

“Even so, no means no! My little sister would hate it! I will
not do something Sagiri hates!”

Even if it was for our dream



Makina-san and I glared at each other.

The atmosphere is tense. Much tenser than before.

The one who broke it wasn’t me or Makina-san.


My little sister’s voice called to me. I immediately turned my

I saw Sagiri. She had already come half-way down the stairs.


Recently, she can come out of her room, but that doesn’t meant
her hikikomori status was cured.

Meeting someone she didn’t know — is a heavy burden.

“Are…are you okay?”

“I..I’m fine.”

No you are not. Your legs are deathly pale; they are trembling
like you are a newborn deer.

“I have heard everything.”

Even so, Sagiri walked down the remaining steps and faced

“You said in order to write Sekaimo’s scenario, you have to live
together with us.”


“I already told her no —”


Sagiri interrupted, looked directly at me, and asked:

“This is necessary to reach 『 our dream 』, right?”

Her hand was already clenched into a fist.

“Then let’s do it.”


“See? Even your little sister said so!” Makina-san raised her

“Can you shut up for a minute?”

One glare from me was enough to make her be quiet.

“…Hm ~ what a boring place. It makes me mad ~~”

… Almost quiet.

I moved my eyes away from her and turned back to Sagiri:

“Are you forcing yourself?”

“I am.”

“I knew it. So —”

“But I heard everything.”


“Because I heard everything, I have to force myself…to reach 『
our dream 』, I have to ask Aoi-sensei to write her best


“If I don’t do it…and the anime turned out bad, I’d hate it even

If she said so then it’s decided. That’s how Eromanga-sensei is.
As long as she made up her mind, she won’t budge.

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. I shouldn’t have held this
conversation right here.

“Damn…Army would get mad at me..”

She especially told me to avoid this situation.

“Sorry…if I made you worry. But…I’m fine.”


I scratched the back of my head, turned to Makina-san, and said
in a low tone:

“Aoi Makina-sensei.”


“Let’s have a talk.”

“About time!”

She yelled “Wonderful!”, but I dropped a bucket of cold water on

“This is not something we can decide alone.”

“What do you mean?”

“I need my guardian’s permission.”

About an hour later —

I sat in front of Kyouka-san in a café. It was a bit crowded
inside: there were some school children who just came back from
after-school activities talking nearby.

“Kyouka-san, thank you for coming.”

“Don’t mention it, I’m your guardian.”

Izumi Kyouka — there is no need for further introduction – she
is the one who took care of us siblings.

She is my father’s little sister. My only remaining
blood-related family…but she is also a young, beautiful woman.

While she had the nickname “Ice Queen”, and the first impression
most people had of her is a cold woman… during the stage event
before, she took the role of Eromanga-sensei and helped us.

“Masamune, I heard that your anime is being made right now…Are
you doing okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“That’s good to hear. But I will investigate it myself…I heard
that some scenario writer is making things troublesome for

“Well, everything is difficult at first.”

“….Then I will help you relax.”


“That’s the 『test 』I’m going to give you.” She said in a
terrifying low tone.

“If your job takes too much time, then it’s understandable if
your studies don’t go well. And then someday, you feel that you
can’t keep going to school anymore …..I hope this situation will
not happen. Don’t be tied up by our promise, make sure to take care
of yourself.”


“I told you to keep up both working and studying…But sometimes
it can’t be helped. At least when you are swarmed with work. Pay it
no mind.”


『I have totally given up on you, I don’t expect anything from
you anymore 』 – some people might interpret what she said like

But we had had a proper conversation already, so I understood
that wasn’t what she meant.

“You can take as many breaks as you want from school. No matter
how much your grades are affected, I wouldn’t yell at you. Just —
make sure to take good care of yourself. This is not something to
make light of.”

Kyouka-san’s voice was terrifying, but she is my gentle

As soon as I gave up my old view, I could see her gentle

“Do you understand.”

“Yes I do.”

A heartwarming feeling filled me.

“It’s okay. It’s a condition made with both side’s agreement. I
will remember it.”

“………………Just make sure to be careful.” Kyouka-san sighed

“So, Masamune…what do you want to talk with me about?”

To us siblings, she is the most trustworthy adult. My third
family member…that’s what I thought.

Over the noise of the children talking, I told Kyouka-san..

“Kyouka-san, please live with me. Together!”

” ——– Blewww ?”

Suddenly, Kyouka-san’s eyes widened. Then, somehow…she

“What…what…did you…just say?”


I titled my head in confusion, since I had no idea why she

At the same time, all those school children began to mutter to
themselves. I heard a girl’s voice:

“For real? He is proposing!!!!”

“Cool! A pair of lovers with a huge age gap.”

“We are not like that —!” *2

Both Kyouka-san and I stood up and immediately rejected those

Kyouka-san said rapidly:

“Ma, Masamune! Please tell me what you really meant by that!
You, you said you want to live with me….to…together….”

“I meant I hope you can live with us siblings!”

“There, there is no hidden motive, is there?”

“Of course not! I’m not asking you to live together so I could
seduce you! Please don’t be mistaken!”

“I, I never misunderstood your intention!”

With an ice-cold glare, Kyouka-san swept through the café

“That’s how it is! Just a conversation between me and my nephew!
Do you understand?”

The aura of the “Ice Queen” made those school girls nod

And so, everything became quiet again.


Kyouka-san looked tired, she shot me a cold glace:

“..Really…Masamune, you said something so confusing….”

“I’m sorry.”

“So…you….two…need me to stay with you, right?”


“Why do you ask for this?”

“Well, I’m not sure I can say it clearly enough…..”

I told Kyouka-san what happened. About the anime of Sekaimo,
about Aoi-sensei the famous lazy scenario writer.

I told her how weird Aoi-sensei is; how she said unless she
lived with us siblings, she wouldn’t be able to work.

“In other words….during the time when the anime is being made,
she wants to live together with us.”

“…What an unreasonable request.”

I totally agree.

“Are all those people from your job like that?”

“Well….worst case…yes.”

Sorry, guys!

Anyway, among the people I knew at work, most couldn’t be called

Someone who doesn’t goes to school. Someone who lives separated
from society. Someone who lives a life of full total discipline.
Someone who has a weird fetish or a drunkard. Yeah, almost all of
them are weirdos.

“Does that mean I’m part of those weirdoes too?”

“You are over thinking things. Anyway, I don’t think you need to
ask me for my opinion. To live with a total stranger is not a good
thing for Sagiri. Masamune, you will not agree, much less me.”

As expected of my aunt, she understood me well.

“Sagiri herself said yes.”


“Because it’s for 『 our dream 』, so —”

“She was convinced.”

“Without difficulty.”

“That scenario writer, Aoi….”

“She’s got real skill. We need her for our dream.”

“…I see. How troublesome.”

Kyouka-san muttered without saying anything. I bowed to her

“In order to lessen Sagiri’s burden, please come live with us,

“….But wouldn’t it make Sagiri’s burden larger?”

That’s why we live separately.

Kyouka-san replied. But I shook my head, and said:

“Sagiri is the one who suggested that I ask Kyouka-san to live
together with us.”


She looked surprised.

“After that stage event…I want to become family with
Kyouka-san…I’d be at ease if there is a trustworthy adult living
together with us….That’s what she said.”


“Even without Aoi-sensei’s problem, we planned to ask you to
live with us already.”

“…Re..really? I…Can I…live together with you two?”

“Yes, of course! Sorry for wasting half a day, but please give
it some thought.”

Kyouka-san narrowed her eyes, her expression getting colder.

“There is no need to ask me like a stranger like that.”

….Of course she didn’t say that, that’s what her expression

Seems like Kyouka-san noticed her hardened expression, so she
looked perplexed. Then, she showed me a stiff smile —

“It’s my line…. Although you are a very bad guy; I will be
forever in your debt.”

That sounds like a response for a proposal. (TL Note: Yes, it is
– traditionally, in Japan newlywed bride said “I will be forever in
your debt” during her first night at her husband family)

What just happened made even me embarrassed, so I looked down
without saying anything.

When I raised my head, my eyes meet Kyouka-san’s. She was doing
the same thing


“So…we need to make preparations.”

“You, you are right.”

We held some broken conversation, but —

“I will begin to move my belongings tomorrow…and I will move to
your house the day after that.”

“Okay, do you need me to —”

“…You are busy with work. If you want to live with me, make sure
you don’t push yourselves too hard, okay.”

“But….okay, don’t give me that terrifying expression, I got

“That’s good to hear.”

None of this matters. This is a conversation between
blood-related family.

“Oh, right, Masamune. Before we go into details….”

Suddenly, Kyouka-san’s gazed moved from me to the side.

“Can you please introduce the suspicious person over there?”

“Huh —?”

That wasn’t within my expectations, so I turned around.

There was a very familiar-looking girl in glasses who was
eavesdropping on Izumi family business. She had a notebook in her
hand and was writing something.

“Really, Makina-san…what are you doing. Didn’t I tell you that
I’m going to talk with my guardian, so you should wait —”


She didn’t seem to mind though.

“You asked what am I doing? Of course, I’m observing.”


“Yes, observing ♪ Your life doesn’t simply contain nothing but
you and your sibling’s daily activities: this is also a part of
your life. This is a chance for me to observe — so of course I’d
choose to do it.”

This is very valuable — that’s what she meant.

Makina-san licked her lips, like she just ate something very
delicious. Her expression was satisfied, evil…and — unexpectedly, I
saw some impatience.

“While this looked like a clumsy family sitcom ~ maybe it could
help with my work — hopefully.”

She looked at me and Kyouka-san like a cat.

Just when I narrowed my eyes —

“Ouch! That hurt”

Kyouka-san gave her a karate chop.

….How come this woman always get hit in the head?

“Wh, what are you doing?”

Makina-san said with teary eyes, and covered her head.
Kyouka-san’s response was a cold glare.

“This is discipline.”

“Wh, what?”

“Base on what Masamune said, you are the scenario writer Aoi,
right? The one who is about to live in the same house with me and
my family.”


“Then please follow the Izumi family’s rules. Rule number one,
you have to respect each other. In other words….”

“Do not look down on those children simply because they are
younger than you.”



The way she lowered her tone, the way she looked…

Even I, who knew the real Kyouka-san, couldn’t help but tremble
in fear.

See! Makina-san turned deadly pale…

“…Hey, Izumi-sensei…I didn’t know that there is someone so
terrifying in your house.”

“Didn’t you hear? I just asked her to live with me today.”

“Interesting…could be a reference…but so terrifying..”

Seems like her scenario writer instinct is clashing with her
human instinct.

Kyouka-san kept looking down on Makina-san, who was pale and
trembling non-stop, and said:

“You are…Aoi Makina-san, right?”


“As an adult living together with you, I’m ordering you: Take
back what you said about 『a clumsy family sitcom 』 .”

“I won’t!”

“I’m very bad at getting closer to other people, but I’m very
good at scaring the scrap out of other people. Do you want to know
what I’m like when I’m truly angry?”

“Izumi-sensei, your guardian is so terrifying! But, I don’t want
to take it back. I really think like that, if I take it back that
would mean I lied — Sorry, sorry, but I can’t do it!”

I can feel that her apology is genuine despite her refusal to
take back her words.

What’s between her and “family”? What’s with her and my novel’s

“I’m very angry, but I forgive you.”

I interrupted and accepted her apology.

“Kyouka-san, thank you for getting angry in my place.”

“It’s alright…Masamune….we will continue our talk
later…tomorrow, okay?”

Kyouka-san raised a hand and grabbed Makina-san’s head.

She grabbed it so hard that — *greakkkkkkkk*

“Because today I have to talk with this guest about the 『Izumi
family’s rules 』.”

“Ouch ouch! I give up! Give up! Give up! Damn ~~ No, it
shouldn’t be like this….My perfect plan with the 『 independent
』visionary elder brother and the 『 perfect planner 』 little

“You finally spoke your true mind! How old are you? You look
like a teenager to me! Where is your school? Where are your

“Answering that will break my 『 mysterious girl 』 image, so no,
I’m not talkinggggggggggggg”

“You have had no image like that from the beginning! I will have
my answer, one way or another!”

Looks like…asking Kyouka-san to live with us was a totally
correct choice.

From the looks of it, the burden on Sagiri will be reduced as
much as possible.

And so —

This time, the Izumi household welcomed another new family
member and another guest.

A very gentle and terrifying big sister and another hikikomori

The next day, we gathered in the living room.

There was me, Kyouka-san, Makina-san …and via the tablet, we

“Please take …care of me, Aoi-sensei.”

Sagiri also took part in this meeting. This is the first time
she has met Makina-san properly.

Before I go any further, allow me to tell you what Makina-san
did when she arrived here.

“I’m Aoi Makina. Starting today, I’m the Izumi family’s pet.
Please take care of me, Imouto-sama.”

She said something that totally caught us off guard.


The famous scenario writer suddenly became so meek: this
confused Sagiri.

“….Kyouka-san, what’s going on?”

“I just had a little talk with her about her agenda — but it’s
going to be hard to fix her attitude.”

“It’s not. I have a huge amount of respect towards

I think that she was joking with us. Still, I think that was
probably her habit because she spent a long time with Producer

Looks like even a lecture from the “Ice Queen” couldn’t fix her

“Anyway, for now, don’t use that mechanical tone with me,

“Understood, master ♡”

“Don’t call me master either.”

Makina-san immediately switched to her usual tone:

“Then don’t use formal language with me. Just call me
Makina-chan or Makina, both are fine. Actually, our age gap isn’t
that great.”

Just how old is she? I wanted to know, but I don’t think she
will tell me (or Kyouka-san for that matter).”

“Okay then, Makina-san.”

“Don’t 「san 」 me ~~ Ah forget it.”

She coughed, and said:

“Please take care of me ….Masamune-san ♪”

She probably called me that on purpose, as payback for what I
called her.


On the other hand, Sagiri pouted. Maybe seeing that the real
Makina wasn’t what she imagined bothered her.

Even in front of Sagiri, Makina-san was still trying to act

“Imouto-sama, please take care of me too ♪”

“Please take care of me…Makina-chan.”

Sagiri decided to call her that. Finally, Makina-san’s attitude
became serious:

“Sorry for suddenly making such an unreasonable request. I’ll do
my best to not burden you, in order to make 「 a good anime 」.
Please allow me to get my references.”

“Sure…okay, got it.”

“In exchange, you can just treat me like a pet! Just tell me to
do anything you want!”

“Why does a pet wear clothes?”

“Imouto-sama! Your first order is so cruel!”

“….It was a joke.”

“But you made it so naturally! Are you an evil high class lady!?
Was it really a joke?”

“…About half of it was a joke.”

Of course, Sagiri laughed it off and made the atmosphere

But I saw it.

I saw that Makina-san trembled and tried to hug herself.

I saw that Eromanga-sensei’s eyes flashed.

That’s how they decided their “ranking” in the Izumi

“Well, that was a joke….but you must not go up to the second

“Yes! Without Imouto-sama’s order I will not set foot on the
second floor!”

This pet — no, Makina-san immediately answered seriously.

“This is a good chance for us to set up some ground rules for

Hearing Kyouka-san’s suggestion, I turned to Sagiri.

“First, Sagiri, do you have any other requests besides ‘do not
enter the second floor’? Does that include us too? Or are we

“Kyouka-san is fine, but Makina-chan…I hope that she does not
remain in the house when you go to school.”

That was a big demand.

“What do you think, Makina-san?”

“Well, I only need to see the moments when you two are together.
But where should I go during lunch?”

“There is a big dike nearby.”

“Are you kidding me…?”

“Anything else, Sagiri?”

“Wait a sec, you two! Izumi siblings! Please tell me that you
are joking!”

“Sometimes I go there too. Writing on my laptop at the dike is
very comfortable.”

“It’s hot, I don’t want to go there! Don’t overestimate a
hikikomori’s resistance to the sunlight! I will be burned!”

Makina-san showed me her snow-colored hand. What a weak

“Manga! I will go to a manga shop to work!”

Bet she just wants to read manga. I think it’s better if she
goes to the dike and works…

“ — Any others requests?”

“Well…it is….”

Sagiri hesitated. Looks like it’s hard for her to say.

“I will only….say it to Makina-chan.”


Seemed like Makina-san noticed something: she grinned

“Is that so ~~ ♪ Come and tell Onee-chan ~”

She put her ears to the tablet. Sagiri muttered something on

“…With Nii-san….do not….absolutely not….”

“Okay ♪ Ah ~~ that’s the experience I want to have! This is it!
My motivation is burning ~~ it’s great coming here~”

“Do, do not say it out!”

“Understood, Imouto-sama ♪”

“If you reveal it, you’ll spend the rest of your life without

“What a heavy punishment!”

Damn….they were having such a nice conversation, but I felt that
I was left out…

What is the condition that Sagiri spoke of which she didn’t want
me to know about?

After finishing discussing some related topics, Kyouka-san and
Makina-san began to move into my house.

Allow me to explain the Izumi household’s layout.

On the first floor, we have the living room; next to it is the
kitchen. There is also my room, and a bathroom with a toilet and

The second floor included Sagiri’s lair – the locked room – and
the room next to that, which we used to keep her clothes.

There is also another room which used to belong to my parent,
and a bathroom.

When Kyouka-san and Makina-san moved in – after much needed
discussion —

I moved to the room where we used to keep Sagiri’s clothes. My
old room will be Makina-san’s room.

Kyouka-san moved into my parents’ old room

I think my father would approve of his blood-related little
sister using his room. His old belongings and my parent’s altar is
still inside, but I don’t think Kyouka-san will mind.

About the fact that Kyouka-san will move to the second floor:
She worried, “Would Sagiri be okay?”, but –

“— It is a bit difficult, but don’t worry, I will do my

That was what she said.

Both Kyouka-san and I agreed to pay attention whenever we could,
so we could avoid running into Sagiri when she was out of her

“I can’t move all of my clothes to my room….so I will have to
leave them here…is that okay?”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have much stuff.”

There is something else that I couldn’t say: The feeling when I
opened the wardrobe and saw my little sister’s clothes made my
heart race.

Kyouka-san and Makina-san barely had any luggage, so we finished
in no time at all.

“I rented my old house fully furnished, so I can leave
everything behind.” Kyouka-san said “We still don’t know if this
life style is really okay, after all.”

Seems like she planned to return immediately if Sagiri couldn’t
take it. How thoughtful of her.

On the other hand, Makina-san’s only luggage was a single

“I didn’t rent my house, but there was so much stuff, so I only
brought what I need to work.”

“What about your clothes? Could it be…”

“I don’t plan to live here for long, so I will buy them via the
Internet. Or rather, I don’t know where my clothes are in my old
house – so I couldn’t bring them even if I wanted to.”

“Your coat is inside the Western style wardrobe, your clothes
are in the second drawer from the bottom, and your panties are in
the right drawer.”

“How could you know?”

“Cuz I cleaned your room.”

“Including my panties? Wait a sec!? Are you for real? Masamune,
are you a pervert?”

“Your room was so messed up that I didn’t have time to think
about those clothes! Besides, I asked Producer Akasaka for help
touching them!”

A problem immediately appeared!

First problem – washing!

“Because Nii-san likes to wash girl’s underwear…”

“I do not!”

“Since there are two more girls, let me take care of washing
clothes from now on.”

“Oh…sorry for troubling you.”

Thankfully Kyouka-san volunteered, so we solved this problem of
washing girl’s clothes easily.

“How did you do that usually?”

“Every week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I will clean up
the house. Sagiri will help me by cleaning up her room.”

There are two kinds of hikikomori:

Hikikomori who are clean and hikikomori who are lazy.

“So how about we split the job?”

“Eh? Does that include me?”

Makina-san pointed at her face with an “I can’t believe it”

“That goes without saying. If you live here then you have to
help with the housework.”

“Ah ~ that is ~ anyway ~~ not very suitable for me ~~”

A pure hikikomori’s reasoning. So I gave her a break:

“Makina-san doesn’t have the ability to do housework, so it’s
fine if she doesn’t.”

“Wonderful! As expected of Masamune-san! You understand me

Makina-san happily patted my shoulder.

“Masamune, that’s not…”

“She has to write the scenario for me, after all. Anyway, just
please focus on your task.”

“Understood! Just leave it to me!”

That’s the only moment that I saw some motivation in her.


Kyouka-san sighed, then she said forcefully.

“About meals, I will take care of that.”

“No, I will take care of that as usual. Even with more people,
that wouldn’t take much more work — besides, I want to make
Sagiri’s meal.”

In the end, my little sister is a very picky eater. It took me a
year to make something that she likes to eat.

This is not something others could handle. Kyouka-san had no
choice but to accept that.

“…If that’s the case then it can’t be helped. But you must not
force yourself.”

“Master! I’m looking forward to your delicious meals!”

Makina-san raised both of her hands, her eyes sparkling.

However, if she played the role of maid, then this situation
isn’t normal in the slightest. In what kind of relationship does
the master prepare meals? Oh — master and pet.

From the tablet, Sagiri laughed:

“…Makina-chan, do you prefer Ka * Ka or normal brand?” (TL Note:
KalKan – Both are cat’s food )

“Eromanga-sensei, you are so mean to me!! Now I want to run

“I don’t know anyone with that name!”

They began to argue again.

In order to calm them down, I raised my voice, saying:

“Kyouka-san, Makina-san, please tell me what you like to eat.
I’ll make something to celebrate today!”

“Cool! I want hamburger!”

Makina-san purposely *meowed* and sat down on my lap.

Any boy would be glad to be in my position, but why is it that
all I felt was disgust?

“….Makina-san…have you forgotten what I said?”

“I haven’t forgotten! But this doesn’t count.”

“I ~ said ~ no!!!”

Sagiri growled like a cat. Maybe because both of them are
hikikomori, their relationship was better than I expected.

Of course, that didn’t mean I understood what they were talking

And so, two days passed from that day.

There were two days left until the next meeting — the one that
decided if Makina-san can keep her position as the scenario

I was going to school and writing a novel.

Sagiri stayed at home and drew.

Kyouka-san went to work every day.

About Makina-san, well —

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san.”

She was sitting in the living room and writing the scenario next
to me.

We both were sitting at a low table and working.

“What’s up, Makina-san?”

“I…wrote…a lot….”


I looked at her prideful expression

Then I honestly asked her:


“Praise me ♡ Praise me ♡”

“As expected of Makina-san!”

“I know, right! Right! Hehe, it’s still not my best

So annoying.

30 minutes later:

In the quiet room, the only sounds were from the keyboard.

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san.”

“What’s up, Makina-san?”

“I…wrote…a lot….”

“… … …”

“Look, look!”

“…Fine, fine.”

She only wrote one more sentence! Now there were two sentences
on her paper!

“Next is my first planning! Are you preparing yourself?”

“As expected of Makina-san! Please do your best!”

“Ah ~~ of course ~~~~~~~~♪ I will do my best ~~~~~~~~~~♡ ”

After another 30 minutes.

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san.”

“What’s up, Makina-san?”


“As expected of Makina! As expected of Makina!”

She was so easily distracted.

Now I understood why she couldn’t work if she lived alone.

Every 30 minutes, she will get distracted at least once.

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san.”

“What’s up, Makina-san?”

Makina-san slowly showed me her smartphone’s screen.

“I drew a SSR!”

“Don’t play mobile games! Focus on your work! There are only two
days left!”

This conversation repeated a few more times.

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san.”

“As expected of Makina! As expected of Makina!”

“I haven’t said anything —! Can I watch anime?”

“You want to watch anime while working?”

“Yes yes yes. I will have more motivation if I watch anime while
working ~~”

You can only do one at a time — well, I don’t believe her
anyway, but the rumor said that some people like that really

“Fine, what anime do you want to watch?”

“How about Stardust ☆ Witch Meruru?”

“Wow, you decided on that one?”

“Is there a problem?”

“Not really, but it’s embarrassing…”

So, we let the television play Aoi Makina’s anime while

Of course, sometimes…this conversation repeated again..

“Masamune-san, Masamune-san.”

“As expected of Makina! As expected of Makina!”

After a while, Makina stopped typing and stretched her back.
This action showed off just how impressive her ‘assets’ were.

“Finally ~~ I finished a page ~~~”

Anyway, I should be happy. Because the next meeting — in two
days — would be the deciding one. Without a finished plan, she will
be fired.

That was the difference between her and Elf-sensei. Makina-san’s
work proceeded very slowly, it made me very impatient.

“Thanks for the hard work. Want some tea?”

“So thoughtful ~~ Masamune-san is a pro when it comes to taking
care of hikikomori!”

“Because I like my little sister.”

I raised my chest and replied. She suddenly averted her

“Hm, so you like your little sister huh……”

“Something wrong?”

“Ah, it’s nothing. I want some snacks ~~♪”

“I foresaw that, so I bought some.”

“Good ♪”

We took a break to rest. By the way, I already asked her what
kind of food she likes.

I brought the pudding and tea to the table. Makina-san took a
spoon and showed me the handle.

“This is for you, Masamune-san.”


I titled my head in confusion since I had no idea what that
meant. She grinned.

“Feed me ♪”

“W, what?”

“Say 『 ah ~~ 』 and feed me.”

“I’m not doing that. It’s embarrassing!~”

“Oh ~ it’s not ~~ if you do that, I can finish my work
immediately ~~ really, I will ~~ ♡”


I don’t really get it, but if this truly can make her work
faster then I should take this chance.

“Then ….”

I took the spoon and got a spoonful of pudding, slowly moved it
toward her —

“Ahhh ~~”

“Ah ~~ um.”

— Suddenly

*Bang bang bang bang* The ceiling shook furiously.

“… … … …”

“… … … …”

We both looked up at the ceiling. Then I turned my head

“She said 『bring me some snacks too 』.”


Makina-san couldn’t help it and broke into laughter. She even
held her stomach in pain.

“Phew………..Ahahaha….so you understood…”

“Of course, since I’m her brother. I’m off then.”

“Fine, be careful ~~”

When I was on my way out of the living room, for some reason
Makina-san took her notebook out and muttered to herself:

” ………….Ah ~ so shy ~~”

I brought the pudding and tea to the stairs. At the top of them
was Sagiri with her arms crossed; an angry expression on her

I could only stare.

Unless Sagiri knew “that person is safe”, she will not go out of
her room — but…

“Is it okay for you to be here? Makina-san is downstairs.”

“Second floor. No problem.”

“Okay…so, why are you angry?”

My little sister angrily shook her head

“I don’t know!”

That action was so cute that I almost fainted on the spot.

“Unless you tell me the reason, I can’t apologize — here is what
you asked for.”

I gave the pudding, tea and the tray to Sagiri. But she turned
her back on me.

“Follow me.”

I hastily followed her to her room.

“Put it down here.”

“Fine fine.”

I did as ordered and put the tray down on a table. Since I
didn’t have any idea why she was mad, I could only do as she

“Sit down next to me.”

“Fine fine.”

“Feed me.”

“Fine fine — wait?”

This sudden request made me stare at my little sister. Sagiri’s
face was right next to me.

“Just, just, just now….. what did you say?”

Sagiri squatted down; her hands rested on her thighs.

“….Like this.”

She looked down and muttered to herself. Normally I could barely
manage to hear her, but today I was so confused that I

A moment passed. Then Sagiri…looked up, blushing.

“I, I said….Feed me.”


What’s up with her today? Why did she say something so

Is she trying to make me faint? Hey, the same thing happened to
me just down stairs!

What’s going on? Is there an on-going trend that girls ask
people to “feed” them?

“Didn’t…didn’t you hear me….Nii-san…you…ah ~~ feed me.”


….I think I’m going to have a nosebleed.

Seeing that I was about to be knocked out, maybe Sagiri thought
that she was being ignored, so she shouted:

“You, you fed Makina-chan!”

“How could you know that!”

“I don’t know! Idiot! Everything you have done with other girls,
do with me too!”


What insane breed of logic is that?

What should I do when the one I like asked me to do that?

If this was Tomoe, I would have kneeled down and asked her to
let me touch her breasts!

I was so confused that I was beginning to get side-tracked. Next
to me, Sagiri, she….


Raised her lips

Seeing this nearly gave me a heart attack. Because it looked
like we were going to have a kiss.

“Unm…Hurry up.”

“I, I know…then….”

I took a spoon full of pudding.

“Ah ~~”


And slowly put in inside my little sister’s mouth.

Just doing this made me very embarrassed. My hand was

“… … …”

“… … …”

While I was trying to suppress my heart, Sagiri was slowly
eating her pudding.


She licked her lips. That normally shouldn’t be strange, but
during this atmosphere…

Damn…the way she ate…

In my current chaotic state, I wouldn’t dare to get lost in my
imagination. I felt my face was so hot.

Tears appeared on Sagiri’s face, and she said:

“It’s so embarrassing! Nii-san is a pervert!”

“Wasn’t it your request?”

You are so unreasonable!

After the paradise/torture time had passed.

“… … … …”

“… … … …”

A mysterious silence fell upon us.

Since we finished the pudding, I should go back…

“Well….I should go….”

“I still have something to say.”

Sagiri’s eyes focused on me.

“Eh….something else?”


She narrowed her eyes and said a single word at a time.

“You and Kyouka-san.”

“I and Kyouka-san?”


“We did not!”

What the hell was she saying?

“You did.”

“No no no, I really didn’t.”

“Liar. You….let her clean your ears.”


“You lied down on her thighs…while she was wearing tights…then
she gently cleaned your ears, didn’t she?”

“Can you please not saying it in such impure way?”

You make it like we did something very erotic!

“Besides, how could that count as flirting!”

“Why not! You did it with her, didn’t you!”

Sagiri’s eyes when she was demanding an answer were so

“No, I mean…that should be called….something normal.”

“Hm…so Nii-san will normally do it?”

“You are talking about cleaning ears, aren’t you?”

I thought you were talking about something very different.

“Phew….listen to me, Sagiri. This….this happened when I was
having a chat with Kyouka-san, she got off work late at night. She
suddenly told me 『 Let me help you clean your ears 』, that’s

Not to mention that she said in a very lonely tone that “….Long
ago, I used to do that to my brother too.”

“There was no way that I could refuse.”

“Then do it with me.”


“Didn’t I tell you….everything you have done with other girls,
do with me too.”


Let my little sister clean my ears…

“….Father let his little sister clean his ears, right. Then we
can do it too.”

Sagiri patted her thighs



*Po po*



Sagiri today had her usual coat on. Since it was a fairly big
coat, it looked like she didn’t wear anything underneath. Her white
thighs looked delicious.


Since she didn’t understand my thoughts, Sagiri pouted and
patted her thighs again.


“Alright! I got it!”

I don’t care anymore! I closed my eyes and put my head on my
little sister’s thighs.

It felt much better than I expected.

“…Is that okay?”


“…..About…is my head too heavy?”


“… … … … … … … … . . . Sagiri?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay!!!” Sagiri yelled “Anyway, I’m going to

“Okay…go ahead.”

My heart was racing non-stop.

“…Un…then…from here….”

I felt something touch my ear.

“…Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

“It feels ticklish.”

“Ah, don’t move…it’s dangerous…”


“..Ah…so next…I will go deeper….”

Sagiri focused on moving the cleaning tool. I tried my best to
ignore this smooth feeling on my face. Right now, this is the most
dangerous place for me.



Time passed so slowly. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a
nosebleed right now.

Suddenly, Sagiri stopped.



“…Nii-san…recently….do you get enough sleep?”


I tried to answer as calmly as possible.

“I do.”




It didn’t look like I could get off easily…So I replied.

“Uhm ~~ maybe I was lacking some sleep…Making an anime…really
added up a lot of work….And I still have to keep up with my normal
workload…But it’s okay, there is nothing to worry about —“


Sagiri interrupted me and immediately pointed out the

“Yeah, morning class is such a pain.”

Going to school and working as a novelist, and at the same time
still having to work on the anime project – it was harder than I

Even if the scenario writer didn’t follow the plan, the other
work related stuff just kept coming.

For example: there is supervising, meeting fans, radio
shows….Anyway, there are many things that I need to do and check

Unlike writing a novel, there is no way to do it all faster. And
since these things made me nervous, I barely got any sleep.

Still, for now, everything is still manageable.

I have motivation. Lots of motivation. I think I can keep

Just…the image of more work coming…scared me a bit.

In the end, this is the first time I have had an anime.

“…Nii-san. Consider this my request…can you sleep for a

“I’m okay.”

Could it be that …my breathing? For some unknown reason…Sagiri
immediately found out if I spent a night without sleep.

This isn’t good…I made my little sister worry.

“….You don’t understand.”

“You’re wrong. I do understand.”

I will not make you worry again.

“…You really don’t understand.”

Sagiri put her finger on my face.



“It’s okay…if you sleep now.”

“Of course I can’t. I still haven’t finished my work today.”

Besides, I don’t think I can sleep on your thigh like this.

“Is that so….I think we are about to done here.”

Sagiri seemed to have given up.

“However…your ear is so clean.”

“Of course.”

It was cleaned just yesterday.

“…Forget it. So…there is something else….”

What is she trying to do? I felt a bit terrified.

Sagiri took the cleaning tool out of my ear..

“I will scratch the back of your ear… a bit.”


I felt a shiver down my spine. Seeing that, Sagiri laughed with

“Okay, done!”


It’s finally over. I sighed in relief, but there is a bit of
nostalgia…How strange.

Sagiri poked my face.

“Ehehe…are you feeling comfortable now?”

“…I felt erotic from the beginning till the end.”


Sagiri immediately blushed madly. She slammed her eyes into a
>< shape and yelled:

“Nii…you…re…really ~~!!”

She was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even make normal
conversation. Instead, she…


*Ouch* She bit my neck!

“Ughhhhhhhhhh ughhhhh ~~~~~~”

“Ouch ouch, it hurt! Sa…stop!.. You are going to bite my

“IDIOT —!”

My little sister turned into a silver haired True Ancestor
Vampire and gave me a harsh punishment.

After I got back to the living room, Makina-san was lying face
up on the sofa.

Her T-shirt was up high enough to reveal her bellybutton. How

“A ~~ a ~~ a ~~ a ~~ ”

I gave a sound of surprise.

“Makina-san. Ma — Ki —-Na —San! Get up please! You will catch a

“Uhm ~~ I’m not sleeping ~~”

Huh? That’s strange.

Makina-san was still lying face up, then she turned to me and
broke into laugher.

“Phewwww ahahaha ♪ Welcome back, Masamune-san.”

“Is there something so funny?”

“There is not, I just listened to a funny conversation…so I

Did she use her smartphone to watch a comedy show?

“Ah ~ my stomach hurts. I laughed too much.” She said, still

“Just focus on doing your job properly.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Still lying down, Makina threw a USB drive to me.


I caught it.

“What is this?”

“Sekaimo’s series composition plan.”

“You finished?”

“Thanks to you.”

“But how? Before I left the room, you had only managed a single

She finished it in about 30 minutes?

“Could it be that you only wrote 「Undecided 」 to trick….”

“How much do you distrust me? I finished it, right? Because
thanks to your sibling’s reference, I got a deeper understanding of
Sekaimo! That’s why I finished my undecided part in one

Seemed like that was the case.

“Did you do something to get that reference?”

“Fufufufu, of course I did.”


I don’t really understand, but if she said “yes”, then who

It probably had something to do with her secret conversation
with Sagiri anyway.

“Can I take a look.”

“Go ahead ~~ it’s a rare chance to meet a genius scenario writer
right after she finished her work earlier than expected.”

“Not earlier. You are two weeks behind schedule.”

“Hey, don’t pour cold water on me! That….well, like I said, in
the next meeting please take care of me!”


So…it seems Makina-san has found her motivation.

After checking on her plan, suddenly a thought came to me.

“Makina-san, can I ask you something?”

“Huh? What is it?”

“About the girl on the video sent to you earlier, your 「nemesis

“What’s about her?”

“What’s she like?”

“Do you want to know?”

Well, it’s true that she wasn’t related to me in the

“Well, that’s one of the reasons Makina came to my house after

Makina-san made a grumping noise, then stood up from the sofa.
Then she folded her arms together, and said:

“Umm ~~~~ that girl ~~~~~~~~~ is a very horrible girl!”

She said that with a complex expression, but her tone was happy

“When I bought my current home, she said 「 in case of disaster,
you have no way to escape 」 and 「your taste is so horrible! 」 and
made fun of me. But then she bought a similar apartment! I’m so
mad! She was secretly jealous of me, wasn’t she?!”

No no no, I wanted to ask about what anime she made.

“You have such a great relationship.”

“We do not!”

She became angry.

Not to mention who is the more horrible one – though I myself
think there is about a 90% chance this is Makina-san – but I can
sense that both of them were pushing each other forward.

“You have motivation toward Sekaimo — because that girl taunted
you, don’t you?”

If that was the case, then I should even thank that nemesis of

— There are three condition needed for me to give it my all

Makina-san once said that. But now thinking back, unless she
“wanted to give it everything” in the first place, she wouldn’t
even say that.

“…Well, that was part of the reason. I want to laugh at the
girl. That was a real reason for me to work hard…”

Makina-san closed her eyes and made an “Um ~~” sound. Then she
seemed to give up and sat down.

“I told you that…there was someone with me when I made Meruru


“That was my big sister.”

“……………..I had a hunch.”

I had figured as much after hearing the conversation between
Producer Akasaka and Makina-san.

“I see…well, you see how I am, right? I stay at home all day,
barely go outside. I don’t like trouble either, so living alone
meant that I could hardly get anything done.”

In the beginning, I already had my suspicions.

Why did she — take such a difficult job as a scenario

“After I took this job, my sister was worried about me, so she
butted in. Then…a lot of things happened. Many, many things…I’m not
going to tell anyone about those things…but it was fun. Very, very
fun…However, in the end, I turned back into this…It has been a long
time since I last saw my sister.”

Makina-san’s words omitted a lot of details, so I couldn’t have
a good grasp on the situation.

But….I noticed her feelings.

Very strong feelings, which included loneliness and regret.

“You are a bit like my sister.” She muttered with a small


“Um. Taking care of a hikikomori little sister, making a work
together…taking my hand and pulling me up…

…….Giving me a dream.”

At this moment, I felt like she was part of my family.

“Your little sister is very different from me…but your dream is
similar to our dream in the past.”

She looked up, and continued:

“So, I have to work to make your dream come true…”

“The dream that your sister gave you…have you reached it?”

I felt like something made me ask this question

She smiled:

“I have.”

“Then –”


She grinned.

“The most important part of our dream is after I reached


I felt a heavy responsibility. To her, and to myself, who was
not thinking about “after reaching our dream”.

That’s why I kept silent without saying anything.

“You want to reach your dream and have your happiness. If I
could help finish this clumsy sitcom family show — I think I would
be happy.”

That’s why she would work hard.

Her normally unmotivated eyes were showing a bright spark.