Izumi Masamune. Sixteen years old. Second year, high school.

I’m a light novel author and a student.

My penname is Izumi Masamune. Basically, my real name.

For a lot of reasons, starting two years ago I have begun to
live together with my hikikomori little sister.

While we live under the same roof, there was a time when we
barely saw each other. I could only watch in frustration, unable to
change the situation while cooking meals for her daily.

A year ago, I had a breakthrough. By chance, I found out about
her second identity.

My illustrator, Eromanga-sensei. The co-worker that I haven’t
meet before.

She is also my little sister, Izumi Sagiri.

A girl who enjoys making live video streams, enjoys talking with
her fans.

An illustrator who enjoys erotic drawings, with enough skill to
make others seek her out.

That is Eromanga-sensei, who’s also my hikikomori little sister,
who never goes outside, who never speaks to anyone.

It was a surprise for me. But it was also a chance. A chance for
me to close the gap between me and my little sister.

Aside from living together, we aren’t that much different from
two strangers – well, we are co-workers, at least.

And…many things happened.

She slowly let me into the locked room.

She slowly made new friend. She found out that I liked her from
the first look.

We had a new novel. It got a manga adaption.

Even my aunt, Kyouka-san opened her heart to me. My little
sister also said that someday, she wants to “go out”, wants to “go
to school”.

Also, my goal – which is to “become a normal pair of siblings”
with Sagiri —

“……. I, I like you”

 “As a little sister”.

 “Nii-san, you want to be a real brother to me,
don’t you?”

“Real brothers and sisters can’t love each other,

“So, I like you as a little sister”

Well, it encountered some obstacles, but at least our lives
returned to normal already.

Anyway, the recent test in April changed Sagiri. Probably for
the better. Hopefully.

Now it was an April morning. I was sleeping soundly —-

“Phew — phew —-“

—– Nii-san, over here.

I was with my angelic little sister, playing in the flower

—– Ehehe, Nii-san. This way, this way —

A pure smile. Pure white clothes. Two cute angelic wings.

—– I like Nii-san the most ♥

We were playing happily.

If you ignored everything I was about to say, that is.

A distance away, under a big apple tree was a demonic ruffian
who looked exactly like Yamada Elf-sensei. She was glaring at

—– Tch, Masamune. Happily my ass!

Every few minutes, amoeba-like tentacles came out of her and
swept the ground, taking a large batch of grass and leaves to

—– Grass tastes so good —

The sound of her chewing sounded like it was coming from hunger

Later, I realized that the weird part was probably because Elf
made a salad earlier. Really, it was rude for me to dream of her
that way, but I couldn’t exactly help it.


I rolled over in my sleep.


“…. Un…wait…. eating….”

“Nii-san, wake up.”

“Yah…my angel…whispering in my ears….”


? My cheek felt a bit of pressure. And in my dream, my angel
kissed me.


It felt so real that I woke up. Opening my eyes, I came face to
face with my angel.

“…Ah, you’re up.”

“Sa, Sagiri?”

I unconsciously checked my cheek. I could still feel something …
Could it be?

My face was getting hotter, but my little sister only tilted her
head in confusion.

“I poked you…. did it hurt?”

“No, not really.”

I thought you were giving me a morning kiss!

I sighed, then suddenly, the unusual part of the situation hit


“How…. what?” She cutely titled her head.

“Hmm? Am I…dreaming?”

I couldn’t think of anything. A big hikikomori like Sagiri came
out of the locked room…and appeared in my room.

Noticing that I was staring, Sagiri said “um”, and patted my
shoulder, and said in embarrassment:

“…. Hungry…meal….”

She said that and quickly left the room. I could only blankly
look after her, muttering to myself.

“…Yeah…she…could come out of her room now….”

It’s not like her hikikomori status has been fixed…. but due to
my aunt’s test, she has improved.

Even if I was at home, she could come out of her room now.

I must add that now, Sagiri “could run to her room anytime”. The
condition that said “alone is safe” is no longer true, but she
couldn’t stand too many people too long, even with her friends.

Like some kind of main character who could only fight properly
for three minutes or so.

“Who is 「safe person 」in your dictionary?”

I once asked her that question. After a moment of hesitation,
she answered:

“…. Like…you.”

“Me? Anyone else? Elf? Megumi?”

“…………………. That….”


“……………. It’s a secret.”

Why did she have to keep it a secret?

Anyway, since I’m counted as 「safe 」, so even if I was home
there is a chance that she could come out. I wanted to know what
the odds of that are.

Deep down, I hope that this situation would continue.

However, there were new problems in my daily life…

For example, while I was working…suddenly I felt that someone
was watching me. The moment I turned back —


The door quickly closed. I might have seen a shadow.

“……. Did I imagine it?”

The first time could be a mistake. But it repeats itself several

Like when I was making a meal….and the moment I turned —


A small shadow sneakily run away.

“………What is she doing?”

There was a time when I just finished bathing and still fully
naked – when I looked aside by happenstance and I saw someone.

“Who’s there!?”


*Thud thud thud* That person tried to run away.

Hm, who could that be?

“Stop right here!”

Still naked, I rushed after that person. “She” turned around,
“wah” in surprise then fell down. Of course, it was Sagiri.

I quickly ran to her:

“Are you okay, Sagiri?”

“Clothes! Put some clothes on! Now!”

She shut her eyes close and yelled. I ignored her and put my
hand on her shoulders:

“It’s not the time! Let me help you get up first!”

If this was anime, then it’s time to break out the Inukami-style

“You, you did it on purpose didn’t you! Nii-san is a

“You have no right to say that! Peeping tom! Ero-sensei!”

“I don’t know anyone with that name!”

Of course, we finished with a family meeting.

“Really….! Unacceptable! Nii-san! You dare to show me…. that
weird thing! Pervert! What if I get a nightmare?”

“You have no right to say that! I AM the one who who will have

It’s now 19:00. Inside the locked room, my little
sister (via headphone) I and were having a heated debate.

“Nii-san is an idiot! Pervert! Hentai!”

“Those words suited you more than me! Ero-imouto! Peeping

“I did not! I just saw you by chance!”

“By chance? Does opening the door to peak at my ass count as “by

“How, how could you said that! I can’t believe it!”

“So, you go in circle when you are at a disadvantage? Where did
you learn that from? Was it your instinct?”

Is it just me, or do all girls have that instinct?

“You shouldn’t think that by ignoring me, I will forget this

“…. Kuh.”

She closed her eyes, and gritted her teeth.

“Good. Now tell me the truth! Why did you secretly peek at me?
Did you really want to look at my ass that much?”


I hope so, too.

“So why then?”

“…. Because…because….”


She blushed, looked down, muttered:

“…. because I could go outside now.”

“Yes? What?”

“I could go outside now…so I practiced doing thing that I
couldn’t before…”

Wait a second….?

“So basically, since you can go outside now, you began to
sexually harass me? You wanted to do that before, so you decided to
do that now?”

“No…no…it’s not like that.”

Sagiri hastily waved her hand, and explained:

“…. I just wanted …to see you…. cooking…sleeping…”


Nope, I don’t understand a bit. Why would she want to watch me
do that? Let me think…

“Ah! I got it!”


Suddenly, I knew. Sagiri blushed madly, trying to stop me from

“You wanted to watch me to get drawing references, didn’t

“……Yes?” She blinked, clearly surprised.

“Well, my next volume does include a lot of males taking a


“Eromanga-sensei will not draw something that she hasn’t seen
before – so you secretly peeked at me for that scene.”


Sagiri startled, then pointed a finger at me.

“Yes yes! That’s right! Reference!”

“I knew it!”

“And….so….to get references…. even if it was Nii-san’s ugly
behind…. I still need to see…so….” She said with a displeased

Do you have to say it like that?

“So, do you need me to strip now?”

I said while putting my hand on my pants. Sagiri quickly stopped

“No no – there is no need! No need for that anymore! I got it! I
already got references! You don’t have to strip!”

“Is that so?”

“Yes yes! I got enough! It’s over now!”

Thus, our family meeting end absurdly. I was fine anyway, so I
changed the topic:

“Now, you can go out if I’m the only one in the house,


I rarely got a chance to talk with her, I need to take
advantages of this.

“…there is something I wanted to do with you, especially now
when you can go out…”

“Gm? Sagiri glanced at me “What’s that? Tell me?”

“Let’s take a bath together!”


*Thud* She punched my nose!

“I hate you! Hate you! Hate you!”

Sagiri…. how should I put it…steam was coming out of her ears…so

I was covering my face while trying to explain myself “It was a
joke! A joke!!”

“It hurt so much…. why are you getting angry for…it was clearly
a joke…”?

“If, if I said yes, then you wouldn’t say it was a joke!”

“Of course.”

“Idiot! Pervert!”

Hey, teasing my little sister felt better than expected. I
pushed on:

“A normal pair of siblings would take a bath together.”

“You, you mean siblings in a romantic light novel?”

“No no no! Even a normal pair of siblings can take a bath
together, it’s very normal.”

“Only if they are small!”

“How old do you think you are?”

She covered her chest, glared at me, and pouted:

“I, I’m in my second year of middle school. I’m an adult

Nah, a real adult wouldn’t have added “I’m an adult” at the end.
And there is no way such an adult would be this cute.

“Recently, some idol admitted that they still took a bath with
her older brother until they were in middle school…. Anyway, you
might not know it but people don’t find it strange anymore.”

“Hm, I bet it’s their trick to show off. They said they took a
bath with their elder brother, but I bet the truth is they took a
bath with their younger brother.”

Wow, I didn’t expect her to know that.

“Hah…okay…it can’t be helped …I’ll have to drop 「Take a bath
with my little sister 」 then.”

“…Of course. And what’s wrong with you, you didn’t seem to

“…. Just a swimsuit is fine….”

“Shut up! That’s even worse.”

Yeah, “taking a bath with my little sister” might have passed as
safe, but adding a” swimsuit” is firmly in the realm of the

“Next – the second part of 「What I wanted to do with you
together, especially when you can go outside now 」.”


Sagiri shot me an ice-cold glare.

“Can you please stop looking at me like that? This time, I’m

“I knew it. You were just fooling around before.”

Heh, so she found out?

“So? Will you eat meals with me from now on Sagiri?”

Since the day she began to come out of her room, I had hoped for
this. The only reason I didn’t ask sooner was because so many
things happened.

Eating together. Sitting side by side at the dining table,
laughing with other – we were like that in the past, but not
anymore — our family could barely function anymore.

Hearing that, Sagiri looked startled, and she blinked before

“……. Oh…………. everyday…. together……….”

“Yes. Together.”


She looked down, embarrassed.

Did I say something wrong? It was a logical request, wasn’t

Sagiri (still blushing madly) asked me:

“Nii, Nii-san…. what do you mean?”

“What else could I mean? Isn’t it clear enough? I want to eat
meals together every day…. our family always did that when our
parents were alive.”

To tell the truth, my father didn’t actually care much for that,
but after Kyouka-san gave him a lecture, he relented.

“So…. let’s eat together from now on? That is all I ask.”

I only want to feel the atmosphere of a family again…

“…. Ah…. Hm….is that so?”

Hearing that, Sagiri looked both happy and discontented. She
pouted for a moment, which make me unable to guess what was she

“What do you think I mean?”

“…. Who cares.”

She turned away…that means she is making a fuss again.

I scratched my head and asked again:

“So…how about my suggestion?”

“Rejected.” She immediately replied.

“W, why?”

“…. I’m embarrassed.”

Well, I can somewhat accept that.

“I see.”

I didn’t want to force her or anything. Its regrettable, but
it’s not like I couldn’t accept this.

She looked down, and muttered:

“…. It won’t be that way for long.”

A few days later, I meet Kagurazaka-san at the editor

“Izumi-sensei, actually today I have something important to tell

“Important? Crap, was the anime project canceled?”

I immediacy stood up. She broke into laughter, damn it!

“Wrong! Too bad – it’s not related to the anime project. Our
company has an event this month, I’d like you to join.”


I sighed, and took a breath to calm myself down, and then

Spring event…. wait…you mean the autograph event?”

You guys might still remember…. last year, thanks to this event,
I found out the truth about Eromanga-sensei.”

In short, this event is planned every year in Ikebukuro by our
publishing company. I received a notice about it a few months ago,
so I’m not exactly surprised.


“Yes, the autograph event is part of it, but not really.”
Kagurazaka-san said “I really need Izumi-sensei to go on

“Wait? Stage?”

I couldn’t help but stare in surprise.

“Yes. It was a bit of a rush, but it’s my boss’s fault, not me.
I wanted to increase marketing for Sekaimo, but my
boss is so unreasonable, he didn’t even notice me until it was too
late! Sorry for deciding it without telling you! Anyway…. it’s all
my boss’s fault, you hear? I’m angry too! I can’t forgive him…after
I have tried so hard….! ~ Izumi-sensei, you understand what I’m
trying to say, right? Forget about my boss, your editor Kagurazaka
is not at fault here.”

Yeah, that’s how she is. Never accepting her responsibilities if
someone forced their opinion on her.

“Well, I only understand a little bit. So – what do you have in

“Clang clang ! The best solution to market
Sekaimo ~ I planned to have a special program for
this spring event.”

“Hm ~ hm ~”

Well, sounds good to me. I didn’t like the fact that she decided
on it without asking me, but it’s a chance to promote my novel, go
on stage and earn more fans at the same time.

“I said goes to stage, but all you have to do is take
part in a talk show – just tell the audience what’s on your mind –
basically that.”

“Could it be …. it’s about the anime project? You wanted me to
tell them that at the event?”


…. Is that so…

“Forget the anime project, I don’t think a preview is even

“Un ~”

“So, I wanted to ask Eromanga-sensei for some illustration.”

“Sure sure.”

“Actually, all of them were finished already.”

“…. I know absolutely nothing about that.”

I don’t even know anything about this.

“She probably didn’t tell you – anyway, now I need to plan some
cosplay clothing for that event. We will need some cute girls

“That’s good.”

Cute girls? Eromanga-sensei will definitely like it.

Yeah, I didn’t pay enough attention. That’s actually a good

“The main focus of the talk show, is answering fan’s question,
telling them some behind the scenes secrets…. like that.”

“So, you wanted me to tell them about my achievements?”

“Yes! The main topic is Share your feeling with the
. What do you think, Izumi-sensei?”

Not bad. Just like an autograph event, it’s a chance to meet my
readers, a chance to promote my novel. I don’t know much about
either, but …it feels good to make my fans happy.

“Just tell me if there is anything I can do for help. Frankly
speaking, I don’t know anything about that, but for my fans,

For my dream! For our dream!

I accepted. Kagurazaka-san gave me her hand with a smile:

“I knew that Izumi-sensei would say that.”

I shook her hand.

“Yes! Let’s make it a success. Just tell me what you need me to

“I planned to have a huge advertisement board which read The
secret behind the stage – Eromanga-sensei is a beautiful
. Can you please tell her that for me?”

“Are you crazy??”

I let go of her hand. Our time together was so short.

What were you thinking…no, really, what were you thinking?

“It’s impossible! It’s not like you don’t know Eromanga-sensei’s

“Yup, I know.”

So what’s with your I-don’t-care expression?

“So you must know that Eromanga-sensei will definitely not take
part in it! I can say for sure that she will NOT
show her face.”

Kagurazaka-san quietly added:

“Anyway, the plan is set in motion! There are dozens – no,
hundreds of professional employees already working on it! This
spring event isn’t only for you, we planned to promote many other
works! Even if Izumi-sensei says no, what can you do if the others
said yes?”

Is she for real? I don’t like to be left out one bit!

And what can I do now….

“Kagurazaka-san, how could you do it to me!? I can’t believe

For now, I will borrow my little sister’s favorite tactic,
dodging the question to buy myself some time.

“It’s all for Izumi-sensei! I’m always your editor, your

Tch…not very effective! She immediately countered my

Kagurazaka-san waved a finger, and continued:

“Recently, a lot of novel illustrator show themselves, then
everything turns out okay.”

“…. You mean Army-sensei. So, what about that example?

“I meant, all’s well that ends well, isn’t it? I wanted to do
that again. Eromanga-sensei is a cute girl, don’t you agree? While
she might not be able to talk properly, but just her appearance
would be enough! Don’t you think that your little sister can’t be

“Well…. of course, my little sister is cute. Army-sensei is a
cute girl too, but still not as cute as Sagiri.”

“So please, convince Sagiri-chan for me, okay?”

“I already said no! You can try all you want, no means no!”

“So stubborn. Normally Izumi-sensei would yield already.”

“Yeah, what a pity.”

Normally, I might have already surrendered. But if it involved
Sagiri, then I need to keep an absolute foundation.

“Mwu…. I see…. Sagiri-chan is a hikikomori…I see…. then it can’t
be help, Izumi-sensei. But I already told you, the advertisement
board for this event has already included 「Eromanga-sensei will
take part 」. It’s impossible to change that now.”


“I know what you are about to say – but let me finish first. I
say again: the advertisement board for this event has already
included 「Eromanga-sensei will take part 」. It’s impossible to
change that now.”

Ah —-

I finally understood what she was trying to say…. damn it

“…. So that means?”

Kagurazaka-san happily laughed:

“So let’s prepare a wonderful setting for Eromanga-sensei’s

…. What should I do?

It’s clear how impossible this task it! Open deception.
Eromanga-sensei will take part? I don’t think that this is a good

Eromanga-sensei herself will never agree.

Maybe I was thinking too much, but I felt that doing so wasn’t
the right idea. But Kagurazaka-san was right, opinion didn’t matter
anymore when everything had been decided.

Also…I knew it’s all for my novel. As long as it’s for my
readers, I would do it no matter what. Eromanga-sensei too – if she
appeared, the readers will be happy, my novel would become more
famous, we had a better chance of getting an anime adaption.

Should I reluctantly agree? Or should I refuse at all cost?


No matter what I chose, better to tell Eromanga-sensei

I left the editorial department and went home, and headed
straight to the locked room.

After listening to my explanation, Eromanga-sensei thinks about
it for a moment before answering:

“…. A…appearing…impossible.”

She closed her eyes and paled. I quickly said:

“I understand! Let me refuse them! But…. I still need to deal
with advertisements …”

Hearing I mentioned Kagurazaka-san’s suggestion, Sagiri didn’t
say anything for a while


Then she asked me again:

“Nii-san, do you want to do it? This…event, I meant.”

“Of course. But I will say no if that’s what you want.”

While readers and my novel are important, there are more
important things at stake here.

Sagiri muttered “Is that so” before continuing:

“While…. I don’t want to…but let’s try it.”

“A try? You mean give that event a try?

“Yes. You can…. find someone to take my place….to take
Eromanga-sensei’s place….as long as that person doesn’t betray
us….as long as that person wouldn’t say anything strange…as long as
that person is trustworthy….”


Hey, this solution sounds good!

If I want to find someone to pretend to be Eromanga-sensei, that
person must be very trustworthy. Otherwise we will eventually have
to explain everything again.

That person shouldn’t be too prideful, should know how to keep
their mouth shut – so it’s clear that money couldn’t help me find
someone like that.

“Un…I think…. that person need to …talk to the readers in my
place…. care for them….in my place.”

That’s to keep our dream pure and untainted.

Sagiri’s condition was sound, I can accept that.

“But…when can we find someone like that?”


“Not to mention that in order to capture the reader’s attention,
that person must be super cute. There is no one as cute as Sagiri
in the world. And even if there is someone like that, I doubt that
person would satisfy the other conditions.”

I noticed that at this point, Sagiri had already blushed madly
and looked down.

“What’s wrong?”

“Who cares! I hate you!”

“Are you okay…?”

“I said I hate you! And….”


“You…have to pick someone…with big breasts to take my


What are you talking about? Is now the time to talk about

“Are you really okay? Eromanga-sensei with big breast? What if I
couldn’t hold it and broke into laughter on the stage, during the
talk show?”

“You, how could you…..!”

She got mad and hit me with her tablet.

“It hurt! It really hurt! Sorry! But, I think now wasn’t the
time to care for such pride.”

“What do you mean 「vainglory」? I…I meant, it’s okay if my image
and my real self are different.”

Liar. You clearly want everyone to think that Eromanga-sensei =
big breasts.

“Still….it might be possible to find someone who is similar to

If I based my search on this…. can it be done?

A cute girl or a young lady, trustworthy, mature….

“…. How about Elf-chan?”

“She’s cute and trustworthy…. but her mouth…. she would probably

“…I see.”

If Elf were here, she would definitely be mad though.

“…That meant Army-chan is out too…what about Muramasa-chan?”

“Muramasa-senpai is trustworthy, cute, big breasts…indeed, but
her way of talking is too formal, everyone can see that she is a
high-class lady who had little real life experience. If she was
caught off guard and panicked, everything will be ruined. Not to
mention that she didn’t even care about her own anime.”

Normally, it’s the author’s duty and right to be present at that
kind of event.

“What about…Megumi-chan?”

“Megumi? Yeah, trustworthy, cute, good at speaking…but she has a
big mouth, it’s likely that she will add unnecessary details. Not
to mention that she is kind of a famous person in Akarawa, asking
her to take part in this kind of event is a bit….”

“…. Mwu.”

Sagiri hung her head in silence.

Anyway —

Someone Eromanga-sensei could trust – that wasn’t an easy
requirement. In the end, it all depended on luck.

“So – what now?”

Among those persons I just heard, the best one would be

Wait…wait…there was…. I think I might have another idea…

A cute girl or a beautiful woman, trustworthy, mature….

“…Something wrong?”

I ignored Sagiri, and tried to recall my memories…

“…. There is no one as cute as Sagiri in the world….”

Is that really the case?

Let’s try to remember once more.

“Why do I have the feeling that I was missing something? I
clearly have never meet someone as cute as Sagiri before on
television…. but I think that I have seen that person somewhere….
Did I? They why didn’t I fall in love with that person? Where did I
see her? Here? At home? When…?”

“Nii, nii-san?”

“ —- Yes! I know!”


I rushed out of the locked room and run to the first
floor – to my parent’s room. My hand run through the bookshelf,
trying to find it.

“It should be — right here!”

I took “it” and brought it to Sagiri.


“Nii, Nii-san? I thought…something is off.”

“Don’t worry, come! Take a look, you will be surprised!”


I opened what I just grabbed– my family’s album – and showed


Eromanga-sensei, the pervert illustrator saw “that picture”,

“This – this is!!!”

A cute appearance, similar to Sagiri.

An elementary school uniform.

That was a picture of a cute tsundere little sister, who was
slightly smiling next to her brother.

April had come. In the Akihabara Belle Salle hall, the spring
event will be held, which included the talk show of Izumi

“Izumi-sensei, Eromanga-sensei – thank you for coming today.
It’s today’s newspaper, have you taken a look yet?”

At the first basement floor’s living room. Kagurazaka-san was
telling me and Eromanga-sensei about today’s schedule. I sat next
to Eromanga-sensei, in front of Kagurazaka-san. There were only
three of us in the room

Both me and Eromanga-sensei turned to the newspaper and saw a
short preview of this event. Kagurazaka-san happily continued:

“Around 10 o’clock, both of you will take part in the autograph
event for The Cutest Little Sister in the World at the
first basement floor. Any question so far?”

With a *swoosh*, the suit-wearing Eromanga-sensei raised her

“Please go ahead, Eromanga-sensei.”

“……………………………Is it really necessary to call me by that name

“Fufufu, I think that we better try as soon as possible, don’t
you agree?”

Today, Kagurazaka-san wore light clothing, which is suitable for
moving around a lot. Since the beginning, she had a beaming smile
on her face. On contrast, Eromanga-sensei was emitting a dark

Of course, that person wasn’t Sagiri, it wasn’t the real

Suit wearing. Sharp eyes. Mature body.

Her eyes which could freeze everything, the “Ice Queen”

My only remaining blood-related family.

My guardian. Izumi Kyouka.

“…. Okay, Kagurazaka-san. I will not join the autograph event
but the talk show, is that right?”

“Yes! I planned to let Eromanga-sensei take part in the
autograph – but it will probably reveal the truth so it can’t be

So, we decided that this time, only I, Izumi Masamune, will do
the autograph event. Eromanga-sensei had already signed a lot, we
only need to give the people her signature.

Maybe some readers won’t be satisfied, but there is nothing I
can do. Sorry, I’m really sorry.

“Then it’s okay. Please continue.”

“Then —“

Kagurazaka-san took out two small earpieces and placed them on
the table.

“Please put these on.”

“For what?”

So that my voice could reach the audience — that was
what Eromanga-sensei said.”

“…So that child could speak her opinions during the event,

And not only Kyouka-san, even I could hear her suggestion

“That’s right ♪”

“…. Got it.”

Eromanga-sensei sighed heavily. I turned to her and bowed.

“Thank you very much, Kyouka-san. Thank you for helping me.”

“It’s okay. It’s normal to ask an adult for help, there is no
need to be shy.”

Trustworthy. Will not betray us no matter what. Mature. Careful.
Girl. As beautiful as Sagiri.

Kyouka-san is the one who satisfied all condition to play the
role of Eromanga-sensei.

Long ago, I thought that she was my “enemy”.

Since I was small, I thought that she hated me.

I feared that someday, she will force the hikikomori Sagiri out
of her room.

But —

” Sagiri has tried her best”

All of that was my one-side misunderstanding…but it has been for
too long, so now I still couldn’t exactly get rid of my habit.

I really wanted to treat Kyouka-san like my family, I really
thought that it would be wonderful if we would be like a real
family, but I still couldn’t.

Deep down, I still feared that she will do something to Sagiri….
even though I knew that it could never happen, I couldn’t get rid
of the thought.

“I even feel happy to help you two.”

Her voice suddenly felt a lot warmer.

I truly hope so. Then —

It’s time to get spoiled!

I knew it’s a child’s way, but hey, today I can get spoiled \
all I wanted. If everything went well….

I hoped that she and I…could become family.

Then I could tell her everything between me and my little
sister. I could even ask her to take care of Eromanga-sensei for

Yes…. exactly like that…

“Kyouka-san…I…I have something to ask.”

“Masamune-kun, go ahead. Just say it. I’m your guardian.”

Then I’m saying it.

“Please, be Eromanga-sensei for one day!”


Wow, Kyouka-san looks like a Demon King!

“What….do you meant? Are you…asking me….to draw ero manga?”

“No no, I’m not asking you to be a model for ero manga!”

“I, I knew that! Just a moment of distraction!”

I tried to resist the dreadful aura from her, explained:

“Anyway, I want to ask you to take Sagiri’s place as
Eromanga-sensei and take part in an event.”

“…I see….is that so….”

After hearing me out, Kyouka-san’s eyes firmly locked on me.

But she wasn’t angry – or so I hoped.


Please don’t do that, aunt! You are laughing, but your eyes said

“In short, you are asking a weak and tiny woman like me to face
hundreds of otakus, right?”

Eh? Tiny? Weak? Who?

“You want to ask a person who is easily embarrassed like me to
come to the stage and announce I AM
, do you?”


“And you ask me to take Sagiri’s drawing – the one with girls in
revealing clothing – and tell the audience  This is my
, don’t you?”

“Yes! I have been thinking for a while, I can’t ask anyone but
you for this role!”


“You’re my only remaining family I could ask! Please, I beg

I begged her with all my heart!

But —

She sighed heavily:

“I don’t think it’s going to be okay, Masamune-kun…The truth is,
I’m not suitable to speak with a crowd. I’m in my twenties, but I
have made people misunderstand me many times. They feared me, hated
me – even including my own nephew.”

The atmosphere – it felt like I was being given a lecture by my

While Kyouka-san was not angry, I feared that she would

But what she said surprised me.

“If I go in Sagiri’s place, I fear that I will terrifiy your

She was thinking of us.

“If you can accept it, then I will go.”

She sincerely accepted our request. Just like an older

The scene returned to today.

After confirming our plan, the atmosphere became somewhat
breathable. We were just waiting in silence.

Kagurazaka-san suddenly put her cup down and told

“Right right, I almost forgot. There is something important.
Eromanga-sensei had an important request this time – “

“What is it?”

“You have to put on a special uniform on the stage.”

“…. Yes?”

“This one!”


Kagurazaka-san took out a skirt and dress. That was the uniform
used in The Cutest Little Sister in the World. It was the
same one used in some illustrations.

By the way, when she drew that illustration, her erotic side
erupted, thus the uniform ended up very short and revealed the
belly button.


There was a note from Eromanga-sensei came with it, which said

“I want to see Kyouka-chan in cute cosplay

“Pfffffffffffffffff!!! Cough, cough!!”

All of that coffee I drank ended up on my editor’s face.

Oh my god! Sagiri you didn’t tell me anything about this!!

“Sagiri! What are you thinking! And this is …. just

I grabbed the tablet on my hand and nearly bellowed to my little

She just titled her head to the side.

“Nii-san, what are you talking about?”

“Stop playing dumb! What did you prepare for

“Ah, that?” She grinned “I want to see it once.”

“「I want to see it once 」 my ass!!”

Damn, she is cute!

I glanced at my aunt and Kagurazaka-san.

“What? Wh, wh, wh, why do I have to wear it!?”

She was blushing madly in anger. On the other hand,
Kagurazaka-san looked like she was enjoying herself.

“Like ~ I ~ said ♪ Eromanga-sensei made that request ~ and the
main reason of this talk show is to announce that
Eromanga-sensei is a beautiful girl. I want you to wear
that on the stage too!”

“Beau…beautiful…. why did no one tell me that?”

“Ah ah ~ that must be Izumi-sensei’s fault.”

Crap! Now I’m the guilty one?

I turned to Sagiri!

“It’s no use to argue now! Everything was because of your
cosplay bomb! What are you trying to do? Paying her back for trying
to drag you out of the room before?”

“No no! I just want to see Kyouka-chan cosplay! It’s going to be

“Really? Since when are you so determined?”

You even called her Kyouka-chan now instead of Kyouka-sama.

“…And…it would look good in a photo…normally Kyouka-chan is
cute…but she always left her face plain…”

Kagurazaka-san added at the same time:

“See? Sagiri-chan said so too! Come on, wear it! Come on!”


“By the way, this character has twin tails, so you should make
sure your hair is the same. Come on.”

“I, I’m in my twenties…”

“It’s alright! No problem! As long as the hair style is good,
age won’t be a problem.”

Kagurazaka-san pointed at a nearby screen, which was showing the
scene outside.

“See, this girl is older than you, but she is cosplaying twin
tail. She is from the 「 Cute Voice Actress 」 magazine.”

“She…she did that because it was her job…if age and hair style
is not going to be a problem, then why didn’t Kagurazaka-san

“Ehehe, it was embarrassing.”

“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I really hate you now.”

Kagurazaka-san is good, she totally owned Kyouka-san. I was
laughing my ass off.

“Izumi-sensei, come and help me convince your aunt.”

“No thanks.”

She’ll kill me.

Sagiri added:

“…I think that twin tails suit Kyouka-chan. See, just like in
this picture!”


Kyouka-san yelled, her voice the the same volume as an Indominus
Rex (~TL Note~ Indominus Rex: man-made dinosaurs, appeared on the
movie Jurassic Park 4. http://jurassicpark.wikia.com/wiki/Indominus_rex~TL

“Where did you get that?”

“That” is a picture taken from when Kyouka-san was small. Even
Kagurazaka-san was surprised.

“Wow wow wow wow wow! Who, who is that? Who is that cute

“Kyouka-san in middle school. Super cute, right?”


When she was small, “ice queen” truly was an equal to Sagiri.
There were some small changes later, but her charm didn’t change

Of course, whether the twin tail suited her or not is another

Kyouka-san waved her hand, annoyed:

“Stop! Stop it at once! Masamune-kun…you…what are you
saying…Sagiri too! Take it back!”



“Nii-san and I…have decided that we will ask you to spoil us
this time.”


Kyouka-san’s eyes widened, then her gaze immediately fixed on

Under her ice-cold glare, I barely managed to answer:

“Well…actually…we think that…if you spoil us this time…. we may
close our gap…so….”

Anyway, Eromanga-sensei, you really overdid it this time. Your
idea is purely born from eroticism. I have no idea what you’re


Kyouka-san breathed out, and relaxed. With some hesitation, she
looked at the cosplay clothes, then her picture, and then me…

“Fine, just do whatever you want. I’ll spoil you. That was what
I said anyway….”

While she was still blushing, but that means…

“…Okay, I will put this on.”


I didn’t expect her to accept…

Belle Salle Akihabara, First basement floor.

It’s time for our show.

“Welcome all to the stage of The Cutest Little Sister in the

The chair woman was my editor, Ayame Kagurazaka. She also had
her hair in twin tails.

The guests were the original author, Izumi Masamune and
Eromanga-sensei. I sat on the right seat, the other two on the

Kyouka-san played Eromanga-sensei’s role, but not exactly well.
In front of the stage, there were numerous people in the audience.
My chest hurt just from seeing that.

Wow ~ so many people are here…

While not all of them were here because of us – the stage was
used more than once, so it’s understandable, but I still felt
thankful for them.

From the stage, I looked over the audience.

Ah! This man over there looks familiar! That guy too, I’ve seen
him before.

Anyway, I rarely got a chance to meet my fans, so I do remember
ones that I have met. Sorry if you feel uncomfortable because of
that, I was trying. Just enjoy yourself, okay?

Oh right, the brat Megumi figured out my real identity! I will
teach you a lesson if you dare come this time!

“Ya, Izumi!!”

“Go, Izumi-kun!”

“Ahaha ~ Masamune, we are here!”

Suddenly, some light novel authors cheered for me.

Wow, there they are! All of them too! I was so embarrassed!

Kusanagi-senpai, Shidou-kun, Elf…and Muramasa-senpai too.

By the way, after our show was Pure Love’s talk show by

And the main topic of this event is about the light novel
Fantasy Demon Blade Legend of Muramasa-senpai…of course, it’s
another matter whether she took part in it or not, seeing that she
didn’t care about that at all. I bet that she was here for me.

Still, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t nervous. My editor
said that it was not about an anime project, but what if she lied?
What if she tricked me in order to hide the news?

I still had a chance! My heart was racing! Even if I knew the
odds were low!

“And today, aside from the author Izumi Masamune ~~ we have
another guest ♪ ~ Illustrator Eromanga-sensei!!”

The crowd cheered! With a stiff movement, I turned toward the
stage’s entrance.

“Today, luckily we invited someone who was a mystery –
Eromanga-sensei!! Everyone! Are you prepared to be

YEAHHHHH ~~ The crowd roared.

“Then ♪ Please come innnnnnnnnn ~ Eromanga-sensei!!”

Just when the master of ceremonies said that —

Kyouka-san appeared in a sailor uniform, with a naked belly

At that moment, everyone froze.





No one said anything.

…Ah…I knew it would turn out this way.

The last time Eromanga-sensei showed herself in the showdown, no
one knew that she was a cute girl (sorry, but I don’t dare to use
the word beautiful here)

And Kagurazaka-san intentionally kept it a secret, because 「 a
semi-hidden secret made it better at drawing attention 」. Thus,
most of the audience here thought that Eromanga-sensei was a male,
just like me before. Most of them thought that Eromanga-sensei was
“a perverted hentai-loving old man”. No one could have imagined
that she is such a cute girl.


Just like Kagurazaka-san predicted, the crowd went absolutely

Elf’s expression meant “Hah ~ So that’s your solution ~ you used
it that way huh”

Muramasa-senpai’s meant “It’s none of my business”

Shidou-kun’s eyes widened, he looked like he wanted to say “So
he’s not gay?”

Lastly, Kusanagi-senpai looked terrified. He was saying stuff
like “Ridiculous….at your age….”, but just one glare from my aunt
shut him up.

On the stage, Eromanga-sensei (Kyouka-san in cosplay clothing)
went to the middle area, and turned around. The audience also began
to mutter among themselves.

She blushed slightly, and bowed:

“…. Pleased to meet you, everyone.”

Then she raised her head.

“I am Eromanga-sensei.”


A moment of silence, then all hell broke loose.


The crowed stood up, raised their hands and shouting as loud as
they could. Like they just heard someone talking about an animation

This reaction was better than expected, so even Kyouka-san was a
bit taken aback.




“This…. this……!!!”


Everyone was cheering for her.

“Eromanga-sensei is so cuteeeeee!!”

“Ero! So ero!”

“Is this reality? Is this?”

“Ero, Ero!”

“Eromanga-sensei is so ero!”

“Were those erotic illustrations drawn by such a cute girl?”

I don’t know who started it, but everyone was cheering louder
and louder.





“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

Of course, this was undoubtedly a very embarrassing play for
Kyouka-san. This must be her worst embarrassment.

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

Later, this event was hailed as “the legendary
self-introduction”. Now though, Kyouka-san (in a short sailor
uniform with a revealed belly button) looked like she was about to

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

“Eromanga! Eromanga!!”

During that time, all I could do was pray “please be over fast,
please be over fast” and “please don’t kill me later, auntie.”

Finally, everything quieted down. Eromanga-sensei – Kyouka-san
sat down, her HP nearly depleted.

“…Ah…. hah…. hahaha…. ah….”

It looked like she was at her limit.

Of course, aside from me, who was sitting next to her, no one
realized anything. My aunt always hid her emotion, so it was kind
of helpful.

Both she and I were using earbuds. The voice of Sagiri came to

《I’m reading in live! There are so many comments! Everyone is
praising us! 》

~TL Note~ In this chapter, Sagiri’s voice will be marked with 《
and 》~TL Note~

I don’t think so. What are you watching?

《Ehehe, they said Eromanga-sensei is cute…I like it 》

They meant Kyouka-san is cute, not you.

《Good good. We can beat Army-chan’s video at this rate 》

So that’s why you picked that cosplay outfit?

《… Of course, the most important things is our dream. 》

This girl…she knew that I am about to say

《 Anyway…it’s going well 》


Thanks to Kyouka-san, everyone was fired up. At least everything
is going well.

《 Cough cough 》

Sagiri coughed, then returned to her Eromanga-sensei tone.

《 Kyouka-san, make sure to answer like I said. Otherwise they
will find out immediately. 》


My aunt nodded slightly. She was still trying to help us now.
Thank you, thank you very much, Kyouka-san.

“Alright, everyone! Are you surprised with Eromanga-sensei ♪?”
Miss MC asked

It looked like while she was also surprised, she recovered fast
enough. As expected of a pro.

“Now, continue on our talk show! First is about the novel.”

The big screen lightened up, the first volume cover page

“Editor-san, plesae.”

“Thank you. Now, about our novel —“

Kagurazaka-san happily talked about my novel. She introduced
some main topics, characters, setting, current status like that
there were three volumes already, and the next one would be
available in June 10th.

“—So, I’m looking forward to seeing you all in June.”

“Thank you, Kagurazaka-san! Thank you for letting us know ~
looks like I can’t afford to not buy it. Next then ~ it is here!

The screen changed. Another illustration appeared as the
background, with the title above.

“Eromanga-sensei’s Q&A session.”

“Now, we will take turn asking Eromanga-sensei questions! She
will answer all of them!” Kagurazaka-san explained.

Many “ah ~ I see” came from the audience. Really, they only
acted together at times like this.

By the day, even I didn’t know what the questions would be.
Kagurazaka-san didn’t tell me anything, so we will have to play it
by ear.

“Then let’s begin! ♪ Are you ready, Eromanga-sensei ~”

“Ready” Kyouka-san said with a hint of nervous

“Then our first question, tada ♪!”

A big question appeared on the screen.

“Why did Eromanga-sensei hide her true face until now?”

Toward this question, Eromanga-sensei Sagiri’s answer (via
Kyouka-san) was:

“Because my face is scary.”

She dared to tell my aunt to say that?!

Saying that, Kyouka-san made a scary face (on Sagiri’s order
too) and continued:

“Since I’m not good at talking…. my expression is stiff; thus I
must put on a mask in order to not scare people…. I’m not angry or
anything, don’t worry about it.”


That’s a good start!


Kyouka-san gritted her teeth and said her answer.

“Then the next question – tada! ♪”

The screen flashed and changed the question

“Eromanga-sensei once said that I don’t want to draw
something I haven’t seen
, right?”


“Then —“

With a click, the cover page of volume 3 Sekaimo appeared – with
the picture of the female lead in swimsuit.

“Then did you see this erotic swimsuit yourself?”


“Ara ara? So, does that mean you had a model?”

Hearing that, Sagiri firmly replied:

《I wore it myself 》

Eh… eh…. Sagiri?

《I got an elementary swimsuit, wore it myself and drew it! 》

Hey wait! Eromanga-sensei !!!!

What you just said sounds cool, just imagine it would bring a
smile to a boy’s face – but you’re asking Kyouka-san, who is in her
twenties – to say she wore an elementary swimsuit? Don’t you know
that this is an elementary swimsuit….? an elementary


“Eromanga-sensei? Who was your model again?”

“…………. Kuh!”

Without anyway to back off, Kyouka-san finally made up her mind.
She opened her eyes, straightened her back, and firmly

“I was the model!”


“I, I said that I wore that elementary swimsuit myself and drew
it by looking at a mirror!”

“For real!?”

Oh, my hero.



“But…didn’t it sound perverted?”

Click click click“Hurry up and send it to everyone
online” Click click click

Once again, Kyouka-san’s answer caused chaos to run through the

Everyone must be surprised – just imagine a girl in elementary
swimsuit looking at a mirror….

“…I…I…see…. what a …. firm determination….”

Even Miss MC sounded full of surprise.

On the other hand, Kyouka-san gritted her teeth, blushed
furiously, and continued:

“Next – next question please!”

“Yes yes!”

It looked like Miss MC noticed something in her voice.

“Then we will ask someone in here for the next question!”

“Ask whatever you want!”

While Kyouka-san nearly had her eyes slammed shut, I could hear
her unspoken words “I have come this far, I don’t care what happens
next anyway”.

“Anyone with question for Eromanga-sensei, raise your hand

“Me ~!!” “Me me!!”

Many hands shot up. Miss MC picked one at random.

“Please, the one with glasses over here”

“Then…my question…is there something you want to have now?”

A girl asked a simple answer. Hearing that, Kyouka-san breathed
a sigh of relieve.

Sagiri’s answer was:

《 “It is a book that I wanted to use as a reference for drawing.
It was no longer selling, so I couldn’t buy it anymore.” 》

“What is that book’s name?”

“Pantsu encyclopedia!”

Eromanga-sensei!! Do you have to be THAT honest?

Look how embarrassed Kyouka-san is….

Miss MC was embarrassed too, she said:

“I, I see. As expected of Eromanga-sensei!”

“As expected” my ass!? Oh well, at least she kept the show

“Then – next, the one over there please. Your question is?”

“Yes – I want to ask about this illustration! When you drew
this, is there any part of it that you like the most or that felt

This is a normal question, suitable for this show.

《 Hmm…. memorable…》

Sagiri hesitated for a moment then directed Kyouka-san. At the
same time, Miss MC urged:

“Please, Eromanga-sensei ♪”

“Um, the part I like most is the belly button! This part was a
bit unusual, so I picked it on purpose! Of course, the most
memorable part is the one between skirt and stocking. (~TL Note~
Also known as Zettai Ryouiki. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ZettaiRyouiki).
Seeing it half-hidden makes people long for it!” ~TL Note~

You asked my aunt to say that in such clothing? I knew it,
you are the most perverted little sister ever!

Of course, the one who was hit the hardest was Kyouka-san.

“Then the curve from the back to the ass! While you can’t see
it, actually that was the best part, please look carefully – er,
what did you ask me to do?”

The sudden question was because a request from Sagiri.

《Kyouka-san, go to the middle of the stage and make a turn.


Since Kyouka-san reaction toward Sagiri’s request was too
sudden, people was startled too.

“Eh, Eromanga-sensei—??”

“…………. Wh………what did you say….”

However, Kyouka-san was busy talking with Sagiri and didn’t pay

《Go to the middle of the stage and make a turn. Show everyone
the best spot of my clothing! 》

“…. Do…do I really have to?”

《 Yes! The real Eromanga-sensei will do that …. immediately》


Kyouka-san stayed silent for a while…then gritted her teeth.

“Fine! Whatever you say!”

She stood up, and went to the middle of the stage. The clothes
that Eromanga-sensei designed was revealed for everyone to see.

Yahhhhhhhh!! The crowed went nuts again.

Suddenly, a voice shouted:

“Use Eromanga Flash!!”


While she was making an ass-revealing pose, hearing the question
made Kyouka-san paused, puzzled.

“Me too! I want to see Eromanga Flash too!!”

Someone else agreed.

Miss MC turned to Kyouka-san:

“………. What is Eromanga Flash?”


Of course, Kyouka-san didn’t know. All she could do was stand
there blushing.

Kagurazaka-san quickly explained:

“Let me handle it! Eromanga Flash is the special skill that
Eromanga-sensei used to beat Eromanga-sensei the Great! That was
the brilliant light that helps illustrator draw the best erotic


“Ah….so…. how it is exactly anyway?”

“Using it here would be very complicated, so it’s better to let
Eromanga-sensei shout her name – and make a pose again!”

“Eh? Eh?”

Hearing that stupid request, it pained me to even look at
Kyouka-san. I could never imagine that I could see her that way.
Kagurazaka-san laughed happily, and coldly said:

“Come on, Eromanga-sensei! Do it!”

…. Please don’t

Even Miss MC didn’t dare to ask. What was I thinking, asking
my aunt for this??

Even Sagiri couldn’t stand it:

《 This……. Kyouka-chan…. do not have to…. 》

“……. It’s fine…I prepared myself…. don’t look down on me.”

《Kyouka-chan? 》

In her revealing clothes, Kyouka-san slowly stood up, took a
deep breath…

“Eromanga Flash!!!!”

Finally, after everything was over.

We rested in a room on the same floor, Kyouka-san was sitting
here, and nearly gave up the ghost.



“…How was it? Did I…do well?”

“You did! Sagiri was crying in happiness.”

“I see…. that’s good….”

She closed her eyes again, said nothing.

Seeing how tired she was, there was only a few things I could
say to my only remaining blood-related family:

“………Really, thank you very much.”

I thanked her from the bottom of my heart.

The talk show had ended.

Our dream took another step forward.

But it wasn’t just our dream.

Maybe today would become an important memory for us.

We, brother and sister, once again, being a family.