“Oh yeah ~~ back then Eromanga-sensei was so cool!”

“I-I don’t know anyone with that name!”

That was a few days after the unmask death match.

Inside the locked room, I laughed with my little sister.

No drawing of a little sister could be cuter than me……yeah righttttttt! I like it! Everyone thought that you were really going to lose! I thought even with the Eromanga Flash you still couldn’t win! Yet you turned it into a crushing victory!”

“Stop…stop saying….after the event…you keep saying it more and more….”

My little sister blushed in embarrassment when I mentioned the scene back then. But in my excitement, I kept talking.

“I will say it as many times as I like! Thank you…for winning.”


Still blushing, Sagiri nodded.

Frankly speaking, this time Eromanga-sensei is super cool.

Even if I don’t know her, even if I still thought that “Eromanga-sensei was an old man”, my feelings remained unchanged.

“If I were a girl, I would have fallen for Eromanga-sensei.”


A long time ago….I fell in love at first sight with the dreamy Sagiri.

A few days ago, I fell for the super cool Eromanga-sensei.

And they are the same person — I was a bit confused.

I like her so much that I don’t know what to do. Just standing in front of her made my heart race.

I tried to act normally, and asked:

“Say Sagiri….during that unmask death match….you picked an illustration for Sekaimo.”


“Did you choose that character after reading my manuscript?”


Sagiri pouted, and shook her head.

“I only read it after the fight….the manuscript….I knew that Army-chan would pick a similar character…if I had read it beforehand….that would have been cheating.”

“Is that so?”

I don’t agree though. Both sides were free to draw whatever they wanted. Army herself decided to draw the same character as Eromanga-sensei.

Still —

“That would be cheating.”

See. My little sister had her own sense of pride.

“Eh, if that was the case….then it didn’t make any sense. Without reading my second volume manuscript, how could Eromanga-sensei draw an illustration that suited it?”

Yes. During that unmask death match, Sagiri’s drawing looked like it was made for the second volume of the cutest little sister in the world,

“That…was actually…just a coincidence.”


Sagiri nodded, then she relaxed.

“After reading the first volume…I felt that…the second volume….for those siblings….it should be this way…so…”


I blushed, I didn’t know what to say. Because…the illustration that Sagiri drew with the hidden meaning of Eromanga Flash is…

An illustration of a “little sister in love”

On the cover page of volume one, the little sister still had her feelings hidden….and in volume two of The Cutest Little Sister in the World, after a lot of things happened, she slowly started to fall in love with her brother.

To tell the truth, when I wrote this, I put my wishes to improve my relationship with my little sisterinside of it.

“Sagiri…this…this mean…you….”


She noticed what I was about to say.

“It’s not like that. I-I – I didn’t mean that I wanted to improve my relationship with you! This is from the novel, that little sister isn’t me —- “

She clenched her hands, and waved them in a panic, while shouting:

“There, there is no love here! Don’t have any strange misunderstanding!”

Normally her voice was so quiet that it was almost impossible to hear, who could have thought she could yell so loud.

“I, I got it! Anyway, I only wanted to express my admiration, your illustration was super cute, and super amazing! So, I have decided!”

I opened my arms wide:

“Let’s make it the cover page for volume two!”


Hearing my proposal, Sagiri’s eyes widened. I turned to her and repeated it once more:

“I want to use that illustration as cover page for volume two, which is scheduled to be sold this December!”

“…Sure, okay.”

Thus, I made my decision about the cover page of volume two.


“…What? Is there something else?”

Her tone suggested that this was the time for me to get out.

To think that she was smiling just now and agreed with me about the second volume’s cover page…so heartless.

I even thought that the current atmosphere was nice!

“I felt that recently….are you a bit… displeased?”

“It…it was…Nii-san.”


Sagiri gave me half a glare and mimicked my tone:

…Say…Sagiri, are you still using Eromanga Flash?…..You are sexual harassing me with such a naughty expression on your face….”

“I only wanted to ask! How could it count as sexual harassment?”

“It was! Do you need me to pat your head in order to use Eromanga Flash? — It’s good then! I will help you every time you ask! You definitely think that way!”

You don’t have to say it out!

“No…I didn’t…have such….indecent thoughts.”


Sagiri glared fiercely at me, while I averted my eyes from her gaze.

“…..No….probably….just a bit.”

“I knew it! So you did think that way!”

Sagiri immediately stood up and thrust her finger at me:

“Nii, Nii-san you pervert! Siscon!”

“Sorry! An-anyway!”

I tried to stop talking about this topic.

“It wasn’t the only reason….that made you displeased, right?”


Sagiri looked away, and pouted.

See!? I knew it! There was another reason!

Actually…I felt that I could guess what it was.

“Am I right? You…were thinking about that incident with Army, weren’t you?”


….Ah, I was right.

Let me explain everything.

Because Eromanga-sensei’s Eromanga Flash sudden appearance, she won against Great.

Since it was the unmask death match, Eromanga-sensei the Great was forced to drop the black mask and revealed herself for the whole world to see.

“U…U…I…I never thought that…I would lose….”

She truly didn’t think that she would lose.

Great – Army hugged her body and trembled. Her strong and dominating aura had long disappeared. Her masculine behavior, too.

“…What…what should I do…I lose….I will have to….drop my mask…..”

Maybe….just maybe she is actually a delicate girl.

She cried when she wanted, she laughed when she wanted, she got angry when she wanted – she always showed her feeling without restraint.

This is only a theory, but maybe is actually bad at flexibility and didn’t think this through.

Could that be the case? The reason for this fight?

She was so careful around males, maybe not only because she likes girls….but also because she is scared of men?

Elf choose this moment to yell:

“Alright! Eromanga-sensei Great! What are you hesitating about! Accept this defeat properly as a loss, hurry up and drop your mask!”

“Hey hey”

“Don’t stop me Masamune! My style includes beating up on losers! You could only feel happy in victory because you will taste regret and pain in defeat!”

“It isn’t right! Elf-sensei, you are an accomplice! Why are you talking like you are the winner?”

You’re the loser here, right? You don’t have any right to say that!

Hearing my flat statement, Elf “Eh?” then suddenly ~~ blushed.

“Masamune…you…you….you! You wanted me to strip in front of the whole world? You wanted me to show my scared naked body in front of the countless people?”

“I never said that! Please don’t talk like I forced a naughty punishment game on you!”

You do know that the whole world is listening?

Elf looked like she didn’t hear me and absurdly stood up.

“Al-alright! I couldn’t let Ar…Great strip alone! In that case, together, we will —- “

Since when did unmask become strip naked in her head? Are they really going to strip in front of countless people?

In my head, my neighbor’s pervert ranking kept rising. At this time:

“Wait…just wait!”

Great barely managed to say:

“….Right now…I will…drop my mask…because…because…at least…..”

Her voice was weak and mechanical.

“….This humiliation…I…I will take that…alone….”

To protect Elf from stripping, she had mentally prepared herself.

Also, because of their mess, we skipped the part when I planned to tell them not to unmask. Thus, all I could do was wait in silence for Army to drop her mask.


This was a live video. In front of countless viewers, first Great dropped her coat. And so, her pink ponytail, and her pure white neck was revealed for all to see.

“!?” “Wow….”

Those who didn’t know Great’s identify, of course, were very surprised.

The image of Great’s identity in their mind was completely different from the female figure on the screen.

Great – Army put a hand on her mask, and made her decision.

“This, this is it!”

Her cute face appeared in front of everyone.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ————————————!”

The stage became very loud. Because for a lot of people here, this was the first time they saw a famous illustrator’s real face.

“Ha? Ha!?”

“It’s not an old man!”

“Hey…for real….is it for real?”

“!?!?!?!? Lolololol!”

“Great is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee ———!”

The chaos that followed still hadn’t ended.

The news “Great’s identity is a beautiful girl” quickly spread on the Internet.

Besides, thanks to Elf’s twitter that had Army’s picture, the mystery surrounding the beautiful illustrator all disappeared. And the result was —-

The beautiful illustrator Army-chan became every otaku’s idol after a single night.

And about Army, who is scared of men:

“…………..Eh? Ah, ah…..?”

After seeing everyone’s reaction, which was outside of her expectations, she was confused for a moment before grasping the situation:

“Yaa ~ So embarrassing! Am I that cute?”

She looked like an eyeshore.

Army-chan is scared of men – but if it was via the Internet then it’s fine.


On the other hand, while she won, Eromanga-sensei was treated like a disgusting old man and ignored.

“…………..I’m the winner…but…”

Amidst the cheers for Army, no one listened to her.

And then, the next day. Due to everyone’s flattery, Army learned from Eromanga-sensei and made a website to share her live videos.

In the end, a lot of Eromanga-sensei’s viewer switched sides. They said “Compare to Eromanga-sensei, I like the cute Army-chan more!”

Now, the website of “The beautiful illustrator Army-chan’s live video” took the top place among video sharing websites. At the same time, Eromanga-sensei’s live video website’s ranking dropped because the loss of viewers.

Total defeat.

Even though she won the drawing match. Not to mention that she won’t lose when it is came to appearance.

— In short, that was what happened.

“Really – of course Sagiri wouldn’t be able to accept this result! I could understand why feel unhappy! I couldn’t accept it either! My little sister was much cuter! You won’t lose to Army when it comes to beauty! I really want to show it to those guys!”


She lightly tapped my shoulder:

“…Army-chan could gain more fans…because she is capable….I…I don’t hate it at all. I will quickly win them back.”

She pouted. But I still could see that she was displeased —

“I see! Then, do your best!”

But it wasn’t a bad thing.

Elf also said that because you feel regret in defeat, you could feel happy in victory.

Still….it was a hard fight, what should I reward her with then….

“Alright! Then tonight, I will make a feast to celebrate your victory against Eromanga-sensei the Great! Just wait for it!”

“….Even if Nii-san was motivated, you are probably going to make Kinpira.”[9]

“What is wrong with that? Kinpira tastes good!”

It seemed like her taste was a bit different from mine.

Still, even with those small changes…

Our sibling’s daily life returned to its usual routine.

Although I said that – but the next event quickly showed itself.

The next day, I was having a meeting with Kagurazaka-san at the publishing company.

Yesterday, I received her mail, which said 「There is something important I have to talk about with you. But I can’t say it through the phone. 」

“………Ka, Kagurazaka-san….what happened.”

“Fufufufu….Today I have something important to inform you about, Izumi-sensei.”

She showed a mischievous smile.

“……..Oh, oh.”

I had a bad feeling that made me want to cry.

This was the same when she was about to reject my novel.

“Today I have something important to inform you about, Izumi-sensei.”

“Discontinuation —! It’s too bad ♪ Alright! Try harder next time, okay!”

How could someone tell me that with so much happiness in her eyes?

—– In short, because something like that happened, today I was on high alert.

“…..U uuuu u….”

I had mentally prepared myself for anything.

Kagurazaka-san raised two fingers, and spoke to me in a mysterious voice:

“I have a good news and a bad news, which do you prefer to hear first?”

“Whatever! Tell me ~~~ just tell me!”

My answer was desperate. The sooner I got through this, the better.

“Then first is the bad news ♪.”

I can’t believe it. How should she be so happy?

“Actually….after two weeks, Izumi-sensei’s newest novel, The Cutest Little Sister in the World…..”

“Yeah yeah…”

“While you have the title of Best novel in the World Light Novel Tournament —“


“Its sales are the worst.”


I covered my head and screamed.

My….our dream…..slowly began to shatter —–

“Aaaaaa….With Sagiri…Why…..”

Tear overflowed from my eyes. I couldn’t feel the world anymore….

“And then…what is the good news…?”

“We have decided to mass print the second volume.”


I heard something I shouldn’t, so I asked again in fear:

“Kagurazaka-san….just now, what did you say?”

“We have decided to mass print the second volume of Sekaimo! Be happy, it’s rare to see something printed with such numbers!”


I felt like I was thrown from Hell to Heaven in a blink of an eye.

My head was in chaos, I couldn’t follow this development at all.

“………… Isn’t it…going to be…..Discontinued?”

Kagurazaka-san gave me an antagonistic smile:

“No no – how could a novel that I oversee get discontinued?!”

“But, but just now…you said its sales is the worst.”

“Yes – but it was last week. Didn’t I made an advertisement a few days ago?”


Kagurazaka-san made an advertisement? When?

“Look! It was the unmask death match between Eromanga-sensei and Eromanga-sensei the Great!”

“Ah, ah —“

“It was very well-received! After this match, Izumi-sensei’s novel’s sales suddenly spiked all over the country! Aha – I knew it would turn out this way! If Eromanga-sensei would win, what a great development for me – er – for Izumi-sensei, right?”


Really? I remembered you only blamed me though. We had a great result only because Sagiri beat Great.

Well, forget it. Kagurazaka-san’s effort was real. It was suspicious, but now I was too lazy to bother.


Kagurazaka-san turned to me, who was still very confused by this development, and flashed her usual smile.

“Congratulation, Izumi-sensei. Do your best on your next work ~ okay!”


“Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

Another scream, but with the completely opposite feeling from the previous one rang out in the publishing company.

—– Isn’t it great Sagiri! Eromanga-sensei! Our dream is one step closer!

Kuh….! I clenched my hands in happiness.

Kagurazaka-san took this chance to continue:

“Not to mention that the media has made their decision too.”

“Are you kidding me – how could it be so fast?”

“Although…it was fast…!”

“Could it be —-“

“It is going to get an anime adaption?”

I pushed down on the table and stood up.

“No it isn’t.”


I sat back down

Kagurazaka-san raised a finger, and closed an eye:

“Fufu ~ Izumi-sensei X Eromanga-sensei, the first media adaption is —“

*Tada*Kagurazaka-san took a stack of papers out.

“It is going to get a manga adaption!”

—– And so things continued.

After getting back home, I immediately told my partner about this.

Hearing the mass print of volume two, Sagiri gave me an angelic smile:

“Wow…it’s great.”

“It’s great….this means…we can continue working together…”

She put a hand on her chest and looked relieved.

“There is more! Listen to me Sagiri! Our first media adaption — volume one is going to get a manga! This is the manuscript!”

I showed her the manuscript. Sagiri slowly turned a page…

“Um…manga huh….”

The manuscript for The Cutest Little Sister in the World’s – manga adaption.

This was the detailed plan to make a manga adaption of The Cutest Little Sister in the World (Author: Izumi Masamune, Illustrator: Eromanga-sensei)

Primary requirement.

Publish in the Monthly Comic Magicalin chapters ( 24 pages each)

Together with the monthly publishing, we will keep making advertisement about our novel’s news.

The first chapter will be published in December, 20XX

Artist candidate

Please look at the additional reference for a writer candidate list.

—– And so on

In short, our newest light novel The Cutest Little Sister in the World’s manga series is going to be published by the publishing company’s Monthly Comic.

The manuscript included a lot of artists, many of them who had experience working on a serial manga before. Their illustrations for Sekaimo were also included here for me to see.

Personally…I think that their drawing is great.

“I see. So that’s what it feels like to have a manga version.”

I couldn’t help but feel pride towards having the first manga adaption of my career.


“That was what I felt when Eromanga-sensei drew an illustration that exceeded my expectations ~ fufufu ~ yeah ~ what a fresh experience.”


“All of those manga artist’s drawings looked great too!”

“……………………..Is that so?”

“I was so happy! Eromanga-sensei, what do you think about their drawings? I think that at the very least, we could use their drawing’s background as reference —- eh? Sagiri? What’s wrong?”


“Eeeh? What, what’s wrong? Are you getting grumpy again?”

Why? Why did the good news I brought make her grumpy?


Unable to figure anything out from Sagiri’s expression, I was very troubled.

“…..Did I…do something wrong?”


She didn’t even look this way. Just like a kid who was throwing a tantrum – but she was so cute – no, now wasn’t the time to get my heart racing.

Sagiri glared at me:

“Nii-san….aren’t you happy? About this…manga adaption?”

“Of course I’m.”

“Fuuuuuuu ~~~~~~ I’m not……..This is….our…..”

She looked down and muttered something.


“Nothing at all”

“It’s not nothing. If you have something to say, say it. Consider it – a manga adaption’s meeting.”


She didn’t look at me. Every time I tried to look at her, she quickly averted her eyes. In the end, she even turned her back to me.

Still, she turned her head sideways:

“Got it…then I will say it….my opinion – as an illustrator.”

“Sure sure.”

“Manga version….although it’s a good thing. If The Cutest Little Sister in the Worldcan turn into a manga and make more people read it….it will become more famous…and our dream would be one step closer.”

“I know, right! It’s great! We are thinking the same…!”

“However…all of those manga artists here….are unqualified.”

Eromanga-sensei said something unbelievable.

“!? Wh, why?”

“They are completely different from my drawing”

“Well, of course, they are not Eromanga-sensei….Still, I think they are close to your illustrations.”


Even though I like Eromanga-sensei’s illustration the most, even though they suited the story the most, I still wanted to see other’s drawings.

“I… I want to add my requirements”

“!? Ah, of course! You can add anything!” I immediately agreed.


Eromanga-sensei’s requirement for manga artist…is…

“First, their drawing must look similar to mine. They have to at least be able to fool me unless I take a closer look.”


Hey…this is a very strict requirement…

Eromanga-sensei continued:

“They must like the original story as much as I do. Also, they must have enough knowledge and understanding of the story and the character’s feeling.”


“Next is their drawing skill. It must be the same as mine or better.”


“And…can I add one more thing?

Still more?

“Wh, what?”

“It would be great if they are a cute girl.”

“So you only want to sexually harass them!”

Oh Chaos (talk) mwu.

This is bad.

After that, I could only go meet Kagurazaka-san and ask her to find another artist. However —-

“This one is no good. The drawing style is completely different!”

“Rejected. Decent drawing…but it’s soulless.”

“This one probably didn’t like the original story at all.”

“No good.” “This one is not good either.” “I don’t like this one” “Wrong. This girl should be cuter”

“This little sister’s drawing couldn’t arouse people’s desire to lick her panties!”

—– etc…etc —-

My fear had become true.

Here is the requirement that Eromanga-sensei made:

—– Similar drawing style. Unless Eromanga-sensei took a closer look, she mustn’t able to see any differences.

—– Must like the original story as much as Eromanga-sensei.

—– Drawing skill must be better than Eromanga-sensei.

Plus other requirements that normally goes with a manga adaption.

That kind of artist could only exist in people’s imagination!

“Bad…it’s bad…..”

No matter how many artist candidates I brought, Eromanga-sensei didn’t accept any of them.

Also, for some personal reasons, Eromanga-sensei was in a bad mood. It really went from bad to worse.

It was a rare chance to get a manga adaption …at this rate it won’t get anywhere.

“Still….I want to respect Eromanga-sensei’s opinions ~~~ .”

I scratched my head in my room.

“So…what should I do then?”

I crossed my arms and closed my eyes, but couldn’t think of anything.

After a while, suddenly…

*Ding Dong*The doorbell rang.

“Coming ~”

I run to the front door and opened it. In front of me was Elf.

“…It-it has been a long time, Masamune.”

She was wearing her usual lolita clothing, with both hands behind her back. Somehow, she avoided looking directly at me.

“Elf. It hasn’t been that long actually, didn’t we meet during that match — what’s wrong? Aren’t you going to come in?”

“Er…You….Aren’t you….angry?” She looked up at me.

“What are you talking about?”

“….You see…after that match….about….”

“Ah, gezzz!”

What are you talking about — Was what I was thinking when Elf suddenly bowed.

“Sorry, it’s my fault.”


Faced with this sudden development, I couldn’t manage to say anything, and my eyes widened.

Elf looked up with an honest expression:

“Back then, I didn’t think it through — I only found out about it later….! It was interesting for me….but not to you and Eromanga-sensei! So, sorry! Please forgive me.”

What an honest apology. She is still a straightforward person as usual. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What a virtuous girl. Alright, really, cut it out. To tell the truth, Eromanga-sensei was the same as you – she was happy. So I should thank you instead.”

Facing a strong opponent, Sagiri tried her hardest – and learned new skills, and reached a higher level. Not to mention that she could almost see her mother again through Great’s drawing…so moved.

“…Are you forgiving me?”

“Although I’m still angry with you because you threatened Eromanga-sensei’s career as an illustrator – but still, there were a lot I should have thanked you for, so we’re even.”

“I see.”

I felt that I didn’t make myself clear enough, but Elf is sharp enough to figure the rest out on her own. She nodded in satisfaction. And —

“Fu ~~~~~~ It’s good then…ah….”

She put a hand on her chest, there were tears in her eyes.

“I wouldn’t know what to do if you hated me…I was so worried…Well, actually, I was only worried a bit.”

Seeing that she had recovered back to her usual state, I also didn’t hesitate and told her in an attempt to hide my embarrassment.

“You worry about it too much.”

“Of course I did! You love me the most out of everyone, after all.”

“I’ve hated you since the moment we met!”


Elf looked very surprised – did she think that I didn’t hate her?

Didn’t she remember how bad our first meeting went?

“Still…now, I like you more than I hate you.”


“That’s why we are friends. What happened didn’t affect our relationship.”

“….Ah, I see! You hate a part of me!”

Elf crossed her arms across her chest, looked away.



Affection points dropped – which is something the gamer Elf would usually say, but how much you like or hate someone can’t be expressed so directly.

There were a lot of parts to hate and to like that is normal. Love is complicated, like “I like this part of you, but I hate that part of you.”

It’s impossible to not hate any part of someone. If that situation existed, then that person is no longer a friend, no longer family, and no longer human.

That’s why people take time to carefully consider before saying that they “Like” someone.

So that after a fight, they could make up with each other

“…Still, while you yourself is too good, but if something threatened what you considered important, you will immediately treat it like enemy. Even a reincarnation of love and kindness goddess like me is no expectation. You have to give it some thought, otherwise it will turn into conflicted and misunderstanding.”

“…I will carve it into my heart”

She was right. I also agreed that I was too cautious with anything that threatened Sagiri, even more than was necessary.

I don’t plan to change it anytime, but I do know about this side of me.

“Oh right, right. As an apologies, today I made candy! Macaron[10]! Of course there is a portion for Eromanga-sensei too!

Her uneasiness disappeared, and Elf returned to her usual self.

I also “like” this part of her.

“Oh, thank you! Then let’s eat — also, I have something I would like to talk to you about.”

After that, I led Elf to the living room. While she prepared tea and candy, and we had a discussion.

“Fu ~ I see – in other words, right now you can’t continue without an artist that Eromanga-sensei approves, right?”

“Yes. I don’t think that there is anyone who can fulfill Eromanga-sensei’s requirements.”

“Any way” Elf gracefully smiled “Congratulation about your manga adaption and reprinting.”

“Ah…thank you.”

It felt so unreal, to think that someone I knew would praise me like this.

A reprint of a new serial novel, and our first media adaption —

Our dream could continue to grow.

“Let’s keep up with this momentum and reach the anime stage!”

“It would be great if I could! But saying that now is too soon.”

“Then use the royalties from the anime to buy a new house! Ah, I know! Let’s merge your house with mine!”

You’ve already treated my house as your own for a long time now, I thought.

“It’s too soon, you know?”

“On the internet, I heard that you have prepared an anime script?”

“Stop with the ridiculous rumors! How did it come to this — was it because of the unmask death match?”

“Right right. Actually, although that match was mine and Army-chan’s idea — the result was a very good promotion, and your novel gained some benefits too. Many would think that this is the foundation for an anime.”

“……While you are partly right, but you are still wrong.”

Everything you said is only right IF my novel is really going to be made into anime. Don’t push it onto a lowly novelist with poor sales like me. It could only be used with a novelist that has high sales.

The reason things turned out this way was all due to coincidence and my editor’s influence.

“Hm? So your novel really isn’t going to have an anime version? In that case, you need to make sure your manga adaption turns out perfectly.”

“Yeah….” I firmly nodded.

Eromanga-sensei also said that this would have a great effect on our dream.

“I’m also looking forward to it too. This is the first time one of my light novels will be adapted into a manga.”

“Still, you couldn’t find manga artist that could satisfy Eromanga-sensei’s requirement.”

“Really…. All candidates were rejected….ignored editor’s anger…. Eromanga-sensei is probably aware that those requirements were insanely high….and felt depressed because no one could satisfy her….so…I think…maybe we should….”

“Should do what?” Elf told me to say the rest —

“ — I think we should………”

After hearing my solution, Elf’s eyes widened.

“You! Are you serious?”

“….talking with me is a right choice that you made…alright Masamune, next, just follow what you said.”

Elf seriously pointed at my face, and said:

“Now – immediately tellyour idea to Eromanga-sensei.”

Leaving Elf in the living room, I brought the macarons to the second floor. Standing in front of the locked room, I called to my little sister:

“Sagiri ~ Elf brought a snack. Let’s eat inside your room, shall we?”

The door slightly opened with a *creak*, and Sagiri’s face was half revealed.

“Don’t wanna.”

She cutely shot me half a glare.

“……………Then….let’s eat while talking via Skype?”

“….Hm…don’t wanna.”

She pouted….it looked like a tantrum again.

Well, considering that not only was the manga adaption giving her lot of stress, many of her fans were stolen away, of course she would threw a tantrum. It looked like Macarons alone wouldn’t be able to restore her mood.

“…Also, I need to talk to you about the manga adaption.”


“Sa, Sagiri?”

“…. I have nothing to say. Do whatever you please.”

“…No no, don’t —-“

“I said I have nothing to say!”

She yelled, then looked down, and muttered:

“Really…Recently Nii-san keeps talking about manga adaption this, and manga adaption that….”

“..If you like the manga adaption this much…then go and get married to the manga adaption.”


How the heck did it come to this? I totally don’t understand Sagiri at all!

“Eto….just now….”

“Don’t, don’t say it!”

Sagiri immediately blushed and looked away. Before I could say anything, she raised her voice again and interrupted me.

“I have nothing to say to someone who likes the manga adaption more than me!”

“Alright! I won’t say anything anymore! Forget everything I said, okay!?”

Finally, I managed to calm her down.


With teary eyes, Sagiri nodded.

What the hell….why did it look like I was bullying her?

“Anyway….in short, Sagiri – Eromanga-sensei doesn’t want to get a manga adaption?”

“….I never said that. And I don’t know anyone with that name.”

She never said that – true, her words were “If there is no suitable artist, then I don’t want a manga”. But an artist that could satisfy Eromanga-sensei’s requirements simply doesn’t exist.

In short, it was the same as saying she doesn’t want a manga adaption.

“I see.”

How troublesome.

Because of one’s desire to create the best story, because this is the favorite story, no compromises would be given and trying to find someone to only follow the original idea – was making the process harder – something like this wasn’t all that strange.

It was the same in writing light novels. If more than one person took part in writing, when someone gave up and said “It can’t be helped”, the story will become boring.

“I see…..”

But if no one said “It can’t be helped”, then the story will never be finished. They can’t all keep stubbornly following their idea. Someone will have to give up at some point.

This is reality, one of the reasons that bad outcomes can happen when writing a story.

When I write a story, when I face my readers, I always write with “No compromises. I will write the best masterpiece with my idea!”

But even with that though, I ended up compromising a lot.

“It can’t be help then.”

So I turned to Eromanga-sensei and told her what I planned to say.

“Let’s give up on the manga adaption.”

That was what I told Elf a moment ago.

“…….Eh?” Sagiri said: “….Just now, just now…what did you say?”

“I said let’s give up on a manga adaption.” I gently repeated what I said.

“How, how could it be!”

“Er…no need to be so angry…and don’t be mistaken…I only say that if we couldn’t make a manga adaption that fit Eromanga-sensei’s wishes then it’s better to forget about it.”


“Even without the manga, our dream could still come true. There have been cases of a light novel skipping a manga adaption and going straight to an anime.”


Sagiri turned as pale as a ghost, and her body slightly trembled.

Maybe she felt that because it was her fault that our manga adaption could never be made – and blamed herself. I quickly began to remove her guilty conscious:

“Don’t worry about it! It’s nothing, really! You see, because we beat Army, our first volume’s sales skyrocketed! This is a good start for a new novel! Much better than a manga adaption!”

I squatted down, and put my eyes on the same level as my little sister’s.

“So, don’t worry about it. Let’s keep doing our best on the coming road.”


Once again, I had to put up with her abuse at point-blank range.


My eyes widened, and I blinked in surprised.

“Izumi-sen…” Sagiri paused midway, shook her head furiously “Nii, Nii-san…why do you…always….always….”

“Always pamper me so much!”


She yelled, with a voice like she was about to cry.

“It’s clearly…I’m the one at fault here…I’m….wrong…..I should…I shouldn’t be so selfish…Nii-san…you don’t have a reason to give up…”


My eyes were opened wide, and my body was stunned. I never thought…Sagiri would say that.

“……….I see.”

Although her words were fragmented, I understood the emotion behind it.



We looked at each other without saying anything.

“I get it – Eromanga-sensei.”

I breathed out and relaxed myself.

“I take back my plan to give up on the manga adaption.”


Sagiri patted her chest, and breathed a sigh of relief.

“But it will be very hard. I truly think that if we can’t make a manga adaption that fits Eromanga-sensei’s wishes then it’s better to forget about it.”

“So…I said….”

“All manga artist candidates I suggested earlier – you found them all unpleasant, didn’t you?”


“Speak the truth.”

“………..Yes, I don’t like them.”

“I see.”

She doesn’t like any of manga artist candidates that I suggested.

She also doesn’t want to give up on the manga.

How frightening capriciousness. Normally no one could say that, this is something only a child would say.

But I was happy.

…It felt great to hear Sagiri’s true feelings.

Because she is my little sister – so she could ask her brother for anything.

“Then I will think of something!”

I slapped my face and smiled

“I won’t give up on the manga, but I will fulfill Eromanga-sensei’s hope at the same time! Let’s do it!”

Just leave it to your brother!

“…Nii, Nii-san…”

Wah…Sagiri was looking at me with tears in her eyes.

Then suddenly she seemed to snap out of it:

“So, so I said …don’t pamper me so much…don’t be so gentle to me!”


I mimicked her pose and shot her half a glare.

“Eh? Eh?”

“I won’t do that. Don’t think that I will do anything you said. Why do you pamper me so much — because I’m happy! I like to do that – I can’t follow your request to treat you hastily. How about order yourself that then.”

“That…that is…too difficult.”

“Of course – so you see, I’m not just your pampering brother.”


Sagiri didn’t look like she could accept this answer. After a moment of silence, she raised her head.

“Then…Nii, Nii-san, what are you going to do?”

“Of course I will find a manga artist that fits Eromanga-sensei’s requirement to help.”

“…But…someone like that…doesn’t exist.”

“Yup….this is the problem…which I just had a conversation with Elf about.”

I thought back to Elf in the living room.

“You see, she’s had a few manga too, how about asking her?”

“Hmm….hm….Elf-chan again.” Sagiri muttered.

“What did you just say?”

“It’s nothing…say….Who drew Elf-chan’sThe Expurgatory Flame of Dark Elf manga?”

Eh? Ah, it should be ——— Yes.”

“…? Nii-san?”

Sagiri looked at me, her eyes widened. But I was trying to remember.


— —- Drawing must have a similar style and must be able to fool Eromanga-sensei unless she takes a closer look.

— They must like the original story as much as Eromanga-sensei.

— Drawing skills must be the same as Eromanga-sensei or higher.

Ah, now I know.

“Yes…yes! Maybe….yes…there is someone….”

The next day, I immediately went to meet this “suitable person” at her home.

Of course, I had told my editor Kagurazaka-san about it. After I told her my intentions via phone, she said —

“Ahaha ~ yes, “that person” would indeed fit Eromanga-sensei’s requirements….However, “that person” is a problem child, I don’t really want to meet her unless it is an emergency situation….But this can’t be help….then, Izumi-sensei, please go talk with her. At least you will have a better chance than me.”

I thought so too. It would still be hard, but we had no better choice. Hopefully she would agree.

She is the one who could turn The Cutest Little Sister in the World into a manga.

She is the manga artist who fist Eromanga-sensei’s requirements.

Who is she, you ask –?

“You want me to draw a manga?”

Just as you probably expected, she is the beautiful genius illustrator, Eromanga-sensei the Great, Army-chan.

Since we were enemies just a few days ago, I didn’t think about her.

…Now looking back, there was no one who could be better than her.

She, who once called herself “Ore-sama”, who tried to defeat Eromanga-sensei, defeat Sagiri…If I could convince her, our side would be a hundred times stronger.

Army was still raising her slanted eyes, and pointing at her face. Today she wore belly button-revealing clothes.

“Yes, it’s the case. Please accept, Army.”

In the tablet, Eromanga-sensei repeated what I said:

「It can’t be helped then. Can you do it with the reward we proposed? 」

…Still pretending now?

You aren’t really good when it’s comes to lying. Everyone could see that you wanted to say “I don’t want anyone else to do it….unless it’s you, then maybe I can made an expectation.”

…This was how Eromanga-sensei true feeling as the original illustrator.

By the way, we were sitting in Army’s living room. In front of me and Eromanga-sensei were Army and Elf.

“Wait, wait! You can’t! You can’t do that!”

Elf said in panic.

“I knew that you two were troubled because of the manga adaption …but I never thought you would set your sights on my Army! You can’t! You never told me this yesterday!”

“If I told you, you would try to stop me.”

“You knew, yet you still did that? You-you…as soon as you are together with your little sister….really….! Ahhhh really!”

“I’m talking with Mistress Army at the moment, please be quiet, Elf.”

“How could I be quiet! Army-chan is still working on my The Expurgatory Flame of the Dark Elf, not just as an illustrator, but also as my manga artist!”

“Yes, yes. Also, anime character design and copyrighted illustrations are my work too. I’m also drawing game CG at the moment.”

Illustration. Anime. Manga. Game — everything used Army’s drawings.

That was even more unbelievable than a middle school student who wrote a novel that had more than 100,000 sales.

Because “a person who is both an illustrator, a manga artist and a light novelist” or “a person who is both an illustrator, an animator and a musician” was so beyond humanity, so in reality they are all wonderful….

No matter what I said, Army-sensei is a person who could do anything by herself. As expected from someone who is nicknamed a “Multi-talented artist”

And that was also the reason we came here.

“Alright! You heard that? Right now Army-chan is very veryveryvery ~~~~~~~~~~~ busy! She couldn’t accept your request! Understand?”

“…Ack, Elf, although you say that….”

「The defeated Army, do you dare to accept drawing this manga? 」

Today Eromanga-sensei was trying to tease her.

Hearing our question, Army put a finger on her chin, and answered seriously:

“Hm ~~~~ let’s see…if the condition is good then I might agree.”

“What is with that attitude? What about my The Expurgatory Flame of the Dark Elf?”

Elf slammed her hand on the tablet.

She had been angry for a while. Well, I could understand her reasoning. It looked like I owed her an apologize later.

Army turned to Elf and showed a full canine tooth smile:

“Don’t worry Emily, I still have free time.”

“Are you kidding me? You really are a monster.”

I agreed. Even I was surprised.

I was worried that Army-sensei was now very busy and she would use that as her reason to refuse me…who could have thought she had free time?

She could draw anything, her drawings are very good, and she could work with anything….what the hell…

Should I say she is incredible or outright broken….if she didn’t have her annoying quirks, she would be the strongest illustrator.

“Yes, even if you still have free times, we are at the anime stage, which is very busy! You shouldn’t take on more work! Do you have a reason to pick on me?”

“Yes ~ I have, I have ~ a lot”

“A lot?”

Elf’s eyes widened in surprised.

Army began to count with her fingers:

“First, Emily looked so cute when jealous about me. That made me happy.”


Army turned to Elf:

“Next, I’m Izumi Masamune fan. Sekaimo got a manga, I’d like to do it myself.”

「…Hm….you only like Sekaimo though…. 」

Eromanga-sensei kept up her insult. Facing the tablet, Army answered:

“Although it was the case, but after reading Sekaimo, I tried Silver Wolf and Black Sword too. All are good. I think I could put my heart into drawing for them.”

Black Swordis the name of my debut novel.

— My Eromanga Flash could only be used on something I like a lot

Army was telling the truth back then.

If that was the case…then it’s great. I couldn’t help but smile.

“Masamune…..I have told you before, Army usually said “it’s good” to almost anything. What are you getting full of yourself for?”

「What are you doing? 」

What Elf and Eromanga-sensei said wasn’t wrong either. Now wasn’t the time to get full of myself because someone praised my novel.

Army raised another finger:

“Third. Sagiri is my respected master’s daughter – she’s like a little sister to me. If my little sister had a problem – of course I would try to help.”

I could accept this reason.

She added another finger:

“Fourth. Through this job, I can gain a chance of revenge.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Before I answer this question, let me say something else – Sagiri, you deserved your victory.”

Army told Eromanga-sensei via the tablet.

「Ah….. 」

To get an acknowledgement from her “older sister” [11] who could draw a same drawing as her mother – is an important matter to Sagiri.

「…Um. 」

I could tell she was biting her lips to hide her agitatation. Army said:

“I acknowledge you are the real Eromanga-sensei!”

「I, I don’t know anyone with that name! 」

While she was happy, she still acted embarrassed.

After a few moments, Army continued:

“That’s why – while I lost to Eromanga-sensei, I still couldn’t accept it. I’m still looking for a chance to get my revenge.”

「….My fans….were taken away because of your live video…which is copied from mine….that was your revenge too huh? 」

Eromanga-sensei said, her tone full of resentment.

“Yes! So two wins and one loss, this means that I’m still ahead of you — well, saying that won’t clear anything up. My feelings are very complex, I’m not going to feel at ease that easily.”

Army smiled her usual canine tooth revealing smile.

“And so, this job! Kukuku….I will draw your manga, it will turn into a breathtaking masterpiece. If after reading the manga, fans said “It’s even better than the original” – then I will feel very satisfied! My regret in my last defeat will complete disappear. I will be reborn as a winner!”

“I can understand that!”

Elf, who was angry a moment ago happily joined in.

“That’s right! That’s right! Media adaption is a fight with the original itself! During the time when I made my Dark Elf anime, all managers and employees tried their hardest to made the best final product – to tell me

She raised her fist:

“Right now, my goal is after my anime ends, when we are having a party, I can pat the manager’s shoulders and tell him<i>you tried your best

I’m starting to hate you.

“Ahaha, a very Emily style!”

She made it like it’s just a matter of time before her anime became victorious.

Why are both Elf and Army so competitive?

Do they enjoy that feeling? Maybe that was right. When I battled against Elf and Muramasa-senpai….while those battle were very hard…it was fun.

Army showed us her raised fingers:

“Those are all of the reasons that made me accept drawing this manga – however.”


Her sudden announcement caught me off guard. I slightly tilted my head.

She stuck her tongue out:

“I won’t accept this job for free.”


I – and I think Eromanga-sensei too – opened our eyes wide.

“Hey heyheyheyhey – why are you acting so surprised? I was your enemy not long ago. While I’m not your enemy now – don’t think that I will help you for free – only a stupid light novel author could flirt with an enemy at a time like this!”

“Wait a sec! You meant me didn’t you?!” Elf interrupted. I ignored her.

“But, but you…didn’t you say Sagiri is like a little sister to you….and you wanted to help her?”

“So ~ I’m going to ask for payment ~”

Army made a circle with her hands. [12]

“Of course, I don’t mean just money. You have to pay more than that if you want your enemy to help you.”

“As long as I can, I will do anything.”

I immediately replied. Aside from Army, I had no one else to turn to now. If even she refused — then the manga that Eromanga-sensei asked for could never be done.

「…Nii, Nii-san… 」

“Don’t worry, leave it to me – Alright, Army. Tell me, what is the payment that you speak of?”

“Hehe, don’t be surprised!”

She walked to me, put a hand over my shoulder.


She whispered into my ears:

“Let’s improve our relationship first, Masamune-kun ♥”

Her final words sounded so much like a normal cute girl. So cute.

“See? See? The look on those two’s face when I put a hand over your shoulder and said “I wanted to talk in private with you”! Kyahahahaha! What a masterpiece!”

“Listen to me! What are you trying to do! What if Sagiri has a weird misunderstanding?”

This was ten minutes later. I was walking on toward Shinjuku together with Army. Elf wasn’t here, and my communication with Sagiri was also cut off.

After what happened —-

Without explaining anything, Army suddenly yelled “Let’s go” and pulled me by hand. While Elf looked displeased, she also seemed to understand what Army was trying to do and did nothing.

“Prepare yourself…we will go from a request to another in the way.”

“Where exactly are we going to? And by request, you mean….”

“Kekeke, you think that I only had one request? What a pity, but you have to make me satisfied. For now, I have two request.”

Army raised two fingers toward me.

By the way, she changed her clothing into a bright color jeans and boyish clothes before going outside.

“Just two requests. As long as you fulfill them, I will help your manga adaption.”


“I will keep my promise.”

That’s how it is.

After she was defeated by Eromanga-sensei, as promised, she revealed her bare face.

“Ready? Then my first payment – request: From now on, flirt with me when Emily is present.

What’s with this request?

“…Could it be that you like me?”

“As a friend.”

I see – well, each of us already has someone we like.

“Then why?”

“I want to see her jealousy. I wanted to tease her, taunt her” Army suddenly said. “Then she will pay more attention to me.”

Hearing that, I felt all the strength leave my body…


“You understand, don’t you? You are a boy after all.”


Yes…even though I have accepted my role as an elder brother —

I still wanted Sagiri to get jealous for me!

“While I understand your intentions…what if she hate you instead?”

Are you an elementary school kid?

Army waved her hand without worry:

“Don’t worry don’t worry ♪. Emily is the type who will get closer after stuff like that happens.”

As expected of a childhood friend, she understood Elf very well.

“But Elf is very sharp, what if she figures it out?”

“Emily is a big idiot, a bit of acting could fool her. As long as your method is right – so I’m counting on you ♪”

“About Sagiri…”

“If you tell her, then we are done.”

“Why? Shouldn’t we only keep it a secret from Elf?”

A secret between two peoplefeels more realistic, right? Don’t you want your little sister to feel jealous too?”


“Alright, that settled it. Even if your little sister asks you “What happened, Nii-san”, make sure not to reveal anything.”


I don’t really believe that I could, but since it directly affects the fate of our manga, I have to try…

“Anything else? Where are we going?”

I do know that since we are walking toward the station, we are likely going to board a train.

“Of course to satisfy my second request – to your house.”

After we boarded the train and arrived at the area close to my house, and Army began to take a look around.

“He ~ we are still in Tokyo….but this place…seems different from Shinjuku.”

“…You don’t have to force praises, you know.”

Compared to high class area like Shinjuku, my area is nothing. There aren’t any skyscrapers.

“I’m not saying it out of kindness, it is a nice place! It’s like a sightseeing spot, you know?”

“My house’s nearby area…the most worth seeing place should be anime’s holy ground, Arakawa ward. There are some temples around, during spring when cherry blossomed, it looked nice.”

“U, um —”

Still, she happily listened to everything I said on the way, so we had a good time.

But she still didn’t tell me anything about her second requests.

Amelia Armeria

Eromanga-sensei’s anedeshi, Sagiri’s enemy. Walking side by side with her…felt so unreal.

“It’s like people said, going sightseeing with a local is better.”

“This isn’t sightseeing, this is just to get references.”

During our talk, we kept walking. Finally, we could see my house. And —

“Ya, Masamune-kun, welcome back.”

Muramasa-senpai was waiting for me in front of my house.

Senjyu Muramasa-senpai is a novelist whose style is similar to mine, she’s also a famous author.

She was gracefully standing there in her usual kimono, with her cold emotionless expression

“I’m back. Umm – senpai, what’s up?”

“Congratulation on your second volume’s finished manuscript. I came to read it a bit sooner.”


I see. So that’s why she came.

Muramasa-senpai glanced at Army:

“Say Masamune-kun, who’s this girl?”

“Hey…you don’t know me? For real? I’m super popular among video website right now! Even more than some famous Youtubers.”

“No idea.”

Muramasa-senpai cut her answer short. It was a waste of time to try to show off to her.

“Senpai, could it be – you haven’t watched the unmask death match?”

“Yes? The stuff around your little sister? I heard things turned out well, so I didn’t – and I don’t even know how.”

“I see. Muramasa-senpai still isn’t used to technology.”

She couldn’t even get to a video website and perform a search function…

How strange…she could even write sci-fi…

“But I’m worried, you know…if your new novel couldn’t continue, it would be a problem…not to mention….”

She blushed, whispered:

“…If my future little sister-in-law couldn’t draw anymore….”

Wh-what are you talking about, senpai…really..!

Feeling my face getting hotter, I introduced Army to senpai.

“This is the one behind Eromanga-sensei the Great, Army-sensei. While it isn’t set in stone yet, the manga of Sekaimo is probably going to be drawn by her.”

“Pleased to meet you! Just call me Army-chan!”

Army came forward and patted senpai’s shoulder.

It was similar to how Eromanga-sensei likes girls. Probably an influence from their master.

“Ah…I see…you are the one from back then…I’m – Senjyu Muramasa, a friend of Masamune-kun.”

Still her usual coldness, but she did introduce herself.

“Senjyu Muramasa-chan huh? Got it got it, I heard that you are Izumi-sensei’s mistress, recently you are head over heels in love and have begun to write a love story —“

“Nya!? Mistress — Head over heels in love!? Someone said that about me?”

Her calm expression changed into panic. She looked at me, while I averted my eyes.

“…It was a rumor…don’t worry about it.”

“But this rumor exist? How, how….”

She wouldn’t care about anything anyone else said, except when it is comes to love and erotic stuff. Army continued:

“Since you wore such erotic bikini in his room, you must be his mistress, right?”

“So you saw me!? Forget it! No, no, I should kill you instead….!”


Before Army could say anything, senpai tried to strangle her.

“Army, following that logic, means Elf is my mistress too.”

“Stop her before lecturing me! Her eyes said she is serious!”

That was the first meeting between Senjyu Muramasa and Army. Quite an interesting combo.

After showed them my living room, I asked Army again about why we came here.

“It’s about time for you to tell me. What is your second request before you accept drawing my manga?”

“When I said I wanted to visit your home, you already had an idea, didn’t you? The second requests can’t be done without meeting Eromanga-sensei directly.”

“….You mean face to face? Without using skype?”

“Yup, face to face. Otherwise it would be meaningless.”


“What is with your scared expression? I’m not going to do anything to your little sister ~”

“Then tell me: what exactly are you going to talk with Sagiri about?”

“Of course it is — “

Army playfully closed an eye:

“ – Do discuss how to make an interesting manga.”

Sagiri will never, ever went come out of her room. Normally, she wouldn’t allow anyone to enter the locked room either.

Well – this time could be counted as a special case.

…Anyway, I’m glad that there is one more person who could meet Sagiri directly. I think…this is good for her.

But before I walked toward Sagiri’s room…

“Wait a moment, Masamune-kun.”

Muramasa-senpai called me. I turned back:

“Ah, senpai wanted to see volume two of Sekaimo, right? I will bring it to you….”

“It’s not that.”

She shook her head.

“I have heard about your situation. Can I listen to your discussion about the manga of The Cutest Little Sister in the World too?”

With Eromanga-sensei’s approval, we entered the locked roomand began our discussion about the manga adaption of The Cutest Little Sister in the World.

Attendees included me, Eromanga-sensei, and Army-sensei.

“Why are you here too? Aren’t you only going to listen?”

Somehow, Senjyu Muramasa-sensei entered too.

I sat side by side Eromanga-sensei, and in front of us was Army and Muramasa-senpai.

“Making a manga version of Masamune-kun’s novel…is very important to me. Don’t think of anything strange, as a fan, I have my duty to watch this happen.”

That was her reason upon entering.

“Those words could be applied to Muramasa-chan’s manga adaption too. Because you didn’t participate in, Fantasy Blade’s anime was completely different.”

Fantasy Blade Legend — one of Senjyu Muramasa’s hit novels that was made into anime recently.

“Those are two different things!”

Senpai countered Army:

“I only know to write. I can’t do anything else, and I have no interest in doing anything I don’t want to. If it differs from the original then both the manga and anime of Fantasy Blade – in my opinion don’t deserve to exist.”

“You’re right. Then don’t say anything while we are talking, it’s not like you can say anything useful anyway.”

“Like I just said, it was a different thing. Listen carefully, manga artist – as a big fan of Sekaimo, I understand it better than you.”

“….So what do you want?”

“Do exactly like I say.”

“See, Masamune, Eromanga-sensei….this is the crazy original lover.”

I already knew it.

This senpai of mine, in order to force me to write a novel in her preferred style, she once personally tried to destroy my current novel.

To be honest, she is not only an original lover – she is also a famous novelist, so I do think that her opinions should be worth considering.

Not to mention that Eromanga-sensei agrees that, as a creator, the most important requirement is that you put everything in it.


After we entered the room and had a little talk — there was someone who still didn’t say anything.

That was Eromanga-sensei – Sagiri.


It’s not like she was displeased and didn’t say anything. She just couldn’t break the barrier and enter our conversation.

Seeing that the Muramasa-senpai & Army’s discussion was getting hotter, I raised my voice:

“Attention please! Eromanga-sensei has something to say.”

“………..” *2

Everyone stopped and turned to stare at Eromanga-sensei.

Sagiri crossed her hands in an X shape:

“….It-it was a bit hard to say.”

I see…sorry.

Sagiri winced…after a few moments, she finally said:

“….Is it true….that meeting me directly to discuss how to make an interesting manga adaption – is one of the requests Army made before agreeing to help us?”

“Ah, yes. I wanted to meet you directly to have a talk. Sometimes people find out that there are differences between how they, and others view a story. If we could agree on a foundation, then I think I can accept this job.”

She was right…but I don’t know how much of it was her true feelings.

What was her true intentions?….I should keep my guard up during this discussion.

“…Got it.”

Sagiri nodded. She was probably thinking the same thing.

“Then let’s begin.”

“So…what would we talk about?”

“It is a rare chance for you to meet your future manga artist, do you have anything to say? Clear the air – then we can begin.”

“Good idea manga artist! Then me first!”

The original fan immediately raised her hand.

Both Eromanga-sensei and Army shot her a blank expression

“…Hey, Masamune…don’t you think that she’s annoying?”

“Don’t-don’t say that! Just listen to me!”

The original fan…no, Muramasa-senpai said in a serious tone:

“There are lots and lots of scenes that I like in the original Sekaimo novel! Everything is perfect without fault! That is how its manga should be! This is not only mine – but all of Izumi Masamune-sensei’s fan’s wishes!”

“…Yeah, the fans of the original novel would probably say the same thing. I will try to follow it as closely as possible.”

Army sat down, crossed her leg and started playing with her toes. Probably her habit when thinking.

“Still, it’s impossible to put everything in the novel into manga…It’s a different media after all, so there will be part that just can’t be adapted, beautiful parts need to be shown in a different form in a manga — well, this is a test for the manga artist’s skill too….”

“Hey….could it be…you are…..planning to….cut parts out of the original?”

Muramasa-senpai is so scary. Her aura of darkness was as terrified as the first time we meet. Even Army was scared.

“Umm….by the way, Muramasa-chan….if I have to give up on one thing during the adaption…then it should be fine if I give up on the original, right?”

Her eyes were now empty, Muramasa-senpai answered:

“If you, have no choice….then I will cut you to pieces too…right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg….where will it be?”

“None of those above!”

“Do you get it now? Then make sure to keep everything…Do you get it? Do you!?”

“Masamune! This girl isn’t an original fan anymore, she is an idiot original fan!”

I knew something like this would happen.

Also, I realized something else:

Maybe it is better for Senjyu Muramasa-sensei to not take part in supervision. Otherwise, things would be more difficult.

Looked at darkness surrounding Muramasa-senpai, Army said:

“Sorry, what kind of manga it will be – is based on mine and the original author’s decision. Unrelated personnel please stay quiet for now. After reading, acclaim ‘it is good’ later with an emotional tone.”

“I will kill you if it turns out to be bad.”

“Alright ~ I will make you say ‘it was as good as the original’ later.”

Sparks were flying between Army and Muramasa-senpai.

Then Army whispered to me:

“Listen carefully Masamune…just now is how you handle a stupid original lover who just doesn’t listen.”

“While what you said isn’t wrong, I kind of like readers like her.”

Because in the end, an original lover is just a reader who really likes the original story.

Even though I couldn’t just listen to their opinions when writing a story, but I couldn’t completely ignore them.

Some of them might send me a letter.

Some might go to a photograph event.

Some might stand behind me, and support me.

“It was fun…to talk with Muramasa-senpai about our novel.”

“Me too!”

Senpai replied in a child-like manner. I could almost image her as a puppy who is wagging his tail.

“Me too…I also…really like talking with Masamune! So I won’t hesitate to spend my entire monthly allowance to come here!”

She didn’t sound like a novelist whose sales exceeded a hundred thousand…but I was happy.

And then…I felt someone tapping their finger on my knee.

“Yes? Er…do you have something to say? Sagiri?”

Sagiri whispered directly into my ear:

“….Did you call us here to flirt with Muramasa-chan?”

Like hell!

“I-I did not! That….that …that was…!” I tried to explain in panic.

While I wanted to say “I only like Sagiri!” – but because of my panic, I blurted out before thinking carefully.

“Sagiri! My Eromanga Flash will only shine for you!”

“Nii-san you pervert! What are you talking about?!”

Like there was a nuances of ecchi expression, Sagiri blushed furiously. Army quickly interrupted:

“Hey you over there! Don’t use my master’s final hidden meaning as a code word for erotic acts!”

“I didn’t!”

“You, you! What are you talking about? Is that something impure?”

Chaos erupted in the room.

“Aahhhhhhhhh! Eromanga is not something perverted! Sagiri, quick, give them an explanation!”

“Yes yes….just like Army-chan said…Eromanga is an island’s name.”

Sagiri gave her usual explanation. However, Army said:

“Huh? Hey hey Sagiri — what are you talking about? Isn’t Eromanga a small town’s name?”



“……………………Wh, What is going on?”

“…………………What is going on?”

Eromanga-sensei and Eromanga-sensei Great.

Little sister and older sister.

The origin of the name – Eromanga – that they knew was different.

“Wait…a second. Sagiri….who told you what you just said?”

“Mom said so! She said 「Listen carefully, Sagiri. My penname Eromanga is an island’s name 」. She even said 「Absolutely, absolutely! It’s not a shameless penname — your mother is not a pervert — 」”

From what she said, Sagiri’s mother tried her best to explain.

“And, and you?”

Sagiri asked Army.

“During my first meeting with Master —“

“Hi ~ Amelia-chan ♪ please to meet you ♥”

“……Ah ~……..Miss Porncomic?”

”I don’t know someone with that name!”

“— Ha! No, no! My penname is, is not meant to be a porn comic! That, that – yes, yes! A town! It is a small town’s name!”

“…………Small town?”

“Yes! Its name is 「Plain where the hot air blows」, a small town in Australia! That was where my penname comes from.”


“ —– It was basically that.”


I…I seemed to have learn of something I shouldn’t have.

The “Eromanga” part of Eromanga-sensei …………………..could it actually mean Erotic manga?

“Say Masamune, which one do you think is right?”

“What do you think, Nii-san? ….I think it’s an island’s name.”

“Whatever is fine! There is no need to dig any deeper!”

“Eh? But…” “Don’t you want to make it clear?”

“She is no longer with us, so there is no way to confirm its meaning! Let’s get back to our discussion regarding the manga adaption, alright? Alright?”

Why the hell do I have to clear the mess of Porn Comic-san!?

Goddamn it…I had no choice but to bring this secret with me to my grave for the sake of my little sister!

“Then let’s return to the main topic.”

Army recovered and addressed us:

“Eromanga-sensei, don’t you have anything to tell me?”

“….It…there is nothing….”

On her knees, Sagiri’s hands clenched into a fist.

“Oh? Is that so? When I said I will draw your manga – deep inside, is that really okay with you?”

“……………..I feel….that you can.”

“I see. Then I refuse this job.”


Sagiri immediately raised her head:


“Because you are lying — like I said, I planned to make an interesting manga. Your lie would only make it boring – I don’t want to work with someone like that.”

She was serious.

“How, how could it be….”

Sagiri paled, and looked like she had taken quite a blow.

At the same time, Army gently spoke in an announcement-like tone.

“Sagiri. Don’t be afraid of my views, just speak your true feelings. If you don’t do that, I can’t draw an interesting manga, nor could it help my little sister~”

Ah…Now I finally get it.

I understood Army’s intentions — what a difficult to understanding girl.

The reason she clumsily took the role of an antagonist and made requests after requests.

She could made as many requests as she would like, but she didn’t.

“Let’s make an interesting manga together! Let’s draw happily! Let’s draw with all of our hearts! If your heart becomes clouded too much, then you wouldn’t able to do it! I will help you! But if you don’t want to, just say it!”

Not because of any other reasons.

Because she is Sagiri.

Because she was about to draw our manga. Because she wanted to see our manga’s readers.

While it is true that she wanted to make Elf jealous, she was serious too.

“When you came to me and asked “Let’s do it together”…I was very happy. Are you going to disappoint me now?”

Thinking back, it was exactly like she said.

She always brought us troubles, but her motive was full of love.


Eromanga-sensei lowered her head. Then she loudly raised it up.

“Then! I will say it!”

Without using the headphone, she shouted:

“I hate this manga! This is Izumi-sensei and I, it’s…our product! This is ours! We alone could do it! I don’t need anyone else! I don’t want anyone else to touch this! No matter who…no matter who…”

…So that is what she thought.


Sagiri lowered her head again, and tried to speak:


Her hands still clenched into fists, she looked up.

“We couldn’t do it with just the two of us alone!”

Tears began to flow out of my little sister’s eyes, and she continued:

“….Without everyone’s help, our dream will never reach the readers….since the beginning, we had to ask many people for help…to fulfill it….Even if it is no longer just our dream alone….I still want to make it real…so….so….I have been thinking….I was so confused….my heart hurt….even now…I didn’t know myself…”

“I see….”

Army’s serious expression disappeared. She looked like a gentle older sister who was smiling and listened to her little sister’s trouble.

“That’s why…I…I made those requirements for a manga artist…”

—– Similar drawing style. Unless she took a closer look, she mustn’t be able to see any differences.

—– Must like the original story as much as Eromanga-sensei.

—– Drawing skills must be higher than Eromanga-sensei.

“I really, really didn’t want to…I hate it so much…but for our dream, I need a genius like that.”

That was the reason Eromanga-sensei threw a tantrum.

That was the reason she would not yield those requirements.

“Understood. Thank you for telling us your true feelings.”

Army nodded deeply.

“But in that case, everything is fine. I totally fit in your requirements.”

She firmly said. We could felt her confidence.


Sagiri looked at Army:

“Army-chan, I have something important to ask.”

“Go ahead. As whatever you like.”

“……….Do …do you ….really like the original?”

A very straightforward question.

“I do. Didn’t I said I’m Izumi Masamune’s fan?”

“….Indeed you did.”


Army’s eyes widened. Sagiri slowly picked her words:

“Army-chan, you became Izumi Masamune’s fan a bit too fast….not to mention…didn’t you said you are a realistic type illustrator?”

“Yes I did. That’s why — I was troubled for a long time because I couldn’t 「put my heart into drawing 」.”

“I don’t really trust your version of what you “like the most”.

“Isn’t my Eromanga Flash evidence?”

Unless I truly like something – I can’t put my heart into drawing.

That was what she said.

“I don’t mean that you are lying to us. But I felt….there is something missing if you asked me to hand over the original to you….If you really like Izumi-sensei, then I want to see some — evidence of how much you like him.”

“Like this?”


Army kissed my cheek.

“Ah! Aaaaa ~~!”

Sagiri and Muramasa-senpai went berserk.

“Manga artist, so you do want me to kill you huh!”

“Not like that! Not like that! Not like that! I, what I meant is…not Izumi-sensei himself….! Ohhhhhh!!”

“It was a joke, a joke ♪, right Masamune?”

“Even, even as a joke, don’t —-“

I put a hand on my cheek, my body still froze. My face was so hot

I have absolutely nothing for Army – but that was too surprise.

My heart was racing! Damn it, what you just did….it should only be used in front of Elf!

“Your reaction is amusing, heheh.”

She looked very calm for someone who just sneak attacked me.

“Well, to tell the truth, I do like …er? Masamune? Yes. Masamune’s novel? Yes too. But — if I have to prove …mwumwumwu, what should I do then…”

She tapped her chin in thought, before muttered something.

“Actually, I like everything.”

She picked up a book from a nearby shelf, said:

“For me, there is no bad book in the world. In my opinion, there are only 「interesting books」and 「very interesting books」.”


Hearing that, Muramasa-senpai knitted her brow.

“There are no interesting books, so I have to write one myself” – Army’s view was the complete opposite from senpai’s.

“From anime, illustrations to everything, the world is full of wonderful things. The sky, the stars, music, city, nature, humans, and animals – I like everything. And the special thing is I find even the most mundane thing beautiful. A normal, old building. A crappy drawing that a kid made in the street…everything…is wonderful…If I stood on the balcony here and looked to the distance, I feel like I will be moved to tear.”

Army looked down in embarrassment, and continued:

“But….it seems like others don’t think that way. They don’t feel what moves me. When I saw something amazing that made me cry, they thought I was a weirdo. They thought I was a strange kid, they even once sent me to the hospital for a checkup…Since I was small, I always felt frustrated because no one understood me….I felt pity for everyone…”

Army looked up at Sagiri:

“And then, I began to draw.”


Sagiri listened to her older sister.

“My dream…is letting my drawings show everyone how wonderful this world is. I threw myself into training. Thanks to that, my drawing skill got better and better. But then, I hit a roadblock.”

“What the heck! I totally don’t get the 「amazing 」thing that people are talking about!”

“Thinking back, really! Whatever I saw or heard made me feel 「super amazing 」,「so interesting! 」and 「pretty 」. But no one understood me! Why is it so different? What do people call this? Personal opinion? Anyway, I didn’t felt the same as they did, so outsiders called me 「what a freaky drawing, it has no soul 」or 「Just like a drawing made by a machine 」and tons of harsh comments.”

I had heard about it before. It was Elf and Army’s first meeting.

Hearing it again really pissed me off, I truly wanted to kick whoever said that.

“…In other words, Army-chan, it’s not like you have no feelings.”

“Instead, your feelings are much stronger than normal, so only you could feel it.”

“Because my views are different from others, no one could share my feelings.”

What an amazing ability, but it is also a curse.

“And then…what happened?”

Somehow, Sagiri had become deeply submerged in Army’s story. Maybe because she is also an illustrator, maybe because they are sisters — maybe because of a similar experience.

Army looked into the distance and answered:

“My first savior –“

”It’s great that you like a lot of things. Then — among them, you should be able to find something you especially like…It will surely help your dream.”

“ —- Yes, that was what I was told. Back then, I didn’t understand…now, I only understand a bit of it.”


Maybe she noticed that topic was drawing, Sagiri smiled slightly. Army continued:

“And then, my second savior told the me when I was depressed that —“

”This girl in your drawing had no soul.”

“But don’t worry. So what if it’s not good enough.”

“You said you are worried because you couldn’t do it? Then leave it to me.”

“I will add a story to your drawing! I will give life to the girl in your drawing!”

“Together, let’s move the all of humanity!”

“And that was how I first able to move others. They finally said 「amazing 」,「interesting 」. I finally showed them how wonderful this world is. Although it wasn’t just my own strength…but even so…no, especially because of that, I was so happy….Now, I’m only able to stand here in Japan thanks to that chance.”

I myself didn’t have such a hard time like her…but I could understand her happiness.

Creating a story together was fun. You won’t be able to stop even when you know you are addicted.

“Well, I have spoken too much. It’s embarrassing, so please forget about it.”

Army scratched her cheek in embarrassment.

“…Yes, it was a bit sudden for me to become Izumi Masamune’s fan. Just like how I could easily say 「I like it 」or 「it is interesting 」, my word don’t have any weight. It’s indeed hard to prove myself. I could understand that you don’t want to give me something so important…however…”

She looked directly into Sagiri’s eyes.

“For me, drawing for this story is something Iespecially likeMaking a manga of a novel created by the children of my important person – for me, it is something I especially like. Is that….still not enough? How much like do I need? ….Is that still not enough to let me take care of it?”


A long silence from Sagiri —-

“The manga is going to have a showdown with the original, right?”

She raised her right hand:

“I will definitely not lose.”

“ —— “

Army’s eyes widened, then…

“Ah! I won’t lose either!”

Their fists slightly bumped each others.

“If you leave the original to me, then the manga version of The Cutest Little Sister in the World is my responsibility. This time, I Amelia Armeria challenge the original! I will make the best manga — better than the original!”

They shook hands. Spark were flying between them, but they looked like a good pair of sisters.

Eromanga-sensei and Eromanga-sensei the Great.

The strongest tag team was born.

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  • Imoutodeshi/Anideshi妹弟子 – 姉弟子: Literal meant: A younger/older girl who study from one single master.
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  • 熱風の吹く平原 (Neppū no fuku heigen) – I have absolutely no idea if that town actually exist or not.