My name is Fushimi Tsukasa.

Thank you all for buying Eromanga-sensei volume 9.

It was April when I finished this. But the anime of Eromanga-sensei is about to aired.

What would you think of the anime? I really wanted to know.

For now, only three volumes were animated. Not only I was waiting for it as the original author, I was also waiting as a fan.

Some people said that “do your best, and hope for the rest”, but I can say that I truly “did everything I could”. That sentence is precious and rarely seen. I have been writing for 10 years, I know

What I wanted to tell you is: Eromanga-sensei’s anime is an anime made in a precious situation. All anime making team members did their best.

And about how it will turn out, I hope you can all watch it with me till the end.

Please tell me what you think about the anime.

This is a secret that I have never told anyone before, but the town that Eromanga-sensei’s is set in is the same town I lived in more than 20 years ago.

Of course, after 20 years, many things have changed. But Eromanga-sensei is still based on my memories from those days.

I haven’t told the director, but the scenery that was drawn was close to what I remembered. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but watching the anime made me feel nostalgic.

Still, there were some differences between the original story and the anime.

Unlike the original story, Masamune and Tomoe have to pass a bridge on their way to school. When I heard about it from director Ryohei, for many reasons, at first I was against it. But he said “it would be awesome” and I decided to put my trust in him. I told him “then do it”.

I think this scene is truly good. My trust in him was rewarded. Thank you, director Ryohei.

Still, I was a bit confused when Tomoe turned out to be more girlfriend-like than I thought.

But she is cute, so it’s OK!

Also, the sales and number of volumes of “The reincarnation of the Silver Wolf”, the type of Masamune’s preferred snack…was different too. Actually, I brought many “snacks that Masamune like” to the meeting table and shared it with everyone.

That time, the whole team was very happy.

Although the work was hard, because it was also fun, I was saved many times.

Eromanga-sensei is not only an anime.

Rin-sensei’s manga is perfect; it made use of short story without trouble. Because it’s embarrassing, I won’t say the name, but because I’m a certain mangaka’s fan, so I will make it into my family’s treasure.

Just like the anime project, after ten years, I have many new projects.

Allow me to introduce some of the new and most interesting ones.

First, it’s my webpage, Fushimi Tsukasa channel. You can access it from here: (

For now, it has “limited members only” and “inner channel”, etc…

After that, I planned to add a “conversation with AI Ayase” feature, “My wife (Ayase) cannot be this cute”, etc…

By the way, everyone is welcome to become a member.

My second notice is here:

We have planned to make a new project, “My little sister cannot be this cute IF”.

The PSP game “My little sister cannot be this cute” included the content that I myself wrote. But Ayase’s route was modified before it was released by Dengeki Bunko.

What is my original content like?

What is my original idea regarding the main character?

I think I will be asked those questions.

I don’t know if that project will be green light, since it depends on the reaction that Ayase’s route gets, but I’m burring with the desire to write. Please wait for more information.

One more thing. I feel bad since I couldn’t make sure, but because there is no “Kuroneko’s route”, we planned to make a totally new novel.

My third notice:

The Blu-ray and DVD version of Eromanga-sensei’s anime is finished.

Volume 1 – named “Eromanga-sensei IF experiment route” – just has a short story collection. It has an Elf story, a Muramasa story and a Tomoe story, all about “If I marry Masamune?”. These IF stories are very sweet.

I called it “experiment route” because I did plan to write about it.

Volume 2 is a drama CD. There is a lot of content, including:

“Eromanga-sensei X My little sister cannot be this cute” collaboration drama CD

“Eromanga-sensei IF: after marrying the female lead, drama CD”

“Living together with Sagiri, drama CD”

Each of them are my newest works; I hope you can support them all.

For their official name, please check on the anime’s website.

There are still a few bonuses that I’m not listing here, please take a look.

My fourth notice:

I’m thinking of starting a new project, something that would be a 5 year project.

I can’t say too much about it now…but I think this project will be related to “My little sister cannot be this cute IF”. I’m very interested in writing this, so please wait for it.

There are many new projects that I have to work on…but I still have unfinished ones.

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

I think it will take me a bit longer than usual, but until Eromanga-sensei volume 10 is published, I will keep doing my best.

April, 2017. Fushimi Tsukasa.