I’m Izumi Masamune, a novelist who is still going to school.

My pen name is Izumi Masamune, which is basically my real name. For a lot of reasons, I’m now living together with my hikikomori little sister, Izumi Sagiri.

In April, I learned her “real identity”

My little sister – Sagiri

Is also the light novel illustrator, Eromanga-sensei.

Well, let me make it quick then.

First, I and “Eromanga-sensei” spoke to try and clear up the complicated story. We talked about how my little sister is the cutest in the world.

And we talked about our dream that we’re both striving for.

Us siblings, who were originally so far apart, had gradually become closer.

And this time —

Let me tell you another story about Eromanga-sensei.

September 12th, inside the locked room.

We were facing a Dark Eromanga-sensei.

Inside the room, aside from Sagiri and I, were Muramasa-senpai and Elf, both wearing swimsuits. They came here to act as Eromanga-sensei’s models.

Of course it sounds stupid, but let’s just ignore that for now.

The most important thing here is the computer screen. Which was originally meant to show Eromanga-sensei’s live stream video, but now was showing someone else.

The person wore a coat with an anime mask, so the gender was unclear. Not to mention that the other side was very dark, the screen was unfocused, but I could see a small body frame.

But just that image alone had a special meaning for us.

— Because that person looked exactly like Eromanga-sensei.

“It’s not me!?”

Of course. If the real one was right next to me then the one on the screen was a fake.

Besides, while the fake Eromanga-sensei on the screen did look somewhat familiar, there were some differences.

From the coat to the anime mask, everything was pitch black.

「Hey, are you watching —」

He sneered, his voice clearly having gone through a voice changer. Just like Eromanga-sensei’s.

His anime mask also had a smile like any proper antagonists. And his tone fit that role perfectly.

Like a spoiled kid, he laughed and said:

「Are you watching, fake?」


I glanced at my little sister. This was clearly aimed at Eromanga-sensei. Sagiri’s eyes widened.

“Fake? Are you…talking about me?”

「Yes. You, who stole my name, you fake Eromanga-sensei.」

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not, but that person looked at Sagiri:

「Listen carefully, fake!」

Then he pointed his finger at himself:

「I’m the real Eromanga-sensei!」

— And so, the story began.

The room fell silent. Everything was so sudden that we all froze – at least I thought we did.

Turns out someone didn’t.

“What is going on?”

The first person who reacted wasn’t me, Sagiri, nor was it Elf. It was Muramasa-senpai.

She off-handedly went to the screen and picked it up to have a closer look.

“Suddenly someone appeared…and it looks like you see us too….could this be the legendary Super Hacker? [1].”

She acted like a Neanderthal seeing a television for the first time. But don’t be fooled by her appearance, she could easily handle sci-fi novels, which meant that she did have a firm understanding of technology.

Still, she didn’t even know how to use an ATM.

「Hey hey what are you doing! Suddenly interrupting me like that!」

The one who introduced himself as Eromanga-sensei on the screen yelled.

Unfortunately, my senior wasn’t someone who cared about his opinion at all, she just stared at the screen.

“Hey! How did you do that? I want to write it in my novel! Tell me!”

「Listen to me damn it! Wearing a swimsuit in the house? Are you a pervert?」

“Swim, swimsuit….just ignore it! I have a reason!”

She blushed and quickly covered her chest – because of that, the screen almost felt to the ground. But that also broke the sinister atmosphere for a moment, which allowed me to realize something.

“He can see us!?”


Hearing that, Sagiri quickly put her mask on – but it was probably too late.

My little sister’s real face was seen by an unknown stranger, making me even more worried.

「That? You’re correct.」

The black illustration acknowledged.

“You said you’re the real Eromanga-sensei? What is the meaning of this?”

Elf’s shouting pulled us back to the situation at hand.


Sagiri – Eromanga-sensei quietly looked at the screen. Due to the mask, no one knew what her true expression was like.

I turned back to the screen and shouted:

“You’re the fake! The one who’s been drawing for my novels – definitely wasn’t you!”

I saw Sagiri draw those perverted, lovely illustrations with my own eyes!

Both now and in the past – those were the drawings of our dream! How could that Eromanga-sensei be a fake!?

Elf also arrogantly added:

“That’s right! To be able to draw such perverted, lovely illustrations, this Eromanga-sensei’s real! Even if you claim otherwise, no publisher would believe you!”

Yes. All we needed to do was contact the publisher and ask for Eromanga-sensei’s contact information and identity. Even if someone claimed otherwise, we would know immediately – just like now.

That was what Elf meant.

Muramasa-senpai also added,

“Yes. She’s the real Eromanga-sensei. Otherwise Masamune-kun would have been mine long ago.”


If Sagiri didn’t come down back then, maybe I really would have become Senjyu Muramasa’s personal novelist.

Senpai also believed that Sagiri was Eromanga-sensei.

Me too.

「That wasn’t what I meant!」

The Black Eromanga-sensei shook his head and looked depressed.

「The one who is using the penname Eromanga-sensei right now is definitely her, there’s no doubt about that. But that wasn’t what I meant! 」

“So what are you trying to say?”

「Long ago, there was another Eromanga-sensei…who was a very good illustrator…but not anymore.」


「That was the first Eromanga-sensei – and then—」

He pointed at Sagiri:

「She’s only the second generation!」

Sagiri is the second Eromanga-sensei?


Actually, I myself also had a lot of doubts regarding Sagiri’s penname.

So…that was the reason? Because she inherited the penname from the first Eromanga-sensei?

…I unconsciously accepted this theory and glanced at her.


My question almost came out, but I managed to hold back.

Unlike her panicked state before, now my little sister emitted a terrifying aura.

Her voice – through the voice changer – rang:

“Who are you?”

Two masked personas stared at each other. The air between them froze, sparks flying everywhere.

“How could you – know about you?”

Those words were close to her real characteristics.

After a while, the other answered:

「The first Eromanga-sensei was my master. So I knew about your identity too.」


Sagiri’s shoulders trembled. My eyes also widened.

If that was real – then he knew that the Eromanga-sensei who was cooperating with me was Sagiri?

「Anyway, I’m the only rightful successor of Eromanga-sensei’s skill.」

“Rightful…successor?” Sagiri muttered.

「Yes. One and only, got it?」

The black illustrator repeated and then pointed at himself:

「Anyway, I’m the real Eromanga-sensei—-」

「My name is Eromanga-sensei the Great!」

He proudly announced his name.

“What was that?”

Elf quickly covered her mouth and turned to me in surprise:

“Masamune, did you hear? He sounded so cool at first, yet now he says his name is ‘Eromanga-sensei the Great’! So ridiculous! It’s like a story I wrote!”

“Are you an idiot? Read the atmosphere, damnit!”

Anyway, we got some new information – although we didn’t have any way to confirm it —

The current Eromanga-sensei = Sagiri = the second generation. There was another illustrator named Eromanga-sensei before.

Then this black illustrator who called himself ‘Eromanga-sensei the Great’ appeared out of nowhere and claimed that he was the rightful successor….thus he should be the real Eromanga-sensei.

I see…if what he said was true, that would explain a lot.


I felt that something was off in our conversation just now. Like there was something that I should recognize.

「The first Eromanga-sensei was my master」

A very strong feeling kept telling me that I just missed something very important.

While trying to suppress this urge, I turned to Sagiri.

Facing ‘Eromanga-sensei the Great’ (I’ll call him ‘Great’ from now on), our Eromanga-sensei didn’t say anything.

A few seconds later, Great said:

「And that’s how it is! Okay, I have answered your questions, do you have anything to say, you fake Eromanga-sensei?」

“Someone with that name — “

I don’t know – I thought she was going to deny it, but…

“ – Only one is enough.”

She firmly said:

“I’m Eromanga-sensei!”

Despite the fact that she had denied it in embarrassment so many times before…

“Nice words. As expected of Eromanga-sensei.” I laughed and patted her shoulder.

“…Really…you really are….”

Sagiri tried to hit me with her fist. It seemed like she acknowledged the fact that she is Eromanga-sensei, which caused her a lot of embarrassment

About the other guy – Great broke into laughter like he saw something very interesting.

「Good! Then let’s find out between you and me, who is the real and who is the fake!」


「First, I will show you why I’m the rightful successor of Eromanga-sensei!」

The screen changed into another window. Then the pointer began to draw a picture.

A white cloth, canvas and some colors. I’ve seen this many times before in Eromanga-sensei’s video.

I see…

If what he claimed was true then everyone would know when we saw his drawing. Who is the real and who is the fake – all would become clear.

「I don’t like to let people see me draw, but this is an exception」

And —

A canvas quickly appeared in front of our eyes.

“Ah…this character is…”

That was the heroine in my novel “The Silver Wolf of Reincarnation”.

Flat chest, loli face, anime ears…. Exactly Eromanga-sensei’s strong point.

“…It’s the same as Eromanga-sensei’s drawing…”

If someone told me that my little sister drew this, I would have believed them.

Sagiri raised her voice:

“…This is…only….copying my drawing style….”

「Fool! I purposely drew it that way to let you see the difference. Take a look at — this!」

Although he still looked down on us, there was no longer a hint of arrogance.

“Phew – okay.”

Great showed us the completed drawing. Even an outsider like me could see that it was the same as any of Eromanga-sensei’s drawings.

「The first Eromanga-sensei, while a good illustrator, was not very famous – because sometimes master decided to draw something impure. Only when drawing online would master use this embarrassing penname.」

Great began to add colors while talking with Sagiri:

「Only the second Eromanga-sensei took that penname to draw light novel illustrations. That’s why I – forget it, you won’t be able to understand anyway – I will poke a hole in your drawing.」

The screen showed a delicious looking picture.

「To put it bluntly, you aren’t worthy of that penname. I will show you!」

Pure white hair, animal ears, golden and silver irises – an illustration that almost seemed like magic had given life to the character.

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful illustration.”

Just like me, Muramasa-senpai was totally fascinated.

Damn…even I couldn’t disagree.

“Hmhm…is that so?”

Somehow Elf looked happy, she was smiling from ear to ear.

Since Sagiri was still wearing a mask, I couldn’t see her expression – but her body stiffened, her shoulders slightly trembled, and her hands were clenched into fists.

Finally —

「Alright, finished!」

Great had finished drawing.

What would his drawing be?

The answer was a light ecchi illustration, a drawing that fit Great’s words to Sagiri – Eromanga-sensei

「To put it bluntly, you aren’t worthy of that penname. I will show you!」


When we looked at that drawing, it took all of our breaths away.

“…This is…”

“As expected…”

Both the owner of God Eye – Elf – and the one who said 「There is no good book in the store, so I had no choice but to write one myself 」- Muramasa-senpai – were trembling, their eyes wide.


I had mentally prepared myself, but even that wasn’t enough. I bit my lower lip and rubbed my eyes.

“Is that…an illusion? Is the illustration…shining?”

“…Yes it is, kouhai…I also…see those bright lights – just like when I read the climax of your story.”

That was the highest form of praise from Muramasa-senpai.

“Unbelievable….just like when I read the last volume…I’m so moved….”

“…Thinking back, it was the same when I first received a letter from my fan…in my eyes, those poorly drawn pictures seemed to shine too.”

Next to me, Elf was crying.

“When people are truly moved – they will see an illusion. This masterpiece has its own natural bright circle of light – I never thought that I would see something like this in a light novel, much less in a novel that wasn’t written by me.”

Of course everything was an illusion, the drawing didn’t emit any light, nor did it sparkle.

I didn’t fully understand what was going on. Although Elf’s explanation was crappy, in my eyes, it did shine.


Tears flowed out of my eyes.

I felt so happy. To be able to see my character full of life like this was more than enough.

A light novel character could only gain life through illustration – not through works or manga. As a writer, I was so surprised to see this drawing.

Maybe —

My feelings right now were stronger than when I first saw Eromanga-sensei’s character designs.

Sagiri stood up in a panic:

“It can’t be…this…this…! Could it be….”

「Yes! This is an illustration that can give an illusionary light to the viewer – you must have noticed it too! 」

The drawing disappeared, Great’s face popped up on the screen.

「This is the final mystery of the first Eromanga-sensei—-」

「Eromanga Flash!」

“…………..Pardon me?”

I paused and asked him.

Because the situation had reached its climax, it needed a conclusion. I had no choice but to re-think my opinion about Great.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear it clearly just now, please say it again.”

「Eh? Ah…this….this is called….Eromanga Flash!

“Eh…what is it again?”

Eromanga Flash!

“Louder, please.”

Eromanga Flash! Don’t force me to say it again, it’s so damn embarrassing!」

“Ah, so you do know that the name is embarrassing.”

「Not exactly…this….this Eromanga…it’s not an erotic manga or anything….so I’m not embarrassed about the name! But saying it out loud is something completely different, got it?!」

Now some of his similarities to Sagiri became apparent.

Actually, my little sister was nodding in agreement with Great.

It seemed that because of their embarrassment with the name, both of them took each other more seriously.

「Cough cough – so I said!」

The windows zoomed in, Great’s face became larger.

「Do you understand now? I’m the rightful successor of Eromanga-sensei! An apprentice like you…frankly speaking, doesn’t deserve that title!」

Silent. Everything went silent.

Without a doubt, every person here who had just seen Great’s shinning illustration had to agree that he was right.

Including Sagiri.

「Alright, now it’s time for the main topic – I have a request.」

His voice broke the silence in the room.

「Make a bet with me. The prize is the penname.」

「The battle will be named ‘The Death Match Between Eromanga-sensei VS Eromanga-sensei the Great’. I will tell you the details later!」

After that there was a series of sinister laughter, and then the screen went dark.



Silence. The room became silent again. No one said anything.

The screen that had shown Great earlier now turned back to Sagiri’s live video stream. Everything looked so normal, like nothing had happened just now.

I turned to Elf and found out that she was avoiding my eyes. It was strange, why was she doing that? But then I noticed she was looking at Sagiri.


Sagiri still sat on the floor without saying anything. The mask made it impossible to see her expression —

But what happened just now must have hit her hard.

I could understand her feelings. They had the same drawing style, but the other was so much better than her.

It was the same as me three years ago, when I meet someone who used my writing style and wrote novels that were better than mine.

The time that it took me to recover was quite difficult.

“Elf-chan, Muramasa-chan. Thank you for coming. Please go home.”

She said in a dull tone.

Although we had a small problem with “Eromanga Flash” the situation overall was serious, and very bad for us.

No matter what, to me Sagiri was just a small girl.

“………….Okay, let’s go, Muramasa.”

Elf nodded and took Muramasa out of the room. I was about to follow, but —


Someone pulled my sleeves. Turning back, I met my little sister’s mask.

“…..Nii-san, stay.”

Elf and Muramasa-senpai had gone outside, which left only me and Sagiri were left.



No one said anything. We sat side by side, our backs were facing the bed.

….At a time like this, as her elder brother I should have said something to comfort her. But I feared that whatever I said would backfire and make the situation worse, so I held my tongue.

“Nii-san, what do you think about this guy’s illustrations?”


“…Compared to me….which one is better?”

Although she was still wearing her mask, I knew that this question came from Sagiri, not Eromanga-sensei.


“….Speak the truth.”

After some of the most contemplative seconds of my life, I replied:

“This guy’s illustrations are a bit better.”

I’m not a good brother. I couldn’t even lie to comfort my little sister.

We had been working together, helping each other…I couldn’t lie to my trusted partner.

“I see….”

Sagiri – no, Eromanga-sensei calmly said:

“I think so too.”


Another moment of silence.

“….I lost.”

“Wait, listen to me. No matter what this guy says, to me you are the only Eromanga-sensei. So —“

“So?” She looked up at me. “So what?”

“ ———–“

So —-

What should I say next?

Cheer up? You don’t have to worry if you lose? There is no need to care about the results of this battle?

No! That wasn’t what I truly wanted to say!

But should I say it? My little sister had just taken a heavy blow, should I say it out loud? Was it worth saying it out loud?

My mind was in chaos, but in the end, what I said was:

“So, win for me.”

“Understood. Now get out of here.”

After that, Sagiri entered hikikomori mode and isolated herself in her room, she totally cut off all connections with the outside world. She didn’t even call for meals anymore.

To avoid disturbing her, I treated her like how a parent treated their child before a university entrance examination, quietly leaving meal in front of her room.

After coming back to my room, I muttered:

“……..I missed a chance to talk with Sagiri….”

Although there was a lot that needed to be said between us, the most important thing was about the first Eromanga-sensei.

Although Great didn’t know that person –Sagiri knew.

There was a very good illustrator named Eromanga-sensei.

The current Eromanga-sensei – Sagiri is the second generation.

I’m afraid that everything Great said was the truth.


Eromanga-sensei – an outright ridiculous penname

Eromanga Flash, which sounded both mysterious and like hidden sexual harassment toward his apprentices.

Only take anonymous work, don’t care about fame or being famous.

A self-claimed apprentice named Great.

Currently: inactive.

Relationship with the second Eromanga-sensei – Sagiri – unknown.

“…………..That’s basically how it is.”

There must be a clue somewhere. All I need is to sort things out carefully to get a cleaner view.

“………..The image of that person in my heart is slowly being destroyed.”

If my guess is correct, then I have met the first Eromanga-sensei before. But now we can’t meet anymore, nor could we ask family to help fix this situation

Anyway —

Now, the only thing I could do was trust my partner and wait for news.

The situation took a turn the next day.

After school, as soon as I got home, my editor called me.

Could it be that she wanted to talk about The Cutest Little Sister in the World

…Ugh…what if it didn’t sell well and they wanted to cancel it….

I picked up the phone, my mind clouded with worries.

「Izumi-sensei! Did you see? 」

Kagurazaka-san immediately asked.

“Eh? Kagurazaka-san, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

「I will send you a mail with a URL, you must look at it right away! 」

I quickly opened my laptop and typed the received URL. The screen showed a website with a recorded video.


The video got more than 50.000 view – from the black masked illustrator, The Great Eromanga-sensei.

This is the final mystery of the first Eromanga-sensei —- 「Eromanga Flash! 」

Eromanga Flash lolololololololis named by the first lolololololololololol!

Eromanga Flash lololololol!!

What is with this final mystery?

The rightful successor Great-sensei is so coooooooooooooooool ~~~~~~~~~~

Even more erotic than Eromanga-sensei, this must be the real Eromanga-sensei!

Crap, it looked like that video was uploaded onto the Internet.

“….What the heck.”

「Now is not the time to ask! What you guys did is very troublesome for us! 」

Kagurazaka-san didn’t look like she wanted to talk about the Eromanga Flash

「The Death Match Between Eromanga-sensei VS Eromanga-sensei the Great」

This was the real reason.

In that video, aside from our conversations, there was the match’s rules made by Great. It said —

After six days, on the15th, the match will be held on this website. Two Eromanga-senseis will draw an illustration to decide the winner.

The winner will continue using the penname Eromanga-sensei. Loser will have to put their mask down.

There were five referees in total. Hopefully, as the current partner of Eromanga-sensei in the light novel The Cutest Little Sister in the World, Izumi Masamune-sensei would take a seat.

“Referee – me?”

「You still don’t know? 」

“I really don’t know! Is this really okay for me to be a referee for this match?”

「Why not? You have seen Eromanga-sensei the Great’s illustrations, haven’t you? With so many differences, everyone will clearly see who the winner is. 」


「Izumi-sensei, could you lie in front of ten thousands viewers? 」

“It would be a piece of cake if I want to make a partial decision, but that would be meaningless.”

「So you do know that too! 」

As a referee, even if I gave Sagiri a favoritewouldn’t be able to affect the viewers. As long as there is a great difference, most of them would vote for Great.

Sagiri is afraid of strangers, so she would definitely not be able to face this situation. Even if she ran away, she wouldn’t be able to work as an illustrator anymore. At the very least, people will call her “a coward who didn’t follow the rules when losing” or a “fake Eromanga-sensei”.

And so, Sagiri wouldn’t be able to draw anymore, her career as an illustrator would be over.

「Anyway, you have to take this seriously. You don’t need me to tell you how much trouble it would be if you lose, do you? 」

I could faintly hear what she said 「it’d be better if you could win. 」

“We will win” I answered “Eromanga-sensei will definitely win. Don’t worry about it.”

「Like I could trust someone who is so biased! Really! 」

Although she said that, getting angry now wouldn’t solved anything. Both of us knew that.

In the end, this call didn’t tell us “what to do” next.

Before she hung up, I could hear her mutter.

「What can we do now….?」

Not long after that – suddenly *Thud* the ceiling rocked.

I quickly ran to the second floor.

“…Did Sagiri see that video too….”

Could it be that she felt worried and called me?

I knocked on the door of the locked room while mentally preparing some kind words

While the door only took a few seconds to open, to me it felt like a lifetime. Finally, Sagiri appeared in strange clothing, which included a coat and a mask – which is Eromanga-sensei’s work clothing.

“Sagiri, I’m coming in.”

“…Um…come in.”

I stepped into the locked room. The computer on the room showed a half-finished drawing.

We sat down in front of each other.

“Um…calling you here…I have something to say…”

“Something to say?”

“….Yesterday, that guy said I’m the second Eromanga-sensei.”


「Long ago, there was another Eromanga-sensei …who was a very good illustrator…but not anymore. 」

「That was the first Eromanga-sensei – and then — 」

「She is only the second generation! 」

I never thought — that Sagiri would bring it up herself.

“Actually….the first Eromanga-sensei….I…I….I…”

She hesitated, before smiling:

“The first Eromanga-sensei taught me.”

I knew it. Just as I expected.

I knew that if I pushed here, she would tell me everything.

“I see.”

But I didn’t. I needed to confirm some things first.

Sagiri looked away:

“Teacher is no longer here…so…now, I’m Eromanga-sensei.”


“I once asked if I could use that name. Teacher said I could.”


We made our debut three years ago. That was probably when.

Sagiri didn’t take this penname for herself. She had permission.

“And…also working with Izumi-sensei from the beginning…it was me.”

“I know. You don’t have to say it.”


Somehow, my little sister’s face got redder.

“Is there anything else…hm…something very important….uh…”


“The penname Eromanga-sensei wasn’t picked by me.”

“You have said that many times before.”


Sagiri looked satisfied.

“In short, I’m not a pervert, understand?”

“Right right.”


She breathed out a sigh of relief

I should have left it at that, but I couldn’t help but teasing her:

“But you yourself asked your predecessor if you could you use that name, didn’t you?”


So Sagiri is a pervert too!

“No! It’s not like that! Back then —- back then I didn’t know that it was so perverted, I only knew that this was an island’s name! I didn’t see anything wrong with it! So …I thought the name was fine. If I took that, my teacher would be pleased….”

She waved her hands around, trying to explain:

“But after I took a job online, people began to say I’m a pervert! I’m embarrassed too, but I can’t change my penname! Ahhh!”

If this was a manga, her eyes would have become two swirling circles.

She just said whatever was on her mind without thinking now.

“….It is a bit late, but I’m sorry. Because of my penname, Izumi-sensei’s novel sounded like an erotic novel.”

“It is too late now! But whatever, I don’t care anymore.”

“I said it! I’m so relieved!”

“I see.”

I felt happy too. At least I understood Sagiri better.

“That’s why you called me here?”

“Yes. Actually, there is something else.”

“What is it?”

“………………About that.”

Sagiri’s little mouth closed and re-opened a few times, but nothing came out. Her face got redder, then she finally slammed her eyes shut, looked troubled.

One second. Three seconds. Five seconds. Finally…


“Ah, you meant Eromanga Flash?”

“Don’t say it out loud!”

It’s that embarrassing huh?

How many time have I said the word Eromanga?

“I have to ask, did your predecessor usesuch a seriously crappy penname?”

“Yes, yes…but teacher said it sounded cool.”

“For real?”

Sounded cool huh?

The first Eromanga-sensei….who could have thought that someone with a face like that could use such a penname….

“…Cough, anyway…that…”

Sagiri coughed:

“If I want to win against Great, I will…have to develop that….”

“You mean Eromanga Flash?”

“Don’t say it anymore!”

“Sure sure.”

“Reall…Nii-san is a pervert….”

She was angry with me, but I didn’t hate that….

Sagiri was so cute when she muttered to herself!

“Nii-san is a pervert!”

Every time I heard that, my heart skipped a beat. Should I record it?

“Um…the first Eromanga-sensei taught you to draw, right? But you weren’t taught about Eromanga Flash?”

“I was.”

Huh? I thought she wasn’t.

“Although….back then, I thought my teacher was speaking nonsense.”

In other words, you didn’t pay attention. It looked like the first Eromanga-sensei didn’t have much respect from his student.

“By the way, is this really okay to teach something like that? Like its mysteries, and how to use it….stuff like that?”

“But…but teacherreally said that…”

“…Ah, I get it.”

If someday my drawing teacher told me that the next lesson would be about the mystery of the “Eromanga Flash”, I would probably think “Is my teacher okay?”

“I know, right!”

Sagiri’s face hardened.

“Not to mention…I couldn’t practice…”

“Huh? What couldn’t practice?”

“It’s nothing!”

She blushed and waved her hands, like trying to hide something.

“If there is a problem, tell me. Maybe together we could think of —“



The sound was louder than a microphone, it was so loud that I almost jumped in shock.

“What no?”

“No nononono! Ah….uuuu…I will try to think of something!”

Looked like she wanted to do it alone – that much I could understand, but what is with that erotic expression…

The mystery …could it be….

“Don’t think of something weird! Pervert!”

So it must involve something perverted at some point huh?

“Anyway, I have said all I need to say! I will think of something when the time comes! My drawings will be much better than this guy’s!”

If she had said so, I should support her.

“…Er…then…do your best, okay?”

Sorry, my mind was in chaos right now. How much eroticism does that mystery require?

“I forbid you from thinking something weird! I hate you!”

Three days later – three days until the death match.

After that conversation, Sagiri had still locked herself in the room in order to research the mystery of Eromanga Flash.

Faced with nothing to do, I tried to write the next volume of The Cutest Little Sister in the World

When Izumi Masamune was in danger, Eromanga-sensei’s illustrations gave me a huge boost in morale – it was one of the reasons that I could finish this book.

So…I wanted to do the same and give a finished novel to Eromanga-sensei before the match.

I don’t know if this novel could make Eromanga-sensei happy, or if she has time to read it.

But that was all I could do. Try to find bit of information about Great, make some food…that was all I could do.

None of them made any big difference, you might say they were all trivial. But it couldn’t be helped.

And so —

One morning, when I was working in my room.

*Bang bang Clang*

Suddenly, the floor shook and I heard a loud noise.

“What the hell?”

I rushed toward my little sister’s room. Then, as soon as I got there…


That was Sagiri’s scream.

“Sagiri! Are you okay?”

I slammed my fist into the door. Then it suddenly opened, my little sister ran out in her coat.


“What happened? A burglar? Peeping tom?”


I followed her finger —

“Hi ~♪”

Raising her hand in a surrendering pose was Elf.

“….What the heck? What is going on?”

I still didn’t have the slightest idea what is going on, so I had to ask.

“Elf…you…what did you do that caused my little sister to scream?”

“Eh….wait, listen to me, alright?”

According to Elf – today, she entered the locked room via the balcony, because the window wasn’t locked.

“I only intended to tease her a bit, but then I saw Eromanga-sensei with a disgusting face looking at a figure— Kuku.”

“Wah —- wah —- wah!!!”

Sagiri shouted and quickly put her hands on Elf’s mouth.

“This is my secret training session! Secret training session!”

Elf barely managed to pry Sagiri’s hands off her nose, said:

“Phew…phew…cough cough…alright, Masamune, can you accept that?”

“………………………If that is what Sagiri said.”

I had no choice but to accept.

Secret training…probably about that Eromanga Flash.

“But what exactly was Sagiri doing that made her scream?”

“Don’t imagine it!”

“Nah, I couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

What exactly was Sagiri doing anyway — I glanced at Elf and saw my neighbor trying to suppress a smile.

“Alright, can I tell you my story too?”

She clearly was trying to change the subject. But if Sagiri didn’t want to tell me then I had to leave it there.

“Say it.”

“Let me re-create that scene.”

Saying that, Elf went out of the balcony then closed the window behind her.

“One more time, again!”

She took a deep breath and happily shouted:

“Yahooooooooooo Eromanga-sensei! Have you figured the mystery out ♪?”

Looked like she planned to sneak in like that.


Sagiri only looked at Elf with an emotionless expression.

“Ah! I knew that you still can’t do The Eromanga Flash! Kukukuk, I was right!”

“Elf, if you came here to piss Sagiri off, you can go home now.”

“Wait waitwait! Listen to me! Kukuku…because the Izumi siblings have been driven into a corner – let me save you!”

“What are you talking about?”

I asked directly. Thinking back, when I had a fight with Muramasa-senpai, she helped us too. We could trust Elf.

“There is someone I would like you two to meet.”

Elf put a hand on her hip, and thrust her finger at me and Sagiri.

“Don’t say anything, come with me. Both of you.”

  • From the Visual Novel Stein Gate.