Izumi Masamune. Sixteen years old, second year in high

I’m working as a novelist while going to school.

My penname is Izumi Masamune, basically my real name.

For many reasons, since two years I have been living together
with my hikikomori little sister.

She is a problem child. She doesn’t go out of her room.

We have been living under the same roof, but I couldn’t see her.
I could only cook her food and bring it to her room.

That life continued for a long time.

The change came in an incident about a year ago.

I became aware of my little sister’s “hidden identify”.

She was my illustrator, Eromanga-sensei.

My co-worker that I have never met before. She is my little
sister, Izumi Sagiri.

Eromanga-sensei is someone who enjoys streaming live video and
chatting with her fans.

She also enjoys erotic illustrations, so much that even a famous
novelist wanted to get her on her side.

That’s how Eromanga-sensei is. And she is the same little sister
who kept hiding in her room without meeting anyone.

To say it was a surprise is a huge understatement.

But I think it was a good chance. A chance for me to improve my
relationship with my hikikomori little sister.

Because she is not just a strange little sister who happened to
live under the same roof with me. She is also my co-worker, who
helped me making my story.

And then … well, many things else happened.

Slowly, I was allowed to access to my little sister’s room.
The locked room.

She also made new friends. She was aware that I fell in love
with her at first sight, and she also rejected me.

Then I wrote a new novel with Eromanga-sensei’s help.

This novel – was going to be made into an anime.

That’s right — our dream was right in front of me.

It was so close that I could almost touch it.

Alright, let’s begin.

The bet of my life, which I planned to do after my dream became

After our dream came true, I —

Will propose to the one I like.

Time returned to the current moment.

July 2nd, 17:14. At the big meeting room of the
publishing company.

“Pleased to meet you, Izumi-sensei —“

“Congratulations, your novel “The cutest little sister
in the world”
will be made into an anime”

A girl with round and swirling glasses smiled gently to me.

She had curly, soft brown hair. At first glance, she was about
my age, but she seemed nice and didn’t hesitate making her
intention clear.

By the way, behind her glasses, she seemed sleepy to me.

It’s like she just woke up…hey, don’t tell me it’s true. Both
her appearance and her voice seemed to say “I just got out of my

I’d say that she and the current tense atmosphere of this room
didn’t suit each other.



I was so confused that this was all I could say.

Just now…what…did she said?

“Sorry… can I ask why…was I called here?”

I still couldn’t process this thought, so that was what I asked

Aside from Kagurazaka-san, every other adults were looking at
me. It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Kagurazaka-san answered:

“Of course, this is the first meeting regarding original draft
of The cutest little sister in the world

Original draft….huh…

So we will talk about how the anime will be

“…Made into an anime…really? My novel….?”

I finally managed so say it out.

“That ~ is ~ what ~~ I have been saying ~~ huh..”

The same girl with glasses yawned and answered.

But I didn’t hear her. Or rather, I heard her, but I
didn’t listen.

I stood there, a lot of things running through my mind.


Anime? My – our novel?

I didn’t hear anything about this! Even Kagurazaka-san didn’t
show any hints of this.

But I couldn’t image that she was teasing me by making this
information up.

So…that’s real? This is….really real?

That…that …that mean…

“Our dream” is about to come true!

“Izumi-sensei? Are you listening? Hey, young man, are you
listening –?”

And then…I…I …..want!



Oh crap! It was such big news that I blurted out without

The shouting pulled me back to reality, allowed me to see what
is going on around me.

I was raising my fist into the air like Raoh The King of Fist
(TL Note: From the manga Fist of the North Star). The girl in front
of me was clearly stunned, she couldn’t even pick up her dropped

“….Just now….did you mean to tell me that?”

“No no, of course not!”

Crap! I lead to a huge misunderstanding!

The girl also blushed in embarrassment.

“Eh eh…eheheheh….A proposal in the first meeting with a boy,
Onee-san is moved, you know ~~ is that…love at first sight?”

“No, it’s not like that!”

I rejected it with all my might.

How could someone took my first proposal away from me in

However, that didn’t mean the misunderstanding was solved.

“Oh? So you like me before?”

“I mean it’s not a proposal!”

“But you just said marriage ~~

“I was planning to propose to the one I like after my novel is
made into anime! I just blurted out without thinking! …I’m very
sorry about that.”

I bowed deeply to apologize. It’s not easy to tell them about
“our dream”, so I had to cut corner — but to think I messed up this

What if they canceled my anime because of this!??

“Oh? Marriage after having an anime? Amazing, just like a

Seeing how pale I was, the girl with glasses exclaimed.

“Say, how old are you, young man?”


“So young!? And you’re thinking of marriage at this age?”


By the way, what kind of conversation is this? Who is she

She was sitting in the middle…could it be that she is the

She was very young, but I was the same too. But I think she
might be even younger than me.

“Hey ~ did you hear, director? Looks like this boy’s fate depend
on us ~~”

“…Yeah…er…try your best…”

Oh, so she isn’t the director.

The one who was called “director” is a tall, thin girl sitting
on my left.

She gave me a gentle smile. Looked like she is easy to get along

“Wow ~ wow ~~ teenager’s love really made people jealous ~~ I
suddenly want to cause trouble for their love ~~ don’t you agree,

“…Uhm…this is…hard to say?”

“Ah ~~ I couldn’t sleep at night now ~~ damn ~~ now I want to
make this anime a failure ~~”

“…What kind of anime will it be….I can’t wait…”

Are they…really talking with each other?

Is this anime-making team okay? I felt worried even before
we start…

“You two, I’d hate to interrupt your talk, but Izumi-sensei is
standing right here.”

“Ah, sorry.”


The one who just spoke was the girl sitting on my right. She had
short, black hair, with sharp eyes and low voice. Looks like she is
maybe the one in charge here.

“Please sit down, sensei.”


Just that conversation told me that she IS the one in charge. I
sat down like she said.

“Then let’s begin our first meeting regarding original draft of
The cutest little sister in the world anime.”

She raised a hand toward her chest and introduced herself:

“I’m Akasaka, anime producer. Pleased to meet you.”

She walked over and gave me her business card. It showed her
full name is Akasaka Touko.

Next, the girl called “Director” also stood up and, for the
first time, spoke something serious.

“…I’m the director. Amamiya ..Shizue…”

Director. Amamiya Shizue.

….Seemed like she is not a fan of talking. It’s probably going
to be difficult to hold a conversation with her.

“Next is my turn ~”

The girl with glasses yawned again, raised a hand.

“I’m Aoi Makina ~ Scenario writer ~ in other words ….phew….young
man, I will be the one you work with the most when making
this anime ~~”


….Are you kidding me?

This unmotivated-looking girl …is the scenario

I could only stare at her in shock.

“The one…I work directly with….”

“Yes yes yes. Your job ~~ is talking with me over and over again
~~” She slowly smiled “Don’t be nervous, just call me

And so —

“Our dream” reached its climax and it filled me with nervousness
and hope at the same time.

The first meeting is to allow all key members to meet each other
– and have our own introduction.

The details will be available from the second meeting – it
seemed so.

Well, since I had absolutely no preparation, I had no idea what
should I do at a meeting like that, so it wasn’t too bad.

Besides, my head was still in chaos. I could barely see things

Anyway —

I’m very excited.

— I have to hurry! I have to tell Eromanga-sensei this news!


I couldn’t even stand opening the door to my own house! Just
seeing the key slowly turned in the keyhole made me impatient.

As soon as I’m inside, I hastily threw my shoes away and rushed
to the stairs.

Bang bang bang bang bang!!!

“Eromanga-sensei! Big news, Eromanga-sensei!!”

“I don’t know anyone with that name!!”

Just when I reach the second floor, the locked room ‘s
door swung open. Sagiri walked out, flushed.

She probably just finished streaming a live video, I could see
the Eromanga-sensei mask on her head.

“Nii, Nii-san, how many times I have to tell you that!!”

“No no no no, there is no time for that! You have to calm down.
Calm down and listen to what I have to say!”

I yelled and put both of my hands on my little sister’s

But Sagiri narrowed her eyes in disgust and pushed my hands

“…You are the one who have to calm down first. Really….don’t
push your face so close to mine, it’s gross.”

If she would said anymore, I think I would have a mental

I tiredly kept my head low, breathing heavily.


“…Calm down yet?”

“Yeah. Somewhat.”

“So…what’s up?”

“Actually, you – you have to calm down and listen to me, Sagiri.
You need to calm down —“

“Too long. Hurry up and say it.”

“…I’m afraid that your weak mind ….never mind, I will say

“Please do.”

With her permission, I took a deep breath —

“Our novel – The cutest little sister in the
is going to be made into anime!”

“Ah, yeah, I know.”

“Eh ~~?”

What the heck?

“Wh, what is going on?”

I’m almost as surprised as I was when they told me about my

“Because today is when they announced the new anime, and that
included an illustration drawn by me…of course I’d know.”


Wait a sec, I couldn’t keep up with this conversation.

Now that she mentioned it, during the meeting they did told me
that the news will be announced on the official website

“…Could it be…Nii-san…you don’t know?”


“I see…..”

I averted my eyes.

“…Why. I’m the original novel’s author, but I don’t know about
it till the last minute.”

“I…I’m not sure…Kagurazaka-san only told me to keep it a secret,
she said she will tell you when the time is right…”

Please spare me that drama. That woman only wanted to tease me
by saying “making an anime”.

Such an important decision, why didn’t she tell me? What if I
said “I won’t agree to make it into an anime”? What would she do in
this case?

No. I wouldn’t say that. She knew it too.

A strange feeling appeared in my heart.

This was something worth celebrating, but my heart was filled
with anger. But it immediately disappeared.

Sagiri blushed, looked down.

“…I thought Nii-san already knew…so…you…said that….”

— After our dream comes true, I have something to
tell you.

“Well…that…is not…”

“Not it?”

“Yeah, I was totally in the dark when I said it. Frankly
speaking, I thought it would take much longer.”

“Is that so?”

Sagiri nervously looked at me, her body slowly shrunk – probably
due to embarrassment.

“Sagiri, while I didn’t expect…our dream would come so soon…But
I – will tell you this.”


Sagiri nodded, then slowly looked up.

“I …also…..will….properly…introduce…the one I like….the …the…the

With her expression, her action, her words…she showed me her

My chest hurt, but I still said:

“Sure, I will properly face him.”

Not as her elder brother, but as a man who likes Sagiri.

Go ahead and laugh at me. Go ahead and yell at me. I don’t

People will die.

We have no way to know if our happiness is going to stay the
same tomorrow.

No one can predict the future. There is no way to make sure that
a person’s happiness will remain unchanged.

If I don’t tell her how I feel, then I will regret it in the

If I have a chance to grab my happiness, then I have to take
that chance.

This is a choice I made with my life. Consider that I’m still a
kid when even adult couldn’t fully prepare, unless I risked
everything, I will never gain my happiness.

I have prepared myself to act tough, to become a poor loser.

I will — face this challenge head on.

“Yes. It’s starting, Izumi-sensei.”

“Yes. It’s starting, Eromanga-sensei.”

Sagiri raised her tablet and showed me the official website for
The cutest little sister in the world.

There were several big letters which said “Anime incoming” on

I looked at the website, emotion running rampart in my

The new fight of us siblings has just began.

That night, I was having a chat with Sagiri in her room.

We talked about the first meeting, about the female-only team
for the anime – included the scenario writer Aoi Makina, the
director Amamiya ,the producer Akasaka and the others.

“Aoi Makina-san……I think I have heard of her name before..”

“Is she famous?”

“Uhm….yes…I like her.”

“Oh ~~ a scenario writer that Sagiri like. It’s going to be

“Um…I’m so happy.”

She agreed. Looked like this is good news for Sagiri.

“Still…to think that she is such a young girl.”

“Yeah…but while she looked younger than me, she is actually

She did call herself Onee-san, after all.

“…How old is she?”

“I’m not really sure…I didn’t ask for their age.”

“…Is she cute?”

“Eh? Er…eto…maybe?”

“Huh ~~”

What is going on?

“How cute?”


I couldn’t exactly answer that question. If I tell her that she
wore glasses and got big breast, she would get mad at me.

“Well….let me see if I can put it into word…how should I put
it….she is like….a cat sleeping under the sun?”

“Huh? I don’t get it, what about her character?”

“Eh….she is hard to understand? I don’t really get it

“What is your first impression?”

“I felt fluffy.”

“…What the heck?”

Well, that was my impression. What’s with Sagiri today?

“Anyway, I have to prepare something. I planned to watch all of
the anime made by Makina-san, director Amamiya and producer

At least that will give me a topic to talk with them to deepen
our relationship, and it could give me an idea about what our anime
would be.

— Your job ~~ is talking with me over and over again

I don’t have a clear idea what should I do during those
meetings. But I have to know what kind of anime they made

“…In that case, I have some blu-ray discs, do you want to watch
them together? Right here?”

“Re, really?”

“Um…producer Akasaka, director Amamiya and scenario Aoi Makina…I
have all the famous anime made by them.”

As expected of Eromanga-sensei. The truth is, I’m not someone
who buys anime blu-ray discs, nor do I know much about the anime
industry. I’m so thankful to have someone so knowledgeable

Besides, watching anime together with my little sister —

It’s like a test run for “our dream”. This made me so happy. The
only downside is that we are going to watch it here, in the
locked room

“By the way, what is that famous anime that you spoke of?”

“Don’t you know? This is it!”

Sagiri took the Eromanga-sensei’s mask on her head and gave it
to me.

“Stardust Witch ☆ Meruru.”

After the weekend break is over, I went to the school in the
morning as usual.

Last night, I was so excited that I could barely sleep, but that
didn’t tired me down at all.

I’m still very, very excited. I feel both afraid and hopeful. It
was the same when I decided to debut as a novelist.

I don’t have any experience, but I think everyone would feel the
same during their first date.


Yes. I am very, very excited.

I’m so excited that I wanted to bring a cardboard box to the
Arakawa river bank and play sliding a hundred times. By the way,
play sliding means using the cardboard box to slide from the top of
the dam to the bottom near the river. This is a game that everyone
in the Arakawa ward knows about!

When I was about to start jumping in joy, a familiar voice
called for me

“Hey ~ ~ Mune-kun!”

“Oh, Tomoe! Morning! Ah~ you look so cute today! What an amazing
pair of breasts!”

“What are you saying!!?”

Tomoe yelled in surprise, she immediately hugged her body to
cover her breasts.

“…Sorry. I was so excited that I said something Izumi Masamune

“Ah – you scared me. Suddenly saying something so strange…I
thought that your soul was replaced by a creature from the outer

“Am I that weird?”

To think she used such a light novel-like metaphor

“Yes you were ~ I thought that I was about to be brought into an
abandoned alley, then Mune-kun will turn into a tentacle monster
before spew his sticky dirty mucus all over me!”

“There should be a limit to your imagination!!”

To think she used a 2D Dream Novel (TL Note: 2D Dream novel
is an eroge series) – as an example.

That girl is Takasago Tomoe, a daughter of a bookstore owner and
one of my rare friends.

“Sure, we can stop joking now.”

Right now, Tomoe was wearing her uniform and carried the school
bag with her. She put a hand over her mouth and pretend to

And then —

“Mune-kun, congrats!”

She hugged me tightly.


“You made it! You finally got an anime! I always believed in

“You…you…stop flattering me!!”

Since I was in contact with a girl’s soft body, my heart was
racing —

Thus, I couldn’t do anything to Tomoe.

“You greedy bookstore mistress! I haven’t forgot how cold you
treat my novel!”

“I treat all of those books equally! Besides, it’s thanks to me
that your book managed to sell in this area! You should thank me

“Yeah yeah, thank you very much ~”

Normally, both I and Tomoe wouldn’t do this, but today is a
special day. I was so happy that I did something stupid.

“Ahaha, looks like Mune-kun’s promise is about to come

“Eh? What promise?”

“Hey, did you forget? I told you before ~~? If Mune-kun could
have an anime, and if you become rich —“

Tomoe brought her face closer to mine:

I’m willing to be your bride – that one”

So you are after my money — I remembered that was my
reply back then!!”

Well…yeah…something like that did happened. But it was just a
joke between friends.

However, no matter how “special” my life became, I still went to
school as usual.

There was a time when a stupid girl called Yamada Elf came to my
classroom. Because of that, now everyone knew that I’m the light
novel author, Izumi Masamune.

Thanks to Tomoe and my kind classmates, nothing happened. No one
actually treated me any different – at least until now.

However, when The cutest little sister in the
is made into anime – things changed.

Just as soon as I sat down on my seat, someone came to my

“Sorry…this class….Is Izumi-kun…inside?”

That was something a girl said before she confessed. But
regrettably, this word came from a male.

I think he is Uchida-kun from next class, a member of an
anime-lover group.

I followed Uchida-kun to the hallway, then he said:

“Sorry….Izumi-kun, are you …Izumi Masamune-sensei?”

“Ah, yeah. That’s right.”

What should I do when a classmate using formal language with

Then, he bowed deeply…

“I’m a fan of Sekaimo! Congratulations of your


“Please do your best! I will keep supporting you!” He then said,
with sparkling eyes

That made me both happy and embarrassed.

The same thing happened a few more times that day.

And when school was finally over…

“Izumi-sensei is going home!”

“Make way for him!”

In one day, I became the king of this school.

“Sensei, please!”


Some treated me like a boss.

“Sensei, please go with us to the High-Vision study
4th period tomorrow!”

Some treated me like an idol.

From a far, some girls saw us and said “Disgusting, what the
heck is that?”

Please let go of my hand, I’m about to die of

“…Mune-kun, did you become a light novel author because you want
to archive this?”

Of course not! And why….does no girl like my story?

Hey! The guy over there! Don’t show my novel at school!
Don’t read something named “The cutest little sister in the world”
openly here!

Whenever I heard someone was bashed because they read my novel
or a teacher confiscated it, I was deeply hurt! Please read them in
secret! You don’t have to show it in the open!!


The anime news affected Izumi Masamune’s life style way more
than it should.

I finally managed to get away from some club and on my way home.
Many things happened, so my head hurt a little.

I’m going to have my own anime, but I don’t have the smallest
idea about what should I do.

Even though I’m the original author…that didn’t change the fact
that Izumi Masamune is just a kid. A light novel author, sure, but
still a kid.

It’s uneasy to wait for something without knowing what to


I broke into cold sweat.

The image of Tomoe, of my classmate appeared again in my

When they congratulated me, they also placed a heavy pressure on
my shoulder

I had the same problem when my novel got its manga…but now…”our
dream” wasn’t something belong to us alone.

This feeling made me happy, and…. a hint of fear.

I looked down, bit my lower lip —

“Too — slow!!”

A bright voice yelled at me. Looking up, I saw a beautiful
blonde girl standing in front, hands on her hip.


That was Yamada Elf. A famous light novel author lived next to

— Masamune, I like you the most.

She also confessed to me before. She told me how much she like

Normally, that would make our meeting very awkward. But she is
anything but normal.

“Hey Masamune! I have been waiting for you, what took you so

“Since my anime was announced, a lot of fans at school came to

“Ah, I see. Congrats!”


I have heard it many times already, so I don’t mind.

“So you finally have your anime! To think that you even hide it
from me, how arrogant, Masamune!”

No, I really don’t know…but I can’t tell you that.

Elf fearlessly put a hand on her chest, said:

“So, we are equal now. Masamune…you did well. Your adventure
will end here. Good job enduring the hardship on the way.”

“….What are you talking about?”

Her cryptic words only made me annoyed.

“Ahaha… you don’t have to be modest. Because I, Yamada Elf, am a
noble flower. The fact that your status as someone not equal to me
caused you trouble, thus you rejected me confession, didn’t you?
Come, Masamune! You have your own anime, you are my equal now! Go
ahead and propose to me!”

“Nah, I never think of it that way.”

I think it’s someone else entirely.

“Aside from that, can you give me some advices about making an
anime, senpai?”

“Aside from that? How could you say that about the love between
you and me?”

Um, you see, my relationship with Elf isn’t normal either – it’s
like that.

“Uuuu…Forget it, just say what do you want.”

I then explained my problem to the displeased famous novelist
who has a scowl on her face

“…After that announcement, people congratulated me a lot…but
that made me keep thinking about stuff…and then I felt fear.”

That’s why I need to ask a senior for advice.

“What the? So that’s all?”

Elf said in a nonchalant tone.

“How stupid ~~~ anime is not something too extraordinary, there
is no need to be so nervous.”

“You could say that only because your anime is a huge

“I can’t let that remark slide. On what basis did you see you
are successful or a failure in that? I’m saying anime is not too
extraordinary — because even if your anime is a failure, it’s not
the end of the world.”


“Betray your fan? Getting bashed by people? Getting your hope
dashed? Afraid that it will affect your future work? Feeling super
super super super ~~ frustrated? That’s all! No one will kill you
because of that. Society wouldn’t be destroyed! Your career isn’t
going to end!”

“That — maybe you are right….”

“If you lose in an super important moment in your life, then cry
your heart out for three days and three nights, threw a fuss, get
depressed, feel regret —“

With a *thud*, Elf knocked on my chest

“Then, smile and challenge your problem again.”

“…You made it sound so simple.”

The truth is, Elf would do exactly that, without a doubt.

She once said that any defeat made her very very frustrated, but
that also made it interesting.

Even I noticed the pressure on my shoulder lightened.

“Thank you very much. This is clearly your way of encouragement,

“Ahaha, you are welcome. Anyway, you can say that making an
anime is a deadly game that you can challenge again and again. The
deciding factors included 50% of luck, 30% of hard work, 30% of
intelligent, 8% of keeping a clear head. 100% in total.”

Your words sounded cool, but the numbers are all

So amusing. And so cute

“Even if you don’t do anything, you will emerge victory if the
moment is right. If the moment is wrong, no matter how hard you
worked, everything will be for naught. Frankly speaking, this is a
rare festival in life, you should enjoy it to the best of your

She drew her face closer.

“This is super interesting.”

Next, I learnt from Elf-senpai many interesting things about
making an anime. How they gathered a hundred voice actors to pick
one suitable. How exciting it was to listen to them all. And if one
of them totally suited a character it caused her to make a drama CD
on a whim.

She told me about how during scenario meetings, when she put a
lot of thought into how to make an interesting anime – how heated
their debate could become. They argued while forging their bond,
making a long-lasting relationship.

How when the anime is aired and the fans went berserk.

How she forced herself to work and not to play, and was praised
after that.

How every bookstore, anime shop, and even bus station will show
her amine’s poster. How she receive fans mail nearly every day.

How she held a grand celebration at a big meeting room —

Yamada Elf-sensei’s experience was like an amazing tale to

— Our anime might not be as successful as hers.

I couldn’t say “Just watch me do it too!”. Izumi Masamune got
this bad habit, instead of raising his will power, he keeps
thinking about possible screw up. This is not how a light novel
protagonist would think; this is a sub-character way of

Still —

“….I don’t think….that I didn’t learn anything.”

From that senpai, I found a source of fire in my heart. I
believe it will become a source of power to reach my dream.

“Alright, there is no use covering in fear now. Let’s do

I temporary forget about my anime and think about my next

After all, I’m a novelist. It’s my job to deliver a good novel
to the hands of the reader.

Thanks to Elf, I finally managed to lighten my pressure. But
someone else appeared and dropped a bucket of cold water on my

“I see ~~ you are going to have your anime ~~ I think it’s very
hard for it to be success, so Izumi, don’t feel down too much,

“I don’t need your pity when my anime hasn’t even aired

The one who just came to my home is Kusanagi-senpai. He is my
senior, who always wear Kirito-like black clothing.

He is also someone who fell to the dark side after he got his

“But don’t you know, both light novel and anime based on light
novel is facing a hard time. Do you think that only your anime will
be successful? Are you that naïve?”

“Of course I knew things wouldn’t be that simple! That’s why I
tried to motivate myself, tried to make my anime better!”

“Well, this is your important dream after all.”


He put a hand on my shoulder.

“…..It’d be great if everything goes well.”

“You don’t have to be so negative! Senpai, are you trying to
reduce my morale instead?”

“Well, you are not exactly wrong.”

If that’s the case, why don’t you go die already?


“Izumi, stop making that face. Don’t you have something to ask a
novelist with his own experience in anime like me?”

“I already asked Elf-sensei for her advice, so no thanks.”

“Do you think a famous novelist’s boast would be useful for you
as a reference?”

You are the same kind of author as me, don’t be mistaken. That’s
what senpai was trying to tell me.


Still… just seeing him made me understand that I couldn’t be
prideful just because I got an anime. In the end, my novel is
unlike Elf’s “Dark Elf”, which is a famous novel even before it
became an anime.

We were standing in front of my house and talking, but suddenly
I squatted down.


I know, I know, you don’t have to say it…Just let me enjoy this
feeling for about a week more, please.

Kusanagi-senpai’s expression said “Crap, I told him too

“Well Izumi — what do you think about my anime then?”

“Eh?” I looked up at him “Well…”

What a hard topic…

I was still trying to think of something to say, but
Kusanagi-senpai smiled brightly.

“No need to mind words, you must be thinking that it’s a

“Ah, um…”

“I know, I know, but I myself think it’s a success.”

That was something completely unexpected, enough to give me a

He continued:

“While everyone bashed me, saying that my anime is a failure, I
don’t agree. True, sales is barely acceptable, and some bad review
caused the entire Internet to turn against me. I felt it’s my fault
that I couldn’t satisfy my fans. In fact, even now sometimes I feel
bad about it. However, I still can accept this outcome, I still
feel thankful to the production team. I’m proud to say that I have
done everything I could. Well, in other words…what am I trying to
say ….”

Kusanagi-senpai kept scratching his head, hesitating.

“In any case, make sure that the end result is something you can
accept. You shouldn’t think along the lines of It’s good as
long as the anime went without any trouble.
As the original
author, you must be the happiest person when it succeeds, the most
depressing person when it fails. Otherwise, you won’t get any

“I don’t need you to tell me that.”

Hearing that, Kusanagi-senpai said in a mocking tone:

“Then, answer me Izumi – what is the success that you

Let me see your winning condition – that was what he said.

Well, let’s begin from the beginning then.

“We will watch our anime together, and my little sister can
laugh happily.”

While I told him my answer easily, that didn’t change the fact
that he dropped a bucket of cold water on my motivation

Damn — he sounded like he was giving me a lecture, but i won’t
be fooled! He just wanted to vent his anger.


What’s the success that I was aiming for? Maybe I really should
start from the beginning to check again.

However, right after when Kusanagi-senpai went home, I had new

“Hey yo ~ Masamune! I’m here to play.”

“Masamune-kun, congratulations.”

That was Army and Muramasa-senpai.

Twin tails and a boyish clothing – Army-sensei, also known as
Amelia Armeria. She is a manga artist and illustrator, also
Sagiri’s sister. She is also one of the reasons that the “Dark Elf”
anime got such amazing sales.

Next is a beautiful black haired girl in kimono, Senjyu
Muramasa. She is my senior at the same publishing company.

Both of them came to congratulate on my anime, but —

“Thank you for coming. Nice timing.”

“Hm? What do you meant?”

“I have something to ask Army-sensei.”

“Eh? About your anime?”

What a sharp instinct. Army grinned.

“Yes yes yes. I want to ask – or rather, I want to know how I
should mentally prepare myself.”

In any case, experienced person is hard to come
by…Kusanagi-senpai is a rare exception.

“Fine ~ I also have something to talk with you.”

We sounded like a pair of same-sex friend. Seeing that,
Muramasa-senpai knitted her brow.

“Masamune-kun, why don’t you ask me about that?”


“Anime or something, I have done that too.” She said and lightly
tapped her chest.

“Eh, I don’t plan to ask you, Muramasa-senpai.”


Doesn’t seem like she understand.

“Er…may I blurt out?”


“I don’t think there is any meaning in asking what did you
think when you made your anime.

“You don’t have to say it out! I’m hurt!” She said in anger.

Since her only memory about her own anime is “I think I did
it…maybe?” while she did have experience in making anime, she
probably didn’t take part in any meetings with the producer or
director. She didn’t watch her own anime. She didn’t even know that
she is the original author. What can I ask her then?

“Yes, I can’t give you any advice! But —!”

She yelled and tried to make herself clear:

“As a fan of Izumi Masamune-sensei, there are many things I want
to say…ouch, it hurt!”

Army used her hand and chopped senpai on her head.

“What are you doing, manga artist?”

Seemed like Muramasa-senpai bit her tongue, she was crying. On
the other hand, Army calmly said:

“Stop raising your voice, novelist. Be quiet.”

“What did you say?”


Two beautiful girl glared at each other.

“…Eto…can you please don’t fight in my living room?”

“Fine. Outside then.”

“You want to take it outside? Fine!”

“Wait wait! Please don’t fight! I said don’t fight in my living
room, but that didn’t mean goes outside and fight!”

“I know I know, I meant to say that we need to go outside to

“..Eh? Why?”

When I asked, Army glanced at the locked room and

“I don’t want Sagiri to hear.”

We followed Army’s idea and went outside. Well, just twenty
meters, but still outside nevertheless. We went to an old bridge

“…Here should be enough.”

Army squatted down, like a thug.

“Please don’t sit like that, too vulgar!”

It’s so horrible!

“Fine fine. Masamune, you sounded like Chris-aniki.”

“So? What do you want to avoid Sagiri from listening?”

I myself think that there is no need to go outside. She isn’t
likely to hear anything from her room.


Army stood up, looked like she didn’t know where to start. She
finally said in a serious tone:

“I have something to ask, Izumi Masamune.”

“Please protect Sagiri.”


Both me and Muramasa-senpai’s eyes widened in shock. I think
about it as hard as i could, then said:

“….What do you mean by that?”

“I know about your dream too. Sagiri is a very weak girl, who
easily gets hurt — but she was trying her best for that dream.
Because that is your dream — she is doing everything she


I understood what Army just said. I knew about it too.

She continued:

“She is just a girl who holds her dream close, just like Emily
before she made her anime.”

Emily is Yamada Elf’s real name.

“Making an anime is much harder than both you and Sagiri had
imagined. It’s outright horrible. Even if you try to keep dream
true, sooner or later something will happen and try to ruin it. A
leak on the Internet that lead to a series of trash talk can be
considered small. Those things will make you want to give up, and
it’s now right in front of you.”

You have to prepare yourself – she said.

Since this came from Army-sensei, who is very active in making
her anime, so it sound true in my heart.

“Listen carefully, Izumi Masamune. In order to make your dream
come true, you can’t just focus on making a good anime.”

“You have to protect the girl who holds her dream in her

“It’s good as long as only your dream is ruined. If your dream
is corrupted, make absolutely sure that Sagiri don’t see, don’t
know about it. Protect her with everything you got. Thankfully she
is a hikikomori, so you could do it with some careful


“- — Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.”


Don’t worry, Army-sensei.

My dream is neither “making a great anime” nor “My anime will
make a lasting memory”, “My anime will have great sales.”

“My dream is to watch the anime together with my little sister;
we will laugh together so that I could see how happy she is. Making
a great anime or novel is just the preparation, not the final

Just like I told Kusanagi-senpai before, I only have one winning

“It’s okay. Just leave it to me.”

“I will leave it to you then.”

Army sighed, just like a weight was lifted off her shoulder.

“What I just said was my feelings when I made my anime. Sorry if
that wasn’t what you expected.”

“No, it’s the best I could ask for.”

At least it was the best for me.

“….By the way, Army. Could it be that when you made
Dark Elf …”

Before I could finished, Army put a finger to my lips.

“She said she was very happy, didn’t she?”


— It was super interesting!

“Her expression was what I wanted to see.”

She grinned….just like a kid who successes playing a prank.

She looked so happy.

The same day, evening.

I turned my laptop on and began to search for my previous work.
Since I was afraid of the result, it was something I normally
wouldn’t do.

But after the announcement …what would people think about my

Would they discuss them again? Would my fans feel happy? Would
they be worried? Just thinking about them made me nervous.

So I shouldn’t search too long….I calmed myself down and began
to search for my previous novel…

The result was something that I have never seen before.

It was an unexpectedly happy illustration. It had a sign of
Eromanga-sensei, which said she drew it to celebrate the anime

It looked like she had celebrated that news in her own way

Under the words “Congratulations on the anime”, I could see the
smile of my little sister (the female protagonist)

“….So Sagiri was smiling happily when she drew it?”

There were so many comments followed her illustration.

— So cool!!!

— I’m so happy! I’m looking forward to it!

— Congratulations on the anime!

— Please don’t make anime or manga that invades my

— What you are doing to me is totally

— I love little sister the most.

— Eromanga-sensei, do your best!

— Congratulations, Eromanga-sensei, Onii-chan ♥ I will
send a message later ♪

— Oh yeah!!!!!! So cute

— I have been waiting for this! I have been waiting for
this! I have been waiting for this!

— The cutest little sister in the world will be a
world-changing anime!

— It will definitely not become a normal, forgettable

— If you betray my expectations, then prepare to take my
deadly curse.

— By a fan of Izumi Masamune.

— Izumi-sensei, Eromanga-sensei, I will support you

— I have been waiting! I like this story the

It was like that —

There was still more coming, even when I’m reading.

There were pure congratulations message, private message, even
some chuunibyou-style message, many style….they kept coming…I
couldn’t read them all.

“…Ha ha.”

This is a rare festival in life, you should enjoy it to the
best of your ability —
That was what Elf-senpai said.

Let me see your winning condition – That was
Kusanagi-senpai said.

Protect the girl who holds her dream in her heart.
That was what Army-sensei said.

I also received blessing from Tomoe and Muramasa-senpai.

I could almost see their face appear and disappearing in the

I could see the smile of my little sister (the female

Okay, let me protect their dream. Let’s begin our journey
together, to reach our dream.

My victory is right in front of me.

The festival is about to begin!