My name is Izumi Masamune. I am sixteen years old and in my
second year of high school.

I’m working as a novelist while going to school. My penname is
Izumi Masamune.

For various reasons, I have been working with my hikikomori
little sister for two years.

However, a year ago, something big happened. I found out about
my little sister’s secret: That my little sister Sagiri is the
illustrator Eromanga-sensei.

After that, many things happened.

For now, my newest novel “The cutest little sister in the world”
is waiting to have an anime adaptation.

As the original author, I have to supervise the anime project,
supervise the game’s script and also keep writing regularly.

Not to mention that they asked me to supervise the mobile game
project too —

In order to make our dream come true, I threw myself into work
without rest. But….

“Starting today, Nii-san has to live together with me!”

Seeing that I worked too hard, Sagiri told me that; after she
had locked the door to her room.

“Wh…what are you talking about? We are already living together,
aren’t we?”

“No. I need you to live next to me.”

“But we are living in the same house already!”

“Here.” Sagiri shook her head “Starting today, you have to live
with me inside this room.”

Because of the anime’s workload —

That’s how I began to live together with my little sister.

This story begins right after that. After I worked without rest
for an entire night, Sagiri pulled me into the locked room
and lectured me.

“…You’re asking me…to live…inside this room? Your room?”

You mean I can live with the girl I like, every

I swallowed hard. Hearing this proposal shook me to the

In front of me, Sagiri threw me an ice-cold glare.

“…Yes. You and me. Here.”

I couldn’t think properly. But my sister’s words kept

She pointed at her bed:

“So, Nii-san. Sleep.”

“Isn’t that…your bed?”

“So?” She said with annoyance.

Can I really lie down on your bed and enjoy your

No no, now wasn’t the time to ask that.

“Alright, hurry and go to sleep.”

Sagiri forcefully pushed me down.

“Go to sleep. I’ll watch over you.”


Seeing my sister’s tears really made me feel bad, so I obeyed
her commands.

Trying to ignore the immoral feeling, I entered the blankets
belonging to the girl I like.

“Is this okay?”

I glanced at Sagiri. She met my eyes, and nodded.

“Have a good sleep. You didn’t sleep last night.”

“…I’m really thankful for your concern. But…”

“’But’ and ‘however’ are
forbidden. Hurry and go to sleep.”


This is the blanket that belongs to the girl I like! My heart is
racing; there is no way I can go to sleep!

But there is no way I can say that! I have no way to get out of


That’s all I could mutter.


Sagiri slightly nodded, still looking at me. Seems like she
plans to wait until I fall asleep.

…Ah damn, my headache…there is no way I can fall

Her smell threw me even further into chaos.

..However, it seemed my worries were misplaced. Looked like I
was more tired than I thought —

“…Good night, Nii-san.”

After I closed my eyes, I soon fell asleep.

The strange feeling came and disappeared in a blink of eye.

“…Did I… fall asleep?”

My consciousness slowly returned to the realm of the living.

I felt like I had just lied down on a grass field, it was

— That sleep was much better than usual.

“…How long did I sleep?”

I turned my head aside and opened my eyes —


My first thought was “Am I still dreaming?”

Sagiri’s face was just an inch away from mine.


And she was sleeping soundly. On the same bed as me. I could
even feel her arm and leg touching mine.


What the hellllllllllll ——??

W, w, w, why am I sleeping together with my little

Is this real? Am I still dreaming?

I’m in a position that all hot blooded males my age wish they
were in, so I tried to pinch myself to check whether I’m

“It hurts!”

The result — I’m not dreaming

The fact remained that Sagiri was sleeping right next to me. Her
cute face was lying defenselessly in front of me.

— Wow, so soft…

I felt how soft her body was, how sweet she smelled. I just woke
up but I felt like I could faint again at any moment.

And then …

” ——- Ohhhhhhhh”

My head ached again.

My conscious quickly melted away. I felt that I was turning

I have never drunk alcohol before, but this feeling was probably
the same.


I could feel her breath on my face.

— So cute

— I want to touch her

— I want to hug her

Those dangerous words kept appearing in my head. My hand slowly
rose toward Sagiri’s face.

I’m aware that my lust and my mind were having a fierce



Just when I swallowed and my arm was about to touch Sagiri’s
face —

*Bang bang bang bang*


I looked toward the source of the sound.


A blonde beauty was glaring fiercely at me from the balcony. Her
face was pressing hard against the window.

I could honestly say that she scared me a lot more than a horror

Quickly, I jumped out of the bed and asked:

“E, Elf? What are you doing?”


Elf’s face was pressing hard at the window, her mouth was saying
something along the lines of “You idiot! Hurry up and open this


Seeing Elf abandon her girly image was a surprise for me, but I
did what she asked and opened the window’s lock.

Thus, Elf entered the room. She immediately thrust her finger at
my face:

“You! What are you doing with your little sister behind a locked
door —-?”

“I want to ask you a few questions myself!”

“We are having a family meeting! No — a trial!”

Izumi household, first floor, living room. We held a “family
meeting – trial and judgment.”

Allow me to give you a brief explanation.

There were three girls, all coldly looking at me.

In the middle of the living room was the famous novelist, Yamada

On her right was my publishing company’s trump card, Senjyu

Both of them stayed here last night after helping me. But today
I could see a black aura coming out of their backs.

On the left was a girl in glasses, the lazy scenario writer Aoi
Makina-san. She was watching with a smile.

Next to the table was a smaller one, there was a tablet that
showed Sagiri on it.

Finally, about me —

I was tied up on the sofa. Just like a criminal waiting for his

With a loud bang, the judge — no, Elf slammed a toy hammer on
the table.

“We will now begin the family trial for the event 『 Izumi
Masamune and his little sister sleeping together 』!”

“Defense attorney, ready!”

Makina-san happily chimed in.

She was totally just trying to have fun. What an unreliable

“Prosecutor, ready.”

It’s rare to see Muramasa-senpai take part in this ridiculous
game. She was folding her arms, glaring at the defendant – which is
me, by the way.

…Scary. If this is a Ca*com trial game, this must be a
boss-class level.

(TL Note: This is a reference to the Phoenix Wright series of
Capcom. Phoenix Wright is the player character, a defense attorney.
More here:

She was emitting an aura of a swordsman who is ready to draw his
sword to cut down a person at anytime.

“Prosecutor Muramasa, please tell us 『what 』 happened.”


Prosecutor Muramasa immediately stood up, and with a terrifying
gaze looked at me before talking:

“It happened on the second floor of the Izumi’s household, in
the room of Izumi Sagiri — commonly known as the locked
. The victim is Eromanga-sensei, thirteen years old.”

“I don’t know anyone with that name!”

Sagiri repeated that again via the tablet.

Muramasa-senpai didn’t care about her, and continued:

“During that time, Yamada Elf was busy preparing lunch for the

“By the way, I prepared rice and chicken soup! You can quickly
eat and return to work!”

The judge tried to show off her girl power, raising her pitiful
chest. At the same time, Muramasa-senpai’s stomach gave a loud


She put a hand on her stomach, blushing slightly. Then she

“..Cough. After she finished making the meal, Elf ran everywhere
trying to find Masamune-kun. But she couldn’t find him anywhere;
expect the locked room which she couldn’t unlock.”

“My woman’s intuition quickly told me to confirm the situation
inside — that’s what happened.”

So that’s why Elf tried to enter that room from her house’s

“Then I saw crime scene — this is the picture that I took at
that time!”

“Huh? Wait, something like that exists?”

I looked at Prosecutor Muramasa’s hand.

That “evidence” was taken by Elf’s mobile phone. That picture
clearly showed me and Sagiri sleeping together.

…Eh? Elf? When…did…

I paled. This…this is bad…this picture is….

“This is the decisive evidence!”

“Objection! I have an objection! It wasn’t like that!”

I was about to say something more, but Elf slammed her toy
hammer down again.

“You are not allowed to speak without permission!”

“What the heck? At least let me explain! Makina-san, help

I turned to my lawyer and tried to find some help. But she was
silently laughing her ass off.

“This house is too interesting! Every day something interesting

“Aren’t you my defense attorney?”

At least act like defense attorney Wr*ght!!

“So!? What really happened? Answer me!”

Elf pointed her toy hammer at me.

“Actually —”

“Masamune-kun, please answer honestly. Otherwise —”

Muramasa-senpai’s eyes are so scary!

“Actually —-”

Facing their gazes, I had no choice but to tell them what
happened this morning.

How I didn’t sleep last night to focus on my work.

How I met Sagiri on my way to the bathroom, how she pulled me
into her room.

How she told me “From now on, Nii-san has to live here with

And how I went to sleep on her orders.

— Finally

“And when I woke up, Sagiri was sleeping next to me.”

“What?’” “Liar!”

Muramasa-senpai and Elf showed an extreme reaction.

Makina-san, who was laughing silently, finally broke into

“Hey hey, if that was the truth —”

Judge Elf turned her eyes toward the tablet.

“The criminal is Eromanga-sensei! So it’s you!”

“How low! Eromanga-sensei! To use this move to lure him to sleep
with you, how dirty!”

All of them started to yell:

“I can’t believe it! Are you an idiot! If the female protagonist
gives it her all now, then the story will end before the anime’s
Blu-ray is available on the market –! But I’m the female
protagonist, so I will speed up and catch up with you, before
leaving you behind at the last minute. So don’t think you have

“Luring….I….I didn’t plan to do that! I just want to watch over
him! And I don’t know anyone with that name!”

Sagiri was blushing madly, trying to explain. But…

“Your reason is not enough no matter what!”

“You are the guilty one!”

“Guilty! Guilty!”

Judge Elf and Prosecutor Muramasa kept yelling guilty and
slamming the hammer down.

“We will now deliver our verdict!

*Bang* A voice suddenly appeared:

“Sagiri, listen well! We understand that the idiot Masamune will
get sick if he continues to work without rest.”


“So there is a need for someone to watch over him, to make sure
he gets enough sleep — we understand that too.”


“But we will never accept 『 living together in a locked room

“She is totally right!”

Muramasa-senpai and Elf finally agreed with each other.

“That’s why —!” * 2

Both of them said at the same time:

“I will live together with him” *2


Sagiri coldly rejected them.

“Yesterday Nii-san didn’t go to sleep, but you two went to sleep
before him!”

“Ugh….” *2

“I can’t leave it to Elf-chan and Muramasa-chan, so I have to do
it myself.”

“Kuh…but, that was because Masamune-kun normally sleeps very

“No buts! It’s decided!”

“Oh…Elf, hurry and say something. I can’t let this

“Shut up…I got it! Anyway, Sagiri….in other words, as long as
someone 『 trustworthy 』 watches over him….even if it’s not in your
room… that should be okay too, right?”

“…Yes…that’s correct. But is there anyone else?”

While Elf and Sagiri were staring at each other, someone patted
Elf’s shoulder.

That was Makina-san. She was grinning while pointing a finger at
her chest:

“Ara ara, looks like it’s my turn.”

“Huh? No one asked you.”

“Sit down or I will kill you.”

“You are the one who sleeps more than anyone.”

“Besides, we have a meeting tomorrow, hurry up and get to work.
Are you an idiot?”

“Crap. Even Masamune-san was so hard on me.”

Makina-san was beaten back, crying from the responses.

By the way…this is my trial, but I was barely allowed to say

Elf returned to the original topic:

“Looks like…we have no choice but to ask that person.”

That night, it was 11 o’clock when my work was finished.

We held another family meeting in the living room. There was
myself, Sagiri, Elf, Masamune and…

A person that all the girls agreed is 『 trustworthy 』.

“I see. In that case — there is no problem.”

She heard our proposal and nodded.

“You only need me to watch over Masamune until he goes to sleep,

The woman in a business suit is Izumi Kyouka, the guardian of
Sagiri and me.

“Can I …trouble you?”

Sagiri asked, almost pleading.

Kyouka-san replied in her usual cold voice:

“Of course you can. No problem.”

It felt so warm. This is how a family meeting should be.

However, at this family meeting I still wasn’t allowed to


Before I could say anything more…

“You. Be quiet.”

A Medusa-like gaze turned to me.


“You really…I have told you over and over again not to push

Kyouka-san glared at me, then she put a hand over her chest:

“Prepare yourself, Masamune. I will take care of you.”

W..what is this weird feeling?

“Masamune – right here. You are going to sleep in this room, got

And that was what happened before.

Here is Kyouka-san’s room. There was an altar inside the room —
since this used to be my parent’s room.

There were also two mattresses and blankets ready.

“Er…Kyouka-san, I want to take care of something small before I
go to sleep….”

“No. It’s time for children to go to bed.”

Kyouka-san cut me off.

She just took a bath, so her adult, womanly charm is in full

“While you did take a nap at noon… since you didn’t sleep last
night, you must still want to sleep, correct?”

“Um…yes…that’s right.”

“So you should go to sleep now — I’m turning off the light.”

Kyouka-san turned off the light. I could hear the sounds when
she entered her blanket.

Without any other choice, I did the same.

“…It is a bit late to say it now, but I don’t think that I
should sleep with you in the same room…”

Should I ask her to let me go back to my room?

I muttered to myself. But she replied in a strangely innocent

“What do you mean?”

“Well, what I’m trying to say is…”

My eyes were slowly getting used to the dark.

I turned to the side and looked at Kyouka-san. She was looking
at me too.

“…I…I’m still high school student….sleeping together with a
woman in a same room…is a bit….”

Maybe she got what I meant, because Kyouka-san laughed:

“Ahaha…I was wondering what was in your mind…I have known you
since you were just an infant, don’t you remember?
Really….ahaha…I’m going to laugh out loud at this rate…”

Seems like she thought it was interesting. Normally (even
thought that wasn’t her intention), Kyouka-san is a terrifying
woman who rarely smiles. But now…I don’t feel like that anymore. I
feel safe in fact. Looking at her eyes, I could see that she was
smiling a bit.

I understood why she laughed, but still…Sleeping next to a
beautiful big sis in pajamas really makes me conscious of her

I truly hope that she can pull her blanket up a bit more.

“Yes yes, maybe that’s true for you, Kyouka-san.”

I felt my face was getting hotter, so I quickly said:

“But my heart is racing!”

“Even though we are family?”

For Kyouka-san, even though I was sleeping next to her, she —
naturally — would not consider me a member of the opposite sex.
From her point of view, a boy my age is probably not very different
from a kid.

“It’s because I misunderstood you for so long, Kyouka-san. Even
now, I still unconsciously avoid you. Of course you are my
family…but not as my aunt…rather, you are like my 『 cousin – my
elder sister 』. I can’t help but treat you like a member of the
opposite sex, so when we sleep near each other, well…I feel

“Is that so?”

Maybe my embarrassment got to her: Kyouka-san seemed flushed a

Ah, it was so awkward.

I should say something to ease this atmosphere.

So, I said something I shouldn’t have.



“In light novels, it’s not unusual for blood-related brothers
and sisters to fall in love with each other.”


Her reaction was very sudden!

Even if the dark, I could see that Kyouka-san was blushing
madly; she was deeply shaken.

With a *swoop*, she sat up!

“I, I’m not in love with my elder brother!”

“Eh? No, I didn’t mean you and my father….”

“I, I, I knew that already!”

Nope, I don’t think someone who knew that already would have
this reaction!

Kyouka-san lied down again, and said:

“I’m going to sleep!”

“Ok, sure.”

We turned our backs to each other and went to sleep.

The room became quiet. Since we were so loud just a few seconds
ago, this atmosphere was even more noticeable.

How long has it been?

Five minutes? Or ten?

Suddenly, a voice came from behind me.

“Masamune, are you still awake?”


I turned back. My eyes meet Kyouka-san’s.

“I..I have to apologize to you.”

“Why…do you have to apologize?”

I truly don’t understand, so I asked back.

“I thought that I could lessen your burden. Making meals or
cleaning, I was planning to do that in your place…I thought that I
should make it up to you two after so long…that was what I

…That was what she thought huh…

“But after I moved in, I realized…There is so little I can do to
help you. Both with your work and making meals for Sagiri, I can’t
do either.”

“It’s not like that! You helped me too…Besides, if you didn’t
move in…we couldn’t have the current setup.”

We are living together so Makina-san can work.

To lessen the burden on Sagiri, to avoid a stranger – we
siblings went to our family – Kyouka-san.

Now, the Sekaimo anime can be made without worry; partly thanks
to Kyouka-san.

I, Sagiri, even Makina-san think so.

“Thank you very much.”

“…..You are really strange.”

She sighed.

“Since you were just a kid…you would already talk like an adult
sometimes…I used to really hate that about you.”

“…I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologize.”

Kyouka-san put her finger on my lips.

“That’s one of your good points too…besides, it’s the
responsibility of an adult – like me – to make sure you don’t have
to do that anymore.”

When I was small — mom — my blood-related mother – passed

After that, I – Izumi Masamune lived together with my

To help my father, I tried my best to do what mom did when she
was alive.

That was probably what Kyouka-san wanted to say.

“…Actually, I think my brother was saved by you.”

“…Is that so?”

“…Yes…Really, what a hopeless father.”

Suddenly, Kyouka-san — smiled — like she was about to complain
about someone who isn’t there.

“Before…I really hated it when Kyouka-san badmouthed my father,
but now I finally understand.”

“You understand what?”

When I mentioned my father, Kyouka-san clearly became

Usually she was so cold, but now….seeing how differently she
acted made me laugh.

“Ma, Masamune?”

“Sorry — ” I tried to suppress my smile “What I meant is: I
understand that Kyouka-san didn’t say those things because you were
looking down on my father.”

It’s just because she said those things with such a terrifying
face that it made me misunderstand.

“Or rather…right, a character like Kyouka-san in a light novel
would be called —”

“—Tsundere little sister.”

“Didn’t I tell you already!? I hated my brother the most!”


I broke into laughter. A laugh toward someone who I can be
spoiled by as much as I want.

That was probably what I wanted.

Maybe the situation in the past was a bit different, but back
then, Kyouka-san and her brother …were a loving family.

“Really…do you have to act the same as your father in this
situation too…”

“Sorry, sorry.”


Kyouka-san’s face was still red, but she showed a serious

“But the fact remains that I scared you. My teasing laugh became
haughty laugh; my advice became threats, the misunderstandings just
got bigger and bigger. The result was such a mess — that was how I

She meant that her faults remain.

“But — no, because of that —”

She looked in my eyes…

“I will protect you two.”

She…where is this burning motivation coming from?

“…We talked a bit too much. Masamune, let’s go to sleep for real
this time.”

Is this related to the moment when she agreed to be our

I didn’t manage to ask that question.

The next morning, I woke up very uncomfortable.


It felt…hard to breath.

Was it because I didn’t sleep on my bed but slept on a

By the way, what kind of position am I in now?

Barely awake, I slowly opened my eyes —


My first thought was “Am I still dreaming again?”

My head was held firmly between Kyouka-san’s breasts. She had
put her arms around my back and held me in place.

All I could feel was….soft.

“W..w…what Ky…Kyouka…..”

—- I, I…I should be on a separate mattress!

Unlike Sagiri’s, a woman’s smell immediately broke through my
mental defenses with ease.

I moved my eyes toward Kyouka-san’s face.


She was still sleeping.



She was whispering gently.

Father! Father—!!!

What kind of relationship did you have with your own little

Is there any way that I could be misunderstanding something


Anyway, I can’t allow this to continue! This is bad, really

I have to think of a way to escape this place: sandwiched
between Heaven and Hell (her breasts).


“…Don’t go anywhere…I will…pamper you….”

In her sleep, Kyouka-san spoke in a teasing tone, and she kept
holding onto me.

Or rather…her grip was getting tighter. I was about to become
her hugging pillow.


This feeling…crap….I couldn’t summon my strength….Even the
desire to escape was slowly disappearing.

It’s like I was about to sink into a pool…

Just when I was about to give up —-

*Bang* The door slammed opened!

“Masamune-kun, good morning. Today I made breakfast —– Eh?”

Muramasa-senpai entered, wearing an apron. She looked so lively,
but when she saw my situation —

“What are you two doinggggggggg ————————!”

Her voice turned into a yell.

The family trial was held before the breakfast. Everyone took
the same positions as last time. Elf is the judge; on her right is
Prosecutor Muramasa. Eromanga-sensei is on the side table.

Since it was early morning, Makina-san who loves sleeping didn’t
join us. She was useless anyway, but that meant that I wasn’t even
allowed a defense attorney.

And the ones who were kneeling on the ground are me and —

“The trial regarding 『Izumi Kyouka and her nephew sleeping
together 』is now commencing!”

“The crime: A violation of Tokyo Heritage Ordinance!”

“Verdict! Guilty!”

*Bang bang bang* Judge Elf slammed her toy hammer down.

“Wait, wait a minute! This is a misunderstanding!”

Kyouka-san (still wearing her pajamas) objected. She was
kneeling together with me too.

“Objection denied! We have an eye witness this time! You…you
perverted old woman!”


I think she went a bit too far. Kyouka-san is pretty young,
actually. There is no way she could let it slide after hearing
someone say that

“It…it… was just a random coincidence!”

“You were hugging him in your sleep and you call that a
coincidence? Then I might coincidentally hug Masamune-kun too!”

Nope, that’s impossible!


By the way, on the tablet, Eromanga-sensei remained silent. She
looked terrifying that way.

Elf pointed her toy hammer at Kyouka-san:

“This is — a crime! We should report this to the police!”

“Wait a second! Please remember 『 where 』 we were sleeping! That
is — Masamune was sleeping on my mattress!”


Don’t push the blame onto me! Please! Don’t!

Muramasa-senpai had a “what did you just say” expression on her
face and turned to me:

“That’s right…! Now thinking back, that was the place where they
were sleeping….! So Masamune-kun was the one who moved!”

“Masamune! What is the meaning of this!”

“Even if you ask, I don’t know! That happened in my sleep!”

“But if what you say is true, then why didn’t you push
Masamune-kun back to his mattress? Did you have to sleep together
with him?”

“Because…because…I was sleeping too…and I wanted to pamper

Kyouka-san muttered in embarrassment. Both Muramasa-senpai and
Elf pressed with their questions.

We continued to argue for several minutes —


A small voice made us all freeze.

“So…what can we do?”


“Sa, Sagiri?”

“What can we do? Now that even Kyouka-san is out of the


Everyone began to tremble.

Sagiri said all of that in a small voice…but her voice was full
of judgment. Even the cute Meruru mask looked terrifying now: like
a cursed item.

I answered in everyone’s place:

“Well — that…anyway….er…”


Crap, her eyes were so cold…!

“We stop here! Because the editing department is calling me,
saying that it’s an emergency! Then I have a meeting with the anime
making team! So…We stop here! Well…I will think of something
tonight after I get back!”

Without any other choice, I chose to buy myself some time.

“…I will wait.”

During breakfast…the awkward atmosphere didn’t dissipate.

The emergency that Kagurazaka-san called me about was an
autograph event. They also need me to check on some game-related
content. After I’m done with all that, I have a meeting at 18
o’clock with the anime making team.

Today is the 30th of July.

We had a meeting regarding Sekaimo anime’s series composition
plan and the first anime episode’s scenario.

We finished it without trouble – barely, yes. But we finished

Everyone at the meeting was handed a copy of the related

The meeting included me, the original author Izumi Masamune,
anime director Shizue Amamiya, scenario writer Aoi Makina, anime
producer Touko Akasaka, chief editor Ayame Kagurazaka and other
team members.

First, everyone talked about the first episode’s scenario.

After some time had passed…

“Um…” Director Amamiya nodded. “I have finished.”

Since she is the type of person who rarely says anything, I had
trouble figuring out what she meant.

But…producer Akasaka and other team members breathed a sigh of

Everything looked good. The tense atmosphere relaxed a bit. Even
the original author – me – thinks it’s wonderful.

— Good! As expected of Makina-san. Then I can be at ease —

Last month, I was worried that we might have to replace the
scenario writer mid-way through. Today everything is on the right

Director Amamiya narrowed her eyes and looked at Makina-san.

“…Then…let’s talk about what we can do next.”

And then —

Director Amamiya and I talked about some details that need to be
fixed. If necessary, Makina-san might have to rewrite the series
composition plan again.

We also discussed the second series composition plan, but then
we decided that there is no need to fix it.

“Then we can make a final scenario from this. It’s decided.”

Producer Akasaka said while gathering all of the documents

Director Amamiya also said slowly:

“…It must be hard on you, Makina…But since you can do this…I’m

“I know I know ~~ ♪ I feel pretty confident too! Since I started
living together with Masamune-san, I began wanting to work again!
Every day is so fun!”

“Ahahah…it’s great, Aoi-sensei.”

Producer Akasaka laughed like a man behind the man.

“Look like you can win against your nemesis who works on another
anime huh?”

“Ah, of course I can! I’m the strongest! That flat-chested woman
is so miserable! A “special” second year student? Die! Just die
with your black flame!”

Makina-san even mimicked the pose from her opponent’s anime and
said some taunting words. She has totally forgotten that she had
said “Don’t be so sure of your victory” before.

Besides, I think that this whole anime making team is trash….
even producer Akasaka.

I think that the movie her nemesis sent to her home – which I
saw – is meant to be a way of encouraging Makina-san. That’s why
she taunted Makina-san to get her to work hard so she would be able
to get her back.

I feel that I can trust this anime making team when it’s about
my anime, but I also feel that my conscience is voicing its

The ones who made the other anime are “White”.

The ones who made Sekaimo are “Black”.

“White” and “Black” were total opposites.

Did I make a pact with “an evil darkness” to reach my dream?

This team has an evil, lazy scenario writer. This team’s aim was
to earn as much money as possible.

Yet our anime is a light hearted romcom.

And now we are already here.

If there was an anime to describe this situation, then I’m on
the antagonist side.

But that’s okay.

As long as I can make my little sister smile — then it’s my

So black or white – none of that matters. I don’t care if I’m on
the wrong side.

That was what I truly thought.

Anyway, there are nine months left until my anime airs — the
first steps in making an anime are going smoothly.

Makina-san pointed her finger at me. That action shook her
breasts a little.

“Masamune-san, there is something I need you to do! In order to
humiliate that girl, I need you to write the scenario for the
second episode!”

“Eh? Eh? What are you talking about?”

“I already wrote the series composition plan, but it will be
changed when we actually talk about it, no doubt. So I hope that
the original author can do it.”

She showed me an honest look.

“That would be — awesome! Super cool! Please!”

“Wait, I don’t know how to write a scenario at all!”

“No problem, just do it. You have seen me write a scenario,
haven’t you? Just write like that!”

“Now I ~~ understand ~~”

“Wh? What?”

I grabbed her hand, and said:

“The first thing that a senior says when doing some normal work
— is that doing the work is super easy, no matter what kind of work
it is.”

“Yup yup.”

“The second thing that a senior says when doing some normal work
— if I can do this, then of course others can do it.”

Just write it like that.

They all say it.

But anyone who hears it would think “Like hell I could do that,
idiot!” So please, don’t say it to me.

“No no no! You really can do it! Don’t be so modest!”

“I’m not being modest — of course I know the basic outline, I
did some practice scenario writing. But I don’t think that I could
write something better than you.”

Writer and scenario writer are different jobs – while they do
share some aspects, they are ultimately different.

Even a professional light novel author can’t do it.

The original author can do it better…they might think that way,
but I don’t think I could do it.

A year ago, when I first learned the truth about Sagiri, I also
wrote some scenarios for my novel. Now looking back, I can tell
that they are totally worthless.

“Of course! If you could write something better than me, then
you wouldn’t need me to write it anymore! Besides, what if you
really do write something better than me?”

Makina-san told me that.

“We still have these meetings; all of us are pros. As long as we
talk and discuss things with each other, then you can make a
scenario better than mine! I think that as the original author, you
can do it!”

She quickly gave me all of the characters’ data.

“You are the one who understands those characters the most
anyway! If the original author writes the scenario, I believe you
can give them 『 soul 』!”

Her voice, full of motivation, crashed into me like a storm.

“Will it make the anime better?”

“Of course!”

..If she says that..

“Fine..I will give it a try!” I replied.

My heart was burning with motivation again.

Good. Very good. Let me write it! Now is the time for me to show
the results of my training.

“That’s the spirit! So, next week we will discuss the second
scenario written by Masamune-san! Please take care of it ♪”

“Then you should write the third series composition plan too,


Producer Akasaka warned Makina-san.

“Izumi-sensei, may I have a minute please?”

After the meeting was over, before I went home, Kagurazaka-san
asked me to stay.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“There are many things that we need to discuss, mostly about
supervising work.”

“Ah — ok, I got it.”

Kagurazaka-san sat in her chair, still focused on her laptop.
She signaled for me to come over.

When I arrived at her spot, she said:

“Actually, about Izumi-sensei’s work, Eromanga-sensei has sent
me many emails to complain. She seemed mad.”


I can think of a lot of reasons for that.

“In short, she said 『 His workload is too large! Think of
something! 』. She even suggested dropping a project or two.”

Based on how mad she was this morning, that should be

For example, about supervising the game project —

“I have to ask something…is it truly impossible to drop a

“It pains me to say this, but this is business. If we are making
an anime, then they want us to make a game too!”

“For real?”

“Yes! Even if you asked other editors, the answer would be the
same! So not only the game, but supervising every related project
is the original author’s responsibility. You don’t have the right
to refuse, so please fulfill your task.”

I think she is trying to trick me. But even if that is the case,
for my dream, I have to do this.


“I myself actually have a lot of fun when I supervise the game
project. I want to make an interesting game. Besides, since I took
part from the beginning, there is no way I could drop out in the
middle. I will take care of it until the end.”

“Yes, that’s the spirit. So we need to find a way that
Eromanga-sensei can accept this — anyway, please take a look at
this. This is your current work schedule.”

Kagurazaka-san showed me a tablet. It had my schedule for
everything I was tasked with.

My workload is listed on the left. Quiet a list, in fact.

Original novel “The cutest little sister in the world”

Anime “The cutest little sister in the world”

Mobile game ADV “The cutest little sister in the world”

Social game “The cutest little sister in the world”

Those four were my most important projects. I have a lot more,
but they were nothing compared to those four.

The important thing here is…all of them need to be finished in

“Can you get me a later deadline?”

“I can try, but in the end all of them will need to be done at
almost the same time. Why, you ask? Because they all need to be
combined with the release of the Sekaimo anime. We plan to release
them right after the anime is aired, which is the best time to sell
them. Unless you have a very important reason, we can’t delay the

“In other words?”

“The deadlines for those projects will be very close to each
other! So you should just give up!”

What a conclusion.

“…I don’t think Eromanga-sensei will accept this result. As for
me, I don’t want to make my little sister worry anymore.”

“But didn’t you just take one more job for yourself?”

“That’s correct, but —”

“You think that is something you should do, right? I understand
— that’s why I didn’t stop you. And here!”

Kagurazaka-san showed me a new image on her tablet.

“Take a look! I used some of my relationships to delay the
social game until September!”

“Nice! Amazing, Kagurazaka-san! Sometimes you do your job as an

“Ara ~ Izumi-sensei, don’t praise me that much! For a talented
editor like me, tricking those people with sweet words is a piece
of cake!”

I don’t think we can let anyone else hear this.

“So…this is my new workload for August?”

I took another look and spoke my opinion:

“Ack…did I misread something? Why does it look like my next
week’s workload has increased?”

“It has. Since I pushed one deadline back a month, I have to
move another work into that time slot. However, as long as you can
make it through next week, there will no longer be any rush. So
please do you best. It should be easy for you, right, Izumi-sensei?
Since you don’t have to go to school anymore.”

“I only write novels quickly, that doesn’t mean I can do other
work quickly too! Besides — I’m forbidden to 『 work overnight 』 at

“Even so — I believe Izumi-sensei can do it! It’s not like you
haven’t dealt with this kind of crisis before, right!”

“Stop pushing work on meeeeeee!!!!”

You were quoting a light novel, weren’t you! At least use
your own words!

“Anyway, seriously speaking, whether you can follow my work
schedule or not will greatly affect the novelist Izumi Masamune’s
life. Aside from Muramasa-sensei, all of our publishing company’s
top novelists had to face the same problems as you at least once.
And they all managed it.”

Kagurazaka-san’s joking expression had disappeared; she spoke
while looking directly at me.

“Everyone is the same. Unless you can pass this difficult trial,
you can’t become a top tier novelist. Our work is just that cruel.
Not only the anime: you have to finish preparing the original novel
for Sekaimo next week too.”


Her words weighed heavily on my shoulders.

“I understand that many things have happened in your private
life — but for the next week, I need you to ignore them all – even
if your family gets mad at you – even if your lover dumps you. You
have to undo the 『no work overnight rule 』, so that you can finish
all of those projects at any cost. I’m speaking from the bottom of
my heart to a rare, promising novelist.”

She gave me an evil smile:

“What do you think, Izumi-sensei?”

“I’m home — Wow!!! What the?”

Just when I got back home, I was assaulted with wave after wave
of killing intent. I didn’t even manage to remove my shoes.

“Masamune! I heard from Makina! You took the job to write a
scenario upon yourself? Are you that much an idiot? How many jobs
do you intend to do alone? You would need at least a month just to
finish your current workload!”

That was what Elf said.

“You are such a huge idiot! You just increased your

That was what Muramasa-senpai said.

“I can’t believe it! How can you be so useless!”

That was what Kyouka-san said.

From the tablet that Elf held, Sagiri gave me the final

“Really…Nii-san is an idiot!”

I was bombarded with insults.

In this tense atmosphere, I slowly stepped forward.

Everyone’s eyes were on me.

Seeing that I made everyone mad, I —

“I’m sorry for making you all worry!”

I bowed deeply.

Right now, there is something troubling me, Izumi Masamune, a

In order to make my dream come true, I have to finish my
workload next week.

But I also can’t make Sagiri or anyone worry.

Both of these things can’t happen at the same time.

— But for the next week, I need you to ignore them all –
even if your family gets mad at you – even if your lover dumps

— You have to undo the no work overnight
, so you can finish all of those projects
at any cost.

So I thought about it a lot — and then I made a decision —

“But just for one more week — please help me finish my work! If
I work alone, I will have to work overnight, I will make everyone
worry….that’s the only way I can finish my workload next week! But
I don’t want to do that…so please! Lend me your strength!”


Elf, Muramasa-senpai and Kyouka-san all looked at me with eyes
full of surprise.

I outright asked to borrow everyone’s strength…this is a

Because I don’t think I can succeed without resorting to

If I can’t do it with my strength alone, then I have to borrow
everyone else’s strength. From my family, my friends and my
co-workers. I will ask everyone to stand by my side.

After I’m done, I will think of a way to repay them.

While it’s not a new or promising idea, this is how I planned to
summon my greatest strength.

“As long as I get everything done next week… then…”

“Please allow me to rest!”



No one said anything. The atmosphere was very quiet.

I still kept my head down, so I had no idea what is their
expressions were.

Some time passed…

Thud thud thud….it was the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Then a voice came to me, not from the tablet.

“Are you…really…not going to…work overnight?”

“….Yeah, I’m not.”

“…Will you…sleep properly…everyday?”


“Look at me when you answer.”

Sagiri pushed her head closer.

I looked up and met her eyes.

“I will definitely not get sick — I will take good care of

“…Is that so? That’s good then.”

She smiled gently.

“After that, let’s rest properly.”

“Yes! Not just one day…! I will spend two full days on my summer
break — during that time, I will not do anything work – related!” I
announced, raising my fist.

At that time, Elf sighed, and said.

“『I will spend two full days for my summer break 』 he said. To
think a high school student could say something so ridiculous.”

“Still, at least he said 『 rest 』, so it’s better than nothing.”
Muramasa-senpai said

Sagiri turned to Elf and Muramasa-senpai, and bowed:

“Elf-chan, Muramasa-chan…please help Nii-san.”

“You don’t have to say it again. We came here so that we could
help Masamune-kun in the first place.”

“Our job is not done yet.”

Elf said and put a hand on Sagiri’s shoulder.

“Let’s help him until the end! Actually, as a famous novelist,
I’m not that free myself! In fact, my deadline is coming too! But
since you two asked, I have no choice but to do it with you!”**

Translating from Elf’s language: that means “I will lend you a

(**Editor Note: This is not an exact translation but Elf
intentionally phrased it in a way that has the double meaning of
helping out, and something more inappropriate)

Next to Sagiri, Muramasa-senpai looked at me.

“About game content… I have finished writing a route, you can
check it later. Let’s make the best Sekaimo novel, the best Sekaimo


“Of course, I will help too.” Kyouka-san said.

“Kyouka-san, everyone….”

My body began to tremble; I tried to hold back my tears.
Everyone laughed and said:

“Ah ~ Masamune-kun, there is no need to be so emotional.”

“Right right ~ how many times have we had this kind of
conversation already?”

“Still, I can’t help it! Thank you! Thank you very much!”

“Alright alright. When you rest, make sure to play with me.”

“You can pay me with your novel. Of course it can wait for when
you are free.”

During this heart-warming moment —

“Ah, Masamune-san ~ is this comedy show over yet? Please give me
a call when you finish the second scenario ♪ I can only work on the
third after I read it ~”

“Start writing it right now!!!”

In the end, Makina-san gave our talk a boring conclusion as

And my extremely busy week began.

“Alright! I’m going to do by best today!”

“Masamune! I need to make sure of something! What kind of work
needs to be done this week?”

“Supervising the game content, fixing the original novel’s
volume six and writing the second scenario!”

“Priority ranking?”

“In the same order as I spoke.”

“What about the work that your editor added?”

“Because it’s about a novel, I already did it.”

“…You really write fast, don’t you?”

“Right now, Sagiri is probably drawing illustrations for

“That child is working pretty hard too ~ Eromanga-sensei also
took care of supervising the anime characters, right?”

With everyone’s help, I threw myself into my work. But it’s not
sleepless night after sleepless night like before.

I eat good meals, work hard, get some good sleep, and then

My work hours decreased, but my work efficiency increased.

The projects that I would need a month to finish alone were
being finished one by one.

Today, I am working in my room on the second floor.

“Muramasa-senpai! About the game content that you wrote –”

“It’s very interesting, right!?”


I told her without hesitation

“But we can’t use it as a game content, so please remake

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Make sure most sentences are less than three lines, and you
don’t need to write it horizontally. Japanese writing is more
suitable to write from top to bottom vertically.  That said,
although it is not impossible to have it written vertically in
game, it’s not suitable. Senpai, have you ever read a visual novel
before? If we wrote it vertically like a novel, it would be very
difficult to read. ”

” — Just let me take care of it from here.”

Elf interrupted me and began her own explanation:

“I will explain to Muramasa-chan how to write game content; you
take care of your work.”

“Yeah…I will leave it to you, Elf-senpai.”

“Leave it to me, Kouhai.” Elf tapped her chest.

“Elf! Don’t treat me like an ape!”

“Alright alright! You can probably learn it in half a day. I
will give you my notes from when I supervised the game “The Flame
of Dark Elf”: you can learn from them.”

“I don’t need the game. You already gave it to me, so I already
played it.”

“Yes I did. Then it’s even simpler — just write it like

Just write it like that?

Seeing that Muramasa-senpai was troubled, I said:

“Thank you, Muramasa-senpai – for writing very interesting game
content. If it was me alone, there is no way I could write such
emotional content.”

“…You are welcome. Rather, I think I should thank you for
letting me help. Thank you for allowing me to take part in
supervising this game.”

And so —

We finished our work.

My housework, which I usually did all alone, was split between

Elf took care of cooking, Kyouka-san took care of washing
clothes, and the rest was done by Muramasa-senpai.

To tell the truth, we were still running out of time.

I went to sleep at 11 o’clock every day.

What were the results, you ask?

After the family meeting was over – it was decided that I will
sleep in Sagiri’s room, but not on her bed.

Sagiri sleeps on her bed, while I sleep on a mattress on the
ground. That decision was based on Sagiri’s request 『 to watch over
Nii-san 』.

There was an additional condition: The locked room has
to remain open.

“…I’m very worried now that my room isn’t locked…”

As a hikikomori, that condition is quite troubling for Sagiri,
but in the end she accepted.

She cutely pouted:

“In that case…if there is 『 someone who wants to take me out of
the room 』, Nii-san has to protect me.”

She said that! So cute! Even if a tyrant appeared in the middle
of the night, I will protect her!


Anyway, that’s how it was.

Sleeping with the girl I like on a same bed — I managed to
safely escape that situation.

If that happened again, I think my mind would slowly break

It’s for the best…but I felt a bit of regret.

“Are you sleepy? Good night, Sagiri.”

“Good night, Nii-san.”

I turned off the light and closed my eyes. I finally felt

And then, slowly, my mind became clearer.

— Just living together doesn’t make us family.

My little sister said that before.

….Are we family now?

“…Masamune…hurry and wake up…Masamune…”

A quiet voice came from my right.


No matter how tired I — Izumi Masamune — am, I can always wake
up when the sun comes up.

So if “someone came to wake me up”, that means it’s still

Just when I started to think about it —

*Thud* Someone hit me on the face.


I muttered as my mind began to wake up.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was —

“Elf — Crap!”

“Shhhhh!! Be quiet!”

The invader covered my mouth.

That was Elf. She was lying down on my right, inside my

“…What are you doing?”

I said quietly. She grinned.

“Night attack, of course!”

She did lower her voice, but it was still audible.

“Wh, what are you talking about?”

“A rare event like living together, there is no way I can waste
it all on work. Kukuku… do you know how many plans I used to try
and open the locked room’s door — now this chance has
finally fallen into my hands!”

“Let, let me go back to my room first! If Sagiri wakes up….”

“Don’t you think this is similar to an event where the girl you
like is sleeping next to you and I sneaked in and ask you to commit

“What is with your reasoning…”

Don’t say something so overly complicated!

“Just go back to your room already!”

“No. Or rather, I can’t.”


Just after I asked, Elf gave me a fearless smile:

Then she did something under the blanket before taking “that”

“Masamune, here. For you ♪.”

“That” was her clothes.


These were her pajamas. The same pajamas she wore at night.

If this came out of the blanket, that means —

“You, you….you!!!!!”

“Because right now, I’m going commando!”

She said something so unbelievable before throwing her socks out

Followed by…something else she wore.

There is no way that I could chase her out in this

“…What the heck….”

It’s an erotic scene, but it was so sudden that I simply
couldn’t understand it.

Next to me, Elf said seductively:

“Ahahaha….I’m not like some girl who didn’t prepare anything…do
you like your situation now?”

“Where did you get this idea….”

“Or you’d rather I stick a heart shaped sticker on my

“Where did you get that idea!!!”

That idea will only amuse people, no matter how much you

“This is not enough to get me interested!”

“Ara, is that so? I don’t agree, actually…When we touch each
other directly….I don’t think there is any male that can

She laughed.

The usual joking atmosphere just now suddenly disappeared.

Her smile was the same as normal, but in the dark…it looked like
a succubus’s smile.


I tried to break free and run away, but she wrapped her arm
around my hip ——————


Woo!!!!! This softness….nearly turned me into an idiot.

Just when I was about to fall into her hands…

With a *thud*, something fell on Elf from the bed.

The first sound I heard was the *thud*, followed by …


A very un-ladylike scream.

Well, anyone would scream like that if someone suddenly sat down
on their face.

“…I really can’t trust you.”

The one who sat down on Elf’s face was Sagiri.

“…Sa, Sagiri? You…are awake?”

“Since Nii-san was so loud…besides, I kind of predicted

So she pretended to be asleep.

“Is that so….”

Phew, so dangerous! Very dangerous! If Elf managed to seduce me,

I breathed out a sigh of relief.

“I will throw Elf out, Nii-san, close your eyes.”


Wait? Throw her out? When she is totally nude?

“Do you have something to say, Nii-san?”

“No, of course not…”

Once again, I realized…

As long as she remained in this room, my little sister is

August, 3rd — game content supervising, finished.

August, 4th — original novel volume six second draft

And then, August 6th, 22:30

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s done!!!”

I yelled in my room.

I have finished all of my work.

Elf and Muramasa-senpai were clapping their hands nearby.

“Supervising, scenario, original novel…I can’t believe you
finished them all in a week. As expected of someone with the『 Speed
Star 』 special skill.”

“It’s really good, Masamune-kun.”

“It’s not just my strength! Everyone did this!”

I took the hands of my helpers.

“But that doesn’t mean all of my work is done.”

“But there are no deadlines approaching, so you can rest

“Rest well, okay.”


Because I made a promise with Sagiri.

I lied down on my bed, and took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I should rest well —”

Starting tomorrow, my summer break will finally begin.