If the sky had eyes, what would it see?

If the sea had arms, what would it embrace?

If the Earth had a heart, what would it feel?

──Of course, this is just a metaphor, an assumption.

The sky does not see anything, the sea does not embrace anything, and the Earth does not feel anything.

Nature has no will of its own and the world holds no such thoughts. Someone who can mentally sense all things in creation does so through their own viewpoint of the world. To worship nature as God, to fear calamities as a monster, that is trying to comprehend an extraordinary existence with narrowed minded self-knowledge.

The world merely just “exists”. There is no will that would intervene.

But, if. If a life is created from the Mana that is ubiquitous in nature, there will be a will born.

And if that life accepted its end and dissolved into the world once again──

How would this exert an influence on this world?

──As if lamenting, the skies chanted

──As if bursting open, the seas cried out

──As if trembling, the Earth roared.

The life that melted into the world began to faintly pulsate again.