Izumi Masamune. Fifteen years old. High school student.

I’m working as a novel author while still attending school.

My pen name is Izumi Masamune, basically it’s my real name too.

Due to certain circumstances, I have been living alone with my hikikomori little sister for a year.

This little sister of mine is very troublesome – she never comes out of her room.

We live under the same roof, but I barely get a chance to see her face. I had trouble thinking of how to improve the situation, on the other hand every day I still bring her meal to her ‘locked room’.

Until a day in April —

The situation changed.

By accident, I found out about my little sister’s secret identity.

My novel illustrator, Eromanga-sensei.

My partner that I had never meet before.

‘He’ is my little sister – Izumi Sagiri.

Someone who makes live video streams, someone who enjoys talking with his fans.

Someone who loves erotic illustrations above all else, and someone who is so good that even a bestselling author loves him.

That is Eromanga-sensei, and it turned out “he” and my hikikomori little sister were the same person!

This was no longer a surprise.

I think this is a chance. A chance for me to improve my relationship with my hikikomori little sister.

Because my little sister, who lives together with me — is my partner.

However… well, a lot happened afterwards.

For example, I finally saw my little sister after a year. The locked room’s door would open sometimes as well.

For example, the bestselling author Yamada Elf. In order to keep her away from Eromanga-sensei, I had a showdown with her.

For example, my little sister now knew that I loved her from the moment that we met.


“Then I’ll bring you out of your room to watch the anime together! My original story, your character designs, our anime!”

We shared a common dream.

The two of us took our first step together.

That was a few days ago. Now, it was a very sunny morning in June.

As usual, I was making a meal for my little sister.

Today I made seafood salad and carrot soup. And since I made it according to my little sister’s taste, I made it less salty.

When I first made her a meal, she wouldn’t touch anything.

Do you know how many times I failed at trying to get her to eat everything? It took a lot of training on my part.


Back then, I was very happy when the dish that she sent back was empty.

While I was putting salad into a dish, the ceiling shook.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming.”

That was the signal that my hikkikomori little sister was hungry.

I left the kitchen, passed the living room, and the corridor. The stairs, which lead to the second floor, were on my right. I tried to put everything on a tray and began walking.

My destination – the locked room – my little sister’s room.

“Sagiri ~ meal’s here ~”

Even though I called for her… there was no response, despite the fact that she just signaled ‘I’m hungry’ a moment before.

Actually, after all that happened, I had no chance to see my little sister’s face anymore.

It was so hard to get an improvement…but the situation seemed to have reverted back to the way it was before.

“I have someone I like”

My feelings toward Sagiri were very complicated.

My broken heart was still in pain. But at the same time, I felt that it might be for the best.

Although I took the advantage of the situation and tried to strike while the iron was hot, my feelings were real.

Maybe it was for the best. Although I didn’t know if that was true, I decided to put my feelings behind me and fulfill my original purpose.

— However.

Back then, if Sagiri had said ‘yes’ to my confession…where would we be?

“What am I thinking?”

I shook my head to clear those thoughts.

“Sagiri~ I’ll leave it at the door~ make sure to eat it~”

I put the tray down and returned to the stairs – purposely making as much noise as I can.

Then I stopped and silently returned to her door.

The reason I did that was ….

Because I really wanted to see my little sister’s face again – besides, there was something I had to tell my only partner – Eromanga-sensei, my only family member – Sagiri.

After a while, the locked room’s door opened slightly with a *creakkkkkkkkkkkk*

Needless to say, this was Sagiri trying to get her meal.

A few moments later, the door continued to open more. Of course, unless she did that, she wouldn’t be able to get the tray into her room. After the door was about seventy percent open, I jumped to it.


There was a silver haired girl, her eyes were open wide. The girl in the pajamas was none other than my little sister, Izumi Sagiri.

The cutest little sister in the world – the most reliable partner in the world.


I raised a hand to signal that I wanted to talk.

“Ya! Oh….”

Then my little sister —- Blushed



She immediately closed the door. Ugh….so she hates me….

This is not your dream – this is our dream

Although we had made that promise, back then, I made a confession to her as a member of the opposite sex. It’s understandable that she would be wary of me… I was affected too.

But… today, even if I didn’t have a plan, I couldn’t back down anymore.

I knocked on the door.

“Sagiri…er….Wait a second! I have something very important to tell you!”

A few seconds later, the door creak and opened a bit. Through the gap, I could see Sagiri’s little face.

“Something, very important?”

Even that response was a big achievement compared to April and before. Back then, no matter how much I asked she would never open the door.

“Ah…about that…that….”

Sagiri blushed, she looked embarrassed.

She was actually different from her appearance. The truth is, it wasn’t very easy to read her feelings through her facial expressions– but…

Today Sagiri… there were some subtle flickers of emotion there, but she was also very cute…

Just a few days without seeing me and she slammed the door shut while blushing. Then after I said that I had something important to tell her, she turned into this.

It would be a bit too much if the reason was because she read my love-letter-like-manuscript…

“Nii…You…you have something …important …to tell me?”

“Yes…So, I …” I began

“Wait….wait!” She interjected


“I need….to prepare myself.”

She looked down and whispered, before looking up and slowly closed the door.

“………..What is it she needs to prepare for?”

I titled my head, unable to figure it out.

Ten minutes later —

(Nii-san said he had something important… to tell me….what should I do…)

Still looking embarrassed, my little sister held the hem of her short skirt, revealing her smooth white thighs.

I simply couldn’t look at her, because if I did, it would look like she wasn’t wearing anything below.

“What is with… those clothes?” It was hard for me to even say ‘what’.

“……….Inappropriate?” She asked

“No, it’s not that…however… its..

Super ero!” I exclaimed

“….Is that so?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Well, okay.” She consented.

I secretly glanced at my little sister and saw that she was smiling happily. I can honestly say that my heart was racing enough to kill me.

Why do you look this way now?

Why did Sagiri choose a skirt that was both ero and cute today?

I couldn’t think of anything. Now, I was in Heaven and Hell at the same time.

Seeing where was I looking, Sagiri tried harder to hold the hem of her skirt down.

“….Don’t, don’t stare….”


Wait, why am I sorry?

She was the one who chose this. The corner of her lips were raised slightly.

“About…” I started.


“Sagiri…why did you suddenly pick those clothes? You were always in your pajamas before now – ah, could it be!”

‘Could it be that you have decided to go out’ was impossible.

I stopped myself from finishing what I was saying.

Forget it, I didn’t believe that such miracles could occur. If her hikikomori could be cured so easily, I wouldn’t have been so troubled last year. Not to mention the fact that I would never allow her to go out in such erotic clothing.

“Then why….”

“….You don’t know?” She asked

“No, I don’t.”

“Mwu…you really don’t know…even though you did let me read that thing….”

Sagiri puffed out her cheeks, which made her face look like a balloon. So cute…No, now wasn’t the time. Unable to figure out why she was acting unhappy, I continued:

“That?…You mean…that manuscript?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Sagiri blushed. Now that she mentioned it, I felt embarrassed too.

I let Sagiri read a manuscript that was also a love letter at the same time.

I have someone I like.

And she rejected me.

But – What was the connection between that and Sagiri wearing such ero clothing?

After much deliberation, I decided to tell her my current conclusion:

“Well, after I let you read that, it’s understandable that you’d be wary of me.”

I had a feeling that my answer would decide my relationship with Sagiri from now on. Thus, I looked directly into her eyes and said:

“I like you.”


Sagiri froze. Ah~ even her ears turned red.


“I’ve liked you from the moment that we meet – but.”

I seriously declared:

“I also want to be your elder brother. It’s impossible for a brother and sister to fall in love with each other, right? So don’t worry. As an elder brother, I won’t do anything perverted to my little sister.”

” ————– Eh!?”

“You might not believe me right now, but I’ll try to earn your trust.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant.”

Sagiri looked confused, she interrupted me:

“…..Why do you think that way?”

“What do you mean?”

“When…when I said I ‘have someone I like’….”

“Ah, you meant ‘I can’t return your feelings’, right? I got it.”


Sagiri instantly looked lost. I was totally unable to guess what she was thinking.



With a deadpan expression, Sagiri returned to her room, put her headphones on and came back.

And then —- She screamed

[You stupid~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ pig!]

The volume of the scream shook my face. I quickly covered my ears:

“~~~~~~~~~~~ ! What? What exactly is going on?”

“I don’t care! You pig! You let me see that kind of thing! Because you said you have something important to say…! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh really!!!”

*Clang*She threw her headphones away.

Her voice full of anger, Sagiri folded her arms across her chest and asked:

“So…what’s the important thing you wanted to talk about?”

“Before that, can you explain why you’re angry —-“

“That’s that, don’t mention it anymore! What is this important thing, tell me!”

It seemed like it’s impossible to ask her now so I got to the main topic:

“The important thing is…well, I will say it directly.”


I coughed and said:

“Let’s write an outline together.”


A few minutes later.

I sat cross-legged inside the locked room, in front of my little sister. Sagiri was squatting down, wearing her full body wool dress, which made it impossible for me to not pay attention to her thighs.

“…An outline…what exactly do you mean?”

“Um…recently, I finished a new original manuscript.”


“I plan to turn it into a novel, become popular, and get an anime based on it – then watch it together with you. This is ‘our dream’.”

” ——- Yes.”

“To begin our first step…we need to make sure that the publisher can use it in a formal operation.”

“……..After you have an outline, would it be easy to make a novel quickly?”

I smiled slightly.

“Ah, it’s not that. I can’t afford to have my editor say anything aside from ‘we can use this’. So, to do something like that, I plan to write an outline.”


Hearing me say this, Sagiri titled her head.

Ah, seems like she doesn’t get it.

“Book outline – in short, it’s like a presentation, a demo –to show the work, like a base model.”

Under normal circumstances, this outline should be submitted before you begin writing your manuscript.

“It’s like saying that ‘my novel is going to be this good, am I allowed to write it?’ It’s just like that.”

The truth is that there is no fixed way of writing, but I knew that this way wasn’t too bad.

“….But, wasn’t the manuscript finished?”

“That can’t be used.” I said

“Why? It was so good.”

“Even if you say that, it’s too embarrassing, which is one of the reasons why I couldn’t let anyone see it.”


….Did you forget?

Besides– since we are brother and sister, we feel that the manuscript is good mostly because of our circumstances. But that doesn’t mean others would think so too.

“And even if I submitted it directly, there’s more than a 50% chance that it would be rejected. That’s the second reason.”

“More than 50%?”

“Ah, yes, more than 50%. Though I can’t guess what my editor would say, the chances of it becoming a novel aren’t that good.”

I repeated what I said:

“If it’s rejected, this manuscript will never become a novel again.”


I will definitely have to rewrite everything. In fact, that was how I worked until now. Never make any outline. Always submit my manuscript directly. Then after my previous work was shot down, immediately begin writing something new. Until my manuscript passed.

That was when I officially began writing novels. I had worked that way until now.

But, only this time, I wouldn’t use that method.

“We aren’t going to make a novel. We’re going to make a manuscript into a novel.”

The promise with Sagiri. My dream with Sagiri, everything ultimately depended on this.

“I absolutely won’t allow this manuscript to be shot down.”

“……..You’re right.”

I didn’t have to say much more. Sagiri already understood.

“….Thus, we only have one chance to decide the outcome. That’s why we need to make the best possible outline, make something to surpass my editor’s expectations.”


An editor is someone who struggles together with the author in order to deliver the best possible novel.

When I was still inexperienced, my editor was the one that guided me, my irreplaceable partner. But at the same time, my editor was the one who would give my cute children a merciless death. The one who carried a scythe and could easily cut off an author’s life – a messenger of Hell.

That’s why…

“Listen carefully, Eromanga-sensei. From now on…we’re fighting against the Reaper.”

This is not an exaggeration, not a random stupid word that came from the Great Novelist next door. This is reality.

“Editor…is the Reaper.”

“Yes. A very fearsome enemy. To beat her, we need a weapon.”

And the weapon that we needed to beat the Reaper, the sword and axe of a novelist…

“We need an outline!”

Sagiri opened her mouth, but only ‘Ah, ah…’ came out, showing how surprised she was.

At first glance, she still had an emotionless expression on her face, but the truth is she might have been exaggerating a bit when it came to that.

“….Understood. But what should I do…”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

I put my hands on Sagiri’s shoulders —

“Ehhhhh…Nii, nii-san?”

I looked at my blushing little sister and said seriously,

“Give me an ero-illustration of a little sister.”


A few seconds later ———

” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yahhhhhhh!”

Somehow, my little sister threw a gamepad at my face.

“Re, re, really! Pervert! Nii-san…nii-san…is useless!”

Inside the locked room, my little sister looked furious.

What’s going on? A rare chance for the two of us to see each other, and it ends up in such a violent way.


I rubbed my aching nose, my mind was full of conflicted thoughts. At the same time, Sagiri thrashed her finger at me:

“How could you tell me that…an ero-illustration of a little sister….that….!”

“That’s a very normal request! What’s wrong with that?”

Tell me, what’s your job again?

“The problem is because Nii-san asked me, your little sister, for an ero-illustration of a ‘little sister’!”

“The female lead in my novel is a little sister! I asked that because you like and are good at drawing ero-illustrations. There isn’t any other meaning!”

“Liar! You~ definitely have a perverted reason!”

“Why do you always think of it that way?”

“Because, because….because…”

Blushing madly, Sagiri folded her arms and whispered:

“Like– wasn’t it? Nii-san said….you liked me from the moment that we met…and stuff.”


So this is the reason?

…Could it be…that I…wouldn’t be able to look at my little sister for the rest of my life?

“Yes~ you aren’t wrong.”

It’s useless to lie now. Better be blunt about it.

“I like you the most.”

“……………..Kuh uh..”

“However! It’s only as an elder brother! I will not have any perverted thoughts toward my little sister, much less say it!”


Sagiri gave me a cold look.

“Hmmm~ um, hmmm~ um, hmmm~ um”

“….What does that expression mean?”

She turned away and pouted:

“….Nothing. Just thinking that if this was a light novel, what you said just now would get an emphasis mark.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

An emphasis mark is the additional text on the right.[1] Among us novelists, some always follow those rules.

[1] Remember, Japanese text in light novels are written in a column from right to left.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Sagiri said slowly:

“What I meant is, Nii-san. I hate you the most. Understand?”

“………..Ah, is that so.”

Really…it looked like I still had a long way to go until my relationship with her got better.

I shrugged and dropped my shoulders. Sagiri did the same.


She sighed and picked up her digital drawing board.



No answer.

Her eyes suddenly lost all their light.

Like a possessed miko, the way she moved her hand around was like a divine ritual. When I recovered, she had already stopped.


The atmosphere was the same when people finish a book they like.

And then —-


“Wh, what?”

“This, was drawn based on me. Is she a suitable heroine for you?”

“Ah ah….”

I stared at the digital board in my hand.

Sagiri’s illustration, of course, was an ero-illustration of a girl.


Could an illustration be drawn so fast?

“…It’s nothing. Besides, I was more careless than normal…”

Sagiri looked down in embarrassment.

..I learned from my editor that ‘Eromanga-sensei’s drawing speed is not that fast’. From the look of it, Sagiri spent quite some time with each illustration she gave me.

Last year, I remembered that because I wrote seven novels in total, Sagiri was also pushed to the limit.

Now, she could draw an illustration in the blink of an eye, which was a definite improvement in my eyes. She clearly wasn’t the same as before.

“Originally…quick draw illustration….I didn’t want anyone to see them…But I want to compare it with the others…”

“…I see.”

She was strict with her own drawings…Sagiri surprised me.

“That’s a big help.”

I quickly conveyed my feelings.


Sagiri gladly accepted my thanks.

“Okay ….”

I carefully looked at this ero-illustration of a little sister.

In order to not let her effort go to waste, I gave her my frank comments:

“….I feel that something isn’t right.”

Sagiri wasn’t angry.

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“Make it a little cuter.”

“………….What’s that? Explain yourself! Get to the point!”

“But, still….”

“Nii-san, would you feel upset if after showing your novel to your editor, you were told ‘make it better’?”

Of course I would. I’ve been told that many times before.

“So make it clearer. Cute…what exactly is cute?”

“Ah…erh…cute means…ah…..”

It wasn’t something that could be explained…but…

“What is it? How can I understand if you don’t tell me?”

“Well…an illustration that feels like you.”


Sagiri froze, then —-


“Wh, what? Nii-san, how could you say that?!”

Her eyes turned into ><, and she tried to hit me with both her hands.

“Didn’t you just tell me to make it clearer?”

“That’s even worse! You asked me! Asked me for ‘an ero-illustration of a girl that looks like my little sister’! That’s too much! It’s sexual harazzment!”

You bite your tongue? Are you okay?

“It’s just that you’re the perfect model of a little sister in my mind, I can’t help it! I’m embarrassed too! But this is my job, so I have to say it out loud! I’m serious!”


Still blushing, Sagiri said nothing. Probably because she understood what I meant. Then she stared at me with her rebellious eyes:

“….E..even if you said that it must feel like me…I’m still not sure what that means.”


“Say, say it…in a clearer way…”

“Wh, what did you say….?”

What did she just say? Did she just ask me to describe how cute my little sister is?

Right in front of her face? That’s a huge leap in difficulty Eromanga-sensei! Do you want me to die of embarrassment?

“This is your job, isn’t it? Then tell me.”

“….Very well.”

I felt like I was forced to do a very embarrassing play.

“Well….how should I put it….like fantasy …”


“Like an elf, or an angel…and so.”

That should be enough, please let me off the hook this time.

“But, but but but but…that kind of impression….”

Sagiri was shaken due to her embarrassment too. But even so, she still picked up her pen.

*Scribble scribble scribble*. A character slowly appeared on the digital board.

“Anything else? Keep talking…I’ll draw while listening.”

Sagiri said without looking up. Seemed like talking and drawing at the same time is normal for Eromanga-sensei.

I bluntly put in my request:

“Okay. Next is…make her look a little younger…Her breasts a little smaller…”

“Mwu. I practiced so hard at drawing big breasted girls though”

“Sorry about that.”

I looked at my little sister’s breasts and said:

“Because this heroine is flat.”

“Hey, where did you just look at?”

“Don’t get angry! I’m not bad-mouthing you!”

“But I’m the model!”

“Even so, you have to take a neutral point of view!”

“There’s no way I could do that!”

“Then we’re done for! If you have something to say, wait until I’ve finished talking. Otherwise we’ll never be able to finish.”


It looked like she was listening to me.

After that, Sagiri returned her focus to the digital board and adjusted her illustration.

“….Smaller breasts, younger looking…then…probably….”


Sagiri was at her cutest when she focused on drawing.

….Although when she was doing that, she reverted back to energetic child-like behavior — but it had its own charm. Elf thought the same of Sagiri, so it probably wasn’t my personal bias.

Seeing my little sister’s cuter side, I couldn’t help but smile.


Noticing that I was looking at her, Sagiri raised her head and stared at me.

“…Y, yes?”

“Nothing. Just thinking that I’m impressed, to think that you could draw an illustration so fast.”

“…..The same…I did the same in my live video….it’s a habit now….”

Is that so? Eromanga-sensei did make adjustments to his drawing if there was a request.

So that was how she got into that habit.

“Just now, you said that you don’t want anyone to see your ‘quick draw illustrations’. But what about that time when you made that live video?”

“During a live video…that….although I can’t explain it…that is a different case. That was no longer a job, it was drawing for fun…ah, although I said it was for fun, but I took it seriously too, but it was unlike usual when I’m working…do you get it?”

Sagiri answered without stopping her hand. Still, I could tell that she had a very extraordinary skill.

“I don’t know.”


Sagiri showed a subtle hint of unhappiness.

“Forget it…continue.”

“Well…I hope that you could change how ero it is.”


“This girl, compared to your illustrations from before, is more charming, sexier, and more revealing, just like Yamada Elf-sensei’s novel illustration right? I don’t want it to be like this, I want it to…well, how should I put it….”

I put my right hand on my face for a moment, then I continued:

“Basically no breasts, but a super cute and immature face. A slender and petite body, with a child-like nature…..”


Sagiri’s temple twitched.

“But then, she realized that her skirt was pulled up, her thighs were revealed, making people’s heart race with perverted thoughts.”


Sagiri immediately pulled her skirt down!

“Yes! It’s exactly like that — *Thud* Ouch that hurt!!!”

“Get out! Get out immediately!!”

Sagiri held the hem of her skirt while waving the digital board at me.

I had no choice but to back off:

“We, we are discussing our book outline —“

“Get out! I will give you your illustration later! Get out right now!!!”

“Got it! I got it!”

And so, I was kicked out of my little sister’s room.

Even if that was a bit sudden, but at least I made some improvements. If Eromanga-sensei said so, then my requested illustration could be considered done.

It looked like the plan to bring some illustrations into a book outline went well.

I returned to my room and muttered:

“The remaining problem…is me.”

There is no need to hide it, but I had never made an outline for a novel before. I had absolutely no idea how I should do it.

Of course, I could find some similar outlines from books or on the Internet. From there, after making some adjustments, I could easily make it into a formal outline. In fact, now I could do that in a blink of an eye.

However …

“I feel that something isn’t right.”

That’s it. Since my debut, no matter how many times I’ve tried to make an outline, every time I look at them, the same thought appears in my head.

“It isn’t enough? Or is it too normal? This isn’t what I wanted…it must be something better….”

To express my idea, I needed at least 300 pages. To be able to do it with a few pages —- that wasn’t something I could do.

That’s why – I had no choice but to bring my finished manuscript to my editor every time.

There was no special reason to do something so inefficient. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t write it. There was no other way.

If only there was someone to give me advice…


While I was feeling troubled…

My smartphone rang *beep beep ~ beep beep*, I had received two incoming messages.

“…What’s that?”

I pulled the phone out of my pocket and read the messages.

In front of me was —

Title: Come and save me!

Content: Right now!

Sender: Idiot

The ‘Idiot’ in my contact book was none other than my next door neighbor – best-selling author Yamada Elf-sensei.

“I don’t know what that means, but let’s ignore her for now.”

Then I opened the second message which arrived at the same time.

The moment I read it —


I immediately became alert.

Title: Help me

Content: Next door

Sender: Eromanga-sensei

“I’m coming!”

I jumped out of my seat and rushed towards ‘the locked door’.

“What is wrong, Sagiri!”

The moment I asked, the door sprung open. Sagiri appeared in front of me, still wearing her wool dress.

“Nii-san, again — that.”

“— The same as before huh.”

As soon as I entered the room, I immediately knew what the problem was. From the windows came a strange sound.

“Really, that idiot…I told her to not scare my little sister.”

I pulled the curtain to the side. As expected, several toy arrows were stuck to the windows. On the balcony on the other side was the archer.

“Hey! Stop! What are you doing?!”

I opened the windows and shouted to the archer.

Seeing me, the archer put her index finger to her lips and made a ‘Shhhhh’ motion. It was a blonde girl in puffy lolita clothing, Yamada Elf.

As usual, she wore that cosplay outfit at home too.

“Shhh? She wanted me to…keep quiet?”

Is there any reason that prevents me from shouting out loud?

Turning toward me, Elf pulled her phone out.

Then my phone rang. As soon as I picked it up, Elf’s voice came on:

[It’s me!]


[Did you read my message?]

“I did.”

[Then why aren’t you here! A beautiful girl is in danger!]

I don’t care. It’s troublesome.

“Asking a main character like Kirito or Touma is better, you know?”

[You, you! You really?! How heartless can you be?]

“I will only save my little sister.”

“See you later.” I said and I was about to hang up.

[Wait! Don’t hang up! I’m gonna be killed!]

She tried her best to stop me.

[I will do anything! I will do anything, alright! From now on, I will be your step little sister..!]

“No, no and no! That’s not what I was talking about – still, be killed? Scary.”

I should listen to her for a while then.

“Is there a burglar in your house?”

[I was trapped in here, I couldn’t get out of this room.]

“What? There is a burglar?”

I didn’t know how much of it was true, but it sounded serious.

“Want me to call the police?”

[There is no need, help me get out of here first.]

“What is your suggestion?”

[You see, I was thinking about the time when you jumped from here….]

From balcony to balcony huh? You plan to jump?

I glanced around. Sagiri shot me a worried look.

“No. I will not allow you to enter my little sister’s room.”

[You, you damn siscon…You’re leaving me?]

“I never said I won’t help you.”

[How are you going to do that?]

“Listen to me —“

— A few minutes later.

” — Just like that.”

I was standing below her balcony. This scene looked a bit like Romeo and Juliet.

“Okay, jump down.”

“It’s scary! If something goes wrong, I will have some broken bones!”

“I have prepared myself. I will definitely catch you.”

“Make sure you do that! You must not miss! – Okay, here I come!”

Elf prepared herself, picked up the hem of her skirt and jumped.

*Thud*I caught Elf in a bridal style. She was much lighter than I expected.

“Hum – better than I expected.”

I smiled at the girl who was curled up in my arms.


Elf’s whole body was stiff, she put her hands around my neck. I looked at her face, unsure of what I should do next.

“…Thank, thank you. You really helped me out.”

How should I put it, well, I was a bit surprised. The way she was acting was a bit odd.

“You’re welcome —anyway, since you still haven’t been discovered, come to my home. “

Still carrying Elf bridal style, I ran back to the Izumi’s household.

I brought her to the living room, put her on the sofa and asked:

“So…what happened? Why were you trapped? Is it really okay, not calling the police?”

“Didn’t I tell you…I…I’m under those guy’s surveillance.”

“Please explain yourself better.”

Well, at least now I knew that they weren’t burglars.

“Who are ‘those guys’?”

As soon as I asked, Elf turned pale, she hugged herself with both hands:

“The editor from the Fulldrive library.”


“…They are the devil! They came to monitor a delicate girl like me, to see whether I worked or not…They won’t let me play games unless I finish my manuscript!”

“Good! Yamada Elf-sensei, hurry and go back to work!”

I immediately stood up from the sofa.

Elf grabbed my shirt and said with tears in her eyes:

“Please don’t chase me away! Masamune-sensei! I beg of you! Please help me!”

“Alright let go! You’re ruining my clothes!”

“I’ll do…I will do anything!”

So shameless. You don’t want to work that much huh?


I pushed Elf’s hand away from me and said:

“….You’re really going to do anything I ask?”

“…Yes, a girl will not go back on her words!”

Why are you blushing?

“In this case….”


I turned to Elf, whose expression looked like she was waiting for her turn to go to the toilet and said:

“Teach me how to make a novel outline.”

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You, you scum! You want to do perverted things to a high class lady like me – ah!?”

While Elf was quoting a line from eroge, suddenly she paused, her eyes wide opened.

“………Just now, what did you say?”

That’s my line. What did you just say?

“I asked you to teach me how to make a novel outline…”

“It can’t be! You, you’re serious!?”

Elf looked very surprised.

“A super beautiful girl like me, just told you that I will do ‘anything’! Are you rethinking your request now?

What are you saying?

“How could you say something like that! And you call yourself a fan? Unbelievable – why didn’t you make a perverted request?”

“As if I could do that! I’m not a stallion for breeding!”

What do you think I am?

“…And, you…you wanted me to ask you for something perverted?”

“How, how howhowhowhow could it be! Idiot!”

You’re so unreasonable. Look, your whole face is red, you were really scared.

Just like some girls in light novels who have various character flaws.

You must be confused between ‘a setting in a novel you wrote’ and ‘reality’. Really, you are a girl, you have to know your limits.

Thankfully you met me.

“Okay, about that novel outline —“

When I was about to force the conversation back —

*Bang bang bang*. The ceiling shook.

Sagiri was trying to communicate with me.

Both Elf and I looked up.

“Just now, was that legendary ceiling banging of a hikikomori…it’s the first time I’ve heard it.”

After what happened before, I had told her about Sagiri and me. Of course, I didn’t tell her everything.

“….Seemed like she said ‘quiet’. And she sounded angry too.”

“Hey! You, you can understand, what did she say?”

“Of course. I’m quite confident in my accuracy.”

“You’re bragging, aren’t you?”

“Of course not!”

*Bang bang bang*.

“…What was it just now?”

“‘That’s enough, Nii-san. Come here for a second’ type bang bang bang”

“What was the difference between that and the previous one?”

Well, of course normal people wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

“I’ll go take a look.”

When I was about to leave the living room, Elf called for me:

“Please wait a minute.”


I turned my head back.

“…I want to meet Eromanga-sensei too.”

I could see that Elf was sincere, she had no other motives.

— Right. Like me, she liked Eromanga-sensei’s illustrations a lot. In order to ask Eromanga-sensei to become her partner, she even wrote an awesome novel.

And now she knew that her favorite idol was living next door…she definitely wanted to meet them…not to mention that I owed her too…

“Okay, I will think of something.”


A beaming smile appeared on Elf’s face.

Seeing her expression, her happiness like that, even I was stunned for a second.

“Okay, wait here.”

“Oh? But isn’t she a hikikomori?”

“Just leave it to me, I have a plan.”

I went upstairs and explained why I came back without saying anything, before returning to the living room.

“Masamune! Where is Eromanga-sensei?”

Elf jumped up from the sofa, like she was about to give a warm welcome to her favorite illustrator.

I told the smiling fan:


And I showed her the laptop in my hands.


Elf looked confused. Well, I said I would let her meet her favorite illustrator, yet I showed her a laptop. Of course she would be confused.

“Look at the screen.”


Elf’s face came closer to the screen.

The screen was showing skype in full-screen mode. And there was someone wearing a large coat, and anime character’s mask on there.

[Um, pleased to meet you – it’s my pleasure, Yamada Elf-sensei.]


[No, I don’t know anyone with that name.]

Yes – that was Sagiri – in the same clothes she had on when she made that live video stream as Eromanga-sensei.

By using Skype’s video chat function, we were able to connect this place and the locked room.

Thanks to that, I could allow my little sister to meet Elf without her leaving the locked room – not as the shy hikikomori Sagiri, but as the over-energetic Eromanga-sensei.

“…..Masamune, he said he isn’t Eromanga-sensei?”

“That’s her catchphrase, don’t mind it.”

“Is that so? Um ~? …This small girl is ….?”

Elf looked at the screen, still not convinced.

Eromanga-sensei’s face came closer, and said bluntly:

[You are small too ~]

Because she was wearing a mask, this scene felt a bit unreal.

Then suddenly, ‘he’ talked to Elf in an unbelievable voice:

[Huh? Huh huh? Hey heyheyhey —-]

When I thought she was about to continue harassing her…

[Cute! Elf-sensei, you look so cute! Hey hey, what kind of panties are you wearing right now?]

“Oh? …It’s made of silk….”

Elf almost responded, but she recovered in time and blushed:

“Hey, hey heyhey, what did you just ask me? I almost answered!”

[Ha ~ silk panties huh? What about the color? White?]

“Listen to me —-!!”

Elf snatched the laptop from my hand and began shaking it in her hands.

[Wow wow…if you shake it like that it will make me uncomfortable.]

Since her voice came through a voice changer, I couldn’t predict what she was thinking.


Elf turned to me and tapped on the laptop’s screen.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“Eh? This is your favorite Eromanga-sensei…”

“Asking about the color of my panties during our first meeting? It’s like a perverted old man!”

It’s meaningless to tell me that, you know…

[Ehehehe, can I call you Elf-chan? Is that your real name? How old are you?]


Elf looked embarrassed, she ran away from the screen and complained to me:

“That super pervert is really Eromanga-sensei? It wasn’t you that was interested in my underwear and recorded this video to trick me?”

“I didn’t! I have absolutely no interest in your underwear!”

This is the first time I’ve seen this too! Who knew that Eromanga-sensei would have this reaction towards a girl…!

“Keep talking with her and you will find out if it is a recording or not.”

“Mwu…you are right.”

She gave up and accepted.

Like she was picking up something dirty, Elf picked up the laptop and looked at the screen with her eyes full of contempt.

“Although I don’t want to admit it…but this is Eromanga-sensei….”

[Am I not like what you imagined?]

Eromanga-sensei calmly replied through Skype.

“No, the pen name ‘Eromanga-sensei’ really suits you– it’s just, well, while you looked like ‘a beautiful silver haired loli’, but the truth is you are ‘True Ancestor Vampire’ – the difference is a bit much.”

Don’t use such strange comparisons, no matter how easy it was to understand.

Elf looked at me:

“From your manuscript, this girl’s personality seemed to be much worse.”

“No, no. Her true self is ero.”


Eromanga-sensei screamed without using the voice changer. Elf pointed to Sagiri and asked:

“Eh? This girl is ero?”

“Yup. The heroine in my manuscript was based on Sagiri’s personality.”

I tried to hide it a lot, but she is the base model.

[Listen to me! What part of me is ero? Listen to me…just listen!]

On the screen, Sagiri looked horrified:

[Nii, nii-san — you let her read that manuscript?]

“Ah, I haven’t told you?”

Back then, when Elf and I had a showdown, we read each other’s manuscript.

Elf followed me and said:

“Not only did I read it, but I also know everything. Incredible! Such a burning love letter….”

[To that extent………..hummmmmmmmmmmmmm]

Wait, what?

Elf put the laptop in front of her. Her eyes and Sagiri’s locked into each other’s.

…Was it my imagination?

When they stared at each other, I thought I saw spark flying in the middle.



A moment later.

“Ah, forget it.”

Elf spoke first. She smiled and said:

“Let me introduce myself again…Pleased to meet you, Eromanga-sensei. It’s my honor. As you know, I’m Yamada Elf. I’m the beautiful god-blessed, genius novelist that will save the light novel industry from the darkness.”

Still the same exaggerated self-introduction.

[Um, pleased to meet you, Elf-chan. I’m not going to introduce myself.]

“It’s fine – please draw illustrations for my novel too.”

[Okay. The next live video I will draw it]

I felt that wasn’t what Elf asked.

I’m not going to give up on asking you to be my partner.

That was what I thought Elf announced to Eromanga-sensei.

Maybe Sagiri was also aware of that, maybe she wasn’t, but she changed the topic.

[Ah ~ by the way, Elf-chan, is your relationship with Izumi-sensei good?]

No way. How could it be.

Of course, although I thought that, Elf’s answer was not what I expected. She put a hand on my shoulder and said:

“You can say that ~! We’re buddies! Right?”

“No, it’s not that.”

“What are you getting embarrassed for! We called each other ‘Masamune’ and ‘Princess’, didn’t we?”

“Don’t make this up! Since when did I call you ‘Princess’?”

“Ara? When you carried me like a princess just now, didn’t you call me that?”

“As if I did! To have that conversation in this setting, only the protagonists that you wrote would do that!”

“Ara ara, looked like I was mistaken – so, Masamune, can you embrace me in your chest and call me ‘Princess’ in a devoted way? There is no need to be shy, treat it like a reward for your actions earlier.”

“Stop joking, you’re annoying, let me go!”

I shook Elf’s hand away.

“Mwu, there is no need to be shy. What a humble man.”

So annoying.

Seeing this, Eromanga-sensei said in a mechanic, emotionless tone:

[Yes ~ a very good relationship.]

“I told you so.”

[Whoever has a good relationship with Izumi-sensei is nooooooooooooone of my business! Did you call me to let me see this?]

Why are you getting angry now?

“No, no. As I said before, Elf wanted to meet Eromanga-sensei — not to mention I wanted to ask her how to make an outline too.”

“Ah – right, you did.”

Elf seemed to ‘remember’ that.

We could finally get back on topic.

We – Izumi Masamune, Yamada Elf and Eromanga-sensei – began to discuss how to make a novel outline.

………But what we didn’t expect was…

“But if you asked me about making an outline, I’d be troubled too.”


My only hope made an unexpected comment.

“Because I’ve never made a ‘this is what I plan to write’ before. As the best-selling author, I never wrote a novel outline. All of my novels were already stored in my head, there was no need for me to write it out. Beside, novel outlines are just an excuse for an author to write something he wanted, right?”

” — Just now, what did you say?”

I felt that I just heard something unbelievable.

“For example, ‘even though the deadline passed, a new game was released today, so I spent like five minutes writing something similar for the deadline then gave it to my editor. Then I thought ‘Okay, today I’ve finished my outline!’ And then….”

Elf continued, like she was in a trance.

“My hardworking servant said ‘thank you for your work’ or ‘we are looking forward to your next novel’ and so on…Then I felt like I had worked a lot, meaning that I could safely enjoy playing my new game!”

“That’s why your editor came to monitor you!”

You reap what you sow

“It can’t be helped! Because it’s a new game!”

“I really wanted to expose Yamada-sensei’s true self to her fans. All of them were thinking ‘Sensei must be trying really hard to write now’ or ‘I could read her next novel soon’, all of them believe in you…yet you still have time to play games?”

“You don’t have to put it like that! I’m not the only one! All of us are the same!”

“No way! You are an exception!”

“Impossible! Everyone must be playing and fooling around!”

In the end, Elf and I had totally different opinions. Eromanga-sensei interrupted us:

[Izumi-sensei works hard everyday.]


Both Elf and I turned to the skype screen.

[Although it was only recently, Izumi-sensei wrote until it was late every day after school.]

Ah, so she knew. Even if she didn’t leave her room, she could still hear my room huh?

For a hikokomori, they could awaken their seventh sense[1] to notice this. And there is no need to mention Eromanga-sensei’s skill.

[1] saintseiya.wikia.com/wiki/Seventh_sense

[At night, sometimes he shouts ‘I can’t write it like this!’ and runs outside.]

“This is a common novelist habit, so please pretend like you didn’t see that. All of us are the same!”

Right!? Everyone is like that right!? I’m not an exception right!? I’m glad….!

[ — In short, Izumi-sensei’s weekdays are like that. Especially during the weekend, he works until Monday without sleep.]

Eromanga-sensei said with a hint of pride in her tone. Then she taunted Elf:

[I don’t know about other novelists. But Izumi-sensei is unlike you.]

“…. Eromanga-sensei.”

I was a little touched.

“What the heck! So boring!”

Elf grabbed the laptop and tried to regain the initiative:

“That’s enough ~ working nonstop every day is so boring ~ Look at this country, when will they change their views about this? Work hard for your whole life without rest? I can’t stand it. Why don’t you take an example from? Organize your work? Why do you choose the saddest way, working seven days a week? Unbelievably stupid! Being able to choose when to rest, isn’t that the good thing about being a professional novelist?”

This girl really said whatever she thought.

Even she couldn’t rest freely, as she was taking refuge in my house.

“What are you saying? Isn’t being able to work even on the weekends a good thing about this job?”

“Ah ~ enough enough. Gross gross gross, you are amazing amazing. Do whatever you want. I don’t care.”


Although everything she said made me angry, but her last words…Did I misunderstand them?

Elf gave me the laptop then tapped on the screen.

” — We have nothing else to say about work. No matter how much we talk we will never agree with each other.”

And so.

The first formal meeting between Eromanga-sensei and Yamada Elf-sensei officially began.


“By the way, Masamune, Eromanga-sensei, since we have free time, how about we play a game?”

Like she had forgotten everything just happened, Elf said.

[….Oh…well…just now. Weren’t we discussing something?]

Eromanga-sensei looked stunned.

“Yes, we were talking about my novel outline, don’t end the conversation midway.”

“Is that so? Well, whatever — do you have Siscalypse or Street Fighter 4? I didn’t bring my Monster Hunter game with me —“

Yamada Elf sure is amazing when it comes to changing the subject. Everyone was surprised.

I couldn’t help but recall the day after we decided to have a showdown, she immediately called me.

Although Eromanga-sensei was taken back, she answered:

[…Since I can’t leave my room…if it’s online…via the Internet… then we can…]

“Okay okay ~ then Masamune! Lend me a laptop! Go get some snacks and a gamepad…and the other necessary things too”

“….Wait, you guys…about my outline…”

“Didn’t I give you a valuable suggestion? Do the rest yourself.”

“I felt like you didn’t give me a damn thing!”

Elf ignored my words.

“Eromanga-sensei, what are we going to play? Ah, what kind of game do you like? I saw a lot of game consoles in your room, and during your live video you mentioned it too.”

[…Well…you like it?]

“Of course! It’s excellent! I could play with you whenever I wanted —“

Since Elf was acting like a close friend, Sagiri was drawn into her rhythm.

I felt that this was unbelievable.


Because she was like that – she took the first from me.

Playing a game together with my little sister….even after spending a year, I couldn’t do that.

A little…no, a lot of…regrets.

However —

“What do you need? I will bring it.”

At the same time, I felt happy.

As Elf said — there were things that were more important than work.

I’ll temporary forget my work, and play with my little sister.

Since Elf asked for snack, I went to the mall near the station.

When I came back and opened the door, I found that my home was suspiciously quiet.


Strange. Before I left, those two were so excited.

Were they already tired?

Since they were at the same level, they should still be fighting.

Although I still had some doubts, I walked past the entrance and arrived at the living room door.

Then I slowly opened it.

And —


A very bizarre scene appeared in front of me.

How, how howhowhow should I put it…! That, that…!

Oh damn, I will just explain it then!

Elf put my laptop on the table.

And she was raising her skirt in front of it, showing her panties.

“Wh, wh, what…..”

In the face of this reality, I lost the ability to speak.

At the same time, Elf – who was doing this shameless act in my living room still spoke to the laptop.

“Hey, is that okay?”

What is she saying? No nonono, what is she doing?

It totally was a perverted act. What should I do?

“Eh, hey!”

Let’s call it off for now.


Then Elf finally noticed me, she startled, her whole body froze in place.

Next, like a broken doll, she stiffly turned to me:

“Don’t, don’t look at me like that!”

I quickly averted my eyes and waved my hands.

“Ma, Masamune!? How, how, how long have you been there?”

Elf screamed. Her whole face turned red.

“Ha?! Could, could it be that you were lying when you said you went to go buy something!? You were actually still monitoring me? You perverted light novel author! You shameless —“

“I really just came back from buying! Look, here is the evidence!”

I raised my hand and showed her the plastic bag.

“And you, what are you doing inside someone else’s room! Ah, could it be….you used my laptop to show your panties on an ero website…!?”

“I didn’t! You, you you you, how could you have that kind of misunderstanding?”

“Then tell me what are you doing? Raising your skirt to record your own ero video?”

I thought that she would deny it, but…

“That’s right! You finally get it!”

Somehow I got it right!

“What are you planning to do, leaving your ero video in my laptop?”

From the look of it, she was quite crazy.

“That video wasn’t meant for you! I told you, I was just showing Eromanga-sensei my panties!”

Even if the misunderstanding had been solved, Elf’s attitude didn’t change.

What were you showing my little sister?

“……….Wait a second…I’m confused…so… what exactly is going on?”

“Like I said! When you weren’t here, Eromanga-sensei and I played a game and were chatting, then I asked her for ‘an ero-illustration of the heroine in my debut novel’ as a souvenir!”

She is so shameless.

“And then?”

“And then Eromanga-sensei said ‘show me your panties and I will give you an illustration.”


I fell on my behind, holding my head.


I called her real name.

[Because, because…]

On the screen, or rather on the skype screen was a person in full body coat with a mask.

[Because I want to see panties!]

She totally sounded like a criminal. Should I call the police?

Amidst all this misfortune,she reverted back to Sagiri instead of Eromanga-sensei.

[When I saw Yamada-san, I felt that her clothes were so beautiful, I wondered what kind of underwear she wore….]

Can I ask you to stop talking about this via a voice changer?

Like Elf said, she sounded like a perverted old man.

[As an illustrator, when I see a cute girl, I can only think about her panties. I can’t help it! Every illustrator is like that!]

Wow, that was something dangerous. Thankfully there were no other illustrators here.

“So as payment for her illustration, Eromanga-sensei asked me to do that pose. I did everything like she said, please don’t misunderstand.”

[Heheh….the next illustration of naked Yamada-sensei would be even better.]

“…..You guys get along quite well.”

It’s like a win-win relationship.

“Right right? If you think so too then give me Eromanga-sensei!”

“That’s impossible.”

I cut Elf off, but she didn’t give up.

“By the way, Eromanga-sensei. Just now you said ‘ the next illustration of naked Yamada-sensei would be even better’, what does that mean? You already drew me once?”

[Yes I did. I even let Nii-san see it.]

“Hey! Wait!”

Why did my name suddenly appear now?

Elf looked at me like she was a rape victim:


“It’s a misunderstanding! Sagiri! Please don’t say something that could be easily misunderstood! What you said just now sounded like I asked my little sister to draw a naked picture of our next door neighbor…!”

[Yamada-sensei… Nii-san is the worst pervert, you only noticed this now?]

“Don’t pour oil on the fire! Help me think of some way to solve this misunderstanding! I don’t want to be called pervert or anything by Elf….”

“Oh? What does that mean? Does that mean you love me?”

“I just don’t want to be called a pervert by another pervert!”

“The truth is you love me don’t you? You want to marry me – the beautiful, high class, female genius novelist, don’t you?”

I can’t take it anymore! I want to cut off all ties with her! She made my throat hurt so much.

And so, the living room of Izumi’s household turned into a chaotic mess.

Suddenly —

*Ding dong*The doorbell rang.

“Who is that?”

I left Elf and Eromanga-sensei (on the laptop) in the living room and went to the front door.

“Coming, who are you — ack!”

I was stunned for a moment. Because I recognized at least one of them.

One day in June, this group of sun glass wearing men in black suits took Elf away from her home.

There was no need to explain. They had to be here looking for the missing Elf.



Both myself and the group in black suits said nothing while staring at each other.

Because of what happened before, they already knew about me, and about my relationship with Elf.

It would be very hard to prove my innocence. So, how should I lie to them —

— Actually, why should I lie to them?

A minute later.

“Wahhhhhhhhhh!!! Masamune, you sold me out didn’t you!!!”

Elf was captured in my living room.

“No ~~~~! I don’t want to work ~~~! Games! I want to play games ~~! I want Eromanga-sensei to draw me an illustration ~!”

The black suited group in sunglasses grabbed Elf’s leg and dragged her away, ignoring the fact that her finger nails were still trying to dig into the floor. Even if I had seen it before, this scene was still scary.

I could only watch them take Elf to the door.

“Kuh! I still have regrets! But I trust you, Masamune! You will definitely come to where the devil imprisoned me..! I trust you! Hurry up and save me!”

Don’t make up some self-satisfied imagination.

“Kuh, kuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

*Crekkkkkkkkkk – Bang*

With that the front door slammed shut, everything went back to being quiet.

“…Really…no matter how much ruckus she caused, she still needs to come back.”

Since Elf was taken away from my home, the next time she probably would be moved to a prison in Shinjuku.

[..Nii-san, about the illustration that she asked for, what about it…?]

“Draw one for her if you have the time — and about this…”

I looked at the laptop’s screen with conflicted thoughts.

“…This panty video…what should we do with it?”

[Give it to me then delete it immediately. I absolutely forbid you from looking at this.]

“…Ah, well, keeping it would be worse, right. They might arrest you due to the child protection law.”

[It’s fine. Both of us are female, and this is for art — so send it to me, I’m now full of creativeness.]

You want to see panties that much? Why don’t you look at your own panties instead?

I really wanted to say it out loud.

“….It can’t be helped then.”

I turned towards the laptop. Eromanga-sensei also took the mask off, and revealed her normal face. I asked my little sister.

“Say, Sagiri. When I was out buying snacks, what were you talking about?”

[ —- It’s nothing worth mentioning.]

“Is that so? Then, what do you think about Elf?”

[A weirdo.]


[…How about it?]

“No, nothing — let’s invite her to our house again if we have a chance. After she finishes her manuscript of course.”


A moment of silence


Sagiri nodded.