Extra: Izumi Kyouka’s investigation.

Since it’s a rare chance to meet Masamune’s coworker, let’s investigate “light novel author”.

Investigation target: Kusanagi Ryouki

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown (presumed in his twenties)

Address: Shinjuku area, Tokyo.

Notable novel: Pure Love

— Are you a light novel author?

I’m going back now! I will bring this one with me! I’m sorry!

— Before you leave, please cooperate in providing information.


(Only showed his reaction after about two minutes)

— Thank you for your cooperation. Then the first question, why did you become a light novel author?


— It’s for your best interest to answer truthfully.

Izumi, your big sister is so terrifying! What kind of killer eyes are those?

— Sister? Do I look like his big sister?

Aren’t you?

— No. Answer my question.

I became a light novel author because…because I like it, not to mention I thought it’s a quick way to make money. My previous job was too tiresome, so I quit. After staying at home for a while, my younger brother got a job, then my parents began to press me to work, so I wrote something to publish.

— Good. Very helpful answer.


— Where did your penname come from?

From my real name…Kusanagi…and, well, you know? My name made people think about three sacred treasures, so I pick the penname Ryouki

— Is there any benefit you get from being a light novel author?

Money. Money is everything.

— As a light novel author, is there anything you fear?

What I fear most is when my editor’s face darkens.

— What genre did you write? Make it short please.

Pure love.

— Yes?

I write pure love stories.

— (looking at his alcohol-smelling clothing) it’s for your best interest to answer truthfully.

I’m telling the truth! You’re so impolite.

— Then…what does writing pure love mean…?

I write about “dreams”. I write about “things that could never happen, but it would be great if they did”. Then I give it to everyone. If it sells well and is made into anime, then I’m rich.

— Do you think that this job is okay?

No, not really.

— Why do you say so?

Look at me and answer: who would think that this job is okay? Seeing me like this, who would want to take this job? What I wanted to say is: the light novel industry is going down! Go to school or something.

— Then why didn’t you find something better?

Because I have to follow it through. Because I couldn’t go back. Because I couldn’t do anything else. Because my readers are still waiting.

— That’s very informative. Now go home.

Goodbye. I will make sure you aren’t at home before coming to play again.