It has been a week since the announcement of my anime “The
Cutest Little Sister in the World.”

How is an anime made? What about the voice actors? When will it
be aired during the day?

What about other factors?

It’s my first time, so I have no idea. At best, all I have is
advice from my next-door neighbor. I think that some hardcore fans
might even know more about it than me.

And the person who asked me those questions is the producer,

“Next month, we will personally select the four main voice
actors. Izumi-sensei, please make sure to join us.”


Picking a voice actor! Here I come!

“I will definitely go.” I replied, fully motivated.

To tell the truth, when I heard about picking a voice actor
personally, I felt both happy and terrified. But since it’s
something I have to do for my anime, it can’t be helped.

There is no way I can NOT go.

Sagiri wanted to come with me too, but since she couldn’t leave
the house, she looked frustrated. Haha.

“For sub-character’s voice actors, I will select some candidates
myself and send you recordings of their voices. Please take your
pick from those.”

“I see….”

So it’s unlikely that I will personally pick all of the voice

“About the main voice actor, do you have any request?”

“I have to ask beforehand: if I say I do, will my
request be followed?”

“Maybe. Or maybe not.”

Producer Akasaka coldly answered.

“I can’t totally ignore the opinion of the original author, but
if I can’t follow your request, I will tell you the reason.”

She wears the same clothes as Kagurazaka-san, but she is way
more mature.

“I understand! Well, it’s not like I understand much about voice
actors anyway, so I hope that you can follow Eromanga-sensei’s
requests as much as possible.”

As the original author, I have only one request: They have to do
sound better than how most readers would imagine the character
sounds. As long as they can do that, anyone is fine.

“This character’s voice should be like this!” — It’s not like
some amateur like me could pick a perfect voice actor on his first

Not only me; I think all of the readers hope for the best.

“In the next meeting, I will give you the list of voice actors
that you will personally select from.”

“A list…huh?”

“Yes. Next to each of their names will be important factors that
you have to rate — please select only from voice actors that have
good results.”

…..I see.

So those important factors are probably things like “radio”,
“stage” or “singing” experience. But do I have to select someone
with all of those factors?

“Are all of those factors important?”

“Not absolutely, but most of the time, people select their voice
actors from ones who possessed all of them.”

“Got it.”

…….I should bring that list to Sagiri and listen to her opinions

“We plan to start airing it in the spring, next year.”

“What exactly do I need to do?”

“I plan to hold a meeting once every week to hear your opinion
about the current anime situation. After we begin making the anime,
I will send a copy of every episode to you before we allow it to
air every week.  All of them need to be checked — sometimes
based on the viewers’ reactions to previous episodes. It will be
your problem.”

“So what will I do?”

“One of the most important factors is checking through the
manuscript, the background settings and other details in the
anime’s drawing. Izumi-sensei will focus on checking
character’s lines to make sure it goes according to your

I see….well, I can’t do much about the anime’s drawing

Of course, I planned to learn about it — but I don’t think I
could tell good or bad from reading an anime’s production plan.

On the other hand, checking character’s lines is my specialty. I
have to give it my all.

“I understand” I nodded.

That conversation happened in the highest meeting room at the
publishing company.

We are at the second meeting. The participants were the same as
before, with me, Kagurazaka-san, director Amamiya-san, producer
Akasaka-san and scenario writer Aoi Makina-san and some other
members of the anime production team.

We have decided to hold a meeting like this at 18:00 every

“So, what will we discuss today?”

I asked everyone, since I have no idea what the purpose of this
meeting is.

On my right, producer Akasaka answered:

“In this meeting, we planned to talk about other factors of
series composition.”

“Izumi-sensei, do you know what series composition

The one who just asked me in a tone suggesting “You definitely
do not know” was the woman who sat next to me, Kagurazaka-san.

“I have prepared a bit.”

Series composition, in layman’s term, is about how much of the
novel will be made into anime, how many episodes a certain climax
will last, how much it will follow the original novel —

That was what we will discuss. Sometimes, the scenario writer
will take care of this part too.

“It’s like that, right?”

Hearing me say that, Kagurazaka-san pouted.

My preparation paid off!

By the way, our Sekaimo anime’s series composition will be taken
care of by scenario writer Aoi Makina-san. You can say she is the
second most important person in here. Also, Makina-san  —


She was sleeping soundly in front of me.


She almost put her entire body on the chair, and her mouth was
wide open. I could see a hint of saliva coming out of her lips.

Her glasses were turned aside, and looked like they could fall
off at any moment.

She looked so careless…but her well-endowed breasts made the
scene interesting.



Everyone’s eyes focused on the “sleeping beauty”.

Of course, I myself noticed it right away, but I didn’t say


Because producer Akasaka looked at Makina-san like she was
trash, I didn’t dare ask “why does she sleep here?”

A moment of silence. The producer Akasaka sighed, and then….

*Whack!* she chopped on Makina-san’s head.

“Ouch ~~~~~~~~~ that hurt! What are you doing?”

Makina-san shook her head, her eyes watery. Producer Akasaka
coldly said:

“Aoi-sensei, the meeting is about to begin. Please wake up.”

“You can just wake me up normally ~~! Wait, I’m not sleeping!
So…what are we talking about?”

Seeing the scenario writer still acting without a care in the
world, producer Akasaka glared fiercely.

Noticing that, Makina-san rubbed her eyes and put a hand on her

“Alright alright, I know already ~~ series composition, right?
It’s the plan.”

She grinned and put some A4 papers on the table.

The cover said “The Cutest Little Sister in the World” series
composition (temporary)

And after that, there was a very big word —


Producer Akasaka’s eyes narrowed.

“….Aoi-sensei, what is this?”

“The plan for the series composition — everyone can understand

Nope, I don’t.

Makina-san made something that anyone can write in ten seconds,
yet she was laughing with confidence. Facing this, producer Akasaka

“Are you making fun of me?”

She growled with a terrifying tone.


I’m so scared that I can’t move at all, but Makina-san still
didn’t get it.

“I’m not making fun of you, I’m serious ~~”

“I was busy every day, while you spent an entire week and came
up with this? I see, very interesting.”

“Ahaha, Producer-san ~ don’t get mad ~ I had a reason.”

Makina-san laughed and stopped producer Akasaka from

“Just listen to me for a sec.

Before the previous meeting, you told me to finish my plan for
series composition, right? So I was thinking how to write it


Makina-san showed a serious expression:

“From the result, it wasn’t the right time for me to
write this plan.”

“For the sake of argument, don’t use that as an excuse for not
writing! So — what happened next?”


I hope she didn’t plan to laugh this matter off. I doubted it
would work anyway.

She returned to the topic at hand:

“And so ~ the reason it wasn’t the right time was
because I hadn’t talked with the original author before I wrote the
series composition ~~”

“Eh, me?”

I couldn’t keep up with how the story suddenly switched to me.
Makina-san said:

“Yes, you! So in order to write the series composition — let’s
have a nice chat today! Alright, let’s do it!”

“…So, about the part of this meeting regarding series
composition, what are you going to do about it?”

Makina-san answered without a care in the world, but producer
Akasaka didn’t let her off the hook.

“Like I said ~ we can have a meeting next week ~~”

“It will cause us to be delayed by a week, so it wouldn’t be
good. Also…Aoi-sensei, after you have a chat with Izumi-sensei,
will you be able to write a plan?”

“Of course! Not only a plan; I will make a perfect plan.”

Producer Akasaka said “I understand”, and nodded.

Then Makina-san turned to me.

“I’m very sorry, Izumi-sensei, can I trouble you?”

“Of course, I don’t mind…but what do you want to talk

“Well, there is something I wanted to ask.”

Makina-san grinned and pointed at my face:

“The female protagonist of Sekaimo — the little sister — she
must have someone she likes, right?”

“Huh? Who told you that?”

It’s something related to the real identity of Eromanga-sensei,
so only a few people knew.

“I didn’t hear from anyone. I just got that feeling after
reading your novel.”

…So sharp.

She is clearly not just a lazy woman.

I answered “Yes, the female protagonist has someone she

“I knew it! Can I ask something about that?”


I hesitated before I replied:

“Because of a few reasons, the person she likes can’t be made
public right now. So I can…only answer in a way that could be made

I was wondering if that was alright, but it seemed that she
became interested instead.

Makina-san “huh” then grinned:

“Tell me the truth; did you use the girl you like as a


How could she know that?

“Ara, I could easily see through it. I think the deciding factor
of this anime is how much of the original author’s feelings will be
shown on the screen.”


In our first meeting, I created a misunderstanding and she
thought I was proposing to her.

Now, she revealed my true feelings in my novel for everyone to

…Every time we meet, I am put in a difficult position.

I could feel my face getting hotter and hotter. I must be
blushing right now.

“Ehehe, what nice reaction ♡. If you have a reason, then I won’t
ask about the real identity anymore — but about the girl
you like — or rather, about your love story, about the moment when
your heart raced — tell me every detail of it.”

“Is it really necessary?”

“Of course! Cough, cough. Listen, Izumi-sensei, since this is
your first time making an anime –”

Scenario writer Aoi Makina thrust a finger at my face:

“This is what an anime meeting is like!”


I never knew that! To think an anime meeting will force me to do
something so embarrassing!

“…Cough, could it be….all authors who have an anime have to
experience this too?”

“Yes, that’s right. All novel authors whose book was made into
anime have to do this.”

“How…could it be? Why does no one tell me that?”

“Hm hm…then I will ask you another question, let’s say you meet
a junior who is about to have an anime, would you tell him that?
Would you tell him you did something so embarrassing?”

“Of course not.”


I….I see… so that’s why…

“Then let’s have a talk about Izumi-sensei’s love life~! Please

“Eh eh — ! Well, you can call it love at first sight….”

And so —

The second meeting turned in an unexpected way.

We talked about my embarrassing love life.

After the very tiring meeting, I dragged my body back home in
the late evening. As soon as I came back, the ceiling shook again.
Just like usual, I went to the locked room and knocked on
the door. It immediately opened.

Sagiri looked at me in her pajamas; then she said with

“…Welcome back.”

“I’m home.”

Maybe I shouldn’t call this place the locked room

I, Sagiri and our relationship — are slowly changing.

I asked, feeling a warmth in my heart:

“What’s up, Sagiri?”

“Um…about…how, how did it go?” She asked, her voice full of

“Do you mean the meeting?”

“Yes! It’s the first meeting that you actually worked on
something! Did you work with director Amamiya or Aoi-sensei — the
ones who made Meruru?”


“Amazing!” She said, her eyes beginning to shine.

I felt a bit of embarrassment about this, so I smiled wryly:

“Ahaha, is that so?”

Well, they are the amazing ones, not me. I just work together
with some amazing people.

“Tell me everything.”


My little sister pulled me inside her room.

I sat down in front of her and told Sagiri that we planned to
talk about “series composition”.

“Oh ~~ an anime’s series composition — I have heard about it

“But we had to postpone it till next week.”


“….A lot happened.”

The scenario writer hasn’t written anything, and I had to talk
about my love life — I couldn’t say that now.

“I planned to use this time to practice writing scenarios or

I took some heavy-looking books out of my bag. I had asked the
bookstore mistress Tomoe to order them.

“Nii-san, what are those?”

“’Guide to Writing a Scenario’…and ‘Anime Industry’s Technical
Dictionary’….They arrived at the bookstore today, and I just bought

“Eh? Izumi-sensei, are you going to write the scenario

“Nah, of course not. But I think I should at least have a basic
understanding of that work.”

“Well….adults will sometime use hard words in their
conversations after all…”

That’s right.

It’s one thing if they used words like “dubbing”, “gross” or
“rush”, which were already heavily used by everyone. It’s another
matter if they used words like “IP”, “proper” or “fix” in a normal
conversation. Especially when some words have more than one

Of course, I acknowledged that using them sounds cool. It made
me feel like a pro.

“Well, I don’t mind if these books end up not helping much. As
long as I can gain some insight, it is enough.”


“Heh, what’s with you?”

Why did you laugh?

“…Because Nii-san is trying his best.”

Hearing my little sister say that made me blush. I turned my
head away.

“After the scenario is done, I will let you see it too,

“I don’t know anyone with that name!”

Sagiri said that line again; then she added:

“Alright, I leave it to you, Izumi-sensei!”

” — Got it.”

What a heavy responsibility.

“Also…between you and Aoi-sensei…and the other anime making team
members….how is it going? Did you get along?”

The scenario writer spent most of her time sleeping, the
director rarely said anything and the scary producer —

I can’t tell her that! I made a promise with Army!

“Well ~ somewhat.”

“I see–”

Sagiri looked troubled. Looks like I caused her to be

“….In that case, here…Nii-san.”

She took a Blu-ray disk from the bookshelves and gave it to

“Let’s watch it together now.”

Stardust Witch
? .. We made a promise, didn’t we?”

“Yes…let’s watch it together then try to get along with

Is that how Sagiri tried to show her concern for me? I could
feel my worry slowly melt away.

“Alright then — let’s do it!”

Next, we sat side by side, with our backs to the wall and our
legs straightened, watching the anime together.

Seems like this is a kid-friendly magical girl anime.

A pink haired, quiet girl showed an unusually high amount of
action. She was flying in the sky, then shooting colourful magic
blasts, and making new friends while fighting.

“….What an unreal anime.”

At first, I was worried that I might not understand the plot.
But after watching it, that didn’t become a problem.

Honestly, Stardust
Witch Meruru is an interesting

Of course there are many unclear details, and the plot was
simple —

But the most important climax was sufficiently developed; I
could also see the intention of the anime production team from
other sub-plots.

The anime showed complex but interesting scenes when it was
necessary. Then, it turned into something even a child can

That’s the scenario.

Also, the villain’s costume is very eye-catching too. I can
understand why this anime has so many fans, and why Eromanga-sensei
likes this anime so much.

[TL Note: I do agree that Tanatos Eros is eye-catching…]

“By the way, Sagiri — this anime, does it have an original

“…Un….if I remember correctly…the original author’s name is
Kitsunega Sakinaru, but it seemed like that person
only owned the copyright. So this anime doesn’t actually have an
original author — the Internet said that Meruru was created by the
scenario writer Aoi-sensei by herself…”

“Oh —”

Part of that explanation was “might be”, another was “rumor
said”, so none of it can be counted on.

Still, outsiders hardly know anything about the internal
workings of any industry, including anime. This can’t be

So…the famous anime Meruru was …probably made
by Aoi Makina.

Could it be that…Makina-san is a very good scenario writer?

She looked like a lazy bum to me, just like Elf…but what is the
real Aoi like?

Although she hasn’t shown any results for
Sekaimo that I could think of —

— I just got that feeling after reading your

She should think that my novel is “good”, right? In her own
words, that should be “I think it’s good”

Producer Akasaka looked very talented, so she probably only
picked talented people.

Also, even Kagurazaka-san, who is good at reading people, picked

And the most important thing is; Sagiri is her fan.

I have to trust Makina-san; I have to work together with

However…how should I put it…I got the feeling that she is “still
not starting.”

In other words, that meant I couldn’t feel her motivation.

“Nii-san, Nii-san.”

Hearing Sagiri call me, I turned my head aside. My excited
little sister’s face appeared in front of me.

“Look, look, just now the scene when they are fighting and
flying in the air at the same time is super cute, right?”

“Of course.”

A girl who was excitedly watching anime is so cute.

I wanted to say that, but I managed to hold back.

This is such a happy time.

We kept watching until Sagiri wanted to go to sleep.


“How about we leave the rest for tomorrow?”


Sagiri looked tired, but she was very happy. She raised her
little finger


“It’s a promise.”

We made a pinky promise.

“Is it interesting?”

“Yep, a very interesting anime.”

“Director Amamiya and Aoi-sensei are amazing, right?”

“Yes they are.”

I answered, but the truth is I couldn’t tell just from watching
an anime.

But there was something I knew for sure now.

The team that is making The Cutest Little Sister in the
anime — is a team can make my little sister

Next week, the third meeting.

It was 17:50 in the meeting room — I entered 10 minutes before
the meeting began.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

I entered and saw that producer Akasaka, Kagurazaka-san and
director Amamiya and most other members were present.

But I couldn’t see Makina-san and another female member.

” — Excuse me…. Andou-san didn’t come today?”

I asked in the most nonchalant voice I could.

About “I don’t see Makina-san today” — I don’t even have the
balls to ask that question.

Today, we planned to talk about the previous topic, series

None of us have read the series composition plan.

…If Makina-san didn’t have a plan ready today, then the meeting
can be adjourned immediately. This is not a good thing to me.

That’s why I avoided this dangerous topic and asked something
with less risk.

“Andou-san is sick.”


My question was rebuked by producer Akasaka immediately.

Of course, that only made me worried.

“Oh…sick…is she okay?”

“We will have a replacement by the end of next week, don’t

“No, that’s not what I asked.”

I was asking…if Andou-san is okay…


Looked like producer Akasaka still did not understand me: she
titled her head in confusion. Director Amamiya noticed and came to
the rescue

“…This is…something usual.”

“….Is that…so?”

Usual? Something like this can be called usual? It looked like a
horrible thing to me.


I slowly sat back down, my body seemed weak…

“So, Aoi-sensei…?”


Before producer Akasaka could answer, the door behind me

“Thank you all ~~ for your hard work!!!”

Makina-san has arrived.

Her voice was calm and bright, allowing me to breathe a sigh of

— Look like I don’t have to worry about “what if the series
composition is still not done”.

Makina-san sat down in front of me. Producer Akasaka called to
her in an emotionless tone.

“Aoi-sensei, please give us your series composition plan.”

“Producer-san, please wait a moment.”


Producer Akasaka narrowed her eyes. Makina-san said in a serious

“Today I have something very important to tell you all.”

…Eh? Something important? What is could be?

Is it related to the fact the she arrived late and possibly
didn’t bring the series composition plan with her?

I straightened myself up.

“On the way here, on the subway, I got a character pack in a
mobile game ~~ I never expected to get a 6 star character! The drop
rate for such characters is only 0.007%! Ehehehe! I was so
surprised that I got here late ♪”

“Aoi-sensei, your series composition plan, please!”

Producer Akasaka said in a murderous tone, like she was saying
“Or I will kill you, bitch!”

Makina-san still didn’t notice and continued to chat with the
same carefree attitude from last week

“Recently, some people wanted to increase the drop rates, but I
think that would be a wrong move! If drop rates were increased then
that means people won’t be able feel the same fulfillment when they
get an ultra rare character anymore! After collecting a character,
you have to show it to everyone! — Then you can quietly ask them
Anyone here without a 6 star Meruru?! It’d be awesome to
boast and then no one could challenge you, that’s what makes it

“Aoi-sensei, your series composition plan. PLEASE!”

“That feeling when you get a rare character, I could only
describe the happiness as just like a love story in middle school.
I think everyone is joking around is the best line to coax
other people in Japanese. Maybe that’s why this kind of game –
which many people called not a game — could have such huge
fan base, because mobile games touch our deepest instincts.”

Yeah, I think something is wrong here.

Makina-san had completely digressed from the original topic. She
just kept chatting about nonsense.

When she was going to talk about the season’s anime — Producer
Akasaka raised a hand and cut her off. Then, she said with a sharp

“Aoi-sensei. Please. Give us. Your plan. NOW!”

“Well actually, what I wanted to say happened yesterday. During
lunch, I called a pizza —”

“Aoi-sensei. Your plan!”

“I haven’t written it!”

Makina-san answered. And she seemed so embarrassed that she
turned it into anger.

“… … … … … … … … … …”

“… … … … … … … … … …”

The world instantly became quiet.


I swallowed, and tried to ask:

“Then….what will we talk about today?”

Makina-san put a hand over her stomach.

“…Well….Yesterday I had my first pizza after a long time, so I
think it gave me a stomach ache — and that made me unable to work.
I barely managed to avoid making a mess of myself.”

Can you please write your plan before eating that damn

Is that normal for an adult?


Everyone became quiet again.

During this time, producer Akasaka kept tapping on the table
with her finger. It sounded very scary.

Then, she finally pointed at Makina-san:

“Do you have any way to finish the series composition plan right

“Impossible ~ ehehe ♥”

“How much have you finished? Tell me?”

“I have ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ not written anything!”

Are you…for real?

I was so shocked that I simply stared at her. Makina-san was
still raising her chest in pride. How shameless

Producer Akasaka continued:

“If you have a writer’s block, we can have a discussion right
now about it.”

“No no no! It’s not that! There is no problem!”

“So, can you finish it before next week?”

“Yes yes, I will.”

Makina-san bowed and promised.



I don’t think she will, though. That was what everyone

After the meeting finished (early), producer Akasaka called

“Izumi-sensei, can I trouble you for a moment?”

“Er…yes, what’s wrong?”

“First, allow me to apologize for the meeting.”

Producer Akasaka bowed. That was so sudden that I froze on the

Makina-san, director Amamiya and the other team members had
left, so there was only me, producer Akasaka and

“I have an emergency plan that I wanted to tell you just in
case.” She looked up, and continued: “If next week, Aoi-sensei
still hasn’t finished the series composition plan…then we will
change the scenario writer.”


“I have spoken with some other writers; your anime will not be
delayed any longer. Please don’t worry.”

“Wait wait wait…wait a sec! What’s going on?”

What did she just say? It sounded simple, but I don’t think
I get it.

“I meant that we will get another scenario writer.”

“…That I understood. But what I don’t get is how could you
decide that so fast? Have you already selected another writer
before hand?”

“— Well…”

She noticed what I meant and slowly nodded.

“Actually — Aoi-sensei— how should I put it…she is a unique
scenario writer.”


Well, I already knew that she is unique. Of course I don’t think
that all of the scenario writers in the world are like her.

“Other…anime that Aoi Makina-sensei worked on till the end all
debuted as a bestselling anime. She is young, but she has talent
and understands how to make a good show. Since she is good at
making comedy anime, we thought that she would be a suitable choice
for The Cutest Little Sister in the World. That’s why we
picked her.”


That I already knew. Sagiri told me that.

But there was something else I picked up earlier – she said
“worked on till the end” just now.

Producer Akasaka calmly said:

“At the same time, Aoi-sensei is also known as The scenario
writer who doesn’t do her job
in this industry.”


“She is not someone who works very slowly – she is
someone ­who doesn’t work instead — sometimes after she
took a job, she ended up not doing anything and was replaced.”

That’s why they got a replacement so fast.

I myself also had my suspicions before…but the truth still
shocked me to the core.

Kagurazaka-san shamelessly said:

“Ah ~ now I think of it, I should have told Izumi-sensei this in
the beginning ~~”

Yeah, that’s right.

“That’s why — ” Producer Akasaka concluded “Please prepare to
work with another scenario writer instead next week.”


I thought about everything I just heard and answered:

“Eromanga-sensei is a diehard fan of Aoi-sensei…I also like
anime of both Aoi-sensei and director Amamiya…not just one of

I looked at producer Akasaka:

“If possible, I want The Cutest Little Sister in the
 — to be made by Aoi-sensei.”

To make our dream come true, I will make sacrifices.

Hearing me say that, producer Akasaka nodded once, and then it
looked like she was thinking about how to respond.

Finally, she said:

“Yes, I feel the same as Izumi-sensei. If Aoi-sensei can do her
job, that’d be the best. Of course I will press her to do that

“What exactly …do you have in mind?”

“Tomorrow, I planned to bring some convincing
to Aoi-sensei, hoping to make her feel

Convincing references…?

“Do you want to come with me, Izumi-sensei?”


“If that’s okay with you.”

Just now, what she said contained lots of hints.

What is she planning, asking me to come with her? So if her way
of convincing doesn’t work, just my appearance can change the


It’s useless to think too much about it.

In the end, my answer has already been decided.

“Please take me with you.”

I bowed. My hand clenched into a fist.

To motivate Aoi Makina, so she could do her job properly. If I
want our dream to come true, this is something I have to do.

The next day, producer Akasaka took me to Aoi Makina-sensei’s

“Eromanga-sensei is Aoi-sensei’s diehard fan, so it’s okay if
you want to bring her with us.”

“Well…there are some reasons….”

Producer Akasaka didn’t know about us siblings. She still
thought that Eromanga-sensei is my aunt, Kyouka-san

“What do you mean; reasons?”

“…Well, for Eromanga-sensei, Aoi-sensei is….how should I put
it….her dream, I guess…so I don’t think it’s a good idea to let
them meet.”

“Is that so? I understand.”

Producer Akasaka nodded, her expression remaining unchanged. She
was as scary as Kyouka-san, but in a different way.

Kyouka-san looked like she could release an ice storm around her
at any moment.

Producer Akasaka — I couldn’t tell what she was thinking at all.
She…is so cold, just like a machine.

— Protect the girl who held her dream in her heart.

I made that promise with Army, but maybe not only should I not
let my little sister meet Makina-san…..but also producer Akasaka
too. In the end, she is a part of this terrifying industry.

We took the route toward the mountain, to the high-class house

On the way, we held some small conversation:

“Izumi-sensei, I think you have already noticed…”

Still looking forward, producer Akasaka said:

“Aoi Makina-sensei —- she is trash.”


How should I reply ….

“What I hate most in the world is trash who does not meet the

Still not changing her expression, she continued:

“Let me explain: It’s fine as long as I say this to you….the one
who said that it is trash that doesn’t respect her coworker. It’s
true that many people fail to meet the deadline, but comparing
yourself to them means that you acknowledge your own

She sounds….angry.

I don’t know anyone like that. Even Elf still meets her

“Of course, no matter how good you are, not keeping your
promises means that you are not trust worthy. I will never count on
that person again, nor will I treat them as human. But when she can
still be used as a pawn, I will pretend to trust her.”

She looked at me — at the writer Izumi Masamune. She was looking
at my eyes.

“Everything I just said is my own opinion, Izumi-sensei. Please
don’t make the assumption that the anime industry can easily allow
someone like her to exist. To think that she still dared to laugh
it off after delaying our work that much!”

“….I understand.”

That was advice from the bottom of her heart – that I knew.

“That child…Aoi Makina….”

From her slip of the tongue, I understood how producer Akasaka
saw Makina-san.

“Cough, cough, about Aoi Makina…”


“She is useful.” Producer Akasaka bluntly said “As long as she

“As long as she works…does that mean everything will turn out
okay as long as she decides to work?”

“Yes. If I have to use a manga-like example, then that girl is
the legendary blacksmith.

She had the skill to make the best weapon, but she didn’t
actually do it.

Producer Akasaka meant to say that’s how Aoi Makina is.

“Using that example with this girl might be a bit off, but that
couldn’t be helped. I thought I’m good at handling a child, but the
fact that she dropped a lot of works is the evidence.”

She slowly stopped caring about showing me what she truly thinks
about Makina-san. But, still —

Despite everything she just said, producer Akasaka still
considered her to be the best choice.

That meant Makina-san might be even better than I expected.

“Izumi-sensei, what can I do to make the legendary blacksmith do
her job?”

“If this was a manga or light novel — it would be something
along the lines of passing a test and receive her acknowledgement,
or some major plot development….”

“You mean making her like the main character?”

“Well…yeah, something like that might work. Some readers do seem
to like adding more and more harem members.”

“I see. Then it’s not something I could do — thankfully I have


Before I could ask, she lightly patted my shoulder:

“I’m counting on you, original author.”

I could hear her smirk in that line.

And then —

” — Alright.”

Producer Akasaka calmly turned around and looked at the
apartment in front of us.

“We have arrived at the trash’s home.”

The apartment is a tall building. I couldn’t see exactly how
many floors it has from the ground.

How much would it take to rent a room here?

In the end, this is a center area.

Saying this might be rude…but I don’t think that a normal salary
is enough to rent a room here.

“…Is Aoi-sensei rich?”

“Frankly speaking, she is a director’s daughter — a high class
lady. She is used to being spoiled and had an easy life in her
youth, that’s why she turned out this way.”

Interesting! Producer Akasaka said something interesting!

“Those kinds of people exist…who use their parent’s influence to
further their career. Aoi Makina is one of them…but I don’t know if
it was luck or misfortune: her skills are real.”

We took the elevator to the 41st floor and walked to the eastern

Producer Akasaka took out a key, the same one she used earlier
at the first floor.

“This…Andou-san gave her life to bring it back for us.”

“Andou-san is still alive!!!”

“It was a joke. Alright, I’m opening it.”

Producer Akasaka said in an emotionless tone and put the key in.
She turned the handle and opened the door.

” — Oh”

There was something that totally blindsided us when we

That “something” was a lot of cardboard boxes arranged like a
wall in the hallway. Since they were put together without a care,
the ones at the bottom were already crushed.

“…What the heck…”

I could catch a glimpse of other things in the hallway too,
which included paper bags, empty cans, food wrappings, manga, light
novels, Blu-ray disks…all of them were scattered everywhere and
covered in dust.

…In short, it was exactly like producer Akasaka said. This room;
and this room’s owner are trash.

“Cough cough cough.”

This is not a room for human to live in, much less a room for a
director’s daughter.

“Izumi-sensei, can you please step aside?”



Producer Akasaka kicked everything in our way aside.

“Wait…that…that was too much….ugh…the books inside were

“Pay it no mind — the floor is dirty, please put this on.”

She gave me a school’s shoes and put some on herself. Then she
continued forward, kicking everything she met aside.

Among the things that she kicked out of the way, the most
valuable one that I saw was a character figure. Of course, she
didn’t show it any special treatment.

I hastily followed her:

“Is, is it okay for us to come in without asking?”

“She is still sleeping anyway. If we want to convince her, first
we need to wake her up.”

“….Is this the same for all anime making personnel?”

She heard me and turned around:

“This originally was the team’s effort, but since Andou-san
isn’t with us anymore…”

Making an anime sure is hard….

“This is a special case — hey ya!”

Producer Akasaka finally made it to the living room, and she
kicked the door open.

It was a large loom, so it’s a bit cleaner than the hallway. Of
course, a bit only meant that there are spots for us to walk

The furniture was placed very strangely: there was a television
in the middle of the room, a low table nearby and a computer.

By the way, next to the television was a mat, and there was a
blanket curled up on it.


It looked so familiar!

I myself don’t want to make the connection…but this
situation…was almost the same as a hikikomori girl.

But of course, my Sagiri is super clean.


Producer Akasaka stopped and looked at Makina who was sleeping
under her blanket.

“Please wait a moment!”

Sensing an abnormal aura from her, I immediately

“I have lived for a long time with a hikikomori girl who made
the same kind of defense. In my experience, forcing her up now is
not the right choice.”

She would get mad and our conversation will become very

“Today we came to convince Aoi-sensei…and it’s our fault for
coming in without asking…so we should calmly and peacefully wake
her up…”

“…Hum…fine, let’s give it a try.”

Producer Akasaka nodded and slowly took her smartphone out.

“Izumi-sensei, please take Aoi-sensei’s smartphone over there
and put in under the blanket.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes. Then let’s peacefully wake her up. I remembered that as
long as I send her a message….”

She did something on her phone —

Makina-san’s phone rang.

Spiral! ♪


Suddenly the blanket moved a little. Just like a slime who was
hit by a lighting magic attack

“Producer, what is this sound?”

“This is the sound that signals a legendary item drop. Anyone
who played a lot of hack and slash will immediately wake up upon
hearing it.”


While I stood there dumbfound, producer Akasaka continued using
her “alarm”.

Spiral! Biku ~ tsu! Spiral! Biku ~ tsu!

Spiral! Biku ~ tsu! Spiral! Biku ~ tsu!

The blanket was moving a lot now. I could hear a voice
“Umm…guh….ughhh…..” like she was having a nightmare.

Wow, looks like it worked.

But I don’t like this method at all….

“She is not waking up.”

“She isn’t. Then let’s try something else.”

Producer Akasaka did something else on her phone and put it
under the blanket.

“What are you doing?”

“I made a copy of a voice clip in a mobile game that Aoi-sensei
played a lot. Anyone who played this game will wake up as soon as
they hear that sound.”

A sweet girl’s voice came from the blanket:

Stardust Witch
Meruru Grand War
♪ Stamina fully restored

“Wow wah!!!”

*Thum thum thum* The blanket shook a lot.

This looks very effective!

“Wah…stamina…I have to spend my stamina….!”

A delicate hand came from the blanket, it moved around, trying
to find the mobile phone.

This looked gross enough, but when that hand actually touched
the phone —


Producer Akasaka kicked the phone away.

It was too much!

“Aww  ~~ Stamina ….Spend…I have to spend….exceed….would be
a waste….”

“Izumi-sensei, please take a good look, this is a diehard fan of
mobile games.”

Is it a zombie? (TL Note: A shoutout for the anime Kore
wa zombie no desuka – I think)

“If someone reaches this stage, there is no cure for them.”

“I think I told you to use a gentle and peaceful way to wake her

All I saw just now was demon-like way.

“What I just did was the gentlest way I could…so, what now? She
is still not up.”


I glanced at the blanket. The hand was still moving, and the
sleeping beauty was muttering “Stamina ~ stamina ~”

“…It did work, though.”

I think all we need was another small push.

Producer Akasaka’s smartphone kept broadcasting a girl’s sweet

Today is Makina-chan’s birthday ♪ You have a present of
5000 magic stones, and 100 days – special right to freely
draw  ♪

Besides, during these 100 days, it’s ~ guaranteed that
you will at least get a 4

This is a chance that only happens once a year! Let’s

To think that she made a fake announcement. Even someone who
doesn’t play mobile games like me found it interesting. An offer
specifically made for this girl.

I was waiting for a reaction, while producer Akasaka began to
walk toward the front door.

“Producer? What are you going to do?”

“I think I’m going to wake her up normally.”

What does that mean —

Before I could ask, she had already gotten a distance away from
Makina-san inside the blanket.

Then she took a running start — and kicked her away.


It looked like the Neo Tiger shoot (TL Note: From the famous
forward Kojiro Hyuga in the manga series Captain Tsubasa ). No way
it could be a normal way to wake someone up.

With a *phew*, both Makina-san and the blanket were sent


Makina-san made a sound like a frog that was stepped on.

And for a specific reason, I immediately averted my eyes away
from her body.

Producer Akasaka said:

“Aoi-sensei, are you up yet?”

“Wh…what do you mean, are you up yet?! Why do you
always wake me up this way!”

Two girls began to argue behind my back.

“I’m gonna tell Papa that you did something horrible to me!”

“Please do. It’s useless anyway.”


“Your father told me that 『 you have the right to do
everything to my daughter

“L..Liar! Producer, you used your parent’s connections, didn’t

“So what if I did? You are the one who used your father’s name
first; of course I have the right to do the same.”

“Guhhhhhhh ~~”

Makina-san made a groaning noise in frustration.

Suddenly, she seemed to have noticed me, and asked:

“Ah, Izumi-sensei, you are here too. Hey, say something to this
horrible producer ~~”

“Now is not the time, please put some clothes on!”

I yelled, still keeping my back turned to them.

Under the blanket, Makina-san had nothing but her panties.

“Ah ~ I went to bed right after taking a bath, looks like I fell

I heard Makina-san say that before seeing her walking to my

Still half-naked, she said in a teasing tone:

“…Did you see?”

“I didn’t.”

“Really ~~?”

“I really didn’t see anything! Please put some clothes on! I
will close my eyes!”

“…Crap, now seeing how embarrassed you are made me embarrassed

Next, I heard the sound of clothes being put on…then Makina-san
told me “You can open your eyes now.”

I opened my eyes and saw that she has changed into light sport

….The more I look, the less I’m sure that she is older than
me. Just how old is she?

Makina-san put her glasses on, and said:

“So, what are you doing in my house?”

“Before that, I have something to ask you.”

“Hmm ~ what is it?”

I bowed my head down:

“Allow me to clean up this room!”

This is not a place for a human to live.

Before we talk about the scenario, I have to clean up this

In my head, I am already thinking what if this is Sagiri’s
. It’s fine if she hid inside the room, but…

“A dirty room is unacceptable! What if you got sick?”


Makina-san made the same reaction at our meeting. She was
shocked by my motivation.

“C…clean up? Sure….”

“Thank you very much! I’m going to buy some cleaning

When I turned around and ran to the door…

“…You are really strange.”

Makina-san said with a hint of laughter.

Half an hour later —

“It ~ is clean!”

Long story short, I turned this messed up room into something
that could allow human life.

Trash was gathered in a corner. The floor was cleaned up nicely;
discarded clothes were put into the washing machine or in the

Books, games and character figures would take a long time to
separate, so I put them all in another room. For now, just the
living room is fine.

“I just cleaned it up a bit. Frankly speaking, it would take a
full day to clean up this house.”

In any case, finishing cleaning up a messed up room in half an
hour is impossible. What I did was just a temporary cleaning.

We sat down around a round table in the living room. I made tea
and brought the snack I bought out.

“Izumi-sensei, you are really good at doing housework.”

Producer Akasaka said from behind her gauze mask. Since she
didn’t want me to clean up everything by myself, she offered to

“I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

Maybe what I did cost us precious time which we could be using
to convince Makina-san

“No no, it’s okay — Izumi-sensei, do you often help with
housework at home?”

“Not help, but rather I do all the housework by myself.”

I don’t think that answer should be said so casually, but there
is no other way to phrase it.

We have touched this topic, after all.

“What about your parents?”

“They are not with me anymore.”

I tried to say it as clear as I could since past experience told
me this is the best way. As long as the speaker understood the
atmosphere and said an apology, we could quickly move to another

However …

“I see. That’s how you are so mature despite your age. I

Producer Akasaka calmly continued the conversation. She didn’t
show any reaction upon hearing that my parents weren’t among the
living anymore.

….Could it be that she already knew, but asked anyway? What
is she trying to do?

“So do you live alone?”

There is no way…wait…I see

Producer Akasaka was leading my answers.

“I’m living together with my little sister. There is a guardian,
but she doesn’t live with us.”

“I see. Thank you for answering. Living together with your
little sister — take care of her daily needs … I see.”

She gave Makina-san a meaningful look.

“….Aoi-sensei, looks like this is how it is.”

“Yup, I heard. But why are you pointing it out to me?”

“It’s nothing; I just say what is on my mind. I have never
thought it was so similar to a certain pair of sisters…well, what
good tea.”

She took a slip of tea, trying to hide something. Makina-san
clearly became displeased.

“Ah ~ it’s annoying. Don’t talk about it anymore…Tell me, why
did you come here.”

” — Then let’s get to the point.” Producer Akasaka said with a
sharp tone “Aoi-sensei, what have you done since our meeting

“I played mobile games non-stop.”

Please write a scenario for me.

“I see. That means like usual, you don’t plan to work,

“Ahahaha ~~ it’s alright it’s alright, I still have time ~~ six
more days to go, right ~~”

“In the past, after you said that, is there a single time that
you finished your work?”

“…N..none? ….There should be at least one….”


A terrifying conversation was happening right in front of

It was very similar to a conversation between Elf-sensei and
Chris-aniki, but the truth is completely different.

How different? In the end, Makina-san will not do her job.


I looked down and clenched my fist.

“This time I will do it! Absolutely!”

“…I already heard that the last time”

Producer Akasaka sighed. Looked like she was at the verge of
giving up.

…Is it truly impossible?

Is it so hard to get Sagiri’s favorite, Makina-san to write
a scenario?

No —!


No! What did I come here for?

“Yes? What’s wrong?”

“I…! I want to work with Aoi-sensei! I came here today to
convince you!”

I showed her my conviction.

” ———”

Hearing my words, Makina-san kept blinking.

“Oh…this…such hot-blooded.”

“I and Eromanga-sensei have watched Meruru! It’s amazing! The
one who made the scenario is you, Aoi-sensei; there is no doubt
about it, right!? If that’s the case, we could leave our novel to
you! If it’s the same team, then our dream can be reached —”

I don’t know if I said it clearly enough. I don’t even know what
I was talking about.

But I told her what was in my heart.

Because unless I said it out, then she couldn’t know.

Makina-san bit her lips…

“What is your dream?”

That was what she asked. That wasn’t a joke.

And the most important thing is, I was asking her to help, so I
couldn’t lie.

“My little sister is Eromanga-sensei.

After our parents passed away, she was hiding in her room, and
refused to come out.

I want to make my little sister laugh! Bad memories, sadness,
worries — I wanted to get rid of them for her! That’s why!

Eromanga-sensei and I made a very interesting light novel! It
will be made into anime! I will bring my little sister out of her
room! We will watch it in the living room together! We promised
each other!

That is — our dream.”

“…With your little sister….a brother and sister…made a novel


“That’s your dream.”


“….I see ~”

Makina-san kept her head low. I also bowed to her.

“In order to make our dream come true, we need your help! Please
lend us a hand.”


She kept silent without saying anything.

Then she looked up, scratching her cheek, seeming troubled.

” — Even if you say that…It’s not like I don’t want to give it
my best….But…but….!”

Producer Akasaka chose this moment to raise a hand and stopped
me from talking

“Okay okay, please calm down.”

Somehow — her voice sounded like she was in a good mood. She
said quietly, allowing no one but me to hear:

“It’s thanks to you. Leave the rest to me.”


I hesitated a bit before following her words. Her voice was full
of confidence.

Besides —

— Tomorrow I plan to bring “a convincing reference” that
could raise Aoi-sensei’s motivation.

I remembered she said that.

“Aoi-sensei, actually, I have a present for you.”

“Eh? What is this? I’ve got a bad feeling.”

Makina-san’s expression became stiff. Producer Akasaka showed
her the smartphone:

“This came from Aoi-sensei’s arch nemesis.”

“Arch nemesis? I have one?”

Due to the angle, I couldn’t see the screen. All I heard was a
girl’s voice.

Ahaha, lazy scenario writer. Long time no see, are you

I’m in a very good mood!

Actually, in the spring next year, my manga series will
be made into anime!

Hey hey ~~ Clap clap clap clap!

I heard that you are working as a scenario writer for
some light novel that’s gonna be made into anime ♪ ah ~~~ oh, it’s
so nostalgic, don’t you think?

It made me remember the time when Meruru was airing. My
anime was broadcasting during the same time slot! We tried to steal
viewers from each other every week ♪

But my anime was cut off in the middle without a

And then someone came and boasted with such a cute
voice! Aghh ~~ just thinking about it made me mad ~~~!! That person
was totally laughing at me.

But well, that was all in the past. I’m very generous,
so I will forgive you.

This time, I will win! I have very high confidence! I
have an amazing team!

Ah ~ well, this can’t be helped.

I heard that recently, you have a nose-ache and were
about to be kicked out of your position as scenario

Looks like we can’t have another fight again, what a ~

Ah ~~ in the end, you are just someone who used the luck
of Meruru. Without your big sis, you can’t do anything. Your only
merits are your big breasts and your parent’s favor.

To think that I used to think of you as my nemesis, I’m
so ashamed of my short-sightedness ~~ that’s all; make sure to
watch for my new anime!

Love you ~~

*Beep beep*

The screened turned black and no more sound came out of it.

I noticed several keywords, but…


Makina-san was staring at the screen.

“That —-”

Suddenly, she showed an honest expression

“That ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”


“That one didn’t change at all ~~~~~ ahahaha !!!”

Nope, her eyes weren’t smiling. Not one bit.

“Ara ara ~~ just a few ~~ advantages and she is starting to
boast even before anything actually begins, how cute ~~ I really
want to beat her up and watch her get frustrated so that I can
laugh at her ~~ Ahaha.”

That was an evil smile. Totally something an antagonist would

Producer Akasaka said:

“How is that, Aoi-sensei? Did you find your motivation now?”

“Yeah, somewhat.”

Makina-san corrected her glasses. Her sleepy expression was
completely gone.

“What a nice present. Anyway — at least I found my motivation

“That’s good to hear.”

Producer Akasaka nodded in satisfaction, then whispered to me
“See, she is such trash, right?”


What is this feeling?

I…in order to reach “our dream”…

Did I become a partner with a very terrifying evil person?

Before I could said anything, Makina-san glared at me:

“I have to say it out now: this isn’t related to what you said
one bit.”


“Your dream, or a novel made by you siblings…yes, it’s
heartwarming, but that didn’t give me any motivation. All I want to
do is to show a stupid, oat girl know how outclassed she is —
that’s all. 100% it is just that. Don’t be mistaken ~~”


“Got it?”

“…I do.”


Makina-san nodded. Producer Akasaka told me:

“Izumi-sensei, I leave Aoi-sensei in your care.”

“Eh? What do you mean by that?”

Before I could hear her response, Makina-san told me, clenching
her fist.

“Izumi-sensei, I will make a bang!

Alright — I will give it my all, starting from tomorrow!”

Please give it your all starting from now!

The next day.

With a face full of motivation, screaming “I’m giving it my
all”, the scenario writer Aoi Makina began to work.

The first thing she did was —

“What? Ma, Makina-san? Why did you come to my home?”

“Until the anime is done, make sure to take care of me ♡ ”