And so —

Together with Elf, we took a train to Tokyo.

Since today was Sunday, there wasn’t a whole of people on the train. However, the sight of a blond haired girl in lolita clothing still attracted a lot of attention, mostly from girls who whispered to each other “So cute~” or “Just like a French doll”.

Elf looked like she was used to receiving praise. She excitedly stood next to me, and had been talking since the moment we entered the train

“Neh, neh, Masamune-kun! Is it fun to go out with me on a Sunday? Does it feel refreshing to forget all of your troubles?”

We just got on the train, what the hell are you talking about…

“I don’t have any troubles. I trust Eromanga-sensei.”

“Really? I thought that you were the because my little sister is troubled, I don’t know what to do type and became troubled too.”

She’s sharp.

“Maybe. Although I couldn’t do anything for her…aside from give her my trust…actually I did feel troubled.”

“Right right! So let’s go out to relax.”

“…You…are right.”

Goingoutside, bathing under the sun light — it was much different from sitting in my house.

I truly thought that was the case.

“…Thank you, Elf. It’s a good way to reduce stress.”

“!” Elf was stunned for a moment, and said then “It’s nothing. We’re friends, aren’t we?”

…What a bright smile.

Truly, I felt better just from talking with her.

“But I told both of you to come with me. Where’s Eromanga-sensei?”

I carefully showed her the tablet on my chest.

Since Eromanga-sensei couldn’t go out of her room, we used this method instead.

Using skype on a moving train wasn’t exactly possible, not to mention that the energy drain would be very high, so we used Line chat for now. [2]

After the mess yesterday, luckily I got her Line ID

「Elf-chan, who are you going to introduce us to? 」

Eromanga-sensei’s message came.

Elf and I looked at the smartphone in my hand.

“Fufufu, you will know when you arrive.”

「Why are you trying to act mysterious now? Do you want me to reveal that today you are wearing panties with pink stripes? 」

” —- Ha? How, how, how could you know?”

Elf yelled loudly and quickly typed her reply. With a *ding*, a message from Eromanga-sensei arrived with an attached image.

It was an image of a panties’ crease.

“Crap! You, how could…how…”

Elf curled up, blushed and trembled ~:

“Could, could couldcould ……you…my….”

「I just stole it. 」

“ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Nya, nyan! What the hell are you trying to do!?”

With a *squass*, Elf immediately grabbed the helm of her dress and pushed it down, her voice deeply shaken:

“Eeeee…..there will be stairs when we getoff the train! Any elementary school kid will see everything!”

「 ———That was a joke 」

“Without a doubt, they will think that I’m a super beautiful perverted girl — eh? A joke?”

「Yup. These panties are my drawing. 」

“………………..Re, really?”

Both Elf and I blankly looked at the image.

No matter how I looked at it, it looked like real panties.

“A drawing…huh…” “A drawing…right?”

「Aren’t I great? 」

Eromanga-sensei proudly added.

Hehe — I could almost see the image of her raising her chest in pride.

Looks like going out with Elf brought benefits not only for me, but also for Sagiri too.

“I would say it’s amazing…but is this truly an image? Or….did you peek at me….”

….Elf’s panties …

“Otherwise…how could this….look exactly the same as mine…”

「I knew without seeing. 」

Eromanga-sensei replied, her voice (words) full of confidence.

「To be able to correctly draw a cute girl’s panties without seeing them is one of the special skills that master taught me. 」

“I told you to stop sexual harassing me on the train!”

“Don’t say that while sitting right next to me! I didn’t do anything to you!”

Really – the first Eromanga-sensei didn’t teach her student any shame.

I feared that those special skills would turn out to be like a Sherlock Holmes’s style trick.

「By the way, the closer I am to my target, the better my drawings become. 」

“This was beyond human capacity! It’s on a same level with any A-class skill of a professional light novel writer!”

Please, don’t tell me I have to put the one with such ridiculous naming sense (Elf) on the same level with the first Eromanga-sensei.

Not to mention that all of those “illustration’s hidden meanings” were becoming more and more perverted.

Part of me want to know if are there any other hidden meanings, but another part doesn’t want to know.

「Among professional illustrators, I hear that some became a blue creature that could control tentacles to pull a girl’s skirt up. 」

“They couldn’t even maintain their human’s form anymore?”

Suddenly, the conversation between Elf and Eromanga-sensei became more heated.

After a while, we arrived at a hotel in the Shinjuku area, and then we took an elevator to the highest floor.

Eromanga-sensei’s mechanical voice came through the tablet:

「The one Elf-chan wanted us to meet…lives in this luxury hotel? 」

“Luxury? I think it’s pretty normal though.”

No no, it’s normal in your opinion, but from a normal human’s viewpoint it was definitely super luxurious.

….The one Elf wanted me to meet was probably a woman in magnificent clothing. I should mentally prepared myself.

“Say Elf, why did you bring that basket with you?”

“Hm? This? Consider it a bribe.”


I left the elevator and timidly followed Elf, who was gently walking forward. She stopped in front of a room, and said:

“Over here.”

She rang the doorbell, the *ding dong* sound chimed ——-

“Emilyyyyyyyyyy ~~~~~~~~ ❤You’re here!”

The door burst open and someone rushed out.

It was a pink-haired girl, who had a firm body like an athlete. She was wearing a T-shirt, short jeans. She was slightly taller than Elf. Her age…was probably around the same as me. She grinned and showed a canine tooth.

Elf smiled:

“Hello hello ~ Amelia. Sorry for bothering you when you’re so busy.”

“Nonsense, you’re always welcomed here! Today you look so cute!”

“Of course. Ah, today I want to introduce you to someone.”

“Huh? Introduce?”

The girl who was called Amelia’s eyes widened – then she finally noticed that I was standing next to Elf. She gave me a half glare and said in a very displeased tone:

“Ha? Who the hell are you? What is your relationship with Emily? And why do you look familiar…?”

Wah, it doesn’t look like I was welcome here.

Hey Elf, quickly say something – I gave her a silent signal. She nodded, her expression said “leave it to me.”

“He is my boyfriend, Izumi Masamune!”

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?!”

I don’t know what kind of relationship you two have, but I do know that this kind of introduction was definitely no-no.

“No no, actually —“

I tried to explain, but the pink hair girl’s eyes widened before she slapped me.

“Ah ah ~ Izumi Masamune! You are Izumi Masamune?”


“I see! No wonder you look so familiar!”

“….Have we meet before?”

Although I was totally taken back by her presence, I managed to ask. But she ignored that question and gave me a look over from head to toe.

“Hm ~ you’re the guy who was trying to approach Emily as her boyfriend, aren’t you — Izumi Masamune….”

She thrust her finger in my face:



“You look too poor! You totally ~ don’t have what is take to be Emily’s boyfriend.”

“I told you I’m not! And…who are you, anyway?”

If she knew Elf’s real name, their relationship must be quite close.

“Ah sure, I forgot to introduce myself.”

She pointed her thumb at herself:

“I’m the great Amelia Armeria! My penname when drawing is Army!”

“Eh? Army-sensei?”

“The one and only beautiful illustrator, Army-chan!”

She stood upright and proudly introduced herself.

At least her ego was on par with Elf’s.

Let me explain a bit.

Army-sensei is the one who drew Yamada Elf-sensei’s masterpiece The Expurgatory Flame of Dark Elf.

She could draw in many styles, actively participate in both illustrators and manga events, andshe was good at both. So people called her themulti-talent illustrator

Army-sensei’s drawing had sensual, and sultry girls, which fit Elf’s writing, thus they became a good combo. The Expurgatory Flame of Dark Elf became famous, it wasn’t just the author’s work, it succeeded because of the illustrator as well.

But I have to admit, the story itself was already good, adding illustrations only ensured its success.

In short, she is an amazing, famous illustrator.

“…But I never thought you were such a young girl…”

First Sagiri, then Elf, Muramasa-senpai (well, I’m young too, so it’s not like I could say anything) – it was unbelievable.

「So cute. What type of shirt are you wearing? 」

Be quiet, Eromanga-sensei.

Elf patted Army-sensei’s shoulder and introduced us:

“Armeria – Army-chan is my childhood friend. Do you remember what I said about how much I was forced to study? Armeria’s parents brought her to me. Since we were about the same age, we began to study together.”

“Then after a while, we found out that we loved each other! Emily is my wife.”

Army-chan gently raised her head and folded her arms in front of her chest.

“Army-chan’s Japanese is not very good, so please forgive her.”

No, not only the Japanese word…all of her sentences sounded strange…like I’m watching a television program that had a foreigner as the MC.

“Elf, the one you wanted to show us…?”

“Yep, it’s Army-chan.”

「I want to see your panties! 」

Be quiet, Eromanga-sensei.



Both I and Army-sensei stared at each other, none of us knew what to say.

Still…she was almost as cute as Elf. The way her eyes was shaped and her canine tooth gave her a special charm.

— But…why didn’t I feel anything? True, I had lived with my little sister for a long time, so I had a decent resistance against cute girls — but it shouldn’t be enough to make me feel nothing like I was now. Strange.

Of course that didn’t mean I hated her. In fact, seeing her appearance made me quite like her.

…A girl huh?

My eyes unconsciously turned to her breasts —



She suddenly shouted which startled me.

“Y, yes?”

“You really aren’t in a relationship with Emily?”

“No, I’m not! I just told you!”

“Hm, is that so?”

I couldn’t tell anything from her reaction.

Did she understand or not? Did she notice I looked at her breasts? I couldn’t tell.

“Then I will make it clear, call me Ore-sama.”

Army-sensei thrust her finger at my face and said:

“I have no interest in love with a man. Don’t even think about it just because I’m super cute. I will definitely not have any interest in you.”

“I know I know! You don’t have to repeat that…!”

“No no, I have to make it clear to pervert like you.”

Crap, so she knew that I looked at her breasts.

Now I see…she hates men even more than a usual girl…what is that called anyway?

“…I get it.”

I raised both of my hand above. Then Army turned to Elf:

“So what Emily? Why did you lead this pervert to me?”

“Ah, that is the main topic. Um, Army-chan, do you know about Eromanga-sensei?”


Army-sensei was stunned for a second, her eyes widened.

“I do.”

“Then you know about Eromanga-sensei’s recent trouble?”

“The death match with the loser having to unmask? Yes.”

It seemed like everyone in the industry already have heard about it.

“Oh? Then it’s easy. Eromanga-sensei want to win, so he is training really hard. But it seems like there’s trouble.”

“…………….Oh! Is that so?”

Suddenly Army-sensei changed into an emotionless expression. What was she thinking about?

“Actually, Eromanga-sensei is here too.”

“Eh? Where?”

Army-sensei looked around. Elf pointed at my tablet.

“In here. The one with the mask is Eromanga-sensei.”

「Hello ~ by the way I don’t know anyone with that embarrassing name. 」

Eromanga-sensei raised a hand as a greeting.

“Eh…please to meet you.”

Army-sensei’s eyes widened.

Eromanga-sensei continued in a very friendly tone:

「Please to meet you, Army-chan. You’re so cute ~ what kind of panties are you wearing at the moment? 」

“This is the first time I’ve heard such an introduction!”

I face palmed and bowed to Army-sensei as an apology:

“I’m sorry! This guy’s got a few loose screws in his head.”

「Izumi-sensei, why are you treating your partner that way! 」

“Shut up, pervert! Hurry up and apologize!”

“Ah ~ it’s fine. No need to apologize.”

I’m so moved — Army-sensei was smiling and forgave us! She slightly shook her hand signaled me to stop bowing, she turned to the tablet and smiled, her canine tooth revealed.

“Hello, Eromanga-sensei. I’m wearing sportswear from head to toe.”

She calmly answered the question about her undergarment before turned it back:

“What about you Eromanga-sensei, what kind of panties are you wearing?”

「Eh…. 」

“Eh? Although you use a voice changer, you are a girl, aren’t you. Heheheh ~ so what kind of panties are you wearing?”

「Ah…that….that is… 」

Wow…Eromanga-sensei was taken aback by the counter attack. The previous scene had become reversed.

But to think that Army-sensei knew Eromanga-sensei’s gender after a few words of conversation…

Noticing Eromanga-sensei’s panic, Army-sensei kept pushing:

“What’s wrong? I answered your question, now it’s your turn.”

「….Eh…eh… 」

Her mask became useless, Sagiri spoke in a weak tone:

「…..Nii….I, Izumi-sensei….help…. 」


「I, Izumi-sensei!? Are you trying to listen to the answer? 」

“No, no I’m not.”

「You liar! That’s definitely a lie! You are secretly trying to listen! You want to hear what kind of panties I’m wearing! 」

“I didn’t! I’m innocent!”

Actually, I was kind of listening. Yes, Sagiri asked for help, but I couldn’t stop myself! How could I! I wanted to know too!

「Ecchi! Pervert! I don’t care about Izumi-sensei anymore…! Hmmm! 」

*Click* She hang up.

“How…could this happen?.”

I went pale, and muttered in despair. Army-sensei muttered to herself:

“….So she run away.”

Yup. She run away.

“Masamune, we can’t continue without Eromanga-sensei, think of something.”

“Let me try to skype….but I don’t know whether she will listen or not.”

I listened to Elf and tried Skype, but….

“…She didn’t pick up.”

“Send her a message and say that we won’t ask about panties again.”

“It would be more sexual harassment at this rate! Why don’t you use Line and send her a message?”

“It’s troublesome —“

After a while, we managed to reconnect to Eromanga-sensei via Skype.

「Reconnected ~ 」

She said in an unpleasant tone. Elf nodded in satisfaction.

“Then let’s get to the main topic.”

Army-sensei asked Elf:

“Main topic…what exactly do you want me to do?”

Nice question. I wanted to ask that too. What was Elf trying to do by making Eromanga-sensei and I meet Army-sensei?

“Kufufu – nice question. Masamune, Eromanga-sensei. Listen well!”

Elf showed a mysterious smile and made a cool pose:

“Army-chan, let Eromanga-sensei know about your illustration’s hidden meaning!”

「! 」

“Myillustration’s hidden meaning?”

“Yes – the special skill of the multi-talent illustrator Army-sensei – illustration’s hidden meaning!

Hey Elf…you also told that to Eromanga-sensei on the train, didn’t you?

Although based on what Eromanga-sensei said, all professional illustrators had their own special skill and illustration’s hidden meaning, but I feared that whatever the first Eromanga-sensei taught Sagiri (or maybe Great too) was just a bunch of nonsense. Suddenly talking about illustration’s hidden meaning might have caught Army-sensei off guard.

But I never thought expected that Army-sensei’s eyes would widen, then she said:

“ ——– What a surprise. Nice talking.”

Eh? She understood just from the word illustration’s hidden meaning?

“Ahaha, who do you think I am? So you understand what I meant? How about it? Can you help?”

“Hmm ~~~~~~~ What should I do ~~~~~~~ ”

Army-sensei folded her arms across her chest.

“I helped you before. You still owe me once!” Elf said and raised the basket on her hand “Also, this is my hand-made cake for you.”

Hearing the explanation and Elf’s embarrassment, Army-sensei turned soft, she pointed her thumb inside:

“Don’t just stand here. Come in.”

We entered a ridiculous big room. Sofa. Tea tray. LCD television…almost the same as my home, the only different was that all of them were much more expensive

There was another LCD screen PC on the table, its headphones lied nearby.


— I couldn’t help but compare this room to Sagiri’s.

“Sit over here – huh? What? You like them?”

“Ah, somewhat. This is tool to make live video streams…right?”

“Yes yes. Recently I’ve been learning to make live videos.”

「Ah, just like me 」Sagiri quietly whispered.

“Whatever! These are just trivial matters!”

Elf stopped the conversation from continuing.

Army-sensei sat down in front of the television and I chose a seat next to the sofa.

“I will go prepare tea and desert, we’ll talk while eating!”

Elf took the basket and ran off, looked like she knew this place pretty well.

Army-sensei’s gaze followed her back – or rather, her ass until she was out of sight.


A brightly smile.

How come all illustrators I knew turned out to be perverts? Are they all like that?

When Eromanga-sensei said “As an illustrator, when I see a cute girl, I can only think about her panties”, I thought that was nonsense, but….


Just when I began to afraid of her, Army-sensei turned to me:

“It’s wonderful! You jealous?”

“Y, yes?”

“My cute childhood friend came to check up on me, she even personally made me a cake! It’s clear that I’m the winner, isn’t it?”

Hearing Army-sensei praise her “lover”, Eromanga-sensei approved:

「You win. Maybe. 」

“Right, right?”

I added:

“By the way, recently Elf also visited my home too.”


“She also brings cake every time she comes.”

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What is the meaning of this? Ouch ouch ouch….”

Looked like she bit her tongue. Her face twisted in pain.

Crap, if I made a wrong move I might trigger Army-sensei’s desire to win. It would be troublesome later onI made a pervert think I was an enemy. Thus, I calmly explained:

“We are not dating, it’s just a normal relationship between neighbors.”


Seeing her like that made me felt a bit of guilt.

「Ah, Izumi-sensei made her cry. 」

“No, no I didn’t.”

Why does Sagiri enjoy teasing me that much as soon as she put on her Eromanga-sensei’s mask?


Recently, Elf’s decision to make cakes was probably because she wanted to win against Shido-kun. During our party, everyone said his cake was delicious…she might have decided to return the favor since then…

She really wanted to win at anything, after all.

I wondered for a while before answering:

“Oh right. I think those cakes were only a practice to make this delicious result.”


“So that today she could give the best cake to Army-sensei!”


Army-sensei immediately went from depressed to a bright smile.

“Yes! It must be that! Really, to get jealous of my friend, I’m so embarrassed.”

She pulled both of her legs up on her seat and smiled.

“Ehehehe….so cute!…Super cute.”

Actually, the way she was acting now was cute too.

But why didn’t I felt anything?

Saying that to a girl might count as impolite, but …when I talked with her, I felt like I was talking with my younger brother or a male friend.

Army-sensei patted my shoulder in embarrassment:

“Hey! Masamune! Turns out you’re pretty kind too! But why are you so small?”

“Wh- what? I’m not small! I only a bit shorter than my classmates! I can still get taller!”

“Ahaha, you sounded like a flat-chested heroine in light novel!”

“Don’t add insult to injury!”

「…..Your novels are full of that kind of girl….this is divine retribution. 」

Eromanga-sensei also muttered.

— Crap, there’s nothing I could say in my defense.

I closed my eyes, and clenched my fist, and said:

“Kuh…I’m very sorry…to all of girls that I created! Even if this was unavoidable, I shouldn’t have call you ‘flat-chested’ or ‘cutting board’…Of course it pains me! I don’t like it either! It’s not like I like small breasted girls or anything! All of it is because since Eromanga-sensei has never seen a big breasted girl before and she couldn’t draw any!”

「Don’t pass the ball to me…. 」

“It’s because all of your drawings only have flat-chested girls!”

「You, I’ll remember this! 」

Grrr! Eromanga-sensei growled.

Seeing that, Army-sensei broke into laughter:

“Ahahahaha! Nice, nice Masamune! Eromanga-sensei! From now on call me Army-chan!”

「I have been calling you that from the beginning. 」

“I’m not going to call anyone who called me small ‘chan’.”

“Pay it no mind! I’m sorry, okay!”

Army-sensei kept patting my shoulder – okay, from now on, let’s call her Army.

At this time, Elf returned with tea and cake.

“Arara, your relationship has become that good?”

“Nope, not exactly” I replied.

“Don’t be so modest!”

Army put her hand around my shoulder.

Yup, I didn’t feel anything at all, despite the fact that my shoulder was touching her breasts.

I glanced:

“Get off, it’s hot”

“Good! You pass!”


“Haha, I’m checking if you like me or not. I won’t become friends with you if the answer is yes.”

“What the heck?”

“Masamune – you already like someone, didn’t you?”


“Haha, so I was right?”

Army excitedly kicked her feet, her long and firm legs bared for all to see. If Sagiri did the same to me, I’d probably die of a heart attack.

“…You’re just teasing me.”

Although she said that, I didn’t get mad at her. No one could get mad at Army with her innocent laughter.

“Sorry, I’m so cute – if you don’t have someone you like, then you would fall for me very quickly.”

….Your ego is a bit too big thought.

Elf looked at our conversation with a satisfied expression.

“Since everyone has become so close – please teach usaboutillustration’s hidden meaning

We started by drinking tea and discussing the situation.

From the left, on the sofa was Elf, Army and me. Eromanga-sensei was on the tablet on my chest.

「So you planned to let us see Army-chan’s illustration’s hidden meaning, right —“

Eromanga-sensei immediately began with the main topic.

“Slow down. Try a bite first” Army took a big bite “So good! So good! So gooooooooooooood!”

Her reaction was a bit too extreme. Are you a judge in food-based manga?

“Thank you. Really, Army-chan, you haven’t changed at all.”

Elf gracefully took a slip of tea, smiled:

“Alright, Masamune, Eromanga-sensei, don’t be so modest. Try my cake.”


I glanced at Eromanga-sensei.

「Kuh…I couldn’t eat through the screen. And I don’t know anyone with that name. 」

“…I will bring something back, let’s eat together.”

「….I want to eat alone. 」

“….I see.”

For a while, we enjoyed the tea and cake that Elf had made. Eromanga-sensei could only watch with an unpleasant expression.

“How is that? Better than Kunimitsu’s, right?”

“I knew it, you were trying to compete with Shido-kun.”

“Hm? What if I did? So, what do you think Masamune? Who will you pick, me or Kunimitsu?”

“What is with that gal-game-like choice?”

By the way, ShidouKunimitsu – Shido-kun is my junior, a novelist who is good at making cakes.

To tell the truth, both of their cakes were good, it’s hard to decide a winner. But if I carefully considered it…..

“Alright, this time Elf wins.”

“Nice ♪”

Elf happily made a victory pose, and smiled brightly:

“Kukukuku! It should be this way! I made this cake with all of my heart! Of course it would be good.”

「Mwu ~ 」

Somehow, Eromanga-sensei made an unpleasant sound.

“You said – with all of your heart?”

“Um? What’s up Army-chan?”

“No, I just think that it’s the best method in making anything.”

Army slightly smiled:

“I don’t exactly like ‘that’, you know. They used to call me the ‘emotionless illustrator’ or ‘drawing machine Armeria’….they said my drawings were empty —.”

“Ah, it’s so nostalgic! I was the one who told you that.”

“Tch, I’m not going to forget that. You have been after me about that since our first meeting!”

“Right right. Army-chan, you really are too much. With the artist teacher nearby, I was a friend whose age was close to yours and the daughter of the house owner, yet you kicked me. Thinking back, it was probably the worst first meeting possible.”

I don’t know when that story happened, but it looked like Elf and Army’s first meeting wasn’t exactly happy.

— It was the same for me too.

Elf closed an eyes and raised a finger:

“You could draw any drawing no matter what kind of request people made. You could use any style after one look – truly, a talented girl. But your drawings were empty, it had no soul, unable to move anyone. It couldn’t surpass the original.”

“That was the illustrator Amelia Armeria during our first meeting.”

“You made it sound like an antagonist.”

“Hmhm, that’s right Masamune. The ability to copy other’s skill is one of the big three cheating skills in writing/drawing. There were Sharingan[3], Pride Snatch[4], Perfect Copy[5], Skill Hunter[6] — lots and lots more. But from my a creator’s point of view, that was all Armeria could do. That’s why a cute girl she just met laughed at her face.”


Hearing Elf’s provocation, Army held her stomach in laughter.

“That’s why I like you – only you could tease others without holding back like that.”

“….I know this feeling too.”

Good. Good you damn elf. I will definitely crush you under my foot.

Even I once said that.

“I know, right? Well, this was a long time ago. I have fixed it already.”

Army smiled mischievously. She must mean that she no longer drew soulless illustrations.

“You fixed your weakness? Really? Sometime Army-chan unconsciously drew an ecchi drawing of a naked girl?”

“Ha? You mean the drawing in Dark Elf? Your story is perverted by itself, why are you blaming me? The illustration turned out that way because of your idea.”

“What are you saying? Although, back then I did write it, but I required a fully-naked illustration to boost my motivation to the max. Yet you drew a half-naked drawing! I don’t want something like that!”

“Oh yeah? So where did your libido go?”

“In my heart!”


It wasn’t easy to watch two beautiful girls head butt like this, but anyone could see that their relationship was very good.

“Look like I have to prove that I have fixed my weakness. We’re done eating anyway, let’s begin.”

Army took a tissue to wipe her hand and picked up a pen.

“I will show you – my illustration’s hidden meaning

「Alright — 」

Eromanga-sensei’s voice turned serious. She accepted Elf’s condition because she alone couldn’t archive any breakthroughs.

“…I should watch carefully too.”

Although I didn’t know anything about drawing, maybe I could learn something from seeing Army-sensei work.

— Of course, I had another motive. All illustrators look amazing when they concentrated on their work.

“Fine. Emily, make a pose over there.”

“Ah, you need me to be your model? Alright – is this okay?”

Elf sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs.

“Um, super cute! As expected of my wife!”

“Ehehehe, of course! Who do you think I am?”

Seeing her bright smile, I couldn’t help but ask:

“You were very calm when people praised you on the train, so why you are so happy right now?”

“The difference is if the one praising me is a stranger or not.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes it is. You praise me too.”

“Right right. Cute, cute.”

“Hmhm ~ of course!”

Elf smiled in satisfaction.

While we were chatting, Army still remained motionless and focused on Elf. She looked like a blade before leaving its scabbard.

“Al – right!”

She took a deep breath —-


Her hand began to dance. On the digital screen, the picture of Elf slowly appeared. No special drawing style, just a true, realistic drawing of the person in front….slowly…


When I noticed what Army was drawing, I began to tremble in fear.

Without looking at me, she roared:

“Be quiet! Now is not a good time! Alright…finish!”

“How is it? I’m not doubting Army-chan’s skill or anything – but does it fully show my charm?” Elf asked in an excited tone.

“I drew it to the best of my ability! Isn’t that right, Masamune, Eromanga-sensei?”

“Don’t, don’t ask me!”

There was a reason that made the last sentence all I could say. Eromanga-sensei also didn’t say anything, and remained silent.

Seeing how the situation turned out, Elf tilted her head, narrowed her eyes:

“Hm…something isn’t right….”

Suddenly, like she remembered something, Elf’s eyes widened and immediately stood up:

“Let….let me see it.”

She run to us and took a look at the screen. And it was showing —-

“Armiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~ ! Why am I naked!?”

“Let me explain! To be able to draw a naked drawing of a cute girl is the special skill Master taught me, illustration’s hidden meaning!”

Tada! Army made a guts pose[7]

“Its name is Nude analyze skill – ouch it hurts!

Elf pulled her cheek, caused Army’s face to turn into a >.< shape.

“Wait! Emi…it hurt! Stop…I’m sorry….I’m sorry!”

“It has been a long time since the last time we took a bath together! How could you draw such an accurate drawing of me nude?”

“That’s the result of my illustration’s hidden meaning! Because I like you the most!”

“Your answer didn’t answer me one bit! Really, while I understood the basic principles…but….”

I choose this time to mutter to myself:

“Ah, so this drawing…is accurate then?”

“!? That’s enough! Don’t look! Delete it immediately!”

This is the first time I saw Elf embarrassed like a normal girl like this. Normally, whatever followed next would be dangerous to the viewer. Maybe that is why — my heart skipped a beat.

Elf released Army, and moaned:

“What the hell are you doing?! I should have known! To ask an ecchi-drawing-specialist illustrator for illustration’s hidden meaning…I reap what I sow.”

“Oh oh oh…it hurt – in my opinion that was a good explanation.”

“I have prepared myself! I really did! But this was outside of my expectations! Really, your master is such a slut to think of this skill!”

Look like Army’s drawing master – was the one who gave birth to the previous illustration’s hidden meaning.

Well…how should I say it…I began to understand no matter how dense I’m.

The reason Elf introduced us to Army. The real identity of Army and her master.

Eromanga-sensei must have realized too. Her voice turned serious.

「Eh…Army-chan…your master…what kind of woman was she?」

Army looked like she noticed the unspoken question, she grinned:

“Hm…let me see…if I have to make it short…”

「And? 」

“She was much worse than me.”

Its hopeless then.

“Normally, no one could understand what she was talking about. You could say she was a natural genius. She was very good at drawing, but she didn’t need anyone to teach her. Thinking back, I don’t know how could she managed to train such a good student like me. Well, I think that she just taught whatever came to mind.”

Army seemed happy when she spoke about her master. She kept smiling, her canine tooth sometime revealed.

I continued:

“….What do you mean by natural genius?”

“For example, when she wanted to draw scenery, she asked me to do some erotic cosplay.”

“So she only need you to cosplay?”

In short, it didn’t matter if she need to draw scenery or not.

“I thought so too. Not only did I not have the slightest idea what was my master thinking, she said I made her angry and she wanted to punish me, etc….Still, still – somehow, when I followed her advice I always made amazingly beautiful drawing.”


“What do you think? Confused, right? Do you think that her head was messed up?”

Totally agree. I didn’t understand her at all.

Still —

In short, find me a girl that can fire me up

Even Sagiri made that request before.

“Back then, I couldn’t even hold a normal conversation, so I can’t say I fully understood what master meant. Hm, she said —“

Put your heart into drawing..”

Army said that and became embarrassed.

“Ah ~ I’m so embarrassed. I’m a realistic person. Heart, compassion, empathy —- they are all vague stuff, I don’t like it. I don’t want to use them at all.”

“….I could understand that.”

It’s the same for writing.

People said “writing with your heart” is the secret to writing a good novel. Every time I heard that, I only felt trouble. I just can’t imagine a vague concept like that

But at the same time, I felt that this advice was totally right. However, if someone asked me to explain it, I couldn’t.

How to draw a good drawing is based on countless experiences, its base principle is very simple. But most people who tried to draw a good drawing ended up with a good way to draw instead of a good drawing

How to be good at drawing? We already knew the answer.

But how to make a good drawing is another matter – that was what Army-sensei meant.

「So, in the end what is a good drawing? 」

Eromanga-sensei asked. A question directly to the point.

Army-sensei answered:

“It is a drawing that could move the viewer, could make the drawing shine. Music could make people feel happy or sad, it’s the same with drawing. From a scientific point of view, you could say that the brain create stuff like dopamine and serotonin caused a change in quality. Actually, in all drawings, pictures, music…etc, the question How could it move people. How could I create something that can move people has still remained unanswered by science. So I could only explain in my master’s stupid teaching method”

「Put your heart into drawing 」

“Just like in a game, after you grind to the last level, the rest is a matter of luck. Creating art is the same, everyone will end up with emotions.”

Army sat down on the sofa, kicked her leg around and continued:

“Maybe it’s only good for me, but maybe putting your heart into drawing means that using your own emotions as a reference. Think back to the time when your heart raced — then think about the reason that made your heart that way – well, do you get it?”

“No.” 「…………… A bit. 」

“I totally got it! As expected of Army-chan, what an excellent explanation.”

Each of us gave our answer. Of course, the one with a confident reply was none other than Elf.

Still, I think it’s a hundred times easier to understand the traditional teaching method. Thus I raised a finger:

“If you could give us an example, it’d be much easier to understand.”

“….Example? Like what?”

“Like – what would Army-sensei do if you want to draw a super cute girl at the best of your ability, what would you do?”

“ ——– That.”


“………….That…and this….”

Army slowly blushed.

“…..This…and that…..”

A gentle hint, together with a bit of sadness appeared in her eyes.

It wasn’t angry. It wasn’t embarrassment.

— Ah, I knew this too.

I saw this expression many times in the mirror before. This was —

“I would draw a girl in love.

Army-sensei bit her lips, put a hand on her chest and answered.

Her hand, still trembling, slowly danced on the finished drawing.

“While drawing — think back to what my love is like.”

Slowly – she gave life to it.

“Think back the to the face of the one you love….the burning feeling in your heart….use it as reference for drawing…”

It hurt. My chest hurt. I couldn’t breathe.

“Actually, I only occasionally use this skill. This is one of the rare chances I truly put my heart into drawing.

My eyes were glued to Army-sensei.

There is no need to see how this drawing turned out.

Nii-san, There is someone I like.

Those feeling were still burning in my chest. She must have had a similar experience too.

“….When there is an unforgettable memory in your mind….it will merge with your heart…and appear in the drawing.”

The most painful experience when your love wasn’t accepted.

You don’t want to give up, but you have no choice but to give up. Your love isn’t accepted. To love someone that will never be yours, your heart will hurt like there is a line of thorns around it.

“A drawing like that will be able to move people’s hearts. In the end, there is no one alive that has never fallen in love before.”

She was drawing while enduring the heart-breaking pain —

“Pheww ~~~~~~ ”

She took a deep breath, stood up, and shouted:

“I like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She shouted at the top of her lung – then Army fell down, and said in a dying tone:

“…That’s how I draw…do you get it?”

There is no reasoning or theory or anything to it. But the way she gave an example allowed me to understand it the core of it. What fearsome compassion.

If I remembered correctly, after I finished writing a novel, I was the same too.

“…Army-sensei…every time you draw…it’s like that?”

“If I did that every time…I’d die.”

It’s true. Even someone with nerves of steel wouldn’t be able to handle it.

She wiped the sweat off and said from a sitting position.

“Just now I only did that so it’s easier to understand – per your request…~ Ah I’m so tired.”

After moaning for a while, Army stood up.

“Okay, done.”

She gave me the digital board. Both Eromanga-sensei and I took another look at it.


It was the same unacceptable drawing of Elf. But now, it was full of life.

Now I understood what Elf said earlier to Army.

“…I see. It’s much easier to understand.”

The beautiful drawing looked like it was shining – it had the ability to touch the viewer’s heart.

The drawing that she poured her heart into moved people, made the viewer fall in love with the girl in it.

「…..How nostalgic. I knew it…this is… 」

With a tone I have never heard before, Eromanga-sensei/Sagiri whispered:

「This is Mom’s drawing. 」

She sounded like she was about to cry. Because of both happiness and regret.

“So …”

Army looked at Sagiri, and nodded:

“This is the hidden meaning that my master who’s no longer living taught me. The skill created by pouring your heart into the drawing.”

She raised her hand and received something black from Elf.

“Eromanga-sensei – what an embarrassing nickname – I doubt many people would like to use it as their penname.”

She took that — a black mask and slowly put it on.

“But that’s the penname of the one who taught me to draw – the special penname of my stupid erotic teacher”

She clenched her hands – and shouted:

“But I will not give it to anyone! Even if that person is the Master’s daughter!”

「!I knew it…. Army-chan is — 」

” — At first, drawing… Mom taught me…”

“—Eromanga-sensei …..I…I…I…”

“ — The one who taught me.”

「Eromanga-sensei the Great! 」

Everything became clear. The identity of the first Eromanga-sensei, of Eromanga-sensei the Great, of the person who told the Dark Illustrator about us. Everything was crystal clear now.

“Fufu, so everything is clear now – what do you guy think about this penname, Eromanga-sensei the Great?”

Elf blinked at me, teasing.

“That means she is Eromanga-sensei’s senior. I made the nickname!”

“Elf! That meant —“

“When you published your newest novel, The Cutest Little Sister in the World, Army-chan had suggested joining forces with me. She said now is the time to crush the fake Eromanga-sensei!”

Based on what Elf explained, she had a lot more discussions with Army-chan.

In other words, during the first meeting between Eromanga-sensei and Eromanga-sensei the Great —

“You betrayed us!”

“Betray? Kufufufu, what are you talking about, Masamune — since when did a great novelist like me become friends with bottom of the barrel novelist like you? We are only neighbors, don’t be mistaken.”

“What the….”

Elf cut me off in an antagonistic tone:

“This time, I sided with Eromanga-sensei! I led you two here only to make you feel despair! Alright, Army-chan – no – Eromanga-sensei the Great! Finish them!”

“I will say it one more time – Sagiri!”

「! 」

“I will not give this penname to anyone! Take it from me if you can!”

「……………….Even without…. 」

「……………..Even without you saying that, I don’t plan to lose to Onee-chan! 」


Great was taken back for a moment. Sagiri’s voice continued in an agitated tone:

「I…I…! I want to fulfill my dream with my brother! I can’t lose here! So – no matter how embarrassing it is … I will do it! Just you wait! I will also draw with all of my heart! I will not lose to Onee-chan – I will not lose to Mom’s drawing! 」

「This is my Eromanga soul! 」

Then – Eromanga-sensei hang up.

Army – Great took her black mask off, and whispered:

“You called me Onee-chan huh?”

“In that case. How could I lose to my little sister?!”

Her smile showed a burning desire to win, followed with an unequal amount of happiness.

A few days later – the day before The unmask death match.

The sun was now setting.

“Tomorrow…everything will be over.”

After coming back from school, I sat in the living room and muttered to myself.

That day, we knew the identity of Eromanga-sensei the Great, and we reforged our resolve to fight.

After that, Sagiri kept training inside the locked room.

Sagiri – can she learn any special skills to beat Great or not, what is she thinking – I don’t know any of that.

The only change was when meal time arrived, she slammed on the floor to signal me. Well, it’s better than nothing, I guess.

“…………I’m so worried…”

It’s not like I’m the one who has to fight or anything, why am I so worried?

Right at this moment —

*Thud thud* The ceiling shook. It was more controlled, and gentler than usual.

That’s how a little sister called her brother.

“…..What the heck is a gentle ceiling banger…even I couldn’t understand anymore.”

But I truly felt that way.

I took the stairs to the locked room.

“What’s up, Sagiri?”

I knocked and the door opened, Sagiri appeared. After half a year, I have seen this sight many times.

But this time, when I saw my little sister – I couldn’t say anything.

“ —–“

Back then, when she put on nice clothes or kimono – I was very surprised.

But this time was different from the rest. I felt so emotional.

“Sagiri…this is…”


She nodded, looked down and played with her fingers. Maybe because she just took a bath, her face was deep red. Stream was still coming from her body, and a slight fragrance still clung to her.

She also wasn’t wearing a headset.

Her lips moved slightly and a dream-like voice came out —

“….The clothes…during our first meeting.”

A simple skirt and dress. Anyone could see that she tried to pick clothes to meet her new family.

Not to mention —

This was what Sagiri wore when I fell in love with her at first sight.

“How nostalgic…”

“….This is…today….is….”


I don’t get it. She was still so bad at talking.

Sagiri glanced at me.

“ ~~~~~~~~~~ ”

She immediately looked down, blushing. Her whole body froze, and her shoulders trembled.

“Are you okay?”


Although she said that, but her condition didn’t improve at all. Recently we could talk normally, but now I had a feeling that our distance had grown.

It felt like I went back in time, to our first meeting.

Somehow it scared me, made me remember some bad memories.

“Our first meeting was about a year and a half ago, wasn’t it?”

“…Um…about that.”

“You’ve grown.”


I nodded. The truth is I only noticed when I saw Sagiri in these clothes.

Or maybe because she just took a bath so I could see her charm better. But it didn’t seem to be so simple…

“Today, Sagiri…is more beautiful than usual.”


It took a lot of energy to prevent myself from hugging her.

I averted my eyes and changed the topic:

“Are you…calling me here to show me these clothes?”


She shook her head furiously.

“It’s not…that…”

“That….” She put her hand on her chest, blushed “….I have a request….for you”

“I see. What is it?” I replied.

She looked up, her eyes widened.


“Based on your tone, it’s something important, right?” I patted my chest “Anything is fine! I’m your brother, after all!”

“I see…..”

She turned around, and muttered something.

“Come in…secret training…the last step…”

After a moment of hesitation, I followed her into the locked room

Sagiri sat on her bed and pointed at the space in front of her.

“Ni, Nii-san…sit down here.”


Why on the bed? Can’t we sit like normal?

I already had a lot of question, but I didn’t ask, and I just quietly sat down.

Sagiri made her next request:

“…Don’t, don’t move.”

“….Okay…like this?”

“…Yes…and…now….close your eyes.”

“Close…my eyes?”


……..What is she trying to do?

What is Sagiri trying to accomplish by asking me to close my eyes?

“Hurry up….just do as I say”


I gave her my word after all. I had to see it through.

“Like – this?”

I closed my eyes. The sudden loss of sight made my hearing better.

I could hear my heartbeat, and – Sagiri’s breathing, too.



I could tell that my face and Sagiri’s were very close.

“ — Crap — Sa, Sa —“

“Don’t, don’t move…”

“Ah ah…….”

My ears could feel her breathing.

I kept my eyes closed, and my hand on knees were trembling.

I was so nervous that after a few moments, my senses became numb. And then —


A sweet fragrance entered my nose. Then my chest felt something soft.

“Sa, SaSaSaSa… Sagiri?”

I didn’t need to open my eyes to know that she was hugging me.

“Alright…don’t move….be quiet…”

Like I could. I must have died already.

This must be an illusion I saw before dying. How could this be real?

“Are you still not done?”


“Uh…troublesome….explain it better…is this ….the final secret training….!”

I barely managed to say that in the hope that she would explain the reason for this sudden action.

“…Recharge” Sagiri muttered.


“Recharge….to win against Onee-chan…need to.”

“You mean…the way to learn about the hidden meaning?”



What does hugging me solve?

The way to draw a good drawing that Army – Eromanga-sensei the Great told us. The last mystery of the first Eromanga-sensei, Eromanga Flash – all of them were slowly fused into that special skill.

“…….You don’t understand?”

“I will draw a girl I love.

“While drawing — I think back to the time when I was in love.”

“No, I don’t.”

If she needed to recharge by hugging the one she liked – then I could understand. But I’m not the one she likes, she likes someone else!

So I don’t understand anything!

Seeing my confused expression, Sagiri said:

“…Have I ever said that I wanted to be your little sister?”


During summer break, when I said I wanted to be her family….

I…never considered you my family…I didn’t want to be your little sister

I will be your little sister for the time being

She once told me that.

“…You…right now…you are my brother…right?”

“ —- Yes.”

Although I couldn’t immediately give her an answer, but I did answer.

“So…a little sister…can ask…her brother…to pamper her …right?”


Yes. We are family. We’re brother and sister. There is nothing strange about it.

Even if my heart was in chaos, even if I wanted to stop myself from liking Sagiri.

Even if I didn’t know what this action meant.

I still have to play the role of an elder brother.

I closed my eyes and answered.

“I got it – Do whatever you need! As long as you win against Eromanga-sensei the Great!”

Then Sagiri put her head on my chest:

“Then…pat my head.”


I raised my stiff hand – and rubbed my little sister’s head.

I had done something similar before….back then, the atmosphere was very strange. After that, every time I tried to pat her head, she became angry.



My heart was racing.

She’s my little sister!

But love is love. I fell in love with her at first sight.

My heart was beating so hard that I feared she could hear it.


I don’t know how long it had been. Maybe a few seconds, maybe hours. My closed eyes made it impossible to perceive the time correctly.

Finally, Sagiri left my chest.

After a moment of silence…I asked:

“Is that enough?”

“Yeah…probably — you can open your eyes now.”

I opened my eyes,.

In front of me, Sagiri was half-kneeling, half-sitting on the bed. She was blushing, and her eyes were full of confidence.

“So…secret training…completed….I’m definitely not going to lose.”

“Really? I don’t really get it – but you could use thehidden meaning just from that?”


“Probably…Did you learn about it by yourself?”

The way to train that hidden meaning.

I thought she would nod, but she didn’t.

“…It’s still not perfect. But I think I can win now.”

“Hey hey, it’s not good enough. You need to be —“

I tried to voice my concern, but she interrupted.


“W, why?”

I off-handedly asked, but Sagiri blushed furiously. It’s almost like I could boil an egg on her body.

“ ~~~~~~~~~ No means no!”

“Now is not the time to be embarrassed! If you lose –“

“You’re right, but no means no!” She waved her fist at me, and yelled.

…………If that much embarrassment came from “training to use the hidden meaning” and still counted as “not perfect” then….

“Don’t think of anything strange!”

“I didn’t!”

“It’s not something perverted like you thought! This…this is an act of holiness! Right now, as a little sister, it’s impossible!”


Not something perverted – but an act of God. As a little sister, it’s impossible.

What was that supposed to mean? I totally didn’t get it at all.

“Anyway – while it’s still not perfect, I can say that this time, I will win for sure.”

Sagiri stood up, grabbed her mask, and announced:

“Leave it to me.”

The next day.

The unmasked death Mach – Eromanga-sensei VS Eromanga-sensei G.

I came to a building prepared in Tokyo, the same company that streams Sagiri’s live videos. The drawing contest would be held there.

Of course, hikikomori like Sagiri couldn’t come here. Both of the participants would stay at home. Company employees would take the live video from their home and broadcast it. During the battle, Eromanga-sensei and Great could freely hoeld a conversation.

“………Crap….I felt that this was getting bigger and bigger.”

I glanced at the studio and muttered to myself.

How did it turn out that way? Of course it must be Kagurazaka-san’s work.

Since Elf and Army decided on this fight by themselves, the match between the two Eromanga-senseis had become famous among the light novel industry.

As Izumi Masamune and Eromanga-sensei’s editor, there was no way Kagurazaka-san could miss this chance. She (without noticing me) made contact with Eromanga-sensei the Great and prepared everything – like now.

Now, “the unmasked death match between Eromanga-sensei VS Eromanga-sensei G” had turned into an advertisement event for the publishing company.

By the way, she told me absolutely none of this. I did try to call her, but —

「This is a rare chance to make an advertisement for Izumi Masamune-sensei! It will be useful! 」

“What part of it is useful? I don’t know how to handle this much chaos!”

「Well, it has been chaotic from the beginning hasn’t it ~ don’t worry ♪ As long as you win – winning is good – winning is a good advertisement ♪ 」

“What are you saying? If, I lose —“

「Losing could be an advertisement too. But I don’t think Eromanga-sensei could handle being unmasked. Really, what a weak-hearted illustrator. 」

I had no choice but to agree with her there.

“Unmask death match” – if she lost, Eromanga-sensei would have to unmask in front of everyone on live television.

I feared that…as weak-heart as Sagiri is, she wouldn’t be able to continue working as an illustrator.

Sekaimo[8] is a novel that couldn’t change its illustrator mid-way. If Eromanga-sensei couldn’t draw anymore, your novel is done for too, Izumi-sensei. This match is really too big of a risk. 」

“If you know that, then why….”

「But Izumi-sensei told me — Eromanga-sensei would definitely win. Don’t worry about it. 」

“I did say that, but —“

While it was a chaotic mess from the start, but Eromanga-sensei couldn’t avoid it, she didn’t want to avoid this match, there was no need to make it so big. Such a big stage…now winning or losing had become much more important.

She cut off my escape route. Damn it.

Kagurazaka-san asked:

「Eh…could it be…you aren’t sure you can win? That’s not something I expected…is it that bad? Can you win? 」

Why are you trying to calm me down now?

「If your chance at losing is too big, you have to tell me right at the beginning. It’s your fault to keep saying that your side will win so I made a wrong decision. Anyway, the current situation is Izumi-sensei’s fault. It will all be on your head when we decide who gets to take the blame. 」

I did say that “Eromanga-sensei will definitely win”, but that was from the trust I had with my partner – ahhh….every time I talked with her, it turned out this way.

So it’s my fault…?

「In that case…let’s see…if Eromanga-sensei loses, you have to get on the stage…and give me some nice illustrations…no…you should prepare to console your little sister who was deeply affected and make sure she recovers quickly. 」

“Of course! I don’t need you to tell me that.”

I answered…and titled my head….

Eh? Just now…didn’t she…say something strange?

“Er, Kagurazaka-san? Just now, what did you say?”

「Hm? I told you to prepare to console your little sister who was deeply affected and make sure she recovers quickly. 」

“W, W, Why are you talking like Eromanga-sensei is my little sister…!”

I panicked, but Kagurazaka-san….

「Why? Eromanga-sensei is your little sister, Sagiri-chan, isn’t it? Of course I know, I’m your editor. 」

“But! But you said you have never meet Eromanga-sensei!”

「We have never met. But normally when I have something to discuss, I still use your real name to contact you — when you made your debut, since you were still a minor, I had to talk with your parents too. I told you before, I still have a connection with your guardian, Kyouka-san. 」

“But I don’t know anything about it! I only learned that my partner of three years was my little sister recently.”

Why the heck did no one tell me?

Hearing my question, Kagurazaka-san answered in a matter-of-fact tone:

「One of the conditions to sign a contract includes absolute protection of personal information. 」


Yes! I knew that! I remembered reading it too.

But…but! It wasn’t right! Does no one see that it was too much! Those adults…none of them told me anything when I first met Sagiri! We had to find out each other’s identities on our own.

「Absolute protection of personal information includes protection from family members too. Er, since you already knew this, I could tell you without worrying….By the way, Eromanga-sensei also told me to keep it secret between siblings…so you two only found out recently? 」


Yes, we did.

「You really are too dense. 」


I…I don’t want to accept it…although…although she was right…

All we need to do is contact the publisher and ask for Eromanga-sensei’s contact information and identity. Even if someone claimed otherwise, we would know immediately — Kyaahhhhh!!

I’m such an idiot! There were so many chances but I wasted them all! I’m as big an idiot as those stupid light novel male protagonists!

— In short, we had a conversation like this yesterday.

Right now, I’m standing in front of the studio and about to enter.

Today I come here as a guest, a part-time master of ceremonies and a judge of the unmasked death match. Viewers could watch everything live.

I had come to the studio before to participate in an autograph event. It felt the same anyway.

“Crap….I’m getting cold feet.”

I don’t want my classmates to find out about me. But going out there is the best way to show my support to Eromanga-sensei. Not to mention a chance for advertising like Kagurazaka-san said.

…Sagiri is probably more nervous than I am, how could I be getting cold feet now?

I slapped at my face a few times to clear my head, and then —

「Please welcome your judges! Please come in! 」

Miss MC opened the door. I pushed my stiff body to move to the stage.

“Hello, everyone….I’m Izumi Masamune! Right now I’m writing The Cutest Little Sister in the World with Eromanga-sensei!”

Fufu, I’m a star now….. I finished my greeting and tried to think positive.

In front of me was a big camera. I could see the reflection of my twisted expression.

「Izumi-sensei has arrived ~! 」「Eh? He is not a beautiful girl? 」「So young! Really young! 」「Are you dating Yamada Elf-sensei? 」「Are you Senjyu-sensei’s lover? 」

— A lots of comments came at me. Some of them had a hint of bitterness.

Are you dating Yamada Elf-sensei? – Skip. Not really okay, but now wasn’t the time. But – lover? What the heck?

So netizens considered me Muramasa-senpai’s lover now? They see me as a two timer who is dating both Elf and Muramasa-senpai?

Oh my….I really want to die now…..!

If my classmates knew about this, I wouldn’t dare to show my face at school again.


While I was trying to smile, the others judges arrived.

— By the way, I don’t know anything about them, it’s probably to ensure equality.

Sure enough, after me, bigwig illustrators, famous Vocaloid producers, and popular live broadcasters were called and entered the studio. And then, the last person was…

“Yamada Elf! In the name of my God Eye, I will make a perfect judgement!”

A very familiar beautiful female novelist.

After her grand introduction, Elf off-handedly sat down next to me.

“Please take care of me, Izumi Masamune-sensei ♪”

“…….Please take care of me.”

I coldly replied.

“I should have known…If I’m here as Eromanga-sensei’s judge…then it’s understandable that you would be here too.”

“Kufufu, of course!”

To ensure equality, they invited Eromanga-sensei Great – Army’s close friend and partner. Kagurazaka-san won’t let any side have a disadvantage.

Forget it. Elf won’t favor anyone anyway. She thinks such things are “uninteresting”.

“Neh, neh, Masamune ♪ What happened to Eromanga-sensei afterwards? Was my power up helpful? Could she understand the hidden meaning? Could she fight against my right hand man, Eromanga-sensei the Great?”

See? She is that kind of person.

Even against a strong opponent, she still decided to help her enemy.

“Can’t say. Watch and see.” Came my reply.

Elf looked lost and frightened, she timidly asked:

“?…….Eh……….. Masamune………are you angry?”

I snorted, turned back:

“Hm, I hate you.”


Hearing that, Elf paled.

“Wh, why? How could you?”

“As smart as you are, you should know the answer already.”

“Ah! I know! You are angry because the one you love, me, has betrayed you!”

“No, idiot!”

Why am I acting this way?

“Eh? Could it be…I let Great…..push Eromanga-sensei too hard…so you got angry?”

What else? Of course! Why don’t you get it?

Aside from those ridiculous God Eyes – Elf is very sharp, and very good at reading people. She would worry about them – she was thoughtful, careful, and gentle.

How could she not understand why I’m angry?

Because she did something I didn’t want to happen – she did it to Sagiri? .

Didn’t she? It doesn’t seem right…

“…..I get it now. You —“

My anger disappeared, I closed my eyes.

“ — From your point of view….you must think that what you did was something very interesting.”

“Eh? Yes? Why are you saying something so obvious? A very strong opponent, a battle that you can’t lose – isn’t it interesting? This is a great chance to get lots of fame – I gave you such great gift, why do you hate me?”

Elf was on the verge of tears – she really didn’t get it.

Hearing the reason, at first I was surprised, then my anger completely disappeared.

“Ha…how should I put it….you…really are a big self-centered idiot!”

“I don’t really get it, but you like me again, right?”

“What an idiot! Really – even as our enemy, you’re still so reliable!”

“It sounds like a good praise.”

While we were butting heads instead of the Eromanga-senseis, Miss MC interrupted:

“Izumi-sensei ~ Yamada-sensei ~ sorry to interrupt your sweet conversation ~ can we begin?”

“Ah, sorry!”

“Alright! We’ll settle it at home, Masamune!”

Kuh…what you said could easily lead to misunderstandings…

The incoming comments were full of 「Go to hell!」, 「So the rumor is true 」and 「What the! 」 —

“Next is – the unmasked death match between Eromanga-sensei and Eromanga-sensei the Great! Start!”

The battle had begun.

In front of us, a canvas of white cloth appeared. The word Eromanga-sensei G appeared in the corner. Looked like it was Great’s.

During the time she was drawing, a smaller window appeared showing half of Great’s frame. Usually they used this trick in commercial programs.

「So – let me introduce myself while drawing. 」

Since she used a voice changer too, Army’s voice was different.

「I’m Eromanga-sensei the Great! I’m the real Eromanga-sensei. Today I entered this fight with my penname and my mask at risk! That’s why I call it the unmasked death match! Well, please take care of me. 」

「Uohhhhhhhhhhhhh」「I saw this during the last live video! 」「Super Ero so cute! 」「The real Eromanga-sensei! 」「Eromanga Flash lololololololololol」

From the comments, people looked excited.

“Wow ~ so famous ~! What kind of person is Eromanga-sensei the Great?”

Following the atmosphere, Miss MC also explained.

“Next is the one who was challenged! The former Eromanga-sensei!”

Shut up! Even it’s for the sake of simplifying, don’t add the word former! You made it sound like we already lost!

The screen cut to Eromanga-sensei’s side, with a smaller windows showing her upper body.

“Like you already know, I’m Eromanga-sensei.”

Her voice had also gone through a voice changer.

“Just for today, I won’t say that I don’t know someone with such an embarrassing nickname. Today I am taking this fight to prove that I’m the real thing!”

「Former Eromanga-sensei lolololol」「No problem lolololol」「But you lost last time lololol」「I still believe that Eromanga-sensei will win! 」

— Those comments looked fierce. Well, she did lose once.

This reaction was normal. Frankly speaking, it didn’t turn into a one-side commentary due to her loyal fans.

If the audience know that if she lost, she wouldn’t be able to continue to work as an illustrator, more would cheer for her. My little sister was loved by so many people.

But – this won’t be a fair fight anymore. That wasn’t what Eromanga-sensei wanted.

「Last time, I lost. But now is not the same as before. I only have one thing to say. 」

Eromanga-sensei coughed:

「This time, I will draw the cutest, and most erotic girl! Just wait for it! 」

「Uooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 」

Although the comments were words only –I could feel their shouting.

On the other hands, two illustrators finished talking and began to focus on drawing.

Eromanga-sensei was more focused this time, her pen was moving very fast.

The smaller windows showed the illustrators before zooming in on the canvas.

“Excellent, thank you for your resolve! Viewer’s comments are also coming!”

Miss MC continued to explain:

“During this time, allow us to explain the rules! Eromanga-sensei, Eromanga-sensei G – will draw an illustration with the topic beautiful girl! Then five judges will rate them!”

The conditions to rating – “whoever draws a cuter girl will win”

A very simple, effective solution to find out the winner.

“The winner will be decided by a majority vote” Miss MC raised three fingers “In other words, the winner only needs three votes! The winner will succeed the legendary penname Eromanga-sensei!”

By the way, lots of comments said 「there is no need for that! 」

I understand what they were thinking, but both sides wanted this fight.

And so…the fight continued.

Like the introduction, both sides chose the same character to draw – the female protagonist in Izumi Masamune’s newest novel The Cutest Little Sister in the World

Great also used Eromanga-sensei’s drawing style instead of hers. Because of that, the drawings looked a lot like volume one’s cover page.

“…..The drawing is already very good.”

Army-sensei is better at drawing ecchi girls. I didn’t think that she would be able to perfectly use another drawing style.

Could it be she is that good, not just in drawing novel’s illustration, but manga too?

I don’t exactly know much when it comes to drawing, but I knew that copying other’s writing styles in writing was extremely difficult. So copying other’s drawings should be very difficult as well.

It was so scary that I could only imagine how terrifying it would be. She must be the strongest opponent that Sagiri – Eromanga-sensei has faced until now.

Suddenly, a window popped up and showed Great:

“Fufufu, …hey fake Eromanga-sensei, do you know why I decided to challenge you now?”

…What…is she trying to say?

“I have known about you for a long time. For at least three years – just when you made your debut. But I didn’t contact you until now – do you know why?”

Another small window popped up and showed Eromanga-sensei.

“Because….three years ago, Master was still alive?”

“Partly” Great answered “Back then, I felt sorry for whoever had to put up with this embarrassing penname. But Master is no longer here…I couldn’t accept that you used that penname without telling me. That’s one of the reasons like you said.”

“But I will not give it to anyone! Even if that person is Master’s daughter!”

“However, there was another very important reason for me.”

Another reason for Army – Eromanga-sensei the Great to request this fight.

“…Hey Elf, is there any other reasons?” I glanced sideways and asked my enemy, who only shook her head.

“…This is the first time I’ve heard about it too. To tell the truth, I only helped a bit. I don’t actually know the reason that made Army-chan want to challenge Eromanga-sensei.”

“Hey, you’re her co-worker, her friend, her partner in crime, yet you don’t know?”

When she said “Army told me everything” I thought that meant she knew everything, but it turns out she didn’t.

“What about your God Eyes? Use those.”

“Actually….there were some arguments between Army-chan and I…we only made up recently.”

“Huh? Really?”

I didn’t think that was the case. Although they had some minor arguments because of the illustrations –they seemed really close.

“There was something ~ I overdid…During the time we had a falling out, we didn’t talk to each other unless it was something work related – so for the last few months, I didn’t really understand what was going on in Army-chan’s head. Sorry.”


“In my opinion – I think that Army-chan challenged Eromanga-sensei because she had a falling out with me, so there was no one for her to talk to.”

But something wasn’t right. We are lacking something – Elf added.

Although she didn’t say anything specific, but I had the same feeling.

While I wanted to know why Elf did and Army pick a fight with us, it wasn’t too important.

Great hid her anger under her mask and laughed:

“Why did I pick this way to have a fight with you? Because it would be easier to decide a winner. We both will draw a character the same way, everyone could see who the better illustrator is. It’s very important – very very important.”

Ah ah, now I remember.

“Sagi – Eromanga-sensei, I want to beat you, I want to unmask you. Your drawings compared to mine…are inferior, both in skills and experience! I have been studying since I was small, I’m better than you! I have to prove this!”

Army didn’t continue, but I got it. I got it because I could relate to what she was feeling.

Why did Army have to prove she was better? For that person to see.

“For my next book, I want Eromanga-sensei to help draw the illustrations!”

“Right now, although my current beautiful and genius illustrator Army-chan could draw naked illustrations that made people excited — she isn’t as good as Eromanga-sensei”

“I was totally captured by his illustrations! You can say that I love him!”

During our first meeting, that was what Elf said.

“Elf ~~~~~~~~~ So you are the cause of all this!”

“….It does….look…that way…..”

Next to me, Elf had realized too. She broke into cold sweat.

God Eyes my ass! She couldn’t use them on herself!

“So that was the reason for this fight?”


You still fold your arms across your chest in pride? I’m not praising you!

“When we had a fight I didn’t mean “I won’t co-operate with Army-chan anymore”…but she still didn’t approve….Actually, for a light novel writer, switching to a better illustrator is nothing strange, so I thought she didn’t mind…it seemed like I was wrong. Really, Army-chan….look how old you are, why are you still acting like a child – no, saying that isn’t right. I should feel honored, right? Ehehe…I’m beginning to like it.”

Elf blushed and explained.

As the primary culprit, can you please show a bit of repentance?

In short, because Elf praised Eromanga-sensei’s illustrations and said she wanted to work together, Army got angry. Of course, what she said about “not giving up the penname” was right too, but that wasn’t the main reason.

To tell the truth, I can’t really approve a reason born out of jealousy. But I do understand how she feels.

We are the same after all. Both Army and I fought because we didn’t want to see “Elf take Eromanga-sensei.”

「I will not lose 」, 「Only I deserve to win 」 — we shared an immovable resolve.

The old enemy that Army spoke of wasnone other than Sagiri.

Let me continue my explanation.

On the stage, five judges included Elf and I stood side by side. Next to us was Miss MC with her microphone.

In front of us was the screen showing the battle between the two illustrators. It was showing Eromanga-sensei’s drawing at the moment.

Then two windows popped open, and moved sideways until they didn’t cover too much of the screen. Just like a commercial show.

From our last conversation, we understood the reason Eromanga-sensei the Great challenged us —

Facing this burning battle spirit, Eromanga-sensei calmly answered:

“To tell the truth, when I lost to you last time…I didn’t feel any regret.”

“ — “

Great paused for a moment. Even I was surprised because of this sudden moment of weakness.

“When I truly see a good drawing, I feel nothing but respect. For me, a drawing that is better than mine is something wonderful – I didn’t think one bit about how I have to win or have any ill intentions. The better the drawing, the better the character, the more I like it…Of course I don’t like the fact that you copied my drawing style, but that’s all.”

Every illustrator is like that – Eromanga-sensei concluded.

Is that true? Maybe there are a lot of illustrators like Elf who like to pick fights against others?

But….Sagiri wasn’t the type who draws to fight anyone.

“Not to mention….it was very nostalgic….very, happy…”

“I felt like I could see my Master again after so long.”


……..So that was her feeling.

She felt like she could see her mother – the first Eromanga-sensei’s drawing skill.

She was very happy.

I see…so that’s it.

“Back then, I thought that if someone deserves this penname more than me, I could give it to them without worry….it isn’t like it will affect our dream anyway…there is nothing wrong with it.

Sagiri and Eromanga-sensei’s voice fused together, she began to add color to her drawing.

“But in the end, I rejected this idea.”

Her drawing style changed. It wasn’t graceful and quick like usual. It was different from Army’s too.

“I have a reason that I cannot lose.”

The screen didn’t show her hand.

But even then – from her style, I could sense it was gentler than before.

“Because someone told me to win.”

Raging spirit.

“The answer lies with me.”


Stop….I….we are doing it live right now….

…I’m going to cry.

“That’s why today I will win.”

Not a boast. Not a self-mocking statement. A very calm declaration.

“Is that so? Then let’s see how it will end!”

Army excitedly replied and kept attacking.

The screen switched to Great’s drawing. Now it was on the same level of the drawing that beat Sagiri before.

Finally —



They both finished at the same time.

“Everyone, sorry for keep you waiting. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Now is the moment we are waiting for! The illustration to decide the winner is now ~~~~~~~~~~~ finished!”

With exaggerated movement, Miss MC announced.

By the way, ten minutes before both side finished, to increase the tension, viewers (and the judges) was blocked from seeing the finished drawing. During that time, the MC and judges chatted to pass time.

The background music slowly rose, a total opposite of the atmosphere.

“So ~~~~~~~~~~~ let’s begin! We will take turns to see the drawing of the girl from both illustrators.

She raised a hand to the screen.

“First, from the challenger, Eromanga-sensei the Great! Please”

*Snap* Army – Eromanga-sensei the Great’s drawing appeared on the screen.

Both the viewers and the artist saw the same thing.

“ ——— “

And everyone, from Miss MC to the judges were stunned speechless.

A mountain of comments that had been going from the beginning went silent.

“Truly —- Amazing! Amazing amazingamazing! An amazing illustration! I, I was speechless! Ah…was that my imagination? The drawing….was shining ~~~~~ !?”

Miss MC twisted her tongue, she could only wave her microphone around:

“This is the final hidden meaning of the first Eromanga-sensei! Eromanga Flash! nowiki> 23:15, 10 June 2015 (UTC)~ </nowiki>!! Eromanga-sensei the Great! Eromanga-sensei the Great! Today he answered the audience’s wishes with an amazing drawing! Today, during this legendary competition, he showed us ~~~~~~~~~~ ! Cough cough cough!!”

She choked. Probably from trying too hard.


I looked up at the drawing again.

The same drawing style of Sagiri – Eromanga-sensei, its base was similar to my newest novel’s cover page. It looked like this competition’s topic had turned into draw an illustration of Heroine Little sister

So both sides tried to draw a cute little sister….looked like the fight had another layer of meaning within it.


Just from a glance, I feared that Sagiri simply had no chance at all.

This drawing was fueled from a one-side love, so that the character inside could move anyone.

The special skill that made people loves the girl in the drawing.

Eromanga-sensei couldn’t possibly make anything better than this.

Even if she could use the hidden meaning – that wasn’t enough.


As the original author, I have to admit Great’s drawing is better than the first volume’s cover page. After co-operated with Eromanga-sensei for so long, I knew it from the bottom of my heart.

This feeling was unbearable! I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing my chest —

“There is something else.”

Great said. A small window appeared and showed the black mask.

“I used The imperfect Eromanga Flash, but it was still really hard – I couldn’t draw it with any pictures. I couldn’t just put my heart intoeverything. Simply put, I only use it with something I like – “

Great pointed at me:

“Izumi-sensei. I’m your fan now. The first volume of The Cutest Little Sister in the World is very good! Very touching! My partner is very good at writing cute girls– but you two are on the same level! I could say that yours is better in some aspect! That’s true! Everything is true! You can say that I love her!”

That was the highest praise that Great – Army could give.

……..Everything she said was her true feelings.

That’s why she could happily read my novel, put her heart into it – so that she could use her strongest skill.

“Grr… Army-chan….”

The glare of envy that Elf shot me was the best evidence of that.

Army – Great’s face was hidden by the mask, so no one knew what her expression was like.

“So, after seeing Sekaimo’s illustrations, I thought – if I put my heart into them, they will be better.” “ ———- “

Great turned to me and dealt the finishing blow:

“From now on, I’m Eromanga-sensei. Please take care of me, partner.”

That may become true in the future.

I looked down, bit my lip and didn’t say anything.

“Next is Eromanga-sensei’s drawing! It’s time to find out the winner ~~~~~~~~ ”

As soon as Eromanga-sensei’s drawing was shown —- the battle will end

Great will – Army will become the next Eromanga-sensei, become my partner.

That was what she thought.

While I hoped that wouldn’t happen, my heart was in chaos.

To a novelist, to me – it would be a great advantage if I had a good illustrator’s help.

The beauty of light novels could only shine with both its illustration and text.

I could hear the cry of the novelist in me.

Thinking back, during my debut, I had the same feeling too.

That’s why, back then – I told her “Win for me.” But….

“What is with your face? Are you an idiot?”

My partner’s voice came.

I looked up and saw the familiar mask. It also prevented me from seeing her expression.

“Haha, are you thinking that I’m going to lose?”

The voice changer made it hard for me to know what she was feeling.

“Well, she is my senior, of course she has more experience, good at both theory and practice, multi-talented, and she won during our last fight….not to mention that she is Izumi-sensei’s fan, who can pour her heart into drawing. She could also use my drawing style to make an amazing illustration. I could understand that you are worried – because you can’t see how I could win. However…”

Although I didn’t know what her expression was.

“I said, the answer lies with me.”

But I could sense her smile.

“Believe in me. I will win.”

She smiled.

A decisive line…just like a light novel heroine.

“You asked how I could be so sure.Haha, isn’t it clear already?”

In my eyes, the coolest heroine raised a finger:

“There is only one factor that will decide the victor.”

“No drawing of a little sister could be cuter than me!”

“Finally! Vote ended! The victor….the victor is —————–“

“The victor is Eromanga-sensei!”

  • Line is the Japanese equivalent of Viber or Zalo.
  • A ninja skill from Naruto
  • Probably a reference to a skill of the Fox Sin of Greed from Nanatsu no Taizai
  • RyoutaKise’s skill from Kuroko no Basket
  • ChrolloLucilfer’s skill from Hunter X Hunter
  • SekaiDe Ichiban Kawaii Imouto: The CutestLittle Sister in the World