Anyhows, you’re probably wondering why I, Shirase, am living together with my homeroom teacher, who teaches English, Sakurakouji Reina Sensei. This dates back to a few days in the past.

[Was my lecture really that boring to you?]


Suddenly, a cold voice hit my earlobes, and it pulled my consciousness, which was dozing off, back to reality.

Yesterday I was up late making a new game, so I barely got any sleep, and I guess it showed on my face.

“Oh shit…”, I thought, while slowly expanding my field of vision.


[Uoh!? They’re huge!?]

Just how big are those breasts!?

[ …Huh?]


[O—Oh, it’s just that you were right next to me when I regained consciousness, so it startled me a bit…]

[I see. Sorry about that.]

And so, there was a figure of a woman who was wearing a crisp suit, as if she was trying to put emphasis on her excellent chest, crossing her arms before me.

Braided smooth and silky straight hair, and remarkable thin glasses. My homeroom teacher, Sakurakouji Reina Sensei.

I’m pretty sure her age is around her mid-twenties.

She became my homeroom teacher in spring. She’s a beautiful woman with an outstanding intelligence.

But, unfortunately, her personality is horrible, she often scolds people, which is why she’s extremely popular with the masochistic men. She’s at the top of my Sensei ranking for Senseis that aren’t exactly my cup of tea.

And so, I thought that I wouldn’t have to be involved with her if I made sure to be careful, but it seems like I made a massive blunder.

[So, what is the meaning of this? Do you think that my lectures aren’t worth listening to?]

[N—No, I would never think like that…]

[That’s why I’m asking you what the meaning of all of this is. You were gaping your mouth a lot earlier with those yawns, you know?]

[S— Sorry…]

[If you’re willing to apologize, then you should’ve been behaving from the start. Since you interrupted my lecture, you caused everyone trouble. Understood?]

[Y— Yes… I’ll be careful from now on…]

“Ahaha…”, I laughed with a forced smile. Sensei gave me a terrible glare, and as if exasperated with me, she returned to me and said:

[I want a twenty page written apology by tomorrow morning. Understood?]

[Ehh!? T—twenty pages!?]

I just dozed off for a bit and this is what she gives me!? That’s too cruel? Is she a demon!?

[Of course, you know? Do you have any complaints?]

[N— No…]

I nodded my head with a pale face to affirm Sensei, who was ready to start the next lecture.

Naturally, I was in low spirits, so I wasn’t able to absorb any of the lecture’s contents.

[Ahaha! Cheer up! When I created a novel out of my 50 page apology letter, she increased it to 100 pages, so you’ll be fine!]

[No, that’s simply because you were being an airhead…Also, stop patting me. Be more normal.]

I gave Aoi, who was fiercely patting my back, a disgusted glare.

Coming home from school:

Still feeling low spirits, I was heading home while walking next to my classmate, Gunjou Aoi, who was consoling me.

Aoi has a petite figure, but she’s a sporty and pretty girl who looks good in bob cuts. She’s been my partner in crime since childhood.

Like her outward appearance and word choice imply, she is very bright and kind, so she’s popular among both men and women.

Even at first encounters, she’s the type to easily get to know somebody.

[Ahaha, sorry, sorry. Ah, that’s right! Since you’re not feeling well, why don’t you come to my house like old times? I’ll treat you to dinner if it ll make you cheer up!]

I pointed my thumb downwards, glared at her again and said:

[No thanks. You say you’re going to treat me, but your grandmother is going to do the cooking, right?]

I know that this girl’s cooking is devastating.

[Don’t worry about the small details. Anyways, let’s just eat together! It’ll make you feel better than by eating alone!]

[What’s this, you’re really concerned about me?]

[Yeah, I’m concerned, you know. Because Koutaro is an important…friend to me]

Oi, you were being inarticulate for a second there.

You were averting your eyes, too.

Well, her concern for me honestly makes me happy. I guess I’ll show her my gratitude.

[I see. Thank you. But didn’t you say you needed to help with something today?]


Aoi stopped in her tracks with surprise, gasped as if she remembered something, and raised her voice with an “Ahh!?”

[That’s today!? The volleyball practice match where attendance is obligatory!?]

[Figures. I’ll be fine, so hurry up and go. Actually, will you even make it in time? We’re almost at my house, so I feel like it’ll take about 30 minutes to get there.]

By the way, Aoi has extraordinary physical capability and communication abilities, so she’s able to work as a helper for club members or part-time jobs.

I’ve seen Aoi work as a volleyball club helper before, and the thing I remember the most is watching her countlessly slam the ball and pick it back up.

And watching her spike and slam the ball with that physique is really surprising.

[Sorry, Koutaro!? I’ll definitely compensate for this next time, all right—!?]

[Yeah, be careful out th— Ah, she’s already gone.]

Aoi disappeared like the wind, and made my mouth loosen and exhale a puff of air.

It feels like when I talk with her, I cheer up a bit.

That’s one of Aoi’s good traits.

She doesn’t think too much about the troublesome things, I guess.

If I had to pick a person to have fun together with, it would be Aoi, without a doubt.


And then, when I got back home after parting with Aoi, I remembered the trash bag placed at the entrance when I saw it.

Furthermore, my house is a single house with nothing out of the ordinary about it. At first, I used to live with my grandfather and grandmother, but my grandfather went for a job transfer away from home with my father, so essentially, it’s like I’m living by myself.

[Not again…]

I dejectedly dropped my shoulders, and scanned the colorful seal attached on the trash bag.

And then it said: “The trash isn’t separated properly”, written in big characters.

Once again that old woman is just…Never mind.

I guess the Garbage Magistrate-san looked through it one-by-one.

Also, no matter how you look at it, the box is made of plastic.

Why isn’t it classified as plastic waste?

I don’t get it—… 

[I’m home—…]

Grabbing the trash bag, I opened my entrance door with low energy, and like I expected, a large amount of trash was scattered all over the place.


Dirty, as always…

Well, I’m the reason it’s dirty in the first place…

While being fed up with the room being in that state, I threw the garbage bag in the hallway, and went back to my room on the 2nd floor to change my clothes.

Of course, it wasn’t this messy from the beginning.

The origin was when my grandmother, who was living with me until last year, passed away.

Because all of the housework was entrusted to my grandmother, I didn’t know how to do any of the housework.

I’ve been thinking that if my father were here, the situation would be a bit more preferable, but he’s on a job transfer away from home, I occasionally contact him, and he’s unable to come home most of the time.

I wish he gave a little more concern to his son.

He really abandoned me, that old man…

Furthermore, my mother died of an illness when I was young, so I’m an only child.

And as a result, this house has turned into a disastrous state.

[Now then, what should I eat for my evening meal?]

I said to myself, after changing my clothes and opening the fridge.

Although the fridge only had plastic bottles of tea and milk, and 90% of the fridge was empty.

[Wait, isn’t the milk past its expiration date!?]

I haven’t been scrupulous with food rations at all.

Needless to say, I’ve never cooked once in my life.

Of course, cup noodles don’t count.

Using a kettle to boil water and then adding it into the cup. It’s an amazing and convenient invention by civilization.

[Whatever. I guess I’ll eat outside today.]

[Now then, what should I get today?]

And then, I went to a nearby Family Restaurant, opened the menu, and pondered my decisions.

There are a lot of delicious looking options here, but I’m going to get the hamburger that I loved since I was a boy.

And of course, it comes with loads of cheese.

When my grandmother was still alive, she made those kinds of hamburgers for me, but I still think the hamburgers here are delicious too.

I unconsciously yearn for them when I’m not eating outside.

Of course, my grandmother’s hamburgers are my absolute favorite, but this place has some pretty delicious hamburgers that I enjoy.

And so, I used the button provided to call over the waitress and order this.

“Can’t you come more quickly?”, I said, while waiting excitedly.

[Like I’ve been saying, I’m still not married yet, you know!?]


Suddenly, I heard a woman from my neighboring seat raise her voice, and so I turned around and raised my head.

Next to me is a man and woman, and on the other side of them,  a single woman, making them a group of three. Seems like the one who let out the loud voice earlier was the woman on the other side. 

[Sorry for the wait—]


And then, at approximately the same time, the food was arriving, and then I hurried back to my original position.

 [Ah, Ahaha…]

The waitress-san, who had a strange look on her face, gave me the sizzling hamburger on an iron plate.

The melting cheese looked miraculous and delectable. 


I was interested in the conversation next to me, but letting this hamburger get cold would be a waste, so I guess I’ll dig in for now.

And then:

[Your Mama and I think about you all the time. Just look at us! We’re so lovey-dovey that it brings you joy, right? Right, Mama?]

[Fufu, you’re right. Mama is so happy that she was able to marry your loving Papa.]

[Haha, you’re making me blush. I’m really glad that I met you. I love you, Mama]

[I love you too, Papa.]



Oi, I want to know what’s going on over there.

Even though this hamburger is so amazing, I was so curious about the conversation next to me that I had to separate myself from the flavor…

Once again, I glanced behind me, and then I saw a man and woman in what seemed like their 30s hugging, kissing, and being lovey-dovey. 


That ruined my mood.

They’re what are commonly called “Lovebirds”, aren’t they…

[Didn’t I tell you guys not to flirt and make out like that in public!?]

[What are you so angry about? The reason why you were born in the first place is because Papa was all lovey-dovey with me.]

[This and that are different stories! I’ve been telling you guys to stop because it’s embarrassing for me!]

[Ara ara, it’s embarrassing for you?… It’s just that your Mama just loves Papa so much…sniffle]

[Don’t worry about it, Mama. She’s just in her rebellious phase. One day, she’ll understand our emotions.]

[Oh, I see. Thanks for letting me know, Papa]


[C’mon, you two~]


I heard a sigh of disappointment as if that person was fed up. It probably came from the daughter-san.

If my parents were lovebirds like that couple, I would be at my wit’s end.

[Anyways, what your father is trying to say is that you have a hopelessly inadequate amount of “love”. That’s why you’re unable to remain composed. Do you understand?]

[No, how am I supposed to understand you guys!?]

Yeah, I don’t get them either.

What are those people even saying…

[Hm, looks like we’ll have to be a bit more forceful with you. Mama, please take it out.]


—Rustle rustle

[…What? What is this?]

[This is your arranged marriage partner. He’s the son of a rice farmer. He seems like a pretty good man.]

[Arranged marriage?…Can you please not decide on those things without my permission!? I told you that I want to focus on my job, didn’t I!?]

[We did it precisely because you said that. We looked for someone who would be compatible to work with you.  Not only will he join our family, but he’ll also help out with farm work. What exactly are you so unsatisfied about?]

[Everything! I’m unsatisfied about everything! What I’m trying to say is—]

[Alright, I get it. For now let’s just go back to our home. We’ll talk about it there. It’s because we’re in a city such as this one that you have such a biased mindset.]

Um, it has nothing to do with being in the city…

[She’s right, you know? You come back to our home, and then Mama and I will calm down and we’ll have a civil conversation.]

[Hm, I refuse. Because in the first place, I planned not to go back there.]

[Ara ara, this is a problem. I thought for sure that you’d willingly come back home for good, so your Papa and I talked with the apartment’s landlord-san and cancelled your renting contract.]

[Hah!?] [Pfoo!?]

I spit out my miso soup without thinking.

[Y—You’re kidding!? You did it just like that!? I’m already 25, you know!?]

Not only do I agree with her, I sympathize with her. 

Actually, I thought they were just bad parents, but they’re terrible people…

[But, your Papa and I were thinking about you…sniffle]

[Y—Yeah, she’s right. If you’re going to blame your mother, blame me instead.]


[Everything will be fine, Mama.]

The atmosphere between the two of them changed into a lovey-dovey atmosphere again.

Honestly, I was wishing for a meteor to fall on them, but I’ll set that feeling aside for now.

[…Hah, I’ve had enough of having parents like these…I can’t leave things like this, you know!? I’m contacting the landlord-san, alright!?]

Said the daughter, and then she took out her cell phone, but…

[Ah, I’m sorry. About that, we already have a new tenant decided…]

[Eh!? I—It can’t be!? That quickly!? C’mon, why don’t you spit out more lies!?]

[It’s no lie. It’s the truth. I heard that the landlord’s daughter is going to get married, so they’re expecting to use that empty room.]

[Hah!? I’m so done with…A—Anyway, I’m going to try to negotiate with the Landlord-san!]

With the cell phone in her hand, the daughter-san furiously dashed out the restaurant.

Seems like a really big problem…

Well, it’s another family’s affairs, so it’s not like I can do anything about it.

[Now then,]

The daughter-san ran off somewhere, so I guess I’ll go home too.

I just came here in the first place for an evening meal, after all.

And so, I rose up from my seat, paid for my food, and exited the restaurant.


[Owah!?] [Kya!?]

I accidentally bumped into a woman who was trying to enter the restaurant.

[Ah, excuse me…]

[M—me too…]

While lowering my head and apologizing, I extended my hand to the woman who fell on the floor on her butt.

[Thank you very much]

[Don’t mention it. Are you ok?]


She looked like she was in her 20s.

A cute woman who had fluffy long hair that looked good on her.

Her attire was a refreshing-looking blouse you would wear in early summer, accompanied with a long skirt. Her hands and feet were nicely proportioned, and she looked like a model-san with her style. And more than anything, her breasts were humongous. 

Her breasts were enough to steal my eyes, but since she was right in front of me, I suppressed my urge.

It was a coincidence when I apologized to this beautiful Onee-san for a wrongdoing, precisely because…



When this woman suddenly called out my name, my eyes unconsciously widened.

I furrowed my brow, trying to recall if I knew this cute woman from somewhere. I took one good look at her, and it made me remember the figure of a particular woman.

[You’re…Sakurakouji Sensei!?]

It was her, my homeroom teacher, Sakurakouji Reina, the one that I’m weak to and afraid of.

When I see her during the day, she’s always wearing a tight suit, has smooth and silky straight hair, and glasses, so I didn’t recognize her at all. But this is undoubtedly her.

It’s because of how magnificent her breasts are.

Sensei, why are you here…!? I feel like I’ve heard that phrase before…But while that thought was floating in my head, Sensei had a face as if a lightbulb flickered in her mind.

#TL Note# I am positive that this is an allusion to “Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?” which is a series by Soborou.


And then:



[I beg you, Shirase-kun! There’s something I need to talk to you about! It’s a very serious matter!]

[Eh? Ah, Um…]

[Please! You’re the only one I can depend on! I’ll do you a favor or something afterwards, so please stick with me for now!]

[Eh—Um… Sure]

Sensei was tightly gripping both of my shoulders and had a very tense expression, as if she was under a lot of pressure. I nodded at her without thinking.

While she had an oddly nice smell that tickled my nasal cavity, I was engrossed in the fact that this was my first time seeing the real side of her. Sensei started to link her arms with mine. 




In an instant, Sensei’s gigantic breasts touched my arm, I felt its soft texture spreading throughout my entire arm. 


I—I think I should say something about it.

Actually, in the event that I say something like that to Sakurakouji Sensei…

[What the hell are you thinking!? You pervert!]



It’ll become that kind of situation.

[What? What’s the matter?]


And so, in order to not give her the wrong idea, I enjoyed the texture of her breasts…I mean, kept my mouth shut about it.

Even though she’s wearing clothes, breasts can still feel this soft, eh…

While remembering that same excitement, the place that Sensei took me to was the neighboring seat of the booth that I was guided to before. In other words, the spot where the daughter and her parents were having a heated argument about marriage.

No way…!? My bad intuition was running all over the place, and Sensei, who was still linking arms with me, faced a flirting couple who seemed to be her parents, and said this to them:

[Sorry for the wait. This is Shirase-kun. You see, we’re married.]



W—What is this woman saying!?

Naturally, I couldn’t stop panicking.

[N—Nice to meet you. I’m…I mean, my name is Shirase Koutaro. Best regards.]

[Yeah, nice to meet you. I’m Reina’s father, Reicihi. And this is my wife, Haruna.]

[Fufu, nice to meet you, Koutaro-kun!]

[Y—Yes, nice to meet you.]

I bowed my head at them, and Sensei said something as if she was apologizing:

[I’m sorry for keeping it a secret until now. After lining up my thoughts, I thought I would properly inform you guys.]

[Hm, is that so?]



[Gufuh!? Y— Yeah, that’s right…]

My elbow…

That was pretty painful…but I resisted the urge to faint in agony. Both of Sensei’s parents seemed surprised, but relieved at the same time.

Both of them are still fairly young. They look like they’re in their 30s, but since Sensei says she’s 25 years old, they must be in their 40s or 50s.

They don’t look a day over 40 years of age though.

Her mother looks like Sensei’s Onee-san or something…

[I see. I’m surprised that you had a Fiance. We didn’t know that, so sorry about bringing up the topic of an arranged marriage.]

[No, I’m also sorry that I wasn’t able to properly convey the message to you guys. I know he has a childlike face, so he looks young, but he’s my coworker. In other words, we’re workplace lovers.]

Eh, what’s with that declaration?

[Ohh, so you guys work at the same place, and that’s how you guys came to love each other.]

[Yes, that’s right. I’ve been telling him that I wanted to introduce him to you guys, but he’s always talking with his students so passionately, so it was difficult to find the time. My apologies for causing you guys trouble.]

[So that’s how it is? My apologies for making a fuss about it.]

[I—It’s fine.]

You seem to still be making a fuss about it now, though…

Also, I’m not her coworker, I’m her student…

While my heart was feeling melancholic, her father gave me a sharp look of discernment, and said:

[By the way, what part of Reina did you fall in love with? What part of her is mesmerizing to you?]


Couldn’t expect anything less from a parent to say something like that.

I felt Sensei’s gaze lock on me like she normally does, and I felt myself withering from the unbearable pressure.

And then:



The glare that was coming from my side eventually felt like a bed of needles…

Please forgive me…I want to cry tears like a waterfall…I pondered on how exactly I should respond.

What I think is mesmerizing about Sensei…mesmerizing…her breasts?

I cast my gaze upon Sensei’s chest.

Those are some big breasts…



Stop pinching me, okay!?

[What’s wrong? Shirase-kun, you can tell them about how we’re always affectionate, right?]


Sensei was smiling, but her eyes weren’t. I felt intense pressure from her, and I had to think of some way to praise Sensei.

[I— I think it’s the beauty that she inherits from her parents. Her face is like a mirror that reflects what’s inside her heart. And since her heart is so pure and genuine, that’s precisely why I think she’s so beautiful.]

I sounded like a beauty salon employee or something, but at least I was able to praise her, so this should be good enough.

I looked at Sensei, trying to say, “How was that?”

[Can you give us a moment?]

Sensei whispered into my ear while wearing a strained smile.

(Can’t you think of anything else!? Don’t just talk about what’s on the outside, but the parts you like about me on the inside! That’s much more practical! Practical, I say!)


W—What a pain…

I feel like she’s asking way too much from me, anyways.

Maybe that large attitude goes to her breasts.

I couldn’t be any more angry, but she said she’d do me a favor (highly suggestive) after this, so I’ve been enduring this.

[By the way, you said that you liked the fact I’m working as a teacher, right?]


When did I say that?

[You did say that, right? (coercive)]

[Y— Yeah, that’s right! I said that! I love that part of you!]

Her face is scary, you know!?

You think I like your teacher form!?

[I— I think that Reina is a spectacular person! She teaches so passionately, and she properly punishes the students who are misbehaving, and she trains people not only to become great studiers, but great people, so I think she’s absolutely amazing! She’s like my goddess!]

It’s about time I quickly stop talking. Perhaps I’ve said too much with those words.

I wanted to add in how I don’t agree with the written apologies she assigns, but that’s a trivial matter.

I finished what I had to do, and once again looked to the side at Sensei, but…


For some reason she was averting her eyes with a bright red face.

Wait, why are you blushing!?

You’re the one who made me say it, you know!?

While I was in shock, her father quietly nodded his head and said:

[I see. I understand your feelings. But I wasn’t aware that you were so enthusiastic about teaching. So the reason you took interest in Shirase-kun is because you both share the same passion?]

[Y— Yeah, I think so.]

I quietly gulped and nodded my head, and Sensei continued with an [Also].

[Being enthusiastic about it is natural. Because the only ones who students can rely on are us teachers. And so, we have to earnestly respond to their requests, so that they can continue to walk a happy path of life. We have to support them with full power, and playing around is not an option.]


What’s this?

Perhaps I misunderstood Sensei.

I thought she was always getting mad at us for no reason because that was just her personality. But in actuality, she’s strict because she genuinely thinks about us.

She didn’t have to grip my elbow or pinch me like that, though.

Also, her face is still scary.

[I see. I understand your viewpoint on teaching now. The one who supported your viewpoint was Shirase-kun, eh…]

Her father stopped talking for a while, but then he gave me a sharp glance again and asked me this:

[I wonder, are you truly in love with Reina?]

Honestly, I think I gave a proper answer earlier.

It turns out that Sensei’s passion is genuine.

Looks like I have to stick with Sensei until this rough situation is over.

And then:

[Yes, of course. I can’t think of a living without her. She’s essential to me.]

I said, while nodding powerfully.

[Is that so? . Then, I understand.]

And then, her father crossed his arms, and furrowed his brow.

[This is problematic, though. I thought that Reina didn’t have a fiance. So I cancelled her renting contract.]

Ah, I’ve heard that before.

[Th— Then we can try to get that contract back—]

And then:

[Alright, since it’s come to this, I want you guys to live together.]


L— Live together!?

No, isn’t that asking for too much!?

Sensei signalled at me with her eyes, and sternly said:

[Alright, I understand.]

Wait, Sensei!?

Aren’t you going to say something about it!?

Because of this unexpected development, I felt my eyes slowly staggering.


Then, when I noticed Sensei with an extremely composed expression, it made me start to intensely ponder.

She probably had some sort of plan, and she nodded her head in order to get past this rough situation. 

[Alright, it’s decided then. I’ll contact the people to decline your arranged marriage. Man, I’m glad that we were able to talk things through. Right, Mama?]

[Yes, that’s right.]

Both of the parents were happily chuckling and giggling.

Seems like the conversation has finally settled.

“Yare Yare…” I said with a small exhale. The parents, who were already finished with their evening meal, stood up.

[Then, we’ll leave it to you young ones.]

[Fufu, that’s right. We’ll meet each other again soon.]

[Yeah, I’ll tell you where the new address is.]

[I’m looking forward to this. Now then, Shirase-kun, no, Koutaro-kun. Please take care of Reina from now on.]

[Ah, yes. Thank you very much.]

Her parents left with a smile and bowed their heads at us. We quietly saw them off while they disappeared out of the store.

[W—w-w-w-what do we do!?]

[For now, please just calm down…]

Hah…I felt exasperated and I dropped my shoulders.

At first, it was a scene where I was strenuously trying to praise Sensei, but now it’s turned into this.

The cause was that Sensei wasn’t thinking, and just nodded her head to the suggestion of us living together.

Yeah, she didn’t have a plan or anything like that.

[Then, why were you making that face and nodding?], was what I wanted to ask her, but it would probably come off as pretentious.

Even if it’s just for a moment, I want to re-experience the feeling of when I looked at her in a more positive light.

[Well, what’s done is done, so we have no other choice but to think of some counter-measures…]

[Y— Yeah. You took the words out of my mouth. If they find us out, we’ll have nothing to say back to them.]

[Yes. But why are your parents so rushed to get you married?]

[….Fuu. Since it’s come to this, I guess I have no choice but to explain it to you.]

[Yeah, I think that would be better for me.]

I encouraged Sensei, and then she cast her gaze downwards and started to explain the circumstances.

[In my hometown, there are many people who married before 20 years old, my parents included. Even if people weren’t married by then, they would definitely be married by 25 years old, where they bear children.]

[Ohh, so there are a lot of students who are getting married?]

[Yes, that’s right. There are a lot of people who take employment as farmers or they work in the family business. That’s why there aren’t many people like me who come to the city, since they’re with their family around this time, which is what I think is a woman’s happiness.]

[I see. So that’s what it’s like, eh.]

[Yes, I’ve been telling my parents a lot about my thoughts on marriage, but they’ve been especially pushy recently. It’s because there’s seldom any people my age who are trying to get married in my hometown, and that’s why they were making a big fuss about it. My parents lost their temper, cancelled my rent contract, and then set up an arranged marriage for me.]

[And then, that’s why you did what you did when I ran into you earlier.]

[Yes, that’s right. I’m really sorry for involving you in all of this…]

[Ah, it’s fine, since we really can’t do anything about it anymore….I want to ask, why did you nod your head earlier? And what was with the confident face?]

Yes, I’ve been wanting to ask that.

If Sensei had firmly refuted that offer, then all of this wouldn’t have happened.

[…I’m sorry. I would like to apologize for that…]

Sensei was shrunk down and looking apologetic. Being in that position made me feel uncomfortable.

She’s always scary, and overflowing with strictness, so seeing her in this weak state felt really off.

Therefore, in order to alleviate the heavy atmosphere, I changed the topic.

[Ah…um, Sensei, is there anyone who you’re interested in?]

[If there was, then it wouldn’t be this difficult. Also, that was sexual harassment, so watch your tongue.]

[Ah, right…Sorry…Wait, I’m trying to help you out, so why are you getting angry at me?…]

Sensei, who was using both hands to drink the self-service ice coffee, gave me a scornful glare.

Also, she added way too much sugar and milk in there.

You should force yourself to drink black coffee, even if it’s not your favorite.

I let out a small breathe, and said to Sensei:

[It’s quite surprising though. Sensei, you had the impression of being a flawless person who never makes mistakes.]

[Well, I guess at school I do. I desperately work hard to keep up that figure. But my private life is like this.]

[I see. But doesn’t acting tough like that all the time tire you out?]

[What’s this? You’re lecturing me?]

Sensei blatantly showed her discomfort, so I shook my head and said:

[N— No, that’s not what I intended. It’s just that, you’re always keeping up that appearance, and I was wondering if it was any sort of hindrance for you.]

[Well, I guess it is. But I am a teacher. Teachers must always be an exemplar in front of students. Even if I have to force myself, I must be a “teacher” at all times in front of you guys.]

[I don’t know why you’d go so far though…]

And then:

[…You see, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a teacher.]


Sensei started to narrate while staring out the window.

[My motive was quite trivial. When I was a student, there was an extremely helpful Sensei, and I dreamed of becoming like her. Like you said about me, she had a flawless image, and I wanted to imitate her, but my faults have been exposed.]

[No, not really…though you did put too much sugar and milk inside your coffee…]

[I— It can’t be helped, okay!? I’m not good at tolerating bitter things, okay!?]


So she can’t resist drinking it like that, eh…

[If you’re really that weak to bitterness, then you should try cocoa.]

[I can’t! Coffee is much more adult-like!]


What shall I do with you…

My image of Sensei has rapidly collapsed.

I guess it’s like she said. Her faults have been exposed…

Sensei puffed her cheeks at me, I asked:

[Could it be that coffee is also your way of looking like an exemplar Sensei?]

[Yes, of course. Every morning I take time to straighten my hair and wear slightly thin glasses, and it’s all because I aim to become like the cool and pretty woman that my teacher once was.]

[I— I see…]

It feels like I heard something I wasn’t supposed to hear.

Starting from tomorrow, I definitely won’t be able to look at Sensei the same way again.

Ah, I guess she was trying her best to be a cool and pretty woman today as well…

[Yes, I think my Sensei is a wonderful person. She always maintained a cool image, and refrained from laughing, but every word that comes out of your mouth is for the sake of the students.]

[Ohh, you really sounded like a teacher just now.]

[No, I’m nothing compared to my teacher.]

Sensei shook her head in denial, and said something as if she was having nostalgia:

[Long ago, I had a friend who had a frail body and was often absent from school. She went to the nurse’s office all the time, and she barely made it within the amount of allowed absent days. At the time, it was very difficult to advance academically. Of course, I wanted to advance together with her, so I changed to her class. At the time, I consulted with my homeroom Sensei. That Sensei told me, “I’m leaving it to you.”]

[A—And then?]

[Sensei would always study with her all the time. From day to night. Sensei would continue to study with her when she had time. But Sensei was human too. If she kept forcibly continuing this, her body would reach the limit one day. One day, I found and peeked on Sensei, remaining unnoticed. Sensei looked like she was in so much pain.]


[I hurriedly ran over to her. Sensei said that she had to keep going to my friend’s house to help her study, and kept forcing herself. And so, I asked her: “Why would you go so far…”. And then, Sensei responded with a smile, which she rarely did.]


I gulped and held my breath with anxiety, and then Sensei told me:

[“I’ve already decided on this, you know? I’m the Sensei of all of you. Even if I have to force myself, I have to work hard as a Sensei for the sake of my students’ happiness.”, she said.]

[W— What a Sensei she is…]

[Yes, she’s amazing. Anyways, my friend was able to successfully advance. I had a deep impression of my teacher at the time, so I worked my hardest in order to become a teacher too. Every day there are some struggles, but I love my job, and it feels very fulfilling.]

And then, Sensei continued speaking, but imbued her tone with what seemed like regret.

[But since my parents and everyone in my hometown are like how they are, the dream I clutched onto and pursued is getting tougher. I can’t find a person who I want to marry…]


Sakurajouji Sensei, who’s always glaring at me scolding me, is talking with a dim and quivering voice, and tears are forming around her eyes. Seeing her all weak and helpless like this was really surprising to me, but I thought it would be best if I left her alone.

I really hated her at one point…

Whenever we met face to face, she would adjust my outfit, force me to prepare for lessons when my grades were dropping, and was just an overall pain, being fussy about everything.


[Sensei, do you want to continue teaching?]

[Of course, you know!? There’s so many things that I still want to teach to my students, and I have to make sure they understand everything, you know!? I definitely can’t stop midway! Wouldn’t that be causing you all trouble!? No matter what, I have to make sure to take responsibility for you guys! Because I am a Sensei!]


My Sensei really considers us as the most important thing to her, eh…

Though, there are some things that I can’t say.

Her face is scary.

Her breasts are huge.


After I gave a small sigh of grief, [Ugh, it can’t be helped!], said Sensei, who gained her resolve.

After hearing all of this, I guess I have to cooperate with her from now on.

[I understand. Then how about you live together with me until this all settles down?]


Sensei had a shocked expression on her face, but I continued:

[After today’s conversation, the only way to deal with these rough circumstances is to actually start living together. I think Sensei already knows this, but I live in a single house, my father rarely comes back home, and the rooms are empty. That’s why everything will be fine if Sensei comes to my house. You’ll live there for a limited time, until we can invite your parents, and I think it’ll lighten Sensei’s mental burden. If your parents see that we’re actually living together, I think it’ll all be fine.]

[B— But, aren’t I going to be troubling you? And plus, we’re Sensei and student…]

[Well, that may be true, but these are dire circumstances…And about causing me trouble, there’s something that I would like from you.]

[Something that you want from me?]

I responded to Sensei, who was tilting her head to the said, with a [Yes] and a head nod.

[You see, ever since my grandmother passed away 1 year ago, I couldn’t handle any of the housework, and so the inside of my house is a disaster…The reason I came here is because I have no idea how to cook…]

[I see. So in exchange for living together with you, you want me to help with the housework?]

[Yes, exactly. If you can do that for me, then I won’t have any problems. Also, I think some weird rumors would be spread around to the neighbors, so it’s best if you pretend you’re a housekeeper.]

[You’re right. That way, it won’t look weird with us living together. Your neighbors probably know that your father is busy with work, too.]

[Yes. And so, you should still be able to continue teaching like this.]

As I said that, Sensei looked up at me with apologetic eyes, and asked:

[But, is it really fine with you? I involved you in all of this nonsense, so wouldn’t abandoning me or something give you more freedom?]

When she asked that, I chuckled and said:

[Well, we’ve already come this far, so we’ll stick together until the end. Also, I want Sensei to be at her peak condition. Seeing depressed Sensei just doesn’t feel right.]

[Ara, what exactly is that supposed to mean? (Glare)]

[Ah, don’t worry about it…]

Sensei had a sharp glimmer in her eyes, and I averted my eyes, as if I was escaping from her.



Seeing as Sensei rarely has any sort of smile on her face, my eyes unconsciously widened.

She’s always making such a scary face, so I thought she really was incapable of smiling, but she really can do it, eh!?

What a surprise.

She’s also really pretty, and honestly she’s extremely cute.

But if I think back, if that scary face is so she can keep up with appearances, I guess she wasn’t always this kind of Sensei in the first place.

Even if someone makes a big deal about being weak to black coffee, they can be surprisingly cute.

And then, while I was thinking that, Sensei noticed where I was looking.

[…What is it?]

You always refrain from smiling, so I want to ask why you always have a scary expression.

[Ah, it’s just that I didn’t think Sensei was capable of smiling like that…]

[Hey, what do you think I am, a monster?]

[S— Sorry. I just don’t see you smile often at school, so…Ah, but it was really cute. I think it’s better if you smile more often.

[W— What are you saying!? You shouldn’t ridicule adults, you know!?]

[Enough!], said an embarrassed Sensei. Seeing this side of her was unexpected, but then I thought that she can be pretty cute at times.