After Elf was taken away, I went back to my room to work.

Right after I booted up my computer, I saw the most recent email that my editor had sent.

The last thing I had told her was ‘About my newest original manuscript, please wait a little bit longer’

Now, finally —

Title: The new original novel is still not finished yet?

Content: We still have a spot for you

If you want to know more about this, call me at 5:00 pm tomorrow.

Sender: Kagurazaka-san.

“….It’s a work related email no matter how I look at it.”

But – there was something about it that I couldn’t ignore.

…In other words, if I passed the planning stage, it would be published immediately….that’s what it has to be.

“In that case, I must hurry! I need to make up for the time I wasted playing around!”

Although the comments from a certain bestselling author were totally useless, and they couldn’t be used as references….

After playing around…I did gain some new ideas.

First step – is being carried on.

That step was to ask Eromanga-sensei for a super ero illustration, and prepare a glorious novel outline.

“There shouldn’t be any problem with that. Well, it is kind of cheating.”

Normally, no illustrator would do that for a novelist.

I was bathing in her grace.

“Still, no matter how good her illustration is, if the content is bad, everything will be meaningless.”

If a manuscript didn’t catch Kagurazaka-san’s interest, she would read it halfheartedly and would turn it down. It was the same as a death sentence.

You can’t expect her to carefully read a boring book anyway.

If I couldn’t make even my editor say ‘It’s good’ then it would be impossible to publish it.

So, the second battle began.

Immediately I began reconstructing my manuscript, focused on the critical points and corrected some problems.

Then based on this newly made manuscript, I would make an outline and give it to my editor.

And then, if possible, I would make a new manuscript based on it.

Maybe if everything went well, she would be patient – maybe she would read about 30 pages.

Finally, she might finish it and say ‘very good’.

“…Even so, I still need to write a new manuscript.”

This was what I do best.

I’m very fast at writing. Not to mention I had an outline that I wanted to pass through no matter what.

I need to carefully give it a thought.

First, now I need to change the manuscript from ‘A novel that only Sagiri could read’ to ‘A novel that many readers could like’.


I had writer’s block.

To correct something that’s already written is more difficult than writing it from the beginning.

How should I put it? Simply put, if you want to correct something, you need a better version than what you had before.

If it was so simple, then you could have written that better version from the beginning.

“An improved manuscript’” was something that I wasn’t familiar with.

But…if I did it well, the end result would be better.

“So…where should I start?”

When I was muttering to myself…

*Bang bang bang*

Sagiri’s request arrived. This was the ‘come here for a second’ type bang bang bang.


I stood up and walked toward the locked room.

As soon as I arrived at the second floor, I knocked on my little sister’s door.

“Sagiri, I’m here.”

I took a few steps away from the door and waited.With a *Whoosh* the door sprung open.

“Wow…so dangerous.”

Although I was still unable to catch it, at least I could dodge this kind of attack.

Like I was promoted to ‘Elder brother’ level 2…just like that.

Sagiri appeared in front of me, wearing a wool dress and sport pants. How should I put it, what a waste! Then I noticed that her face was red, like she had a fever.

I asked her :

“Er…are you okay?”

[What do you mean?]

“Well, your face is a little red.”


She quickly touched her face.

Then…she showed an expression that I had never seen before.


My heart stopped for a moment…what, what kind of erotic expression is that?

[Ehehehe…I’m excited.]

“Ex, excited?”

What is going on? Of course I thought about ero-related stuff, but—-

[Take a look at this]

With sparkling eyes, Sagiri showed me the digital board.


What is that? Showing me that – does that mean the illustration I asked for is completed?

I quickly took a look. That was a drawing of a girl —

“Hey! What the hell is that!?”

Seeing this drawing, I couldn’t help but lecture her.

The reason was because it was a drawing of a blonde loli wearing frilly gothic lolita clothing.

And the most eye-catching part was the fact that she was raising her skirt, showing her panties.

[How is it? How is it? Isn’t it amazing?!]

I think it’s more amazing that you could happily show this super erotic drawing to someone else.

[Isn’t it amazing? This is my illustration!]

“Yeah, super amazing.”

So this must be your original huh?

[Like these erotic wrinkles in the panties! The embarrassed expression! Just from looking…your heart races, right?]

Yes. When I think about the fact that ‘she’ is your model, it’s true that anyone’s heart would race.

[Eheheh…because this is so awesome…I wanted to show it off to you, Nii-san.]

Not good.

Too cute…

I like it…

I’m happy with just seeing my little sister. I should have been lecturing her instead.

When I was writing a climactic scene, sometimes I felt the same too, so I understood her feelings. In this respect, both novelists and illustrators are the same.

Sagiri held the digital board – like a mother gently holding her child in her arms:

[I’m going to make a live video right now and let everyone see it!]

“Wait! You shouldn’t do that!”

[Ehh? Why?]

“No reason! But this was based on Elf, right?”

[Yes, of course]

“Then you must know! Even without me telling you! For example, she will watch your live video too. Then how do you think she would feel if she saw someone who looks exactly like her revealing her panties?”


“This is a live video for the whole world to see! If you do that Yamada-sensei will be turned into a super pervert!”

I only spoke things that should have been considered common sense, but a tear appeared in Sagiri’s eyes.

[Hic…but…this is such an amazing illustration….]


Looks like denying someone’s work was harder than I thought.

My editor probably felt the same when she shot down my manuscripts – like hell.

When she shot them down, she totally looked down on them.

But, I’m not her. I – there is no way I could let the drawing that Eromanga-sensei happily shared with me to disappear.

So —

“…Can I take another look at it?”

[………Sure, no problem.]

“Thank you ~ Ah…………seeing it again, it’s really nice.”

This was a drawing that made Eromanga-sensei, who was strict with herself, unable to hold back her happiness. This was a really good drawing.

It would be a waste to just put it in storage.

While I was thinking – suddenly an idea came to mind —


—- Sorry, Elf

I apologized to Elf in my heart — then smiled:

“Sagiri! Your illustration will not be wasted! I will give her life!”


Sagiri opened her eyes wide.

[What? What happened?]

“I will put her in my book.”

[Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?]

“I just had an idea! After seeing this illustration…I had a very good idea!”

The same sudden inspiration I had back when I decided to make my little sister into my heroine.

“Sorry, I have made up my mind. The law can’t stop me now. Not even you —- yes, yes. That’s it, that’s it!…Kuhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Another inspiration is coming….!”

My mind’s speed was boosted. Good ideas endlessly flooded my mind.

The girl in front of me – quickly developed in my mind, actively chasing after her love – ‘the development that only I could see’ quickly appeared.

I tried to listen to everything she said in my mind.

I couldn’t afford to miss a single word. Because I wanted to write her real self.

This is important! To bring out the charm of this bossy girl who looks down on everyone is my sworn duty!

Because I was so focused on my thinking, I didn’t pay any attention to my surroundings. Instead, I quickly faced forward.

“Good! I’m going back to writing!”

When I was about to make a step, I felt something grab my shirt.


What? I’m having a hard-earned inspiration, don’t bother me.

I turned back and saw that my little sister was trying her best to pull my sleeves.

— Ah….



Sagiri looked at me, her eyes half closed. I felt a bit embarrassed.

“Ah…..yeah, we are talking right?”

I clapped my hands, closed my eyes and apologized to Sagiri.

“Sorry! It’s my bad habit born from my job!”

Whenever I got inspired, I wouldn’t listen to anyone. Or rather I no longer listened to this world.


Sagiri didn’t answer.

She must be very angry…I slowly opened my eyes in terror, but I saw something unexpected.

[….It’s nothing.]

Sagiri slowly shook her head without saying anything.

Then she smiled:



What’s… that smile mean?

I was unable to understand why my little sister’s mood suddenly changed, but it looked like it changed for the better….

While I was confused, Sagiri kept smiling:

[……..I Feel…..a bit]

Although her voice was so small that I almost missed, I could see her face redden.

“Uhm? Yes?”

[It’s nothing. I only felt that nii-san is a bit of a pervert…]

Sagiri sounded kind of panicked, she blushed and turned away.


Hearing these harsh words from my little sister always hurt me the most.

I even thought that she blushed because she was embarrassed.

Okay, since there was nothing else to do here, let’s get back on topic.

“About that, Sagiri. I was having trouble trying to figure out how I should rewrite that manuscript into something better – now I finally found a way.”

I told her the new idea I just got:

“That is to make a bunch of cute girls in my novel! As many cute girls as possible! That kind of novel is the best!”


Sagiri stared at me before saying:

[….Always, felt, that was obvious…]

“Who cares!”

Even if this was obvious, I still need to prepare!

“And so…well, that’s about it for now!”


“If you could continue drawing illustrations that can fire you up like just now – I think I will gain some more new ideas.”


Sagiri suddenly opened her mouth:



Although I felt that doing this had some kind of risk.

“If Eromanga-sensei can – please draw more for me.”

Sagiri’s eyes widened, and then —-


A beaming smile.

Then she quickly realized something else:

[…I, I don’t know someone with that name.]

Really….don’t say something that sounds so fake. Is that already your habit now?

I tried to suppress my laughter and said:

“Please take care of me.”

The day after we brother and sister had that conversation.

After school, inside my room, I was writing about the new character I thought of yesterday.

“Wow wahwahwahwah ~! I did it! Super classic! Am I a genius? A god? Kukukuku! Even beating‘One Piece’ is a piece of cake!”

Since everything was going so well, I sounded a bit like Yamada Elf-sensei.

But everyone would be the same when they are fired up.

This same burning motivation that Yamada Elf-sensei spoke of is something unstoppable.

“Still….although I wrote it when I was at my best…”

It was too soon to celebrate. Unless I let someone else read it, I couldn’t know for sure if it was ‘really good’ or not – and the most important things is, the only reason I was able to make that character was thanks to Eromanga-sensei.

I said that I wanted to add more girls, but without Eromanga-sensei’s illustrations, my work would be much harder.

“Say, what exactly will that new character’s role be? I don’t get it!”

I fell head first on the table and said something that a professional novelist shouldn’t say.

How exactly did I make a new character until now? You might lecture me about the fact that I just said I had made a new character. How should I put it, well, that was a moment of inspiration. When I came to, the manuscript was already finished. I didn’t even have any memories about what I wrote in there.

Isn’t everyone like that?

Damn….why do I only remember bad stuff….

To me, writing a novel is a paradise-like dream, a hell-like reality.


When I wrote a fighting novel, it was as fast as the time in Romancing Saga 2, when seven heroes gather and begin their fights. But I had only had two inspirations before now.

One was when I decided to write a little sister based novel.

The second was then Eromanga-sensei showed me a super erotic, super cute illustration.

“This isn’t good…I totally depend on Eromanga-sensei now….”

Of course I will keep writing – but I will always be looking forward to a new drawing that Eromanga-sensei may show me at any moment.

I was looking at the ceiling, my head blank when my skype buzzed.


In order to let Elf have her conversation, I prepared this method of communication.

Now, aside from the bangs on the ceiling, I also communicated with my little sister via skype…despite the fact that we lived under the same roof…unbelievable.

Still, increasing ways of communication is a good thing no matter what.

I pressed a button.


[Nii, Izumi-sensei.]

Eromanga-sensei’s voice came through a voice changer.

[It’s a bit hard to tell…but there is a serious problem.]

“Serious problem? What is that….?”

I couldn’t help but imagine a wide variety of possible situations.

[About that….after I met the super cute Elf-chan, I had a lot of inspiration, and was able to draw a lot of good illustrations…]

Eromanga-sensei said seriously about her ‘problem’:

[Now, I can’t draw any characters save for lolis.]

“…………………..That’s really a serious problem.”

In short, it’s like this:

One of the reason that inspiration came to her was the fact Elf is a loli. Because of that, her mind was drawn to it, and now everything she draws is a loli.

“Well, what’s bad about it anyway? As long as they are cute.”

Compare to before, all of her characters were flat chested too.

[I wanted to draw all types of heroines too! Beside, a change is important, right?]

It’s just like she said.

With practice, she could draw a big breasted girl now. Of course she’d like to try that.

“I understand…then what can I do about it?”

[I want to see a cute girl!]

Eromanga-sensei bluntly put her request in. I also bluntly replied:

“Look in the mirror.”

[Nii, nii-san! How could you say that!]

Sagiri turned the voice changer off and spoke to me in her natural voice.

[Since that didn’t work, I have ask you something.]

“Then what should I do?”

[As I said…about that….]

Sagiri sounded like she was struggling with her words, then she said:

[It can’t be solved by looking at a mirror, you know? Why do you think that all of my characters were flat chested until now?]

“….Ah ah.”

—- I don’t want to draw something that I haven’t seen before!.

“For Eromanga-sensei, a drawing of herself and a drawing of Elf is the same huh.”

[Kuh…Yes, that’s right!…Don’t force me to say it, take responsibility!]

“What responsibility!?”

What should we do then?

[I want to see a cute girl]

Sagiri repeated her request.

“If you could get an inspiration from a video, how about watching television then?”

[I tried that before. But now, I want to see something that would give me the same feeling Elf-chan gave me!]

“In other words, Elf is your favorite type that can fire you up?”

Could that be the reason that you tried to peep on our neighbor? If that was the case, then I just had a new understanding of Eromanga-sensei’s limit.

[I’m not sure myself, but I did feel that Elf-chan is cute. I’m still trying to think of some way to let me see her panties closely,in which I don’t have to leave the room and she doesn’t have to enter the room.]

Hey, the way you describe your solution sounded like you are coming out of the closet.

“Which means you don’t plan to leave your room…”

But the part that she didn’t want anyone to enter her room was unexpected. She sometimes allowed me to enter.

[In short, aside from Elf-chan, I wanted to see a girl that can fire me up! Who would become a model for my cute heroine! Who would make an illustration that could make Izumi-sensei laugh!]

“Now that you mention it, recently without your illustrations, my work can’t progress at all. But no matter what I still want to help you….”

[Nii-san, among people you know, is there anyone who is cute, big breasted and willing to let me see her panties?]

“Of course not!”

Even if I knew one, there is no way I could ask them for that! This girl, she changed too much when she was talking about illustrations Should I call this ‘Eromanga-sensei mode’ from now on?

[Then, then…is there anything…that could replace it?]

“What exactly are you talking about? Tell me?”

[Don’t ask me, I don’t know either! In short, find me a girl that can fire me up!]

“Okay…got it, I will think of something.”

Although Eromanga-sensei asked me….I couldn’t think of anything.

“What exactly do you mean about ‘fire up’…..”

While I didn’t want to talk back to her, the way she said it make it impossible for me to understand.

While I was troubled, suddenly the phone rang.

“It’s me, Izumi.”

[Ah, Onii-san~! How are you~!]

A cheery tone came from the speaker.

The only one that called me that….

“…Megumi huh…”

Jinno Megumi, who likes to make friends with everyone. Sagiri’s class rep.

She wanted to make a certain hikikomori go to school. You can say that she is Eromanga-sensei’s nemesis.

[Yes ~ yes ~ This is Megumi ~ uh, so, about that haunted building, how is it now?]

“Ah, sorry to worry you. It’s nothing. Just a new neighbor that arrived.”

[Is that so? It’s good that it’s not a ghost.]

Because of Elf, I almost made a mistake.

[Say, Onii-san ~ what do you think I’m wearing right now?]

“No, I’m not going to guess.”

I replied, but Megumi kept talking in a mischievous tone:

[Totally ~ nude ~]

My heart stopped for a second! …Nude…nude…

What did this girl just say?

[Ehehe ~ actually I’m taking a bath.]

Yeah, I could hear the sound of water flowing.

Wh, what? Bathing?

My heart! I even thought….

[Araara ~ Onii-san, why aren’t you saying anything? Could it be ~ you are thinking the same?]

“Of, of course not.”

[Again ~ really ~ Onii-san, pervert.]

Megumi deliberately showed me the sound of water and said:

[Say, Onii-san ~ why didn’t you call me? I have been waiting.]

“Because, because….”

Although we did exchange numbers…

But she is just a middle schoolgirl. I had no reason to call her…

“….Because I don’t have any reason to.”

[Ah~ Onii-san, you are so cold. Didn’t we make a promise~?]


We did? What was that again?

[You see ~ this is ~ that ~]

Megumi whispered in a charming voice:

[You and me…an alliance?]

“So that’s what you are talking about!”

From the strange way you spoke, I thought it was something else.

During our first meeting, Megumi and I had become allies. We made the ‘Take Izumi-chan out of her room alliance’

[And so? What happened next to Izumi-chan?]

Megumi’s voice became serious. Although she was easy to get off track, she really worried about Sagiri. If my little sister decided to go to school, I would be at ease if she got a class rep like Megumi.

[Did she…go out of the room?]

She did…just once….

—- I will never tell her that. It had a special meaning.

So I told her something else instead:

“Recently…Sagiri…made a friend.”

[Oh? An online friend?]

“No, I meant a real friend.”

[Wh, what? Tell me more!]

This was the first time I saw Megumi act this way.

“Didn’t I just tell you? The ghost is actually my new neighbor – she was about the same age as Sagiri. Since she doesn’t go to school either, they are somewhat similar to each other….And then… a lot happened, now they can play games together.”

Although online play only.

It could only be Elf. Hearing this, Megumi sounded shaken:

[Oh oh…isn’t it a good…improvement?]

“Yup, a good thing.”

[Mwu…can I state my honest feelings?]

“Go ahead.”

Megumi’s voice trembled, then she screamed:

[I don’t like it! Someone stole that position from me! I wanted to become Izumi-chan’s first friend!]

That was what she said.

“…Is that so?”

I could feel her true feelings.

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t believe that she truly want to become Sagiri’s friend.

[Onii-san, what did you just say?]

“It’s nothing.”

[Really? Hm ~ game huh…I’m quite good at that.]

“What did you say?”

[I’m thinking about my new plan. In order to become friends with Izumi-chan.]

……This girl.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted her to go to school and stuff?”

[I will leave that for later. Now, I will start with becoming her friend. Friend.”


What a positive view. Maybe I could learn something from her.

“…..Can I say my honest feelings too?”


Phew ~ I took a deep breath and spoke my heart out.

“I don’t like it either…becoming Sagiri’s first friend….someone took that spot from me…I feel the same as you.”

[………….Yeah, me too.]

Somehow I got the feeling that Megumi was smiling.

[We are comrades.]

“Maybe it’s true.”

From allies to comrades.

Neither of us said anything, probably because we both were thinking ‘What should we do next’.

Finally, Megumi said:

[About that…Onii-san ~ can we meet?]

“….Right now?”

When she spoke in a quiet tone, it felt strange.

[Yes, right now. If Onii-san is fine with it – I want to discuss the next plan with you.]

“Ah ah, is that so?”

If that’s the case then I had no reason to refuse. I was unable to write anything now anyway.

Maybe going outside isn’t a bad idea.

“Okay, where are we going?”

[Let’s see. In front of the station – there is a store called Takasago bookstore, do you know it?]

“Of course, I go there every day.”

It’s my classmate’s home too. But why there?

[Since I’m taking a bath ~ let’s meet up at the Takasago bookstore in fifty minutes later ~]

You take too much time bathing.

“Okay, then let’s meet up later.”

[Sure, please take care of me ————- Izumi-sensei.]



Ehhhhh? Ehhhhhhh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

I arrived at the Takasago bookstore.

There was still time before my meeting with Megumi, but I couldn’t wait at home any more.


The way she called me…wasn’t too bad.

No! No nono, what is going on! How could Megumi know about my real identity?

“She didn’t sound like she took a stab in the dark….”

Last month, when Megumi came to my home, she noticed the ‘Silver Wolf of Reincarnation calendar’.

Inside Izumi Masamune[4]’s home there was a novel by Izumi Masamune[5]…of course she would notice the similarities…But I thought I hid it well…I never expected that Megumi could link two and two together.

Because although she said she read manga too, but she only read stuff like One Piece.

My penname was printed very small on that calendar.

I never expected her to find out.

“What should I do…ah damn. its dark already!”

I was very troubled.

But there was nothing I could do about it, so let’s leave it aside.

That is the habit I gained in the last three years.

Start with something that I could do.

“Let’s see…I’ve arrived at the bookstore…let’s look for something that Eromanga-sensei can use.”

Something that can replace a girl’s panties.

That was an unreasonable request from a reliable partner – but if I could do that, if I could fire Eromanga-sensei up, then I would get a super erotic illustration in return.

Then every time I saw a new illustration, I could get a new inspiration.

That’s why I really want to fulfill that request. But…

“It’s impossible to ask a 3D girl to show her panties.”

In other words, I could only ask a 2D girl.

Can I even find a 2D girl that could satisfy Eromanga-sensei here?

By the way, in Sagiri’s bookshelf there were only novels from a certain bestselling author, which only had loli girls in it – they were useless. Elf probably chooses those girls with the same reason as Eromanga-sensei in mind.

If that was the case…then they are really alike.

I had faintly felt that before.

“Ah, Mune-kun. Welcome.”

As soon as I entered the bookstore, a voice welcomed me.

It was the voice of my classmate, this bookstore’s mistress, Takasago Tomoe.

Her hobby is reading, mobile phones and sports shoes. Today she wore a bookstore apron, and yellow high-tech sports shoes.

“Hello ~”

I casually greeted her back, she pointed me to the new light novel shelf and said:

“A new book came in ~ please buy something ~”

I could see it from here. There were some girls on the cover.

Although they all looked cute…


“Hehe, my dear customer, what might you be looking for?”

Because she looked quite happy, I told her my problem without a worry:

“Eromanga-sensei wanted me to find a heroine reference that could fire him up.”

“What’s that mean?”

Tomoe looked confused, then she thought for a moment:

“You mean like ‘Circlet Girl’ or ‘Shakugan no Shana’?”

“Even I could think ahead that much.”

I already bought them all.

“Actually, it’s like this —-“

I told Tomoe everything (minus the part about Eromanga-sensei’s real identity).

“….Um um, so that’s why.”

Tomoe scratched her chin and nodded:

“In short, to give Eromanga-sensei inspiration, you are looking for a cute, big breasted black haired girl who looks good in an apron and sport shoes.”

“The later part is unnecessary.”

“Then you decided to go to the Takasago bookstore, right?”

You didn’t listen to me at all, did you?

“….You can say that.”

I need to buy a light novel with a cute heroine.

“Eheheh, then it can’t be helped.”

“…Why are you getting embarrassed for?”

“Eh? Didn’t you come here to ask me to be the model in your next novel?”

I never said that.

I carefully looked at Tomoe again.

Well-developed breasts appeared in front of my eyes, supported by her apron.

I had to admit that this girl, while she was about the same age as me, had a great body.

First, her face is cute. Although I didn’t notice it before, she might fit Eromanga-sensei’s request.

“Eh? What? You are going to help me?”

“Yes, because, because this is my friend’s request! I, I’m not planning to enter the light novel industry! I just want to contribute for a great novel! That’s all!”

I feel this is what you are thinking:

You are imagining yourself as a novel’s main character (and then replace their life as you see fit). Like a web novel.

Tomoe…you are…interested in that?

“Then I will be blunt. Can I ask for your help?”

“Yes! I will do it!”

Tomoe smiled and patted her own chest. That action shook her breasts so much that my heart kept racing for a while.

Tomoe either didn’t notice or didn’t care, she continued:

“And so? What exactly am I going to do?”

“Let Eromanga-sensei see your panties through skype.”

“So easily! Hey wait…! What, what what are you saying? That is impossible!”

Wow! Tomoe became angry!

“In order to draw an erotic illustration, Eromanga-sensei wanted to see a cute girl. So let him see you in an erotic pose.”

I told her seriously, but Tomoe coldly looked at me:

“………………Are you the one who wants to see it?”

“No, no. Not me!”

Why do both Elf and Tomoe look at me this way!?

“Really? It’s not like after so many years being friends with me, you suddenly noticed my charm and awoke your adolescent desires?”

“You read too many self-satisfying light novels!”

Not to mention that I had absolutely no interest in a 3D girl’s panties.

You ask why? Because I had been washing my little sister’s panties for a year.

I pointed at Tomoe and told her clearly:

“Listen well Tomoe, it’s just a piece of cloth.”

“You even act like…! Like you live with a girl every day!”

Tomoe flushed and used her hand to cover her chest.

“An..anyway, no means no! What are you asking a girl for!?”

“So it’s impossible huh ~”

“Of course it’s impossible!”

While I was taking Tomoe’s anger…

“Ah, Onii-san ~”

Someone called me from behind.

*Tap tap tap*

Suddenly my vision went dark. Someone covered my eyes.

“Guess who~?”


As soon as I answered, her hands left my eyes. The owner of voice appeared in front of me:

“Right right ~”

Megumi appeared with a glittering smile.

What a fearsome destructive power. If I was someone else, she would have captured my heart.

“Sorry for keep you waiting, Onii-san ~ I’m Megumi – bathing completed ~”

“Okay okay. I don’t need that useless information.”

Just like she said, a fresh smell came from her.

Seeing my conversation with Megumi, Tomoe titled her head and asked:

“Mune-kun, who is this beautiful girl?”

“That is my little sister’s classmate —“

“Pleased to meet you, Onee-san~ I’m Jinno Megumi ~!”

Megumi raised her voice and introduced herself.

“Please call me Megumi”

“Ah, right…please to meet you, Megumi-chan.”

Tomoe had the same reaction as me from before. But since she added ‘chan’, she sounded more generous than me.

Although she still looked confused, Tomoe quickly recovered.

“I’m Takasago Tomoe. As you see, I’m one of this bookstore’s staff. I’m Mune-kun’s classmate and his friend.”

“Please take care of me. Can I call you Tomoe-chan, Onee-san?”

“To, Tomoe-chan? Ahahaha…It’s fine…You are amazing.”


….In the conversation just now, Megumi was the one who gained the initiative.

Although I think that Tomoe is good with conversation too, but facing an over-the-top class rep was too much.

“Say, Megumi, there is something I need to ask you.”

“Oh right. Of course you must be concerned about that, Izumi-sensei.”

Yes…let’s begin with that.

“Why are you calling me ‘Izumi-sensei’ —“

“Ehehe ~ that?”

Megumi smiled mischievously:

“Because this is related to my new plan, so I will tell you from the beginning. A few days ago, when I visited your home, I saw that ‘Silver Wolf of Reincarnation calendar’.”

Ah, I knew it.

Why did I pick a penname that’s the same as my real name? I should’ve changed it.

“After I took a closer look…I posted it on the net to see if someone recognized it ~ And then a fan of Izumi Masamune-sensei, who also went to the photograph event appeared.”

“Eh? Really?”

Please forgive me for sounding so happy right now.

I, I have a female fan? Who might she be?

Since she went to the photograph event, I tried to remember —

“By the way, it’s a boy.”

“A boy?”

I should have known! Only males came to my signature event —-

Not only that, only males read my novels, there were four ultra-big letters EROMANGA[6] on the cover. Of course no girl would dare to pick one up.

“A small boy, bald, do you remember him? Tall, high school and….”

“Ah..! Yes! There was a bald guy among them!”

Damn that bastard! He sold me out!

But I didn’t deny it. That can’t be helped.

“But a boy in high school…..”

Aren’t you a middle age schoolgirl? Seeing my unasked question, Megumi answered:

“I have a lot of male friends ~”

“…Ah, is that so.”

There is no need to ask anymore.

“ — And so, after I asked him a lot, I found out. Do you get it, Izumi-sensei?”

“Ha, yeah, I understand why I was exposed.”

Although Eromanga-sensei’s true identity is still safe, I need to tread carefully here.

“Then…let’s get to the main topic. What is the connection between my real identity and your new plan to become Sagiri’s friend?”

“Okay. Although I don’t know where whoever took my place came from —“

Megumi raised a finger:

“Among the techniques to make friends, the most important things is you need to know about your target. What does that person like? What type of people does that person like? What is that person’s hobby? Information like that.”

“I see.”

That was something coming from a class rep with 500 friends. Sounded very convincing.

“Yes. Then – I have been thinking. In order to become Izumi-chan’s friend, I decided —“

“To learn more about those disgusting novels ~!”

To learn about those disgusting novels —- Disgusting novels — Novels —

Megumi’s penetrating voice echoed back and forth in the shop.

Then silence.

Me. Megumi. Tomoe……All three of us fell silent.

Finally, I asked:

“To become Sagiri’s friend….you…what did you just say?”

“Eh? Didn’t you hear me? Haaaaaa that’s not good, Izumi-sensei. I will repeat once more, okay?”

“In order to become Izumi-chan’s friend, I have decided to learn more about those disgusting novels ~!”

…..Doesn’t seem like I misheard….

She said that right in front of a light novel author….

…But…how should I reply?

When I was having trouble ….

“Hey, brat. Say that again.”

With a shaking voice, the bookstore mistress slowly took a step forward, her killing aura visible.

Oh damn.

“To, Tomoe-chan?”

Megumi looked at the terrifying Tomoe, her eyes widened.

While at the same time, Tomoe was emitting an insane killing aura, her face showed a sinister sneer.

“Hohohoh….You said something about disgusting…right in front of the master of a light novel store….kukuku.”

I heard something that sounded like a switch was pressed.

“You are so braveeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Don’t look down on us!”


I quickly applied a joint lock technique from behind my friend, who was about to attack a customer

“Gruhhhhhh! Mune-kun! Don’t stop me! Let me go!”

“Tomoe! Wait! Calm down! She doesn’t have any ill intentions!”

“Ha!? No ill intentions —-? As if I could forgive her!”

You aren’t wrong on that aspect.

“Customers! There are customers here aside from her! Say, say! Calm down, okay? I like the Tomoe who is as calm and gentle as an extra character the most ~”

After I played my role as a kid for a while, Tomoe finally returned to normal.

“Hoh ~ hoh ~ I felt like I was coaxed by a kid just now.”

“That’s your imagination. Calm down, calm down.”

I turned my head back to Megumi:

“You too. Apologize!”

“Ehehe, sorry ~ I’m reflecting on this situation.”

“You are totally not reflecting at all! Want me to throw you down from Arakawa bridge!?”

“Don’t do that. Scary ~ Onii-san ~ you looked like a bad guy from Adachi, Arakawa Ward’s law enforcer.”

“That’s enough, you two!”

You are ruining Adachi area’s reputation.

For me, this area is full of my parents, my mother, and my hometown’s memories.

I can’t stand it when someone badmouths them. The law and order was gradually improved.

In short, everyone finally calmed down.

I told Megumi:

“Don’t call a novel with illustrations disgusting. A lot of people would be angry if you do that.”

“Okay ~ then what should I call it?”

“Light novel…yeah, that would be fine.”

“Okay, I will do that from now on.”

“That’s for the best.”

It would be simpler if she just talked to me beforehand instead of beating around the bush.

“And so? Back to the main topic…why is ‘improve relationship with Sagiri’ related to learning more about light novels?”

“Because Izumi-chan’s Onii-san is a light novel’s author, right?”


“Then I think that Izumi-chan must like light novels a lot, right?”


True, there were a lot of light novels inside Sagiri’s room. Many of them weren’t written by me.

“It must be ~ I said so, there will be no problems.”

Megumi confidently answered.


At least she didn’t hate light novels. Her job is a light novel’s illustrator after all.

“I understand.”

“Okay? Then, Onii-san, do you understand why I called you here?”

“Nope, not at all.”


Megumi dropped her shoulders, but she quickly recovered herself:

“I want to have the same hobby as Izumi-chan. But I don’t know where to start, so I need Onii-san’s help.”

“Ah, is that so?”


…This girl…

I like One Piece the most

She once said that before.

Because her friend likes it, she felt that she should like it too – then she will like it herself – to the point she could proudly bring it up in conversation – if that was the case, then I couldn’t scold her with ‘That’s too sudden’ or ‘You don’t understand anything’…

I felt that I’m slowly beginning to understand Megumi better.

“In that case ——“

When I was about to make my recommendations, Tomoe put her hand around my shoulder and pulled my head closer:

“Mune-kun! Come here for a second!”


Hey, your breasts are touching me!

Tomoe led me to another corner, said:

“I get it. Among youngsters today, this girl is still an easily impressionable child.”

“How old are you?”

“But I still can’t forgive her for what she said just now.”

“Forgive….so what are you going to do?”

Don’t do anything bad inside the store, please.

Tomoe said with a crafty expression:

“Use light novels to destroy her.”

“Wh, what?”

“That girl looked down on light novels – so, we will drag her into a pit and destroy her.”

“While your words and action sounded sinister, that isn’t a bad idea.”

“Then let me go to her school as a missionary, and I can get a lot of customers.”

“I take it back. It’s an evil idea.”

But that was a good way to handle the situation. That girl had a lot of friends.

Tomoe got away from me and walked to Megumi with a hearty, business-like smile

“Dear customer ~ I have heard of your situation. If you want a light novel for beginners, then please look at what I show you instead of what those third-rate authors sell. I will sincerely serve you, and find the most suitable book for you.”

“Ha, ha…Then please. Can you please talk normally? Really.”

Tomoe’s disgusting business tone made Megumi back off. And what third rate author was she talking about?

For some reasons, Tomoe’s evaluation of ‘Izumi Masamune’ is quite low.

Still…things got a little strange. I wonder how will it end?

Well, Tomoe wasn’t too bad when it came to recommendations, I will leave it to her.

“Then I will talk normally. Please come this way ~”

She led Magumi inside and picked a book from the Dengeki Bunko’s shelf.

“This ‘Hyper Hybrid Organization’[7] is pretty good!”

Ah! This!

“You could take a look, if it doesn’t suit your taste then don’t force yourself, it’s good to pick something you like. Please have fun while reading. Next this — ‘ Escape from The School’[8].”

She really took it seriously, all of them were masterpieces.

Still…well, I will shut up for now.

“My next recommendation is this ‘R.O.D’! Girl! Read! Or! Die![9]

…Tomoe always has fun when she recommends a book.

Sharing what you like with someone else.

When I wrote novel, I did the same thing too.

After that, Tomoe recommended some other novels about love and other genres for Megumi.

Megumi was overwhelmed by the mistress’s momentum, she could only follow.

“Next is Fantasy Demon Blade Legend[10]‘! This is the one that has sold the most!”

“…….After seeing your recommendations, I remembered. You like this author.”

“Yes, I’m a big fan. Currently, the second season of the anime is showing. This is the most suitable light novel for beginners.”

Tomoe laughed mischievously.

Just like my little sister, Tomoe was at her cutest when she talked about her favorite things and smiled.

Just —

“Tomoe, I think that’s enough. She would be troubled if you made so many recommendations.”

“Ah, you are right” Tomoe said.

“Don’t worry! I’m totally okay with this! All to become Izumi-chan’s friend! I will buy them all! Although I don’t totally understand these book which are full of text – but as long as this is something my friend likes, there is no way I wouldn’t like them too.”

That girl also tried her best.

If Elf was here, she might even have made a cool-sounding skill name for Megumi.

“I’m happy to hear that. But I can’t let a middle age school girl spend so much money. Today you should buy only five…no only three books. You can’t read too many at once anyway. If they are good then you can always come back later.”

Originally, I planned to introduce Megumi to the library. But with the bookstore’s daughter here it’s impossible.

“Three books huh…I want to have at least one book from Izumi Masamune-sensei.”

“If you need my book, I’ll give it to you directly.”


“Yes. So use your pocket money on books that you yourself like.”

“…Thank you. Onii-san, you really are kind.”

Megumi gave me a charming smile.

“Ehehe ~ how about a kiss?”

“That was too far for a joke.”

“Ah, what a pity. If you said ‘sure’ I’d really kiss you.”

“You are joking.”

Although I said that, but…damn, I really felt a bit of regret.

I don’t like it ….this girl….

“Uhuh. Then I will pick the first two…and the last one you recommended.”

“Okay ~ thank you for coming ~”

After she took the money, Tomoe said in a meaningful tone:

“See you tomorrow, Megumi-chan.”

“Eh? Tomorrow?”

“Uhm. It’s nothing – Bye bye.”

“? — Bye bye, Tomoe-chan.”

That was their first meeting, but they already had a good relationship.

After we left the Takasago bookstore, we went to the Izumi’s household in order to give Megumi my book.

On the way, Megumi asked me:

“Onii-san~. What does Tomoe-chan mean when she said ‘see you tomorrow’? I feel like she’s hiding something from me….”

“You will know soon enough.”

I smiled and refused to let her know the answer.

The next day, Megumi called me.

[Onii-san! The book that Tomoe-chan recommended for me is so amazing!]

“Is that so? That’s good to hear.”

[I’m sorry for calling it disgusting before! I was wrong! I’ve bought good books! So that’s what Tomoe-chan meant yesterday! Really ~ you are mean Izumi-sensei. Why didn’t you tell me how good light novels are beforehand! Ah, I still haven’t read your book, sensei. I’m really looking forward to it!]

“…..Do whatever you want.”

The next day, Megumi called me again.

[Hey! What’s the meaning of this?!]

“How am I going to know the answer right after picking up the phone?”

[All of the novels that Tomoe-chan recommended to me all ended on a cliffhanger! The next! When will they sell the next one!?]

“As if I know.”


Don’t be so loud when on the phone. Even the windows were trembling.

“I’m also waiting for them.”

[Don’t wanna! Don’t wanna don’t wanna don’t wanna don’t wanna! You are lying right?Please stop joking! I can’t wait even a single day more!]

“Me too, me too.”

Everyone’s the same.

[Onii-san, you are a novelist right! Please contact the author! Please tell him to hurry and finish the sequel!]

“Don’t cause trouble for others! How could I urge another author to finish his work? Even I would be upset if someone asked me to hurry!”

You have to understand! We have a lot of difficulties too!

Even if you beat around the bush, some authors would be scared. This is a very sensitive topic.

Some of us can handle being asked when the next volume is coming out,but some can’t. I hope you can understand this.

[Then…then what about this, this insatiable emptiness that I’m feeling? What should I do?]

…..Destroy her.

She fell into Tomoe’s trap. Bookstores are scary.

True, among masterpieces, there was some that make the reader beg for more.

“Hyper Hybrid Organization”, “Maria-sama ga Miteru “, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, “The Twelve Kingdoms”, “R.O.D” – like that.

The truth is, all of the so-called beginner light novels that Tomoe picked weren’t suited for newbies.

Especially the three novels that Megumi picked. None of them were finished yet.

Like Fantasy Demon Blade Legend, which was stalled for a while. A very scary work in every sense.

It was such a super-super-super awesome novel, but it stopped right at a cliffhanger.

And despite everyone’s expectations, the 12th volume was still nowhere to be seen.

All readers, me included, were dying to read it.

Tomoe, fully knew this, and still purposely suggested that Megumi buy that book.

What a demon.

“There’s only one way to cure this state. Go read other good novels.”

[Kuh…how…how could it be…]

“Still…isn’t it what you intended to do?”


“Didn’t you begin reading light novels in order to have a common topic to talk about, and to become friends with Sagiri? See, you already like them.”

You like them so much that you couldn’t stop reading anymore.

[Ah! Now that you mention it….]

Megumi suddenly sounded confused.

[…I…like novels…]

“Yes, you do. So, your training is now finished.”


Megumi recovered her spirit, and said:

[Onii-san, tell me about Izumi-chan’s favorite novel!]

“…Say, shouldn’t you ask her directly?”

I suggested:

“If you do that, wouldn’t it be easier to start a relationship?”


I could hear the admiration in Megumi’s voice.

[This is it! Nice idea! Yeah!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~]

She sounded like a robber who had found a treasure chest.

[Oh….Onii-san, you are a bit cool.]

“Thank you.”

[I needed to thank you. Say…between my heart and my body…which do you prefer?]

“Don’t blow at the speaker!”

I could feel goose bumps forming.

I quickly returned to the topic:

“So, can your strategy work now?”

[Of course! Then, tomorrow after school I will bother you again!]

For a novelist, although it is important for a reader to pay for my book, sometimes, there are more important things.

For example…using my book as an opportunity to make new friends with other readers.

To make friends.

What a happy story.

It’s as valuable as seeing someone enjoy my story.

This time, my book helped create that chance for Megumi and Sagiri.

I couldn’t help but imagine the scene when they both energetically begin talking non-stop about a book.

“By the way, Megumi. About ‘The Silver Wolf of Reincarnation’ that I gave you, have you read it?”

[Yes. That, that’s quite unique!]

I want to kill you! You destroyed my heart!

…What would you do if Sagiri said she liked my book?

Hurry up and like it already!

The next day, which was when Megumi said that she would come, before I went to school, I visited the locked room. There was something I had to talk about with Sagiri beforehand.

“Sagiri ~ I have something to say. Open it ~”

A moment later, the door slowly opened…Sagiri appeared in a white dress.

Our eyes met.



We both froze. I didn’t know about Sagiri’s reason, but I froze because my little sister was wearing super cute clothes that made me stand there dumbfounded.

No! No nononono!How can I allow my heart to race so much because of my little sister!

“Nii-san…what do you want to say?”

She said it like it was nothing. Well, the truth is the style of clothing she wore changed only recently.

I don’t know why, but she had begun to try some new clothes on at home.

Every time she launched a surprise attack like this, my heart raced like hell.

And where did she get those clothes anyway? Did she always have them? Did she buy them via the Internet?

As usual, my little sister was so mysterious. Even if I asked, she wouldn’t tell me.

“Well, that’s ….where should I start….”

Let’s begin with the first order then.

“Those…clothes…suit you. Why did you decide to wear them?”

“No reason….I just…wanted to….”

Sagiri whispered embarrassed,

“Is that so? You look cute.”


*Thud thud* She looked down and tried to hit my stomach.

She couldn’t get past my defense. Without a weapon, her attack was very low.

“Hey, why are you angry….”

“What, what do you want to say. Hurry and say it!”

“Fine fine. First about what you asked me to…”

“You meant to find a cute girl with big breasts and willing to show me her panties?”

“Yes. I have been trying to ask a certain person….”

“Oh….she will let me see her panties?”


“………………Really? ….oh.”

“Hey, what’s with your ‘is this guy serious’ expression?”

I did it because of you!

“Because, because…I didn’t think that there is someone like that…and….”



Her voice became so quiet that I couldn’t hear anything.

Sagiri pouted. She looked even more pissed at me than before.

“Mwu ~”

“Sa, Sagiri?…Since the beginning, what are you angry for?”

“I don’t care. I hate Nii-san the most.”

She turned her head aside.

Although I was in a hurry, I couldn’t help but notice that my little sister looked cute even when she was angry. My expression was torn between being anxious and giggling, so even I didn’t know what I should do.

“Calm down, okay. Then, I will ask her again and make her agree no matter what.”

If it’s for Sagiri, I would even kneel to Tomoe and beg her to show her panties.

Sagiri told me hurriedly:

“There, there’s no need…No need for that anymore. Don’t do anything unnecessary”

“Is that so? But I felt that if I begged her again she might reluctantly agree.”

“That’s enough! Really, Nii-san you pervert!”

…I asked my friend to show panties for you, for Eromanga-sensei…and I am called a pervert?


“Then that’s about it. Also…”

“…Something else?”

Sagiri looked like she could slam the door shut at any moment, she was standing on edge, waiting for me to continue.

“Megumi said she wanted to come here today.”


Sagiri looked like she had just seen a cockroach.

….You hate your class rep this much?

Inside the locked room, I sat in front of my little sister and told her about what Megumi did.

“…Nii-san, why are you always trying to do those unnecessary things? I told you that I don’t want to meet her.”

“Don’t say that. Megumi is still a good person at heart. She tried to like the same things you like too.”

“But…although. Even that….mwu…”

“She only wanted to borrow a book. That’d be fine, right?”

I looked at Sagiri’s bookshelf.

“You could give her Maria-sama ga Miteru volume 11 ‘Holding a Parasol’.”

“Why, why are you sounding like a devil, Nii-san?!”

It’s not my fault, this is a certain bookstore mistress’s fault. This was her intention all along.

Although Maria-sama ga Miteru was finished, that bookstore mistress only sold Megumi the first ten volumes (which ended in a cliffhanger). If she could buy them all, she would probably be happy.

“Anyway…I don’t want to see her face.”

As expected – no meeting face to face. Sagiri’s hikikomori had some rules.

Whenever there was ‘someone else’ at home, don’t leave the room.

Don’t let anyone enter her room (but might let someone in?)

Wearing a mask and voice changer and speaking via the Internet was acceptable.

If she wanted to improve her relationship with Sagiri, she needed to deal with those rules.

“….If all she needs is to borrow a book…then I could…but….”


“……..Con, condition.”

Sagiri rubbed her finger together and looked embarrassed.

Then she whispered:

“Class rep………………………..Is she cute?”

The same day, after school. As soon as school ended, I hurried back home and prepared for my guest. Then same as before, she arrived with a song-like-ring of the doorbell.

This class rep…she was too carefree. I wonder if she really could make so many friends. But considering how motivated she was, she will probably always get what she intended in the end. Maybe she really had that many friends.

“Coming ~.”

I opened the door and saw her. Megumi raised a hand:


“Welcome! Come in!”

First Elf and now Megumi. After I knew of Eromanga-sensei’s true identity, the number of girls that came to my home had increased. Hopefully it has a good effect on Sagiri.

I showed Megumi the living room and left her there. Then I brought coffee and a snack over.

“About our talk on the phone this morning….”

“Yes, the condition to let me borrow her book – she needs me to be her model for an illustration, right?”

Yes. This was the condition Sagiri spoke of.

Megumi, in order to improve her relationship with Sagiri, came to borrow a book.

Sagiri’s condition was that she needed Megumi to be her model — that was it.

“Ehehehe, I’m so embarrassed ~ I even tried to dress up a bit! How is it, Onii-san?”

Still sitting on the sofa, Megumi cutely showed off her body.

It looked like she put on some clothes from a fashion magazine.

“…Ah…not bad.”

I couldn’t help but notice Megumi’s super short miniskirt.

“Ehehe, she wants me to be her model for illustration….could it be that Izumi-chan has some hidden intentions?”

My guess is Sagiri asked that to get more references for my novel outline.

Probably —

I will not ask anything perverted.

When Sagiri said that with a righteous expression, my concern disappeared.

That came from Eromanga-sensei, who asked a girl she just meet to raise her skirt.

Besides, Sagiri have never met Megumi before. They never met face to face. So she probably didn’t have any hidden intentions. She must just be asking a middle school girl to be her model for my new novel…It must be that.

And to think that I doubted Eromanga-sensei’s noble intentions…I’m sorry, Sagiri.

But even though….making a novel outline or making friends…I hope this could be step forward.

“Ara ~? Onii-san, your eyes are so perverted~ Girls know where a boy is looking ~”

“As, as if!”

What? She knew where was I looking? Girls are so scary.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m a model for a fashion magazine ~ I can make any pose you want!”

Fashion magazine huh?

Since Megumi truly looked very cute, I felt that it’s entirely possible that she actually might be a model.

Of course, the “raising-her-skirt pose” is something she wouldn’t do even if I asked.

“So, what should I do now? Izumi-chan is not going to come out, right?”

“Ah, yeah.”

Let me see her panties closely while I don’t have to leave the room and she doesn’t enter the room

Finally, I found a way.

I took the black cloth and rope that Sagiri gave me and showed Megumi.

“Wh…what is this?”

“Blindfold and rope.”

A few minutes later —

“Wait! Onii-san!? It’s like a hentai video! I’m embarrassed!”

“Do you watch that kind of video too?”

“No, of course not! But, this…feels a bit overboard!”

“That’s just your imagination.”

I lied. Of course this was too much.

I led Megumi to the locked room. Because Megumi had the blindfold on, her hands were tied together, she was unable to do anything, see anything.

If Megumi’s like that, then she is allowed to enter…that was what Eromanga-sensei had said.

As a model, don’t you feel that something is very wrong?

“As expected of a fashion magazine model, you look good in anything.”

“Ehehehe, right right — no this is not right! I never appeared in such perverted state when taking my photograph! Wh, what kind of magazine do you think I’m working for?”

Megumi shook her tied hands furiously.

“This can’t be helped. Unless you do that, Sagiri won’t meet you.”

“Mwu…Although I feel that meeting face to face is already a good thing…but this…this is really embarrassing.”

Megumi looked like that was her first time.

Although she showed that she really wanted to do this, I was still surprised. I felt that if I asked to see her panties, not only would she not be angry, she might even agree.

“Then I will call her now…Megumi, remember: don’t do anything rash, and don’t take your blindfold off.”

“What exactly can I do in this state?”

She raised her tied hands to me.


I confirmed one last time then turned to the locked room.

“Sagiri, we are here.”

I called.

The door opened with a creakkkkk, but it stopped nearly immediately. Through the small gap, Sagiri peeked outside.

Megumi also noticed, she asked:

“Pleased to meet you, Izumi-chan. Are you there?”


Sagiri was startled, she immediately returned back to her room.

“Hey, don’t startle her. You need to treat her kindly, like a small, timid creature.”

“I only tried to start a conversation?”

Too bad, Sagiri isn’t that kind of girl.

My little sister is very scared of strangers. I put my hands to my mouth and shouted towards the locked room.

“Sagiri ~ its fine ~ I blindfolded and tied her up, she can’t do anything, don’t be scared ~”

“…That…that girl…is like a beast….”

Some more time passed, then the door slowly opened again, showing Sagiri’s little face.

And then —


Seeing Megumi, Sagiri made a surprised sound.

…What’s wrong Sagiri? Didn’t you ask me to blindfold and tie her up?


She put a hand on her chest, her face flushed.

Just like a fan who meet his idol.

She kept standing like that…then finally.


Just like someone had startled her again, her body trembled and recovered. And then…

“This way.”

Sagiri took Megumi’s hand and let her into the room.

“Ya!” Megumi screamed a bit.


Is, is this real? Sagiri actively took someone into her room?


Sagiri totally failed to hear me, she kept looking at Megumi with burning eyes.


Then she immediately crouched down and began drawing.

Her action was very swift, and without any hesitation.


A heartwarming smile appeared on her lips.

…Ah, it’s too late now.

“…Sorry Megumi. Sagiri – is totally focused on her drawing right now.”

“Okay…uhm…but is Izumi-chan really here? It’s not like Onii-san prepared a recording and tricked me into a defenseless state, right?”

“How could that be true?! Don’t make me into a bad guy!”

Although from an outsider point of view, this could actually be true.

“Sagiri…I’m suffering from slander, can you say something to prove my innocence?”


“……Sa, Sagiri?”

Mwu….I knew it.

No matter what I said, Sagiri made absolutely no response. She just sat there with the digital board in her hand, and did something similar to those guys who would lie down and try to take picture of someone’s panties.

While her breathing was hard, her face was serious.

If a male did the same thing she was doing, he would be arrested immediately.

But now, Sagiri – Eromanga-sensei looked very dazzling in my eyes.

And Megumi of course couldn’t see that.

“Onii, Onii-san? Izumi-chan didn’t answer! Is there a camera here? Can I go home right now?”

“Please mind your words in front of my little sister. Sagiri’s just focused on drawing too much, she’s unable to answer.”

“….Is that so? I can only trust you for now. But….if Onii-san wanted to do something strange to me, I couldn’t do anything to resist. Okay, I will mentally prepare myself!”

“Mentally prepare yourself for what? Forget I asked, you don’t have to answer.”

Although we were talking, Sagiri kept drawing without stopping.

Sometime she crawled around in a very questionable form and observed Megumi from different angles.

She was totally – into Eromanga-sensei mode. Now her head had nothing but the desire to finish an erotic and cute illustration.

“….Your line of sight! You are looking at my chest and my thighs aren’t you! My muscles are shaking!”

“I have to remind you that this isn’t me.”

“How, how could a girl have such a perverted gaze! I’m so uncomfortable!”

“From the beginning….you looked embarrassed.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yeah…like you are not really used to such a perverted gaze….”

“That’s not the reason – no! I can withstand this level fine! I’m a model!”

Although Megumi said that, she pulled her tied hands back to her chest.

That action wasn’t as swift or easy as she said.

Strange…how could this shameless girl be capable of such action….this wasn’t like the Megumi I knew.

The Megumi I knew was someone with a lot of male friends, who enjoyed talking about dirty jokes. What’s going on?

“……..Megumi…you…could it be?…”


“You are — a fashion bitch [11]?”

I pointed my finger at Megumi and blurted out,

“Wh, wh, what….” Megumi’s face twisted into a forced smile: “What do you mean? What is a fashion bitch….”

“They are girls who have never done anything remotely erotic, but always pretend to be a pervert.”


Megumi immediately flushed.

…..Looks like I hit the bull’s eye.

Ah, thank god for the fact that a middle school girl who is a pervert doesn’t exist.

“No nonono, that’s not it. I…er…I….I just have a lot of experience….and many male friends…and little…”


“I have also seen a little bit of a penis”.

……..Is that so?

You decide to announce this at someone else’s home?

“I, I’m telling the truth.”

“Then it must be your father’s.”

“No, it’s not!”

Eh? Really? You aren’t lying, are you?

“You, who’s have you seen…? No, don’t say something so shameless in front of Sagiri! I get it! I get it already!”

“Hmhm…it’s good that you understand.”

Megumi showed a proud expression and pouted

…Strange…I thought that she was a fashion bitch.

Was I wrong? Was Megumi actually a bitch?

When I was wondering, Megumi continued our conversation.

“Listen to me, Onii-san!”

Because of the blindfold, she turned to the wrong direction and got angry.

“I, I’m not a fashion bitch! It’s the truth —-“

*Whoosh zhhhhhhhhhh*

“ ————- Eh?”



Time froze.

Now, right in front of me, something ‘unbelievable’ happened – because Sagiri did something ‘unbelievable’.

Both I and Megumi were stunned for a few seconds.

………..How….how should I put it…it’s… a bit hard to say……

Sagiri pulled Megumi’s panties down.

When the panties fell to Megumi’s ankles, my whole body stopped.

And Sagiri also stopped herself, she still maintained the same posture that she had when she pulled Megumi’s panties down —

Finally, time moved again….with a whisper:

“………….What cute striped panties.”


The next instant —–


From the locked room came a girly scream.

A few minutes later.


In front of me and Sagiri, Megumi was crouched down, and was covering her face with her hands, crying.

She didn’t look like the shameless bitch from before. Just a normal girl who was scared and cried when someone took off her panties.

And she came here because of my suggestion.

….I felt guilty.

Eromanga-sensei…..what should we do….

No matter how much I indulge my little sister, this time I shot her a glare with condemned eyes.


It doesn’t look like she is in Eromanga-sensei mode anymore.


Sagiri also went pale and trembled.

Her expression…was saying ‘what have I done?’

In one hand, she still held Megumi’s stolen panties. Her voice trembled:

“…I knew it was too much, but I couldn’t hold myself back.”

Who could understand what you said!

If this was revealed, your career as an illustrator is over!

Everything regarding you will be burned to the ground.

‘‘Eromanga-sensei caught being a pervert.’’….despite her only being a child….

Worst case, I have no choice but to take the blame instead – I couldn’t help but imagine the worst possible situation.


Suddenly, like something that had chained her down was cut, Sagiri sat down in front of Megumi.


Because she made some noise, Megumi raised her head. She was still blindfolded even now.

….What…what is she going to do? Could it be….

From the side, I saw Sagiri take Megumi’s blindfold off.

Behind the cloth was a pair of teary eyes. And her eyes meet Sagiri’s.



Sagiri’s shoulders trembled – because she was scared of strangers.

Then like Megumi’s, her eyes quickly filled with tears. She looked horrified.

But even so, she gathered her courage and maintained eyes contact.


And then —

“I’m sorry.”

She bowed and apologized.

Although Eromanga-sensei turned into a pervert whenever she saw something related to illustrations — But when she did something wrong, she was still a good kid who will apologize.

…But can Megumi forgive Sagiri or not?

I should apologize too – what was I thinking…

“We can speak now!”

I never thought that Megumi would say that.

Still crying, her nose still flushed, yet she said that like something amazing happened:

“Izumi-chan! We can easily speak with each other now! Even without the blindfold!”

That’s the most important thing! — I felt that was what Megumi was trying to say.

Faced with the sudden bombardment, Sagiri could only mutter “Oh? Eh” in response.

“….It…it’s not like…its fine…but….I need to apologize.”

Sagiri once again apologized. Megumi wiped her tears with her sleeves.

“I forgive you!”

And with a smile, she said:

“We are friends now! Because I let you see my panties!”

I felt that the reason was a bit…off.

Now, there was both pride and embarrassment on Megumi’s face – a complete mess.

But even so, her voice was gentle and serious.

Hearing that, Sagiri blinked and said:

“No, we aren’t”

“Oh oh — hey!”

Still firmly rejecting in this situation, my little sister was so stubborn.

“You are too much! You even took my panties! Even my younger brother hasn’t done that! You are too much, Izumi-chan!”

“But you said you forgave me.”

“Yes! But don’t you think that there is something else you could say? Like, becoming friends?”

“That….thank you for your hospitality?”

“You are welcome! Damn it! I should have charged you for taking them!”

This was hard to hear.

But at the same time, it made me re-evaluate what I saw.

Because Sagiri…was talking with her.

While it took me a year of effort…. in order to hear my little sister’s voice.


Like she suddenly remembered something, Sagiri opened her mouth then turned away.



Sagiri ran towards her bookshelf, took some books from it, and then returned to Megumi’s side.



“Although we can’t be friends…this is my promised payment.”

“Ah —- “

Megumi also sounded like she suddenly remembered something.

“That’s right. A promised payment.”

“Yes. Like I said…here, they are for you.”

Sagiri gently handed her the books with both hands, like a girl who had sent out her love letter.

“My…favorite books. Please…take them.”


……..You tried your best, Sagiri.

I praised my little sister in my heart.

Anthropophobia. Unable to communicate well….But now I see that wasn’t all.

The conversation just now…took a lot of effort…that I knew better than anyone.

Before Megumi took the books, somehow she paused for a moment.

“These are… Izumi-chan’s favorite books.”

“Yes…the booksI like the most in the world.”

“Really – then, I will like them too.”

Unfortunately, from my position, I couldn’t see the name of the books that Sagiri had picked.

“After I finish it, can I borrow some more?”


“Okay, then, let’s promise!”

Thus – in the end, did Megumi catch up with Elf?

Or did she even get ahead?


After a year, now that I finally had some partners on the road that I had been travelling.

That was what I felt.

“Izumi-chan. Can you return my panties that you just snuck into your pocket earlier?”

“…That’s…please wait until my illustration is finished.”