I’m Fushimi Tsukasa. Thank you everyone for buying
Eromanga-sensei volume 6. I have a good new, which is this story is
going to be adapted into anime.

It’s just a coincidence that Masamune’s novel was made into
anime too.

I will do my best, so I won’t lose to my own character.

As before, this time I will take part in making the anime

I want to make an anime that reader who read the light novel
will be satisifed.

An anime that no matter how much I watch, I will find it

An anime can show the cutest of Sagiri and other female

It’s all thank for your support that I have come this far.

As the original author, I will do my best. Please look forward
to it.

2016, January. Fushimi Tsukasa.