— Nii-san. I…have someone I like.

That was the first time we had a straightforward conversation.


“Can I…stop calling you Nii-san?”

“Can I…stop being your little sister?”

“I don’t …I don’t want…I don’t want to become family….”

Seeing my little sister cry, I made a decision —

“Sagiri — marry me.”

I proposed to her.

Hearing my sudden proposal, Sagiri —


She raised her head and looked at me like I just said something unbelievable.


Her eyes were still teary. She couldn’t say anything.

“…What…did you…just say?”

She must think that she misheard me. But even while my little sister was confused, I wasn’t.

I met her eyes and repeated myself:

“Sagiri, marry me.”


She nearly fell backward as if I just shot her with a gun.

“Wh..wh…what…what are you saying?”

“I was thinking that…I like you as a man.”


Her mouth was trembling.

“I don’t want to give you to anyone else. Even if there is someone else that you like, I will not accept defeat until the final moment…So I had decided that after 「 our dream 」 was completed, I would propose to you and ask for your hand in marriage.”


Hearing my words, Sagiri was caught off guard. She was unable to say anything back. Her face was deep red; she looked like she could faint at any moment

I have a hunch that I was the same as her. I could tell that my heart was racing nonstop, like it was about to blow.


She doesn’t want to be my little sister.

And I want family.

In that case, I want her to be my family, but not as a little sister.

“Let’s get married, and then stay together forever.”


Her face was getting even redder. Then, like she couldn’t take it anymore, she covered her face.

“Wait…wait a second! Please wait!”

“Ah, fine.”

Seeing her reaction, I realized my situation too. I took this chance to propose, but maybe there should be a limit to what I say.

Is it alright for me to propose now? Or should I have waited until we had made our dream a reality?

Maybe I screwed up…but I had no regrets.

In the end, the difference was how soon I said it to her. At least it would be better than letting my little sister endure this pain.

We were sitting in front of each other. From behind her fingers, Sagiri looked at me.


Then she dropped her hands, and said in embarrassment:


She still called me that, like always.

“Marriage…is no good.”


So it’s not possible huh — After hearing Sagiri’s past, hearing about how we met before, hearing how Sagiri doesn’t want to call me Nii-san, I – thought that, maybe the one Sagiri likes — is me.

It would be a lie to say that I didn’t have such a hope.


So that wasn’t the case? Was I mistaken? Aside from me, there is someone else Sagiri likes?

“No, it’s not like that.”

Sagiri quickly said, like she knew what I was thinking. She pulled herself forward, and continued:

“It’s not like that…! I mean…I mean….oh…it…it’s too soon!”

“Soon? You mean…?”

“I, I can’t marry you now….because…! I, I…I’m only 13 years old…! So…we can’t…marry…right?”


Now it’s my turn to be speechless.

Can’t marry now, that means…

Before I reach a conclusion, Sagiri continued:

“Be, besides…you…you skipped so many steps! Marriage….why do you immediately jump to the end! I have my plan too! You scared me! Idiot!”


“Don’t apologize if you have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Bull’s eye. I couldn’t say anything back

Strange…I was asking my little sister to marry me a second ago…why am I being lectured now?


Sagiri took a deep breath to calm down. She leaned forward, putting both of her hands on the floor.

“Okay, Nii-san, listen carefully. I didn’t…make myself clear just now. I will say it again.”


Sagiri’s attitude disappeared; she looked at me with an honest expression.

She breathed out, and calmed down.

Izumi Masamune used a 300 page love letter to confess to Izumi Sagiri.

Now, our roles were reversed.

“I..have someone I like.”

Those were the words that she used to reject me.

But there is a difference now.

“That person is –“

There was a follow up.


She smiled.

“I like you.”

My heart skipped a beat.

“Ever since our first meeting…I have always liked you.”

I could hear her, but my mind couldn’t keep up.

“Unlike two years ago, now, I like you even more.”

Tears were falling down my cheeks.

I know that I must not look away, that I have to keep my eyes clear, but everything is getting blurry.

Seeing me like that, Sagiri began to cry too.

“Thank you for loving me.”


“It made me…happy…knowing that you want to stay with me forever.”


I wiped my tears away, raised my head and saw Sagiri’s smile under her tears

“…I don’t want to be your family…so…”

Sagiri’s response was another proposal to me.

“Please stay with me. Then…someday, make me your bride.”

— Please take care of this child for me.

I remembered the moment when mother asked me to take care of Sagiri. Since that day, I was always thinking about how exactly I should “take care” of her.

I don’t know if this counts as an answer, but…

“Sure. I will…definitely make you happy.” I swear with every fiber of my being.

And so.

I became a couple with my non-blood-related little sister.

I proposed, I was rejected, I was proposed to, I accepted.

All’s well that ends well — but both of us remained in our positions, facing each other. We don’t know what to do.

“Umm…Sagiri……what, what next?”

“Even if you ask me….”

We rigidly looked at each other.

Both of us are authors, or similar, so we understood how a love scene would go in a comedy setting. But in real life, we don’t know what the next step is after becoming a couple.

If this was a romantic comedy manga or light novel, next would be a peaceful day or time skip.

However, since it’s reality, it’s not like we could skip to the next part. It’s still morning: even in a novel, the author would have a hard time skipping to the next day.

“Just now…didn’t you say you have a plan?”

“If I became your girlfriend…I planned to do many things…”

Girlfriend – that word made my heart race.

“Is, is that so? Like what?”

“It, it’s not something erotic!”

“I know that!”

There was a moment when I was optimistic, but I still denied it.

“So…er…go ahead, Sagiri.”

Sagiri nodded; then looked at me:

“First…is how we address each other.”


“Since we just began dating…I want to change what we call each other…Like…a nickname or something.”


In a romantic comedy setting, changing the way characters address each other is very important.

“Give it a try then. Well, I can’t exactly think of something entirely new though. How about Sagiri-chan?”

“… It felt strange when you called me that.”

She looked disappointed.

“Then…what would you prefer?”

“Just call me 「 Sagiri 」 like usual. I only wanted to change what I call you.”

“I see. Then you can call me whatever you like.”

“Ok..then…I’m calling you…”

Sagiri coughed and —

“Muu-kun ♡”


“Because you are 『Masamune 』…so I used Muu-kun…how is it?”


“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Because it was more embarrassing than I thought. I was too shocked!

“Eh, Sagiri? I know that you were really trying…but can you please not call me Muu-kun?”

“Don’t wanna!”


What is going on? She likes it?

I knelt on the floor and begged her to change it until she agreed.

“Mwu…in that case…”

She pouted and made another choice:

” Maa-chan♡”

“Don’t address me in such a cute way!!”

If she did, then I would “Ahhhhh” anytime she called my name. It made me happy, but still…

“Mo ~ you are already complaining..”

“I have to!”

I firmly rejected her choice of words.

“How about…Muu-tan ♡”


“Masamasa ♡”


“Alright alright, let’s go back to Maa-kun then.”

“I told you that’s no good!”

It’s almost as bad as your previous take!

“Mwu ~ so what nickname would you prefer?”

“Can you pick something more normal? From 「Nii-san 」 to 「Masamune 」 — I think that’s good enough.”

“It’s not a big change for me. Because in my mind, I always called you 「Masamune 」.”

“…I see.”

My face was getting hot.

“You mean: you always saw me as a member of the opposite sex…”

“No, no. It’s not like that!”

Sagiri interrupted me.


“That…it’s not wrong…but it’s not right either.”

So what does that mean? Both not right and not wrong?

Sagiri didn’t answer me; she muttered:

“Soo….I’m calling…Ahh—“

“Ma… Masamune.”


That simple word has unexpectedly high destructive power.

Am I dreaming? I’m dating Sagiri…I’m so happy, I can’t believe it

Sagiri’s eyes began to water, she repeated “Masamune… Masamune…” again and again. Then, she put both hands on her cheeks:

“Ha….I…I felt so embarrassed.”

I think it’s a wonder that most people with a girlfriend don’t die of shock. I was at death’s door just now.

Sagiri continued talking:

“Masamune…this time…can you…can you listen to my most important request?”

“Go ahead, anything is fine!”

There is no way I could say no to her

As soon as I say that, Sagiri told me her “request”

“Since you are my boyfriend now, cut off your relationships with other girls.”


I broke into a cold sweat.

What…what should I say? Cut off relationships…I thought those words only appeared in drama movies.

“…May I ask what you meant by that?”

I ask politely. Sagiri answered with an honest expression:

“Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan.”


“Cut off.”

It’s scary how dangerous those words are.

Seems like my girlfriend is the jealous type.

“No, everything’s fine. I will cut them off!” I accepted her request ” I already told them that 『I have someone I like, so I can’t go out with you 』.”

I swore that I was telling the truth, but my back was covered in sweat.

“…When did you tell them that?”

“During our beach trip.”

I told Elf those words more than once already.

“You said 『 I have someone I like, so I can’t go out with you 』…like that?”


“That means….you were confessed to? By Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan?”

“E…Yeah…that’s right.”

Even now, I couldn’t believe that so many girls would like me — especially Sagiri.

“…Phew ~ ah.”

Sagiri narrowed her eyes, and glared daggers at me. After a moment, she muttered.

“You didn’t completely cut them off.”

“No, it’s…complicated….”

“Totally not completely cut off.” Sagiri coldly repeated herself

“You have to make it clear to them. Tell them that you have me…as a girlfriend…so you will not go out with anyone else.”

She said it aloud, but started feeling embarrassed halfway through so her voice started getting quieter.

But I still heard her. So I immediately stood up.

” — You are right. I got it. I will go — right now – and tell them both.”

“Bring this with you.”

She threw a phone at me. What a paranoid girl. I already said that I will tell them, didn’t I?

Anyway, I put the phone in my pocket and went to meet Elf and Muramasa-senpai. Both of them were on the first floor and preparing a meal.

“Hi there, Masamune. The food is almost ready.”

Elf said while cleaning the table. Seems like today was Muramasa-senpai’s turn to cook. I could hear the sound of fish being fried. What a good smell.

“Actually, I have something very important to talk about with Elf and Muramasa-senpai —” I poke my head into the kitchen, and said.

“Yes, Masamune-kun.”

Muramasa-senpai turned back to me, still holding a knife and wearing an apron.

The knife gleamed in the light.

“What is it? What do you want to talk about?”


Should I say it to a knife-wielding Muramasa-senpai? But that knife really looks like it belongs in her hand.

“Ah…it’s about…”

Before I could say more, Elf interrupted “Wait a moment”.

“It’s important, right? How about leaving it until after we finish lunch?”

She is very sharp, so there is a chance that she already figured it out.

We finished lunch. After that, I cleaned up the table and told them both:

“I’m dating Sagiri.”

No more words were needed. Directly to the point.

“That’s why I’m not going to go out with anyone else.”


I’m waiting for their reactions.

For now, they — didn’t react at all. No, wait. It was small…but there was a reaction.

Muramasa-senpai looked at me with disbelief in her eyes.

Elf looked like she was deep in thought

Several seconds passed. Then Elf said with a gentle smile:

“Did you confess? Or did she?”

“I did. I asked her to marry me….She said she couldn’t marry me for now…but yeah, we are dating.”

“That’s very like you – so, first, congratz!”

She said it so clearly that I couldn’t help but blink a few times. Seeing that, Elf laughed:

“What’s with your reaction? Did you think that a pro of the romantic genre like me couldn’t foresee this?”

She wasn’t wrong. Before I opened my mouth, she probably…no, she probably predicted it much earlier.

“Of course, I already figured out that you two still have some sort of trump card. It’s a surprise that you could keep it hidden until now. If you played it sooner…eh, well, I have prepared myself. I know that the current situation is extremely disadvantages for me.”

Elf said it like everything was just a game. She continued:

“As a genius author of the romantic genre ~ I don’t really like to end my story with a confession scene. By the way, I hate to write something like 『 I will not give up 』. If it was my female lead, she would stand her ground and say —“

With a loud bang, Elf slammed on the table, stood up, and shouted:

“Listen well! My plan will not change. I will turn this around and make you beg for my forgiveness.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Before she left the room, Muramasa-senpai said while drinking tea:

“Is it that much of a disadvantage?”


Elf paused mid-step.

“……..What did you just say, Muramasa?”

“It’s nothing…because I confessed to Masamune-kun once already; he rejected me because he had someone he likes. Now, he was telling us about the girl he likes.”


“So, is it such a big change?”

“Of course it is! 『I have someone I like 』 and 『 I have a girlfriend 』 are totally different!”

“Is that so? How?”

“For example, in a romantic novel —“

Muramasa-senpai cut Elf off.

“You always use novels as a reference, but reality is different.”


“I forgot the name of your romantic novel, but after the final scene where the two main characters get together, maybe they will break up for some unknown reason. Or maybe one of them will die.”

“Wait a second, what are you talking about? Don’t add a horror ending to my masterpiece that I spent blood and tears to write! Those protagonists will live together in the memory of the readers! They will definitely not break up or die or something! Because I will never, ever write a sequel like that!”

“I fully agree. The author has the right to stop the story whenever they want – so that it will stop at a happy ending. They could expand it by writing some short story or after-ending, showing how the characters live.”

That’s why it’s interesting. Senpai said so.

“But reality doesn’t work that way. It’s not like love will disappear after getting rejected – that’s why people call it a burning love…I…recently, have noticed it myself.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that I will win.”

Muramasa-senpai didn’t raise her voice: she said it with a calm tone.

“Right now, he likes Sagiri. That’s all. I don’t care who Masamune-kun dates, as long as he will live happily with me as family it’s fine – I have confidence that that will be how it ends. Because –“

She smiled at me.

“You…must like me even more than before, correct?”

I couldn’t deny that.

“Senpai, you are my savior, my friend, my opponent — but those words aren’t enough.”

However —

“The one I like most in the world is Sagiri; I don’t think my feelings will change.”

After that conversation was over, the next one occurred in the locked room.

“Kuh ~~~~~ Yahhhhhhhh~~~”


My cute girlfriend is making a fuss. She is shaking her ass, yelling non-stop.

“Calm, calm down. Sagiri!”

“Shut up! Muramasa-chan is so hard to deal with. Elf-chan is so cool. And Masamune is….is an idiot!”

Sagiri bit my hand, her eyes turned into a >< shape.

“What the heck? I clearly said it properly!”

“You did! But, but that…that line… was so embarrassing! So embarrassing! I almost yelled when I heard you say it on the phone!”

I don’t know if she was trying to hide her embarrassment, or if she was truly angry, but Sagiri kept attacking my right hand.

I replied:

“Sorry, but I’m an honest man! I don’t know how different reality and novels are, but I would do it again if I had a chance!”

I took her hand and drew closer:

“I like you! I will like you from now till the end! Do you got a problem with that?”

“…………No, I don’t.”

Maybe because I shouted at close range, Sagiri was shaken.

After she calmed down, I asked her in a serious tone:

“What about you?”


“What do you think?”

“…Do you want me to say it out?”

I nodded.

“Trying to force me to say it alone…you are so sly.”


Sagiri trembled. Then, she glanced at me

— Do I have to say it out?

— Yes.

We communicated with our eyes. Then..


Because she was so nervous and embarrassed, her whole body trembled.

…Is she okay?

I was getting worried when my girlfriend finally managed to say it out:

With great difficult, she said —



Pfffffffff….!!! No no no !!! I can’t laugh! I have to hold it….!!

If I break into laughter now it will be a disaster!

“Me…I…I also…*achoo* Masamune too!”

She did it again!

Crap, I don’t think I can hold it….Pfff…My stomach hurts…! I can’t…

But I’m happy too! Very happy!

I pressed a hand on my stomach and leaned forward a bit.

“Kutsu….Oh ~~ Thank you, Sagiri.”

“You…you don’t have to cry…”

Seeing that I was crying, Sagiri was moved: she blushed in embarrassment.

“…I didn’t expect you to be that happy…Fufu.”

I was happy. But I felt amused.

“Well, how should I put it…”

Now it’s my turn to blush.

“Just now, our conversation…thank god that no one heard us.”


She lightly knocked on my head, before turning away. But Sagiri quickly turned back:

“…Alright, now it’s time for the next part.”

“Eh? You mean…. finishing 『 what you want to do now that we are dating 』?”

“Correct.” She nodded. “Next is Masamune’s turn.”


“Yes. Only doing what I want to do is not exactly fair for you…”

“It’s fine. As long as you are happy.”

…I think my father said something similar before. He probably was thinking the same as me now.

I was speaking honestly, but Sagiri didn’t seem to accept it. She repeated herself:

“No. Next is your turn.”


I smiled and began to think about it.

“Um ~ what I wanted to do with my girlfriend huh…let’s see.”

“You don’t have to hold back. You have fulfilled two of my wishes.”

“In that case…”

I tried to rearrange the words in my head. But what came out of my mouth was —

“I want to do something like what husbands and wives do.”

“Like husbands and wives…Kuh!!!”

Sagiri immediately raised the tablet and prepared to slam it down on my head.

“No, no. That’s not what I meant!”

It has been a while since I was attacked like this. I believe I have told her to reduce the amount of violence. Maybe I should have made myself clearer back then.

“I didn’t mean anything erotic. How should I put it…?”

How should I say it so that she can understand…?

“Right, something like a newlywed couple!”

“…For example?”

“Er…I mean…how about….thinking of a name for the unborn baby?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! It’s hundreds of times more embarrassing than I thought!”

She covered her face with her hand.

“But that’s my dream! I told you, I don’t want to go out with you! I want to marry you!”

“I can’t marry at my age!”

“I mean in the future! Because we can’t marry right now, so I want to do something like a newlywed couple! Do you have a problem with that?”

“I have a lot of problems with that!”

She rejected me in anger.

Why are we arguing immediately after we became a couple? I can’t understand her.

Sagiri glanced at me from behind her fingers:

“If it was Izumi-sensei, I bet you would give your child a light novel style name.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t use a light novel character’s name just because it’s cool.”

“I bet you would name your daughter Izumi Accelerator; then she would hold a grudge against you for decades.”

“Don’t say something so scary!”

That future is too horrible!

For a child, this is very important. I have to pick a name carefully.

With the same care I use when I pick a protagonist’s name.

“So…what name would you like, for example?”

Sagiri asked. I immediately replied with a name that I had thought of.

“If it’s a boy…then Kirimune.”

“It’s like a light novel character. Rejected.”

My son’s name was mercilessly slashed.

Like a novelist whose manuscript was rejected, I tried to explain:

“But that name came from his mother and father…”

“I get it, but it feels like a light novel character’s name, so I don’t like it.”

“… It feels like a light novel character’s name?”

“Very much so. I will say it before hand, but 『 Shana 』 is out of the question too.”

“You can read my mind?”

I think that I should use a character from the mother’s name to name my daughter.

“I already know the way Izumi-sensei named your characters, so it’s better to not let a light novel author name a child.”

“You are way too harsh to light novel authors.”

Well, of course she would understand me. She knew me even before I made my debut.

Sagiri folded her arms together, and said in a serious tone:

“We don’t have to over think the child’s name, for now, I —“

Suddenly, Sagiri blushed madly.

“You, you, what did you trick me into saying ~~~~~~!!!”

Idiot! Pervert! Hentai! Sagiri kept punching me. It didn’t hurt, but I felt like my heart was dying.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Until Sagiri calmed down, I was kicked out of her room. That was the email she just sent me.

“Ok, fine!”

I replied. Then she dropped this bomb on me:

“Then let’s go on a date.”


I was shaken to the core due the double meaning of that sentence.

First, because “I’m going on a date with the girl I like.”

And second —

“Are you going to go out?” I yelled to the room.

The reply email came immediately:

“No, I’m not.”

As expected.

Er, then…how will she go on a date?

After I emailed her my question —

“I have a way to go on a date without going out. I have a plan.”

“Is that so…?”

Hope she has a plan…

“You only need to do as I say Masamune!” She said with confidence.

I have a feeling that since we started dating, she will always dominate me.

“Today is your last day off, right?”

“Yeah…?” I replied

“Starting tomorrow, you might not be able to take a day off for several months.”

I think that I can still ask for a day or two, but to get a day to ourselves would require both of us to have our work finished.

“Then let’s go on a date today.”

With a *crack*, the door opened. Then, Sagiri appeared in a new outfit.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

Exactly what a girlfriend would say.

She wore summer clothing. My eyes were drawn to her revealed shoulders and pure-white neck.

“…This…this is?”

“Really…didn’t I say that we are going on a date?”

So I changed – that’s probably what she meant.

Sagiri said in embarrassment:

“…Ma, Masamune…how does this… look?”

“Ah….very cute. It suits you.”

Sagiri looked very cute in the new clothes, plus her embarrassed look stunned me. But somehow, my praise didn’t seem to make her happy.

She raised her head:

“…Masamune, you would say that no matter what I wore, wouldn’t you?”

“No, but…what else could I say? How about 「 your shoulders look delicious 」?”

“Wh, what are you looking at? I can’t believe you! You are a light novel author, but you can’t think of more colourful words?”


“Can’t you say something more?”


Fine, I will do it!

“Okay…don’t look down on a light novel author! I will use all of my writing skills to describe how cute you are!”

After saying that..

“Well, that’s what I want to do, but I can’t. Even Senjyu Muramasa-sensei couldn’t describe the cutest person in the world.”

Ah ~ I sighed and dropped my head. But when I looked up, Sagiri seemed to be very embarrassed. Her hands were trembling.

“Uuuuuuuu ~~~~~”

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know!!”

She turned and marched back in to her room. I hastily followed.

After closing the door, my girlfriend angrily folded her arms together and glared daggers at me.

“So….let’s go on a date.”


Since she was so scary, I meekly accepted.

“What exactly are you thinking about when talking about dating? Please give us your answer, romantic-comedy light novel author Izumi Masamune-sensei.”

Like a MC, Sagiri pushed the topic to me. I was caught off guard.


Sagiri blushed, trembling.

“Nii…Nii-san, can you only think of perverted things?”

Now it’s “Nii-san” again. She’s probably used to it by now.

“I can’t help it! This is the first time in my life that I get to go on a date with my girlfriend! Even the main character of Sekaimo only did some small ecchi things!”

“But that guy was thinking about his little sister!”

“I only want my little sister!”

“Don’t say that with a proud expression! Pervert!”

I think both of us were already misunderstanding the other —

“That’s not what I meant! What I was trying to say is that I’m even more honest to my girlfriend than the main character in my story!”

“Are you seriously comparing yourself to a light novel character?”


The first thing we did after we became a couple was argue.

“So, in your opinion, what would you think of when talking about dating? Please give us your answer, the erotic illustration specialist, the illustrator Eromanga-sensei!”

“I don’t know anyone with that name!”

“Yeah yeah – so, what is your answer?”


Sagiri raised her chest in confidence. I wonder what her answer will be.

She licked her lips, and said:

“I will tell my boyfriend to strip.”

“Can you only think of perverted things?”

As expected of Eromanga-sensei!!


I thought that she would blush and angrily deny it, but unexpectedly, Sagiri calmly gave her counter argument. She gave an “everyone calm down” hand signal, said:

“It’s not something perverted…if we are dating, of course I would have to take care of my boyfriend’s clothes….So a girl can strip her boyfriend to do anything she wants.”

“Don’t say something so outrageous with such a calm tone!!!”

That’s definitely not something a girl should say. Besides, if our roles were reversed, I would be hated. It’s so unfair!


Sagiri’s breathing became faster and faster.

“That’s why, Nii-san, you should strip. Right now. So I can see your entire body to draw my illustrations!”

“Sa..Sagiri…are you only interested in my body?”

Terrified, I used my hands to cover my body. I never thought that someday I would say that line.

“Ah ~ you speak in such an erotic way all the time ~ Masamune is a pervert.”

“You have no right to say that! No right, you hear me?”

Sagiri gave a cute *yahh* and leapt toward me. I used my hand to hold her forehead back, and said:

“Even if what you said is true, this part should only be done at the end of the date! There is no way I could strip at the beginning of our first date!”


Sagiri paused. She was half-way done with undoing my belt.

“You are right.”


Phew, I’m saved.

I escaped from Sagiri, tightened my belt, and said:

“What else do you want to do? Aside from stripping your boyfriend, I mean.”

As her boyfriend, I shouldn’t have to tell her that.

And why is the girlfriend – Sagiri – taking care of the planning? Normally it’s the boyfriend’s role. I can’t believe it.

Sagiri thinks for a moment then raises a finger.

“How about…. a walk.”

So, it’s decided

A walk and shopping – it’s a common dating strategy. But of course Sagiri can’t go out.

“Come sit next to me, Masamune.”


When Sagiri said “a walk” she meant “online shopping”. Thus, we opened her laptop and began to check the Internet.

Sometimes, our shoulders touched…it didn’t feel so bad…good date so far.

“Today…let’s look for clothes for Masamune.”

“Me? Not you?”

Normally, during a date, the couple would go check out clothes for the girl then the boy would pay, right?”

“Um, I will pick out clothes for you.” Sagiri said with a smile

“You don’t have to do that.”

“It’s okay, it’s my present. Because it’s our first date!”

“Is, is that so?”


What the heck?

First she made the plan, and now she is leading me…

“I think this will suit you, Masamune.”

“Will it?”

“You would look very handsome if you wore this.”

She gave me a present…and she also praised me. Today Sagiri-nee-chan is so cool.

I’m a male, but my heart was racing.

“See this ~”

Sagiri took her drawing book out and quickly drew me in the clothes that she had just picked.

“You would look like this. If we order now, it will arrive tomorrow – I can see it with my own eyes.”

“Sure…Got it. But you seem to be so good at ordering online…yeah, that should be expected.”

“Just leave it to me! I’m really used to it!”

“You are…so trustworthy…ahaha!” I laughed

“Did I say something strange?”

“It’s nothing – I just feel happy.”

We are just sitting together, why am I feeling so happy?

Why is my heart racing so much?

Maybe…this is just how we roll.

“It’s just a start…but I think this is how a date should be.”

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as you are together.


Suddenly, Sagiri poked me in the stomach. I returned the favor and asked her what she wanted.

“Who knows”? She turned away.

“Fine, is it my turn now?”

“Your turn?”

“My turn to pick clothes for you – to celebrate our first date.”

“Ah? Based on your tastes, Masamune?”

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“Yeah, because Izumi-sensei always had your female protagonists wearing boring clothes.”

“Hey wait a sec! Do you really think so? This is the first time I have heard about it!”

“Every time, it’s my imagination that helps create cute clothes.”

“You can talk to me directly! I always thought that Eromanga-sensei just didn’t really read my descriptions!”

When that happened, I had to change the clothes description to match the illustration.

…But the end result was that my characters got cute clothes, so I let it slide.

“Anyway, so…How about you pick clothes and I pay for them?”

“Um, that sounds good. There is a website that I visit frequently, let’s try it out.”

Sagiri pointed forward. While we didn’t leave the room, I had fun.

And that’s how our first date went…

Sagiri sighed:

“We can’t do everything.”

“Of course. If we did, it would actually be very awkward.”

Since we are living together.

“Er…yeah, I guess you have a point.”

“I had a wonderful day.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“I have to go back to work tomorrow – thank to these past few days, I feel like I’m recharged.”

“…Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“I know.”

I’m not the only one who is busy. Sagiri has her job too.

She said:

“Don’t get full of yourself just because our dream is almost here or because you have a girlfriend.”

Hearing her warning, I laughed:

“It’s impossible for me to not get full of myself.”


“But I will try.”

It would be fun.

Because of our conversation, our worries were blown away.

“After our work is finished, I have something to ask you.”

“Ask me?”

Sagiri pointed at herself while looking confused. I nodded.

“Yes. I planned ask this after our dream became reality along with my proposal. But I think I could make it happen earlier.”


Hearing me mention the proposal made Sagiri blush.

“I really want to ask you this.”

“…When you put it like that I don’t want to hear it anymore.”

“Ahahaha, really? But please do. Though I will give it up if you say so.”

“Fine…so, what do you want to ask me?”

Suspicious — Sagiri’s eyes said that.

And I told her: “I have to say this beforehand: it’s as important as my proposal.”