A day in May, inside the locked room, I was being scold by my
little sister.


“But… I already said yes.”

“No mean no!”

Sagiri stood in front of me in a pick dress, her voice firm.
Today she didn’t wear her headset.

“I… already promised Elf…”

“…You made a promise with me too…”

“Nii-san…I told you that you are not allowed to date anyone for
the rest of your life.”

Sagiri pouted, making me recall that moment.

Some of you might have forgotten, so allow me to retell the
situation from back then. It was during my first meeting with
Muramasa-senpai. In order to publish The cutest little sister in
the world, both me and Elf had to run around back and forth. Of
course, Elf still had time to tweet “I’m on a date with Izumi
Masamune-sensei ♥”, thus making Sagiri said that line to me.

“I don’t care about you anymore! Nii-san is a pervert!”

Back then, she hid under her blanket and then made a fuss, like
she was my girlfriend or something. She also —

“– Nii-san, you are not allowed to date a girl for the rest of
your life! Got it?”

“– For the rest of my life?”

“— Yes! For the rest of your life. Because…”


“—It’s nothing!!!”

That happened too.

“Er, it’s not like I forgot or anything, but…”

“Then…why did you agree to go to a date with Elf-chan?”

“….Hey, back then, were you really serious?”

“…Nii-san, why do you think that I’m not serious?”

“Because when I asked why, you couldn’t say anything and changed
the subject.”


Sagiri took a step back. Bull’s eye! I asked her again:

“So why did you make a fuss back then?”

Unless you tell me the reason, I couldn’t apologize.

“It…it’s none of your business!”

She turned her head away, then threw me a glance:

“Anyway…Nii-san…you are not allowed to date any girl for the
rest of your life.”

“…The rest of my life…”

“The rest of your life! No! Absolutely not!” She yelled.

You guys must have noticed, the root of the problem is “my date
with Elf.”

It was during the White Valentine.

“— It’s decided then. I will take this.”

“— I’m looking forward for it ~ Onii ~ chan ♥”

And that was the root of the problem. After aware of Megumi’s
plan, Elf also picked “a date” as her White Valentine reward.

I owed Elf a lot, so refusing is just too rude. Thus my plan was
to go on a date during May.

Later, Sagiri knew about it too, so I was scolded.

“But Elf helped me so many times before… I need to repay her

“You don’t have to go to a date for that! Just give her candy or

“She hate that! That’s why I agreed – beside, it’s not like I’m
going on a date as lovers or anything, it’s just a friendly date!
What’s wrong with that, it’s too trivial!”

“No! Means! No!”

Damn, why do I have to explain this like some unfaithful

“Playground…I have never been to a playground before…..”

Sagiri moaned, then she stood up and played her trump card:

“Nii-san…in your eyes, between me and Elf, who is more

“You, of course.”

I answered immediately. Sagiri didn’t seem like she expected
that response.

“This….that….~~~~~~~~~~ really!!!”

Her eyes turned into >.<, she began to punch my

“Nii-san! I hate you! Idiot!”

“What the…Ouch! Alright alright, I got it!”

I pushed my hand into Sagiri’s forehead, thus she was waving her
hand without touching me. Look quite funny actually.

“If you said no then I will comply. I’m going to tell her



It was hard to break a promise with Elf, but everything has its
priorities. As a brother, I couldn’t allow my little sister to hate

I lowered my hand.

“It’s okay.”

She nodded, her momentum completely disappeared, and

“…Elf-chan is not going to be angry…right?”

“Nah, she will. I will have to apologize, then think of
something to make up for her later.”

“..Then..let me help…I can try….”

“Yeah, I will tell her that too.”

Anyway, after that I dragged myself to the Crystal Palace (Elf’s
home). Today isn’t weekend, so she should be at home in

I rang the door bell. She quickly came:

“Ah, Masamune! Fufufu, let me guess…have you decided where you
will take me to during our date?”

“Nope. Not that.”


Elf titled her head in confusion. I bowed:

“Sorry! Can I take back my promise regarding our date!”

“…………..Come inside then tell me.” Elf said with an ice-cold


Inside the beautiful living room, I kneeled in front of Elf (who
was crying), trying my best to calm her down.

“*Hic*Hic*…I was looking forward for it…”

“I’m very sorry! It’s all my fault!”

It IS my fault, no doubt. All I could do was bow even lower.

“Sorry! I will…repay you. Definitely!”

“Repay…*hic*…really??” Elf asked me with teary eyes.

“Yes. As long as it’s something I can do, I will do it!”

“…But…not a date, right?”

Elf said, like she already knew about my conversation between me
and Sagiri, even though I haven’t tell her anything.

“Uhm….aside from a date, anything is fine..”

“Then…then…the day after tomorrow…come to my home and play, can



“Isn’t it the same as our usual activities? Is that really
everything you wanted?”

“Yes.” Elf nodded happily like a child.

“Since…I was supposed to prepare for the date, I have some free
time…I originally intented to get some reference during that
time….is that okay?”

“No problem.”

Normally, she was always full of life, but seeing how meekly she
was made my heart skipped a beat.

“No problem..we are just playing together.”

It’s still a date, but in a different place – that thought
suddenly appeared in my mind.


But seeing Elf’s face, it immediately disappeared.

“So it’s our date! Together! No one can interrupt us!” Elf
smiled happily.

“Your, your face! Too close!”

I took a step back in reflex. By chance – my eyes stopped at
Elf’s hand and I saw what was she holding – artificial tear.

“You tricked me again!”

“Oh, you found out!” Elf spited her tongue out.

“So you only pretented to cry?”

You made me feel so bad!

“Of course! I can guess that there was a high chance that you
will turn out like this. If she knew, your princess will throw a
tantrum, then a certain super ultra great siscon will panic and
says 「I’m not going anymore」!”

Do you really have to put it that way.

But…scary…she was totally right. Did she really not know about
my conversation with Sagiri?

“Anyway, compare to the morning light Elf-chan, your little
sister must be more precious, Masamune-nii-san!”

Elf turned around, clearly displeased. I retorted:

“Yes. Do you hate that?”

“Nah, this is just who you are.”


Still as mysterious as ever.

Elf turned back to me, then pointed her hand like a gun at my

“Fufufu, just you wait. Prepare yourself…I will be serious this

“How should I put it…what exactly do you mean…”

That day.

Sunday morning, I arrived at my neighbour’s home. Of course, I
had reported this to Sagiri.

“….Hmm…I see…fine.”

She agreed, but her face didn’t said so.

What exactly do you want me to do? I can’t be at ease!

I sighed and rang the door bell. A moment later, it opened, Elf
appeared with a smile.

“Morning! Welcome!”

“Er…this….this clothes is….”

“Fufufu, what do you think?”

Short belt, sleeveless shirt, long legging, a model sun glass on
top of her head and new hair style – all of that made her even more
lively than usual.

“How do I look? Beautiful, right? Do you like me now?”


My true feeling was “super cute”, but I didn’t say it out loud.
Instead, I chose a neutral-sounding line:

“Why did you change yourselves?”

Hearing that, Elf slightly closed her eyes.

“I was planning to let you enjoy a surprise, but a certain
siscon ruined my plan, so I have to wear it at home.”

“I’m very sorry.”

“Forget it, I don’t want to remember that stuff. You are going
to repay me today, right?” Elf happily grabbed my hand.


This softness made me don’t know what to do. She looked at me
like she could see the thoughts in my heart:

“My plan was to take references during our date, you have to
repay me that too.”

I see….a date at home…repay, huh…

But if that was the case —

“Let’s go, Masamune!”

With her words, the last remaining of my doubts disappeared.

“This way!”

“Where are you taking me to?”

Elf pulled me as we passed the entrance, just like a couple.

Normally we would go to her living room, but today she passed
that, pointing forward:

“First – over here: My Fantasic Gallery.”

“…What did you just say?”

Why does it sound like something that only appeared in light

Elf pointed to the gallery, said to me in a happy tone:

“Before a date, we have to go somewhere to have fun, right?”

“…And then?”

“I have prepared lots of happy place in my home today.” Elf
nodded, full of herself. “Our date – I meant, our make-believe date
today began with the couple goes through all that.”

“You meant…you prepared all of this just for today?”

“No, for example, this gallery was finished yesterday.”

“…Was it hard?”

“Yes, but it’s a rare chance to ask you repay me.” Elf calmly

“But shouldn’t this be something I do instead of yours?”

“It’s fine, who cares. I prepare a lot for today, a  bentou
box for example.”

“I see.”

A very girl-like style. Or rather, Elf’s style.

“But not only that I wanted you to repay me for the White
Valentine, I wanted you repay me for many many more times, so

“So you have to make me have as much fun as possible,

Elf grabbed my arm again.

Since this is a make-believe date, this much should be alright,
right? But even that requires me to concentrate as hard as I could
in order to answer her:

“If it’s something I can do for you, I will do it.”

Seeing that her plan worked, Elf laughed:

“Fufufu, you have to keep your words.”

On the door, the was a small panel which is read “Fantastic
Gallery”. The door itself looked old, not that “Elf made it look
old” but “it really was old”.

I have entered this room a few times before, but it was filled
brimmingly with cardboard box. Back then, Elf was still moving her
stuffs around

“Just wait and see!”

Elf boasted and opened the door widely. In front of me was a
completely different room.

“Wah…what is this?”

I exclaimed. This…was truly a fantasic gallery.

How should I put it…well, let’s begin with the wall. It was
covered in many product, mostly from Yamada Elf-sensei’s
masterpiece, “The Flame of Dark Elf”. Most of them were clearly
hand-made, but unlike those which was sold at the shop, they looked
more precious.

Sega Prize, figure, clay….there was a working table in a corner
too. I could see that at least dozens more were about to be

Seeing my reaction, Elf laughed, being satisfied.

“Fufufufu! How is it?”

“…Awesome. This figure, this illustratior, this model – how many
in total?”

“All of them? Forty three in total.”

“That much?”

“Yup! My Dark Elf  is very suitable to make figure, so many
people did exactly that. Since the demand was high – this is the

Elf seemed embarrassed, like a mother whose child was

“Ha ~~~~”

It was rare for a finished anime to be able to sell so many
by-products like this. As expected of the anime of the year.

I’m not going to name a specific novel, but there were many case
where “the number of a character’s figure is abnormally high”. Even
if the maker wasn’t known by the novelist, he still helped in
marketing the novel. I had asked myself many questions, like “Why
was this girl so special, that the story ended but her figure still
sells without trouble”, “This novel was based on a web novel from a
long time ago” or “Damn, this one got so many merchandise!!”

The answer of those question lied in front of me.

The one who made those merchandise had a different view point
that us novelist. When they meet a character that suited their
taste, they will pick that character to make merchandise.

Anyway, everything followed this was my opinion only.

Breast. Onee-chan style. Swimsuit. Gothic loli dress. Super
revealing armor. Paper-thin underwear. An eye-catching ass. Erotic
cosplay —- etc…

Seemed like those makers were only interested in what I said
above. Again, that was my opinion only.

When she drew for the Flame of Dark Elf, Army-sensei also
satisfied the request of merchandise maker.

Aside from the figure of the main character in many styles,
ranging from angelic to demon, elf, gothic loli – there was
merchandise of Dark Elf’s magic knight, the male protagonist in
general armor…All of the details, no matter how small, have to be
carefully perfected. The maker had to make a three dimension model,
after all.

“Army-chan is really good at making magic knight! She didn’t
even forget any small details!”

I once boasted that to Eromanga-sensei, which upsetted her:

“She again! She is she, I am me! If you like it so much, just go
to her home! Tell her to make your magic knight or Noble phantasm
for you!”

“Fufufu, by the way, I like this one the most among those Dark
Elf’s merchandise!”

Elf pointed at a ….a beautiful girl with twelve wings, seeming
radiating sunlight?

“Real life figure, Emily!”

“You used your name!? And she even looked exactly like you!”

“Of course. I’m her model!”

“I knew it! I knew it! I saw it before, but I was too
embarrassed to ask, However I couldn’t stand it anymore! I almost
choked on my laughter when you introduce that!”

Hearing that, Elf raised her chest:

“But I think it’s worth to see how touched you are.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“…Take a look at this pure white naked arm! See this nearly
transparent wings! Fufufu – what are you waiting for, hurry and
kneel in front of me!”

She ignored me. Again.

I signed:

“…Listen to me…I think it’s the limit for an author to let
herself be a goddess in her novel.”

This is abnormal. Unusual. At least I couldn’t do it.

The reason was simple, really. Normally, no one could be so
shameless to do that. Among all the novelist I knew, only one or
two could. That’s why I think Yamada Elf-sensei is amazing.

“If Dark Elf got a second anime season, of course I would be the
voice-actress for this goddess!”

“I think it’s the first for an important character to be voiced
by the original author herself.”

“See! I even have begun practicing!”

Elf was very happy, while I have nothing else to say.

How could someone be so naïve yet so sincere like her exist!
Just talking to her made my heartbeat races.

“This figure was based on you, huh…”

I lowered my head at its chest level, carefully inspecting

“It must be a lot of work….”

Suddenly, she knocked me on the head.


“P…pervert! Don’t push your face at that!”

“You are the one who made it, what right do you have to tell me

I groanned. Elf blushed, yelled:

“Because of your perverted gaze made me embarrassed!

“You are the pervert one….you must have think of it before you
made this figure!?”

So, Elf and I, once more, began to argue. As usual.

In short – that was how the Fantasic Gallery began. But not how
it ended.

“Well…Elf…actually…I couldn’t help but noticed…over there…”

“Ah? That one? Let’s take a look, shall we?”

“Let’s go!” I excitedly said.

“Hm, boys are only interested in that stuff….”

Elf picked “it” up and gave it to me.

“Wow..heavy….it was made of metal?”

“Of course. Based on the demonic blade Red Sword.”

Demonic blade Red Sword is a very famous weapon in Flame of Dark
Elf. It was a one-hand sword, with black blade, flamberge

In the novel, when the main protagonist’s rival Black Knight
picked this up, the blade will burst into black flame – but of
course it couldn’t do so in real life. Still cool enough

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ~ Awesome! This, this is…!!!!!”

I took the sword and happily looked at its blade. Next to me,
Elf didn’t seem to understand.

“Huh? You like it? But how could you like it more that a naked
arm of a figure that looked exactly like me? I can’t really accept

“Of course! I’m a man! I love blades and guns! By the way, I
couldn’t understand your reasoning naked arm
>>>>>> demon sword. This sword is a dream for all
novelist who specialize in fighting genre! Even it was only a copy,
it is still a sword in real life!”

“So…it fired you up that much?”

“Can’t you feel it? This feeling! For example, if my novel
included something like “Dragon King Sword Kajakt”, “Nietono no
Shana” or “Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown”, they will absolutely need to
be made with utmost care! I will be so happy that I’d cry! I’d even
jump into the Arakawa river! And …er…what’s with your reaction?
What are you thinking?” (TL Note: I don’t know about the first
weapon, but Neitonono Shana is from Shakugan no Shana novel, Staff
of Ainz Ooal Gown is from Overlord novel)

“What are you thinking, ignoring a girl during her date and
focus on a weapon instead?”

“…………………..I’m very sorry.”

I had nothing to say other than to apologize.

“Well, anyway….you just have to remember that this sword is very

“….Still need to make a conclusion, huh. Forget it. If you
really like it, I can give it to you.”

“…I really wanted to, but no, sorry.”


“Because it should be here.”

I answered honestly. Around me, it had no meaning. No one can
see it.

But Elf didn’t laugh.

“I see. Sorry for saying that.”


Elf didn’t laugh, but I did.

“One day, I want to write a cool weapon in my novel too.”

“Since you are writng a romance comedy novel, I highly doubt you

“Well, that’s right too —“

Hearing Elf’s righteous words, I could do nothing but sighed

“Damn ~~ Sekaimo  is not a fighting novel! There is no way
I could add a cool sword or gun into that, not even a super robot

“…..So a robot have never appeared in your novel before?”

“Ahhhh, I wanted to have a conversation with my own character.
If it was made into anime, I hope it would have a smooth fighting
scene in the opening! I wanted to have a talk when my anime was
aired! I wanted to ignore comments from people who didn’t read my
novel! I wanted to slowly explain everything in my fighting

My soul was crying.

“You can keep trying. That’s how new author fight.”

“You are right…you are totally right.”

It’s not like I will stop writing after Sekaimo. After that, I
could keep writing fighting novel.

“Beside, making a romance novel doesn’t automatically mean you
cannot cross fighting scene out. Romance genre now have more novels
that fighting genre. Aside from my Dark Elf, when someone want to
write a character, making a romance novel is easier..”

“Hm….I don’t actually agree.”

I don’t think I’m the only one thought. In my opinions, not many
people wanted to become a light novel author because they wanted to
see a girl they created become real.

“That kind of people is actually having it easy! Just imagine!
When you created a super cute female protagonist, when she stepped
into the 3D world and arrived at the reader’s hand…”

“They will be happy, no doubt.”

I crossed my arm across my chest, imagined the situation that
Elf just spoke of.

“For example, in a game station, those girl which Izumi Masamune
created was placed into a crane machine.”

“Hm hm, sounds good.”

“Of course, as the original author, you held some original
merchandise. Not to included some rare, limited only stuff.”

“Wow…It’s nice…”

“See? Just like me, what if you put them all in a room – don’t
you think it’s awesome?”

I looked around at the room. What if it was filled with Izumi
Masamune’s character?

Isn’t it the same if I created a cool sword?

“…This…feels kind of nice…”

“Of course, you have to wait until you actually meet it.”

This wasn’t something where just by imagining it can give you a
real experience. Elf grinned:

“Wait unti your Sekaimo have a girl as cute as my goddess
Emily-chan, you could make a room just like this.”

“I will….well, where should I put it….Better not touch my
parent’s room…If I put it into Sagiri’s room, I could hardly access

Elf asked:

“What about putting in right at the entrance?”

“If Kyouka-san saw it, she will immediately hold a family

Just thinking about that made me cry!

“Your room then.”

“….I don’t have any better suggestion. Anyway, it is still in
the future, I have to try harder!”

“Go for it. Okay, next place!”

I was worried that playing a make believe date at home would
embarrass us, but turned out everything went well. It must be
because of both of us get along so well.

From the Fantasic Gallery, we took the stair to the second

In front of the next door, Elf raised a hand, said:

“This is Memoria Theather (A beautiful girl’s place).”

“It’s your workshop, isn’t it?”

“Shut up, today it’s Memoria Theather. Hurry up and enter.”

She took my hand and entered this “Memoria Theather”.

I looked around, then commented:

“…It is empty. Where is your desktop…? Did you put it away?”

“Yup. I put the obstacle away.”

To call her desktop an obstacle…really, this girl…

“So…what’s the connection between this place and Memoria
Theather? And what did you plan to do here?”

Hearing my question, Elf pointed at the single chair in the
room. There was a camera on top of it. I know this type, it’s quiet

“Use that to take picture of a beautiful girl. To make memories
for us today.”

“I see.”

“Of course, you are the camera man. Do you understand?”

“Of course.”

I happily took the camera into my hand.

“Huh? It’s rare to see you cooperate with me so much. Do you
know how to use this?”

“No problem. There is a similar one in my home, I usually use it
to take reference.”

I’m not an expert or anything, but I still quickly focused my
lens into “the beautiful girl”.

“Let’s begin.”

Clicks the shutter. *click click*


“Good good ~ one more!”

*Click click*

“Listen to me!”

Followed Elf’s words, the screen turned dark. She covered the

Since I was happily taking picture, I retorted, with a hint of
annoyance in my voice:

“What are you doing!”

“What are you doing? What picture are you even taking?”

“Sagiri. I could see her from here.”

“You are supposed to take my picture!”

“But you said to take picture of a beautiful girl….”

“Shut up! Don’t look outside, there is a super cute girl right
in front of you!”

“…Elf is cute.”

Even when she was displeased, she was still cute.

“Wh…what? Why are you praising me now?”

“But still not as cute as my little sister, who is rolling back
and forth without a care in the world !”

I announced. Elf said nothing, but she closed the curtain.

“What are you doing???”

“I’m not letting you take picture of anyone else today. Give it
to me, I have to erase them all.”

“….Kuh…well…you are right….even thought it’s a rare chance to
see my cute little sister…but you are right….”

I wiped my tears, said:

“Come. Delete it.”

“….Full of motivation, aren’t you. Alright, deleted.”

Everything…is gone.


Elf gave me the camera, took a modeling pose.

“ – Take picture. Make sure to take picture of a famous novelist
– who is me, okay.”



“You said everything was somewhere you wanted to go on a date,


Just now, the Fantasic Gallery could be a trip interpreted as a
trip to the park. If the same could be said for the Memoria

“How about we took it together?”


Elf’s eyes widened. I raised the camera level to my face,
grinned, just like she did many times before.

“— It’s a memorial picture , after all.”


Elf looked stunned for a second, but she quickly smiled:

“Even Masamune could sometimes say something right. Alright! We
have to take a memorial picture during our date!”

She was embarrassed, but she was laughing happily too.

“Ha ~ so you want to take a picture with me this much?”

“Yes. If you allowed it.”

“Can’t be help ~~ if you wanted it that much, then let’s take a
picture together ♪”

Elf nearly jumping in joy, she took my arm into her hand.

“Too…too close.”

“I’m embarrassed too! Just try to endure it.”

“Wait, I can’t hold this camera one hand! Give me a tri-pod or

“Really, what a man! Oh right, it’s our rare chance, so let’s


“Yes! There are cosplay clothes in the Fantasic Gallery!”


“Please! Please! Take picture of our cosplay! Please!”

Elf looked at me with her puppy eyes.


I can’t say no. Elf was asking to be spoiled, and I can’t say no
to her!

“Fine. Let’s go then.”


And so —

We began to take our “cosplay memorial picture”. Not only we sat
intimately, we even recreated some scenes from her novel. There was
a picture taken to look like the Opening of Flame of Dark Elf, when
the Elven Archer was fighting against the magic blade wielding Dark
Knight. Even I felt embarrassed seeing it.

“….Elf…are you going to…let other people see this picture?”

“Why not? Don’t you want to boast to everyone?”

“Noooooooooooo!!! I’ll die of embarrassment!”

“What are you getting embarrassed for? You were so happy!”

“Please don’t do this…I…I never think that even after four year
after my debut, I still make this black history…!”

“— But it’s fun, right?”


I gave up, sighed without a care in the world.

“Super fun.”

“Me too!”

Both of us broke into laughter.

And so  — Elf’s workshop – Memorial theather – was full of

“Next is lunch!”

After the cosplay, instead of going to the living room, we went
to the garden to eat lunch. Elf prepare lots of sandwich.

“It tasted so good! Ouch, hot hot!”

Seeing me trying to push a chiken sandwich into my mouth, Elf

“I put some seasoning outside of the meat. It should make it
taste better.”


If we went to a real date, then I couldn’t eat a still hot
sandwich like this.

“Was this part of your plan too?”

“Here – well, you can say this we are at the Elven Garden.” She
said after looking around.

Now, we were surrounded by the smell and sight of spring, of

“Alright, Masamune. Next try this sandwich.”

After I finished my chicken sandwich, Elf gave me a new one.
This one have tomato and clove.

“Thank you. Oh, this clove, was it made by you too?”

“Yup.” Elf said while looking at the flowers around us “Those
are still too young. They should be editable in July, please
looking forward to it.”

“Of course.”

“There are still more.”

She looked all around, smiled happily.

….What a cheerful girl.

“By the way, do you purposely refuse to let me enter your living

Since the morning, twice that Elf pulled me somewhere instead of
the living room. Of course she looked like she got a reason…

Hearing that, Elf’s lips slightly raised:

“You are unusually sharp today. Have you decided to get rid of
the light novel protagonist title?

“I don’t have that sort of title – so, what’s inside that

“If you have noticed, then I will tell you. The living room of
the Crystal Palace had been changed into a part of our plan.”

“In other words, something similar to the Fantasic Gallery and
the Memoria Theather?”

“Yes. I can’t tell you the name now though.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

After that, we went to two more place. It was three o’clock when
we finished.

“Let’s take a tea break.”

Elf said an lead me to the living room.

Just like I guessed, it was changed into a “Café shop”, but…

“Wh, what is this?”

“This is Japanese style Izumi’s tea. “

“Why do you use my name – no, not that now! Where is your usual
living room?”

The salon had turned into a cushion. The tea pot also changed
into a traditional style. There was bamboo blinds on the wall,

Everything was completely overhauled. The usual Western style
living room had disappeared.

“It took a lot of effort to prepare for it today! I even have to
ask Army-chan for help.”

“….Why are you telling me that for – what kind of reaction do
you expect me to show?”

“Just feeling happy is enough. All of this was for today.”


I felt like I was welcomed a little too much.

Elf entered the new living room, pointing at the cushion:

“Sit down, Masamune.”


“Yes. Anywhere is fine.”

Elf walked toward the kitchen and brought back a big tray, then
she calmly put tea and snack on the table.

Normally, she likes sweets and cookies, together with red tea,
but today was not a normal day.

The faint fragrant smell of tea filled the air.

“Doesn’t look like your usual snack…what is this? Egg cake?
No…not that.”

“Strawberry daifukumochi. I made them myself. Cute, right?”


I took a piece of strawberry daifukumochi and put them into my

Of course, it tasted excellent. I had some research into
cooking, so I knew immediately.

“Excellent. So you can made light snack too?”

“Of course. Because you seemed to like this…I have to borrow a
recording of your mother’s cooking lesson to practice…Anyway, you
looked like you enjoyed it.”

What a hardworker.

“Masamune, after seeing how much I care for you, hurry up and
praise me.”

“Thank you very much.”

But there is no need to actually saying it out.

By the way, “your mother” that Elf spoke of wasn’t Sagiri’s
mother – I called her “mother”. What Elf meant was my real mother,
the one I called “Mom”.

I have said it before. When she was alive, my mom is a cooking

“…No wonder it tasted so similar…to think you learn from

It was the first time I ate strawberry daifukumochi..but I knew

“Is that…similar to your memories?”

“Ah…yes. I hadn’t eaten Mom’s strawberry daifukumochi, but I
think…if she made one, it would taste just like this.”

“…Is that so. Good to know. Anyway, well, you see…”

Elf shuttled. Maybe the previous topic wasn’t an easy one for
her too.

“Don’t worry, just continue like normal. It has been a long
time. I’m okay.”

“Is that so? Then I will ask you straight forward…is there a
word meaning “Mother’s smell” in Japanese?”

“Yes. We have.”

“What a wonderful idea…my parents…well, never cook for me, so I
don’t know anything about mother’s smell. I only have some vague
memories of eating with my father before he died…But you know that
smell, don’t you?”

“Uhm, yeah. Actually, all I remember about Mom was her

“I know , right. So….”

Elf’s expression suggested that she was thinking “he might get
angry if I said so”, she continued:

“…I was worried that if I recreated your memories …would you

What was she saying? Why should I get mad at her because of

“….It felt nostalgic. It made me remember many thing that I had

Our family gathered together around the dinning table and ate
Mom’s meal.

During her free time, she talked with me about her cooking

And after she is gone, Dad and I practiced based on her

“If you are happy, then it’s the best.”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

Somehow, I wanted to thank Elf.

“You are welcome…I planned to cook a completed meal for you
instead of just a snack like this.”

“If you made a meal, I don’t think that I could feel that
mother’s smell.”

“I actually tried once, too. But since I never had a chance to
eat one, I couldn’t do it. Your mother said that her home cooking
was a bit different, so I think she cooks at home based on your
family’s taste.”

This is true. You have to consider the taste of people too. Her
lesson was suitable for everyone, every situation, unlike when she
cooked for the Izumi house.

“So I felt that I might never taste my mother’s cooking
again…and then I gave up.”

“If you haven’t eat your mother’s cooking, I might be able to
make something enough to trick your taste.”

Since during her lesson, Mom said about me a lot, so Elf could
guess “What Izumi Masamune like to eat”.

“There is no need for that, this is more than enough. How
nostalgic, I felt that Mom would probably cook something similar

What I said was my true feeling without any praise, but Elf
didn’t look like she could accept it. With vacant eyes, she

“…To tell the truth, I can’t accept it…Now, it’s true that I
couldn’t do it, but soon, I can remake Izumi home’s smell  for

“Haha, what are you talking about.”

Her expression was saying the same thing, thus I couldn’t help
but laugh.

“Still, if you are really going to do it…then please do your

It was a taste that I couldn’t feel anymore. Mom’s taste.

“Just leave it to me! I will let you taste that again!”

Elf said, full of conviction.

“Wow…why are you so fired up?”

What is going on?

“Hm, I will always face any challenge with my full strength.
Even being dead does not stop me.”

I don’t really get it, but it sould amazing. She was readying
herself for a fight.

Elf coughed, took a slip of tea, and said:

“….Actually, just now I’m not really confident with this snack,
but today I did my best…Anyway, let’s enjoy them together.”

“Of course.”

I nodded.

However…today, I should have been repaying Elf for her White
Valentine, but it looked like I was the one being welcomed instead.
This wasn’t good.

I need to repay her somehow!

“….Actually, I have something for you too, Elf.”

“Eh? What is it?”


I took a game software out of the bag.

“ –This was! Last month! It…”

“I have to ask before hand…have you not buy it?”

“No! Because the anime made me so busy, I was only free since
yesterday – anyway, how could you know that I wanted it?”

“You have told me many times, that you would buy a game as soon
as your job is finished. So I think…this should a suitable

My voice was getting smaller and smaller, because Elf didn’t say
anything but instead just stared at me.

Huh? Did I messed up?



“……………..This….this is – for me?”

“Of course. For you, Elf. A present from me.”

I raised both of my hand  and handled it to her:

“Thank you for taking care of me until now.”

“Um, good!”

Elf took it with some hestitation.

I continued:

“Thank you for your work in the anime.”


Finally, Elf slowly smiled. A mischievous smile, like she was
teasing me.

“Hey, are you watching me everyday? Ahaha ~ so nice of you

“Yeah, of course. That game cost me a lot.”

Seeing me blushing, Elf said truthfully.

“I’m happy.”

“That’s good to hear.” I coughed, trying to hide my
embarrassment. “Also, I got one too.”

I showed her my own handheld gaming.

“I bought one for myself. We can play together sometime.”

“Let’s do it right now!”


“Let’s do it right now! I will bring my handheld here.”

Elf returned to her usual cheerful self. Looks like my gift did
its job.

We played together in the tea room (formerly living room).
After  a while, we decided to take a break.

Elf was sitting next to me. She said:


“…Yes? Elf?”


She sat down firmly on the cushion, took a firm stance.


“If you marry me, I can do anything you asked everyday.”


You are one of the candidate to become my husband.

I remembered her words from before.


Noticing my eyes, Elf whispered directly into my ears:

“I could wear any kind of clothes you like everyday. As the head
of the house, I could give you monthly allowance ….let’s see…how
about around ¥1.. (TL Note: nearly $9.. Higher than most people
with 3-5 years of working. So yes, say yes, Masamune.).

Wow, so much! Wait, now wasn’t the time for that!

“Wh, what are you talking about?”

“I’m telling you everything. Of course, I will do the housework
too. If there is something you like, I will buy it for you, there
is no need for you to use your allowance. I will respect your
private time, if you wanted to do something alone, I will allow

“This is not something a girl should say!”

Normally, shouldn’t the husband be the one to tell to his wife
this instead?

“Then…how about it…”

“…Wait wait…too close….”

Elf’s face was close. Very close. I could almost felt her

“If we marry….I, you and Sagiri – can live together…We can go
anywhere together. If someday, that girl’s hikikomori could be
cured, we can go traveling together. Hot spring, sea, skying….don’t
you think it’s going to be wonderful? We can live here too. Just
some modification and the Crystal Palace will be our home, our
gallery. Everywhere, from the room to the entrance will be a
display of your archivement.”

Elf’s speech about our lives after marriage was too details. It
included everything I could think of, made me looking forward to

“How about it?”

“….Everyday like that….maybe wasn’t so bad.”

“I know, right! Does it make your heart race?”


“I see….”

She drew her face closer to mine. Her pure blue eyes looked
directly into mine.


What’s with her today…even more aggressive than usual. She made
my heart raced…

“Hey, are you sneakily trying to put your hand on my

“Oh, it looked very effective.”

“Did someone teach you that weird trick!? Megumi, right?”

“Still….hm hm, Masamune, you are blushing.”

“Of course I will! I’m a normal, healthy high school

Facing my sudden reaction, Elf stared at me:

“Hoho, you overreacted huh? Well, I felt embarrassed too, that
was unexpected. I thought that trick wasn’t going to work, but that
was better than I thought.

“So don’t rub at me in such erotic way!”

Still sat down, I tried to pushed myself away from Elf. But she
smiled mischievously and leaned forward, trapping me.

“Are you going somewhere?”

“I refuse.”

“You said you will help me in getting reference.”

“Does this situation even count?”

“Yes. Reference.”

I think that something similar happened at the beach before too.
If my memories was right, Chris-aniki saw me and his little sister
in a lubricating fluid play.

“Under the vast sky, the idiot protagonist was eaten by the
predator female protagonist. Fufufu, Masamune….just accept your
fate as my prey.”

“How the hell could you still spurt light novel-like sentences
during a times like this!”

I quickly avoid the predator Elf and escaped. To get rid of the
erotic feeling on my thigh, I wiped that spot too.

“Anyway, a date wouldn’t be able to give any reference for The
Flame of Dark Elf!”

“You only noticed it now? If this is a light novel, when the
reader read line 14 of pages 171 and saw Yamada Elf-chan’s note
mark, they would noticed something.”

“I told you to stop with ridiculous metaphor…Wait, could it be

“Yes.” Elf nodded, annouced: “I’m going to write a new romance


I yelled:

“What about The Flame of Dark Elf!? Could it be that…”

“I’m not going to drop this. Dark Elf will be continued
separately from this one.”

“Wh, why? It’s not like you are a fast writer or anything. While
your anime is about to end, even if you don’t plan to continue it
immediately, but with 2. sales, the second season will be a hot
topic. It will be extremely busy. You will die! Really, why did you
pick this time to write a new novel?”

Because I couldn’t understand, I asked her directly. Elf raised
her chest, answered:

“Because I wanted to.”

“…………………….I see.”

I think about it for a moment, then said:

“If you wanted to….then it can’t be helped.”

Even if the situation wasn’t the best, that didn’t matter.
Because she wanted to do it. Just like Muramasa-senpai said:

“If I have to name a reason for me to write a new novel, that is
because I want to.”

Between numerous reasons and that single reason, I felt that I
can understand the latter. I felt that doing so will make a good

“Yes. That’s all.”

Elf sat down again, and slapped her hand on the spot next to
her. That mean “I still have something to say, hurry and sit down”,

I did like she asked, said:

“So the setting is the current time?”

“Yes. Modern world. No fighting. Romance genre.”

“Hah…do you have a reason to pick this kind of novel?”


“Do you?”

“It’s nothing.”

With a mysterious smile on her face, Elf changed the topic:

“Aside from that…just getting reference for me wasn’t very
nice…so next is getting reference for you.”

“For me?”

Seeing that I still didn’t understood her, Elf glanced at

“You are writing a romance novel with your little sister. Of
course, as a super ultra great siscon, you probably wanted to write
stuff that you and your little sister wanted to do. But you can’t
write it good with imagination alone, you have to use real life

“You have a point.”

Elf’s statement embarrassed me.

Using my own little sister and me as a source to write novel,
then asked her to draw illustration. That was probably what Elf
want to critics me.

But it can’t be helped! Like she said, all I could do was write
about our story! I swear on my life that I only asked my little
sister for help (sometime ended up being something erotic) because
of a scene on my novel.

“Fufufu….I heard a lot from Sagiri.”

“Wh…what did you hear?”

Elf didn’t answer, instead she spoke with a teasing tone:

“For example, secretly trying to take peek during bath time in
the name of reference.”

“Wait a sec! Sagiri! She was the peeping tom!”

Why did you sound like I took a peek at my little sister when
she was bathing?

Sagiri, it’s your fault, isn’t it?

I tried to explain this misunderstanding, but…

“Is that so? Well, I thought so too.”

Elf looked like she already knew the truth.

“If you knew, then there is no need to make it sound that

Hearing my question, Elf laughed “I wanted to see you


I can’t really accept that my little sister lied to me. But I’m
happy to know that without me, she made some new friend.

“Listen well, Masamune. I’m going to announce something

“….It’s the first time I meet someone who actually said she was
going to annouce something important. Go ahead.”

Elf put her hands on her hops, said:

“From now on, I will take the role of your little sister! “

“Huh? Elf? As my little sister?”

Hearing her suggestion, I couldn’t help but wonder for a

“Onii-sama! Onii-sama! Play with me Onii-sama! Give me a hug!
Play with me! Let’s watch anime together! Let’s go out a date
between us, Onii-sama! ~~ Onii-sama ♥”

Crap, she was too cute.

Oh my! Three of Onii-sama’s newest novels barely got 2. sales
together?  Even lower than one of my novels! Fufufu ~!”

Damn, now I don’t want to be her brother anymore.

“Masamune, did you just think of me as your little sister and
imagine something erotic!?”

“Nope. I’m sure that there is no better little sister than
Sagiri in the world.”

“Is that so? I hate you~”

“Whatever! Say, why did you suddenly suggest this?”

Elf laughed evilly, said:

“There were some of your suggestion that Sagiri rejected. Do you
want to get reference for them too?”

The topic return to the reference again.

“Of course I want to.”

“They take it now, with me as your little sister!”

“Eh…Elf, it’s going to be troublesome to be my little

“It’s okay! I’m a ~ super cute little sister.”

“Is that so?”

“Yup. A perfect solution, right? It should make you very

“I don’t really accept your reasoning…but if you are going to
take Sagiri’s place to help me in getting reference…thanks.”

“Right, right?”

“Now then…let’s see…stuffs I wanted to do with my little sister
huh…It was so sudden that I couldn’t think of any…”

Or rather, there were too many, so I couldn’t decide
immediately. I crossed my hand, thinking.

“Say…Masamune…No, Onii-sama.”


Seemed like Elf’s acting has began.

My (fake) little sister Elf…blushed, and said:

“I…If possible….can I take a bath with you, Onii-sama?”


What are you talking about? I was deeply terrified, but my mouth
refused to speak.

Elf looked like she knew what was I thinking, she said:

“You don’t want to …because of Sagiri?”

Don’t tell her THIS, Sagiri! Really, she didn’t consider my
image at all!

“Don’t you want to …get reference?”


Well…It’s not like I don’t want reference….! No no no no no
no!!!! I was half-joking when I told Sagiri that, if she agreed I’d
had her wear a swimsuit, so I need to ask Elf to put a swimsuit on
— wait wait, now wasn’t the time to think that!

“Don’t, don’t make such joke! It’s not good for my heart!”

“This…this is not something I can joke about….”

Elf’s face was deeply reddened, her hands were twitching.


There was nothing I can do other than trying to lean back as far
as I could. Thus…it ended up with Elf completely on top of me —

“Alright, let’s do it, Onii-sama!”

“Even Shiba Miyuki-chan wouldn’t say something like this!!!!”
(TL Note: Shiba Miyuki is the protagonist’s little sister in
Mahouka. She is beautiful, talent, perfect in anyway…and a hardcore
brocon. )

She clearly didn’t have any intention to wear a swimsuit! She
planned to go to the bath nude!

Elf tried to unbutton my shirt, while I did my best to

“Fufufufufu!!! All buttons undone!!! ~~~~~~”

“Aghhhhhh!!! Hentai! Pervert! Save me Sagiri! Sagiri —!!!”

There was an elder brother begging his little sister for help.
Somehow, when Elf was about to undress me —- her phone rang like a

*Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep*



Both me and Elf stopped, looked at her smartphone. With a
displease expression, Elf picked it up, said in an annoyed


“It’s me, Sagiri.”

I heard that too, because my face and Elf’s was a bit too

“…Sagiri? How? Why are you calling me now?”

“Nii-san is at your place, right?”

“….Yes. So?”

“….Elf-chan, my capricious ruined your date, I’m so sorry.”

“Okay then. So, what’s up?”



“I will do it too.”

“…Is that why you call?”


“……Can you see what we just did over here?”

“No, of course not.”

“Is that so? Really? Why does I feel that you sound angry?”

“It’s true. I’m not mad…eh…is it going to be a problem if I see
you now?”

“Nah, it’s not a problem. Just remembering to repay me is
already enough.”

“I see. Then see you later.”




With a darkened expression, Elf took a long look at the phone
before turned to me:

“…..Masamune, do you have a recording device or anything similar
on your body? Just now the timing was way too perfect.”

“That was the power of love.”

“Keh ~ she destroyed the good atmosphere.”

What good atmosphere are you talking about?

Elf left my side, stretched her body, said:

“So, Onii-sama? Is there any reference do you want to take?
Doing something together with your little sister?”

I rebuttoned my shirt, said:

“Because of you, all I could think of is erotic stuff.”

“Erotic stuff is fine too.”

Elf only whispered that, but she was clearly very

………The truth is seeing her like that made my heart raced faster
than seeing her attack me aggressively. But I wouldn’t say it out

In order to hide my emotion, I said in a cold tone:

“I already have someone I like. I won’t do that.”

“You meant Sagiri? Didn’t she reject you?”

“…Even that didn’t change my heart.”

“Isn’t your feeling toward Sagiri normal love between


“So that’s what troubled you.”

“No, I…..”

I was surprised to see Elf guessed so correctly…but I had a
solution for this, so it didn’t trouble me that much.

“Yes. I like Sagiri as a little sister.”

“Even now?”

“Yes. I did feel hurt a little when she rejected me…But I think
it’s a good chance too, so I could focus on being a good brother
for her instead. Even when we are not blood-related.”

“I want family.”

I said it again. This is my true feeling.

Elf looked at me with calculated eyes, then she said only one


She paused for a moment, before continued:

“Let me see if I got this right. At the moment, you like Sagiri
as a little sister. Because of that, for now, you aren’t going to
push your relationship with her, nor will you do something erotic.
Because you wanted a family, you want to be a normal sibling
relationship. Basically that?”



“What do you mean? You sound like you are doubting me.
Everything I said is true.”

“I knew that you are telling the truth…and that’s the problem.
Real life is always much more amazing than light novel…I’m done for
if I were to confess to you. The same would happen if I tried
suppress myself and not say it out. Trying to use your relationship
wouldn’t work either. Acting silly and telling you my true feeling
was the best choice, but even that didn’t work too…Somehow, I think
that Masamune route is way too hard…I feel like I’m playing an
visual novel that does not allow me to save.”

“What exactly are you talking about?”

“If everything you said is true, then it’s simple.”

Elf pointed a finger at my face:

“Hurry up and like me.”


“If you like me more than Sagiri, then you can be a normal pair
of sibling with her.” Elf changed her tactic

“How, how does that make any sense?”

“Didn’t you said Brother will not have any romantic feeling
toward little sister before? But it’s not the case right now.
Because of that, you couldn’t become a normal pair of sibling, and
that’s what troubled you. Actually, I can fix that. You want to
become a normal pair of sibling with Sagiri, while I want you to
like me and confess your love to me. Both of us are aiming for our
happiness in life.”


“Don’t you think that our end goal are the same?”

Very convincing. Maybe that’s true – I truly think that.

“I have one more thing to say. It’s a simple truth: I’m sure
that if you like me, the relationship between you, me and Sagiri
won’t turn bad.”

“How, how could you be so sure?”

Sagiri likes me as a little sister.

But she will, without a doubt, said that she doesn’t want me to
go out with any other girl….probably! If I go out with Elf,
wouldn’t that make it uncomfortable for us? I’m not entirely sure
myself thought…


Hearing my question, Elf answered seriously:

“Because that child like you too. No matter who you goes out
with, she wouldn’t hate you, she would try for your sake – as a
little sister….just like how you support her love.”


Somehow, I felt a pain in my heart.

“Furthermore…I like Sagiri too. I will not throw a tantrum with
her. We will definitely get along.”

….I think the opposite is more likely to happen

“Just leave everything to me. Let me take care of your sibling’s

Elf patted her chest, full of conviction. As reliable as

Seemed like she was embarrassed, Elf raised a finger, said in a
light hearted tone:

“By the way, that was the first and the second reason among Ten
reasons why Izumi Masamune and Yamada Elf should marry.”

“Don’t say something like it’s because of fate.”

“Novelist sometimes use fate as a reason to lead the story in
case they couldn’t find a more reasonable one. But I wouldn’t use

“Listen to yourself…”

“Fufufu, a fair contest is the shortest route to victory.”

Amidst our laughter, we had a fun conversation. But… I could see
her hidden kindess.

“I want to tell you every reason why you and I should marriy,
but taking too long will just backfire me, so I will tell you the
main reason.”

Elf suddenly drew herself closer, said the most important

“Because you like me.”


“I did push you, but you don’t hate me because of that,


I don’t hate her. Instead, my heart was racing, I feel very
happy. There were many times I couldn’t calm down since I entered
her house.

“It’s good then. If you said you don’t like it, I will cry.”

Elf breathed a sigh of relieve and patted her chest once

She was attacking me non-stop, but she still tried to protect
me. Without a single word spoken, but still very effective.

I tried to distance myself as much as possible from her,

“You..well, there are many things about you that I don’t like,
there are many things that make me mad…but you are a good friend,
you are cute and reliable…I won’t never hate you, no matter

In order to answer her feeling, I have to make it clear too.

“If someone like you like me, of course I will like you

If…if the situation was different, I’d have confess already.

I’d have do as she asked, I’d call her name, asking her hand in

If. If.

The sight of Elf in front of me trembled a little. She put a
hand on her chest, muttered weakly in pain:

“Is that so…thanks.”

“Ah…you are welcome..”

What should I say?



Damn it, I have to regain control of the situation. If this
continue, the atmosphere would be ruined, but I couldn’t think of

“…Unlike light novel, trying to be a tsundere in real life is
way too naïve.”

Elf blushed madly and said something sound unrelated:

“Telling your true feeling toward the man you like is very
embarrassing…so some people might act silly and starts teasing. If
this was a story, the reader might think it’s cute, but the truth
is doing that make it impossible for the other to understand your
true feeling. I think that someone who couldn’t do that wouldn’t be
able to win in love. I don’t want to be beaten by coward who
couldn’t manage to speak their true heart.”

So, I will say it out.

Elf suddenly stood up in nervous. She looked directly at me with
a million watt smile.

“I love you, Masamune.”


I felt that someone just hit me hard in the head. Like someone
just kill me.

But I forced my brain to work, forcing my mind to answer.

“Wh, why?”

Dangerous! So dangerous! I almost fell for her.

I did manage to not fall – but that didn’t mean that I’m out of
danger yet. I could only keep my head down, without any courage to
meet Elf’s eyes.

“Why…why do you like me? Did I do something for you?”

Why me? I don’t know. If this is a light novel, maybe only the
reader could notice something, but too bad this is real life.


Elf breathed out.

“…Let, let’s talk a bit about the past…

Elf’s embarrassment is at the maximum level. Of course, my heart
was racing like crazy too.

“When we first meet…do you remember what you said?”

“Our first meeting?”

If I remembered correctly, it was like meeting a competitor…did
we taunt each other?

“You, you said, by reading my novel, you felt that you are
saved…didn’t you?”

“…Yes, I did.”

That was when my parents passed away. Sagiri turned into a
hikikomori, we began to live together.

Everyday was so quiet, so hard.

Because…I read Elf’s novel, it was the first time I smiled in a
long time.

It was a funny moment, but I cried while laughing. I laughed,
and regained my spirit.

I truly think…that I was saved by light novel…

And I told Elf about how grateful I was.

“That was…when I noticed you.”

“Because…of that?”

“You must have some similar experience, for example…during an
autograph event, suddenly you feel a friendship with someone that
increased to an almost friendly level.”

Did I?

Muramasa-senpai is the best example. At first, I hated her so
much, but the moment she said she is my fan – I like her in an

“Since than moment, your image in my heart changed from someone
I don’t know to someone I noticed. At first, I thought of you as a
fan who lived next to me …but then after that, when we played
together, had a conversation, after I knew you better…I began to
think more about you.”


“Talking with you, teasing you…is fun. Before that, I have never
been close to a boy like that…Aniki, um, he is a too big for me,
and you know how he is…so you are the first one who was about my
age that I could play with…Anyway, somehow….it turned out this way!
Even I’m not sure myself!”

A super cute girl was telling me why she liked me. Which part of
me that she like. How much she like me.

Tear began to swell up in her eyes. Her face was so red that I
could see a thin layer of mist.

This is the most exciting moment of my life!

“But if I have to name a time and place…that I began to like you

Elf’s small and tender lips slightly rose.

“That was when I lose to Sagiri.”

“Sagiri? When did that happen? I did have a competition with you

Back then, I and Elf held a shotdown, whoever win will have
Eromanga-sensei. In the end, she accepted her defeat.

“That was it. Back then, I wasn’t defeated by you, I was
defeated by Sagiri. You, remember what you did…”

Elf closed her eyes, her body slightly trembled.

“Uuuuuuuu…just thinking about it make me mad. I was beginning to
like you, but you….let me read your love letter to your little


I see….that’s why she accepted her defeat.

“I thought that I’d faint! You wrote so much, with such deep
emotion! I couldn’t win against that! That was the first time I
faced such a grave lost!”

Elf’s let her feeling and frustration out.

“Um, how should I put it. Sorry.”

“Fine! Then I decide to be serious! I want to win! The next
time, I will not lose – I will put all of my motivation in!”

“In other words…you learn Sagiri’s fighing spirit?

“I did, but it’s not the main subject. You were wrong about

Elf shook her head.

“Back then, I understood that – you like Sagiri very very very
very very very very very very very very very very much!! There
weren’t any existence like you, even in light novel! That’s

She sighed.

“I felt that if I want to marry you, I have to learn from

That’s why…

“You are one of the candidate to become my groom.”

She said that during our vacation

“My father was the same. He loves my mother very very very very
very very very very very very very very very much! Both of them
were very happy. I was always jealous of my mother. Before he
passed away – he said that he hope that I would find

Just like me, Elf’s father is no longer among the living.

Elf said with conviction.

“I must find my happiness.”

“Same here.”

I nodded.

For my parents, who were long gone. For my aunt, who I had been
misunderstanding. For my little sister. For myself.

I must find my happiness.

Elf said in confidence:

“In order for me to be happy, you are necessary. Marry me, and
your sibling will be happy too.”

“I agree.”

“So, Masamune. Love me.”

“I refuse.”

Elf suddenly stood up.


“Because I have someone I like.”

I meet her eyes with the same response before.


Elf pouted and glared dagger at me.

“I thought I got you.”

“Because of a pair of socking.”


“I got a pair of socking.”

I raised a leg. I was wearing my favorite sock.

Sagiri gave it to me. She made it herself, with some small

Just now, when I looked down, I saw it.

“I like you a lot. I trouble you a lot. I admire you a lot….I
feel honoured to be liked by you.”

“But there is someone I like even more than


Elf listened to me with a displeased expression.

“I see.”

She bited her lower lips in frustration.

“I manage to beat the boss to its remaining .1% Hp, but I
couldn’t get to pass this magic.”

Those words didn’t really suit the situation, right?

“Life is a game.”

Elf acted tough, raised her chest and annouced:

“It’s meaningless without some difficulty.”

A few seconds.

Just a few seconds and she was laughing again.

“You have such happy life.”

“Hm, hey you. The first time we meet, you couldn’t have guess
that you would like me, right?”


“So…let’s make another guess…what would our relationship be this
time, next year?”

“Who knows?”

But at least, it will be different.

Just like our relationship now is very different from last

“I’m looking forward to it.” Elf said

“Me too.”

“…By the way Masamune, how many volumes did your Sekaimo have

“Huh? Well…volume 4 will be published this June.”

“…Oh…so…your dream is about to come, right?”

“If everything goes well. But there is no news about it now – by
the way, you sounded like it’s better if my dream didn’t come.”

I glanced at her. Elf said with a calm tone

“Alright, it’s decided. I will settle it before Izumi’s siblings