During class the next day:

Near the blackboard, Sensei was interrogating a male student.

[I taught this part last time. Have you been properly reviewing the material?]

[Y— Yeah, Kind of…]

[Then why can’t you answer it?]

[I’m sorry…]

[…Fu. It’s fine, so sit down.]

Sensei was the same as always. She was wearing a crisp suit, keeping her cool, and not showing a single smile. I saw this pretty woman so embarrassed just yesterday, so I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the same person or not.

Now that I know that her straight hair, thin glasses, and cool composure don’t define her actual personality, I can’t help but feel strangely different.

However, I don’t know why she would go so far as to act dignified like that.

Sensei would probably say something like, “It’s because a teacher’s role is to guide their students, so that kind of delineation is necessary, right?”.

Well, I understand what she’s trying to say, but it’s because she overdid it that I was never fond of her up until now.

I think her way has both advantages and disadvantages.

—Kin Kon Kan Kon.

[Now then, let’s conclude today’s lecture here. Let’s do the salutation.]


After the ritual bowing, Sensei’s lecture ended, and everyone was ready to take a breather.

Sensei’s lectures offer a different level of nervousness, so it looked like everyone was relieved when it was finally over.


I noticed that when Sensei was trying to grab the quizzes we took, both of her hands were already full with other test materials.

Usually, it’s a student’s duty to help her with things like that, and the student is picked depending on the date and seat number, however…

[Um, today is Friday, so…Shirase-kun. Can you help me move these things?]


Even though I shouldn’t have been involved, she called my name,

She rarely picks by date rather than seat number, so I was wondering why Friday meant that I was the one being picked.

Naturally, the other students had the same question, but if you do a lousy job, Sensei will give you an unbearable glare, so they didn’t want to get involved.

I guess there was some intellectual reasoning behind it.

I still don’t have the slightest idea as to why she picked me, but since she’s an English teacher, maybe she picked me because of some correlation between an English word and Friday.

[Shirase-kun, are you listening to me?]

[Ah, sorry. I’m coming.]

Anyhows, I’d better go toher.

[Eh? There was no meaning behind it?]


And then, while walking in the hallway, I asked Sensei what the correlation was between Friday and me, but it turns out that there was none. It made me unconsciously widen my eyes.

Hey, didn’t I praise her for being intelligent earlier?…

[By the way, will you really be fine tomorrow?]

[Ah, yes. You’re talking about me moving, right?]

[Yes. It’ll be your breaktime, so are you sure you’re ok with me moving in?]

[Of course. I know we don’t really have the best plan, but it’s better to get this over with quicker, right?]

[You’re right. Then, I’ll accept your kind offer. I’ll contact you with the details later.]


By the way, Sensei and I exchanged contact information yesterday, but Sensei’s way of sending messages was strangely interesting to me.

That’s because Sensei decorated her texts with a bunch of smiley faces and emoticons.

For example, after a “I look forward to working with you”, she would spam the post office emoji, and after a “Aren’t I causing you trouble?”, she would add the police officer face emoji.

I usually contact people with phone calls, so sending cell phone messages with someone other than my father is a first for me.

For some strange reason, I was really happy, but I kept that a secret.

[Please put the tests on top of the desk.]

We reached the employee’s office, and so I put the bundle of quizzes on top of Sensei’s desk.

I never really noticed it before, but Sensei’s desk is really clean and organized.

[Alright, thank you. That was a big help. Now then, can we stop by the nurse’s office real quick?]

[Eh, the nurse’s office?]

I tilted my head to the side, and then Sensei averted her eyes from me, as if she was embarrassed, and said:

[U–Um, there’s a gift in that room.]

[A gift?]

What’s she talking about? My eyes were twinkling. Sensei’s face grew redder, and then she raised her voice:

[A– Anyways, you’ll understand when we get there! So let’s hurry up and go! But no running in the halls! Got it!?]

[Eh, Ah, Yeah!? Understood!?]

[Excuse me–]

 I uttered those words as I approached the nurse’s office, and then opened the door.

[Oh? Are you not feeling well?]

And then, a woman the same age as Sensei faced us while wearing a lab coat, and asked us that question while her face was stuffed with what looked like donuts.

The nursing teacher, Hashibami Motoko Sensei.

She’s a pretty woman who constantly looks indifferent. Excluding assemblies, it seems like her face is always stuffed with food.

Additionally, she’s similar to Sakurakouji Sensei in the way that she has nice style, and feels defenseless yet erotic. There’s a stupid amount of male students who feign illness to visit her.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand their feelings.

After all, her skirt is way too short and it’s easy to see her panties.

Wait, now that I think about it, isn’t her appearance way too outrageous!?

Even though she wears a lab coat, you can almost see her bra, and her skirt only goes up to her thighs, right!?

How did this school’s public morals come to be!?

[Ah, Sakurakouji Sensei told me to come here.]

[Ah, then you must be Shirase-kun. I heard about you from Reina. So you guys are going to be living together, eh?]

[Wait, why do you know about that?]

Did the school already find out!?

We haven’t even started living together yet though!?

I was astounded and shocked, but then Hashibami Sensei indifferently said:

[You don’t have to get so worked up. I was a classmate of Reina’s. I’ve been her close friend for as long as I can remember. That’s why I’m the only one who knows about this.]

[Ah, so that’s how it is…]

Knowing that the school didn’t find out made my chest lighten.

But it really is a coincidence that they were close friends when they were students, and now they’re working at the same school.

It’s a small world, I guess. Hashibami crossed her slender legs, and said:

[You don’t have to stand while talking. Come here and take a seat.]

[Ah, ok.]

I nodded, and took a seat on the circular chair in front of Hashibami Sensei.



And then, Hashibami Sensei suddenly started to stare at my face.

There was a sudden nice smell that tickled my nasal cavity, and I felt my face getting hotter.

But there was a bigger problem at hand.



Her chest was not fitting for a nursing teacher, and her clothes emphasized it even more. She was slouching forward, and my eyes unconsciously locked on to her chest.

They might be even bigger than Sakurakouji Sensei’s.

They’re both pretty big.

But it really is impressive, you know!?

So this is why the men feign their illnesses!?

Feeling flustered, I altered my field of view, and Hashibami Sensei continued to observe me.

It didn’t seem like she minded her emphasized chest being looked at.

[Fufu, I see. What a cute response. Seems like women have an influence on you.]

[Eh!? I– um…How do I say this…Sorry about that.]

And then, Hashibami Sensei turned away without changing her expression at all, and said:

[–And so…you haven’t had sex before, have you?]

She figured out that I’m a virgin!?

[Hey!? W– What are you saying!?]

Naturally, my bright was bright red and made a formal complaint.

Hashibami Sensei’s behavior didn’t change at all, indifferently stuffed her donuts, and said:

[This is important, you know? You’re a sexually active young boy, and you’ll be living together with my virgin friend, you know? That worries me.]

[Well, yeah, but…Wait, what?]

Wait a second

I feel like I heard something that I wasn’t supposed to.

[Eh, um, you just said “virgin friend”, so does that mean…]

[Hm? Oh, yeah, I’m talking about Reina. She’s definitely a maiden. I’m her close friend, so I would know.]

[Yeah, but you said so normally, you know!? It’s supposed to be a delicate topic, so you pretty much just violated her privacy, you know!?]

I got too emotional. My tone faltered a bit there.

[Hm. If that’s the case, then I’ll have you know that I’m also a maiden. Now it’s fair, right?]

[Hey!? W–What are you talking about!? Being fair was never the problem in the first place!?]

[Hahaha, your reaction is hilarious.]

[It’s not something to laugh at, though!]

When I said that, Hashibami Sensei acted like an impolite foreigner and kept laughing at me.

What a person…

Looks like her attire isn’t the only troublesome thing.

I need to keep in mind to be wary of her.

Anyways, enough about Hashibami Sensei.

I never would’ve thought that Sakurakouji Sensei was a maiden, though.

She has exceptional looks, so I thought that she had 10 ex-boyfriends or something, but it’s probably because she keeps her guard up way too often.

Oh, maybe it’s because teaching is her top priority and doesn’t have the time to lose her heart to a man.

While I was thinking that, Hashibami Sensei slumped deeply in her chair, and said:

[I don’t say that kind of thing to anyone. I just told it to you, because it’s you.]

[? What is that supposed to mean?]

Hashibami Sensei put the donut that was in her hand on the desk, put her hand on her cheek, fixated her gaze on me, and said:

[I thought that if you knew she was a maiden, you wouldn’t try to seduce her.]


As Hashibami Sensei said that, she rose up from the seat, walked to the medicine shelf, and continued talking.

[Think about it. Say Reina had plenty of experience and was a “bitch”. If you thought that, then you’d probably anticipate doing it with her. And then, you’d actually do it.]

[Ugh…I guess you’re right.]

The thought of Sakurakouji Sensei surfaced in my mind, with her giving me an alluring smile, giving me “night lessons”, mounting over me, saying “I’ll teach you everything”, while unbuttoning her blouse one by one. I gulped, swallowing my saliva.

After deciding to live together, I promised myself that I wouldn’t think about those kinds of things, but I was truly looking forward to those kinds of things.

Now that I hear that she’s a maiden, it’s extremely unfortunate. My delusions have broken and disappeared into nothingness.

[Yeah, that’s right. Unless there were some brute who was after her, it would make sense why she’s still a maiden. She would want to do it with someone she loves, after all. Again, if there were no brutes after her.]

[Why did you say it twice?…You don’t have to remind me! I’m a pretty faithful person, you know…]

Hashibami Sensei glared at me, and then loosened her expression with a laugh, and said:

[Yeah, I think so too. That’s why I said it twice just to make sure.]

[Is that so?…]

Hashibami Sensei seems so different from an ordinary person, but at least she deeply cares for Sakurakouji Sensei.

I proposed for her to come to my house so she had a place to stay, but ultimately, it is a man and woman staying under the same roof…

I guess I’m worried too now.

[That kind of surprised me a bit though. Compliments aside, I think you two are beautiful, and are pretty popular with the students, you know? Like with you, Hashibami Sensei, you often get a lot of male students that visit you.]

[Well, for boys your age, it’s natural that you’d be extremely interested in the female body.]

[Kuh, I can’t argue with that…]

I sealed my lips in repent. Hashibami Sensei sat back down in her chair, sexily crossed her legs once again, and said:

[Sorry about that. I don’t really have interest in the opposite gender, and I’m not interested in older people. So I can’t really respond to your feelings that well. Forgive me.]

[I don’t know why, but it feels like I got dumped or something…]

I dejectedly dropped my shoulders. Hashibami laughed, and said:

[You’re quite an interesting one. Hm, I guess it’ll be fine, even if you’re younger.]

[You may say that, but I have a feeling that you’re going to keep making fun of me, you know? I won’t fall for it next time.]

I sighed in grief, and once again, a smile rose on Hashibami Sensei’s face. Then she said:

[Hm, I must’ve angered you, eh? Sorry about that. Forgive me.]


After saying that, Hashibami Sensei grabbed my hand



She’s pressing my hand against her own chest, isn’t she!?

[Haaaaaaaaaaah!? W– What are you doing!?]

Naturally, I was filled with shock, and Hashibami indifferently said:

[I just thought that this would help raise your spirits.]

–Squish squish.

[Hey hey hey hey!? My spirits were never low in the first place, though!?]

[Oh, is that so? Sorry about that. So, how was it?]


[I’m asking what you thought of my chest.]

[W–Well, I guess it was soft and…wait a minute!?]

[Hahaha! Looks like you enjoyed it. Cherish that feeling. That was my first time letting a man do that, after all.]

[Can you please stop saying things that will cause misunderstandings!?]

I guess my flustered reaction entertained her.

Hashibami Sensei was still pushing my hand against her chest tightly, and she was laughing so happily to the point where it sounded like cackling.

[Alright, I think that’s enough with the jokes for now.]

As she said that, Hashibami Sensei released my hand.

That action was enough to make any boy sad.

Honestly, I was thinking “what a shame…” from the depths of my heart when she did that.

[Ugh, you trifled with my pure male frivolity…But thank you…]

[I’m glad you’re being honest. I love boys who are honest about their feelings like that.]

[Thank you…]

I felt slightly fatigued after all of that. As I thanked Hashibami Sensei, she took out some wrapped object and said:

[And now for the main topic. I was supposed to hand this to you.]

It was wrapped in a light blue cloth. The object’s size was the size of both of my palms.

[This…is a Bentou, isn’t it?]

[Yes, that’s exactly it. Reina made it, you know?]

[She made it!?]


[Yeah. She seems to feel really bad that she got you involved in everything. She consulted with me to see if there was anything she could do to apologize, and so I proposed this.]

[That’s…But I’m the one who suggested she stay at my place, so she doesn’t have to worry this much…]

I can’t believe I was putting this much of a burden on her…

[Please don’t say that. She’s a really serious one, after all. –Here you go.]

[Thank you.]

I received the Bentou from Hashibami Sensei, and was quite heavy.

I bet she was considering the fact that I’m in my growth period, so she packed quite a lot in here.

[I heard about your family situation. You’ve probably been living off of bread and convenience store Bentou, so I proposed this to Reina. What do you think? Bentou made from a pretty woman! This way is more fresh, isn’t it?]

[Err, yeah.]

That’s not all I’ve been eating, you know.

When I was little, I feel like my mother also cooked things for me, but I don’t really remember most of it.

And what my grandmother made for me every day was…Wait, hm?

Ever since she died, it’s felt like forever since I’ve had someone’s handmade cooking…

[What’s this? You don’t seem to have much of a reaction. I thought you’d be more happy and jumpy, but perhaps you’re thinking that the flavor won’t be that good? Don’t worry about it, Reina is an excellent cook.]

[Ah, no, it just surprised me a bit. It’s been so long since I’ve had handmade cooking.]

[Oh, so that was it. Then be more happy about it. She cooks for herself all the time, so she’ll be able to make handmade cooking for you every day.]

[Handmade cooking every day!?]

[Yeah, that’s right. I’m pretty jealous of you. Every day, I yearn to eat Reina’s handmade cooking. And so, please treat me to some during your evening meal.]

[Haha, understood. I’ll definitely treat you when that time comes.]

[Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.]

Hashibami Sensei smiled, looked at her digital watch, and said:

[Alright, it’s about time for you to go back. Your noon break will end before you have time to eat.]

[Yes, thank you so much.]

[Fufu, if you want to thank someone, thank the person who made that. She was panicking to wrap her head around what a boy your age likes to eat, after all.]

[Yes, understood.]

Sakurakouji Sensei is really nice…

She might not show it in her expression, but she’s a great Sensei. Since she always acts tough, she ended up overbearing herself in the end, though.

But now that I know another side to Sensei that isn’t frightening, she’s surprisingly playful and cute, so I find it to be a little strange.

I’ll eat this with great care, and then make sure to give my thanks to Sensei later.

[Alright, I’ll be leaving now. Thanks for everything.]

I thanked her again, and rose from the circular chair.

And then, she stuffed her face with another chocolate donut, and said:

[Oh, yeah, Shirase-kun. If you ever feel turned on while you’re living with her, come to my place. I’ll make sure to take care of it.]

[What!? What are you saying!?]

I nearly dropped my Bentou, you know!?

What is she thinking, that erotic nursing teacher (Maiden)!?

[I’m still afraid that you’ll be doing adulterous behavior with her. With me, I’ll treat you medically or something–]

[I’m not going to your house, ok!? Adulterous behavior won’t happen, ok!?]

[Hm, that’s unfortunate. I guess it’s fine as long as you guys don’t get exposed. But with that being said, I’ll be waiting for you, virgin-kun.]

[I already said I’m not going! Also, who are you calling a virgin!?]

As those sharp words hit me, I finally left the nurse’s office.

On my way back to the classroom, I inserted a straw in a container of tea I bought earlier, and unwrapped the Bentou.

And then, I thought the elliptically shaped Bentou box, which probably belonged to Sensei, was all clean and neat, but,



There was a chubby chick character with an inflated cute expression, with “Piyopu~” written in rounded handwriting.

Right, there are Bentou boxes with these kinds of characters on it.

But it’s pretty cute, isn’t it!? It shocked me for some strange reason.

I’m a high school boy, so using this kind of Bentou box is a bit…

It’s not fitting for a Sensei to have this kind of thing so it’s surprising to me that she likes cute things like this.

And then:

[Huh? Koutaro with a Bentou? How rare!]

Aoi waved her hand, giving me a “Yaho!”, and inched her hand closer to the Bentou wrapping.

[Y– Yeah, it is.]

[Woah, you made that yourself?]

[Eh!? Oh yeah, I did! Even I can do it every once in a while, you know?]

[Hmmm~, Koutaro’s cooking, eh~?]

Not good, she’ll get suspicious…

Because I can’t cook even if it costs me my life…

[Hey, it says “Piyopu”! How cute!]

And she’s picking out the details too!?

[Ah, it’s just this is the only one I could find. I didn’t have much time, so I just thought that this one would suffice.]

[Oh, really? Maybe it belongs to your grandmother?]

[Y–Yeah, maybe.]

[Hmm~ I really didn’t know your grandmother liked these kinds of things, though~]


[R–Really? It is a pretty cute character, so maybe it intrigued her?]

[Hahaha, I think I know that feeling. It really is cute. Piyopu~ I have the smart phone case for it!]

As she said that, she took out her cell phone and showed it to me.

And sure enough, there was a Piyopu~.

It surprised me.

I had no idea what it was, but I guess it’s pretty popular, this Piyopu~ thing.

While I was surprised by how popular this Piyopu~ thing was, Aoi started to unwrap her Bentou too.

[Oh, so you haven’t eaten your Bentou yet?]

[Yeah, I went to the volleyball club. They wanted me to attend a practice match on Sunday, but I have to work at the ice cream shop that day. So I talked to them and told them it might be impossible. And so here I am now. I’m famished, and it looks like Koutaro hasn’t eaten his either, so let’s eat together!]

[I see. Good work.]

[Hehe, thank you!]

Aoi laughed bashfully.

I’ve known this girl since we were children. Our friendship continued through middle school, and we’ve had lunch together like this a countless amount of times.

And then, I finally opened the lid of the Bentou, and within, there were meatballs, tamagoyaki, octopus shaped sausage, and more. It had all the things that the standard Bentou should contain, which meant that there was a bountiful amount. Just by looking at it, I know that it would taste delicious.

[Woah, you made it look really delicious, didn’t you? Let’s trade the side dishes!]

[Eh? Ok then, but only one piece, ok?]

[Eh~one piece is like nothing, how about ten pieces~]

[That’s a lot, you know!? Did you even count!?]

Good grief…While I was exasperated by Aoi’s foolishness, I stuffed my cheeks with a meatball.


In that instant, the rich flavor of the sauce spread throughout my mouth, and I perked up involuntarily.

How can something be so delicious!?

Hashibami Sensei did say that she was a good cook, but I didn’t think it was this good!

Not good, this is having too much of an effect on my emotions…

[Eh, why are you crying!?]

[Sorry, don’t worry about it…There’s just a lot of things on my mind…]


I probably made Aoi a little bit suspicious, but this food was so delicious that it brought me to tears.

Without thinking, I moved my hand once again.

The tamagoyaki, octopus sausage, and karaage–.

They all looked delicious, so I suppressed my whirlpool of emotions and continued.

And then:

[W-Wait, Koutaro!? Leave some for me, okay~!?]

[Eh? Ah, right, my bad.]

Seems like I kept moving my chopsticks on accident.

With her cheeks stuffed, Aoi pointed at the 2nd part of my Bentou box, and said:

[Alright! Why don’t you give me that one!]

[I don’t want to give you everything…]

While glaring at Aoi, I opened the 2nd part of the Bentou box, in other words, the part with the variety of meals.

I was expecting this part to look extremely delicious as well when I opened it, but then,

[H–Hey, Koutaro. I want to ask you something…]

[…Sorry, but if you can, please refrain from asking…]

My opinion completely changed after looking at it, and then Aoi pointed at the contents of the Bentou box and said:

[Did you also make that…?]


I couldn’t nod my head.

That’s because…

There was something that was covering the food with pink fish floss, and it drew out heart shape.

The heart mark was surrounded by minced chicken and eggs, making the heart very distinct.

What the heck is this!?

She thought that boys like this kind of stuff!?

Well, it’s not entirely wrong, but it’s not the right time or place for that!?

[D-Don’t get the wrong idea! This is…oh yeah! It’s for myself to congratulate myself for working so hard!]

And then:



Suddenly, Aoi placed her hand on my shoulder, and it surprised me.

And then, Aoi started to loosen her expression with a giggle, and said:

[Koutaro, this is so unnecessary!]

She’s right…

[No matter how you look at it, it’s a lunchbox made from a wife, right!? What exactly am I to you then!? And it looks so delicious, too!?]

I was struggling to find a way to explain this to Aoi, who was obviously fuming.

I didn’t want to eat the side dishes that I was going to eat vigorously anymore, since my thoughts were so jumbled.

And I have no idea what you meant when you asked me what you are to me.

[Hey, you’re eating too much of it, you know!? Hands off my Bentou!]

[Hmph! A woman made this, and you were hiding it from me all along! Koutaro, you’re unfaithful!]


Stop eating my Bentou!

[Unfaithful, eh…You see, this was…oh yeah, this was made by the housekeeper-san!]

[Eh, Housekeeper-san?]

The anger from Aoi’s head released like a balloon.

Sensei and I decided to go with that, so there should be no problems if I persist with that lie.

[Yeah, the housekeeper-san. You know I’m really bad at housework, so my father called in someone to help out.]

[Ah, so that was it! Eheheh, sorry about that~ I misunderstood…]

[No, it’s fine. I’m sorry too for not telling you.]

[No, you don’t have to apologize. But you know, Koutaro has always been eating nothing but convenience store Bentou. Especially for a growing boy like you, it’s good to have home cooking to help you balance your nutrition. And the heart mark, it must be the housewife who was thinking about your feelings since your grandmother passed away, right?]

[Y-yeah, probably…]

I was awkwardly nodding my head. For some reason, Aoi was blushing crimson red, cleared her throat, and said:

[But you know, instead of causing trouble for the housewife, wouldn’t it be better to ask someone you know better for help…? For example, the person in front of you is a super good resource, right…?]

[Super good resource? Oh, you mean Takahashi from the cooking club?]

Takahashi from the cooking club is sitting behind Aoi, and he’s gracefully eating his 3rd Bentou of the day. He’s a quite chubby boy.

I think it must be some noble family quota, because his behavior is very gentleman-like.

[Wait, why are you talking about Takahashi-kun!? It’s true that his cooking is good, but I wasn’t talking about him! I was talking about myself, alright!?]

For some reason, Aoi refuted very angrily, and I was quite bewildered by it.

[But you’re not really good at cooking, right?]

[Well…yeah, but…]

Aoi was awkwardly twiddling her index fingers, but she didn’t give up. She rose her voice, and said:

[Th-Then, I’ll bring some spare cup ramen, and then Koutaro can add hot water! Wait for 3 minutes, and it’ll taste delicious!]

[Do you not know the meaning of home cooking?…]

I glared at her, and Aoi, who was teary eyed, started eating my Bentou again.

[Wahh, Koutaro is a bully~…At least this Bentou tastes good, though~…]


I sighed at Aoi, who was busy eating, crying, and yelling. I’m glad that I was able to deceive her about that heart mark, though.

Bringing up this situation again would be a pain, so I think it’s best to change the topic.

You ate most of my Bentou, yet you’re still eating it…

[By the way, Aoi, what kind of impression do you get from Sakurakouji Sensei?]

[An impression from Sakurakouji Sensei? Why are you asking?]

[Don’t worry about it. Tell me what you think?]

[Hm~ I wonder~ She’s pretty but scary, I guess~…]

Aoi was crossing her arms and thinking hard.

I thought that maybe she’d be more friendly with Sensei since they’re both women, but I guess she has the exact same impression that I did.

[I mean, Sensei doesn’t smile at all, and it’s hard to talk to her, right? That’s why I’ve never really talked to her before~]

[I see. Even you, who has plenty of friends, would have that kind of evaluation of her, eh…]

[Hm? Even me?]

[Ah, nothing, don’t worry about it. I was just talking to myself.]

[Really? I guess you’re right though. It’s an impossible task for me. She’s really pretty, so she’s much more intimidating~]


For Aoi, a girl who takes pride in her sociability in school, to have this kind of evaluation, must mean that Sensei is a person that’s hard to approach for both boys and girls. I thought like that from the beginning, too.

Of course, Sensei would say something like “This type of delineation is necessary for teachers”, and she probably intended to have this kind of impression.

I found out only a few days ago, that Sensei didn’t always wear that iron mask.

She’s actually an amazing cook, quite pretentious, bashful, and likes cute things, so I think she’s like a normal woman.

And that’s why–

[I feel like I’m getting more than I deserve.]


[Sorry, it’s nothing.]

She’s far from looking like the ideal Sensei, but I feel like if people saw her expressions outside of school, she would be much more idolized and popular.`

[Human relationships sure are difficult.]

[Ahaha, so true.]

[So what do you think of the nurse, Hashibami Sensei?]

[Ah, Moppi?]


[She’s an amazing Sensei~ She’s always giving me sweets!]

[That’s the only reason you like her? Candy?]

[Ahaha, I’m kidding. Moppi is amiable and she’s easy to talk to, so that’s why everyone is fond of her. I think she’s willing to help others too, you know? She always seems calm and composed, like a real adult.]

[You think so…?]

It’s true that she’s easy to talk to, but I don’t feel the same calmness you feel around her. She was being really touchy earlier, you know?

[Yeah! She’s always eating something and has an erotic figure, so I think she’s an interesting teacher!]

[Well, I can’t argue with the interesting part.]

The hardest teacher in the school to approach, and the most amiable teacher in the school are somehow close friends.

They’re complete opposites, yet they somehow got along with each other.

I don’t really get how that happened…While I was thinking about both Sensei, I gulped down the remaining octopus sausages, with a [Thank you for the meal], towards the Bentou that Sensei made. It was eaten clean.

Next morning.

Like I promised, I headed towards Sensei’s apartment to help her move.

At first, I thought that a woman living in an apartment by herself would be dangerous, but lately, apartments have the auto lock feature, which prevents burglars and such from getting in. The building was prettier and fresher than I expected.

While thinking that moving houses is a strenuous task, the auto lock opened for me, and I went to the 2nd floor, where her room is.

At the end of the hallway was the entrance door to her room, which was already open. Outside of the door was a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Looks like she’s already started preparing.

[Good morning~]

I gave her that introduction, while peeking through the crevice of the entrance door. She responded:

[Good morning! I don’t mind you entering.]

[Ah, understood. Then, excuse me–]

After those few words, I entered Sensei’s room.

This is my first time entering a woman’s house, aside from Aoi.

Plus, Sensei lives by herself, unlike Aoi.

There was a strangely nice smell, and it felt like some sort of Shangri-la was waiting for me.

My heart was pounding, but I continued through the hallway. 


And when I reached Sensei’s room, it turned out to be a simple 1-room type, with pure white walls and a plain wood floor. It gave a sense of cleanliness.

A lot of the furniture’s bases were made out of wood, and the curtains were the lacey type. The room was difficult to see from the outside, but abundant amounts of light entered the room.

A decorative plant was placed near the window, which added to the stylish feel of the room.

The exact opposite of what one would call a “trash house”.

This is a Sensei’s…no, an adult woman’s room…!

While I was taking in the feeling of all this empty space,


Something caught my eye.

The single bed on the edge of the room–In the middle of the bed, a circular and plump chick plushie. It felt like it was just being enshrined there or something.

Yes, it was the Piyopu~.

Sensei really likes this chubby chick, eh…

I took one good look around the room, and there was a small assortment of pretty cute things scattered everywhere. I guess it’s confirmed that she likes cute things.

[Thanks for coming. This is a big help.]

[Don’t worry about it. More importantly, the Bentou from yesterday was–]

I wanted to thank her, but I suddenly lost my words.

Which is natural, of course.

[Ara, what’s the matter?]

As Sensei tilted her head to the side in confusion, I saw what she was wearing: a “Daru daru T-shirt”.

“What’s with that size?”, I thought to myself. The size didn’t fit her at all, because I could see her pink-colored bra strap through it, and a lot of her shoulders were exposed. It’s like her breasts were going to pop out of the shirt. I just had to avert my eyes.

Furthermore, she was wearing really short pants, exposing her plump, fair-skinned thighs,

Is it really ok to show your short undergarments to me like that!?

[S-Sensei, what’s with that appearance!?]

Of course, I was being careful around Sensei.

But Sensei had no idea what I was talking about, and didn’t seem to get it at all.

[Hah? My appearance? This is just my lounge wear!]

[Wait!? Lounge wear isn’t supposed to be so erotic!?]

[Erotic!? Hah!?]

Then it seemed like Sensei finally realized.

She covered her chest with both hands, and I sharply averted my eyes.

[Y-You…What’s your problem!? Peeking at your teacher’s chest like that…]

[Wait, why am I in the wrong here? You were the one wearing those clothes, right!?]

[O-Of course I’m wearing these, you know!? This is what helps me stay comfortable and relaxed! Am I not allowed to wear what I like in my own home? If you have a problem with it, then just ignore it!]

[How could I!?]

So averting my eyes is not enough? She actually wants me to ignore it!?

“What a scary teacher!”, I thought in my head. Sensei gave a small sigh, saying, […Whatever…], and lowered her alertness.

[Anyways, I don’t feel like taking off this “Daru T”.]

You made it sound like a type of tea or something…

[So, don’t fret about it. Now then, let’s get to work.]

[If Sensei is really ok with wearing that, then I guess it’s fine…]

That was a quick transition…

After I put my backpack in the corner of the room, I asked Sensei what I should help out with. She undid her ponytail, and said: [You can help with this…]. While carrying a heavy looking jar.

[Ugh, heavy…]

She made it look heavier than I thought it was. She was wobbling, and her legs were trembling.

[Wait!? L-Let me carry it, so put it down for now!]

I went over to Sensei, who was panicking a little bit.



There was a cardboard box at my feet, which I didn’t notice, so I ended up kicking it and falling over.


Sensei put the jar on the bed, and then I was about to tidy up everything that fell out of the box, but…

[Hm? What’s this? Geh!?]

What was scattered around the place, were multicolored undergarments.

[T-This is…!?]

The first thing I picked up were what looked like panties made up of very thin cloth. It was a T-back bikini thong.

Eh, so this is what Sensei wears…?

And then:



Sensei took the panties away from my hand with amazing speed.

And then Sensei gave me a bloodcurdling expression.

[Y-You didn’t see anything, got it!? You didn’t see a thing, ok!?]


I was dumbfounded but nodded in agreement. Sensei was holding the panties with a bright red face, and after she put the scattered assortment of undergarments back into the cardboard box, wrapped it with packaging tape, and dashed out the entrance door.

–Several seconds later.

[Sorry for the wait. What were we talking about again?]

[Um, I know you’re pretending to be composed…]

Sensei came back as if nothing had happened, and I glared at her.

But she was really good at pretending like nothing happened, with her [What are you talking about?] attitude.

And I thought it would be insensitive to keep talking about it, so I pointed at the jar, and said:

[What’s with the jar?]

[Oh, that’s just salted rice bran used for pickling, you know?]

Salted rice bran used for pickling!?

[You’re talking about tsukemono? (Side dish of pickled vegetables)]

[Yes, that’s right. I pickle it myself.]

[Woah, you may be young, but that’s amazing! Kind of like a grandmother!]

[Wh-Who are you calling a grandmother!?]

[Hm? No, that’s not what I meant! My grandmother also pickled that herself too, so I thought it was nostalgic…]

[Ah, that’s what you meant.]

[Y-Yeah. You’re a young and pretty Sensei, so I thought I would say it.]

Honestly, it’s really a habit for grandmothers to do, but the part about it being nostalgic was true.

[I see. Look forward to your evening meal. I’ll give you something really special. Fufu. This is a competition to see if my pickled vegetables are better than your grandmother’s.

Sensei laughed and said that happily, and I responded with, [Yes, I will look forward to it.], while loosening my expression.

So she usually wears a crisp suit, but at home, she wears that “Daru T”, and looks defenseless.

Not only does she like cute things, but it seems like pickling vegetables is also her specialty.

I’m seeing a lot of sides of her that I’d never see at school. It made me really happy for some reason.

I think it’s because I feel like I’m getting along with her.

I wanted to know more about Sensei. Then I took the jar and carried it outside the room.

This is really heavy, ain’t it!?

[…Fuu. We’ve cleaned up a lot, eh?]

There was the T-back incident, along with some other accidents here and there, but we continued working.  When noon came, we got a lot of things packed already.

There wasn’t so much luggage lying around in the first place, so if we keep up this pace, we’ll probably be able to move all the luggage outside by dusk.

We devised a plan to get the mover to take all the luggage and then move it all to my house.

And for the fridge and washing machine, big objects like those would be given to the recycle mover.

Well, things like those would just take up space if they were taken to my place.

In this instance, I guess they’d just be disposed of.

[Oh yeah. It’s already noon, so let’s take a break.]

[Yes, understood.]

I nodded, and straightened out my back.

And then, Sensei took out 2 convenience store Bentou from the fridge, put them in the microwave to heat, and said:

[For the Bentou, would you like the hamburger one or karaage one?]

[Ah, the hamburger please. Sorry about this.]

[No, don’t worry about it. I should be the one apologizing. I wanted to properly make a meal, but since the cooking utensils were already packed, I couldn’t cook even if I wanted to.]

[I’m just glad that something was prepared for lunch.]

[I see. Please wash your hands, by the way. I’ll set up the table while you do that.]

[Ah, excuse me. Thank you for your troubles.]

I was about to do what Sensei asked for me to do, but when I was about to head over to the kitchen…

[It really is hot here, though.]

–Boing boing.


Suddenly, Sensei started to flap the collar of her “Daru T”, and her enticing chest swayed all over the place.


And then, her “Daru T” had sweat that made it really transparent, so her pink brassiere was in sight, making it really tempting for my eyes.

Of course, seeing her in that defenseless form made it impossible for my heart to calm down, (Th-They’re gigantic!? And she’s wearing a see-through bra!? No matter how you look at it, this is super erotic!) My heart wouldn’t stop beating.

But, Sensei saw no problems with her actions. Does she not consider me as a man? I was absolutely in shock.

We finished working in the afternoon, entrusted the luggage to the mover, arrived to my house, but then:

[This is horrid…]


After Sensei took one good look at my house’s state, she looked disgusted.

Furthermore, the mover couldn’t deal with Sensei’s “Dari T”, so now she’s wearing a Haori.

[I knew that Sensei was coming, so yesterday I tried to clean up a bit, but I didn’t think it would be this frustrating, even though I know it’s dirty…]

[…Fu. It’s fine. For now, let’s not bring in the luggage, and clean the rooms on the first floor, ok?]

[Understood. We probably won’t be able to get the 2nd floor done as well today, so tonight, please use my grandmother’s room, which is the one next to the living room.]

[Alright, understood. Then let’s take the trash bags that are scattered across the hallway, and put them all in one area. Then we can bring in the luggage.


I nodded, and took the trash bags that I’ve always left alone, from the entrance to the living room, and carried it all to the living room.

At the same time, Sensei opened the window, changing the atmosphere for the rooms. She took the buried vacuum cleaner, and used it to blow away the dust in the hallway.

She also quickly used a cloth to help clean, and finished the cleaning around the entrance and hallway. The mover came with good timing.

Then, the mover gave us the luggage, and we piled it up in the hallway. And as for Sensei’s bed, we took it to the Japanese-style room next to the living room, in other words, my grandmother’s room.

It used to feel like the first floor only had grandmother’s room and the living room, and the second floor only had my room and father’s room.

I was thinking that Sensei’s luggage should be stored in the 2nd floor’s empty room.

[There’s a lot of dust here and there, but it seems like you’ve been cleaning this room.]

[Yes, it’s my grandmother’s room, so I was wondering if it was really ok to be moving around the trash in there.

[I see. That way of thinking is admirable. By the way, You don’t mind if I clean this place up, do you?]

Sensei asked me that humbly, and I consented:

[Yes. It shouldn’t remain in this state forever, after all. I think I’ll keep the important things in custody, though.]


Sensei nodded, and put her hands together (praying motion) and said to my grandmother: [Now then, I’m going to organize the things that you left behind.],

That action made me excessively happy, and I wanted to thank Sensei.

[Um, thank you very much. I’m sure my grandmother is happy to hear that.]

[Please don’t worry about it. She’s the one who’s been taking care of you, so I have to do this. Now then, let’s start organizing.]


I gave her a big nod, and I went off to move the small objects— And in an instant,

—Scuttle scuttle scuttle scuttle.


In front of us, was a black creature, chirping and hissing, and scuttling side to side.

Needless to say, it was a pretty gigantic cockroach.

But these guys appear in my house pretty often, so I wasn’t shocked or anything like that.

I find it strange that it didn’t appear when we were cleaning the hallways.

Even though it appeared after all the cleaning was done, I continued to move the seats around, but then,



Suddenly, Sensei shrieked, and threw herself on to me.

Her extra large breasts were clinging on to my head, and I felt like I was going to fall over.

Of course, I was baffled by this situation. In front of me was nothing but black, and there was a nice smell and soft feeling.

[Hey, S– Sensei!? Can you please get off of me!?]

[N– No way! I’m weak in the knees, you know!? Hurry up and do something about this!]

[Y– You’re asking for too much!]

— Scuttle scuttle scuttle scuttle.

[Eek!? Do something about that thing! I can’t handle those things!]

— Squeeze.

[H– Hey!? If you cling on to me like that, then…!?]

I’m a healthy boy.

And I’m a pretty healthy one, too…

So of course, Sensei would notice that.

[H– Hey, what is the meaning of that!? What are you thinking in a time like this!? I can’t believe you! So indecent! Dirty! Obscene!]

[I can’t help it, you know!? Of course I’d have a reaction like that in this kind of circumstance!]

[F– Fine, but can you calm down!? I don’t want that thing to be touching me anymore, okay!?]

[Then please get off of me!!]

— Grip.

[Hyaun!? Where do you think you’re touching!?]

[I’m sorry!]

Sensei was bright red in the face, and there was anger in her voice.

I tried to get her off of me without touching her in any strange places, but I felt myself getting weaker.

I couldn’t think of any other appropriate place to grasp a female’s body, but the situation won’t progress if I don’t take action.

I was wondering what the hell I should do, but then, the creature started speeding its way to the living room.

[N– Now’s the time, Shirase-kun! Close the sliding door!]

[Y– Yes!]

As Sensei said that, I mustered the remaining energy I had to close the sliding door, with the creature chased out to the living room.


Right after that happened, the both of us were completely exhausted, letting out deep exhales.

[That was absolutely horrible…But now we can feel at ease again…Fuu…]


I felt a hot and wet sensation on my chest, and it came from Sensei. I also remember the feeling of when her chest was pressed up against me. This is way too erotic for me.

I’m not at ease at all, you know!?

The gigantic cockroach went to the living room, which relieved Sensei. I, on the other hand, still had a part of my body that was stiff, and I couldn’t relax at all.

And so, Sensei and I were able to secure a room for Sensei to live in. We weren’t able to unpack everything from the cardboard boxes, but we thought that this was enough work for today.

The veil of the night came down, and since we were helping Sensei move and working quickly since morning, we were utterly exhausted.

And so, we had our evening meal, and prepared for bed.

We didn’t really clean that much around the kitchen, but since I rarely use it in the first place, Sensei was able to quickly wipe it down with a dust cloth, and bring her cooking utensils and kitchenware.

After consulting with her, I realized that Sensei wasn’t familiar with this area, so we decided that I was going to buy groceries, while she cleans the bathroom.

[Um, let’s see, first up is the finely cut pork.]

I arrived at the supermarket, looked at the note that Sensei handed to me, and put the food materials in the basket one after another.

[We did so much on the first day, didn’t we…]

Then, I started to think of the unexpected sides of Sensei that I witnessed throughout the day.

At first, I thought of Sensei as the type to wear a thin one-piece, listen to classical music at home, and elegantly drink tea.


Instead of a thin one-piece, she wears a “Daru Daru T-shirt” with short pants, and instead of tea, she likes making pickled vegetables, which she’s confident in, similar to a grandma.

And Sensei’s strictness, that makes it feel like she doesn’t have a single interest for anything in the world, was refuted by the fact that she has that Piyopu~ plushie placed on her bed. And when she gave out that shriek when seeing the cockroach, she felt weak in the knees.

People are really different from what’s on the surface, eh…

Though that may be the case, I think I got into way too many dangerous situations with her today…

But with that being said, I started to think of the beautiful parts of Sensei as well.

Like her breasts, those are pretty amazing.

Like seriously, they just pop out.

Since they just pop out like that, it’s hard to have a comfortable place to look, and not to mention, they’re gigantic…

She was sweating a lot too, which was pretty erotic.

Especially around the nape of her neck.

I wonder if I had a nape fetish…? I was trying to hide my sexual fantasies while realizing that I was admiring Sensei’s charm.

Sensei was extremely pretty from the start, so whenever she takes off her clothes, it’s highly erotic.

I’ve never dated a Sensei like this before.

She gave it her absolute best in order to become a teacher, but because of that reasoning, I think she’s become unusual for a normal pretty woman.

She’s like this because her guard is always way too tough.

Well, she doesn’t seem to want a boyfriend, so I had no choice but to take care of her from now on.

But I feel like I’m not worthy of knowing these cute sides of Sensei. Yet at the same time, I don’t want other people to know about it either.

It’s a very complicated feeling I hold in my heart.

[I’m back–]

While still thinking about Sensei, I got the large amount of food materials and drugstore items that Sensei asked me to  get. In order to let Sensei know I’ve returned, I went to the bathroom.


— Open.

[Sensei? About the thing you asked me to get, is this the right one? There was a large variety of them, so…]


Sensei had a surprised look on her face.

Which was natural.

Because– She was in her underwear.

She was supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, but for some reason she’s standing right there in her underwear.

I didn’t understand at all, but I had one thing to say:

— Thank you…very much…

[Wha wha wha wha…!?]

Wait, this isn’t the time to be thanking her, right!?

Her face was blushing red, and I was sweating bullets, about to explain.

[I– It’s not what it looks like! See, I got the condiments that Sensei told me to get, and there was just such a large variety, so I was wondering if this was the right one! I wasn’t planning on peeking on you, okay!? But you’re body is really pretty, and it stole my eyes! Oh my, how rude of me! Ahahaha! — Abuh!?]

Pow! Something like a detergent bottle made a clean impact with my face.

And then:

[I get it, so get out of heeeeeeeeeeeere!!]

[Eek!? I’m sorry! Um, enjoy the bath!]

Sensei was bright red in the face and throwing various things at me, and so I dashed out and made it out.

[…Whew. We did so much cleaning today so I really had the urge to bathe….]

Sighing deeply, I felt a satisfaction from the bathtub that I haven’t felt in a long time.

After my grandmother passed away, I’ve basically just been using the shower, so submerging myself in the bathtub is really something I haven’t done in a while.

Woah, I really didn’t think it would feel this good.

Because of helping Sensei move houses and cleaning, I feel like if I get careless, I’ll fall asleep here.

I apologized to Sensei when I accidentally entered in on her, but…

[Next time, I’ll gouge your eyes out.], she said with a serious face. I feel like since it’s Sensei, she’d actually do it.

And so, I’ll have to knock from now on…

[She was really pretty, though…]

I muttered that to myself, while thinking of Sensei in her underwear.

Her butt looked elastic, her abs were toned, her hands and feet were slender, and of course, her breasts were gigantic. Also, the nape of her neck was well-defined.

Sensei’s body is as well-proportioned as a doll, like a work of art. Extremely erotic, too.

[Wait, if I think about it, this is the same bath water that Sensei was in, right…!?]

When I realized that truth, it astonished me, and I scooped up some of the hot water with both my hands.

Part of Sensei is melted away here…is what I was thinking, which got me excited.

Dammit, have I become a pervert!?

In those internet video sites, everyone is always gawking over the scenes with women in bathtubs, but in real life, it’s something else.

And also, part of me is melted away in this water too, isn’t it…

[Woah, so this is what living together is like…]

This remaining bath water got me so worked up.

Living together with a woman might be an even more problematic situation than I imagined.



The reason I’ve become a pervert is because Sensei’s so lewd!

[…Hm? An erotic body?]

In that instant, I thought about Sensei in her underwear again.

But this time, with more wording.

[–C’mon, that’s enough, you know? Sensei will have to punish such a naughty child]


My head was boiling.

As I was yelling by myself, I went [Abababababa!], shortly fainting in agony and drowning in the bath.

After an intense battle with my jumbled fantasies, I went to the living room, feeling scarred for life. Sensei was in an apron, and in the middle of cooking.

[Ara, you’ve arrived. You were being kind of loud in there, was the water too hot or something?]

[Ah, no, it’s just that it’s been so long since I had a bath, so I felt really tense, I guess…]

[I see. Alright, I’m almost done preparing our evening meal, so please sit down and wait.]

[Yes, understood.]

I nodded, and arrived at the table with food lined up on top.

Today’s menu: Stir-fried vegetables, Tamagoyaki, Miso Soup, and Sensei’s Pickled Vegetables.

The rice that I never have time to cook is usually put in a plastic pouch, but it was served to me neatly in a rice bowl.

This menu gives me the same warmth as a family meal would.

[Now then, let’s eat!]


Sensei took off her apron, and her breasts jiggled.

Ridiculous breasts as always, eh.

It looks like her camisole is going to burst, isn’t it?

Her Daru T is in the wash, so I guess it’s fine.


We put our hands together, and started eating our evening meal.

I started with the miso soup.

[Oh, This is delicious!]

The moment it touched my mouth, the rich and deep flavor of the miso spread throughout my tongue, and I raised my voice in astonishment.

This is definitely top class miso soup compared to the miso soup I’ve had until now, with its bursting deliciousness.

[I’m glad it suits your tastes. It’s my homemade miso, so I wasn’t sure.]

[Eh, this is homemade!?]

It’s on par with a store’s delicious flavor…

[Yes. I made the miso last year, and then let it rest for half a year. It turned out well, didn’t it?]

[Yes! It’s really delicious!]

As I slurped it down in satisfaction, I decided to try her homemade pickled cucumbers and daikon.

Eh, how can something be this delicious!?

The salt content was perfect, and the crunchy feeling stimulated my appetite.

I can’t stop eating this!?

[This is also delicious! I never thought there’d be a day where I taste such delicious pickled vegetables…]

[Fufu, that’s an overstatement. But I’m glad you enjoy it. The pickled vegetable competition, it’s my victory, isn’t it?]

[Well…the flavors are certainly different…]

For some reason, I wasn’t making myself clear. Sensei giggled and was about to speak.

Truthfully, I loved my grandmother’s pickled vegetables, and so I couldn’t really decide on which one was better.

[I see. If you say it like that, then I guess you really do like it. I plan to continue on making pickled foods, so I would like you to say that every time you eat it.]


I gave her a big nod, and then ate the stir-fried vegetables and tamagoyaki with passion.

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to eat home cooking like this. Sensei’s cooking was amazingly delicious, just like her Bentou.

I wonder if the side dishes were so amazing because the rice in the plastic pouch was freshly cooked.

This is bliss for me…

I remembered the time when grandma was still alive, and I felt a warm embrace in my chest.

Then, Sensei noticed that I was enjoying it so much.

[…Is it really that delicious?]

Sensei asked that in restraint.

[Yes, of course! Sensei, you’d definitely become a great wife!]

[Wha!? That’s sexual harassment, Shirase-kun!]

[Eh!? It is!?]

Sensei looked embarrassed, and I was filled with shock.

And then, Sensei cleared her throat and said:

[But, I do appreciate that you have that kind of feeling about my cooking. I have to do my best to meet your expectations now.]

[Ah, you don’t have to get so worked up about it…By the way, you seem pretty family-oriented, Sensei.]

[Th– That’s normal, isn’t it? I’ve been a family-oriented woman from the start!]

I faced towards Sensei, who was blushing, and I nodded with an [I see.]

[Career women always seem so busy, so they gave me the impression that they were unable to do house work. But Sensei, it looks like you’re good at everything housework related! You can make miso and pickled vegetables by yourself, too!]

[Yes, that’s right. For me, housework takes precedence, because if I find a partner, I’ll be able to marry him with my skills.]

As Sensei said that with a blushing face, she covered her rice with soy sauce.

She appears calm on the service, but I’m sure she’s emotionally moved on the inside.

“She’s probably one of those clumsy girls…”, I thought to myself.