Fushimi Tsukasa here. Thank you for reading volume five of Eromanga-sensei. Just like I said before, half of this volume is about Christmas, the rest is about Valentine.

In Eromanga-sensei, there is no certain rules said that a character “wouldn’t steal the spotlight from the main character”, “an useless character won’t appear”, “only appear in the beginning”. In this book, I made a rule myself, that I will write “each character lives like normal people”. If everyone find that interesting, it would be great.

In the later part, my hidden hint from volume one was finally revealed. This book actively trying to hide a part of the main heroine’s characteristic. I’m looking forward to see everyone’s reaction, and to tell the truth I was worry.

In the recent years, my back hurted a lot. But thankfully, it didn’t hurt that much when I wrote this volume. If only that could make this book more interesting.

The next book will be even better, please looking forward to it.

Please take good care of me.

2015, July. Fushimi Tsukasa.