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Translation from Japanese to English.

Epilogue – My cute sensei

[Nonetheless, we were able to take care of that situation…] That day’s night We were eating and enjoying watermelons in the living room, with Sensei replying with a [Yes, that’s right]. [That was nothing short of a miracle.] By the… Continue Reading →

Chapter 5: The Shirase family’s love relationship difficulty

The visitor was someone who made our blood curl. And it was all while Reina-san was wearing a uniform. A teacher and a student living together, and a teacher wearing a uniform cosplay. That was a situation bad enough to… Continue Reading →

1LDK, Soshite 2JK.: Vol. 01 Chapter 06 —Incident and High School Girl

It was the next day and I just got back home from work when— “Welcome back, Komamura-san.” –Himari was standing by the doorway, welcoming me with a soft smile  “Ah, uhh. I’m back” I though that she would have been… Continue Reading →

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