December 10th – to us sibling, this is a very special day – the day volume two of our light novel “The cutest little sister in the world” is scheduled to sell. At the same time, Sekaimo’s manga version is also published in the Comic Manga magazine. By the way, a certain friend of mine, who is also work at a bookstore finally promoted my work to “interesting” status.

Also –this is my little sister’s birthday.

My little sister, Sagiri, as a hikikomori, a light novel illustrator, a co-worker and a little sister did received a warm birthday party from many people.

First, she made a live birthday party online. After that, we held another birthday party with only us. Surrounded by many presents, my thirteen years old little sister looked truly happy. I will remember her expression forever.

That was yesterday. Today is December, 11th.

Since a lot happened, allowed me to reintroduce myself:

I’m Izumi Masamune, sixteen years old, high school student, first years. Light novel writer, Izumi Masamune.

My little sister is Izumi Sagiri, thirteen years old (probably), also known as a hikikomori illustrator “Eromanga-sensei”. Blue eyes, silver hair, a stunning beauty,

When she become a year older, my age also increased. The distance between us reverted back to normal and remained unchanged.

It was the same for our relationship. No, that example wasn’t right – a least compare to “age different”, there was hope in this aspect. Even though she run away many times before, as long as I don’t give up, surely I could become closer to her. Someday, we will become true sibling….hopefully.

“Sagiri, rice is about to be done! Oh right, you are thirteen years old now, much cuter than before! Let’s take a picture, I want to change my cellphone’s wallpaper.”

My little sister hastly opened “The locked door”, looked at me who was holding her breakfast, narrowed her eyes and replied

“Don’t wanna, because Nii-san is a pervert.”

“Er? What did I do?” I asked in surprised.

Sagiri blushed, said “Don’t use my picture…as your wallpaper.”

“Can’t do that, this is the source of my power”

Hearing my firm response, my little sister quietly concluded:


I couldn’t help but trembled:

“I’m not a pervert! For a brother who always think about his little sister, this is totally normal!”

“It’s still pervert, not to mention…” Sagiri frowned, looked directly at me “Yesterday, after the party…Nii-san did something pervert to me, didn’t you….”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“You did!”

“How could you be so sure? Even if I did something pervert to you, how could you know when you were fast asleep?”

“I knew it! You did something!” Sagiri spoke and thrushed her finger at my face. But while she was blushing, I got a feeling that she was happy. Was that a mistake on my part?

“I didn’t do anything! Absolutely nothing! I told you, nothing at all!”

“Everytime Nii-san tried your best to deny something, actually you did do something…”

“Well….that wasn’t wrong, but this time I truly didn’t do anything!”


“Yes! Please believe me! I only brought you to the bed, put the blanket on…although I did caressed your face a bit….”

“…You don’t have to say everything.”

“— I swear on my life that I didn’t do anything suspicious!”

“…Hmm ~ so you really didn’t do anything ~~?”

“Why are you getting angry now —? Don’t you believe me? How could I do something to my little sister?”

“Get out”

“— What?”

“Get out! I want to eat my meal now!” She said in a terrifying tone “Get out, get out now! Get out of my sight right now!”

“Ouch ouch…it hurt…okay, I got it.”

Still, my little sister with an extreme displease expression kicked me out of her room.


Said that, with a quiet *click*, the door slam shut. Another thing that I will probably never understand about her.

“Damn…I though we managed to get closer…”

Sagiri..somday…we will become true sibling…right?

In Japan, December is a month with lots and lots of holidays. Of course, ‘my little sister’s birthday’ is the most important one to me. Aside from that, there were many other holidays, like Christmas, winter break, new year break…etc…

But regretly, my parent couldn’t come home anymore, nor do I have a girlfriend to spend the Christmas. Thus, as a light novel author, I quietly took my pen, notebook out and thinking “Next volume, I will write about Christmas…”

That was how it always be to me. At first, I was afraid of someone knew about Izumi Masamune’s real indentify, but nothing happened so far. Not to mention that the one who should know is already on it.

“The unmask death match” — during that match, the famous illustrator Armeria-sensei showed her face the first time. I was there too as a honor guest. Until today, December 11th, to think that all the people who know me at school didn’t belong to the five hundreds thousand people who watched this show is too much optimism.

Still, no one told me “Hey, so you are a light novel author!” or “Please introduce me to Army-chan.”. This is a good thing, since I don’t want to talk about it at school. Even if someone know me in school noticed, I hope whoever he is can kept quiet.

Finally, the last bell rang signal the end of the school day. The classroom instanly became noisy, with most of the student talk about Christmas. Unless someone talked about their lover, the main topic was ‘What will you do during Christmas’ or ‘Is there any good concert during Christmas’.

“Let’s go home then….”

Since I got nothing to do, I planed to quickly get home with my little sister. But when I was picking up my bag and about to stand up, the classroom suddenly muttered among themselves

“Hey, look…”

“Wow…what a cute girl.”

“B..blonde hair? She didn’t dye it, did she?”

“Who is that?”

“What uniform is that?”

“She is coming here!”

I looked at my classroom’s door — Crap – a blonde devil who could easily disrupt my normal lifestyle was there.

Elf? What is she doing here? She was wearing the same middle age school uniform she wore at the Arakawa’s river side before. Under my whole class’s gaze, she calmly walk to the blackboard, took a chark and wrote her name ‘Yamada Elf’. Then she turned around, loudly annouced:

“I’m the new transfer student, Yamada Elf!” 


— What the heck? What the heck is she talking about? I was totally in chaos, unable to understand anything. My classmate was no better, they could only repeat to themselve: “Transfer student?” “Eh? Elf?” – like that.

When I was staring at Elf, she also meet my eyes, and then tried to act surprise, thrushed her finger at my face, asked:

“Ah! You are the one back then! Why are you here?”

“This was my line! What are you trying to do, making an act at my classroom?”

After yelled back, I realized that something was admist – meaing that the whole class was focusing their attention in me.

Hearing my question, Elf put her hand on her hips, made a triumph pose and replied:

“Hm hm ~ this is a very common event in fighting light novel ‘The transfer student arrived’. As a romance light novel author, of course I have to try it to gain experience. So, did your heart race?”

“It did. In fact, it was about to jump out of my chest! But it totally not because of what you indented!”

“Kufufu, right right…! It’s fine if you feel full of yourself! How about it, the feeling that everyone stare at you in admiration?”


Yes, the new transfer schoolgirl noticed the main character in her class – it’s a common event in light novel. But it’s definitely not a good thing when it happened to my own self.

After that, a group will undoubtly interrogated me “What is going on”. And I didn’t think that I could keep the secret about my light novel career.

Give me back my normal lifestyle! I quickly stood up, took Elf’s hand and pulled her to a corner, quietly asked:

“Elf, what are you doing here? You can’t just came to try that event, didn’t you?”

“Kufufu, it’s….”

“Is she Izumi’s acquaintance?”

“What is their relationship?”

“Yamade Elf is….”

“I know, she appeared during a live Nico event…”

Ohhhhhh crappppp! I have to get out of her, fast!

As a voice was shouting “It’s bad it’s bad, what can I do now’ in my head, I asked Elf:

“Elf, if you have anything to tell me then do it now. Thanks to you, now I got a huge problem.”

But she answered with such happy expression:

“Masamune, let’s go on a Christmas date with me ♪.”

I pulled her hand and made a run out of the classroom at top speed.

“Ha…ha…it should be fine here…”

I took a handkerchief and wiped away my sweat. Looking back, I saw Elf was breathing heavily, her face flushed:

“…Kufufufu…really…so you want to enter a private world with just me?”

“No I didn’t….What am I going to do now? What can I say to my classmate tomorrow?”

“Tell them ‘do you jealous? I have such beautiful girlfriend’.”

If I did that, they will kill me, no question asked.

“Okay, so now I have a reference to ‘what would a normal high school student do if a beautiful girl suddenly appear’.”

“Just listen to me for a second!”

“Not to mention that I saw the your reaction – just like any other main character in light novel. What an unexpected bonus.”

“The first one to write about it will probably agree with you.”

I don’t know who was the first one to write about this kind of event, but creating something anyone can use is clearly amazing. Unlike Elf, if I have to name a special skill, it’s probably something like that.

“…Forget it, just go back home.”

“Yes, let’s go home together like this, hand in hand.”

“Ah? Sorry!?”

I let go of her hand, which I was holding for a while.


Elf stared quietly at my hand without saying anything. In that strange atmosphere, both of us went home.

Half way to our home, Elf asked:

“So, where are we going to go to?”


“Christmas date, Christmas date. You need to make some nice travel plan. Make sure to guard me well.”

“Nope, I plan to spend Christmas at home.”

“Ack…that mean…home dating? Ah…could…could that be….” Elf run away from me, hugging her own body, a hint of embarrassment appeared on her face “Pervert! Masamune is a pervert! While it’s Christmas, what you plan to do is way too fast!”

What exactly this idiot misunderstanding about?

“I don’t have any clue what are you talking about – I plan to buy some cake and spend Christmas with my little sister at home.”

“Eh? You don’t have any pervert idea with me, just like those novel from Degenki Bunko? You don’t want to do some happy ‘exchange’ with me?”

“Nope, who would want that.”

What exactly are you talking about?

Elf pouted, said in dissatisfaction.

“Ah ~ hm ~ little sister, little sister. You damn siscon!”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Er, Masamune, even if you aren’t there, Eromanga-sensei has already prepare to celebrate Christmas online.”

“You are right.”

It was the same during her birthday, she had her fan online to celebrate with, she had other illustrator to talk to — she could happily enjoy other’s blessing.

“Even if you told her to spend Christmas with you, I think that she will coldly refused anyway. I can imagine how you will spend a Chirstmas night alone…”

“You might be right.”

I could actually see that happened. If I was home during Christmas, Sagiri won’t get any happier. In constrast, she might get mad and told me “This is none of your business.”

Even so, I could also imagine during the Christmas night, since she is a hikikomori who couldn’t go outside, she could only stayed at home to watch television, read some special Christmas magazine – I don’t want that to happen.

“… Hm ~ doesn’t look like you will change your mind.”

Looked like Elf saw through me. She opened her hands wide, said:

“Then let’s call up everyone and make a Christmas party together.”

Later that day…

“Onii-san, let’s hold a Christmas party!”

Once again, I hear those word. The speaker was Sagiri’s classmate – the one who is best at poking into other’s business Megumi Jinno. Brown hair, a smiled full of life and her uniform turned her into a proper beautiful girl. Just after I heard the door bell rang and opened to see who was that, she nearly shouted into my face.

Facing the sudden development, I stared in disbelieve:

“Christmas party?”

“Yes! You see, someone took the indiative and hold a birthday earlier, right?”

Yeah. By the netizen.

Megumi came in order to meet Sagiri during her birthday – but since my little sister was holding an online birthday party, so those two didn’t meet. I thought that she came because she wanted to tell Sagiri in person: happy birthday. I thought that was the only reason – but turn out she had another intention regarding the Christmas party.

Megumi raised her index finger, continued:

“Thanks to the experience of the last time, this time I want to book Izumi-chan for myself.”

She entered, looked at me in a a-little-ecchi pose.

“That’s why I came here! Onii-san, is that okay?”


Crap, her face was so close! Was she trying to charm me?

I took a few big steps back, answered:

“Christmas party will take place in December 24th, right?”


“What about you? Are you okay with that?”


Looked like Megumi understood my question, she gave me a charming look.

“I’m happy since you care about me that much! Now I don’t have a boyfriend, I planed to meet my friend in December 25th, so it’s okay.”

“Is that so?”

“Do you feel relieve now?”

“Yeah, somewhat.”

That was how it always is. Everytime, she made me feel hard just to keep up with her.

I looked at her, thinking for a while before saying:

“Megumi, you planed to hold a party in December 24th, right? But Sagiri already had plan for that day.”

“Eh? Really? A hikikomori have plan?”

“What’s wrong with that? Who said hikikomori couldn’t have plan in Christmas?”

If Eromanga-sensei was here, she would said that.

Megumi still didn’t look convinced:

“Hm ~ you meant ‘online friend’, right?”

By the way, Megumi didn’t know that Sagiri is Eromanga-sensei. She only knew that Sagiri ‘love drawing, also very active online’.

Well…let’s see if she is captable of feeling regret then. With a voice full of proud, I answered:

“No, we planed to hold a party that day with our friends.”

Since Megumi was trying to “become Sagiri’s best friend”, she would probably complain – at least I thought so.

However, her reaction was pretty normal

“Ah, could it be? Was it ‘the neighboor that share Izumi-chan’s situation’?”

“Well, yup, the one I talked with you at the Takasago bookstore.”

“Um, Tomoe-chan even suggested me a lot of unfinished light novel.”

It was true. ‘The neighboor that share Izumi-chan’s situation’ was no one but Yamada Elf-sensei.

“I see…so it’s like that…Fufu…then it’s even better” Megumi happily raised her hand, naturally annouced

“Then I want to join that party too.”

“That —“

I was about to decline, because this idea was bad, really bad. If that party was lead by Elf, then guest would be her, Eromanga-sensei, Muramasa-senpai, Shidou-kun, Amelia-sensei. If those weirdo meet a troublemaker like Megumi – oh crap, I could already seen a mountain of trouble.

I had no way to predict what the end result will be. Worse case, Megumi will find out the truth about Eromanga-sensei.

Before I could think of a reason (and the right wording) to refuse, something unexpected happened.

“If you wanted to join in the Christmas party, you have to ask me, the leader instead of Masamune.”

Behind me, in a middle school uniform was Elf.

After our time at the island, she always treated my home as her.

Facing the sudden appearance of Elf-sensei, Megumi’s eyes shone:

“Onii-san, who is that cute girl?”


What should I answer? Telling the truth won’t be a problem, she already knew that I’m the light novel author Izumi Masamune. Not to mention that thanks to a certain evil bookstore mistress named Tomoe, Megumi now already had beginner’s knowledge about light novel. It should be fine if I introduce Elf here.

“Well, this is ‘the neighboor that share Izumi-chan’s situation’ we just spoke of —“

“My name is Yamada Elf! Izumi Masamune’s best friend and his master!”

I took that back, there is no way it would be fine! What kind of introduction was that? She was talking to a middle age school girl!

I thought Megumi was stunned speechless. But turn out, she bowed to Elf:

“You must be Yamada Elf-sensei. This is our first meeting, please take care of me.~♪ ”

“You two knew each other?” I looked at them, but Elf shook her head in doubt.

“This is our first meeting?…well….but when did we know about each other…? And where?”

“Ahaha, don’t you remember me? I’m Jinno Megumi.”

“Jinno Megumi…where have I heard of this name…why does I felt that I should hate this person…”

“We have talk a lot, actually —-”

“Ahhhhhhh!” Elf suddenly shouted, then, with a trembling finger, she thrushed her hand at Megumi:

“Jinno Megumi! You are the rude one from back then!”

Facing a teeth-gritting Elf, Megumi just rudely laughed:

“Ahaha, rude one? What era do you live in?”

Still, that conversation didn’t explain anything to me. I frown, asked Megumi:

“Megumi, what did you do to Elf?”

“Eh? Well, I said via twiiter 「I have read Elf-sensei’s book, please be my friend 」but some how she blocked me.”

“You were the one who started it! 「Elf-sensei’s book is so good ~ there are a lot of them at Book Off[1] 」and 「If each one cost ¥100, then I will buy them all ♪ 」. It was too rude, that’s why I blocked you!”

Can’t believe this girl really have 500 friends. I think that her specialty is getting on people’s nerve.

“Megumi teased you, so you blocked her? What a surprise response.”

Still, Elf is the type who quickly forgive, so I don’t think there will be any trouble.

“But my novel is adapted into anime, you have to watch it.”

“Is it that good?”

“Of course, praise me, praise me more!”

“It’s gonna be really good, I’m sure of it.”


Seeing the child-like smile from Elf, I suddenly had an urge to tease her.

Noticing me, Megumi raised a hand:

“I’m good, so praise me too, Onii-san.”


“You can pat my head.”

“No need.”

You wanted me to touch you again, didn’t you? I’m not going to get teased that way. Still, girl is truly frightening. Both this girl and Elf looked like they can read my mind.

Megumi coughed one, returned the conversation back to normal, said:

“So, I have become friend with Elf-sensei.”

“What? When? You two were fighting moment ago.”

“….That was that Elf-sensei said.”

For my question, Megumi just waved her hand, commented “Only friend fighted with each others”

“You sounded like you are making a great line, but fighting online is not like that.”

In my opinion, fighting is face to face. Phone, message, skype, LINE, forum….none allow both side to see the other’s face. Both were just fighting a shadow, only increase one’s own frustration. There was case that after meeting face to face, they found out that the other wasn’t actually that bad. Both Elf and Muramasa-senpai were that way, after their horrible first meeting, now they had a normal relationship.

“You are right. Onii-san, sometime you said something right ♪.”

Megumi nodded, agree with my opinion. Then she hugged Elf.

“Hey you, what —“

“Then in order to make up, let’s play together. Elf-chan ❤, please invite me to your Christmas party!”

“You really are…”

She can turned the conversation to this no matter what. Really…

“…I accept your challenger.”

Elf muttered, her face showed a hint of displease. She run back, then pointed her finger at Megumi:

“Alright, Jinno Megumi, then you are allowed to come to my Christmas party! If you want to improve your relationship with me – then try!”

Translation: “I don’t know if we can actually get along or not, but please take care of me.”

That was that I meant by saying 「they found out that the other wasn’t actually that bad 」earlier.

“ – And that’s why everyone decided to hold a Christmas party here.”

After Megumi and Elf left, I told the locked room that. I expected to talk with her about it, but —


On the other side, Sagiri didn’t had any reaction.

By the way, Megumi had told Sagiri ‘happy birthday’ before leaving. She did it by shouting at the top of her lung from outside. Sagiri did opened the curtain a bit, her cheek deep red due to embarrassment.

I never thought that Sagiri would do that. Maybe she really is slowly opening her heart to Megumi.

“Sagiri? Are you listening to me? Eromanga-sensei! Eromanga-sensei —“

I knocked hard on the door, then it slowly *Clickkkkk* opened. Through the small opening, I could see Sagiri’s face. She angry replied:

“I heard you. And I don’t know anyone with that name.”

“Hah…if you hear me then please answer.”

I was worry that something happened.

“I kicked you out this morning.”

“I knew that you are still angry, but we need to address this matter as soon as possible.”

Although this matter didn’t involve the matter this morning, but I planed to take this chance to talk and make up with her


From the opening, Sagiri think for a while “Christmas party huh?”

“Yes, Christmas party.”

“….What should I do then…”

Looked like there is trouble.

“It’s going to be fun, don’t worry.”

“No, it’s not that.”

I titled my head in confusion. I though Sagiri’s trouble was because she worried about something, but looked like I was wrong.

“Sagiri, what is troubling you?”

“I’m not talking to Nii-san.”

We fell into silence. It usually ended this way when I talked with my little sister, but I don’t hate it.

Still thinking, suddenly Sagiri looked up, quietly asked me:


“Yes? What?”

“In other words…winter?”

“Yes, of course.”

Why are you asking that?

Sagiri paused, then continued:

“…That mean…outside is very cold?”


I was speechless. I see, so that’s why! A problem only hikikomori know! Because she always stayed inside, she didn’t know about the weather outside.

By the way, because she didn’t go to school, she didn’t always remember date. Only anime time and manuscript’s deadline reminded her about “What day it is?” — shut-in light novel author had that problem. I could almost heard Elf’s sneeze.

“Sagiri, now is winter, outside is very cold.”

I answered seriously, my voice gentle.

“Um..very cold…then it should be fine…”

She was quiet again, then  still holding the door, she said”:

“Nii-san, change into your outdoor clothing, right now.”


I totally don’t understand my little sister.

After minutes later…

“Is that okay?”

I wore my thick coat then returned to the locked room. Sagiri also opened the door wide, showing her in the wool clothing – the same present I gave her earlier. It’s great that she had an use to them.

Wihout noticed my though, Sagiri stared at my clothing:

“Nii-san…you wore this outside?”

“Yes. Is something wrong?”

When I was on alert, Sagiri shooked her head, said

“No…nothing is wrong.”

She kept staring, continued:

“…Um…where is your scaft?”

“I don’t have one. I don’t like using one.”

“? Huh, is that so.”

“What’s with that?”

“…Nothing, lower yourselves a bit.”

“??Like that?”

Is she asking me to be her model?

“Don’t move, let me take a closer look.”

Sagiri squatted down and looked at my feet. I felt a bit of embarrassment.

“Nii-san…you only have white socking?”

“Yes, it’s school’s regulation.”

“Don’t you have any winter-specific clothing?”


What exactly are you getting at?

“Do you wear this because it’s fast to put on? That’s why you don’t wear wool or leather?”

“Not really, I never think of it that way. Not to mention other material is not allowed.”

“Do you want to them to be allowed?”

“Well, yeah.”

Why does my little sister interested in that matter? She even asked for Elf’s sock before…does that mean Sagiri had a sock fetish?

“Nii-san, you are thinking of something rude, aren’t you?”

“This is because your attitude is so weird. Say Sagiri, can I explain to avoid a misunderstanding? You asked for the weather, you asked for my sock, what exactly are you getting at?”

And what about the Christmas party? That was the reason I came in the first place.

“I’m not telling Nii-san.” Sagiri repeated her word earlier “But the Christmas party is fine…just tell me after you decide on the guest list.”

She said that and slammed the door on my face. What the hell?

And then, the Christmas party was hold in December 24th, in the middle of the day at my home’s living room. Since there were lots of guest, I had pushed the sofa to the side, prepared a big table in the middle and some mattress. I also prepared a Christmas tree – a bit small, but better than nothing. Some guest had already arrived earlier.

First was me, Izumi Masamune, sat in the middle.

“Everyone! The party is starting!”

On my right was my nextdoor neighboor, best selling author Yamada Elf. Today she didn’t wear her lolita clothing, but picked a short Christmas skirt instead. Of course it suited her very much, as long as she was here, the atmosphere was very enjoyable.

On my left was an author with similar style, Senjyu Muramasa-senpai. Although it didn’t suit the Christmas’s atmosphere, she still wore a kimono. Her eyes were following Elf, she said with a hint of sadness:

“Kuh…this shamelss pervert! How could she wear that clothing in order to charm man!”

Hearing that, Elf replied:

“Ah? Are you jealous? It’s good then ~ actually I had prepared for you something similar too.”

“Who, who would wear that! Why me!”

“Masamune, please say 「Please, can I see Muramasa-senpai in Christmas cosplay. 」. “

Of course I didn’t say it, but I did wanted to see.


Seeing senpai flushed, Elf laughed happily. Recently, those two were always like that.

Next, I wanted to invite my junior, Shidou Kuminitsu, but unfortunately he had something urgent to take care of and can’t come. How tragic, to be called by his editor during Christmas.

“Elf-chan, if you have anymore Christmas clothing can I borrow one?”

In front of me, Megumi asked Elf. She looked like she had spent a lot of time to prepare her clothing. A jumper skirt, black tight-pants, a bit of makeup. Outside, she had a brilliant coat – a very dazzling combo.

While Elf was talking with Muramasa-senpai, hearing Megumi’s question, she seemed trouble:

“It’s not like I don’t want you to war, but I prepared them for Muramasa, so I don’t think they will suit you.”

“Elf-chan is too much ~ you meant my breast will break the clothes, aren’t you? Am I right? Onii-san? át”

“Why are you asking me?”

“Oh, I think you already understood ~”

I had no idea if her worries is true or not. Absolutely none! Why are you acting that way?

“Stop talking nonsense in front of Sagiri….”

I signed. But to think that Megumi could get along with everyone that fast. She was teasing people left and right, but get closer to others at the same time…amazing. Is that the legendary skill of making friend?

“Mune-kun, thank you for calling me today! As a light novel fan, a party with many famous light novel author is my paradise!”

On the left of Megumi was the Takasago bookstore’s mistress, Takasago Tomoe. She had a

literature girl’s clothes, fur coat and hat. All of them suited her very much.

“You are welcomed. Considered this as thank for your  help back then.”

“Back then?”

“When Elf caused a mess, thank to you the damage was kept minimum.”

“Ah, I see.”

I only heard that from my male classmate later – after I run away with Elf, of course the classroom erupted into chaos. Tomoe was the one who calmed everyone down. Well, while my secret as a light novel author was revealed, she did tell people to ‘not bother me too much’ and ‘this girl is Masamune’s cousin’. Thank to her, the other guys in my class didn’t want to kill me too much. Thank you very much, Tomoe!

“Truly, friends is one’s treasure in life. Thank you so much!”

“You are welcome.”

Tomoe hugged her head in embarrassment and turned to the side:

“By the way…”

“Kufufu, see, I knew that you can’t wear it! Ahaha, Megumi, I thought you are confident with your asset ~ why does the breast area is so loose~?”

“Bwahhh, it can’t be. Muramasa-chan, what is your measurement?”

“Who, who would tell you that! I, idiot, don’t come here!”

I followed Tomoe’s gaze and saw three girls busy on some shameless activities. Even though I was standing right here…

Tomoe nodded, spoke the same thought that I was thinking:

“Yamada Elf-sensei, Senjyu Muramasa-sensei, Megumi…and me. Everyone is cute beautiful girl, right?”

You count yourself in that?

“Um…say, Mune-kun….”

Tomoe turned to me, asked in a quiet tone to make sure no one can overheard:

“Who do you like most?”

“Pffff!!!!!” I spit take.


“To…Tomoe! What are you talking about!?”

“I asked who do you like. Didn’t we talked about it before  — when I proposed.”

“What you are saying can easily lead to a very troublesome misunderstanding. Stop now.”

Stop please. While it’s still possible.

If I remember correctly – she said

“If Mune-kun can write a novel good enough to be made into anime, earn as much money as Yamada Elf-sensei —“

“Earn as much money?”

“I will accept to be your bride.”

“Don’t try to hide the fact that you are after money!”

We did have a conversation like that before, but back then I answered her:

“Reject. I already have someone I like.”

“Is the person you like among them?”


Facing her question, I hestitated a bit, but said:

“She is.”

“Hmm ~ who is that? Elf-sensei? Muramasa-sensei ? Or Megumi ? Who might that be? Or…”

She suddenly stopped, then spoke in a teasing tone

“Or it’s me?”

I replied in the same tone:

“Of course not.”

“Is that so? What a pity. Truly a pity.” She smiled.

Due to some reasons, I was a bit late, thus I’m now the last person to join the party. I took the microphone, spoke:

“Is everything ok?”


The screen didn’t show Eromanga-sensei in mask, but rather “plain” Sagiri, because there were Tomoe and Megumi here, both didn’t know about Eromanga-sensei.

I didn’t want to clarify thing, so the simple explanation is “since Eromanga-sensei couldn’t join, the hikikomori Sagiri will take part instead.” She also required “Hide it from Megumi no matter what.”

Well, even if Tomoe knew, it’s very simple to buy her silence. But if a classmate knew that she is “An illustrator who love erotic drawing”, well, that might be too much embarrassing for a middle-age school girl.

Now, my little sister appeared now as “Eromanga-sensei” but as “Sagiri”. That was her decision…Although saying that might be too much, but I think it’s a big improvement.

I spoke to the microphone on my hand:

“Let’s have a good time, Sagiri.”

“…Um.” She quietly replied

I looked at the room. There was Christmas’s cake and non-alcoholic champagne. Elf choose to take care of food, so nothing was here yet. Other girls were already finished preparing.

“Good. Then let’s begin.” I raised my glass “Merry Christmas!”

The party began. In short, Elf-sensei immediately took the lead, said “Hurry up and begin present exchange!”. This was what they were talking about earlier, which we would show what our present was – anything is fine, from good to a show.

“My present is food, X-mas’s roasted chicken. Army-chan is bringing it out. It’s a food with 4500 attack power “

“Army-sensei came too?”

“She will be a bit late, but she has a amazing performance, so be sure to look forward to it!”

Elf answered while waving her hand. To think that she know that something might be even better than her food.

“If Elf-chan said so…then it’s certainly worth waiting for.” Sagiri muttered.

Looked like my worry is for naught, everything is fine…for now, at least. A little too small, but not a problem.

“Just leave it to me, Sagiri.”

Elf looked directly at Sagiri through the screen, called her by name the first time.

“….It feel a bit strange.”

“Me too.”

Both of them blush in embarrassment.

Then Elf looked at everyone and introduced:

“Since it’s the first time for some people here, let me introduce. This is Masamune’s little sister, Sagiri-chan.”

“Please to meet you, Mune-kun’s little sister. I’m Takasago Tomoe.”

“Izumi-chan, thank you to inviting me today ♪, I’m so happy ♪.”

“I’m Senjyu Muramasa, please to meet you – and you can call me sister-in-law, I don’t mind.”

Everyone greeted Sagiri…but what the heck is Muramasa-senpai talking about….

Hearing that, Sagiri blushed furiously, her head dropped down unable to answer. After a moment, she muttered “…Th…thank you…”. Since her voice was too small, no one but me heard her. She said “It’s my line, thank you, everyone.”

“Everyone, due to some reasons, Sagiri couldn’t go out of her room, so allow me to give you her presents.”

I said while gave everyone a hand-size present – of course, there was one for me too.

“Let’s open it. Actually, even I don’t know that it is.” I urged, while opening my own present.

Inside was —

“Ah…this is…”

“Ahaha, isn’t it nice?”

“Ahhhh….so cute.”


It was a bunch of hand-size statue. For Elf, it was a character from her masterpiece “The Flame of Dark Elf”. For Muramasa-senpai and Tomoe, it was a character from “Fantasy Demon Blade Legend”, while I got the little sister from “Sekaimo”. And Megumi —

“Is that…is that me?”

She got a statue look very similar to herself.

In the screen, Sagiri looked down, maybe because she felt embarrassed with the fact that everyone is looking at her present. Even though her erotic drawing was seen countless time before by thousand of people…I really don’t get it.

“…I practiced it before…but a month is not enough…I’m glad that you like it…”

Like she was speaking for everyone present, Megumi shouted:

“Thank you, Izumi-chan! I will treasure it!”

“’s not exactly….it’s just…”

“Ahahah, Izumi-chan, you are so cute”


I got it now. Sagiri was both extremely happy and extremely embarrassed at the moment.

After we exchanged present, the party continue happily. Tomoe’s present was a foreign children’s book and drawing guideline, totally suitable for a bookstore’s worker. Muramasa-senpai, unexpectedly, brought a character’s keychain, which Sagiri loves very much.

Megumi’s present was a bracelet jewelry, colourful strings, nails’s make up and other girly stuff. By the way, there was absolutely nothing for man at all —

“Everyone, come and take a look! I though it was a legend, but I made this – the picture of ‘The beautiful girl, light novelist Masamune-chan’!”

“It can’t be…Masamune-kun looked so cute!”

Somehow, a picture of me (crossdress) appeared admist the party.

“Hey hey Megumi, what are you doing? Why are you taking picture!?”

“Eh? Of course I want to upload it to the Internet so people can see it?”

“Please, I beg you, don’t do that!”

Finally, it’s my presents. How should I put it, those were quite normal, just normal stuff you can get from a convenience store. For a student and a novelist, they were suitable. Not too flashy or too bad-looking, but at the same time, not exactly special.

“Haha, what Onii-san wanted to say it: ‘read more light novel, especially what I wrote here, right’ ?”

“Tri-colour pen…normal present, as expected from you. Well, I will use it. By the way, you do have a secret present for someone after this party, right? No need to hide, I can see it from your face.”

“What a cute pen, I will use it to write romance novel.”

“That…Mune-kun, isn’t that something you bought from my home’s store?”

Still, everyone was happy. Suddenly…

“Hi everyone, merry Christmas!”

Finally, after hours late, Army arrived. Red hair, slant eyes, full of energy – Amelia Armeria, pen name “Army”, Elf’s childhood friend, also her illustrator for “The Flame of Dark Elf”. A very talent and quick working illustrator, right now is helping us sibling in making “The cutest little sister in the world” manga version.

I opened the front door and led her to the living room. The first one to show a reaction was Elf. She immediately jumped up, said:

“Army-chan, you are so slow!”

“Sorry sorry, it took longer than expected.”

Army said while rasing her thump. As usual, they looked like a couple.

She walked to me and took the microphone, spoke to Sagiri:

“Sagiri too, merry Christmas!”


“Is something wrong? Do you have a fever? Did you eat your meal? Can I give you a hug?”

“No fever. Already eat. No hug.”

Seeing how much Army cared for Sagiri, Megumi’s reaction was more than usual. She asked:

“Ouch, ouch, Izumi-chan, who is the beauty just arrived?”

“Ah..this is….my older sister.”

Army and Sagiri’s relationship was a bit complicated, this is the closest explantion I could think of, sisters without blood relationship. This relationship was exactly what I wanted to have, so you can say I was a bit jealous.

“Yes yes, I’m Sagiri’s older sister. You can call me the beautiful illustrator Army-chan.”

“!? It can’t be! This …is the real one! Wahhh!! ~ I’m your big fan! I have seen your ‘unmask shotdown’.”

As a light novel lover, Tomoe was extremely moved. She showed the same reaction when I introduced Muramasa-senpai. Seeing her so happy made it worthwhile to invite her.

On the other hand, Megumi showed a pretty normal reaction. She turned to Army, said:

“Ah, I remember that you are the illutrator who work with Elf-sensei. Hah…Izumi-chan’s older sister? I have a lot of question later…Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. Army-chan, I’m Jinno Megumi, but you can call me just Megumi. Please be my friend.”

“Please to meet you, Megumi.”

In an instant, Megumi gained a few more friends. Could I say she is easy-going or careless? This was her first meeting with them…

When I was stunned looking at this scene —

“Masamune, Masamune.”

Army wagged her finger calling me, an teasing grin on her face.

“Yes?” I walked to her without thinking, which she immediately latched on my shoulder.

“This is my greeting.”

*Chuu* She kissed me.


Instantly, lighting roared in my room, the atmosphere also frozen solid.

“Mu, Mune-kun…is that girl…?” Tomoe got another strange misunderstanding.

“You, you….” Muramasa-senpai still remained on her seat, but her eyes were dead cold.

“Ah….” Megumi covered her mouth, unable to say anything.

“…..” Sagiri’s face was so terrify, I didn’t dare to look at.

“Wh…what…what are….”

“What the hell are you doing!?”

I was speechless, but Elf yelled out in my place. She was so angry that she rushed to us.

“Ar…Army…you…you!!! What the hell was that? What are you doing? You, you, you, didn’t you said you have no interest in having a relationship with a man? You even laughed when you said you’d rather be friend with Masamune’s lover? Yet you…!!!”


Seeing how angry Elf was, Army’s whole body trembled, her face changed into…an erotic looking one. Well, she is Eromanga-sensei’s older sister, so it’s expected that she is a pervert.

“Yup, I do not have any interest in making a relationship with a man.” She answered with a hint of annoyance, but she still held me harder.

“What you said and what you are doing are completely different! I already think that something is strange, something happened when you two returned from Army-chan’s room. Don’t even try to deceive my eyes!”

“Amazing Emily! Totally right! Yes, something did happened. Right, Masamune?”

“Army, are you saying that on purpose?”

Something happened? Yes! The first condition for her to accept doing our manga – acting lovely dovey in front of Emily with me – that was it! Her aim was to tease Elf, to see her flushed and angry.

“Ehehe”  Army grinned

Elf is very sensitive, if we did that shouldn’t  we be found out immediately?

Emile is stupid, we can fool her easily

Turned out what she said back then was right.

“I repeat, we aren’t going out. Just now is only a friendly kiss, something very common in other country aside from Japan.”

“Common my ass! How could you have such erotic expression from a friendly kiss?”

“….Eh? It can’t be. What kind of expression I had?”

Looked like even her doesn’t know.

Somehow, Muramasa-senpai had walked to us without a sound. She raised a small hand mirror to Army, said:

“Just like that! What a shameless expression. What a pervert manga artist, as expected from someone called themselves Eromanga-sensei Great…I will take care of you right here, go to hell to reflect on yourselves!”

“This girl still had that habit of saying outrage things with a straight face!”

Army tried her best to resist Muramasa-senpai’s physical attack. Well, that was common for them, at least.

“Hey, both of you, be quiet for a moment!”

Hearing that, I slowly peaked at the screen behind me, while Army also spoke to Sagiri:

“Hey Sagiri, turn just standing here and say nothing. Look, your brother is being taken away by me, don’t you have anything to say?”

“No no, it’s not like that. Just listen to me Sagiri! Just listen, it’s Army…crap…Sa…Sagiri?”



Both me and Army froze. Sagiri is not very angry as usual. She is very very angry! Her mouth morphed into a へ shape, she looked like a bomb which is about to go off.

I hastly turned to Army, muttered:

“Hey you, hurry up and think of something.”

“Why me? We had an agreement! We need to show an act to make both of them jealous….”

During me had our secret conversation, Sagiri coldly ended us both:

“…I hate you both.”

“Sagiri, I’m so sorry!”

“Onee-chan is at fault, please!”

Both of us rushed toward the locked room , kneeled down and try to beg for forgiveness.

And that’s how Army’s plan “to make both Elf and Sagiri jealous” ended in utterly failure.

After the Christmas party resumed, everyone (Sagiri included) happily ate Elf’s food present – roasted chicken. Finally, it’s Army’s turn to give her present.

“Now it’s my present’s turn. Actually….”

“I and Army-chan will both give you guys present. Everyone will be surprise.” Elf continued, looked very happy.

What is Army’s present be?

“It’s a present that will make everyone happy, so Sagiri, please don’t mad anymore…”

“….I’m not mad, and don’t talk with me.”

“She is still very mad! I’m sorry, I don’t expect that you react that way toward Masamune…”

“No, stop! If you say anything more I won’t acknowledge you as my sister anymore!”

“Okay okay I got it! I won’t say anything!”

Army held the microphone on her hand and stood next to the screen to answer Sagiri. Seeing how she was pushed around like me earlier made me felt a bit strange.

“Um…so it’s why. I knew that coming here today is going to be worthwhile ♪”

Suddenly Megumi muttered to herself, before turned to Elf

“So what’s the present, Elf-chan?”

“Listen well Megumi, the precious treasure we brought here today is —“

Elf took a thin DVD box from Army, raised it about her head and said:

“The first DVD of ‘The Flame of Dark Elf’ is finally here! I’m going to show it right here!”

I can almost see the light coming from the box. Truly, Elf and Army’s present is our sibling’s goal, the crystallize of our dream.

We gathered around the sofa in the living room, in front of the television. Elf sat on the middle, Tomoe on the left, Megumi on the right. Since it was impossible to sat five people there, Muramasa-senpai, Army and me was standing. On my microphone, Sagiri muttered, showing her annoyance:

“I can’t barely see anything.”

“I think that everyone is already know, but now we are going to show mine – Yamada Elf’s masterpiece ‘The Flame of Dark Elf’, volume one! Army-chan just brought the white box here right after it was finished! Are we clear?”

“Yeah, it was only a few hours old, that’s why I was late.” Army answered.

“You can see the most wonderful anime of the 21th century a month sooner than television, do you know how lucky you are?”

“By the way, what is a white box?”

Megumi raised a hand to ask. Tomoe raised a finger and made an explaning pose:

“Megumi, white box is —“

In short, white box is sample given to the author before the anime is released. Since ‘tape’ was originally stored in white box, it gained its name from here. Now, it was mostly used to store DVD thought. By the way, there was an anime named like that recently[2], do you guys know about it?

“—-It’s basically that, do you get it?”

“Alright ~”

Seeing Megumi answered, I turned to Elf:

“It’s really lucky. Thank you, original author.”

“Just leave it to me!” Elf smiled brightly, raised her thump finger at me.

“Elf-chan looked very happy.” Sagiri smiled slightly at Elf.

“Of course…even I would act the same when my dream come true.”

Anime is the ultimate stage of a novel. It can turned a character in your mind into a moving, talking character. It can make many people happy, many people to like it. For example, like a prideful female girl who is finally selected for the main heroine in a school’s play.

“I’m so jealous…”

I could hear my little sister quietly talking. If she was next to me, I would have pat her head and told her “There is no need to be jealous,  we will make our dream come true.”

Megumi looked like she wanted to share the happiness with Elf, she joined in:

“Elf-chan, is the anime that great?”

“Kufufu! I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it will be amazing!” Elf turned to Army “This novel was made by a team of two super genius! Army-chan even oversee the character design of the anime!”

Army smiled gently:

“You also took part in the checking anime’s story, wrote the original novel.  We both tried our best.”

“Yes. Everyone spent countless sleepless night to make this anime.”

I knew. I knew it better than anyone. I have heard Elf talked that way many times before – after knowing her for half a year, I have seen how much she love anime, how much she pushed herself for it.

Sometime her editor scolded her. Sometime she was crying when working. Sometime she complained because too much work made her unable to play games. Sometime she felt lazy and run away. Sometime she even call playing is working…No least than twenty time I have asked myself : is she really an author? She is like a NEET.

But in the end, Elf never missed a deadline. Every three months, she published a new novel. She even handle her work (huge work) when dealing with the anime well. People can’t help but felt awe and respect at her work attitude…Of course I will never badmouthing her directly, but I felt happy to be here, to watch the fruit of her work with everyone.

“…Well, finally.” Elf raised the remote toward the television, her hand was trembling…I never thought she would be that nervous, but now I felt a hint of empathetic.

She swallowed, said “Start” and pressed the button. The anime began to show on my home’s television.

At first, it was the number 10. Then it quickly changed to 9, 8 ,7…and …

“It’s starting.”

“…Is it really going to be that amazing?”

“Wow, my heart is racing. ♪”

“Be quiet, here is come.”

Finally, the opening began. It was the same opening scene from the original light novel, showing the black hair protagonist during battle. His tall, thin body covered in black coat made him looked bigger. Since he was running away from home, after many hardship he grandually became kinder – this fact is welcomed by many middle age schooler.

The protagonist was fighting admist a heavy forest. He was dodging while using his blade to cut down any arrow aim at him, still moving forward at the same time. Just like the light novel, when he was lost in the Sanctuary, he suddenly meet his destined girl in the river of light. The first scene was meant to have an stunning effect on the viewer, with a combination of beautiful drawing and amazing music —

Just now was nothing but my imagination.




A strange silence fell upon the living room. Everyone was speechless, like they didn’t know what to say. The truth was too painful for us.

With a glare, I turned to the original author. Elf’s eyes were tear up, she looked in pain, like one of her family member just died. I got a feeling that even a smallest touch will break  her….can’t say anything at this point now.

Still standing, Army suddenly turned around and shakily left the room. No one could bring themselves to follow her.

During that time, the anime was still continuing. But the atmosphere was the same as a funeral. Next to me, Muramasa-senpai said:

“It’s totally worthless.”

“Shhhhh!!” I knocked on my senior’s head. She said it? Is she an idiot? Everyone here already knew that.

With a cute expression, Muramasa-senpai covered her head, asked:

“…..What are you doing? It hurt.”

“What are you doing, idiot?”

“I, Idiot?”

Muramasa-senpai looked like she was hit pretty bad — that meant she still didn’t understand.

“Why are you angry, Masamune-kun? Although normally I rarely watch anime, and I can’t say that I’m good at giving review, but this dvd is clearly worthless. Absolutely worthless. Did someone take the wrong, unfinished version by mistake?”

“Do you have any mercy at all?”

It was too much!

Since some of you might not get it, allow me to explain – well, from the start, in this anime – everything, included the scene, the protagonist’s face, the setting, hand and leg’s movement is very strange.

“I know it too! This is what they called ‘fragmented drawing’, right?”

“Megumi, please be quiet, okay?”

Both senpai and this girl…this is not something you can laugh off.

I understand that as a fan or a viewer, you have the right to feel disappointed. But don’t you think you shouldn’t do that right in front of the original author?

“Please, consider Elf’s feeling. She did her best to focus on making this anime.”

“And this is the result?” Muramasa-senpai’s voice was ice-cold.

Elf’s shoulder trembled, tears fell down. “*Hic* Hk*”

“Don’t cry, idiot.” Muramasa-senpai said and paused the anime at the same time “I feel nothing at making an anime of my novel, so I never try that before. But aren’t you the same? You, who always said that you want to make the best anime with everyone? Didn’t you said you want to see people to see an anime which is even better than the original, which can moved anyone? – Look at you, what a joke.”

“Hey, that is way too much!” I grabbed her shoulder, intended to stop her. But she shot back a harsh glare, told me to shut up.

She returned her gaze to Elf –

“Look like you couldn’t reach your dream, you failed you fan, totally failure. In other words, you don’t have time to feel bad, to cry here. You should immediately re-think your process before continuing. I don’t know about anime, but surely there must be others who know about making it, there might be a way to lessen this crushing failure, there might be even something you can learn from this mistake — move. Now.”

Her voice made other terrified. It was a voice without any pity. But at the same time, it gave a boost to someone who had endured too much, who had lost the ability to think normally – her words was filled with courage and willpower. I know that she is very gentle, and what she said indeed make sense…but to tell a girl who just took a heavy mental blow that “Stop crying. Stand up after you fall down. Think of a way to make it better” ….etc… It was too much.

“Senpai, are you a demon? Maybe there is a way to say it without being so harsh.”

“Maybe.” She squatted down, looked directly into Elf’s eyes “Aren’t you the best selling author? Come back, idiot.”

She slightly slapped Elf’s forehead. Her voice was cold, but her words was burning with encouragement.


Elf looked like she was burning from inside, she stood up without saying anything, gritted her teeth, use the sleeves to wipe her tears, clench her hand, shouted:



“Comfort me!”


I stood dumpfolded, but she walked to me, took my hand, continued.

“Hold me!”


“Hurry up! I’m crying!”

Indeed, her eyes were teary. Combined with the super short Christmas’s dress, it got a high destructive power.

“But, but….”

It’s impossible! Of course I wanted to comfort her, to cheer her up…but aside from Sagiri —- well, I can’t not do this, right?

“I’m gonna cry! I’m crying! Hold me right now! Then tell me ‘It’s okay, it’s okay’! Let me cry on your chest! I’m doing it now — Gyahhhhhhh”

“Don’t get full of yourselves, pervert! You dare to do something I could only wish for – no, something so shameless, that mean you are prepare to die, right?”

Before Elf could finish, Muramasa-senpai grabbed Elf’s face, her face reddened with anger.

“It hurt it hurt it hurt!!! Is your hand made of steel or something? How much force you are using!?”

“It’s what you wanted, right? Next is ‘It’s okay, it’s okay’ huh? Don’t be modest, enjoy this as much as you like – good good good!”

Still holding Elf’s face Senpai kept rocking back and forth. The pitiful Elf could only swayed around, moaning “It hurt….” all the way.

Well, it was the same as usual. As long as Elf returned to her normal self.


Tomoe laughed. Sagiri also breathed out a sigh of relieve. Megumi also muttered “What a good friend. Their relationship must be super good.”

“Who would become this girl’s friend!” Muramasa-senpai let go of Elf and quicky denied.

“It hurt so much….” Still teary, Elf suddenly laughed “Honestly ~ I knew you were trying to cheer me up since you like me the most. You really are gentle, aren’t you?”

“Hm, this misunderstanding is really troublesome. I think that your novel is very boring, but your dream of a wonderful story might came true, so I….have to…cheer…”

“That mean you like me the most.”

“I’m not! Just listen to me!”

“Alright, thank you. I will give you a proper response.”

Just when the conversation was about to over — With a *click*, the door opened. Army, who was went out just now came back, raised a hand and said:

“Sorry sorry, just now was the un-finished version. This is the real white box ♪.”



“What the heckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!”

The angry roar of the original author rang in the room.

Thankfully, the finished volume one of “The Flame of Dark Elf” was indeed wonderful.

After the Christmas party ended and everyone had gone home, only me and Elf stayed back to clear up.

“It’s not that bad, I can clear up on my own.”

“Alright alright.” Elf happily threw an empty box into the trash can, gave me a quick peak, said: “You have been waiting, right? Now we are alone.”

“?” I titled my head in confusion “What do you mean? Well, yes, we are alone, together.”

“Kufufu, you are trying to act dumb again ❤” Elf hid her smile behind her hand “Present, present.. give me my special Christmas present.”

“I don’t have it.”

“Again, really ~”

“Now, I really don’t have it.”

“……..” Elf froze “Liar, you just said…”

“After the party is over, there is a secret present for someone, right?”

“ — When I said that, you had a surprise reaction, didn’t you?”

“Ah? That? Yes, I planed to give it to my little sister.”

“Since when I became your little sister?”

“You didn’t. I meant Sagiri! This is for her!”

Elf immediately took a heavy blow. I always felt sorry for dashing her hope.

“Ah, I see! Little sister huh? Present for Sagiri huh? Hm, I see! There is no present for me! Fine, I don’t care! I can see it from miles away!” Elf pouted, clearly displeased.

“Crap, Elf?”

“Who the hell are you? Please don’t talk with me.”

“Hey —“

Without waiting for me to finish, Elf went outside.

“What is she doing…”

She was the one who had a misunderstanding, yet she was angry with me. Still, I felt a hint of guilt, since she had taken care of me a lot.

When I was thinking of a way to make up with her, the ceiling shook. That *Thud* meant “Come here at once”

“Is she hungry? Nah, she just ate…I thought that she already sleep.”

I left the living room and went to the locked room, took some present for Sagiri with me on the way.

A few minutes later, I was facing Sagiri inside the locked room, a paper bag on my hand, Sagiri’s present inside.

“What’s wrong, Sagiri?”


Still in her wool clothing, Sagiri stood quietly. She looked down, two hands behind her back. It’s very common for me to wait for my little sister to say something, so I didn’t rush her, only waiting in silence.


After dozen of seconds, Sagiri still didn’t said anything. In fact, her face was getting redder, probably because of the air conditional. Although my little sister looked very cute like that, but I need to make the atmosphere easier to talk.


“Yes!? What?”

Hey hey, why are you so shaken? Did you do something wrong?

“Christmas party…went well.”


“Your secret is still hidden…and the present exchange —“


Hearing the word “present” made Sagiri’s shoulder trembled.

“?…Present exchange…”

“!” Trembled.


“!” Trembled. Again

“What’s up with present?”

“Nothing! Nothing at all!”

“Ah, I see.”

Looked like there IS something, but since she didn’t want to talk anymore, I will.

“The present exchange feel good too. Even Megumi caught me by surprise.”

“…Megumi-chan…is amazing.”

Sagiri muttered. While she only spoke a few words, each was filled with lots of emotion. Seemed like my little sister still need to improve her speaking skill.

“Everyone get along so well…it’s great.”

“It is. Megumi truly is great at making friends.”


“What’s up?”

“….Nii-san, you bring a new girl home.”

“Why are you putting it that way!?”

“When you talked with the big-breast Tomoe-chan…you looked like you are having a good time.”

“It’s not like that!”

“Anyway, forget it. I don’t care if Nii-san love breast or not, nor who do you talk with.”

You really are sensitive about breast, aren’t you?

“Not to mention that Elf’s anime is wonderful.”

“Um…the finished version anyway. The opening is good, the drawing is super, the main character is handsome.”

“Oh probably don’t see it, but…”


“When she saw the opening, she cried.”


We both fell silence, and muttered to outselves:

“I don’t like it.”

“But it’s great.”

Those words came from the deepest part of our heart. Our emotion which can’t be putting into words quietly disappeared right after speaking it out.

“We have to try our hardest too.”


Inside the locked room, a warm atmosphere appeared. Because of that, Sagiri no longer acted so nervous.


On the other, now I’m nervous. I came not only to check on her, but to gave her Christmas present. I gathered my courage and asked:

“About” *2

Both of us spoke at the same time.


Both of us paused. Still hid her hands behind her back, Sagiri said:

“Ni, Nii-san talks first.”

“Ah, then I will talk then…”

Since that was unexpected, I clumsy gave the paper bag to Sagiri

Since I was so embarrassed during her birthday party, I couldn’t give her a proper present. Now,  I had no choice but to try to put up my best apperance then gave her one:

“This is my Christmas present for you.”


From the paper bag, I took out a pair of colorful wool socking.

“Since your foot looked like they were always cold, I made this for you.”

“Eh eh eh eh!?”

Seeing Sagiri freaked out, I asked in puzzle:

“….What’s wrong?”

“It, it’s nothing…You made it?”

“Yup! I couldn’t make a coat, but this – I can. Mom taught me a long time ago, so with some practice I could managed this much.”

“….I know. I saw you knitting once before.”

Somehow, Sagiri paled. It couldn’t be that she hated my present, right? Isn’t she have a sock fetish?

“By the way Sagiri, you are an inspiration for this.”


Huh? Her shoulders were trembling, what was going on?

“Anyway, forget it. Try them on! They were the best I could make now! And I finally managed to make such complicated pattern!”

Somehow, hearing my boast only caused Sagiri to hestitate. I pushed and praised my sock again:

“Isn’t that good? Look, from the pattern, the feeling, the balance, everything is perfect. Not to mention that base material will ensure that your foot won’t feel restricted.”


“Although it might not meet the standard of company-made socking, it could…”


“Wearing it with wool clothing would make you warm.”



“…It’s nothing. Thank you, I’m very happy.”

Your face didn’t say so, though. What’s with you, Sagiri-san?

“…I have my own situation too, but of course I’m happy. Very happy. Don’t worry.”

“Is that so? Okay then…so why did you call me here?”

Still hid her hands behind, Sagiri’s shoulder dropped, she sadly said:

“Ah…forget it.”


“…I lose…forget it.”

“Er…I don’t get it?”

“Nii-san…is amazing…I think”

When she said that, I could already see tears in her eyes.

In the end, I couldn’t ask why did Sagiri call me to her room.

[1] Book Off is Japan’s largest chain of used bookstores. Founded in August 1991, the company has had explosive success, expanding to 866 stores throughout Japan and eight overseas locations.

[2] Shirobako.